NFL may discipline Tom Brady over Deflategate


Tom Brady may face league discipline after the Deflategate investigation has come to an end.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged in his brief statement on the matter that the league will consider “possible disciplinary action.” Goodell didn’t mention Brady or anyone else by name in that statement, but the investigation concluded “it is more probable than not” that Brady was generally aware that Patriots employees were taking air out of footballs to give Brady a competitive advantage.

Given that, it also seems more probable than not that Brady will be disciplined. Brady’s name is mentioned 378 times in the Deflategate report. By contrast, Bill Belichick’s name is mentioned 32 times. If some high-profile member of the Patriots organization is going to be in trouble over this, it’s Brady.

What kind of discipline is Brady facing? That’s impossible to say, given that there’s never been a rules violation like this in NFL history. The league might consider a fine to be severe enough, but a suspension can’t be ruled out.

Brady is an NFL icon, perhaps the NFL’s biggest and best star of his generation. He now may have a permanently tarnished image.

338 responses to “NFL may discipline Tom Brady over Deflategate

  1. There will certainly always be an asterisks in my mind when I think of Brady.

  2. I hate the Patriots and personally don’t care about this. Why are we still talking about how someone’s balls are handled. I really doubt this had any effect on the outcome. Everyone know how the Patriots (cough, cough, ahem) bent the rules whenever possible.

  3. Brady is an NFL icon, perhaps the NFL’s biggest and best star of his generation.


    Exactly why he won’t be punished. It’ll be a fine & that’s it. They would never do something that would really hurt them.

  4. This entire report is the epitome of Guilty Until Proven Innocent. They couldnt prove they are innocent, and they couldnt prove they are guilty, so they just say, “probably did something”…

    In America it is innocent until proven guilty. You cant be sort of guilty. You have to be guilty or not guilty. This basically tells me they arent guilty. The Pats locker room guy is so good he even deflated 4 of the Colts footballs…

  5. I’m more probably than not possibly but not definitely maybe going to write a comment.

    Goodell is a joke.

    Nothing going to happen to TB12. No cajones in NYC.

  6. Being treated by officials like every other quarterback in the NFL would constitute a substantial penalty for Tom Brady.

  7. #Permanately tarnished his image…..
    And I thought he finally got a ring that everyone outside of Boston area couldn’t put an * on.
    Sure would be something if he was suspended for the start of the season including the Thursday opener vs. Pitt……

  8. Sounds like they should strip the Super Bowl trophy from the Patriots and give it to another deserving team…… the Packers.

  9. nfl should revoke the superbowl crown and give it to the seahawks. better yet, give it to the raiders lol

  10. Any other game, I would say a fine is enough. But the championship game, the hammer should come down quick and hard.


  11. ” He now may have a permanently tarnished image.”

    His image wasn’t tarnished from all the other Patriot-gates?

  12. Bench Brady proportionately to what MLB suspends a hitter for a corked bat, a pitcher for scuffing a ball or what NHL suspends for using an illegally curved stick.

    All the same thing to me.

    And that should be 3-4 games for Brady with no pay.

    Belichick should get 1 year because if he didn’t know about this going on, he sure should have known.

    If you think an equipment guy is tampering with game balls without the head coach’s knowledge, I have a bridge to sell you.

  13. It’s a bummer. I hate to think the Pats didn’t do anything and are getting a raw deal, but what else can the NFL do? The report says ‘probably’, and public opinion will now demand action be taken. 1 game suspension for Brady, 100K fine.

  14. Give him 4 games, Brady denies it til he dies, the Pats probably still win the division next year and most non-Patriots hating football fans still remember Tom as one of the G-O-A-T.

  15. no evidence? haha pats fans are ridiculous. this isn’t a court of law where it’s beyond a reasonable doubt. they could’ve had brady himself doing it on video & they’d still say “more probable than not.”

    in this context, more probable than not means they cheated. deep down you know this.

  16. As long as they get to keep the Lombardi trophies, I doubt the Patriots, Belichek, and Brady really give a flying fig about penalties.

    They know that “protecting the shield” is all about making scandals “go away” and “pretending they never happened”.

    There will not be a meaningful penalty levied against the franchise and they get another Lombardi for their troubles.

    It’s worked for them for the last decade, why stop now.

  17. Why isn’t this being reported about text messages??

    “The report includes text messages between McNally and Jastremski that imply Brady was requesting footballs deflated below 12.5 pounds per square inch.

    The 243-page report said league investigators found no evidence that coach Bill Belichick and team management knew of the practice.”

  18. “permanently tarnished”? puh-leeze.

    Anybody who remembers this season for this will also recall that just like the Pats played better post spygate than they ever had in their lives, Brady played better post deflategate than he ever had prior . . . . meaning, whatever benefit he may have been getting from deflated balls was negligible at best.

    Did he break the rules? Sure, but it was not to gain an edge. He wanted the balls broken in a certain way, and since the psi requirement came about after he had already played in the NFL for a while, it would make sense that he simply wanted the balls back to the way he initially had them inflated.

    I’m with Pres Obama & Joe Montana – Too much was made of this story.

  19. This matter relates to the intentional tampering with something central to the integrity of the game. Further, Brady outright lied when he claimed no knowledge. If he doesn’t get suspended, every other QB in the league should protest. Brady already gets preferential treatment from refs everytime a defender touches him. Brady’s legacy is forever ruined by this. He had to resort to cheating to improve his chances of winning.

    I also expect the Pats to be very heavily fined and lose sone future

  20. I hate the Patriots and personally don’t care about this. Why are we still talking about how someone’s balls are handled. I really doubt this had any effect on the outcome.


    “Taking air out of the ball makes it softer, and thus easier to grip, throw, and catch. NFL teams each bring 12 balls to the game and use their own on offense, so only the Patriots would have benefitted from the deflated balls.

    Ainissa Ramirez, the author of a football-science book called “Newton’s Football,” explained on NPR:

    The ball is slightly squishier. And particularly during the [Patriots-Colts game], which was kind of rainy, it’s harder to hold the ball, it’s hard to catch the ball. So by making it a little softer, it’s easier to catch the ball.

    Brunell said cold, rainy weather makes the ball tougher to grip, which is why a lot of quarterbacks wear gloves on their throwing hands when the temperature drops.

  21. Nothing will happen to Brady. Nothing. And I hate the Oatriots as much as the next guy. You really think Goddell would tarnish his poster boy?

  22. How is “more probable than not” a guilty verdict?

    Suspend him a year because we think there is a greater chance of him knowing than not knowing. NFL fans are so rational.

  23. Let’s make it clear up front I am a Jets fan. I admire Tom Brady’s ability and accomplishments even though I despise him at the same time. I also respect his tenacity and competitiveness, which seems to have got the best of him here. Despite spygate and now this I still think he is one of the best of all time, but yeah his reputation is likely to take a permanent hit. I wouldn’t look at him as negatively as Barry Bonds or some of those cheaters but I’m not going to give him a pass either. Most of the best players in any sport push the limits and many never get caught but Brady seems to have been caught here. He’ll just have to go on playing and showing everyone that despite all of the scandals he is still one of the best. Looking forward to Jets vs. Patriots again!

  24. First Shady Mccoy gets skinned alive today,now Tom Brady and the Pats turn!hahahahah Im going back 2 bed b4 something happens 2 me.hahahahahaha #cheaters

  25. the patriots dont have recourse to fight the report but brady does he will go to the NFLPA very quickly in they try to punish him.

  26. He’ll get “punished” the way the Pats got punished in ’07. Hardly at all. They got docked a 1st round pick (in a year in which they had two) and Bill B. got a $500,000 fine (not much for a guy making close to $10 million per year). Drop in the bucket.

    Either lay the screws to Brady or don’t bother handing down a punishment.

