Ryan Grigson complained to NFL about Patriots’ footballs both before and during AFC Championship Game


Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson complained to the NFL both before and during the AFC Championship Game that the Patriots were cheating by illegally deflating their footballs.

The Deflategate report released today says that Grigson first contacted the NFL the day before the game, sending the NFL’s football operations department an email stating that Colts equipment manager Sean Sullivan had told him it was commonly known around the league that the Patriots regularly violated the rules by deflating their footballs.

“As far as the gameballs are concerned it is well known around the league that after the Patriots gameballs are checked by the officials and brought out for game usage the ballboys for the patriots will let out some air with a ball needle because their quarterback likes a smaller football so he can grip it better, it would be great if someone would be able to check the air in the game balls as the game goes on so that they don‟t get an illegal advantage,” said the email from Grigson, which attributed that “well known” information to Sullivan.

NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino made a point of telling referee Walt Anderson before the AFC Championship Game to make sure the Patriots’ footballs were checked. But after the Colts intercepted two Tom Brady passes, both footballs were checked on the Colts’ sideline and found to be under-inflated. Word of that got up to Grigson, and he went to league officials to complain just before halftime.

“Grigson said that he made clear to [NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent and V.P. of game operations Mike Kensil] that he understood that there was a problem with the inflation level of a Patriots football—the precise issue the Colts had raised prior to the game—and that he was not happy about the situation. Kensil and Vincent told Grigson that they were on their way to look into the issue,” the Deflategate report says.

Now, more than three months later, the investigation has concluded that it’s more likely than not that those footballs were under-inflated purposely by the Patriots. Grigson was right to complain.

69 responses to “Ryan Grigson complained to NFL about Patriots’ footballs both before and during AFC Championship Game

  1. He takes a strong stance against Heightening, and now Deflating. Way to stick to your principles Mickey! Now just stop hanging out with Kraemer

  2. Ray Farmer was suspended 4 games for texting assistant coaches and he fully cooperated and admitted his mistakes! Tom should be suspended for AT LEAST 8 games.

  3. Partriots don’t seem to care much for the integrity of the game… even after being told don’t be pulling stunts, after “Spygate” they get busted yet again….

    The NFL actions need to SHOW that integrity of the game is important… not just continuing to say that phrase every press conference.

  4. Patriots fans who said Colts and Grigson would be implicated and not the Pats, we want to hear from you!

  5. Where does this report specifically state what the PSI was of every football, BEFORE the game and DURING the game???

    There ARE no specific stats on this.

    This report is based completely on opinion, not facts!

  6. Why did Blandino lie about knowledge of this during his Super Bowl interview??

  7. So it took over three months to conclude that it’s “more than likely”.

    That’s some real investigative prowess that Wells has…

  8. First half 2 interceptions… 2nd half .. eh…

    Given that the Colts did so poorly AFTER that complaint to officials .. maybe he should never had said anything and they would have won….. but then again they are the Colts.

  9. this guy is so inocent he works for a guy who is a a does d what happen to him

  10. where in the report does it say the colts footballs were equally underinflated? i dont see that anywhere……folks keep mentioning that, but im not seeing any quotes from the official report of the patriots latest cheating

    * * * *

  11. Wahh… They cheated! 4 of the Colts balls were also underplayed. Sore losers. Quit pumping in fake crown noises Grigson. The Dolts have been doing that ever since the RCA Dome. The second half the balls were all inflated to spec and you got crushed. Nothing worse than a snitch. Especially one with dirty hands.

  12. I don’t want suspensions. I don’t want fines. I don’t want deductions of draft picks. All I want is the record books to officially denote their Super Bowl “wins” with an asterisk.

    Suck it pats fans!


  13. So why weren’t the balls checked for correct pressure just before the game started, instead of waiting until half time.

  14. LOL…Colts better hope they get REALLY good, REALLY fast otherwise the beat down the Pats are going to put on them is going to be EPIC.

  15. “More likely than not.”

    Like 51% to 49%? Or 98% to 2%?

    You either have evidence they did, or you don’t. If you don’t, then basically, its inconclusive.

  16. Patriots fans will argue that deflating footballs is “not that big a deal.”

    That may be true but the fact remains the Patriots are once again in the limelight for cheating.

    Cheating is cheating. Rules are in place to protect the integrity of the game. It’s not fair for a team to cheat while the rest of the league abides by the rules.

    If you don’t like a rule then bring it up at the owners meetings and have it changed.

  17. The Pats could have beaten the DOLTS with a watermelon. I guess underinflated balls make gashing up a defense that cant’ stop the run game that much easier?

