LeSean McCoy: Chip Kelly got rid of “all the good black players”

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Bills running back LeSean McCoy isn’t backing down from the idea that he and Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s relationship is the reason for his departure, saying Kelly didn’t like or respect stars.

And he doubled down on those comments by making a serious allegation.

In an interview with ESPN the Magazine, McCoy said Kelly was uncomfortable with him, with an uncomfortable reason for it.

“The relationship was never really great,” McCoy said. “I feel like I always respected him as a coach. I think that’s the way he runs his team. He wants the full control. You see how fast he got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players. He got rid of them the fastest. That’s the truth. There’s a reason. . . .

“It’s hard to explain with him. But there’s a reason he got rid of all the black players — the good ones — like that.”

McCoy didn’t elaborate, and the Eagles didn’t comment on the statement, which they’re inevitably going to have to do.

McCoy’s statements track along with the accusation/non-accusation of ESPN talker Stephen A. Smith in March, who suggested the same sinister motive.

Kelly’s approach to running off stars seems color-blind, considering the way he openly taunted guard Evan Mathis last weekend, saying no one has offered to trade for him in two years.

But clearly, McCoy has a problem with Kelly that goes beyond skin deep.

293 responses to “LeSean McCoy: Chip Kelly got rid of “all the good black players”

  1. Gee, I just looked at the Eagles roster and I still see lots of good black players. I also reviewed the Eagles draft selections, and again….black players. Proof positive that McCoy is talking out of his *ss!

  2. Oh please stop with the “black player” stuff. Its an old stale excuse when something happens that a black player doesn’t like. You are the racist for saying it without any actual argument.

  3. He signed Maxwell, Thurmond, Murray, Matthews….drafted Agohlor, etc…

    Grow up Lesean and tell tour ego to calm down. He doesn’t want a RB who dances and gets negative yards 5-6 times a game. It’s really that simple.

    Maclin left on his own

    Desean was a headache and wanted a new contract every year

  4. shut up shady, you are becoming a butturt diva..wait you already are. He got rid of Herremans pretty quick too..He wants Mathis gone and also wants Barkley gone…You and Trent were the only really good players..desean was meh

  5. Lesean should be suspended for this.

    You can’t just go around making blanket racial allegations like this. This is the problem with America. WAY to fast to throw the race card.

  6. Hahahahaha! Yeah, and he also signed Riley Cooper to a twenty five year deal too right? LeSean…. C’mon man!

  7. McCoy is wasting time looking in the rear view mirror, and making himself look bitter. He’s on a new team with a new opportunity. Focus on the positives and make yourself a better player/man.

  8. Ummmm, then how did we make the team as your replacements?

    Demarco Murray & Ryan Matthews

  9. “LeSean McCoy: Chip Kelly “got rid of all the black players”-I’m black and I can tell you as a student as well as #1 NFL football fan, this is strictly a salary cap move whether players understand this or not. If all the players who happen to make the most money are black-then it’s still a salary cap move. Lesean-grow up……..

  10. Careful McCoy, running backs don’t have long careers and if you don’t blow it now, there’s a good chance you can still retire an Eagle. Hard to imagine his best days are still ahead of him.

  11. Good thing he didn’t sign any black players in free agency like Murray, Mathews, Thurmond, Maxwell or draft any black players like Agholor, Rowe, or Hicks…that would be awkward if he did something like that.

  12. I’m so sick of these entitled athletes playing the race card. No LeSean, Chip isn’t racist. He’s still got plenty of black athletes on the roster. Just not you. Get over it. If it wasn’t for football, you’d be flipping burgers and using your SNAP money on 40’s

  13. Who’s the least intillegent between Stephen A. Smith & Lesean McCoy.

    Thumbs up for Stephen A. Smith.

    Thumbs down for Lesean McCoy.

  14. You know, I liked McCoy here at Pitt and as an Eagle, but if this is the best he can do, then he needs psychological help. I wouldn’t think any NFL player would sink so intellectually low to play the race card. McCoy ought to look around at the racial composition of the stands and the locker rooms next time has a moment of clarity. What a moron.

  15. This guy just took a playoff team destroyed it.. You have to be able to blend all types of personalities!

    Can you say Joe Gibbs???

    Jerrah did the same at a managerial level…

    The Redskins and the Giants thank you!!!!!!

  16. Yep, all of the black players are gone! Not one of em on his roster except for DeMarco, and Vinny Curry, and Malcom Jenkins, and and and and. LeSean is obviously not paying attention.

  17. Say… isn’t Demarco Murray a superstar black player? One who led the NFL in rushing in 2014? Didn’t Chip go out and recruit him, then sign him?

    Isn’t Jason Peters a superstar black player? Maybe Demeco Ryans isn’t a ‘superstar’, but he’s certainly a VERY good player.

    More nonsense from someone who cannot wrap his head around why he was traded in the first place.

  18. Hmmm. Your replacement is … BLACK.

    So you are saying he replaced the ‘good black players’ with ‘less talented black players’ because he is racist? Wouldn’t that be better characterized as being ‘stupid’.

  19. 2015 Eagles draft – Kelly’s first in control

    Round 1 – Nelson Agholor – black
    Round 2 – Eric Rowe – black
    Round 3 – Jordan Hicks – black
    Round 6 – JaCorey Shepherd – black
    Round 6 – Randall Evans – black
    Round 7 – Brian Mihalik – white

    = Racist

  20. He says that in the hopes to deter other black free agents from going there because they’ll be playing for a “racist” coach. Get over yourself McCoy…the rest of us did

  21. ESPN talker Stephen A. Smith
    That’s probably the most accurate job description he’ll ever have

  22. Chip Kelly cleaned house in order to rid the Eagles’ locker room of a clique of players that had negative and uncooperative outlooks.

