Jameis Winston explains decision to post, delete crab-legs photo


When quarterback Jameis Winston met with the media for the first time as an employee of the Buccaneers on Friday, one of the first questions inevitably focused on his decision to post on social media a photo of the No. 1 pick holding a plate of crab legs.

“That photo, I had to thank Capt. Keith [Colburn] from The Deadliest Catch and that was just a thank you to him,” Winston said.  “It was a big moment for my family that we got to share with each other.  I would just like to thank him for donating those crab legs to our party.”

Winston said he didn’t think there would any negative reaction to the photo, notwithstanding his notorious 2014 shoplifting incident involving crab legs, which he more recently blamed on a grocery store employee giving him free food.

“I wasn’t thinking what would come from it,” Winston said.  “I was just showing thanks to a dear friend of mine that I was blessed to have him provide the party for my family with the crab legs.”

While Winston wasn’t specifically asked whether the team advised him to take down the photo (Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported that it did; G.M. Jason Licht told PFT Live that it didn’t), Winston said the decision to delete the picture came from a desire not to distract from his arrival in Tampa.

“That’s the only reason I took the picture down,” Winston said.  “I didn’t want any negative publicity for this day, because it took it away from this whole organization and my family.  I never would have expected that.”

So, basically, the incident was more about tone deafness than witty self-awareness.  Which could be a bigger problem for Winston moving forward; with his every move destined to be scrutinized, Winston needs to be able to quickly realize when something he says or does can be tied back to one of the various incidents from his time at Florida State that won’t be disappearing simply because he doesn’t go to school there anymore.

31 responses to “Jameis Winston explains decision to post, delete crab-legs photo

  1. Jameis Winston played out a “good image” “I made mistakes and I’m a better person type of guy” just so he would get drafted #1.

    Now he’s allowed to act like himself after getting his paycheck.


  2. “I wasn’t thinkong about what could come of it…”. That’s the problem, Idiot. Already trying to explain himself again. This makes those friends and family members be stayed home with look fairly ignorant too for not stopping him.

  3. So I consider myself a critic of Winston, but this petty crab legs stuff is just getting silly.

  4. This just confirms that Winston has very poor decision making skills. And exactly why i would not have touched him in this draft. He might be good or even great on the feild, but because he’s dumb as dirt off the field he will always make wrong decisions away from the field. Tampa Bay better hope those decisions stay as minor as this one… though i doubt they will.

  5. I’m sure all of us here made no mistakes between ages 18-21, so let’s rip someone because their life is made public and we can laugh and mock their mistakes. High five!

  6. It would have been much better to say it was an ill timed joke. To act as though it had nothing to do with the incident and that the reaction shocked him and that he didn’t expect it says that he is either a very bad liar or an extremely clueless individual.

  7. All the sanctimonious crowing about how she should conduct himself will quickly disappear if the kid can win some games

  8. Just orion

    It’s not a matter of just making mistakes. He’s representing his team and the nfl and weather fair or not it’s fair everything he does will be talked about. And more so for him because of his long history. Yes all young people have a few problems, but not all of them have this many. And weather the crab legs were a gift or not he should have said thank you privately and enjoyed them. He needs to be smart enough to realize something like this doesn’t look good.

  9. Kcl10

    Ben rothlesburger was suspended for being accused of rape after 2 super bowl titles. It doesn’t matter how good you are if your a head case, it will come back to haunt you

  10. Dear giantsfanlewis:

    Check out the difference between “whether” and “weather”.

    Many words in the English language sound alike but are different. You’ll probably get to that part in school next year.

    If what I’m reading is that, a gift of crab legs AND from those famous guys on Deadliest Catch (!) notwithstanding, not one person in the Winston camp recognized the crab leg connection? Wow. Double wow! Stupid is as stupid does.

  11. Best case scenario is that “I wasn’t thinking…” Not exactly what you want from your franchise QB who should have learned by now to think before he acts. Trouble ahead I predict.

  12. Man. I’m an FSU alum, so I might be a little biased, but I just can’t understand that so many people are hoping someone else fails. Geez. It even bothers me that people talk *&^% about Tim Tebow, and he’s the ultimate GATOR!

  13. “I wasn’t thinking what would come from it,”

    Either you’re an arrogant liar who stopped maturing at age 16, or you have an IQ of 4. You picked a real winner there, Bucs.

  14. Better to Keep mouth shut and be thought a fool,than to open it and prove it !!

  15. Have a sense of humor?? How about ensuring the joke is funny or you know, doesn’t make you look stupid!! One thing for sure, this Winston guy is giving others many, many jokes!!

  16. Is it the end of the world? No. Is it funny? I guess. But the fist thing you do as a professional football player is cause controversy. Again. I don’t know if he is that backwards that he really doesn’t get it or too arrogant to care. that’s what the Bucs are left to figure out.

  17. This guy is unempathetic AND unremorseful. Hello Aaron HERNANDEZ: serial killer.

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