    This is ducking reficulous!

  18. That is what we have all been waiting for (and already knew). Now, will the NFL’s response tell us all the phrase “cheaters never win” is BS?

  19. elevando1 says:
    May 6, 2015 2:24 PM
    Dumbest controversy ever. Please. Make. It. Stop.

    It isn’t controversey…. the QB from the Patriots had balls changed for his preference that were not within league rules.

  20. Grigs got cheated before by the Pats when he was with the Eagles in 2004. No way he was gonna allow that to happen again.

  21. Were under-inflated footballs the reason the patriots won the Super Bowl? No, but that is not the point here. They knowingly broke the rules, and it isn’t the first time. If you know the rules, and then you break those rules, you deserve to be punished, and the punishment should be more severe for habitual offenders. The patriots seem to feel that they’re above the league’s rules, and basically give the middle finger to anybody who questions them. The league has to penalize them, or it’s not gonna stop.

  22. The frustrating part is, forget the play call from the 1 yard line, but if New England had to play against a 90% healthy Seattle defense…that game wouldn’t have even been close. Oh well…next year!!!

  23. coward. no wonder he couldnt last in the league as a player. he disgraced the game. what a joke of a franchise the colts are. first sneaking off in the middle of the night to indy like the cowards they are. then years later bill polian changes the rules of the game because he was entitled to win the super bowl every year since he had peyton manning. and now this. i’m feel so bad for the regular hard working indy fans that get embarrassed by this organization time and time and time again. cowards.

  24. Who on the Colts sideline supposedly “tested” the 2 intercepted balls ? And let the extra air out of them to make sure the Pats were well framed ?

    And lolz at all the people calling for a Brady suspension and draft picks to be taken away. The NFL rules state a 25k fine for “tampering” with balls, that’s how tiny an infraction its considered to be.

  25. So when is the Wells Report coming out on Aaron Rodgers? He ADMITTED ON THE RECORD that he likes his footballs overinflated. So when will the NFL report on the Packers come out? This is such a joke because EVERY team in the NFL SCREWS around with football inflation/deflation and the NFL doesn’t care because they’ve NEVER enforced the fine on the books for it. Somehow it’s now an issue because it’s the Patriots? What a joke. The NFL is trying to cover up their own incompetence for never enforcing a rule on the books about football inflation that EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL takes advantage of. Fire Goddell.

  26. Wow, why the hell did this dude out of all the nfl organizations to speak up on something “well known” big ups to the colts for trying to prevent cheating in the Nfl while all the other teams just knew it and said he’ll with it.

  27. The pats fans turned conspiracy experts will read more into this story.

  28. mikeoxwells says:
    May 6, 2015 2:26 PM

    OK, I’m with you.. So which reason do we use to retroactively award SB 38 to the Panthers? Should we claim the Panthers didn’t score for the first 20 minutes of the game because the Pats had taped the Panthers practices, or should we claim the first pass Jake Delhomme threw, which he air-mailed over a wide open receiver, was overthrown because it wasn’t inflated correctly? Or maybe we claim the winning field goal was kicked with a doctored K ball?

    I’m clearly no fan of the Pats, but unless you can prove the Pats gained a material advantage that won a game by any of their noted infractions, you can’t claim they didn’t really win the Super Bowls. Let’s not forget that they won the Deflated Ball Game by nearly 40 points.

  29. The Patriot way is “find the upper hand and cheat if you must”.

    You start to wonder if Hernadez had the right structure of truth at work would he have had that same attitude off the field? We will never know that answer but what we will eventually find out is what Bill has up his sleeve next season.

  30. Wow, Brady is an out and out cheater/sneak/whatchamacallit. And he got caught. I’ll bet Goodell lets it slide. The doofus commissioner is just making this up as he goes along. The only way Brady gets punished is if he throws one of his deflated footballs at a woman in a wheel chair while Giselle giggles coquettishly.

  31. So it’s 28-0 Patriots AFTER the deflated balls were found. Brady threw multiple picks WITHOUT deflated balls. Owned Seattle WITHOUT deflated balls. Where’s the advantage?

  32. I am going to start calling Brady Mr. Tiny Hands. Giselle is Mrs Tiny Hands, although she has huge hands and feet. Their children, of course, also have tiny hands.

  33. Well, I guess Brady will get to spend a few extra weeks with Giselle and the Kids. At least she retired from the runway. I won’t feel too sorry for them, as I don’t think they’ll have to apply for food stamps soon.