    It dates back to when Michael Vick and his posse were in control of the prevailing attitudes for the team.

    LeSean was one of those players.

  23. I’m sorry, but didn’t McCoy claim he was “done talking about the Eagles” a few times already? The longer this goes on, the more it looks like a smart move by Chip to get rid of a guy like this. Look who the Eagles selected in the Draft – Nelson Agholor (African American), Eric Rowe (African American), Jordan Hicks (African American), JaCorey Shepherd (African American). I could keep going, but I think the point is made. This just makes me sad, because I used to love McCoy. But the way he’s acting now I seriously think he feels like a jilted lover.

  24. This guy needs to just let it go buffalo will probably win more games then the Eagles will anyway. Be happy to have a new home and new contract and next time you get asked a question just say ask chip or I wanna focus on what I can do to help this team not anything else.

  25. If these loudmouths and talking hairdos have the stones…just call him a racist if that’s what you think he is…but they won’t because they’re afraid to be wrong…this is bitterness mixed with the sports talk radio mentality of saying something to get people’s attention and then keep moving the goal posts down the field so you never have to admit to you’re wrong while never actually being proved right.

  26. This is so beyond STUPID. Maybe he got rid of you because you have the type of character that would cause you to say something like this. Sounds like an insecure little baby to me. An NFL coach would risk his career and reputation to use this opportunity to be racist. Makes sense. Man I really can’t believe I just read that.

  27. McCoy and Smith can say what they want. But I find such statements confusing when a white quarterback was also traded for another who is part Cherokee. Perhaps Kelly thought he couldn’t win consistently with the team that he inherited. Perhaps some former Eagles players think that they are owed something more above the team concept. Who knows? To me putting it out in the media rather than clearly things up in house is not the way to do it. Kelly may not be a saint and also abrasive but he took a 4-12 team and has turned into to consecutive 10-6 records. Before fans and the media bury him give him some slack first.

  28. I’m not an Eagles fan (Browns fan), but this is asinine. Correlation does not equal causation. The reason these guys are gone is most likely because all the “good black players” had terrible attitudes toward the program, sharing the ball with their tramways and the practice regimen. In fact, there are plenty of black players in the eagles and Nelson Agholor, their 1st round pick is black. Just shut up and play, LeShaun.

  29. So how does McCoy explain the acquisitions of Demarcus Murray and your 1st round pick Nelson Agholor? Didn’t Chip go get Sproles last year too? Hmmmm. Check your cap hit McCoy, that’s why you were moved. D-Jax, the same. C’mon now.

  30. Ok, I’m a Bills fan and even I am getting sick of McCoy’s seeming obsession with Chip Kelly…
    If he’s going to carry around this “chip” on his shoulder, he at least better bring it with him in the field come regular season (and tear up the league).

  31. People who make inaccurate accusations of racism are just as bad as people who are actually racist. Both are ugly on the inside.

  32. I’m a Bills fan and it’s a dumb comment. I also hate Stephen Smith, he isn’t any different than Al Sharpton. If Shady has any point at all (I doubt it) is, it’s pretty funny Riley Cooper is still on that team?

  33. Maybe because 90% of the team is black so it is inevitable to happen. Also, maybe he didn’t like yours, deseans, or Maclins me first attitude. He likes Champions, not pro bowlers. There’s a difference

  34. He got rid of anyone associated with beating women, treating people like trash, gang relations, stolen guns, and big attitudes.

    McCoy associating these people with African Americans in general is racist in and of itself.

  35. There’s no question in my mind Shady is the best running back in franchise history and based on pure talent he’s better than DMurray… However I think he’s simply proving Kelly right with all this nonsense he’s spewing. Can people now understand why he was dealt? He’s a diva. He’s clearly immature and he’s only working to prove Kelly’s point about building a positive culture. Maybe if he didn’t lead the league in negative runs and just hit the huge holes in front of him he’d still be in green! The guy was half the player he was in 2013 and was badly outplayed by Sproles all season.

    Are people now starting to understand why Kelly didn’t want guys like this in his lockerroom?? Bc all Shady is doing with continually attacking Kelly is displaying the immaturity that was a huge factor in leading him out the door.

    I hope Lesean goes on to rush for another 5 or 6 k and reaches the hall but it’s gonna take an attitude adjustment or he’ll ousted the moment his skills start lagging.

  36. I used to have a lot of respect for LeSean. Now, not much. Kelly had a problem with him because of his running style. But there was another reason and it had nothing to do with the color of his skin.
    DeSean Jackson–let’s start there. After the playoff loss to the Saints he gave an interview where he said his contract needed to be upgraded. This despite the fact that he just signed it 18 months before and was due to make 10.5M the next season. He hinted at holding out–so Kelly cut him.

    LeSean McCoy-he led the league in negative plays last year. Plus when rumors that the Eagles wanted to restructure his contract, he said he was willing, but. “I’m not taking any less.” So Kelly traded him.

    Jeremy Maclin–they offered him 10M per in FA he took KC’s 11M.

    I’m reminded of what Cliff Lee said when he spurned the Yankees for the Phillies in 2011–“What can I buy with 30M that I can’t buy with 25M?

    All of these guys had the same problem–money. And they hinted–well except Maclin–that they were going to make waves if they didn’t get it.

