Some Colts players not happy with decision to draft Dorsett

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The folks running the football operations in Indy are getting public pressure from above.  They’re also getting private pressure from below.

Per a league source, multiple Colts players aren’t happy with the team’s draft strategy, specifically with the decision to use a first-round pick on receiver Phillip Dorsett.

The thinking is that the Colts should have taken a safety like Landon Collins or a tackle (defensive or offensive) with the 29th overall pick in the draft.  A receiver could have been taken later than round one, and he would have arrived with less of a presumption that:  (1) he’ll be on the field; and (2) he’ll have the ball thrown his way plenty.

With receiver T.Y. Hilton, tight end Coby Fleener, and tight end Dwayne Allen entering contract years and 2014 rookie Donte Moncrief coming into his own and veteran Andre Johnson trying to prove the Texans wrong and the Colts intent on developing a running game, the Colts don’t currently need another pass catcher with a pedigree that implies he’ll be a contributor, right out of the gates.

Over time, the Colts could be vindicated for sticking to their draft board; Dorsett could become the next Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne.  For 2015, however, he won’t do much to narrow the 38-point gap between the Colts and the Patriots.

With all NFL teams looking to win now and with a head coach in a contract year, the decision to load up on a position of strength at the expense of plenty of positions of weakness seems very confusing to those on the outside — and to some of those on the inside.

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  1. For 2015, however, he won’t do much to narrow the 38-point gap between the Colts and the Patriota.

    ==================================Is that Marcus Patriota? And BTW, the Pats lost Revis and Wolfolk, so their defense is going to have the stop the run now also.

  2. If I was a Colts fan, I sure would not have the TV on when the PATS come to town. I’m here to tell, that barring some blue moon or a plane crash, BB will get his guys to hang 50 on you, just to prove a point about your GM Tampering with the Footballs and all that BS.

  3. If this is even true, those players who have an issue with the Dorsett pick will get over it real quick. Once they see what this kid brings to the table they’ll be glad he’s a Colt

  4. Somebody in the AFC South is going to catch these guys sooner rather than later. Andrew Luck is good enough to lead them past the other rosters with no proven QB’s, but Houston is really just a better than average QB away from being better than them, the Jaguars’ roster is better than the Colts’ roster in most areas but the QB is still the big question, and if Tennessee hit with Mariota they are probably a draft away from having a better roster. What has Grigson really done besides “Suck for Luck”.

  5. This team is a mess. Their GM thought Trent Richardson was worth a first round pick, that’s all you need to know about where this team is headed.

    Without Luck, this team is as bad as the team that got them Luck.

  6. So basically, Hilton’s agent hates that his client is losing leverage to negotiate his new deal and is now going scorched earth on Colts management.

    Got it.

  7. I think they should have taken one of the top DTs that were still available. As a Patriots fan, I’m glad they didn’t. Malcom Brown is a major steal at 32 and would have helped Indy’s defense tremendously. Glad he’s in New England to replace Big Vince!

  8. Good grief. Isn’t it hard enough for a kid to adjust to the pressures of the NFL without hearing stuff like this from his soon-to-be teammates?

    It’s perfectly understandable for veterans to question draft decisions by their front office – and to be honest I certainly didn’t have a 1st round pick on Dorsett nor do I think did many others – but those sentiments would be best kept in-house.

  9. It seems the only people that are happy with the pick are Grigson, Irsay and Dorsett. Even hometown homer, Bob Kravitz, can’t figure out what’s going on. The Dolts needed defense and got none of it. Grigson is a fool.

  10. Ryan Grigson is in WAY over his head. If it wasn’t obvious before the draft then it is now.

  11. “Patriota”?

    Is that a distant cousin of Marcus Mariota?

    Is Kraft going to pull an Irsay and move the team to Duluth?