  34. 3-4 Colts balls were deflated. Did he check on his team too? lol
    Again, read the report (not hard to find by the way) NONE of the Colts balls were below PSI level (page 67 of the report). Kraft is just trying to save some face and released that bogus statement about 4 Colts balls deflated, the report don’t mention that (I read the entire report)

  35. So, all those easily duped and indignant Pats fans who scream on PFT that Grigson was a liar and that the Colts should be punished, how’s that crow taste?

    Goebells was right. Tell enough lies and people will believe them.

  36. Please show me where in this report that definitively says that Brady asked for the footballs to be deflated BELOW THE PERMISSIBLE LIMIT. All it shows is that he asked for the footballs to be deflated, which suggests he asked that they be deflated to the lowest possible PSI allowed under league rules. Wells could not say 100% that Brady was guilty of anything, so he threw in that “more probable than not” nonsense. This report is utter garbage. We waited this long just to hear that it’s possible that something happened. This case would get laughed out of any court. What a hatchet job by the league

  37. Why can’t they perform their own experiment to see if it happens naturally with temperature fluctuation and if they can’t duplicate it, then someone must’ve deflated the football? Did they not perform any experiments then?

  38. shaggytoodle says:
    May 6, 2015 2:19 PM

    Partriots don’t seem to care much for the integrity of the game… even after being told don’t be pulling stunts, after “Spygate” they get busted yet again….

    The NFL actions need to SHOW that integrity of the game is important… not just continuing to say that phrase every press conference.
    Oh yyea they are sooooo important. See Goddell and Ray Rice…..

  39. Its a railroad job and Grigson and that crybaby Harbaugh who doesnt know the rules started the whole thing. If you cant beat the on the field, do your low life snitching off it.

  40. Tere was no way nohow the Colts were ever going to beat the Pats in the AFC title game, ever that day. They should have just took the beat down like men, but no they had to snitch.

  41. So people are making a fuss about deflated footballs mean while our government everyday robs it’s people and is always doing something shady wow ima football fan and play highschool football but seriously cmon lmaooo people open your eyes

  42. As a Patriots Fan, let me get this straight. In the Championship Game the Patriots scored 17 points in the 1st half with “Deflated” Footballs and 28 points in the 2nd half with Footballs at or near the correct PSI. Seems like the Pats really didn’t want to run up the score on the Colts but, OH WELL.

  43. He really should be asking Chuckie Pagano why LaGarrette Blount ran for all those yards over his defense. Not a fan of either team, but this is really trivial.

  44. Why is everyone so upset on how Tom Brady plays with his balls? Hard or Soft?? How do like to play with your balls. My kid likes his balls soft because he can grip them better. Yup I told him your just like TB. Your a winner!! Daddy why is everyone mad at TB?? Well it’s really kind of stupid son. He likes his balls soft too and now they want to take away all his history because he doesn’t like hard balls. Yeah it really kind of dumb huh Dad? Yeah son I think jealosy is a big part of it too. What’s that mean Daddy? It’s a feeling a person gets when they can’t have what you have. They don’t work as hard as you, but they want the results that you get. They basically want it handed to them for free. Oh!!

  45. Grigson could trade 100 first round picks for 100 trent richardsons and i would still rank him as a top 3 GM in the league simply because he had the courage to help the league catch the Patriots cheating.

    Kraft owes Grigson an apology.

  46. Can someone tell me this. Let’s accept that the pats did deflate the balls. Walt Anderson said it was the first time he ever lost sight of the balls for the first time in 19 years. Someone in the report said the balls would never be moved to the field without the ref ( or official)

    So how did the pats do it before? Did they outfox the NFL officials every week? If not, then did they do it once in a while? Was this a new practice? Did they outfox the NFL every week obviously they didn’t run a tight ship, if not, then they didn’t do it before?

  47. muslimponder says:
    May 6, 2015 2:18 PM

    Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for being the true SB XLIX champions!


    As sleazy as this is, nothing compares to the level of slimy, dripping sleaze that is the Seattle Sleazehawks.

  48. So many Patriots fans are deflecting here. It’s pathetic. Everyone knows Brady had a part in the deflating of the balls. Anyone with a differing opinion is just trying their hardest to fool themselves.

    Regardless of any advantage or disadvantage it provided, or what other teams did, or Grigson’s player personnel decision making, none of those things matter. The Patriots purposefully and illegally deflated game balls and Brady had a hand in it. That is cheating, no matter how small or how egregious you might think the situation is or how much or little of a difference it made, it is a very clear black and white issue. Brady and the Patriots cheated. It is that simple. Nothing else really needs to be said.

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