    McCoy’s crying about racism is hollow–when you consider he signed all the players in FA, traded for, and drafted. Plus he has his spat with his RG and he cut Herremans who’s white.

  37. If he has a black/white problem just wait till he gets hit with 9ft of snow up in buffalo, talk about a white problem……..

  38. This is just stupid. last I looked most teams are loaded with black players, Therefore, most of the player who are going to get cut or get a glass of water or do anything else are going to be black.

    Let’s stop this name calling practice. it’s the sign of weak minds.

  39. As an Eagles fan for decades I always liked Lesean. Played hard in games all the time. Good in interviews and generally had a smile on his face. The sad disturbing part is this constant reference to his trade was about race. Lesean I do not know if players read profootballtalk and some comments. However if you do read DO NOT become a racist ignoramus like Stephen Smith. You are talented and Smith is not. You have lots of qualities to offer and Smith does not. Do not buy into that tired old 1960’s second class citizen garbage that racist like Smith vomits whenever he can. You are a top worl class athlete that needs to open your eyes and realize The NFL is a business. One day you will not be able to play football and these youthful immature statements will haunt you. Do not make this your legacy. Grow and realize this. You never ever know you could be playing for The Eagles 2 or 3 years from now.

  40. May 6th, the day Rex Ryan calls LeSean and tells him to shut the hell up – stop talking about the Eagles every few weeks, you’re a Bill now – move on!

  41. Here we go again with this. Chip is replaced Shady with a white running back.. His name is Demarco Murray.. says Shady.. I have a serious question. Is McCoy color stupid? To come out and call another person racist, and in this case McCoy to Chip that is very ignorant on McCoys part. He is gone, he got his new contract and he should happy. McCoy, you need to grow up !

  42. Wait until Richie get his hands on him, Richie can’t stand players who cry all the time, just ask Martin. Bill…..the race card shows your weakness as a person…perhaps Mr. Wells will look into this race card….we can wait until a white player do the same to a black coach…then the crap will hit the fan. Bill

  43. This has been lingering in that locker room ever since Riley Cooper spewed that hateful racial slur at a lowly working man of color while at a redneck concert. The fact that Cooper – an average talent at best – never received any discipline from the team did not sit well with a lot of players who expressed less than embracing love for Cooper after it happened. Every one of those guys are now gone from the team. More sit in that locker room and wonder but they have to hold onto their jobs so they remain silent.

    Kelly brought this on himself. He should have cut Cooper immediately. Because he didn’t, the specter of racist will hover over Kelly’s head in the minds of over 50 men of color who were on that team when it happened. If Cooper were actually talented it might be different, but because he’s so average to begin with makes one wonder.

  44. Just because your white does not make you a racist. Stupid people come in all colors. LeSean McCoy is proof of that!

  45. How many nanoseconds would it have taken for the NFL to fine or suspend Josh McCown if, after the Bucs released him he’d said that Lovie Smith dumped him because he has a problem with white players. ESPN not coming down hard on Stephen A Smith helped this story along. McCoy saw that Smith got away with his comments so why shouldn’t McCoy?

  46. I think we do see why Chip Kelly traded LeSean McCoy – and the reason has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It has to do with the content of his character.

  47. Really finding it hard to like Shady lately, and that sucks. Didn’t think I’d ever stop appreciating his time here. I still do, but that’s waning. He’s soooo bitter.

  48. Using the race card in situations that have NOTHING to do with race (like this one) only hurt the situations when it actually does. Way to go MeSean McCoy, good job actually hurting race relations in this country as opposed to helping the cause

  49. Entering this offseason, I thought the Titans’ locker room couldn’t be in worse shape. … I was wrong–LeSean could be in it.

  50. Seems more to me like he got rid of Andy Reid’s guys that got used to slacking off under a ” player’s coach ” . He would have done it sooner but he didn’t have full control.

  51. Don’t blame Shady too much. It’s what’s been spewed (and believed) these last 7 years.

    Thomas Sowell, the brilliant economist, social theorist, political philosopher, and author, said it best:

    “For ‘community organizers’ … racial resentments are a stock in trade…. What does a community organizer do? What he does not do is organize a community. What he organizes are the resentments and paranoia within a community, directing those feelings against other communities, from whom either benefits or revenge are to be gotten, using whatever rhetoric or tactics will accomplish that purpose.”

  52. Rarely do you get 100% agreement on one of these threads. That should tell you something LeSean!

    By the way, LeSean… nearly 70% of NFL players are black. Would be pretty tough to field a full roster with that strategy.

  53. “He got rid of all the good black players”

    That comment is true no matter how you slice it. BUT I don’t think Kelly did it because he hates good black players. That’s just stupid. . He just wanted to move the team in a different direction, that’s all.

  54. Just wonder if Rex Ryan, the biggest danged loudmouth in NFL annals, got him to say this while Rexy was down in bayou country trying to lure La’el Collins away from signing with the Dolphins…just think Rexy, now you have “my name is not my name is not slim” Shady (so this racist idiot takes his nick name from white guy?) to go along with Mr. Bully and the greatest crappy-QB contest in the NFL? Yes, defense wins chanpionships…unless of course your division rivals beef up their OLs and defenses to the point where your defense is now number 4 in the 4-team division?

  55. Why is it always the race card ? Don`t get me wrong there is a lot of racism in this country but to make that the excuse every time it doesn’t go the black mans way is played out. Look at the game tape last two seasons SHADYYY

  56. I’m so glad this clown is gone. He got rid of the Prima Donnas. Had nothing to do with the color of ones skin but the content of their character. Classless LeSean.