  27. If he’s not suspended its a joke plus it’ll show he’s nothing more than a system qb when his backup comes in and takes them to the playoffs. But if you suspend BB the pats win less than 5

  28. Here is a very big red flag: Brady refused to release any of his email/Text(s) to the Ted Wells investigators. Wonder what they show? For failing to participate in the investigation, he should be fined/penalized.

  29. A co-worker of mine is a big Steelers fan, and recently named his 3 least favorite teams in the NFL: Dolphins, Jets, Bills. Because none of them can put a team together to challenge the Pats for the division.

    Anyone crying for Brady’s head is probably one of those non-Patriot teams in the AFC East.

  30. Bill Belichick’s name was only mentioned 32 times but his given name, the hoodie wearing witch doctor, was used 550 times.

  31. The words “likely” and “probably” sound like hard concrete evidence doesnt it!! Jackie Childs would have a field day with this case! There is nothing here, these are all assumptions, no facts and am disappointed Mr. Kraft is just going to accept “any punishment the NFL may levy” instead of fight this. He knows nothing happened and he should fight this tooth and nail. Goodell just lost his biggest supporter..the same guy who put himself on the line for Goodell in the whole Ray Rice situation.

  32. “The second letter in Tom’s name is `O’. The second letter in the Colts name is ‘O’. Therefore, the Colts deserve the same punishment as Tom Brady.”

    – Pats fan logic today

  33. A rule is a rule, and if he broke it he should be punished. But the rule itself is stupid. The QB’s from both teams should be able to set the air pressure where they want it. As fans, we’re hoping to see the best play possible on the field, so why not? The NFL for years has been tweaking rules to benefit the passing game, so why not let the QB’s set the air pressure where they want it. As long as each team is playing with the same ball (brand, size, weight), why not?

  34. It’s hilarious seeing Patriots fans show up here and try to defend that the advantage is negligible. Anyone who has played football in cold and rainy conditions knows how much harder it is to catch and throw a football that is fully inflated compared to under-inflated, which would be a HUGE advantage.

    Looks like another cheating scandal and another asterisk. At some point the Patriots need to get a punishment that is harsh enough to get them to stop cheating or they will keep doing it. The wrist slaps clearly aren’t working.

  35. Brady will never be disciplined for this. He’s the NFL’s Golden Boy. No matter what he does. He could punch out a 60-year old official and they would make a new rule that it’s OK, as long as you’re Tom Brady.

  36. You can’t convict somebody On probably come on now!!!!!!! Is either guilty or not guilty

  37. Who cares? Best SB ever. And dozens of QBs have come forward to say they (or everyone else) does it. And why no attention to Jerry Rice?

  38. More probable than not ???? LOL

    Just like saying.. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t…

    WOW…Of course the Patriots haters who have the same IQ as the air in the football think they where right… TRUTH sounds like Roggie the joke and Ted Wells are clueless like his statement… Like I said before.

    When I see all the negative responses
    I just really see it as them KNEELING in HOMMAGE in a negative sort of way to the BEST FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE MODERN ERA.

    What will happen again is when Patriots are in Super Bowl we will have to go though the same rhetoric started from some teams management.
    blah, blah whine ‘Them Patriots’ whine blah blah
    It’s not fair. Cry, cry cry.

    Now that I am done telling the ‘truth’ you Patriot haters may rise from your kneeling position….

  39. And we all knew this a couple weeks before the Superbowl. Its “interesting” that it was released after the draft. Don’t worry Goodell.. Kraft will be sure to kick in your Christmas bonus.

  40. I forget, how harshly did Goodell Sean Payton in New Orleans for cheating by people in his organization, under the guise of ignorance is no excuse. The Buck Stops with the head coach. Anyone remember, was it slap on the wrist?

  41. all the legit Lombardi Trophy winners are now getting a clearer picture of the imposters from NE….and marcia, marcia, marcia, being revealed as a fraud……..


  42. It’s nice of the NFL to wait til just after the draft to announce this. I guess the punishment will not include draft picks.

  43. Yeah right, with no proof. A baboon could have written that report. Come to think of it, it’s probable.

  44. Haha people don’t read. I read the report and it’s not probable he knew, he absolutely knew, it’s just language in a report like this has to be open ended. He paid for balls to be deflated all season, especially when cold, and signed autographs to the guy he paid to do it just before the Baltimore playoff game. So he cheated and bribed ppl and prospered for it. He should be suspended for the year, he stole god knows how many championships by cheating in cold weather, an egregiously so… 11 for 11 PSI levels well under 12.5 in colts game. Laughable to even question whether he gets disciplined, shouldn’t even be able to keep the ring.

  45. This whole story is ridiculous. Any other team and it’s a non-story. Four month investigation and we’re left with no evidence, just an opinion.

  46. This is awesome…Brady is my GOAT and the rest doesn’t matter……it is more probable than not that I will never change my mind……haters can go suck it

  47. He obviously lied about not knowing the difference in psi. He didn’t turn over his phone. And he lied about not knowing the ball attendants. It doesn’t look great for Brady. At minimum, it looks like he was covering his tracks and playing dumb when it’s obvious he knew at least generally what was going on

  48. Hy (.Y.), so I guess you are upset Hardy was suspended too? I mean he was found NOT GUILTY. He was sorta guilty or somewhat guilty, he had charges dropped. Still serving 10 games at the moment.


  49. I have never seen such a ragtag bunch of illogical thinkers is all my life. Saying, ‘..more than likely Brady generally knew…’ does not constitute proof. What iof money went missing at your work and they said of you, ‘ More than likely you knew it was happening, ‘ would you be happy if they fired you when they have no concrete proof? You can’t punish someone based on supposition!!!

  50. Suspend Brady four games, Garrapelo lights it up and Pats win division. They trade Garrapelo for a first to Cleveland next season, Pats win lol.

  51. Death Penalty
    Lack of Institutional Control.
    A franchise run amok.
    It happened under Kraft’s watch….AGAIN.
    It happened with Belichik in charge….AGAIN.
    Penalties should be severe or the league will have forever lost the trust of the public and all integrity of the game.
    Kraft should lose all 2016 draft picks and fine of 3 million.
    Belicheat should be fired and banned from the league for 5 years.
    Brady should be suspended 8 games

  52. ( . Y . ), only in a criminal cases people are innocent until proven guilty. This is not a criminal case. preponderance of the evidence is all that is needed here.

  53. If an off field incident got AP banished for 15 games, I think we should start the conversation at 30 games for Brady. cheating on the field should carry the stiffest penalty.

  54. In most murder investigations, you don’t have a the murder weapon or 200 eye witnesses stating “he did it” You have a lot of circumstantial evidence that prove guilt beyond doubt.

    All Wells is saying with his comment is “I don’t have the smoking gun, but there is enough to convict” He would NOT make that statement unless he had some pretty solid evidence to do so.

    And for those saying it didn’t make a difference. . . then why did Brady and the staff do it? Even if all it was happened to be psychological, it did make a difference.

    I know, I know, I’m just a Patriots hater, I got it. Downvote away.

  55. Thank you, incompetent NFL, for giving Brady the incentive to dominate the league in 2015. You can bet that Kraft’s lawyers are going over all of this. To be continued. “There is more reason than not to believe that Roger Goodell is a disgrace as Commis and therefore is fired.”

  56. So Greg Hardy gets 10 game suspension, Ray Rice is essentially out of the game, all these “substance abuse” players getting spanked, and none of them interfered with the integrity of the game the way that Belichick and Brady have done. Something is really wrong here. Pete Rose got worse for doing much less, IMHO. This is on par with New Orleans BountyGate, and its the second time Belicheck has been involved. Payton was out a year, so should Belicheck

  57. Of course Brady knew. The center had to know as well. Belichick has led by example in regards to cheating.

    Suspend Brady for 4 games and fine him for another 4.
    Fine Belichick 1 million
    Fine Patriots 1 million
    Take away 2016 1st round draft pick

  58. Uh, Tom? I have messages from Pete Rose – don’t sign anything!

    And Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez both left messages saying to to hide the needles.

