Rex Ryan won’t stop players from speaking freely


Bills tailback LeSean McCoy garnered widespread attention Wednesday for his published remarks in ESPN The Magazine claiming his former head coach, Chip Kelly, had gotten rid of “all the good black players” in Philadelphia.

At a press conference today, Bills head coach Rex Ryan indicated reporters would be best asking McCoy about his comments.

“Anything that’s brought up with a guy in his past, with a different team, is better addressed with him, not me,” Ryan said, according to ESPN’s Mike Rodak.

However, Ryan also noted that he was “not going to put a muzzle” on his players, as ESPN noted.

As policies go, this seems a fair one: you can speak freely, but you have to own your remarks. It’s a policy Ryan has applied to himself over the years, which makes it easy to set down for the rest of the team.

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  1. Seems like this guy is more interested in the goings on of his old team, than what’s happening with his new team.

    I’m guessing he’s nervous that Kelly will be proven right to trade him.

  2. fans will listen to rex when he starts to win. as of now, rex’s talk is just ambient noise.

  3. When the trade happened, I said wow Kelly traded McCoy, What’s that all about ? All of my questions have been answered. A player needs a functioning brain before you can coach them up.

  4. Or trying to follow any rules himself. Hence going to speak to Collins.

  5. Here is my theory on why Kelly got rid of Vick, Jackson, McCoy as well as Foles:

    When a play broke down, Vick would try to extend it by running.

    Jackson would try to extend the play by running deep; broke off many patterns early going for the home run.

    McCoy hit the hole early in 2013, but bounced everything to the outside (with poor results) in 2014.

    After the 7-TD game against Oakland, Foles kept the ball too long, and took too many sacks trying to make the big play.

    Common thread: all 4 players trying to modify/extend the play instead of running what was called.

    I think Kelly is still trying to assess what parts of his offense will work in the NFL. To do that, he needs to have plays run as called. The key is to maximize pressure on defense by
    – returning ball to ref quickly
    – lining up quickly
    – executing next play quickly

    The 4 players’ view is that the Eagles pay them to make big plays. Kelly’s view is that big plays will happen if the system is run properly.

    To a lesser extent, Jason Avant and several other players are gone for not doing things Kelly’s way. Sanchez is on the roster in case Bradford decides against doing things Kelly’s way.

    The race card makes for good headlines but it does not explain Foles. It also requires that Kelly be overtly racist, acting against his own (and his team’s) best interest, in a very public and visible forum. That’s a lot of low-probability things that have to ALL happen.

    A simpler explanation is that Kelly is stubborn, his players are stubborn, and for the entire history of the NFL, the head coach usually wins the battle of wills if there is a disagreement with a player.

    To get one of the 32 HC jobs at the top of the profession, it’s probably safe to say that Kelly passes the stubborn test.

    To be starters on one of those 32 teams, it is probably safe to say that the players he keeps are stubborn, and so are the ones he discards.

    But a coach playing the “my way or the highway” card is not news. And McCoy knows that. He also knows he had a career year doing it Chip’s way, and a rotten year doing it Shady’s way.

    McCoy wasn’t banished because he is black. He is gone because he was defiant.

  6. What I can’t stand is how ppl continue to say Chip discarded Maclin.. Maclin got a better offer and left on his own. Philly made him a great offer of 10 mil a year.. a very generous offer given his injury history.. Kansas gave him 11 so he left, there was no Chip got rid of Maclin.

  7. Just another TMZ type article from Rodrek.
    I attach to it the importance that it deserves – none.
    Now if he knew anything about football he could ask a question about that.

  8. Rex is a player coach and his teams have always lacked discipline. It works for a couple years then the clowns take over the locker room.

  9. McKoy: Bills fan talking here: Shut TFup and get ready to honor the Bills jersey and play football…

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