  57. The thing that I don’t understand is, if DeSean Jackson was a problem in the locker room ok fine understood.

    But how can Riley Cooper not be a problem in the locker room when he is on a team with quite a few black players and he is still there?

    Can anyone explain that?

    I know the thumbs down will arrive because there are so many people who don’t want to believe what McCoy is saying.

    I’m not saying McCoy is 100% correct, but he brings up a valid point.

  58. McCoy is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but not everyone knows that.

    With that said I think Chip’s gigantic ego is color blind.

  59. Shady, you were a great Eagles RB but you are a moron. Chip just drafted 6 players, the only white guy is a 7th round project who will probably end up on the practice squad. He offered Maclin $9m to stay. Signed Maxwell, Thurmond, EJ Biggers, Murray, Mathews, Austin, Ajirotutu.

    He does have a bias against divas, malcontents, freelancers etc. You can have a legitimate debate over whether you have to put up with a few head cases in order to have a talented roster, or whether you can truly mold a team the way you want according to #culture. But race has zero to do with CKs decision making, that’s obvious.

  60. If Kelly has to explain why he got rid of all the Black players, the Jim Caldwell needs to explain why he got rid of the White players and White coaches.

    If we are going to have racial quotas, then each team should be around 10-15% Black and 85-90% White.

  61. …Aaaannnd there it its! surprised it took sooo long for the card to be played! You had me until then Shady, I think Kelly is a major jackwagon but come on man! Way to make yourself an irrelevant idiot!

  62. Hilarious. LeSean – He got rid of the players who thought they were better than the team. You just proved it and you made yourself sound like a selfish bigot on top of things. Well done. It just happens to be that those players are black. Maybe making a self evaluation is a better idea here than pushing blame towards others.

  63. *sigh*…… No McCoy, he got rid of you because you forgot how to run he ball through the holes provided. Instead, you decided to dance around in the backfield and loose yardage. The Eagles will be better off without you.

  64. Come on. I’m not Chip Kelly fan but this is foolishness. You can smear a guy without evidence. This is really worse than McCarthyism.

  65. Too bad there is no way to check out the accuracy of McCoy’s statement. If only there was a listing of some sort of players who are with the Eagles. Like a roster or something like that.

  66. I think that’s ridiculous, because any coach worth his salt will know that you can’t win regular season games with a majority white team, and certainly you can’t win a championship. LOL. The thought is too crazy to consider. Most teams have maybe 5 white players that are really good, and rest are marginal benchers. Just the facts madame.

  67. He got rid of you and replaced you with a better black player. I don’t think that qualifies as racist.

  68. I hate when people perpetuate racism. Look at the Eagles first two picks, both Black Men (I stopped looking after that), don’t tell me Chip Kelly is racist.

  69. the value of the dec 13 bills tix just went up.

    i think a more accurate assessment is that kelly doesn’t like highly paid players who aren’t leaders. players who talk too much, are selfish, are soft, become invisible in big games and aren’t team guys. and on the eagles, the poster boys for this type of player were jackson and mccoy, who are black. so indirectly mccoy is right. but the fact that he missed the broader issue shows how stupid and how much in denial he is.

  70. Shady doesn’t get that by saying these things he’s proving himself wrong. Every silly/stupid comment that comes out of his mouth proves that Chip didn’t do it for racial reasons.

  71. The only black players Chip does not like are the black RBs who dance in the backfield and improvise an inside one cut running play to a bounce outside running attempt for a 5 yrs loss. He does not like black WRs who manage their money so badly that they cry for a New contract 2 yrs into a 4 yr deal and threaten to holdout again if they dont get their way….again. Chip has gotten rid of black AND white players. He has drafted black AND white players. The reason Chip traded Shady was because Shady would not follow the designed plays and continued to take risks and lose yards instead of gaining yards. McCoy lost or didn’t gain positive yards 33% of the time. Which stalled Chips up tempo offence. McCoys butthurt is going to hurt himself….not Chip. He needs to do what he had never done. Shut up and play.

  72. If it would have been flipped and Kelly would have said this he would have been fired and then there would have been protests until sharpton got paid to make them stop.

  73. LeSean and DeSean are only concerned with how many times they get the football. LeSean would rather get 25 carries in a loss than 15 in a win. The Eagles were fine without DeSean. They’ll be a playoff contender without LeSean. Chip will have the last laugh. DeSean is stuck with the bust known as RGIII while LeSean will be getting knocked on his rear four times a year by the rugged defenses of the Pats and Jets. Good luck with that Cassell led offense LeSean.

  74. Mr. McCoy, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this message board is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  75. The fact is that both he and Jackson believe were worth more than they actually are. Chip doesn’t want any players whose egos outweigh their worth. I agree with LeSean on saying that Chip doesn’t like stars, because what he really means is that Chip doesn’t like players who think they’re stars. Chip wouldn’t have cut a prime / maybe past prime Larry Fitzgerald or Jamaal Charles because they keep their head down and work hard.

    Good luck in Buffalo though; like Rex isn’t going to run you into the ground. See you on CSN eating your words in 4 years.

  76. You making Kelly look like the sane one in all this McCoy and that isn’t easy to do.

  77. I can’t stand Chip but I don’t think he’s a racist. McCoy is a total head case…he’s starting to justify Chips move to get rid of him.

  78. Just remember this is coming from the bitter little man who was too cheap to tip a waiter in Philly because he didn’t appreciate the way his entitled self was treated.

    Fragile ego. Handle with care.

