Chargers were desperate to deal for an “impact player”


In a first round with so few trades, the first one remains a bit of a head scratcher.

The Chargers made the first of just two deals last night, when they gave up their 2015 fourth-rounder and 2016 fifth-rounders to move up two spots with the 49ers so they could draft running back Melvin Gordon 15th overall.

Which is fine, as they obviously needed Gordon after losing Ryan Mathews in free agency. But that’s a steep price considering the 49ers obviously weren’t going to take him (or they would have), and the Texans, picking 16th, seemed unlikely to. Houston took Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson, adding secondary help to what could be one of the league’s top defenses.

But Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco justified the decision by saying Gordon was the last of the seven “impact players” they had targeted in the 2015 NFL Draft, obviously afraid the Texans might have bailed out of their spot to someone wanting Gordon.

“He’s an exciting, electric football player,” Telesco said, via Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego. “We need him and more guys like that. … You don’t like to give away picks, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get an impact player. It’s a tough decision.”

The deal leaves the Chargers without its fourth- and seventh-rounders this weekend, giving them a league-low five total picks.

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  1. Of course other teams may have made the Niners offers too. There could have been some bidding going on that had nothing to do with the Texans.

  2. It was a solid trade and solid pick. Telesco’s explanation makes perfect sense. Great job by the front office.

  3. The Chargers are desperate to be relevant and that’s not hating, that’s the truth.

    Moving to LA will help somewhat in the short term, because of the market size, but at the end of the day, they’re moving to a market with no Charger fan base at all.

    I think this team is no more within 5 years.

  4. One could choose to label the Chargers as “desperate” to deal for an “impact player.”

    However, another interpretation might be that the Chargers were “aggressive” and took the “bull by the balls” in successfully landing an “impact player.”

    It could depend on just how one looks at it.

  5. It’s going to take a lot more than Melvin Gordon to save a team as talent-deficient as the Chargers.

  6. Two RBs taken in the top 15 and no DBs in the Top 10. Yes it has been an unusual year.

  7. Trader Trent strikes again!!! Amstead seems like another Aldon Smith type player. Raw and tons of untapped talent.

  8. I have predicted every Badger running back would be a bust. Ball and Dayne where just too slow and benefited from the great line Wisconsin always have. Not the case here with Gordon. The Chargers got a guy who barring any kind of injury (less risk here than other guys as he has been very durable and less wear than previous backs from UW) got a guy that can be a superstar. Speed and power. Needs to learn to pass block but what rookie RB doesn’t?

  9. hoyerthedestroyer says:
    May 1, 2015 9:36 AM
    “Electric football player?”
    I used to love that game, but those players never did what you hoped they would do.
    It looked way better than it played, that’s for sure.

    Good times.

  10. Why are you ripping them? Any team could have traded up ahead of them to get Gordon, so they made sure they didn’t miss out on the guy they really wanted.

  11. I hope this works out but my concern is this is a Bobby Beathard type of deal — giving up the future for present possibilities / uncertainties.

  12. Is it just me or did Chris Berman tip the Melvin Gordon pick once the Chargers were on the clock?

  13. It’s a great pic, and move to get it. The kid is going to be a star.

    A Raider fan talking relevance? Just hope you’re not out of the playoff race by week 8

  14. I agree that the Niners were not going to pick a running back, but I think the Texans could have taken Gordon. The Chargers could have gambled that the Texans wouldn’t draft Gordon, but they rather give up a 4th and a fifth then to risk losing Gordon.

    Both teams benefit, and the Texans were deprived of the opportunity to pick Gordon. Only time will tell whether Gordon is worth the price to the Chargers. No doubt the Niners benefitted. They now have an additional pick in the middle rounds, where most teams build the bulk of their roster with. There are 53 men on the active roster, and no team can have 53 firs round picks on that roster at the same time. They may have around 10 of them at the most at any given time.

  15. Chargers addressed a significant need and got a guy that will be very exciting to watch. When the Chargers had a running game (aka a healthy Ryan Mathews) they were a much better team. Great move even though they had to cough up the extra picks.

  16. They moved up to prevent the Cowboys or Browns from doing the same thing. Simple as that.

  17. Control what you CAN control…..

    Gordon might have fell to us….maybe not.
    Fact is they got themselves a potential franchise runner (he’s received multple comparisons to jamaal charles)
    In exchange for losing one middle round pick this year and a late next year.

    You wouldnt make that trade for a potential jamaal charles quality back?

    I think Rivers would disagree

    BOLT UP!

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