    Or is this a measure of Belichick’s concern about the pick (as in: he doesn’t care one “patriota” who the Colts draft)

  12. I was completely expecting my Colts to draft Malcolm Brown, but then they called a receivers name and I was like what? Didn’t make sense

  13. Grigson the gift that keeps on giving- as a Pats fan and one that thinks this weasel is the bottom of the barrel along with his drinking buddy Irsay, I say bravo Colts and thanks for Malcolm Brown.

  14. The colts are clueless top to bottom….
    Wonder what Andre Johnsn is thinking right now…. Actually, no I’m not…. He’s thinking why didn’t I sign with Pats??!!??
    Sure hope Luck can score 40+ a game to keep it close…. Even with that powder puff schedule they still have to perform!!!

  15. Too bad you can’t draft a new owner in the first round. You can’t, can you? I’m pretty sure you can’t.

  16. I love Frank Gore but he really looks foolish now chosing to go with the buffoons in Indy over the well oiled machine in Philly. I don’t blame him for going with the future hall of famer Luck, but the management is so poor they will waste Luck’s prime years. And Philly will win championships in the next few years.

  17. We’ll see how Malcom Brown turns out. You all seem to think he’s the next Wilfork, but there’s a reason he Colts passed on him and he slipped all the way to #32.

    Just wait and see…

  18. Rumor is that Grigson took Dorsett only b/c the Texans were trying to move up to take him. If that’s true, this G.M. of the Colts is a complete tool. What am I saying? Grigson already is a complete tool! Just like his boss.

  19. The Colts bumbled the T-Rich trade, after it was made plain in Cleveland. That’s pretty bad.

    And some of the other players they burn a lot of cap on are so vastly overpaid. Coming to mind are OLs Gosder Cherilus and Donald Thomas — a pair of mediocre (or worse) OLs that the Colts broke off sizable checks for. They inked both those guys to contracts that dwarfed their performance last year. Is Thomas even a starter anymore in Indy?


    I’m not anti-Colts, but these guys don’t seem to understand how to properly run a football team. And NO, the Andrew Luck pick doesn’t count — that pick was idiot-proof obvious. They’re run like you see when a hack FF owner gets his hands on a team in a dynasty league — plenty of conviction, but little justification for it.

    It’s a poorly run team — at least they have Luck and a weaker than average division going for them.

  20. dexterismyhero says:
    May 4, 2015 10:26 AM
    For 2015, however, he won’t do much to narrow the 38-point gap between the Colts and the Patriota.

    ==================================Is that Marcus Patriota? And BTW, the Pats lost Revis and Wolfolk, so their defense is going to have the stop the run now also.

    Is that Wesley Wolfolk? Myles Wolfolk? Wolfolk Lake?

  21. mrpresident50 says:


    mrlaloosh says:

    “Patriota” ? Is that like the illuminate?

    I’m sorry, you know too much now.

  22. craigruby20, Philly doesn’t even know who they’re starting at QB yet. Philly will be lucky to make the playoffs next season.

  23. So sure were the Patriots that the Colts would take Brown that Shalise Manza Young, a respected Boston Globe reporter, tweeted that the Patriots had traded #32 to Houston. Once the Colts passed, the deal was off.

  24. I’m not either.

    That’s why I gave the Colts a “C-” for that pick.

    Grigson is considered a good GM because the Colts are winning, but his truest critics fairly scrutinize his drafts and veteran acquisitions too.

    People hated the Trent Richardson trade, they are not completely sold on the Werner pick, and they are harsh on the following veteran acquisitions: Cherilus, Landry, and Walden.

    They better sign La’el Collins ASAP. If not, there is no Super Bowl for anyone in Indy.

  25. andrewluck4mvp says:

    “craigruby20, Philly doesn’t even know who they’re starting at QB yet. Philly will be lucky to make the playoffs next season.”

    At least the Eagles are headed in the right direction, in my opinion. Your Colts? Not so much!
    In all seriousness, you have to admit that Grigson clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. And don’t bring up the Luck pick – not even Grigson could screw that one up.

