Baton Rouge police: La’el Collins is still not a suspect

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LSU offensive lineman La’el Collins would have been a first-round pick last week, but for his connection to a double-murder investigation.

But his current status goes far beyond anything involving his freefall through the entire 2015 NFL Draft.

Collins met with investigators this morning, and apparently it went well.

According to Jerit Roser of the New Orleans Times Picayune, the Baton Rouge Police Department said Collins “fully cooperated with investigators and is still not considered a suspect.”

While that’s not exactly the same as “cleared,” his attorney has expressed confidence that would be the case.

While an NFL team could sign him at any point, it’s reasonable to expect that they’ll wait until there’s a clearer reading of the situation, before anyone proceeds.

59 responses to “Baton Rouge police: La’el Collins is still not a suspect

  1. Noticed they used the word “still.” STILL not considered a suspect. They won’t ever completely rule him out until they know exactly who did it.

  2. La’el needs to get Maury on the case and declare if he’s the father or not. If he is, just put out a statement to the effect that he’s mourning the death of his daughter then sue the NFL for not allowing him access to the supplemental draft.

  3. Why in the world would you expect the police to say he was cleared? It doesn’t gain them anything, and makes them look foolish if something shows up later.

    Until they pin the crime on somebody else, the best you can expect is “not currently a suspect.”

  4. Unless there’s videotape of someone doing the deed, or suddenly confessing, then it’s hard to know when (or if) Collins will be cleared.
    You can’t unsmear someone.

    Of course, I’m not discounting that he *could* be involved in this murder, just to clarify.

  5. My guess, this women got pregnant after they broke it off and went back to the old boyfriend to work the post draft payroll. Someone close to Collins found out and unbeknownst to him did something very stupid!

  6. If this kid is eventually kid you’ve gotta feel extremely sorry for him. Lost a kid, an ex girlfriend and had his name smeared all while losing millions of dollars.

  7. Can’t someone just sign him with a lot of caveats about the signing bonus and guaranteed money?

  8. Undrafted free agents can sign a new contract after 2 years on their 3 year contracts. Is it against the CBA for a team to guarantee him a new contract after 2 years if he plays a certain percentage of downs?

  9. Murders go unsolved all the time, is this kid supposed to wait until they find the killer until he can resume what would have been an extremely lucrative NFL career?

  10. This is why people hate the cops. Cost the guy 8mil , because they can. They don’t care. They know he’s innocent. If it was about fundraising or a union meeting to get better benefits, it would have given the done, pronto.

  11. Why isn’t anyone saying that the police are trying to cover up for the big football star like everyone did with Winston? Oh yeah, because the Internet lynch mob prefers to only hone in on one NFL rookie and ride him to the ground.


  12. If he’s innocent, I feel bad that there will always be people who still label him a killer. It will be nearly impossible to shed that image, no matter how cleared he is by authorities.

  13. I love the wild speculation and innuendo here from the writers and commenters for a guy who’s not only going through a personal tragedy, but also got screwed out of a big payday in the process do to this recklessness.

  14. What’s lost in all this is, what kind of a human being murders a person, let alone a pregnant woman?

    Upside down world, man….

    A Prayer to the victim and her family. God Bless this baby and please help break this chain of violence. Too many people everywhere dying at the hands of others.

  15. onixtorres says:
    May 4, 2015 3:59 PM
    I would think most teams that are interested have already spoken to his agent and are now moving to phase 2.


    No. Teams wouldn’t risk the negative backlash from fans if it was leaked–too many people would accuse the team(s) of their open disregard for involved parties in violence against women. They are waiting for more proof to emerge that he didn’t know the perpetrator.

  16. pretty disgusting whats happening to this kid, if he had nothing to do with it imagine the emtional anguish of possibly losing his potential child

  17. “If he is innocent”

    Every single one of you who are saying that are ignoring that this guy seems much more focused on his status in the draft, than he is in the death of his girlfriend and his baby that she was carrying.

    “If he is innocent”, he’d be showing a LOT more grief, and a greater effort to help the police find their “real” killers.

    This guy seems to be a bit too OJ-ish, to me.

  18. Collins will always be suspect a long as the baby is presumed to be his. That’s why the owners bypassed him in the draft. Way too high profile.

    It didn’t have anything to do with Collins attending the draft instead of Police Headquarters. In fact, once the details of the murder came out, nobody in the league office wanted Collins anywhere near the NFL.

    It doesn’t look like Collins can play this year unless the baby is proven to not be his. That’s clearance. Otherwise, they’ll wait for the public interest to fade before they announce who he’ll play for. It may take two years.

  19. It is absolutely indefensible to have convicted this kid and concluded that he is the father of the unborn child based on rank supposition. There are some real lowlifes commenting here.

  20. I did not know that fantasy football meant making up a fantasy scenario as to what actually happen here. Love the way some jump on this kid because they ‘think’ this or that happened. I guess I’m too old for this world because I was taught that a person who automatically thinks the worst of someone is actually a terrible person themselves.

