Ted Wells: “More probable than not” Patriots manipulated balls


The NFL has released the long-awaited #DeflateGate report, and the short version of the findings by Ted Wells is that the Patriots seem to have done something funny here.

The full report was released moments ago.  In his summary, Wells writes that irregularities were found in the balls used in the AFC Championship Game.

“For the reasons described in this Report, and after a comprehensive investigation, we have concluded that, in connection with the AFC Championship Game, it is more probable than not that New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the Playing Rules and were involved in a deliberate effort to circumvent the rules,” Wells concluded. “In particular, we have concluded that it is more probable than not that Jim McNally (the Officials Locker Room attendant for the Patriots) and John Jastremski (an equipment assistant for the Patriots) participated in a deliberate effort to release air from Patriots game balls after the balls were examined by the referee.

“Based on the evidence, it also is our view that it is more probable than not that Tom Brady (the quarterback for the Patriots) was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls.”

That’s a huge finding, particularly as it relates to Brady, who has previously avoided adding much fuel to the fire.

We’ll be going through the full report this afternoon and bringing you the latest on a complicated story.

406 responses to “Ted Wells: “More probable than not” Patriots manipulated balls

  1. The Patriots cheated, the sky is blue…

    Let’s move on.

    At this point, we have to accept that Patriots cheating is like death & taxes.

  2. Conclusion: “We can’t say if anything inappropriate happened. It’s all just a guess. Thanks for the check.”

  3. In other words: “There is no conclusive evidence, but they must have cheated, because i dont like how much they win.” Hahaha

  4. I’m interested in what evidence they have and how that refutes the science of atmospheric pressure.

  5. lol report also says that 3 of 4 colt balls were under inflated a full psi.
    Glad it over at least whole thing is so stupid to begin with.

  6. Robert Kraft*, guess you’re not getting that apology.

    *denotes Serial Cheater

  7. Got a lot of thumbs down this morning for saying that as a Patriots Fan I was worried about the outcome!

  8. Cue tinfoil hat wearing Pats fans claiming a conspiracy in three… two… one…. go!

  9. whoa. Penalties anyone?

    I’ve got a six-digit fine at 3-1, draft pick relinquishment at 10-1, Brady suspension at 50-1, and firing the Patriots’ lackeys/scapegoats at even money.

  10. So, he has no proof and chooses to go the character assassination route. Case closed.

  11. **************************2014 NFL Season*********************************************************************************

  12. For weeks, Colts fan have had to endure the backlash from other teams fans. Probably Browns or Raiders fans. And the almighty Patriot fans were convinced the Colts were behind it.

    Well from Colt nation, we kindly give every one of you a big fat middle finger with a caveat to shove it!

    Patriots are cheaters, always.

    How dumb do some of you feel that Grigson/Colts would take the fall?

    Go Colts Baby!

  13. Not going to lie I thought Deflate Gate was B.S, but this is unbelievable. Not sure how the Pats can’t be punished.

  14. Why’d it take several months to come out with a report we already knew. The Patriots probably cheated and will be allowed to get away with it. No ****!

  15. Someone needs a basic lesson in Chemistry.

    Brady should offer to take a lie detector test. Then sue for slander.

    1PSI would be a 20 degree change in temperature. Or about a 3% decrease in air. That’s it.

  16. The Patriots cheated. Big surprise. And Pats fans swore up and down that the Colts were responsible. Sorry to break it to you, but your team just doesn’t like to play by the rules.

  17. What a shocking revelation. Never in a million years would I have pegged the Patriots as an organization willing to cheat to win.

  18. Thumbs up if you think the NFL deliberately delayed the release so as not to detract from the draft and/or have to penalize the Pats in this year’s draft.

    Thumbs down if you think there was some other reason for timing of release.

  19. Whenever the Pats win a superbowl, there has always been evidence of cheating. When will the NFL strip them of their titles? I guess never.

    Wish my team cheated that well.

  20. I bet they get a little hand slap, for some reason the NFL let’s these guys get away with anything and not punish them as hard as they would other franchises. I wish the NFL would be more consistent.

  21. Here come the haters….Get over it already. You wish your team was just like the Pats. As Charlie would say…WINNING

  22. “More probable than not” !!!
    Way to hedge your bets Ted. 100 plus days for this! You have got to be kidding. Probable is not definitive. It’s like saying maybe. Maybe not.

    The NFL and Goodell are truly pathetic…..

  23. But but but… The colts did it on purpose to frame the Patriots?

    That was the investigation this forum decided months ago?

  24. That’s what every NFL fan (besides Patriots fans) has concluded all along……….

  25. It is “more probable, than not” that a significant fine is coming with loss of 2016 draft pick. Brady gets fined, but not suspended.