  79. No, he got rid of all the low character players; they just happened to be black. Most of their replacements were black as well so it really isn’t about race as much as character.

  80. So, are there any racist White folks in America? Are there any racist coaches in NCAA or NFL. Of course there are, just as there are racist cops, bankers, teachers, astronauts . . . you name the profession. But hey, if angry, irate, half-mad White sportsfans say it isn’t so, then gee it’s just the paranoia of Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and female folks . . .

  81. Imagine if Gronk said that if he was traded.

    He got paid, and he’s still crying about this.

  82. Uh oh.

    Their first FIVE (of 6) Draft picks last week were black.
    He sounds racist to me.

  83. Well Lesean, now that you have managed to jam your entire foot into your mouth, I suggest you keep there so you arnt able to say any more dumb things to the media.

  84. dealing with McNabb, then LeSean McCoy was awful. Not only do we not win superbowls, we have really annoying players. Thank god he’s gone.

  85. Get out of here with that B.S. Have you looked at his rosters when he was at Oregon ? What an ignorant statement.

  86. Still surprised the Bills brought in a guy that was only good with Jason Peters, Evan Mathias blocking for him.

    Yet – let CJ Spiller walk.

    Dude costs less and is a way better player.

  87. A few weeks with Rex as his coach and he’s already got big mouth-itis.

    How can you blame the players for throwing out wild accusations and claims when the head coach does it all the time and just can’t shut up ?

  88. He traded the Starting QB white man , Nick Foles. He let go of long time Eagle, Todd Herremans, who is also white. He let go of TE James Casey who is white. What is all this race talk? It’s so sickening to even have to read an article mentioning the R word because it’s so ridiculous. Those are the sourest grapes i’ve seen in a while Shady….

  89. Please look up the definition of racist. Racism means one must have the power to discriminate against someone on the basis of race. If anything, his comments were racially insensitive or racially biased.

  90. Why did a players name have to be attached to this quote? Everyone knows it. Chip Kelly want to get rid of all the Eagles black players. Anyone can say it because it is abundantly obvious.

  91. This is a non story. McCoy obviously is still sour. The fact that we are all reading/writing about this is the real issue. Comments like this should be disregarded as they hold no water. We are just making a story when there isn’t one. Anytime Stephen A. is being mentioned as the person that “broke” the story first should be the dead give away. He’s the biggest knob jockey at ESPN right along side his boy Skip.

  92. We’ll see how ignorant McCoy is when the Eagles tank this year. It’s obvious Chip doesn’t know what the hell he is doing, he gets rid of playmakers, including a good QB for and injury prone QB who he used as trade bait, GREAT MOVE CHIP!

  93. On the Eagles: Riley Cooper
    Not on the Eagles: Black players who stuck up for Riley Cooper

    It was sad to see them sell themselves out, and then be predictably shoved to the side at earliest convenience.

  94. LeSean McCoy made a ton of dumb comments when he was in Philly, but it was largely overlooked because of his play. Kelly didn’t get rid of all black players, he got rid of diva ones and replaced them with hardworking “team” players.

  95. I guess Chip’s secret plan of having an all-white team by 2021 has hit a major roadblock due to Shady’s accute powers of observation. All these draft picks were set to slowly turn white(like Michael Jackson) but now who knows what’s gonna happen. Nice try Chip, put the plans for the 4th reich back in the safe.

  96. McCoy is a total idiot if he thinks that race is even a tiny part of the reason for what Chip Kelly does with his players.
    The only reason McCoy says things like that is because his ego is bruised over being traded and he has to lash back like a little child. You can debate all you want exactly what Chip Kelly’s motives really are, but the fact that he replaced McCoy with TWO black running backs (one of whom is arguably as much of a “star” as McCoy is) should should put to rest any racial motivation.

  97. Definitely disagree with him. I cannot see how this could be true in a profession dominated by African Americans. Despite that it’s always odd to see others dismiss the plight of another group of people with whom they could never relate. It’s like men dismissing sexism when they have no idea how it feels to be a woman. However I’m sure a lot of people who have no idea what it’s like to be an African American will dismiss McCoy’s thoughts.

  98. He may have been getting rid of players he perceived as prima donnas. Throwing race into it is just lazy and unfair.
    If you don’t like Kelly, so be it. Why can’t he just leave it at that?

  99. I’ll be frank. RACISM is real… racism is horrible and it’s rampant. You know what else is rampant.

    A massive persecution complex, it’s the most annoying trait this nation has. White folks have it, black people have it, women have it… everyone has it. And it can be annoying. And when it is unfounded it drains the empathy of everyone else.

    When crap like this get said, it’s so annoying because it reinforces to stupid people that racism is only black people complaining when they don’t get they way, which isn’t true in the least; but this certainly doesn’t help and I hate everyone who does this.

    So now we got to deal with this, which distracts from real issues, real racism and makes people dismiss both out of hand. Because everyone is exhausted from it and people will suffer because of it.

  100. This is an obvious accusation of racism. Chip Kelly should sue for defamation of character if an apology isn’t made immediately.

    Then again, players can say what they want, it’s only coaches who get fined or suspended.

  101. For those that didn’t understand the McCoy trade, there should be no doubt now. You can’t fix stupid.

  102. Way to take the high road Lesean. Get over it. You sound ignorant and you are embarrassing yourself like a bitter ex-girlfriend. Move on. Way to stay classy.