  59. Brady would love to have a year off……Super Bowl 2015 “check” LOL Proceed with your meaningless “discipline” Roger……..

  60. WOW

    14 weeks and the Report comes back with “PROBABLY”

    AND It IGNORES basic SCIENTIFIC facts and data?
    >What about the 3 of 4 Colts balls that were underinflated?? Does Luck get the same penalty as Brady???

    Missed Opportunity – the report doesn’t stand the sniff test of credibility – and Pats “PROBABLY” get away with something again….

    Goodell & Wells had a perfect chance to get something right and the totally blew it.

    The NFL front office lacks transparency and leadership.

    The Goodell era needs to come to an end – and quickly!

  61. That $25,000 fine is really going to prevent people from threatening the integrity of the game in the future.

    Complain it’s a witch hunt blah blah etc. the only thing that matters is regardless of the impact on the specific game, the integrity of the game was challenged and opens the door wide open for future manipulation of NFL rules without much fear of the ramifications.

    If the Saints were punished with limited evidence why not the Patriots? Is it fair to punish the Saints bc their owner is too old to come up with a wordy – no substance – response like Bob Kraft (the definition of pompous elitism in the United States)?

  62. Don’t suspend him for the Dolphins games. Wake and Suh will punish him.

  63. brady deserve the same treatment other people that were punished by league nothing more or nothing less
    he should get anything from half a year to whole year suspension
    look at hardy getting 10 games and all his charges were cleared
    brady is great player but everyone has be accountable for their own actions

  64. Kraft will make sure that nothing happens to Brady. Of course, when the details of that come out, it will be Fellate-Gate.

  65. Still waiting to see if they both retire, leaving the team in the lurch for whatever punishment Goodell doles out.

  66. ameradian1

    Why can’t you?

    OJ was not convicted in a criminal trial because the “beyond a reasonable doubt” threshold wasn’t met. He was deemed culpable in a civil trial under the balance of probabilities standard and a judgement of $20 million was imposed on him.

    Why? What is the standard in a workplace dispute? If it is my company, and I think you stole, that’s all I need.

  67. Suspend the GM, coach, QB and equipment dudes for 1 year. Fine the team $4 million. Take away a first and second round draft pic.

  68. Oh you haters really love jumping on this one don’t you? Where are your “Kraft and Goodell are best buddies and nothing will happen” comments? This was obviously made up to satisfy all of you.

    The report says “probably” – meaning “there is no evidence of” so let’s make up something instead.

    Get a clue people.

  69. I just skimmed through the report. Brady should kicked out of the league. This goes back well before the Conference game.

  70. The galactic rationalization or dimwittery of people saying “it didn’t make a difference in winning or losing” is painful on the ears.

    If they believed that it (or their taping, or their practicing players on IR) didn’t make a difference in winning or losing, then why do it?

    That’s the most damning question of all.


  71. More probable than not could mean 50.1% to 49.9%. Would you convict someone of a major crime using the same numbers?

  72. Not a Pats fan at all…….and this issue is complete BS. Every team “cheats” to gain an advantage on some rule or another. Whether it is scuffing balls, deflating balls, piping in sound, contact with FA’s before permissible, bounties, performance pay/gifts, etc. etc. They all break rules. No exceptions.

    NFL needs to hold themselves accountable before they can hold others accountable.

  73. Take away the AFC title. Keep the Superbowl?

    They (apparently) won the Superbowl legit, but something’s gotta give. They cheated during the AFC title game so they should forfeit that victory.

    HUGE asterisk next to the superbowl record.

    “Cheaters never win.”

  74. Where is the evidence that balls were tampered with after the referee signed them? There’s none! Of course Brady asks his guys to get the inflation right for him! It doesn’t mean he asks them to tamper with them after the red signs them!!!! Rodgers said the same thing!

  75. And this is why Belichik threw Brady under the bus at his press conference after this became public. The Pats knew the scoop shortly after it came out. And Brady, the Republican, who attended Bush’s State of the Union address but dissed Obamas invitation to the White House to celebrate his own “Championship”, is pretty much not someone you can trust.

  76. What is this the 2nd time they got caught cheating??

    Brady and Belichick suspended for a year!!

    Lose the next few years in draft picks!!

    To bad they don’t do what they do in college. Probation – no postseason football!!

  77. Sorry, but didn’t they win 45-7? Deflated or not, the colts got it handed to them, this would have no impact on the outcome of the game. Let’s move on already…

  78. Brady will probably beg his good buddy Roger Goodell to suspend him for the first game of the season so he can duck the Steelers again this year.

  79. It’s the same boring non-issue as a guy using stickum on his hands or silicone on his jersey. Give him four games and move on. This was not some monumental cheating scandal.

  80. 1 year suspension for Brady. 6 months for Belicheat for repeat offenses. Forfeit next years entire draft. Force the sale of the team to finally end the era of Kraft corruption. That’ll do

  81. BOOM! Where are the Pats fans now? Accusing the Colts cheaters when the Patriots are the ones with a history of cheating. Yeah, go back in your parents basement, losers.

  82. Hard to say what will happen. Either way, Belicheck should get some penalty, even if it’s just a fine. Someone on his staff tampered with the balls, doesn’t matter if it is him personally, he is the one in charge. I don’t recall hearing Payton personally putting bounties on guys, but he still got suspended. So I don’t see how he can skate

    As far as Brady, that is where it gets iffy. My gut says, they aren’t going to suspend him. If there is any guy who is the “face of the league”, Brady is on the short list (I feel like I see Manning a lot more, but whatever). But the NFL is, and always has been about “the shield” more than the player/team, unlike say, the NBA which is built and marketed around a small group of players

    Either way, Brady will beat it on appeal unless someone talks, or they have specific evidence. Don’t know if coaches have the ability to appeal league discipline, but with no specific evidence, any arbitrator will throw any Brady penalty out

  83. There’s no evidence they tampered with footballs post inspection. So how could Brady be implicated. Of course he wants the balls a certain way. That’s obvious.

  84. If the refs don’t give special treatment to the Pats during the games … is sufficient penalty.

  85. tjacks7 says:
    May 6, 2015 2:10 PM
    If an off field incident got AP banished for 15 games, I think we should start the conversation at 30 games for Brady. cheating on the field should carry the stiffest penalty.


    You are unconscious – AP actions were against a helpless child and were fact-based.

    Wells could have leveraged scientific data that could have proven his case and been the smoking gun but chose not to.

    Equating these two incidence is inexplicable and wrong.
    You need to reexamine your priorities and morals.

  86. Of course Brady knows what happen him and the cheating coach asked for balls to be deflated ,something better happen or the NFL will be a joke
    Suspend Brady the 2015 season of it was any other team or quarterback that would be the case

  87. He premeditated the cheat, than proceeded to deny, lie and cover it up instead of just confessing.

    Make room on the bench Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Rosie Ruiz, Spanish Basketball Team, Tonya Harding, Barry Bonds, Boris Onischenko and Lefty Williams

  88. OCT 18th 2015 NE 55 colts 3…..anybody wanna bet? I got the green if you big talkers wanna man up…

  89. lots of patriot apologists chiming in here. it makes me laugh how many experts in here know what can and cannot be proven in an investigation they have no inside knowledge of. ha! sorry, Tommy, your (ahem) GOAT status is pulled and Pats fans lose all bragging rights. Cheaters never prosper.

  90. How does deflating footballs to gain an advantage over the other team, and ultimately win the game and advance to win the Super Bowl, differ from what Pete Rose did? It doesn’t.

    Brady (and Belicek if he knew) should be banned for life.

  91. Well, they suspended the entire New Orleans Saints organization and fans based on rumors… No evidence was ever provided. No one was ever injured, which means even if the bounty thing happened, it had zero effect on any game.

