Ryan Grigson on picking Phillip Dorsett: We took our best player available

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Coming into the draft, the general consensus about the Colts was that they needed to concentrate on improving the blocking in front of quarterback Andrew Luck and just about everything involved with the defense.

Naturally, they took wide receiver Phillip Dorsett with their first-round pick. He joins T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief and Duron Carter at wideout for the Colts, which should assure Luck of plenty of targets when he drops back to pass. Assuming, of course, that he has time to deliver the ball.

“This just shows that we stick to our guns when it comes to taking our best player on our board,” Grigson said, via the Indianapolis Star. “It’s not just party talk.”

The Colts have eight picks left, one in each round until picking twice in the sixth and seventh rounds, and Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano indicated on Thursday night that they’d be used to plug more pressing needs for the team. If they’re not able to do that, questions about adding to a strength in the first round will likely dog Grigson throughout next season.

33 responses to “Ryan Grigson on picking Phillip Dorsett: We took our best player available

  1. Keep drafting offense, Dolts. That will really help stop getting run over by New England.

  2. Best player is all well and good when you either have no glaring weaknesses, or too many to count.

    When you have an obvious need in a specific area its mind boggling not to address it. Maybe they did have Dorsett graded higher than guys like Malcom Brown and Eddie Goldman. But can anyone really say a wide receiver is more likely to make an immediate impact than a big body on the defensive line?

    Maybe instead of worrying about the Patriots footballs the Colts should have been watching tape of the Patriots game. Expect another heavy dose of the run this year, Indy.

  3. Going to be a nice player, but why? No excuse for not address the offensive line or the defense.

    Still having flashbacks of the Steelers dropping a 50 burger on them last season.

  4. I seem to recall Polian taking some heat for selecting another Miami WR when he already had Marvin Harrison on the roster, and big needs on D. I think that one worked out pretty well for the Colts.

  5. The guy that changes the light bulbs in the scoreboard is going to be working a lot of overtime.

  6. How dumb could we possibly be? The 3 picks behind us were defensive players. The Pats took a 320 lbs. D linemen. We took an undersized WR that will probably be hurt.

  7. I think most Colts fans would appreciate Grigson taking the ‘best player available’ at a position of need.

    I understand stocking the WR corps with cheap young talent given Luck’s looming mega-deal, but if we want to compete in the playoffs we need to get players who will help our defense.

  8. So they’ll only lose to the patriots by 21 now in the playoffs.

  9. Beware any GM who stubbornly clutches onto rules like that. The best GM is one who balances the best player with need, just like the best GM’s balance draft and free agency, not stubbornly sticking to one or the other.

  10. Don’t worry Colts fans, he’ll justify this pick next year when he cuts all the other WR’s on the roster. Then you’ll see what a genius he is.

  11. Grigson is not only dumb for picking a WR when he already has 4 others who are as good or better than Dorsett, but he is also dumb for taking Dorsett over DGB or Devin Smith who would’ve been better as part of a committee. Imagine those two on 3rd and long?

  12. Very surprising to see the Colts not try to address that sieve of a run defense. There were very good players on the board. Hell, the Patriots look like they drafted a star DT at 32.

    Perhaps there are organizational reasons unrelated to the pressure inside footballs that explain why the Colts haven’t broken through to the next level, despite having the best young QB in the league?

  13. I hope he enjoys losing by 4 TDs against the Patriots again with their fourth-string running back rushing for 200+ yards.

    History repeats itself, Colts get gifted with the best QB prospect once every 15 years and their front office does everything to make it harder for them to win while New England outsmarts them.

  14. Fantastic pick! Now all the Colts have to do is hope a halfway decent quarterback is available to draft in the 2nd round… maybe even trade-up. DUMB!

  15. Don’t worry colts fans, they will find a way to blame this on the patriots and their “cheating ways” like they alwasy do. What will it be this time? The grass is too long at foxboro, helmets are too shiney? oh wait i know, they wear too much black under their eyes on sunny days, it scares the poo poo out of your defensive line.

  16. This has Irsay’s fingerprints all over it. I’ll bet Grigson wanted to draft Demarious Randall or Malcolm Brown but was overruled

  17. I like the pick. Johnson has two years, and they add another field stretcher, as well as insurance if they can’t agree to a reasonable deal with TY.

  18. Sounds like a excuse cause he certainly wasnt the best player available,when we could of had malcolm brown and fix the run d. All off season he went and got lbs but no dl who could of stop the run could of even traded for haloti ngata or vince wilfork as a temp stop gap since he going all in on vets.

  19. I honestly cannot fathom how this was the best player on the Colts board when they picked. The amount of WR’s better than him, and I’m just talking WR’s, is staggering. The kid has speed, but he’s a #3 WR at best. Could have gotten that in round 3 this year.

  20. So, would Grigson still stick to his guns for his “GM cred” if the best player available was a QB?

  21. Think of Andrew Luck as an Indy car. The car is near perfect. The crew chief needs to make sure he’s got enough fuel to go 500 miles (or 19 games). What good is it to have the best car, if you run out of fuel on the last lap? Dorsett is fuel. Wasn’t Grigson was part of the front office that put together The Greatest Show on Turf, featuring Kurt Warner and all those receivers? They went to back-to-back super bowls. Winning is fun!!!

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