Agent: La’el Collins not meeting with teams at this time

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La’el Collins met with the Baton Rouge police department on Monday regarding their investigation into the shooting deaths of his former girlfriend and her newborn child and the police said he cooperated fully and is not a suspect in the case.

That has been the case since the first reports of police interest in speaking to Collins regarding the murders, although Collins went undrafted last week because of the uncertainty about the situation. Collins is therefore free to sign with any team and there appears to be interest, but Collins’s agent Deryk Gilmore told the Associated Press that he’s not taking any meetings with teams “at this time.”

Gilmore’s statement seems to refer to official meetings with teams because Collins has had contact with a couple of clubs. Collins met with Bills coach Rex Ryan on Monday night and LSU alums that played for the Dolphins are doing some recruiting of their fellow Tiger, but Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the team is “not ready to send any team officials” at this point.

With limitations about the deal teams can offer Collins as a free agent, fit and comfort will likely be important to Collins’s ultimate decision about where to sign. Assuming, of course, that things progress to a point that he is cleared and signs with one of the teams considering the move.

8 responses to “Agent: La’el Collins not meeting with teams at this time

  1. “fit and comfort” will be an important factor in the decision?

    Going to a team that wins is comfort. That’s going to leave the Bills and Fish out.

  2. I’m just not super comfortable with any speculation about a player that ends with, “assuming he didn’t murder his ex-girlfriend and her unborn child.”

  3. Either there’s more coming his way out of the Baton Rouge investigation…
    Or his agent is doing a good job of driving up the price.

  4. Does this guy have any experience or degrees because he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree.

  5. Here’s the problem for Collins: the police generally don’t hand out letters exonerating people, especially when the crime remains unsolved. Until an arrest is made, it’s not likely that the police will “clear” him, either formally or informally. Of course, we have no idea how long it will take for the police to identify the wrongdoer and make an arrest. We also don’t know whether the police wanted to speak to him simply because of his relationship with the victim or if there is something more going on here.

  6. Hernandez was a known gangbanger with a bad reputation before he ever set foot on Florida’s campus, and he never stopped gangbanging.

    La’el Collins has never been in trouble; not even a whisper of trouble and his college coaches loved him.

    For those of you who don’t want your team to take a chance on this guy, I say fine. Please don’t go anywhere near him. All the rumors must be true if the interwebz experts says so.

    I sure hope my team does make him an offer and that he accepts the offer.

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