    This is far worse in my opinion. Let’s see what Goodell does about it.

  92. according to the report, Brady’s # is (917) 704-xxxx.

    If you can guess the last four digits, have fun

  93. May? They have to. Brady and Belichick should both be suspended for a year. They’ve been cheating for several years. You can’t encourage this behavior anymore.

  94. 1. Brady’s texts with equiment managers who handle the ball prove he was involved in the balls being deflated below the limits.
    2. Brady emphatically denied any involvement when the news broke out.
    3. This has been going on for a while not just in the championship game as some of the texts were after Pats/Jets game.

    So what is big? Cheating by going below limits or denial of wrongdoing when got caught? or doing it for while & still denying.
    This deserves a full year suspension of Brady and heavy penalty on the patriots as repeat offenders.

    As fans, the PATS victories are tainted whether they could have won without delated balls or not.
    Once you cheat, the question of you could have won otherwise is eliminated.

    Punish Brady as much as possible as he is a cheater who kept denying and didn’t cooperate with Wells investigation.

  95. With all the commentary over the years that Belicheat has been 100% in control of his organization & locker room, how can it now be suggested that he didn’t know that personnel under his management were purposely altering game balls? Either he did know, or he should have known. either way, he is ultimately solely responsible for the actions of his team. Certainly Brady deserves to be harshly punished…but the same holds true for Belicheat also.

    I have been saying it for months.

    Patriots are Cheaters…Plain, Simple, Undeniable!

    A VERY, VERY harsh punishment needs to be applied if the NFL League wants to insure that all teams understand that cheating will not be tolerated & if they choose to take the risk, getting caught is debilitating to their career.

  96. No wonder Brady was at the Mayweather fight. They are the same…wannabe champions nobody likes.

  97. Read the report Pats fans and then tell us there is no evidence.

    Pat’s employees in charge of the balls texting and calling himself “the deflator” and threatening to go to ESPN unless Brady pays him off.

    Brady obliging with gifts such as the ball he threw his 50,000 yard pass with, etc.

    This is really bad and it’s all public.


  98. Yeah, I’m sure it will be a 1 game pre-season (4th preseason game) suspension.

    Like it will matter.

  99. as a die hard pats fan, nothing would make me happier. the owners contractually agreed to not take legal action against the league for anything. brady and the players aren’t upheld to such laws and this will allow brady to sue the crap out of the nfl and goodell and this will put all the league guys on the stand so we can all learn how full of it they really are.

    and if it does go to court the nfl stands no chance with no evidence and “its more probable then not” basis

  100. His two best performances in the playoffs came from balls that we’re definitely inflates correctly. It makes no difference. He’s the best ever and it isn’t close.

  101. “More probable than not” Is that it? After almost four months this is what we get? If I’m Brady, I fight any attempt at discipline without any hard proof.

  102. The word “probable” means any action taken against Brady will be fought and won by NFLPA.

  103. Suspend the cheater Brady 10 games ,
    And the coach 1 yr why should they get special privileges come on Man be real Rodger

  104. patriottony says:
    May 6, 2015 2:20 PM
    OCT 18th 2015 NE 55 colts 3…..anybody wanna bet? I got the green if you big talkers wanna man up…
    Cool haircut bro

  105. Im not even a Patriots fan and Im not mad about it. If anything, Brady hurt himself by doing this. From Stick ums to the finger tips (Rice), to special gloves by receivers (Beckham Jr) to deflated footballs (Brady) – every player is looking for an angle to become more comfortable with the game ball.

    Suspending Brady is foolish, unless you can also prove that no one else in the league does this, you cannot punish one for the many. They will get a warning to not touch the game balls, and I see officials being the only ones allowed to distribute the game balls in the future. They can practice with what they want, but game time, the officials will have their own staff for every game ball used.

  106. CHEATERS! nothing more need be said. they cheat to win…they dont win it all without cheating. what a legacy. Congrats Pats fans!

  107. Disrespectful, self-centered, narcissist, liar, adulterer, scumbag. Nice legacy. I have zero respect left for this creep.

  108. NFL GOT TO GET THINS RIGHT, A team drafts a player that has a bad back ground number one in the the draft, and now you want to cut Brady’s throat. He didn’t have great game they ran the ball down there throats.

  109. What exactly does “more probable than not” really mean? Do they have evidence they cheated or don’t they?

    Kind of sounds wishy washy to me.

  110. For Patriots fans in denial or those who are too lazy to read the report, and those who are mentioning the Colts footballs under the limits:

    “All eleven of the Patriots game balls tested measured below the minimum pressure level of 12.5 pounds per
    square inch (“psi”) allowed by Rule 2 of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football
    League (the “Playing Rules”) on both of two air pressure gauges used to test the balls. The four
    Colts balls tested each measured within the 12.5 to 13.5 psi range permitted under the Playing
    Rules on at least one of the gauges used for the tests. “

  111. Anyone who actually reads the report, esp. pages 5-6 text messages between Pats employees, and who also reads the part about Brady refusing to allow investigators to read his texts (p. 21)- then tries to claim there is no evidence, is either a Pats employee or in complete denial. People are sent to prison with such levels of evidence, and this isn’t even a criminal matter where the “beyond reasonable doubt” standard applies.

    I realize it’s hard to admit idols are flawed, but no evidence? Come on.

  112. What’s the difference between Barry Bonds and Tom Brady? Absolutely nothing. Both used needles over an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME to enhance their performance and gain them an edge on the field.

    Adrian Peterson discliplines child AWAY from football? One year.

    Greg Hardy found innocent for domestic assault, again, AWAY from football? One year and 10 games.

    Tom Brady and Bill Belichik intentionally cheat ON THE FIELD, DIRECTLY AFFECTING OUTCOMES OF REAL FOOTBALL GAMES? They will get absolutely nothing. Of course this comes out AFTER THE DRAFT!

    This league is a farce if they let these guys get away with this.

  113. The problem I have with this is both Brady and Belichick got angry with people last year when they were asked about if they knew about deflating the balls. They used the Rafael Palmeiro and Lance Armstrong method of defense where you just don’t lie about what you are doing but you become rude and accusatory back to the people asking the questions in order to try to mask their lying.

    Bad people Brady and Belichick in the same category as Palmerio and Armstrong.

  114. Goodell is going to show the Pats that they can’t cheat and get away with it. So Pats fan be ready to have your starting qb suspended for the final preseason game!

  115. It was 28-0 after they brought properly inflated balls into the mix. Pats did us a favor. They wanted to keep it close.

  116. shocking. Give him the Pete Rose! ban for life! no HOF! no sunday ticket! no Gisele for 1 year!

    ok, maybe a little extreme.

    but if Brady’s next appearance is all smarmy and arrogant acting insulted he has to waste his time addressing this silliness about air pressure, then… see above.

  117. Will someone please post the part of the report that connects Tom Brady ‘s knowledge to what McNally is purported to have done to the footballs.

  118. Looking at the AFC EAST lines this year Brady is probably hoping for a lengthy suspension.

    Make him play.

  119. What exactly does “more probable than not” really mean? Do they have evidence they cheated or don’t they?

    Kind of sounds wishy washy to me.

    it’s the kind of language that has to be used when the subjects of the investigation are uncooperative despite publicly coming out and promising transparency.

  120. Patriots fans talk about being the best “football NFL football team in the modern era”.

    Packer fans talk about being the BEST football team in NFL history.

  121. If you can do the time… do the crime….

    The most difficult part of this is… the punishment must be severe enough to deter others from trying to get away with the same thing. If Brady is only suspended a couple games, and the Patriots get to keep the Super Bowl trophy, then who cares? It was all worth it.

  122. McNally: the only thing deflating this week are Brady’s QB ratings.

    Supposed text message ^

  123. How about they throw Brady, Belichick & Kraft in a cell with Hernandez. I disgusting bunch of individuals all around. Murderers, cheaters & liars!Throw Gronkowski in there too as a pre-emptive move b/c you know something will be happening there before too long also.

