Report: Randy Gregory missed at least three meetings with teams

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On Thursday, a report emerged that Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory would be taken in the top 10 of the first round.  He wasn’t.

The top 10 picks of the second round have been made, and Gregory still hasn’t been picked.

So what’s going on?  ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who said last night that Gregory may not have been truthful with teams at the Scouting Combine about his use of marijuana, reports that Gregory had another problem in his meetings with teams.  Specifically, Gregory failed to show up for some of his meetings with teams.

“He missed some meetings with some teams, at least three of those meetings with teams,” Schefter said.  “Now he did have a long and extensive travel schedule.  It wore him out.  So he deserves some compassion, and he deserves some chances here.  But he wasn’t responsible, teams noticed.  It alienated some of the teams.”

It apparently did.  Considered to be a top-10 talent, Gregory is plunging.  Whatever that NFL Media report from Wednesday was hinting at, something has caused Gregory to slide farther than anyone thought he would.

25 responses to “Report: Randy Gregory missed at least three meetings with teams

  1. All the talent in the world and nothing between the ears. Damn shame.

  2. No compassion unless the transportation was at fault. This is the biggest time of your life so far. Make the meetings and suck it up. Does anyone have to show any responsibility anymore?

  3. Good, I hope he fall down even further; He had his chance to show he is the man, with responsible to handle his life as professional football player, and yet teams don’t see him on that level.

    How hard is it to just focus entirely on NFL business for only 8 months a year, while 4 months ya got vacation plus salary about 1 mil a year… Every people on this planet would love to have that, and would act better than Randy would do.

    Sorry Randy, I wouldn’t pick you until on round 6 at best, so if any problem with you, I can cut you easily with no cap charged.

  4. i’d say green bay or buffalo would be great destinations for this guy because there is really nothing in those cities to do…but this dude was messing up in Nebraska…

  5. Cowboys will take him keep him in line and unleash him on passing downs

  6. Did anyone of these other guys who had the same travel schedule to meet with teams miss a meeting? Let alone three?

    Come one man…. No excuses for this.

    Similar to us working folk who see coworkers who are consistently late for work. The first step to responsibility is to get where you are supposed to be going. It’s really not that difficult.

    All this guy has to do in order to make more money than I’ll ever see is to simply make it to “work”. How lazy, stupid, and irresponsible can someone really be??


  7. Bo clearly did a great job in Lincoln.

    So glad he’s gone. Randy should have come back, and had a year under Mike Riley. More maturity. He’d be hanging out on a private jet as a top 5 pick.

  8. Hope he gets drafted into a state where pot is legal. That should work out OK.

  9. Maybe he did not want to be drafted by those 3 teams or he was told by the Cowboys they would draft him.

  10. I hope he doesn’t sit out. Sitting out would be the dumbest thing he could do. Look at what happened to Bo Jackson. He went from the first overall pick, didn’t sign and ended up seventh round pick the next year.

    The smart movie is sign, do well and either hold out if you really are that good like Revis did or play out your contract, get franchised and sign a big contract after. Either way, playing this year gets you there faster.

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