  26. The Colts management still has to deal with the issue of Coach Pagano’s contract. The lack of focus on the defensive side does not play into his expertise and would appear to lead one to think he is being ignored. The ego of the GM and the owners mental handicap will lead to a fall down the ranks in their division.

  27. Where is Andre Johnson going to play? They either spent a lot of money on a #4 WR or used a draft pick for a #4 WR. Neither sounds very smart and Luck’s contract is coming up soon and that will be $20mil+.

  28. The nerve of these guys. They should be forced to sit and listen to Joe Buck for an hour daily until management is convinced they’ve learned the error of their ways.

  29. Chip Kelly reportedly offering Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, and Jeff Lurie for Patriota.

  30. They are tired of losing 45-7 to the Patriots.

    The plan (it would appear) is to make it 52-35 instead, Patriots…

  31. As punishment for deflating that intercepted football, the Colts should be awarded two 2016 first round picks! Idiots.

  32. “there’s a reason he Colts passed on him”


    Yes, there is. It’s because well, they’re the Colts.

  33. Ryan Grigson, Irsay needs to “deflate” their overrated ego and get real. How can you force Malcolm Brown on the Patriots? Are your over-Inflated” run defense ready to stop the Pats when they run all over you? Time for TB & BB to truly run up the score on you. The only one good pick you had, you “Luck” or ” Suck” into that pick when your team tanked that year. Look what happen to the Pats, they had two #1 QB starters hurt, they won the SB with one replacement and miss the Playoffs due to a tie with the second one.

  34. Just want to thank clueless GRIGSON, and the druggy, alcoholic Irsay, for allowing Brown to fall in our lap. Couldn’t have worked out better then what these buffoons did. It’s great to pick behind the Dolts, as it means we kicked their butt the year before, and they allow future hall of farmers to fall in our lap.

  35. Haha first if you think the Colts tanked for Luck you are out of your mind. You are saying that the Gm, the coaches, and the majority of players decided to suck so they could all lose their jobs at the end of the season??
    What has Grigson done beside Luck?? Lets see that would be T.Y., Allen, Fleener, Vontae Davis!, mewhort, Newsome, freeman, re-signing the 2 best kickers in the league, siging Frank Gore and Andre Johnson .Three 11 win seasons and advancing deeper into the playoffs.
    This is a move that only fringe fans and trolls don’t like.
    Both the run game and defense will be much improved this year as well. Use your heads people.

  36. 6ball says:May 4, 2015 10:55 AM

    So sure were the Patriots that the Colts would take Brown that Shalise Manza Young, a respected Boston Globe reporter, tweeted that the Patriots had traded #32 to Houston. Once the Colts passed, the deal was off.


    This tells you all you need to know. Even BB underestimated Grigson’s ability to screw it up, lol.

    I’d like to think that when the Colts pick came in, BB might have even raised an eyebrow or cracked a smile in a dangerous show of emotion.

  37. When I saw them make this pick, I seriously thought, “Wow what are the Colts thinking!” Their owner was probably sky high or plastered at the time. Can’t wait until the Pats put 60 plus on the ponies. We are counting down the days! Revenge for DeFAKEgate!!

  38. I love how smart everyone thinks they are. Is Andre Johnson coming back after 2 years? Is TY Hilton going to demand a contract that the Colts can’t offer? If you don’t take BPA in the early rounds, sometimes your strength can quickly turn to a weakness.

  39. As the article mentions, there are several key pass catchers entering a contract year. They saw the value in this kid and are probably looking ahead to the possibility that all of their weapons might not be on the roster next year. He’ll have a year to develop and the team won’t be relying on a rookie receiver to produce from day 1.

  40. If Grigson keeps drafting like this the Colts won’t be on top of the division for long. It may be a few years but the Texans are on the rise. The defense is set, a rising star at receiver, above-average O-Line, and a good running game. Just depends on if Mallett is the guy at QB or not.

