La’el Collins’s paternity test comes back negative

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Former LSU offensive tackle La’el Collins was not the father of a baby boy who passed away last week.

Baton Rouge (La.) police say a paternity test for Collins came back negative, multiple media outlets, including the Baton Rouge Advocate, reported Wednesday.

Collins’ pregnant former girlfriend, Brittney Mills, was shot to death on April 24. She delivered a baby boy, who died on Friday. His death has been declared a homicide.

Baton Rouge police have said Collins is not a suspect in the deaths. He met with earlier this police this week.

Collins, who went undrafted as teams waited to learn more information about his situation, is set to meet with the Cowboys, the Advocate reported Wednesday. The date of the meeting is not yet known, but clubs can’t officially meet with Collins until LSU’s final exams end on May 9, per an NFL rule.

36 responses to “La’el Collins’s paternity test comes back negative

  1. Collins has lost approximately $12m over this situation. Condolences to the family and friends of Brittney Mills. Sad situation. Wishing the best for Collins as well. Big D will welcome you with open arms!

  2. It’s always nice when someone needs a test to tell them that they’re the dad. Seems like a solid relationship built on love, trust and mutual respect 😉

  3. How can you not feel bad for this guy? He hasn’t been proven to have done anything and his life is is tatters.

  4. Cool..I guess.. it’d be nice if this guy could have a little bit of privacy during this whirlwind in his life right now. But the media thinks for some reason we need to know all this. Imagine if turmoil in their lives had articles written about every tiny piece of info. Just sayin. Btw, no, I didn’t read the article. Just wanted to comment. Stay tough big fella and best of wishes

  5. It’s going to be a rat race to get his signature now. Poor kid had the biggest moment of his life ruined. Too manu are too quick to judge people in the court of public opinion.

  6. Adios, motive. It is looking more and more like this young man is the victim of an unfortunate set of events. The collective bargaining agreement is clear that he cannot enter the supplemental draft. However, the CBA is just a contract. Parties execute riders to contracts all of the time. If he is officially clear, the NFLPA should insist that the NFL execute a rider/exception to the contract making him eligible for the supplemental act. Nobody should lose this kind of money over suspicion if they are cleared.

  7. La’El Collins is getting railroaded in the press and court of public opinion unjustly just like Jameis Winston. Innocent until proven guilty and both Collins and Winston are innocent.

  8. This man’s life was potential destroyed by the BRPD… I hope he sues them for whatever he lost by not being the 1st rd pick that he certainly would have been. I’m so tired of the guilty until proven innocent perception that this country has taken on. It’s sad to anyone get accused of anything, because 80% of the people out there assume guilt right off the bat.

  9. I was hoping the Cowboys would use one of there 7th round picks on this guy, what do you have to lose? The new her, I would have used on the Injured CB from Oregon, with the Scandrick situation and all.

  10. Come to Miami, Texas will not make you happy, think about the circus they have there, and don’t forget about the hard winters. Bill

  11. He is currently being courted by a large majority of NFL teams. So stop the “Ooohh Dallas only gets criminals on their roster boo hoo my mangina hurts” . Many teams want him but he wants America’s Team. Sucks to be you. He wants the best team that actually won superbowls without cheating. The rich get richer. The way we are building this line, Romo might play well into his mid 40’s.


  12. i don’t know if the kid has any involvement in the crime, but if he is not connected, I hope, as an drafted free agent with first round talent, he signs a contract that greatly exceeds the rookie wage scale with the team of HIS choice. That would be justice for an innocent man.

  13. The police still haven’t come out and said he was cleared. All they said was he was not a suspect which is what they’ve been saying for the past week or so. One is generally a suspect until they are cleared or until they are arrested. I think they said the same thing about Aaron Hernandez and he wasn’t initially a suspect but was charged after they determined he was a suspect. I’m not saying Collins is guilty or anything. I’m just saying that until the police say he’s cleared he’s not out of the water yet.

    The bigger question is why in the world didn’t he nip it in the bud when the police first contacted him. That still makes no sense. I think he had scheduled a paternity test before she was murdered so that may not be as much of a reach as it sounds.

    If he is declared completely innocent of this it will be a sad situation for him and the timing was very bad. I’m not sure any club would have been able to draft him even if he had spoken with the police earlier given the climate after the Ray Rice situation.

    On the positive side, he now gets to sign with whoever he wants and he’ll get a shorter contract. That means he can hit free agency sooner than if he were drafted which ultimately may make up for any money he may have lost during this situation. He won’t get a huge signing bonus like he would have gotten as a first-rounder though.

    One other thing. Just because he’s not the father doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not involved. It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to tell him he was the father in an attempt to get some money out of him.

  14. Maybe he found out it wasn’t his and that was his motive. I guess what I am saying is that just because it isn’t his, that doesn’t change much.

  15. I think that by him not being the father it indicates that he probably hasn’t been involved with her for a while. I’m really curious as to the timeine of their relationship. If it’s been a year or close to it since they were together I just don’t understand how the police can disrupt his whole life over this.

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