Cowboys give undrafted George Farmer a $55,000 guarantee


Former USC wide receiver George Farmer went undrafted last week, but he made out OK anyway.

Farmer is signing with the Cowboys and will get $55,000 guaranteed, according to Field Yates of ESPN. That’s a very rare, and very hefty, guarantee for an undrafted rookie.

Presumably, the Cowboys had to guarantee Farmer that much money because he had several suitors as an undrafted free agent. Although the Collective Bargaining Agreement limits how much money undrafted rookies can make, teams do have some leeway in offering signing bonuses and guaranteed money to the most coveted undrafted free agents, and Farmer may turn out to do the best of any of them, other than La’el Collins, who will surely generate the best contract of any undrafted free agent if he’s exonerated in the death of his ex-girlfriend.

Farmer was considered one of the best recruits in the country coming out of high school but had a largely disappointing career at USC. Still, there’s no doubting that he’s a talented player, and the Cowboys think he’s got the potential to be worth the money, and then some.

15 responses to “Cowboys give undrafted George Farmer a $55,000 guarantee

  1. Another example of the Boys being ahead of their dvision rivals. Cowboys use first round choices to build the o-line beginning in 2011, then the Skins and Giants do the same this year . Yes, I know the Giants, drafted Pugh, but he’s a bust as a tackle and will be kicked inside eventually.

  2. Daysend,

    Looks to me like you have no clue what you are talking about. Jerry Jones has the highest percentage of drafting pro bowlers. He is ahead of all others GMs by 14.

    Murray and Witten both pro bowlers and one HoF, we’re third round drafts

    Your love to Jerry just shows

  3. With Antoino Ramiro Romo, the true 2014 NFL MVP, throwing him the rock this young man will shoot to the top.

  4. bendover09 says:
    May 5, 2015 12:24 PM
    What the hell are you talking about?

    You use my statement that Cowboys do better with UDFA than rounds 5-7, and counter it with them drafting pro bowlers in the 3rd round?

    Ok, I guess….

  5. Good move by the cowboys,this kid has great talent. He just needs to be coached up. Could see this kid being the michael Irvin ALVIN HARPER

  6. Cowboys haters get that big D out your mouth!! Yall can’t help it I understand but try you look pathetic always trolling cowboy blogs

  7. He must have only verbally abused women is why it’s only $55k. Jerry likes the real thing and pays them well.

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