  124. Legend Bob Costas put it best, “If this were any other team besides the Patriots, this would be equal to an MLB team watering down the field to slow a base runner. Not a big deal.”

  125. alltee … correct me if I am wrong … the burden of proof in criminal law is beyond a reasonable doubt (and OJ is not convicted) and in civil law, is on a balance of probabilities (and OJ gets a $20 million award against him).

    I don’t think anyone is trying to put Belichek in with Hernandez. This is a civil dispute between the team and the league. Balance of Probabilities is the legal standard.

  126. Since this is Tom Brady I’m certain a suspension is coming….for the first half of the first pre-season game.

  127. Punishments should be:

    1. Give Belichick and Brady one-year suspensions without pay.

    2. Fire the ball-boys, ban them from the NFL.

    3. Fine Kraft $10m for not cooperating with the investigation by not mandating all Patriot employees cooperate fully, along with a public dressing-down, mandate new policies and procedures for the franchise to prevent future cheating, including mandating full cooperation with any future investigations.

    4. Dock the Patriots their 1st round pick next year.

    5. Vacate the Patriots Lomdardi and AFC Championship trophies.

    Obviously the Patriots franchise has serious problems with playing fair- this is not their first offense. It was also widely known that Brady has been doing this for sometime- probably years- so punishment there is more than ample reason here to drop the hammer hard on this franchise, and severely tarnish the legacy of both Brady and Belichick.

  128. Future Hall of Famers (SB wins): Big Bro Manning (1), Aaron Rodgers (1), Joe Flacco (1), Russell Wilson (1), Drew Brees (2), Big Ben (3), Lil’ Bro Manning (3), Tom Brady (3 + 2**).

  129. justwinbaby29 says:

    Report: Goodell so mad at Brady, Derek Carr to face 8 game suspension.

    And the Buccaneers and Raiders will both lose draft picks over the Pats cheating. “We think this sends the appropriate message that the NFL will not tolerate things like this,” Goodell said. “And we won’t hesitate to hand out lifetime bans to the entire Falcons practice squad if the Patriots are caught doing this again.”

  130. citizenstrange says:
    May 6, 2015 2:10 PM
    Will Brady apologize to Robert Kraft?
    If Brady knew the balls were deflated, he should apologize to Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

    It is also possible that Brady wanted balls at the lowest psi allowed by the league and McNally and Jastremski delivered them lower than that.

  131. Think about what the New England fan’s reaction would be if this had been any other quarterback. The tune being sung would be vastly different.

  132. Ok, hearing the text messages exchanged now. Doesn’t look to good for Tommy boy. At least the shoulder he has to cry on is Gisele ‘s! Now I’m glad my Garopolo trade never came to fruition.

  133. I have always been a big fan of Brady, this whole thing is disappointing. Pats fans, before you go mouthing off on this, read the report. Any reasonable person can tell what happened. Brady’s guilty, yet he still beat the Seahawks (a team that guilty fair and square. Everyone wants this to be as simple as Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong, but it isn’t.

  134. I absolutely agree that a suspension is indeed warranted here. I say at least 6 games. How many passes do the Patriots gets when it comes to cheating?

  135. Anything short of a full year suspension is not severe enough. He knew, he lied, it was willfull.

    Anyone else recall weeks 1-3 when Brady was playing like crap? When the announcers were saying he had lost it and was done. Then, miraculously he started playing well again and the Pats were back on track.

    This was done to cheat to win. 1 year suspension and trophy pulled.

  136. There is absolutely zero hard evidence… they are simply assuming this was done deliberately and that Brady had knowledge of it. You can NOT suspend him for an assumption. If they try, Brady, his lawyers and the NFLPA will have an absolute field day with this.

  137. “If some high-profile member of the Patriots organization is going to be in trouble over this, it’s Brady.”

    What about Kraft? He is the owner of the team that has established the old racing mantra “if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin'” culture. He also tried to stonewall the investigation. He should be punished more severely than Brady. But, since he and Rog are besties, he probably won’t be.

  138. How is this a question. It is obvious his career needs to be ended immediately and all records games won, super-bowls should go down as N/a this season and an asterisk with all other Brady era Super Bowls. Sad day to be a nfl fan.

  139. I’m embarrased for Tom Brady and the Patriots, I didn’t think they were guilty.

    One thing the texts also said the refs pumped some fottballs up as much as 16 psi, isn’t that also agianst the same league rules? Can’t the NFL get anything right or consistent.

    We know footballs nuturally lose pressre in lower temperatures, we dind’t know the refs pumped footballs beyond 13.5 psi.

    Brady is going to take a big hit, and he deserves it…

  140. Mrwalterisgod, you say that the pats hardly got punished in 07? You should do some homework considering that was the BIGGEST fine ever handed down by the NFL to any team. Now you all want the Pats punished for a “probably”? What about the slap on the wrist for four years of pumping in crowd noise, no one seems to care about that. The Panthers and Vikings both got caught this last season tampering with balls and got warnings with no further discipline, but for some reason the Pats should get the hammer dropped on them? It seems to me like all of you only care about the integrity of the game when it suits your arguments. Makes no sense to me but keep hating the Pats because your team sucks

  141. If i were every team that plays the pats this season at home, I would make sure that all the balls are inflated to the most possible PSI allowable by the NFL

  142. Pete Rose in baseball and now Tom Brady in football.

    Two icons.

    Two of questionable character.

  143. throw the book at the team and brady is the fair thing to many times has the team been caught cheating or changing factions of the game to their advantage? suspend brady for the years,take away their next 2 1st round draft picks,and fine the team 10 million dollars.

  144. What good does a suspension do now? they already got their ring. I wish my team would cheat their way to a super bowl. Allegedly.

  145. So when is the Wells Report coming out on Aaron Rodgers? He ADMITTED ON THE RECORD that he likes his footballs overinflated. So when will the NFL report on the Packers come out? This is such a joke because EVERY team in the NFL SCREWS around with football inflation/deflation and the NFL doesn’t care because they’ve NEVER enforced the fine on the books for it. Somehow it’s now an issue because it’s the Patriots? What a joke. The NFL is trying to cover up their own incompetence for never enforcing a rule on the books about football inflation that EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL takes advantage of. Fire Goddell.

  146. Hey hey…whoa whoa. What happened to the conspiracy theorists and the whole, “Colts did it,” and all that other stuff?!?!?

  147. truetrue85 says:
    May 6, 2015 3:03 PM

    There is absolutely zero hard evidence… they are simply assuming this was done deliberately and that Brady had knowledge of it. You can NOT suspend him for an assumption. If they try, Brady, his lawyers and the NFLPA will have an absolute field day with this.
    that is because most of it was on his cellphone which he refused to let the league take a look at.

  148. Brady is a cheater. Plain and simple.

    If Blount & Bell are suspended games for smoking a joint, then Brady needs to be suspended too. That would be being consistent.

    And for the Patriot fans who say, ” didn’t make a difference”, then why’d he do it?????? You don’t cheat for nothing. You cheat to gain an advantage and it’s clear now he’s been doing it for many games.

    Clearly at least a 2 game suspension is warranted.

    Also..according to Adolph Goodall, Sean Peyton’s ignorance in the “bountygate” was not an excuse. Because Goodall said he should have known.

    So..with that precedent being set, Bellichek is also responsible too. Weather he knew or not. He too should be suspended.

  149. jm91rs says:
    May 6, 2015 2:02 PM
    Give him 4 games, Brady denies it til he dies, the Pats probably still win the division next year and most non-Patriots hating football fans still remember Tom as one of the G-O-A-T.


    edit: you misspelled G-C-O-A-T

    greatest cheater of all time

  150. Isn’t the league responsible of the balls during the game? I’m confused. So NFL employees are part of this? What a joke!