  41. dwilkinson1968

    Colts aren’t headed in the right direction? 4 years ago they went 2-14, last season they made it to the AFC Championship game. Grigson is doing something right. Also, not including Luck, Grigson has drafted: Hilton, Fleener, Allen, Ballard, Mewhort, and Newsome, all quality starters. Grigson also traded a 2nd round pick for Vontae Davis, who was a top 5 CB last season. While Grigson has made some iffy moves (Richardson trade, drafting Bjoern Werner), he has also made multiple good moves.
    Eagles on the other hand have gotten rid of their top 2 WRs (Jackson and Maclin), top RB (McCoy), and top QB (Foles). Eagles are headed in the right direction? Yeah right. Kelly is destroying that team.

  42. Ah its all clear now. The Illuminati have been replaced by the Patriota and Bill Belichick now controls the entire world.

    Which means the Colts will lose by at least 60 when they play the Pats this year.

    Lolz sometimes I crack myself up.

  43. Really don’t understand the pick. Colt’s defense has been hurting for what seems like years now. The OLine wasn’t too stout either; Luck has been getting swarmed.
    Adding a speedy WR when you’ve got a full WR set just seems unnecessary. Plenty of WR depth later in the draft, it could have waited.

  44. I’m thinking that as soon as the Texans, Jags or Titans get their poop in a group, the Colts are in trouble.

  45. Grigson put a capitol D in Dolts with this pick. Well done, and thanks from all of us in Patriots Nation.

  46. doubleogator says:
    May 4, 2015 10:32 AM
    and they let Malcolm Brown slip right into the Patriots lap…

    Grigson is a joke of a GM, the fact he has an NFL Executive of the year award (same with Dimitroff) and Ozzie Newsome doesn’t is a farce, but it’s not like Malcolm Brown is some once in a lifetime prospect.

  47. Rumor is that Grigson took Dorsett only b/c the Texans were trying to move up to take him.
    The same theory was applied to former Bears GM Phil Emery’s inexplicable 1st round selection of Shea McClellin (with the Packers rumored to be the other team wanting him). We all know how that turned out.

  48. I’m assuming that the Colts tackles and safeties are not on your list of complainers?

  49. Management to players: shut up and play. Do your job, we’ll do ours. The patients don’t run the hospital. Prediction: still no Super Bowl for the Colts.

  50. Its been well documented that the Patriots (or Patriota) genuinely believed that the Colts were going to take Malcom Brown so they were ready to trade out of the 1st round.

    This is so reminiscent of the 2004 draft when Vince Wilfork fell to the Patriots at 21. Lots of teams turned him down too and he didn’t exactly turn out too bad, did he?

  51. bassplucker says:
    May 4, 2015 12:01 PM
    I’m thinking that as soon as the Texans, Jags or Titans get their poop in a group, the Colts are in trouble.

    Yea….that’s gonna be a while! I’m not worried. At all

  52. The pick has to be a hedge against Hilton leaving. It’s the only way it makes any kind of sense. Still they should have taken the highest rated safety/dl/ol on their board.

  53. Needed a SS badly, and though they picked one up in the later rounds, Landon Collins was available at the 29th pick. Not sure the thought process put into choosing a WR when the Colts have needed defensive pressure. Is Landon Collins not a worthy run stopper, or defender of the short passes?

  54. Im not saying I love the pick, but theres so much information we dont know. Maybe preliminary conversations with hilton haven’t gone well and they are insuring their future. Maybe allen and/or fleener are too expensive. Maybe this is just andre johnson replacement for 2 to 3 years. I am not crazy about the pick, but before the draft I was shouting that Grigs will take an offensive player in round 1, then go defense the rest of the way.

    Thats exactly what happened, even though I felt that right tackle made more sense. But he got a starter level corner and safety, and two really nice pieces, and end and a tackle, for the 34 defense. They also added nate irving and kendall langford to help the run in free agency, and getting a healthy art jones would be helpful too. They are looking at a sizeable turnover on defense from last year.

