Bears called, but Titans had “zero interest” in Jay Cutler

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While rebuffing the advances of Chip Kelly, it became obvious that the Titans were more into Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota than they ever let on.

But it was their degree of interest in another quarterback that should also be noted, and could be a big problem down the road for his team.

According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, the Titans had “zero interest” in Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, which is why a deal with Chicago “never got off the ground.”

It should have been obvious months ago that the Bears realized they were stuck with Cutler rather than eagerly anticipating a new relationship with a coach John Fox.

But the fact they’d offer him up on the clock last night shows how tough it’s going to be to patch things up. While the fiscal pinch Cutler has the Bears in might prevent him getting the financial apology like Sam Bradford, it also won’t make it any easier to part ways with him next year or pawn him off on someone else.

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  1. Are we sure that the Titans were more into Mariotta than they let on? Or is it at all possible that they were leaking (or should I say bluffing) what Chip Kelly was offering to get someone to give them a good offer? It sounded more like the Titans were playing on media biases about Kelly and trying to drive up the pick’s value but there were never any real takers…

  2. That’s because Jay Cutler sucks… Chicago should have called the Browns.. The Browns would jump at the chance to have Cutler.

  3. Surprise, surprise!! Big contract, bruised ego, int. magnet, never done squat. Cutler will be harder to unload than a dump truck full of hard cement.

  4. I think Fox/Ryan had made that perfectly clear prior to being on the clock last night that they are not fans of his. They are stuck with Grumpy in Chicago for the next two seasons and need to make the best of it. Hopefully, White can help with that.

  5. “Hey, guys! I just got off the phone with the Bears! You’ll never guess who they offered for the second pick!”

    It had to be hard to keep from bursting into laughter on the phone.

  6. Jay Cutler is toxic, bad teammate, awful contract, mediocre football.

    NFL teams have already spent three first round picks on him, move on.

  7. I sincerely hope that TN never seriously considered trading their #2 pick regardless, what bothers me is that the Bears would insist on tainting their offer with Cutler. Could they have gotten it done with Cutler nowhere in sight? If so, this new regime is as stupid as the last one.

    That said, I love the Kevin White pick.

  8. I love that Peter King Article.. it also said quite clearly that Tennessee confirmed that Chip Kelly never offered any players in trade for Titans #2 pick which is the opposite of what Florio and a lot of others were saying earlier.

  9. 1. I find any trade stories this year dubious.

    2. If true, this isn’t a shock. I mean… it’s Jay Cutler, for the love of Pete!

  10. I believe it’s going to surprise a lot of people with the success Cutler is going to have under Fox. Why is it, he was a Pro Bowl QB in Denver, and under preformed in Chicago? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the front office or the miserable coaches or the lousy team he had to play with is it?
    I think it’s gonna be a very interesting season. I just hope they can fix that awful defense. Just my opinion.

  11. How hard is it to just cut him? Really. Post June-1 to spread out the cap hit. Just get on with the rest of your life already Chicago.

  12. I wonder how the Bears and Eagles will explain to Cutler and Bradford: “Yeah, we might have tried to trade you and some first rounders because we thought someone is better than you, but no hard feelings. You’re totally the man for the job now.”

  13. Geez, Cutler has been offered around more than a joint at a Greatful Dead concert this off-season. I can’t imagine what his already sunny disposition is gonna be like now.

  14. Yep, the Titans leaked some information and the media ( bless their hearts ) ate it up and the media proposed these deals.
    Way to go.

  15. Cutler is a major negative, not a commodity. Offering him as something of value, with that big contract, is insane.

  16. I actually feel for Cutler. This poor bastar has had more Offensive Coaches and ‘schemes’ to learn then seasons he played.
    If his head is screwed on tight I would be shocked. I think had this guy been lucky early on to learn one frickin system and stick to it for a while he would have been a lot more productive.
    He has a good arm but he brain is what’s damaged.

  17. They weren’t going to give up 3 first round picks plus Cutler. They need more picks, not less picks, and Mariotta is far from a sure thing. He’s not Elway, Manning, or Luck.

    If you look at Cutler’s overall, sure they’re not top of the league, but they’re not bottom of the league either. 28 tds and 18 ints, 88.6 QB rating. How many teams would take that from their starter?

    He has a new OC pretty much every year. His problem is he has too much confidence in himself, and tries to make something of nothing.

  18. Here is what Peter King actually wrote: “Yes, Chicago expressed some interest—but wasn’t banging the Titans’ door down—in moving up from seven to two to pick Mariota. However, the Titans had zero interest in Jay Cutler, so that never got off the ground.”

    Not exactly kicking Jay to the curb. Fox and the Bears will win with Jay this year. Mark my words!

  19. Remember when Cutler forced his way out of Denver because McDaniels was supposedly talking to the Chiefs about Cassel? Turns out McDaniels was right, about Cutler at least. Now Cutler can’t force his way anywhere. My how times have changed.

  20. Zero interest”

    That’s something you’d never see in a box score in one of his games.

  21. Cutler could have a WR corp of 7 foot monsters and he’d still miss/overthrow passes and get intercepted.

    People compare him to Favre, but Favre could at least strike fear into defenses… He’d throw some goofball picks here and there, but he’d make up for it with like 4 touchdowns.

    Cutler makes up for it …by throwing another 2-3 picks.

  22. LOL @ the bears. They couldn’t pay someone to take cutler off their hands.

  23. Keep picking more offensive players this year Chicago. The longer the Bears D remains The Midgets of the Midway, rather than Monsters, the better.

  24. Have no problem with Kevin White but to me it shows how lost this current regime is. We had a very good proven receiver in BM that we gave away for nothing. Now all of a sudden we have a draft need for WR that never should have materialized. This team has too many missing parts to waste such opportunities.

  25. I feel like every person from Chicago either directly had Cutler be a jerk to them, I know someone who was treated like crap by Cutler. He truly is a turd of a human. Oh, and he faked his playoff injury 5 years ago.

  26. This to me shows just how bad of a GM whisenhunt is. People offering a fortune for Mariota and him have mettenberger and in a win now situation. To just turn a starting QB down out of hand is just stupid

  27. Cutler is a really good quarterback. Lovie’s defensive players just aged out. Occam’s razor – the simplest answer is often the truth and I just gave it to you.

  28. I’d love to see Jay have a blockbuster season. I’m so tired of all the negativity surrounding him. The dude needs some consistency in his leadership!

    As Bears fans we can either keep hoping they dump him or trade him which they won’t, or just get behind the dude and hope for the best. I hope Jay takes us to the Bowl this year.

  29. Cutler: I demand a trade!
    Bears: Sorry Jay, we tried and nobody wants you.
    Cutler: (Sad Cutler face)

  30. I wonder if he’ll go into full blown pout-mode like he did when he found out that Josh McD was trying to acquire Matt Cassell. Something tells me that even he understands that his bargaining position has eroded significantly since then.

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