    I love football. Its the most exciting sport ever! No argument. But what happens behind scenes is disappointed sometimes.

  151. Kick him out of the league
    Strip the super bowl and give it to seattle
    Booby Check should be kicked out too

  152. Lifetime ban. Strip him of all his Super Bowl titles. Erase him from the record books. Patriots forfeit their next 10 1st round picks.

  153. It’s a shame. I think he still could be a decent quarterback even if he played by the rules…..

  154. Cannot believe how much nonsense is being written here. Time to institute a “minimum IQ” requirement to bring some sanity to the discussion.

  155. ,
    Pete Rose was banned for life…
    He did nothing like this.
    He never cheated.

  156. What can the NFL do to Tom Brady?


    Suspend him from games? That just prolongs his career another year without hits he’d take this year.

    He gets to stay home with Gizzel (whatever her name is) – he gets to do the nasty without feeling the NFL pains.

    Fine him? He’ll get reimbursed by the Patriots via spice traders from the East Indies (joke).

    It isn’t like we didn’t already know the New England team is run and coached by the most dishonest people in the NFL – Brady beat the Colts worse in the second half with legit balls – and he hasn’t beaten up women like Big Ben in Pittsburgh who still plays without punishment.

    I loathe the Cheaters – but seriously – the Colts wilted in the second half when legal balls were being used. If they were so upset, they should have taken several 15 yard penalties and driven Tomasina Brady into the turf on late hit after late hit. Make the cheater pay. The colts were cowards.

  157. The cheating should be punished like cheating is in any sport (corked bat, scuffing the baseball, etc..)

    The lying and attempted coverup after the fact is another ballgame that should carry an even heavier punishment than the deflated footballs.

    Remember, Bill Clinton did not get impeached because of his activities with Monica, he was impeached because he lied about it.

  158. So now we’re pulling championships and suspending players longer than wife beaters and child abusers for .5 -1.0 psi of air….


    Fine the team. Brady gets 2 games. Get over yourselves and your self-righteousness. We’re talking about 4-8% of air in a ball vs 53 men, coaches, plays, and execution.

    You’re embarrassing yourselves.

  159. conjecture
    1.An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

    Please. Go tell your Dad you lost the game because the other team deflated the ball 2 p.s.i. I wanna watch him laugh in your face.

  160. Also FYI…

    1st half 17-0 Pats.

    Playing with balls inflated to higher values than the Colts in the 2nd half(per the report)… 21 – 7

  161. As a Pats fan I have to say that based on the this phrase from the report Brady needs to be suspended:

    “As discussed above, Brady’s refusal to provide us with his own emails, text messages and phone records on relevant topics, in response to our narrowly tailored requests, limited the evidence available for our review and analysis.”

    The texts themselves are not a smoking gun and as a professional investigator I can say they are not enough to draw a conclusion on. However, you also have what is essentially a refusal to cooperate with the investigation. That in and of itself is grounds for suspension (And I am assuming that the requests were narrowly tailored as stated ). And it also lends credence to reading more into the texts than may actually be there.

    Looks like its time to give Garappollo a lot of reps in camp. Brady needs to be suspended.

  162. The Patriots 2014 wins are obviously tainted now, so the AFC playoffs should be replayed without the Patriots. Ravens vs. Colts in 2 weeks for the right to play Seattle for SB49.2 on Memorial Day weekend!

  163. “You’re embarrassing yourselves”

    By the Patriots cheating? Again?

  164. furious76 says: May 6, 2015 2:58 PM

    Anything short of a full year suspension is not severe enough. He knew, he lied, it was willfull.

    Anyone else recall weeks 1-3 when Brady was playing like crap? When the announcers were saying he had lost it and was done. Then, miraculously he started playing well again and the Pats were back on track.

    This was done to cheat to win. 1 year suspension and trophy pulled.

    Yea had nothing to do with the O-line issues…

    Do you even watch football?

  165. johnster67 says: May 6, 2015 2:12 PM

    So Greg Hardy gets 10 game suspension, Ray Rice is essentially out of the game, all these “substance abuse” players getting spanked, and none of them interfered with the integrity of the game the way that Belichick and Brady have done. Something is really wrong here. Pete Rose got worse for doing much less, IMHO. This is on par with New Orleans BountyGate, and its the second time Belicheck has been involved. Payton was out a year, so should Belicheck


    1psi of air you psycho…

    Are you insane?

  166. chawk12thman says: May 6, 2015 2:06 PM

    Here is a very big red flag: Brady refused to release any of his email/Text(s) to the Ted Wells investigators. Wonder what they show? For failing to participate in the investigation, he should be fined/penalized.


    By failing to participate you mean like when he was interviewed?

    Do you give your phone up for people to go through regularly?

    How those ‘roids up in Carroll-town?

  167. To everyone who tries to minimize the act of altering the balls beyond the limits of the rules, I ask this: what would you think of a huge baseball star – let’s say Mike Trout – being found to have been involved in corking his bats?

  168. Let’s review the obvious:

    1. Tom Brady has 4 Super Bowl rings
    2. He’s married to a smoking hot supermodel
    3. His net worth is somewhere around $200 million

    So whatever “punishment” is issued I’m sure he really doesn’t care.

    I want to know when Coach Hoodie gets punished for inflicting Schiano on our owners. They fell for that one hook, line, and sinker.

  169. Pats fans, please in the name of rational discourse, just read the report! And use your brain, not your gut.

    This is like walking into your kitchen and finding your dog 10 lbs heavier and covered with food debris, the kitchen looking like a bomb hit it, broken china and food everywhere, but not having a video of the incident. Do you figure “Yup, Fido made a mess” or do you say “I have no HARD EVIDENCE, maybe the neighbors’ cat did it, or some criminal broke in to vandalize my kitchen and feed my dog….”?

    The balls, the texts, the phone records, the inconsistencies in responses, the refusal to turn over Brady’s phone or allow follow-up interviews… the preponderance of the evidence is enormous and damning. I read about 75% of it (a lot is repetitive) and it’s very, very damning. The Princeton physicist concludes that the pats balls losing that much PSI due to climate reasons alone were about 4/10 of one percent–yes, possible, but a 4 in a thousand chance.

  170. I don’t think Belichick gets suspended or fined here.

    And for those bringing up the Sean Payton argument it is apple and oranges. Ignorance of you defensive coordinator running an illegal reward program that the entire defensive unit was aware of is much different than not knowing that your QB was pushing ball attendants and assistants to break a rule for him.

    Garrappolo may be about to get a great opportunity here. If I’m Goodel I don’t give Brady anything less than 4 games.

  171. Players get fired for doing things that have no effect on games, yet Brady can cheat time and time again and nothing happens! The fact that they probably would have still beat the Colts is not the point! That’s like someone getting caught cheating on a test because he/she had an answer sheet and then saying well they were really smart and would have passed anyway! Cheating is cheating. How many other times has this been done where they won by 3 points???

  172. The Colts wanted this fight as much as the patriots invited it. Goodell is worried about nipping this in the bud unless he could just think of a way to make money off this situation. I don’t think there will be any winners here. The pats for cheating; the colts for crying; Goodell for having to appear to give a crap. He doesn’t Care YESTERDAY.

    GO BEARS. Cutler is awesome at football. I think this is an up year for him now that the coaches are better too.

  173. One year of Wearing nothing but Faded Glory and Cherokee Shoes…

    Thats going to be tougher than any Suspension the NFL gives out…

  174. Tom Brady is a cheater and liar and has been for years! He has benefited from the tuck rule, spygate and now deflate gate. His entire career deserves an asterisk!

  175. Interesting how pats fans do not “yawn” at this report now!!!!!

    It is unbelievable that the equipment manager was not made available, nor did Brady allow any viewing of his text messages.

    Why would he do that if he didn’t have anything to hide.

    I know FOR CERTAIN if there was nothing to be hurt by viewing those texts, then he would have let them view.