  26. “More probable than not” = I’ve been doing nothing for the past 100 days and have concluded that I have no idea if they did it but they probably did

  27. From a non-Patriot fan, this has all been unbelievably overblown. Just another reason to hate Roger Goodell’s stewardship of the NFL.

  28. This still gets a big “so what”? The Pats RAN the ball wherever they wanted. They could have played with a brick and won.

  29. More probable than not? IF physics doesn’t support the deflation, THEN what other possibilities are there?!?!

    At the very least, a Quarterback and Coach need to be suspended, and a franchise needs to lose a few first round draft picks.

  30. Wow. It’s one thing to suspect, but to have the NFL officially call shenanigans really does mean the Patriots’ legacy could be tainted.

  31. If Tom Brady scratching himself qualifies as “manipulating balls”, then I agree.

  32. The fine: Force the Pats to relinquish their next four first-round draft picks, two to the Colts and two to the Ravens. It’s the only way to restore integrity to the game under Roger Goodell’s commissionership.

  33. Green Bay Packers sold millions if dollars of worthless stock to Packer fans who now think they are owners.
    Used the money to install aluminum benches in Lambeau. Can you imagine 4 hours on an aluminum bench for what they charge?

  34. If they could have won without cheating, why didn’t they. AGAIN! You know, they banned Pete Rose from the Hall of Fame for life for betting. . . Maybe Brady and Belechek too?

  35. In other words, we dont know anything, we cant prove anything, we simply have a theory that they did something, and we would never admit we were wrong about anything, so it was “probable” that they did something

  36. The year this even became an option was 2007… Check the patriots fumbling records since then. They were in middle of the road for the 7 years prior to that, then after this rule change they shot up to the team with the leasr fumbles per play.

    It makes no sense that a bad weather team would have such a drastic improvement that “coincidentally” started in the year that they could have taken advantage of this rule.


  37. I don’t love or hate the Patriots and I certainly don’t deny the greatness of Belechik, Brady, etc., but it is pretty difficult anymore to deny that they are willing to cheat to win. Bummer for their fans because the asterisk next all of their success is just sort of permanent at this point.

  38. Full disclosure: I’m a Panthers fan. I hate the Patriots. I hate Tom Brady.

    That said, more probable than not? That’s it? So you’re saying that you can’t say yes or no? If that’s the case, how can you punish them? You can’t. 103 days of investigation and we get “more probable than not.” That seems like a waste of money to me. I think in order to punish the Patriots, Brady, both or some other combination of parts, it had to be “they did it.”

  39. What a disgrace how long this report took but an even more of a disgrace the Pats are. They are plain and simple CHEATERS! Even the littlest shred of evidence means they cheated.
    Spygate, Deflategate, it goes on and on…all the their Super Bowls are a sham.

  40. “More probable than not”….how long did this guy take on this investigation to NOT determine what happened. Anyone in America could have said that phrase. If your a Pats fan you write “more probable than not” they didn’t manipulate the balls, if you hate the Pats, you write “more probable than not” they did. In the end, the Deflategate findings are more deflated than the balls with no
    definitive answers.

  41. Again you can’t spell “Patriots*” without an asterisk. That pretty much sums up this teams recent history. Come on out apologists!

  42. I know this site does not welcome both sides of the coin, but for what it’s worth, Kraft’s response:
    When I addressed the media at the Super Bowl on January 26 – over 14 weeks ago – I stated that I unconditionally believed that the New England Patriots had done nothing inappropriate in this process or in violation of the NFL rules and that I was disappointed in the way the league handled the initial investigation. That sentiment has not changed.

    “I was convinced that Ted Wells’ investigation would find the same factual evidence supported by both scientific formula and independent research as we did and would ultimately exonerate the Patriots. Based on the explanations I have heard and the studies that have been done, I don’t know how the science of atmospheric conditions can be refuted or how conclusions to the contrary can be drawn without some definitive evidence.

    “What is not highlighted in the text of the report is that three of the Colts’ four footballs measured by at least one official were under the required psi level. As far as we are aware, there is no comparable data available from any other game because, in the history of the NFL, psi levels of footballs have never been measured at halftime, in any climate. If they had been, based on what we now know, it is safe to assume that every cold-weather game was played with under inflated footballs. As compelling a case as the Wells Report may try to make, I am going to rely on the factual evidence of numerous scientists and engineers rather than inferences from circumstantial evidence.

    “Throughout the process of this nearly four-month investigation, we have cooperated and patiently awaited its outcome. To say we are disappointed in its findings, which do not include any incontrovertible or hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the AFC Championship game, would be a gross understatement. In addition, given our level of cooperation throughout the process, I was offended by the comments made in the Wells Report in reference to not making an individual available for a follow-up interview. What the report fails to mention is that he had already been interviewed four times and we felt the fifth request for access was excessive for a part-time game day employee who has a full-time job with another employer.