  103. Only one question need ever be asked…WHAT WOULD BILL BELICHICK DO??
    He wouldn’t:
    1) Pay premium dollars or give long term contracts to RBs
    2)) Pay premium dollars or give long term contracts to WR….you know….those players that touch the ball seven times a game on a great day
    3) Allow players to believe they are stars deserving special treatment
    No worries, Wrecks is willing to break all “proven to work” rules.

  104. “It’s hard to explain with him. But there’s a reason he got rid of all the black players — the good ones — like that.”

    McCoy didn’t elaborate, and the Eagles didn’t comment on the statement, which they’re inevitably going to have to do.


    Why will they inevitably have to respond? The allegation is pretty ridiculous. Kelly also got rid of Foles, and has signed several black players to HUGE contracts. They also tried to keep Maclin. The fact that Mccoy made that statement tells you all you need to know about why Kelly got rid of him.

  105. Every time McCoy opens his mouth, Chip Kelly looks more and more like a personnel genius.

  106. He just implied that all his former teammates still on the roster were less than good.

    Just became a must watch.

  107. Excuse me, but the Eagles won’t have to explain the ridiculous comment by Shady, inevitably or otherwise. In fact, I’d be surprised if they even acknowledge it. Responding to the rantings of crazy people just lends credibility to them. This may be the last of this type of comment you hear from Shady going forward, BTW. I’m sure Bills management, directed by their owner, will be talking with him about his PR deficiencies post haste.

  108. LOL! Clearly Chip is a power hungry nut job who will be out of the league by years end, but give me a break. Is Murray White? Is Foles Black? When did this happen?!?!?

  109. Chip doesn’t want or need any black players – just oriental…smh

    Sure, the trades to try and get leverage to access Mariota didnt work out but to say he doesn’t want any good black players?!

    And the red baron didnt need a good plane…

  110. As a side note, is there anyone in Philly who now doesn’t believe the waiter who claimed Shady and his buddies were rude and then stiffed him on his tip, after a meal at an establishment in Northern Liberties?

  111. Really do you think any pro football coach would get rid of players just because they are black Shady McCoy. You know where you could find those coaches…. in the unemployment line!!!

  112. Can somebody (not me) go through and just run the freaking numbers? I mean he replaced his black RB with another black RB, traded his white QB for a different white QB, etc; but more systematically – what % of his roster was black when he inherited it? What % is black now? What % of NFL players are black? That’s at least a starting point.

  113. Your whole getting rid of the black players argument kinda falls apart when you replace the black players with other black players.

    Shut up Shady

  114. Kelly just doesn’t like players who:

    1. Trash talk their Baby Mamas on Social Media
    2. Throw strippers off of party busses in the middle of the AC Expressway
    3. Leave 10¢ tips to hard working folks
    4. Dance behind the line and lose yardage

    That’s all.

  115. Using your own ethnicity to attack another human being is the highest form of racism.

  116. Wow, nothing brings out the hateful comments, like the mere mention of racism.

    McCoy can be wrong, just like everybody else. The issue of racism is always more complex than just black and white. Nobody can argue that giving Riley Cooper a raise after his statement, sent a message throughout the NFL.

    Everybody admits racism exists, but few wanna hear about what some people see as racist. The funny thing is that the same people telling Shady to shut up, are the same ones always defending “off color” remarks by others. The same crowd shouting PC this & PC that.

    Shady makes a non-PC remark and suddenly he’s an idiot, who should just go away.

  117. Same philosophy Sean Payton uses. If you show any viva traits you are gone. Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills and other “look at me” players are on a short leash. Kelly is using the same tactic. Don’t call attention to yourself or you will be gone. TEAM FIRST!

  118. What a Racist!! What kind of comment is that? Trying to pull a race card? It can’t be because production dropped off since 2013 and pay exceeds performance. That’s like saying the white punter’s are getting fired more than blacks. You know who a racist is by the one making the factor about race. And he’s a kids role model – pathetic.

  119. I’m growing so tired of the race baiting that is going on in this country. Everything is because of race to some people… It’s no wonder progress is inhibited.

    Lesean, you make more money in your, let’s say 10 year NFL career, than I’ll ever make in a life time. You really need to count your blessings and realize that there were many people besides yourself that made this happen.

    Black players are making tens of millions of dollars while millions of white fans (who pay your salary) will make considerably less than you. Please think before you speak.

  120. So, he got rid of a good, black running back in McCoy and replaced him with a great, black running back in DeMarco Murray – if that makes him a racist then I’m one, too, because I would have done the same thing.

  121. nicetomeetyoumarco:
    traded his white QB for a different white QB

    Technically, Sam Bradford is a Native American. So he replaced a white player with a minority player.

  122. Lesean your narcissism knows no bounds. over last few years the Eagles have had a top 3 offensive line using advanced metrics (profootballfocus) when the offensive line play slipped(due to injury) so did leseans yards, now he going to a far weaker line and will have to be a smarter runner to not give up heaps of negative yardage on his sideways runs.

  123. It’s is not about race when one player is replace with another player of the same race. It’s also proves it’s not about race when he’s gotten rid of players from both races.

    He’s obviously still bitter and trying to get back at the man the only way he know how even if it’s completely moronic.

  124. Shut up — LeSeanda, that’s the new female name you earned because you sound like a little, whiny, spoiled girl. Why don’t you just grow a pair.

  125. Ah, it’s evidently clear that PFT readers are mainly white and conservative without any knowledge of what it’s like to be black or show any empathy for minorities. The majority of the league is black and they have experiences none of us can have or imagine. They talk, and if there is a PERCEPTION that one coach/ organization treats blacks unfairly then top free agents will think twice about going there.

