Dolphins land Jay Ajayi in fifth round


Last month, the agent for Boise State running back Jay Ajayi rebutted a report that his client’s combine medical re-check of his knee went poorly by pointing out that Ajayi didn’t go to Indianapolis for a follow-up medical exam.

Whether there were concerns about a knee injury from several years ago or other reasons to blame, Ajayi’s stay in the draft pool lasted longer than many people anticipated. He went undrafted through the first four rounds before the Dolphins ended his wait with the 149th pick.

Assuming there aren’t any medical issues that get in the way, Miami’s not a bad landing spot despite the wait. Lamar Miller is established as the top back, but there’s no clear-cut No. 2 and Ajayi could get a look in that role at some point this offseason.

19 responses to “Dolphins land Jay Ajayi in fifth round

  1. Very good draft. Would have liked to seen a lb drafted but I believe McCain and Jenkins are going to be stud lb’s for a long time in south beach. It is night and day between Hickey and Ireland. The front office has done a masterful job of getting rid of the terrible signings from the Ireland era. Finally some hope in Miami.

    AFC East is going produce 3 of the best defenses in the NFL and will be the best division in football.

  2. Great value, I saw him getting picked late in the 1st or early in the 2nd in most mock drafts. Perfect compliment to Miller and he’ll have the time he needs to fully recover. Great draft, let’s go Dolphins!!!

  3. Might be steal of the draft if his knees are good. The Fins needed a powerback like this. Love the pick

  4. Best part of this guy is he actually can Block on passing downs! He is a major threat as a receiver and we know he can run. Real triple threat. The Daniel Thomas days are over and most likley so are the Gillinslee days as well. I still think LeMichael James has a chance and Damien Williams is the only other keeper. Nice Draft, nothing fancy but complete value. We have enough LBs! With a 700lb interior, Misi will be fine.

  5. NE’s grip on AFC Easy is about to slip away…Miami is about to give them a run for their money!

  6. How long will this guy last? His knee is bone on bone..honesty think he could’ve been picked up in the late 6th-7th..who is their running back going to be if and when he breaks down?? LaMichael James?

  7. I keep hearing Dolphin fans say he can be #2 to Miller. As an Idaho resident i have watched Ajayi since his very 1st carry at State & i would be shocked if he didn’t unseat Miller as the primary back. Worst case scenario for Ajayi, Miami runs a 2 headed monster. Ajayi is the real deal & I’m so sad he didn’t come back for his senior season bit i wish him all the best & as a Seahawk fan as well i wish the Fins all the luck in the world against the Pats. I hope ya’ll own your division.

  8. senoreno says:
    May 2, 2015 5:31 PM
    How long will this guy last? His knee is bone on bone..honesty think he could’ve been picked up in the late 6th-7th..who is their running back going to be if and when he breaks down?? LaMichael James?

    Lamar Miller is the starter?? Damien Williams?? Yes, there are some red flags with Adayi’s knees (I keep hearing loss of cartilage, and bone on bone contact) but he’s a great value in the 5th round and exactly the power back the fins need to complement Miller. He can get the tough yards on 3rd and 4th and short situations when everyone knows we’re running the ball. Love the pick!

  9. Kendricks and McKinney almost slid down in the 2nd. Think they were who Miami was after given their trade down with Eagles once they were gone back to back. They were patient and made solid picks/trades so not to upset about the missed ILB.

  10. A short yard specialist and a run stuffer from the draft. Things are getting back to the way it used to be.

  11. Go to YouTube & watch Boise State’s 1st play from scrimmage from the Fiesta Bowl & then say his knee is bone on bone. No way.

  12. My mistake. It wasn’t the 1st play from scrimmage. It was their 1st drive. 3rd or 4th play from scrimmage if I’m not mistaken.

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