    Lets say the colts felt geathers was 85% as good as collins (arbitrary number, stay with me), then what they did made a ton of sense as far as value. Pittsburgh passed on collins and needed safety even more. New england passed on collins (albeit took a great dt, and took a project safety later.)

    Last point I’ll make. The jets took leonard williams when defensive line was their strength. With richardson and wilkerson, they already had the best 34 end duo around (contract issues aside.) No one faulted them for it because williams is so talented. Clearly indy feels dorsett is too. Maybe the pick will be great for indy, maybe not, but it is hypocritical to celebrate one team strengthening its already best feature and criticizing another for it.

  55. This guy will probably run ruff shot over everyone and they will quickly forget any locker room discourse.

  56. Just how long Johnson will be playing football?He’s been in the league for 10 plus years,so the Colts drafting for the future!Hilton knows his catch totals gonna decrease!Moncrief and Dorsett is the future wr’s!And 2 rb’s from my MS State team on the Colts roster.Ballard and Josh Robinson.Ballard dad used date my nephew mom.And he gave us a lot of Ms State autographed gear!Now the Colts got a steal with Josh.You talking hard to bring down and durable!Go watch when Ms State played Kentucky on Youtube,he broke 9 tackles on 1 play.Even Bud Dupree couldn’t tackle him and he was out of breath.Yall gonna like Josh,cause he runs straight over defenders…He way better than Trent Richardson…

  57. While this pick was surprising, it’s by no means a bad pick. Yes, the Colts defense was suspect at times last season, but it isn’t something that could easily be remedied with one pick, especially the 29th pick in a relatively weak draft.

    What the Colts did was add the fastest wide-receiver in this year’s draft to what is already one of the fastest wide receiving corps in the NFL, and given the team’s biggest asset (Luck) another weapon, and hedged for the future (with upcoming contracts and player age questions).

    If you run a 4 WR/Single Back set, you’ve got Andre Johnson who is a 6’3 230-lb match-up nightmare, 3 wide receivers who run 4.35 or better in the 40, plus Frank Gore in the backfield and an EXTREMELY mobile QB in Luck. I don’t know many defenses with the ability to stop that amount of firepower.

  58. Colts have been lucky for years. Manning left then they stumble upon Luck.

  59. The colts are doing it he exact same thing with luck as they did with manning. They have made a good 1st round pick since luck and they’re keep focusing on the offense when the defense is the real issue. Luck is not one of these garbage QBs who need stars on offense to succeed, he is that offense. Hey could’ve gotten a WR in the later rounds, drafting Dorset that high indicates that you’re planning on starting him. Unless the process thinking of the colts staff changes, I feel sorry for luck because as great of a QB he is, he’s gonna continue watching guys like Wilson and kaepernick play for the Lombardi with great defenses

  60. obsession55 says:

    bassplucker says:

    “I’m thinking that as soon as the Texans, Jags or Titans get their poop in a group, the Colts are in trouble.”

    “Yea….that’s gonna be a while! I’m not worried. At all”

    Really? Then you’re a fool. The Titans and Jags may be far behind the Colts, but not the Texans. Take a look at the Texans’ roster compared to the Colts. The Texans’ roster is better – the only reason the Colts are ahead at the moment is one Andrew Luck.
    Furthermore, the Colts are doing the same thing with Luck that they did with Peyton Manning – great offense with suspect defense and O-Line. If you guys don’t upgrade that line in a hurry, you’re going to get Luck killed.

  61. When you only manage to score 7 points against a very good but not great Patriots defense then maybe you need to shore up your offense. To beat the Patriots you need excellent QB play and Andrew Luck hasn’t been to do it.

  62. I love the pick. The Colts are looking at a 19 game schedule and injuries do happen. Let’s say it’s mid-season and Andre Johnson and T.Y. are banged up. Then you lose a game that you could have won, and all of the sudden you’re traveling in the playoffs instead of having home field advantage. Dorsett is rookie of the year. Frank Gore is comeback player of the year. Luck is MVP. Chuck is coach of year. Colts are World Champions! That’s why they picked Dorsett! Any questions?