  21. It doesn’t fit your memes, but why would the kid want to come to Dallas? My guess is he thinks he’s a LT, as RTs don’t make as much. Dallas’ is one of the top guys in the league and is signed for a decade to a relatively cheap (and will get relatively cheaper) contract.

    Patience is key for Collins. They’ll wrap up their investigation when they do. Chances are they have a good idea who did it, and when they think they have the evidence arrests will be made. They don’t have an obligation to tell anyone anything.

  22. Free to sign?! he’s not a suspect, and the Vikings NEED an offensive lineman. GO GET HIM VIKES!

    lemmetalkwouldya Where are you getting your information? First, what report said anything about his emotional state or whether or not he seemed grief-stricken? Second, for all we know she was just some one-night-stand of his. Most people don’t get emotional over the death of someone they slept with one time. For all we know these two didn’t have anything more, and for all we know not even that. No actual relationship between the two has been confirmed.

  23. it would’ve been better for him to say before the draft, he would be happy for any opportunity in the nfl. instead of saying he won’t sign unless he’s drafted high. someone might have used a 5th or 6th round pick on him then. then he would at least get drafted, it just looks bad if your not happy with any opportunity you get. imo good luck to him if he’s not a part of the murder.

  24. lemmetalkwouldya says:
    May 4, 2015 4:46 PM

    “If he is innocent”

    Every single one of you who are saying that are ignoring that this guy seems much more focused on his status in the draft, than he is in the death of his girlfriend and his baby that she was carrying.

    “If he is innocent”, he’d be showing a LOT more grief, and a greater effort to help the police find their “real” killers.

    This guy seems to be a bit too OJ-ish, to me.
    I haven’t gone out of my way looking for stuff on this case, but so far the guy has made a total of 1 (one) public statement, through his agent. That statement was “I am returning to Lousiana immediately to clear my name.”

    He hasn’t spoken to anyone else at all, which is his right, and probably the best approach for him. He was getting ready for the biggest moment of his life, the culmination of his dreams. If he is indeed innocent, he got shafted pretty good…If I was him and innocent, I would be way more worried about my career as well.

    It was his EX-gf, not his girlfriend, and a woman that was forcing him into a paternity test through the court. And you are shocked that it was not his highest priority? I don’t even speak to my exes.

    The fact that everyone qualifies their comments with “If he is innocent” just shows they are being fair to him and the victim, because nobody knows what happened. But the facts so far justify the cops desire to talk with him, and again…nobody knows what really happened.

  25. Too many people here assume that it’s his baby. I read somewhere that he is going to take a paternity test this week.

    I was also wondering if Louisiana ever uses the term “person of interest”? If the do, then “not a suspect” is a stronger statement.

  26. @KIR, Yes. The CBA prohibit contract languages that promise future contracts. However, an UDFA can negotiate a contract that limits the team’s ability to offer a qualifying contract. Essentially he could then become a UFA and free to sign at any price.

    I could imagine a team agreeing to remove the qualifying contract if Collins makes a certain number of offensive snaps — or a pro bowl — or something like that. That would leave the club with a decision to (a) sign after 2 years to a long term contract, or (b) risk losing Collins in free agency.

  27. The police are sure making it seem like Collins is a suspect. Cannot really blame them. Ex-girlfriend/baby mama and baby shot to death so the NFL player won’t have to pay support got Rae Carruth sent away for life. You just know that the police have tossed a similar motive around with respect to Collins. Until they arrest someone for the murders who is not associated with Collins, his future will remain very murky.

  28. If I’m a team I’d give him the standard UDFA contract and then sign his mom to a 3 year, $20M deal as the Asst. VP in charge of keeping your kid out of trouble.

  29. If he hasn’t yet taken a paternity test, he probably doesn’t know whether the kid was his. Whether it turns out to be his or not, the fact remains that mother and unborn child were murdered while Collins was being pursued as the putative father. He had a lot to lose if the child turned out to be his. Of course, it could simply be a coincidence that the pregnant woman accusing Collins if being the father and the unborn child were murdered on the eve of his big payday.

  30. What’s funny about all of this, is that none of our opinions mean anything. Let the facts come out instead of trying to play cops and robbers.

    This society we live in sucks. Just because we have more access to information now than we ever have had in all of history, doesn’t make us something that we’re not. Let the police do their job and worry about your own.

  31. Why do people keep focusing on if it’s his baby or not? That means absolutely nothing when trying to figure out if he’s guilty or not. 1st off, say it ends up not being his kid. What does that prove? At the time of the murder he still didn’t take a paternity test so he wouldn’t have known that. Which would still give him motive. What if the kid is his? That doesn’t prove his guilt. Maybe the other guy who was in a relationship with her could have been enraged do to the fact that it could have been Collins kid.

