Nate Solder keeping focus on football after cancer treatment

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Patriots left tackle Nate Solder didn’t go public with a diagnosis of testicular cancer last season, choosing to have surgery before returning to the field to help the Patriots to a Super Bowl title.

Solder has since revealed how he dealt with the disease and urged men to be vigilant about their health, a message he repeated while talking to the media at the Patriots’ facility on Tuesday. Solder offered thanks for the support he got from team officials, his teammates and his doctors during an experience that he said “changes your perspective a little bit.”

Solder was able to concentrate on football last year and he said he’ll be able to do the same this year despite an expiring contract. Solder said he wants to remain in New England, but said he won’t be stressing about his deal.

“Who knows what will happen? My approach with that too is just to do the best that I can while I’€™m here. You have to [live in the present] there’€™s too many unknowns,” Solder said, via

Solder has been a fixture up front for the Patriots since arriving in the first round of the 2011 draft so you’d expect the team to have interest in an extension that allows him to continue in that role for a few more years.

8 responses to “Nate Solder keeping focus on football after cancer treatment

  1. As we’ve all learned from Solder, us guys need to keep an eye on the ball.

  2. Nate has been very solid at LT. They’ll work out a good deal for him.

  3. ALL YOU PATRIOT HATERS chime right on in!!!

    This is why the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS have the best record of ANY professional sports team NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB for the last 15 yrs! Players respect the hoodie, they respect the concept of DO YOUR JOB! On the New England OL, you have TWO guys who kicked cancers ass and kept right on playing. You Had Bruschi Suffer a freaking STROKE and came back to play.
    The reason you lose to the PATRIOTS is you don’t respect the work ethic, the sweat and the heart of a winner. Everyone of these guys is a Rocky Balboa,,,and not an APOLLO CREED,,prima donna.

  4. I am sure Nate appreciates using the picture of him scoring his playoff TD off the tackle eligible play.

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