Cowboys DE Greg Hardy makes a joke out of September 11


At least Jameis Winston could say he was making a joke, and half the people would think it was funny.

Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy decided it was a good time to get on social media and have some laughs, and revisit one of the biggest tragedies in our country’s history.

A Panthers fan tweeted out a photo of tall second-round wide receiver Devin Funchess next to tall second-year wideout Kelvin Benjamin, referring to them as the twin towers.

Hardy responded by saying “didn’t the twin towers get blowN up lol.”

Some stolen crab legs might be funny in some settings. The massacre of innocent Americans at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 will never be funny.

And neither will Hardy, who is suspended the first 10 games of the 2015 season for a domestic violence incident.

94 responses to “Cowboys DE Greg Hardy makes a joke out of September 11

  1. Pretty stupid joke, but it’s even worse that you wanna exploit it, as evidenced by your choice of stock photos.

    You have plenty pictures of Hardy in a suit or uniform, but for your narrative the tank top (wife-beater) is so much better.

  2. Wowwww, unbelievable. Dallas is pathetic. I can’t wait for it to crash and burn in Big D!

  3. You’re surprised a classless woman abuser doesn’t have any sense when it comes comedy? He and Gregory will make a nice pair of suspensions.

  4. He’s a knuckle-dragging idiot….but that shouldn’t come as news to anyone by now.

  5. The tragedy is how every media sell out would rather betray their country and piss on the graves of those murdered than have the courage to state the fact that the Israeli Mossad blew up the Towers and WTC Building 7, were arrested filming the explosions and cheering by the NYPD, then sent home by the traitor dual-citizens in the government.

    All to “justify” the racist genocidal slaughter of millions of defenseless innocent citizens on behalf of Israel.

    Now quick, scramble to cover up and apologize for Israeli terrorism like what they did to Rachel Corrie and the USS Liberty.

  6. “didn’t the twin towers get blowN up lol”

    America’s Turds, indeed.

    Stay classy, Dallas.

  7. Greg Hardy, “And for my next trick: I’m going to beat the Statue of Liberty”.

  8. he’s really pointing out the irony of calling them the twin towers like its a good thing. Don’t let the lol confuse you. its actually a semi intelligent comment. But he should know people will nit pick.

  9. This guy is a loose cannon and you never know when he will go off. Sounds like sour grapes…doesn’t it?

  10. Lol here comes everyone on their high horse acting like they’ve never said a 9/11, Holocaust, or African slavery joke….. Please

  11. Curious, who is “downvoting” my post that they have not and cannot address and why?

    They think that Israel blowing up the Towers and Building 7 so that that the “goyim” of America would go off and fight their racist genocidal wars for them killing innocent citizens that had nothing to do with Israel’s cowardly terrorism was a great thing?

    Or they are just mad about mentioning the fact that “arabs” had nothing to do with it, that it was the racist out on control terrorist state of Israel?

    Notice they did not say a thing about the murder of Rachel Corrie by Israeli terrorists or the Israeli terrorist attacks against the USS Liberty, to get America to go off and fight “arabs” like “stupid goyim”.

    Sound familiar?

  12. Hardy and gregory. Qbs be scared. Thats all you need to know. Nothing to see here . Move on haters.

  13. damn. .. awhile back I thought greg hardy deserved another chance, but after that remark he made … I say tack on a few more game suspension n I’m a cowboys fan .. that was not funny at all … smdh

  14. I love how some people consider Bush the dumbest president in the world and the architect of the worst terrorist attack in history and subsequent world wide conflict. Which one is it? Some people have some sad mental issues.

  15. Na. That’s fairly funny off the cuff. And ok what you’d consider a “conservative”. The party of inclusion sure likes to limit their sense of humor.

  16. You have plenty pictures of Hardy in a suit or uniform, but for your narrative the tank top (wife-beater) is so much better.


    The wife beater IS his uniform now.

  17. Hardy, Hitchens, Sean Lee, Rolando McClain, Randy Gregory, Orlando Scandrick, Barry Church, Demarcus Lawrence, Byron Jones, Mincey, Whaley, and Josh Brent………Ooooooooooowwee. This will be a top 5 defense. Go Cowboys.

  18. Get over it! I’m American, like most of you, 9/11 was over 10 years ago. I’m military, people say things, stop be being so sensitive!

  19. I’d be real proud to be a Cowboys fan right now. Almost 3,000 innocent people lost their lives that day.

    Also, last week Greg Hardys Bentley got caught in flooding and he had to come get picked up in a Ferrari.

    What a joke.