    “While I respect the independent process of the investigation, the time, effort and resources expended to reach this conclusion are incomprehensible to me. Knowing that there is no real recourse available, fighting the league and extending this debate would prove to be futile. We understand and greatly respect the responsibility of being one of 32 in this league and, on that basis, we will accept the findings of the report and take the appropriate actions based on those findings as well as any discipline levied by the league.”

  43. Brady and NE have only hurt themselves because now everyone will question the legitimacy of the Patriots SB wins. The doubt will always be there.

  44. Jim McNally the guy deflating the ball apparently hates Brady. The report of text messages sent are freaking hilarious. With quotes such as “The only thing deflated this weekend will be his passer rating” and talking about making the balls into watermelons and rugby balls.

  45. It took over 100 days to come up with this vague bunch of BS? “More probable than not” and “at least generally aware” are hardly condemning words. Not saying it absolves the Patriots, either, I was just expecting something much more definitive.

    “More probable than not” could mean there’s a 51% chance it did happen and a 49% chance it didn’t happen. I’m not calling in to question the findings or anything, I’m wondering why in the heck it took over 100 days to determine that something “kinda sorta maybe possibly a little bit probably happened.” The Goodell era is a joke.

  46. And we’re supposed to be surprised by this?

    Roger Goodell will ignore this, and it will go away quietly.

  47. Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, Packers. Those are the true Dynasties.

  48. darkorameses says:
    May 6, 2015 1:20 PM
    In other words: “There is no conclusive evidence, but they must have cheated, because i dont like how much they win.” Hahaha
    Pats fans complain all you want and call us haters but people might be inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt if it weren’t for getting caught clear as day in spygate.

    Bring on the excuses that nobody cares about

  49. So what I’m getting from this is that Tom Brady is aware that his balls were manipulated.

  50. It says, in part: In sum, the data did not provide a basis for us to determine with absolute certainty whether there was or was not tampering as the analysis of such data ultimately is dependent upon assumptions and information that is not certain. However, based on all of the information provided to us, particularly regarding the timing and sequencing of the measurements conducted by the game officials at halftime, and on our testing and analyses, we conclude that within the range of game characteristics most likely to have occurred on Game Day, we have identified no set of credible environmental or physical factors that completely accounts for the additional loss in air pressure exhibited by the Patriots game balls as compared to the loss in air pressure exhibited by the Colts game balls measured during halftime of the AFC Championship Game.

  51. Suspend the entire team for the first six games of the 2015 regular season!!

    Rex- you now have a chance on winning the division……………Don’t blow it!!

  52. JohnG says:
    May 6, 2015 1:21 PM
    I’m interested in what evidence they have and how that refutes the science of atmospheric pressure.

    Refute this…..the atmosphere would have had to only deflate one team’s footballs and not the other’s. In addition, once checked and reflated per the rules at half-time, that same atmosphere didn’t go back and deflate them again. It also proves that the balls were not defective as they held the air the second half.

    It isn’t “if” they balls were tampered with and deflated? It is who is responsible and if possible, who should be penalized?

  53. In other words… we got NOTHING…but we’ll just saying they “probably” did it just because. 🙂

    Riiiight. And this took over 100 days.


  54. Pats fans must be proud.

    NO untainted Superbowls – none.

    In fact much of their total success is tainted.

    When is the league going to send a clear message?

    Brady and Belicheat should be banned for a year.

  55. Didn’t know “more probable than not” meant 100% guilty, I hope none of you ever have to be in front of a judge or jury. Imagine if we convicted everybody on the grounds of “its more probable that not”. Hate on

  56. “It is more probable than not” – what kind of conclusion is that?

    There are three options when you do an investigation:

    1) they did it, here’s proof;
    2) they didn’t do it, here’s proof;
    3) inconclusive, not enough proof either way.

    Might as well have asked my dog to investigate.

  57. alan226 says:
    May 6, 2015 1:26 PM
    “More probable than not” !!!
    Way to hedge your bets Ted. 100 plus days for this! You have got to be kidding. Probable is not definitive. It’s like saying maybe. Maybe not.

    The NFL and Goodell are truly pathetic…..
    Probable works in a court of law, why not in the NFL?

  58. as all the patriots fans say “you only hate us, because you ain’t us”. if by that, you mean because you have to cheat to get a edge to win? then yes, your right. we hate the patriots because they are cheaters. so that makes what,..4 possible tainted super bowl wins. Deflategate 2014* 2007 with stolen team signals that the jets say dates back to 2000. so, you do the math. that makes 4.