  63. I look at some of these comments and I have to laugh a little bit. Do the Colts need help at defense? Sure BUT if I recall the Colts did draft defensive players too. Maybe not big names, but since when do big names matter?? Robert Mathis, TY Hilton are just a couple of examples of non big names who have impacted this team. Anyone remember when in 2001 Bill Polian drafted a young wide receiver in the 1st round out of Miami named ummm REGGIE WAYNE??? Yeah how did that pick turn out? Colts needed defense then too. It don’t matter WHAT your name is it all comes down to the when the season starts so to the Chowdahead fans yall can embrace Brown all you want to but it won’t matter when Frank Gore uses him as a floor mat on his way to the endzone.

    As far as some other comments about the Colts having all offense and no defense…maybe yall don’t remember 2006 huh? D was ranked DEAD LAST against the run. Hell Jax ran all over them for 397 yards that year…but didn’t they win the Super Bowl too with that same defense (and posting the largest comeback against the Chowdaheads)??? So what if Grigs chose a receiver 1st. There had to be a reason Landon Collins wasn’t selected in the 1st round. The only people who do know are the ones in the war room. Phillip Dorsett ran a 4.25 and 4.29 respectively and they released Cribbs (you’re welcome PatsNation) so they’ll use him on returns. I’m sure the same whiners callin out this kid will be behind the TV losing their voice when this kid breaks for some returns for TDs.

  64. Those Colts players who are allegedly “unhappy” would do well to stop whining, take a deep and long look into the mirror and realize that they didn’t play well enough as a team. The reason why the Pats rolled the Colts was simple game planning… Colts had no run game… Wayne was a nonfactor, Hicks was a nonfactor and Moncrief disappeared. So they took away TY and viola! It’s 3-and-out city which left the defense gassed by halftime. Game over. So, no… Dorsett won’t help make Indy better at stopping the run, but along with Gore, Andre and good tight end play, he will make the offense stay on the field longer. And I will be tuning into the Indy-Pats game to watch how BB game plan against that. The narrative that the Colts didn’t need to address the receiver corps is a false one made by stupid writers like Mike Wells who can’t figure out anything football – related.

  65. couldn’t agree more. He’s a burner with questionable hands. They need to protect Luck, be able to stop somebody, have some kind of running game, THEN give Luck another weapon. I have to assume Pagano has very little impact on personnel decisions.

  66. 6ball says:
    May 4, 2015 10:55 AM
    … Shalise Manza Young, a respected Boston Globe reporter, …


    LOL she’s a complete joke, the furthest thing from a ‘respected reporter’.

    This colts draft is a joke as well. taking a WR with Malcolm Brown on the board is all you need to know…

  67. Yet, the pundits always have an excuse to why Andrew can’t win it all or even an AFC championship. He has more weapons than anybody, but it’s never enough.

    CAVEAT: It will never be enough. Luck will never win a Super Bowl, no matter how many new toys they buy for him.

  68. He played at The University of Miami. Under James Coley and Al Golden… Believe me, he isn’t walking into camp expecting to get the ball thrown his way!

  69. Balance, balance, balance. It takes a good offense and a good defense to win a Super Bowl–not just four fast wide receivers. As a GM, Grigson should understand this and draft appropriately. As the old saying goes, offense puts people in the seats, but defense WINS!

  70. I hope Luck can find a way to leave that team. His career will mirror Manning’s up there if that idiot owner doesn’t see to it that a complete team is fielded.

  71. …not that Manning’s had a bad career. But the whole point of this thing was supposed to be about bringing in multiple Lombardis, not passing records.

    You’d think they be tired of being the Pats doormat all these years. Guess not.

  72. TY is in the last year of his contract and with the stats he has been piling up he will command big time money. Taking Dorsett in 1st round gets him under team control for 5 years if and when TY skips out next season.

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