  20. I don’t understand how some Americans aren’t pissed at his comment, I’m Canadian and it pissed me off.

    There’s no need for that and it just goes to show you the kind of person he is.

  21. This guy is bad news. Cowboys should be ashamed to have him on the team. The aftermath of 9-11 we saw hell in Afghanistan and Iraq and I saw too many of my fellow service men and women blown up. 30 surgeries later I’m proud to have served to stop the killing of innocent Americans and others around the world, living on a small retirement with a broken body this administration could care less about. Hardy you made millions being a scumbag and Cowboy fans, whom I respect, you should be sad that your owner signed this guy.

  22. I am not big on being PC so for the most part i don’t get offended by humor… I think the point though, is that this clown is clearly going to be a nightmare for the cowboys…. JErruah doesn’t get it… His teams don’t win because they have a crappy culture down there. They have had teams wiith more than enough talent to win, but those teams were made up of losers like the one he has now… They just have a bunch of bad guys on that team..

    I feel bad for Gregory. I think he needed to go to a team like the Patriots or Steelers where they have strong leadership and hold the players accountable.. My guess Both Hardy and Gregory are gone by mid season …. I’ll say it again, you know something is wrong when KILLING TEAMMATE isn’t grounds for dismissal.

  23. Shut up. I hate the Cowboys and there whole front office and team but stop. Its not a big deal. Almost every single comedian has made a 9/11 joke. So if you got a problem with Hardy because of this you better stop listening to comedy too.

    You should be more concerned with the fact that he wore a wife beater his first day with he cowboys.

  24. Lighten up you social media pollsters. I won’t even get into the bias of posters automatically disapproving of anything someone says that they dislike.
    He stated a fact. There was no joke or malice directed to those who perished.
    Maybe a bad analogy to two tall guys who will probably blow up. But so what. He could have said the Ny Knicks twin towers of Marvin the human eraser Webster and Bill Cartright. They did in fact blow up. The problem is he is too young to remember them as I suspect many here are.
    Try this one
    To you cry babies who feel the need for some self gratuitous post to shame me. Here this.
    I am from NY city. And yes I lost friends that day. From Cantor F and the NYFD. And still losing them to the carcinogens they inhaled with a direct correlation to the blood cancer they now have.
    Get over your sanctimonious selves.
    Clearly he is not a comedian. Instead worry about him controlling his anger issues with women.

  25. Come on. It was a funny observation. You are branding wide receivers as something that was blown up, it begged comment. I’m sure all the OJ jokes were met with the same faux outrage.

  26. Dumb thing to say, yes, but let’s face it, how many of us use the term “Pearl Harbored” for some type of unforseen perceived attack, I’m guessing that could be perceived just as insensitive.

  27. how dare he!!

    He made a factual point, the twin towers got knocked down. Why did Carolina or whomever refer to their guys as the “twin towers”, isn’t that sacreligious, using your logic?

  28. To hell with these reporters Who are always trying to discredit players so the owners can have all the power and the media can drop players like chess pieces . the majority isnt so blind anymore we know there was foul play to do with 9/11 in until someone steps up and says what’s really real then we can joke however the hell we want to. To hell with the patriot act and the patriots, bills and every other patriot thing in this country. the only thing that matters is money and until something real comes about shut the heck up. These reporters are always act like this celebrating the athletes they properties guys up just to tear them down you take guys from the hood and celebrate them and then you’re mad that they’re from the hood and celebrated? people are getting wise, NFL, you’re younger fans arnt as stupid as you think. stop with this propaganda already just give us some hard-hitting football stop telling us if we can spank our kids or hit our wives or smoke reefer. Just keep letting them run across the middle until they are walking around was wobbly knees and arthritis because to play in the NFL I would accept a lifetime of arthritis and pain. That wasn’t even a joke it was writers wet dream of taking something out of context.

  29. We live in a day and age where if anyone could possibly be offended, they have the right to stand on a soap box and scream how badly they have been hurt.

    Is the “joke” in poor taste? I suppose for most people the answer is yes. To which I say, get over yourselves and move on in life to more important matters, like how Jerry Jones took NFL officials on his hooker bus that bought him a playoff victory over the Lions but apparently the hookers were not attractive enough to make the Dez Bryant bobble a catch.

  30. Wanna hear a joke:

    What’s Al Queda’s favorite team?

    Answer: The New York Jets.

    Get over it. If we dropped two nukes, enslaved a bunch of people, and killed a bunch of innocent civilians, we need to quit being butthurt about 9/11

    No I am not anti American, Lord knows I’ll take a bullet for the privilege of my kids to live here but Goddamn you people are too sensitive

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