Miles Burris says farewell to Oakland

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Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie added a new crop of rookies to the roster in the draft and those arrivals have helped ease one of McKenzie’s first picks in Oakland off the team.

Linebacker Miles Burris took to Instagram on Monday to say farewell to the Raiders and said he got to live his dream by playing for the same team that he rooted for as a kid. Burris was a fourth-round pick of the team in 2012, which made him McKenzie’s second pick (offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom was the first) as the man in charge of personnel in Oakland because the team didn’t have first- or second-round picks that year.

The Raiders haven’t made an official announcement yet, but the addition of linebackers Neiron Ball and Ben Heeney in the draft meant that there was some overcrowding at the position. Burris started every game for the Raiders last year, recording 109 tackles, but signing Curtis Lofton as a free agent was a clear sign the Raiders wanted another answer in the middle of their defense.

The team is also parting ways with wide receiver James Jones as they reset their roster after the draft.

19 responses to “Miles Burris says farewell to Oakland

  1. Nice guy, terrible player. Hope everything works out for him though.

  2. Give Burriss credit…he really is a WIL linebacker, and the Raiders thinking Nick Roach would be back, had Burris play out of position the entire season. I would have thought he would at least battle at camp for spot………What I really wonder about is Sio Moore’s health. We went on a run in the draft w/ LB’s that will either play outside or up on the edge.

  3. Did what was asked of him without complaint. Wasn’t his natural position and got exposed on more than one occasion. Wish him well, and that he lands somewhere that he can utilize his talents properly.

  4. Burris always seemed to play hard and was the first guy you’d see run up to a teammate and congratulate him. I’m assuming he was a great teammate in the locker room as well. That being said, he was a major liability. Not only last year, but in prior years. It’s time to move on from him. I hope he lands on his feet and catches on somewhere else. Burris is one of the good guys.

  5. Nice guy. Not a starting caliber LB in the nfl. Wish him the best!

  6. kcsam76 nailed it, he might of not been the most talented but he worked his butt off, and thats all you can ask. Hes a decent athlete and can def hang as a reserve/ special teams guy in the league.

  7. Played out of position all of last year and quite frankly is not a starting caliber LB anyway. He is a nice special teams guy and can add depth to LB corp..but he was awful last year when the other team isolated him on a back out of the back field, he got torched.

  8. I guess god doesn’t care about linebackers and making them better players.

    I sure hope he cares abpout QBs or Ned Flanders 4 is done for.

  9. Congrats to Burris for getting himself out of Oakland so he can sign with a real NFL team. His career won’t be wasted.

  10. If you don’t have a draft pick in the first 2 rounds you would figure that you would make sure you got your few picks right.
    Seriously you have less players to scout and needs at every position … how hard can that be Reggie?

  11. humb0lt says:
    May 4, 2015 3:44 PM

    Congrats to Burris for getting himself out of Oakland so he can sign with a real NFL team. His career won’t be wasted.
    Well, look at that. humb0lt finally got his internet privileges restored. humb0lt is the same guy that said Burris was nothing more than a high motor special teamer coming out of SDSU.

  12. jjackwagon says:
    May 4, 2015 6:00 PM

    Lots of former Raiders are happy to rejoin the NFL today.
    What the Chiefs fan is trying to say:

    We were one of three teams that lost to a non-NFL club last season.

  13. Again, the trolls, like clowns. Keep sending it.
    Burris may be the last guy from 2012 but we were severly handicapped in draft and basically took the best that was available, or seemed so. Yes, Al did put us in a tight spot but what I done get is that all the orher AFC West didnt have those problems like we suffered post Palmer trade, and yet I didnt see any of them with their obviously briliant picks, personnel and extraordinary coaching staffs do anythng but either choke in the playoffs or in case of Five-head and Co. Lose the most enbarrasing SB in its 49 year history.
    So, what was your all excuses, since you have pointed out every problem in Oakland?

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