    Guys will always go where there are jobs available, but if you have more options, then the Eagles might be at the bottom of the list.

  126. I think keeping Riley Cooper says more than cutting black players. But, letting Desean Jackson & McCoy go does seem strange. Especially how Jackson was called a “gang member” on the way out.

  127. It’s time the NFL starts fining or suspending players for making racist remarks without any evidence.
    To go after anyones character in the media without a shred of evidence is flat out wrong.

  128. This jerk has never been told no in his life. Just can’t handle it when he doesn’t get his way. You were replaced by 2 black running backs that are good team players and great locker room guy and you are playing the “race card.”

    Shut the hell up.

  129. So Kelly is deliberately trying to wreck the Eagles because he’s a racist?

    Uh, LeSean, you are suggesting that Kelly is trying to get himself fired, and blackballed so that he will never coach anywhere again.

  130. So he got rid of “all the good black players” (ie, you) and brought in…

    The RB with the most yards rushing last season.

    Who’s also black.

    Say again how this works?

  131. Yeah he’s racist.. Because 5 out of 6 draft picks were black and the only white guy he drafted was a 7th rounder .. He’s racist against white people lol

  132. I guess we need to inform Murray, Maxwell, Thurmond, Agholor, Rowe, Shephard, Evans, Peters, Mufasa, Graham, Cox, Kendricks…. they are not black.

    I had the opportunity to meet Lesean 1 time in my life, and lost all respect for the guy. He is an arrogant prick that deserves to be on a 3-13 team.

    Lesean, you are a big baby, grow the hell up and keep your mouth shut.

  133. Hard to believe in this day and age a statement like that isn’t vetted by the media it was reported to. Seems that is the new normal. I believe Kelly is just trying to get the team his way, what ever way that is.

  134. McCoy could learn a lot from Eagles first round pick, Nelson Agholor …. this kid knows that he isn’t “entitled” to anything. McCoy wants special treatment and didn’t buy into the system and he and others found themselves gone, because of that.
    McCoy is putting his own foot in his mouth with these misguided comments. Fortunately for McCoy, his new coaches well publicized foot fetish means, McCoy now has another mouth to put his foot in.

  135. He feels wronged so it has to be because he’s black. Couldn’t possibly be for any other reason? Certainly not his own actions or lack of action.

  136. I’m not even an Eagles fan but…what color is the skin of Demarco Murray and Ryan Matthews? How about Kiko Alonso? Yeah, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what a bullsh@t statement that is. Shady and DeSean were traded because they didn’t fit Chip Kelley’s system…period. It had nothing to do with the color of their skin, if it did he would not have replaced them with other black players.

  137. As a Skins fan I’d love to see Kelly and the Eagles crash and burn. But McCoy’s accusations seem absurd to me. If Kelly doesn’t like black players he’s in the wrong profession.

  138. McCoy seriously how stupid are you trying to look? Who led the LEAGUE in rushing last year? What color is he? What team does he play for now?

  139. So, the black players that are left AREN’T any good. They’re really gonna like hearing that, imo it wasn’t a very smart or nice thing to say. It sounds like “sour grapes”, McCoy’s attitude needs an adjustment.

  140. Want to hear something strange? Shady has been to my home several times, he was sort of a friend to my now deceased son. My son was white. The entire rest of the “entourage” was African – American. I knew most of those kids. Drugs, alcohol, crime, including my own kid, I’m so sad to say.

    Not around Shady, though. These kids would stop smoking cigarettes in front of him…really- I witnessed this.

    I talked to him a couple of times. This was just before he was drafted. He thought he was going to the Cardinals. I found him to be a very respectful young man, at least he was towards this old white man. My son told me that Shady was the most arrogant person he had ever met.

    I can see this happening, this whole Chip Kelly thing. The young man was place on pedestal the size of the Empire State Building since he started running in high school here in Harrisburg, PA.

  141. He’s totally right! Just look at this offseason:
    – 7 of 8 FA’s, black.
    -5 of 6 draft picks, black.
    9 of 16 UDFA, black.
    The guy Shady was traded for – Hispanic (Cuban & Colombian).
    He is just sour he got shipped off to Buffalo, where they have no line, no QB, & coach who is a bigger loud mouth than him.

  142. Acho, Fletcher Cox, Nolan Carroll, Brandon Graham, Malcolm Jenkins, & Darren Sproiles are all black players, good players, and still there. McCoy said he got rid of all of them. In other words Kelly released his buddy DeSean and traded LeSean. Macklin left as a free agent to go play with his old coach Andy Reid in his home state. This is about 2 things from the sound of it. Riley Cooper still being there and McCoy has a bitter pill about being traded. He admitted over a month ago that Chip Kelly has reached out to him but he has not tried to return contact. That is a bit petty in a professional environment. This is a bruised ego.

  143. As a self-respecting lack man, I usually hate when We bring out the race card (almost as much I hate everything that comes out of Steven A.’s mouth), but McCoy almost has an interesting point here. I don’t think he’s at all correct, but it’s something to think about. At the start of the 2014 season the Eagles had 25 white players, the most in the NFL; they then traded McCoy for a white linebacker and let Maclin walk.

    Not relevant or meaningful, but makes you say “that’s odd”.

  144. He’s totally butthurt. Sucks you have to live in Buffalo, LeSean. -Love, Philly.

  145. Does this mean there are no good black players on the team anymore? I wonder if Murray, Peters, Maxwell would agree.

