Jameis Winston’s contract precludes him playing baseball


The Buccaneers went ahead and took one potential distraction out of the way, signing top pick Jameis Winston to his rookie contract before the rest of the draft was over.

And in doing so, they eliminated another potential distraction.

According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, the contract contains a clause prohibiting Winston from playing professional baseball during the length of the deal.

While that should be an easy call, Winston created some concern in Bucs officials by expressing his desire to at least consider playing baseball at some point, saying “It has always been my dream, but I’m just playing football right now.”

That could easily be read as a lack of focus, and it was a concern to Bucs officials. They texted Winston and spoke to him after the comments became public, telling him that wasn’t OK with them if they were making him the top pick in the draft. Winston told them he understood, but was just speaking honestly and loved baseball.

But as with so many other things, the Buccaneers worked to eliminate distractions, so their No. 1 overall pick can do what he does best.

32 responses to “Jameis Winston’s contract precludes him playing baseball

  1. (Note to editor: grammatically it should be “Jameis Winston’s contract precludes HIS playing baseball” not “HIM playing baseball”.)

  2. Kewl. He doesn’t need another distraction….He’s already up to his eyeballs with Trolls and haters.

  3. wow! you people actually waste your life spewing out the crap above….

    Got to love America!

    How about we try this on for size… An NFL team does not want a QB playing baseball, as a pitcher, because it puts tremendous stress on a pitchers arm. whoa,… an original idea?

    hmmm what a thought. DUH!

  4. For the most important position on football team, this is a smart move by the Bucs. Sure Jackson and Sanders played dual sports but they aren’t quarterbacks.

  5. First of all, IF he was good enough to pitch at the major league level, pitching and playing QB is a BAD idea as the throwing mechanics are totally different. It would lead to disaster on both ends.

    Playing outfiled and running back is a completely different situation.

  6. I have no reason to like or dislike the Bucs, but for their sake I really hope Winston is THE guy and the red flags just fade away as he realizes quickly it’s time to be a man and put the childish stuff behind him.

  7. lol. Unlike Wilson who actually has some talent despite the idiots pointing to his stats over 90 minor league games…Winston does not. Not at all. He could never make the majors. NEVER. Which is a shame..because in about 5 years he will be out of football and looking for work

  8. Bo Jackson never wanted to play for Tampa because their tampering ruined his eligibility to play baseball in college. His situation is not at all related to Winston’s.

  9. i’m sure the contract precludes him from raping too. will see how that goes.

  10. A no-brainer.

    Focus on football and the QB position, learn the playbook, immerse yourself in the game.

  11. sportnorcal says:
    May 4, 2015 12:24 PM
    A no-brainer.

    come on, yes Jameis appears dumb, but that was uncalled for!

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