    Obviously he was hiding information. Damning info.

    So, Brady gets “caught” by public opinion, but doesn’t get caught red-handed because he wouldn’t allow it.

    The punishment should be VERY hard here…..maybe 1 year. But, the commish will give him a paltry slap, like 3 games and call it good.

    The patriot way: If you’re not cheatin’, you’re not tryin.

  176. Time to dispense punishment for Brady.
    Hefty fines and banishment for him, and team forfeiture of all wins and championship during his era.

  177. A FINE??? What the heck would that mean to someone as rich as Brady (and Super Model Giselle). Remember he gave the Super Bowl truck away because he probably had no more space to park it.

  178. “The Princeton physicist concludes that the pats balls losing that much PSI due to climate reasons alone were about 4/10 of one percent–yes, possible, but a 4 in a thousand chance.”

    “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”

  179. Brady should be suspended 4 games for cheating and 4 games for lying for a total of 8 games for the 2016 regular season. The Patriots should forfeit their 2016 1st round draft choice. HC Bill Belichick should be suspended for the entire 2016 season because this is a repeat offense for the Patriots. Also their should be huge fines levied against Brady and the Patriots Franchise.

  180. As a Seahawks fan, I say suspend Tom Brady for as many games as you can prove he personally played a role in deflating footballs.

    Oh, you can’t actually prove he played some role in the deflation of footballs?

    Forget about deflategate.

  181. I read the report..What we have here is an issue of understanding context. There were conversations throughout the year that Brady and the other guys that the footballs were sometimes overinflated and he wanted them deflated. In one game the refs inflated the balls to almost 16psi. The conversations about deflating the balls indicated nothing about deflating them below the legal level. He just didn’t want them overinflated. The Wells report missed the context of this entirely.

    In essence, the report says that they can’t find any scientific evidence to explain why the Patriots balls were more deflated than the Colts balls. All balls tested (11 Patriots balls and 4 Colts balls) lost pressure during the game but the Colts balls started out at 13-13.2 psi where as all the Patriots balls started out at 12.5psi. Unfortunately, the officials ran out of time at halftime and were only able to test 4 balls. Is it possible the discrepancy seen the Patriots balls could also have been present in some of the Colts balls? Unfortunately, we’ll never know. The fact that they were only able to test a small sample of the Colts balls should’ve made that line of the investigation inconclusive but it appears the pressure to uncover answers has led Wells to jump to conclusions and the Patriots are being railroaded again.

    What we have here is a lesson on how misleading circumstantial evidence can be. This is why we’ve always had so many cases of falsely convicted individuals doing serious time. It is what it is.

  182. The beginning of 2015 Thursday Night Kickoff Patriots Offense Intro: Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois.

  183. Brady will be suspended 2-4 games…he will appeal it and it will get knocked down to half the original suspension. He’ll also be fined heavily…probably $500,000 – $1,000,000.

    I’m a Pats fan and if he cheated he should be suspended, but people calling for a one year suspension, when there is no definitive proof and the highest threshold reached is “more likely than not”, are crazy (and extremely biased against the Patriots) if they think Brady’s getting a whole season.

    The Patriots as a team will be fined a substantial amount as well.

  184. At least a one year suspension for cheating. And while the league is at it, they need to reopen their investigation into the taping of the Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    This team’s legacy is tainted. And the worst part is, the deflated balls weren’t necessary. The Patriots would have trounced the Colts if they had been using basketballs.

  185. The NFL needs to show that it has a zero tolerance for cheaters.
    Take back the trophy and don’t give them any rings and suspend them for a whole season.
    That will teach them and other teams that they shouldn’t cheat.

  186. Are people crazy? 1 year suspension, geez…A slap on the wrist is all that’s needed. Deflategate is just a bunch of “hooey”. I’m not even a Pats fan. Fine him and move on.

  187. Brady should get at least a year suspension.

    If he does, he may never come back at his age.

    Belichick too.

    Suddenly, it is the 1970s again in New England…

  188. For those that don’t know:

    “More probable than not” is actually a very important distinction in legal terms. It means “Guilty” in Civil cases. It’s the same distinction that is required for a Sexual Assault defender to loose their case to their accuser in a Civil Law Suit. It means a lot.

    So, I recommend all you optimistic Patriot defenders bury your heads for several months because you are likely not going to be happy about the repercussions of this finding.

  189. If Brady gets suspended or fined then so should his coach who without a doubt was told about the softer balls by him. since this is a severe infraction of the rules Brady and his coach should get at least a five game suspension and heavy fine and the equipment people who handled those balls should be terminated.if Robert Kraft is as upright as rumored he should be very angry at his employees for making him look like a fool.

  190. Now we know…. you can do what ever it takes to win during the current season and still win a Superbowl because nothing will happen until the following year….

    Heck I wouldn’t mind winning a SuperBowl one year and taking the next year off as a suspension.

  191. Clearly, no one here has read the rule book, which does not treat this as a big deal. It is a parking ticket, not speeding, not DUI, and not a hit and run. The only thing that made this a big deal is everyone’s hope that the Pats can be forced to be out of their way next year.
    The punishment is in the rule book, which states a 25k fine per violation. It’s a parking ticket. Now Brady’s denial and lying to the interviewer leaves room for Goodell to do something, which he will because he is subservient to the NY Media (Jets). Right PFT?

  192. This had little effect on the results of any games. The big question is if they were caught cheating once…which they were, and they were caught cheating again…which they were. What else are they doing to break the rules. There is most assuredly other things that could/do impact games. They cheated their way to 3 superbowls. Now I question if the 4th is legit…(should have run the ball Pete!)

  193. A fine won’t bother Brady. He’s got more money than he’ll ever be able to spend. Suspend him for the entire 2015 season…..that’s what Goodell should do. Not many tears would be shed for Tom Brady.

  194. Brady 5 game suspension for failing to cooperate with the investigation

    Brady 10 game suspension for evidence proving Brady was working in conjunction with Pat’s employees to intentionally circumvent NFL rules, and the rules of the game.

    Brady forever now known as a CHEATER

  195. The NFL may discipline Tom Brady over Deflategate, but it’s “more probable than not” they won’t. He’s their Golden Boy, remember? He’s handsome, rich, white, and the QB of the Super Bowl champs. The NFL won’t do anything to him.

  196. May,may, MAY?

    If Brady’s not suspended for a minimum of 8 games then this would be a complete joke.

  197. He will get his punishement from the Sons of Anarchy, (Sheldon, Mo, Damon) Leonard Williams Lorenzo Mauldin, Demario Davis, david Harris, Darellle Revis, Calvin Pryor, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine Marcus Gilcrest, Calvin Pace

  198. A year suspension??? LMAO. For a 4 month investigation lol. If there was legitimate proof it wouldn’t have taken 4 months. Maybe he should be more like Cowboys Hardy and just beat up his wife at least if you only get 10 weeks for domestic violence

  199. A fine..LOL.. His wife makes like 100m a year. This is sad to even see the text messages and knowing Tom was very much involved with this. I am a Phin fan that actually respects Brady and I think he is a star without this cheating crap. He needs to be suspended for this and not sure you can dock the team draft picks as there was no evidence that management was involved. I think that was all Tom and the equipment guys and Tom should be dealt with.

  200. Heres the issue that matters. Jonathan Vilma is suspended for partaking in bounties on other players. he did not bring the integrity of the game in to question.

    Roger says the most important thing in the world is to protect the shield. Well, the integrity just got attacked.

    If you don’t suspend Brady at LEAST as long as Vilma, Gooddell’s words will fall as hollow as they always have.

  201. The next question, of course, is what will happen to McNally and Jastremski (the Boston equivalent of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern). Will the Patriots fire or suspend or discipline them? Have the Patriots conducted an internal investigation? Is Belichick going to discipline Brady? If these two aren’t fired, does that suggest a quid pro quo (i.e. silence for employment)?

