Patriots converting another quarterback to wide receiver


The Patriots have had pretty good luck with converting college quarterbacks, as Julian Edelman has proven to be a valuable part for them.

So why not try it again, with someone bigger and stronger.

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, the Patriots have signed undrafted Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner, with plans to make him a wide receiver.

Unlike Edelman, Gardner has legitimate NFL size, at 6-foot-4, 216 pounds. Of course, he’s also slow-ish, running a 4.65 40, which will make it harder.

But Gardner also has that leadership/work ethic vibe the Patriots dig on, so they might be able to find a role for him.

Michigan used Gardner as a receiver in 2012, but he settled in at quarterback for the Wolverines, the last two seasons.

Now he’ll get to catch passes from another Michigan man, while learning to convert from a Kent State quarterback who did pretty well with it.

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  1. The guy he backed up at Michigan (Dernard Robinson) has shown some early glimpses of successfully making a position switch so why not?

    Good luck Devin.

  2. Edelman has “legitimate NFL size” because he is a legitimate NFL player! Let’s hope Gardner has half of his drive to be great.

  3. “Unlike Edelman, Gardner has legitimate NFL size, at 6-foot-4, 216”


    Best all time punt returner by avg return, clutch receiver, tough as nails, Super Bowl winner. What ever size Edelman is, he is legitimate.

  4. Connor Cook on the other hand will be a Heisman finalist this year if he gets decent play from his receivers

  5. After the success the Pats have had with the Edelman QB to WR conversion, I am surprised the competition committee is allowing the Patriots to continue to try players at new positions.

    Maybe the committee just has not caught on yet?

  6. “Unlike Edelman, Gardner has legitimate NFL size…”


    Umm, are you out of your mind?? Have you seen Edelman play? He might be the toughest guy in the NFL to cover! He was the SB MVP if you ask me. Calling any part of him or his game illegitimate is absurd.

    -Colts Fan

  7. “Unlike Edelman, Gardner has legitimate NFL size,”

    Edelman’s 92 receptions last year and 105 the year before says he has plenty of size for the NFL.


  8. Belichick is already drawing up a Brady 3 step drop, lateral to Edelman, lateral to Gardner, 80 yard TD pass to Gronk play as we read this.

  9. Edelman must also have legitimate NFL size, since he has proven to be a more than just legit player.

  10. The World Champion Patriots…winners of more Super Bowl titles than any other NFL team in the last 25 years…winners of more games than any other NFL team this century…they really do EVERYTHING right don’t they?


  11. For Gardner it was either convert or get a real job. He was probably the worst quarterback at the FBS level I have seen the old option QBs. Unless someone was holding a gun to Hoke’s head, or he was blind, why Gardner was allowed to try to play QB is beyond me. He was beyond terrible. I think his size is not all that conducive to play WR unless he can really high point the ball.

  12. I think he’ll surprisingly do very well at WR in NE. Considering they wasted no draft capital one him, it doesn’t have a lot of downside if it doesn’t work out.

  13. I hope it works out for him but he’s horrific as a QB. This switch should have been made years ago.

  14. With Brady being 37, they need as many QBs hanging around the Patriots faciltiy as possible.
    Old Man Time catches up fast once he decides to get in the race.

  15. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    May 5, 2015 9:24 AM

    What a clueless organization. BUst after bust.

    Your tears of envy and sadness taste delicious to the reigning Super Bowl Champions!

  16. I am a Buckeyes fan, but I hope Devin makes it. The Class he showed during the OSU/ ichigan game when JT Barrett got hurt gave me newfound respect for him! Good Luck Devin from a Buckeye fan.

  17. ReligionIsForIdiots says: May 5, 2015 9:24 AM

    What a clueless organization. BUst after bust.

    28 -24

  18. and like Edelman, in his rookie year, NE will use him on both offense and defense.

  19. Dobson was given two years to learn and earn his position as a WR but he failed on a consistant basis. It would not surprise me to see him as the next cut and replaced by a young F/A like Gardner.