  146. Is it just me, or were almost all of the Eagles draft picks black? It’s almost like…..Chip Kelly doesn’t have a problem bringing in black athletes. Whodathunkit??

  147. McCoy has proven once again that he is a dullard, or at the very least, emotionally stunted. He can’t handle he was traded, for whatever reason, and he throws in the race card. Maybe he will get Sharpton or Jackson involved and sue the Eagles and the NFL. Actually that might just work in today’s atmosphere, so perhaps he isn’t that dumb.

  148. This kind of attitude is why your as* is gone McCoy. You are definitely “Shady”. Your replacement (who just had a better year than you) is BLACK you pos!

  149. Great minds must think alike, I was typing my own post, then I went back to read it and saw you had said the same thing, haha. Its sad but true, to be honest.

  150. MLK said to “judge a person not by the color of their skin, but rather the content of their character.”

    Anytime anyone mentions skin color they are making racist comments. Clearly, LeSean McCoy is a racist.

  151. Smith is a race baiter and should be fired from ESPN. He should be completely marginalized. He’s a hustler.
    McCoy is making racist statements about Kelly. He should be fined and banned for a year.

  152. Can Stephen A. Smith be sued for libel or defamation? It is pathetic of him to be throwing this rumor out there because he can’t get over that Riley Cooper is still on the team. Cooper had to humiliatingly publicly apologize, was suspended, and has a bad name throughout the NFL due to this. He’s been punished enough. Let it go. You are telling me no black player has ever made a racist comment? Just lots of speculation by Stephen A with no facts to back it up…none.

  153. Starting to understand why Chip no longer desired Shady’s services…He really needs to get over it. Hopefully Chip takes the classy route and just doesnt comment, even tho he’s basically being called a racist. Way to go Shady..completely take a dump on your legacy in philly. classy.

  154. In review of actual signings, trades, and draft picks made by the Eagles in the last few years, this stance of Shady’s makes no objective sense.

    The sense one comes away with is that McCoy has crafted and drunk deep of a vintage from “sour grapes.”

    On one level, it’s his own right to feel that way. On another, it’s not a sensible argument and him pressing it publicly simply casts him in a poor light. As one commenter noted, he comes across as a bitter ex more than anything else.

    Making things worse, Stephen A. Smith has tried to act as a distributor for this bitter, vinegary swill. It’s poor journalism, and worse, inflammatory fare in a country that does have its own problems with racism to keep working out.

    Doing as both McCoy and Smith are doing is a disservice to their society and especially to those who are trying to put appropriate focus on serious racial issues, like the outrageous surge in police brutality towards people of color that has no place in a fair democracy that honors its values truly.

    LeSean… Stephen… You are both highly paid people who have nothing genuine to gripe over here. Your desire to cast aspersions on your former team or to enjoy an extra share of media exposure make you out to be selfish divas who can race-bait without caring. Deplorable.

  155. As someone who is white and who legitimately looks beyond race when evaluating people, I must now say…

    I am sick and tired of black people blaming their race on their failure! Get over it! You are not victims. You intentionally use your race to get what you want and when you don’t get your way, you whine and moan.

    I can tell you that my pink skin got me jack. Sometimes I was passed over because my skin was pink and the other candidate was pigmented more assertively.

    But I tried harder.

    It is now a situation where America is starting to give jack about the fake racist claims and all the whinings of blacks being persecuted are falling on deaf ears.

    I give up. I’m tired of being judged because of my skin color. I am sure MLK would be embarrassed on how his race has evolved 50 years later.

    Let’s all turn the whinings of the black community into the sound of the teachers in a Charlie Brown cartoon. Pay them no mind.

  156. This is incredible. Does any sane person think someone can have a leadership position in the NFL and have a problem with having black players?? REALLY. This leaves me speechless!

  157. They signed DeMarco Murray from Dallas so I just can not see any basis to call Kelly a racist.

    What Shady should stick with is his comments that Chip has no respect for star players. There may be some truth to that comment.

    I think Chip feels he can plug regular guys into his system and win.

  158. Sorry Shady…Nut your argument does not hold water.
    What do the fact really say in the past few months:

    -5 of the 6 players Kelly just drafted drafted are black

    -Kelly replaces Shady with a black guy

    -Who wanted the headache of Desean Jackson (a real coach and locker room killer)

    -Maclin wanted a new team before Chip.

    Go back and when you are called on get some facts then bring it. Everything thing is about black and white!

    If you want to make racial charges then talk about something worthwhile, like Baltimore or N. Charleston PD and how those real racist kill black guys.

  159. I got your back brah……seriously…Chip likes anyone with the name Mariotta…..

  160. How convenient…..Now the focus will be on McCoy instead of Brady….Chip Kelly still has to prove himself while LeSean is just playing for the gravy now.

  161. Glad Shady and Jackson are gone. Poor attitudes the both of them…and it showed. I don’t want selfish me-first players on my team. Better off without. Stop whining Shady…You sound like a baby.

  162. Seems more like Chip got rid of all the oldest,over paid and biggest egos to make room for younger,hungrier players as he is looking to the future,very smart move.

  163. Doesn’t seem like a race issue, just a “I want to control everything everywhere and I’m not interested in people with different opinions” issue.

    You’re not at Oregon anymore, Chip; the system doesn’t win big games, big-time players / stars do. An NFL coach has to swallow his pride sometimes and get the stars to buy in.

  164. So what IS the correct Black ratio in your mind?
    80%? Legally the eagles could be 100% white?
    Why don’t you say something when you are butting 67% Black fans in attendance..these White people you
    hate are paying your salary.

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