    The point is no matter the outcome of the paternity test nothing will change in regards to Collins’ status. Who said the kid had anything to do with her death anyway? That is all just conjecture.

  32. laces out says:
    May 4, 2015 4:18 PM
    If he’s innocent, I feel bad that there will always be people who still label him a killer. It will be nearly impossible to shed that image, no matter how cleared he is by authorities.
    Very true, just ask Ray Lewis…

  33. So they think he has information then. Okay. That being said if he gets officially cleared this could be a blessing in disguise. SCREW draft status, he will have the opportunity to sign with whoever he wants. He’s a top prospect, teams are going to come calling.

  34. Our horrible justice system just ruined this kids chances to get paid. Its either he killed her or had something to do with it or he didn’t. Its not that hard.

  35. 100% Lock he is guilty of some connection to the crime. Every one of these teams hires Private Investigators to snoop around. Whatever they found scared the heck out of them.

    Prized Offensive Tackles are treasured by teams in a pass happy league. If he wasn’t connected, he would be on a team right now. Guaranteed.

    The police may not have enough to charge him, but teams feel there is a good chance he is going to be charged.

  36. Because his name is La’el, does that mean he is both feminine and masculine at the same time?
    You know, like Bruce Jenner is?

  37. Yanno I don’t get why anyone cares… This kinda crap happens on an everyday basis and no one pays it any mind… But because he’s a football player, everyone has a theory, explanation whatever, simple fact is I don’t care he lost millions, I don’t care he’s innoncent or not.. I don’t care if he ever plays. Why woukd anyone but his immediate relatives care, and if they aren’t and do care?Why?

  38. There is something missing here.

    Every team has someone who does background checks for each player, usually this person has prior experience in FBI, Police Force, CIA etc. They usually can get any beef they want on a player. Clearly they got it on Collins. Otherwise someone would have drafted him already.

  39. If he truly is innocent the timing of this awful event couldn’t possibly have occurred at a worse time for this young man. He stayed in school for 4 years to hone his football skills and had positioned himself to be the top lineman in the entire draft. The kid is an eagle scout with a spotless background.

    He will never get back the money he lost from losing the 1st round bonus he would have received. As an undrafted free agent the MOST any team can offer in terms of a signing bonus is $90,000. Last year Mathews, the top tackle got $16million guaranteed and a $10 million signing bonus.

    The ONLY benefit is he gets to choose what team he goes to and if he is cleared there will not be a single team that won’t be on the phone to his agent asking him to sign with them.

    If he’s guilty, well then there is only one punishment for the guy. Let’s hope for his sake he gets an opportunity to make up the money with his second contract.

  40. Police departments do not issue “Not Guilty!” verdicts. They will never say he is not guilty of a crime.

  41. until they have a person charged for this double murder that is not Collins (and assuming it’s not a for-hire killing) I have to think this case would remain in limbo.

  42. This is a cool case. A projected 1st rounder going undrafted and shut out of the NFL, all because the police wanted him for questioning in the murder of his ex, and maybe his unborn child.

    The worst scenario is that this may be it. Never another event. No answers. The last word has been given and this thing just fades away. La’el ends up a roofer somewhere, checking every offseason to see if teams are interested.

    An arrest of Collins would be pretty cool. Lots of LSU details and court proceedings.

    IMO, exoneration would be the coolest. All teams vying for him. A lawsuit against the Baton Rouge police, collusion among the owners, Goodell looking like the idiot again. Maybe catch the real murderer.

  43. I agree that even if he is proven to have an alibi, that he would still be linked to a possible hired kill. The only way this kid is proven innocent is by finding a killer with a separate and distinct motive. This will not go away quickly if this is the case.

  44. I don’t care how the police are phrasing it… he is a suspect in their eyes. This woman apparently opened the door and was shot repeatedly in the abdomen… maybe that is just a coincidence, but seems like a strange place to aim your shots if the baby wasn’t at issue. That is why the paternity test matters (though to be fair, motive depends on whether or not he thought the kid was his, not whether it actually was). It seems like they should have had results back on that paternity test by now (Maury would’ve had this wrapped up in 30 minutes). I sure hope it’s all a bad coincidence and that the police are not lazy about this investigation… because it would be a tragedy on top of a greater tragedy to have this guy lose his career if he is innocent.

  45. the statistics of pregnant women being murdered in the u.s. — 1 out of 5 pregnant woman who dies, will die due to MURDER. it’s shocking but it’s true. look up the statistics online if you don’t believe it. & who does this murdering of pregnant women & their unborn baby? usually the baby daddy! … to get out of the responsibility (financial or otherwise) that society forces them to take when they father a child. of course, it’s possible that La’el isn’t the father, but if he thought that he was & his ex-girlfriend was suing him to take a paternity test, then he might as well have been the father & would have had the motive to hire someone to take care of the problem. has anyone ever heard of RAE CARRUTH? google it

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