  20. The Patriots have had pretty good luck with converting college quarterbacks, as Julian Edelman has proven to be a valuable part for them.
    They have also had decent luck drafting Michigan quarterbacks. 🙂

    I still see this as an uphill battle for this kid, but maybe they’ll decide to keep him and not use a roster spot on a third quarterback.

  21. So the guy who was a WR in college before taking over at QB for a guy who is now a RB in Jacksonville is going back to his old position? And no mention of that in the article. It not news that a guy who changed positions changed back. Especially when he started playing some WR again this year.

  22. We are going to need all the help at the wide receiver position this season. I saw Brady’s arm decline last season and this season he will be a year older. We need receivers willing to sacrifice their bodies catching short passes and fight for yards afterwards. Edelman a former QB was successful at this so why not repeat the experiment with another QB turned receiver? We don’t need big name receivers because Brady no longer has the deep ball so they will be useless in this offense. We need depth in the offensive line to block for our old QB and tough receivers to dink and dunk with while we go for that 5th championship.

  23. Stop acting like the Pats some geniuses, people have been converting college qbs in to wrs for a very long time before Belicheat.

  24. jlawyer55 says:
    May 5, 2015 11:18 AM
    I am a Buckeyes fan, but I hope Devin makes it. The Class he showed during the OSU/ ichigan game when JT Barrett got hurt gave me newfound respect for him! Good Luck Devin from a Buckeye fan.

    As a fellow buckeye fan, I not only agree with you, but also wouldn’t mind seeing Braxton Miller do the same. He’s a solid college QB, but I have the feeling like a switch of positions would help him see more of the field this year and later in the NFL. If not, he’ll likely have an NFL career like Pryor has been having.

  25. whos joking who…..its a reciever…… that means bill b and the whole coaching staff will not be able to develop him…..they are useless when it comes to recievers

  26. I sure hope Brady’s arm doesn’t fall off… After all in the above post by patsfan4lifesbchamps has me real nervousness that Brady has declined so much he only shredded the leagues #1 D to go on & win the SuperBowl AGAIN….maybe if we’re lucky poor old Brady can somehow manage to throw the ball over 3 yards because as the “FAN” above was kind enough to enlighten us Brady can’t throw down field anymore…. Guess us Pats fans will just have to settle for Brady throwing all those dink & dunk Passes to get us back to the Super Bowl cause that would just be terrible wouldn’t it??! Oh well I guess I’ll just have to live with that….oh the agony…to have to suffer thru ANOTHER Super Bowl run…don’t know how I’ll manage but I’ll do my best… & what if we fans have to watch him keep doing it again. & again for another 4-5 years… Gosh I just don’t know how I’d cope??!! Oh well I guess We’ll just have to live with it right guys ??!!
    & when old Brady does finally hang up his cleats we’m be forced to watch Garoppallo carry on the tradition for another decade or so…. Man us poor fans, however will we get by??

  27. Gardner was a good HS QB, which was why he was recruited to UM. But he couldn’t beat out Denard, and because they wanted him on the field, they put him to receiver. I always thought he was going back to QB once Denard left. But Hoke’s not a good QB coach, and Gardner was wasted pretty much.

  28. ^^^^ it would have to be a double lateral 1st… Only allowed one forward pass… But I’d love to see Bill throw that into the mix just to have the league band it the following year after all the crying that Harbaugh & the colts or Jets would do!!!

  29. What a clueless organization. BUst after bust.
    I think all y’all fell victim of Poe’s law there…

  30. This guy drove me NUTS as our QB, but I’ve said for the last two years he belonged at WR, NOT QB! I’m happy he landed on a team as a WR, which is where Hopeless Hoke SHOULD have used him all along….

  31. Very few QBs train and eat to excel at speed, because a layer of fat is protective of organs and ribs. They’ll change his habits, lean him out, replace the subcutaneous fat with an equivalent mass of muscle. They should be able to get 4.55 out of him, anyway.

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