    The more important question is what effect this had on the Patriots’ lower fumble rates in recent years. That’s deeply troubling.

    The NFL wants this to go away almost as much as the Patriots do. The integrity of the game has been fundamentally undermined.

  202. The Patriots are repeat cheats. Belicheat knew too. What does Brady probably knew mean? The NFL and Roger just can’t admit that they are cheaters!

  203. Brady should be suspended 4 games for the deflation and an additional 12 games for the horse and pony show the Patriots put on after they were caught. Remember TB telling the world he dosent want anyone rubbing his balls? Remember the “scientific” explanation Belicheck gave for the under inflated balls? Its a culture of cheating in Boston.

  204. Its amazing how much pats fans will deny… remember those connect the dot pictures we all did as kids? Pats fans have no idea how to complete those

  205. OK. This has got to be the DUMBEST waste of time I have ever seen from the NFL, and if its not its pretty close. I really don’t give a flying fig if the balls in the Indy playoff game were slightly deflated. Did anyone happen to notice the score?!

    45-7. Ummmmmm there is NO WAY a few deflated balls gave the Patriots that much of a competitive edge. Period.

    This whole thing is laughably stupid.

    QB’s all over the league probably do it. Brady just got caught.

    All the people whining over it? Pathetic.

    If the ball were slightly deflated in the Bills/Giants Superbowl in 1991 , would Norwood have nailed that field goal?

    Dumb question?

    EXACTLY. People need to stop hating on an organization that JUST WINS.

    Trust me. I’m a Bills fan!

  206. As a Pats fan I can live with 8-games suspension for Brady. It will give us a chance to see what we have in Garoppolo. No better way to do that than now. If he turns out to be a bum we can look to draft a QB next year. Plus this division is ours, we can probably go 10-6 and win it.

  207. 15 yard penalty for the deflated ball. Year suspension for Belicheck for being ignorant. 1st Rd pick loss for NE for not fully cooperating.

    Brady will be labelled a cheater for life. Doesn’t even have the ball boys respect. Facing the AFC East DL’s will bring his punishment.

  208. Didn’t affect player safety, didn’t effect the outcome of the games. What is the big deal? The lying part? I get that, and if there’s a substantial punishment it should be for that reason. But the actual violation is nothing.

  209. For Patriots fans in denial or those who are too lazy to read the report, and those who are mentioning the Colts footballs under the limits:

    “All eleven of the Patriots game balls tested measured below the minimum pressure level of 12.5 pounds per
    square inch (“psi”) allowed by Rule 2 of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football
    League (the “Playing Rules”) on both of two air pressure gauges used to test the balls. The four
    Colts balls tested each measured within the 12.5 to 13.5 psi range permitted under the Playing
    Rules on at least one of the gauges used for the tests. “

    That gauge was faulty. Read the technical report on the logo and non-logo gauges. One of them was reading .5 PSI higher than ALL other gauges. That’s the gauge that said that the Colts’ balls were within range. The low gauge that said the Colts balls were not within spec (even after sitting in the locker room warming while NWE’s balls were checked) agreed with all other gauges it was measured against.

    So no…. The Colts balls were not within spec at half time. Given time to warm, they would probably have been, but the NFL didn’t have enough time to test all the IND balls or let all the balls warm to locker room temp.

  210. I wish I’d had the smarts to lay some money on the Steelers when the Week One lines came out with the Pats a 6-point favorite.
    As a Steelers fan, this is a gift.

  211. Brady needs to be banned for life. The integrity of the game needs to be protected. Do the right thing Goodell – protect the shield!

  212. I agree the Patriots should be punished. I say take away all the point they scored with deflated footballs and keep only the one’s that were scored with legit balls. So that that means they lose 28 oh wait they win 28-7.

    Fine them, suspend Brady, whatever. I still rather have a team that plays on the edge then follow whiney organizations like the Ravens or Colts or self proclaimed football purist who are shocked, like Jerry “stickum” Rice or Mark “Sorry for losing your 27 million” Brunelle.

  213. I am not a Pats fan at all but I do not see what the big deal is… The problem was corrected at half-time and the pats still came out blazing 28-0 in the second half and to top it off won the super bowl with the officials watching closely. Although they did win the SB by total luck and collapse by Seattle and Carroll. Nothing will happen to Brady and nothing should. Maybe fine him 50K but that is max! Go Rams!! 🙂

  214. Oh come on. It wasn’t just the Colts game.
    And a fine? His supermodel wife will pay that no problem.

  215. It’s one thing to want to throw a deflated ball. It’s completely different to pay to make it happen, as Brady did with the autographed balls. He needs to be disciplined for the crime against the game.

    The question is, who’s going to do it? The commissioner has crimes against the game, crimes against teams, even crimes against women. Plus, he has no integrity left after the phone recording exposed him as a liar. Talk about a glass house. I don’t think any player can be disciplined until everyone gets together and rewrites that section of the CBA.

    As for the bonehead attendant and eqp mgr, fire ’em and forget ’em. They’ll have a good story for their grandkids.

  216. Brady could never play for any other team. He is a system QB. The system is CHEATING

  217. Brady won’t be suspended. Do you really think Goddell wants Jimmy G to be the headliner for the season opener?

  218. His image was already not helped by the fact that publicly, he’s just not a likeable guy. Seems like a chip off the old Belichick – smug and above it all.

  219. The standard concensus for Greg Hardy was that he’d receive a 6 game suspension. He got 10.

    The standard concensus for Brady is that he’ll receive a 4 game suspension. Will make an interesting comparison.

  220. The old time NFL players who are still alive must be shaking their heads at what a wuss league the NFL has turned into.
    What a joke worrying about under-inflated footballs!!!!
    The most obvious solution to this is make both teams play with the same footballs, and the kickers, too!!!!!
    This would totally eliminate all this stupid deflate-gate crap.
    I cannot believe that this topic was grasping every sports format I listened to or watched today!!
    It’s a joke!!!! And I am sick of it.
    Here’s what I know — Tom Brady is a great QB and the Patriots have been a dominating team under Bill Belichick. If people are going to say stupid things about tainted championships, then they better go back and look at every NFL team which has ever won a championship and see how they did things. They’ll be surprised to learn that this kind of gamesmanship has been going on since the cave men invented the wheel.
    I am a Packers fan and the Packers are the greatest championships team of all time. But I know that everything they did wasn’t always on the up and up, either. And neither was any other championship team.
    Cheating, or more correctly, gaining an advantage is part of human nature. Watch a player try to stretch the ball for more yardage after he’s tackled. It happens in every game all the time. They’re trying to cheat, folks. So what are we going to do, start an investigation to investigate them??????
    I’m done reading or listening to this kind of crap from now on. The only thing which matters is what happens on the field. All you hysterical so-called fans can scream and whine all you want, I’m tuning you all out.

    Tee the damned ball up and let them play!!!!!

  221. I actually brushed the whole deflate gate thing aside thinking it was just from a haters crusade and rooted for them during the SB; After the facts came out now, I’ve concluded Brady and his Patriots are the classic epitome/definition of lowlife. Now I wish the Seahawks shoulda won the SB.

  222. Never been a “Rule violation like this before, in NFL history”?
    Yes there was.

    In 2004, Brady was ‘some how’ using an unapproved football in a game at Foxboro, v. The Miami Dolphins.

    A.J. Feeley, Quarter back for The Dolphins noticed the football the Referee continually gave Feeley and The Dolphins was new, out of the box. As Feeley observed from the side lines, after seeing it happen more than a few possessions, Feeley brought it to the attention of his offensive coordinator.

    The NFL asked for an explanation. Nothing of logic was forth coming from Ball Boy Supervisor, James McNalley. So, the NFL issued a warning for future similar incidents. Of which, this warning surfaced in Deflate Gate and is referenced in The Wells Report.

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