Washington still looking to trade down


For weeks, it has been believed that new Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan would like to trade down from the fifth overall pick.  At one point, it looked like the leverage could be quarterback Marcus Mariota.

With the likelihood increasing that Mariota will be wearing his new team’s hat and carrying around his new jersey by the time Washington is on the clock, McCloughan and company apparently will be selling the ability to pick someone else at No. 5.

As one league source explains it, the one guy Washington potentially would take at No. 5 is linebacker Dante Fowler, Jr.  Even if Fowler slips past the first four picks, the thinking is that McCloughan wants to accumulate extra picks in the hopes of changing out more of the roster and/or acquiring depth on both lines of scrimmage.

The goal could be to slide down far enough to get more picks but to still have a realistic shot at linebacker Bud Dupree.  With Jameis Winston and Mariota most likely to be the first two players gone and only two more picks to go before Washington is on the clock, McCloughan will be able to dangle Fowler, receiver Amari Cooper, and/or defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

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  1. Why show your hand so early? They are coming across as ‘desperate’ to trade down, which weakens their bargaining position. It’s OK to say, yes we would entertain a trade for the right price but we are equally happy to take a good player there, but to say our preference is to go down doesnt make sense IMO.

  2. If Fowler drops, my guess is the Falcons jump up to that slot. It all boils down to what the Jags do.

  3. Need to trade back and grab a top flight corner. Our secondary is second rate. Trade back for a 3rd in round 1. And trade back in round 2 for a 4th. we need players!

  4. Would love for the Redskins to trade down and still get a decent pick plus additional picks. If the QB’s go 1 and 2 there are still a handful of very good players that someone like the Atlanta team could move up for.

  5. I agree with a trade back, if they can do it. They do that and they can pick up a couple of top tier players (DL and WR are deep) in the first couple of rounds, and still get a quality OL starter, too. I know the secondary is a glaring need, but this is not a good draft for safeties and corners. Better to roll with what we have there, and see what comes available prior to the season starting.

  6. If Fowler or Williams drop to 5, I think you make the pick, otherwise trade down for someone looking to pick up Cooper, White, or Beasley. I’d even consider Cooper at 5. You can trade down for more picks, but I’d rather have one impact player than a few mediocre role players.

  7. I am by no means a Skins fan but I actually met Scot McCloughan when he was working for Seattle.

    I was at a bar wearing my SeaHawks gear and he walked by and yelled “Go Hawks!”. I recognized him instantly and offered to buy him a beer which he accepted.

    We talked for 10 minutes ot so about the Seahawks and he just came off as a real cool guy.

    I think that if Snyder doesn’t interfere he’s going to turn that team around.

  8. take fowler or williams at 5. if not there you trade down and collect as much as you can. if the falcons are willing to trade up id trade with them. you can get beasley or dupree. plus an extra 2nd rounder. trade down one of your 2nd round picks for a 3rd. and draft 2 o-linemen in the second round and then start drafting for value in the 3rd round

  9. Washington being the sane team on draft day and during FA? When Scott McCloughan has them competing for Super Bowls in a couple of years, I think that qualifies you automatically for a bust in the HOF considering every kind of coach and management structure that Snyder has brought to run that team who all have failed spectacularly. And I think he will, I’m that big of a fan.

  10. It all depends on Jacksonville, if they take Fowler and Oak takes Williams, then you can move out of 5 but I wouldn’t go past 8. Extra pks mean nothing if you lose out on your boards top 5 pks. Not worth it. If they do expect Gregory or Shane to be taken. Then they will use the next 2 pks in Rd 2 for O’line. Giants won’t let Sherif get by them.

  11. All depends on what someone offers. I think they are in a good position, if it’s a good trade, you make it. If not, there’s a good player to take with the pick.

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