  59. Belichick & Brady Boy

    5/6 in the SB when the cheat
    0/6 when the play by the rules

    I’m not sure this should disqualify Brady from the HOF becuase he might get in on metrics alone, but then again…if they’re willing to cheat under high scrutiny – playoffs and superbowls – then why would we think they’d cheat any less during the regular season?

    We only would if we were Pats fans. And the hall is in Canton, OH not Boston, MA.

    Their consolation prize can be their mansions and fortunes. Take the rings.

  60. Hey pats fans, enjoy having yet ANOTHER, tainted win.

    Down vote it all you like, it doesn’t change the fact that the true legacy of the Patriots Dynasty isn’t Deflate gate, or Spy gate, or the Tuck Rule, or Ineligible linemen shifts, or Defensive backs holding past 15 yards down field.

    That’s the true legacy. That’s what New England is. Cheaters.

  61. Does it really matter? Everyone knew this wasn’t the first time they cheated, and everyone should know by now that it won’t be the last. As long as the league isn’t going to take away championships, and it never will, the Patriots will continue to cheat. They will happily trade some draft picks for a Lombardi Trophy anytime.

  62. ( . Y . ) says: May 6, 2015 1:29 PM

    In other words, we dont know anything, we cant prove anything, we simply have a theory that they did something, and we would never admit we were wrong about anything, so it was “probable” that they did something


  63. Exactly, they already are…ask any player, GM, owner, fan what they think of the Pats and there’s only one thing that comes to mind…cheater! (and 18-1).
    Patriots fans will make excuses and thumbs down anyone who disagrees shortly

  64. Ok, geniuses lets see what the word probable means:

    (Houghton Mifflin)

    1. Likely to happen or to be true.

    2. Likely but uncertain; plausible.

    3. Of or relating to opinions and actions in ethics and morals for whose lawfulness intrinsic reasons or extrinsic authority may be adduced.

    So really, the NFL wasted a ton of time and money to say “We think they did something wrong, but we can’t prove it.”

  65. I certainly never thought that Tom Brady would be implicated in this. I’m not going to disparage the Patriots over this like so many others, but what sort of punishment is proper for a quarterback who cheated? It would seem to me that it has to be pretty severe.

  66. Oh boy. This is going to be an epic week 2, from the fans point of view. We already had the “Brady sits when he pees” sign, lord only knows where we go with this one. Is all I know is that I will gladly accept the stench of 4 straight Super Bowl losses over this blatant disregard for the rules. It doesn’t matter if the Colts balls were under inflated, the fact is the Patriots balls were and they were caught. Who gets the personal foul penalty, the instigator or the retaliator? You were caught with your hand in the cookie jar, fork over the goods BB, TB, and RK.

  67. More probable than not.

    No evidence? Just probabilities?

    Ok I’ll try it too.

    It’s more probable than not that every team in the NFL has broken a rule to gain an advantage.

    It’s more probable than not that fans of other teams will believe that their team has never done anything wrong and continue to bash the Patriots.

    It’s more probable than not that the Patriots would have won anyways.

    Thats pretty fun.

  68. This is wonderful. As a 49er fan I’m glad the hawks lost the super bowl, but now it taints Brady’s 4th win to put him in the same company and Montana and Bradshaw.

  69. Pats fans are like “It depends on what your definition of ‘probable’ is”

  70. It’s more probable than not that this is the biggest waste of time and money the NFL has ever been involved in. That guy gets a bundle of money for that. What a disgrace. It’s probable they should have fined them $25k on day one and moved on. It’s probable they won’t release what this cost.

  71. This is not a criminal case and the standard of proof is lower than “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Goodell only needs to prove guilt by a preponderance of evidence– ie that it is more likely than not that it occured. This report appears to have crossed that threshold.

    Look for some punishment to occur and MOST surprisingly for it not to be contained to the locker room/equipment managers.

    The report clearly states that Tom Brady was most likely aware of this.

    Wow! This could get ugly if Robert Kraft and Goodell go at each other. No way Kraft allows his favorite player to have his reputation sullied without a fight.

    Stay tuned…

  72. The equivalent to we think but can’t prove it. That is irresponsible to even state that without actual proof. So basically they got nothing concrete after this whole time. By the way how did Brady and the Pats do the 2nd half of the afc championship game and the super bowl.

  73. “We didn’t find any proof, but Goodell was paying us to make them look guilty so by God we did!”

    -Ted Wells, Attorney at Law

  74. JohnG says:
    May 6, 2015 1:21 PM
    I’m interested in what evidence they have and how that refutes the science of atmospheric pressure.

    it doesn’t because the two are unrelated. atomospheric pressure can in no way explain the amount of pressure lost by those balls and also cannot explain why only the patriots balls were affected.

    you patriots fans are no better than climate deniers and creationists. keep your pseudo science to yourselves.

  75. We should appoint a fairness Czar with an army of regulators to analyze every team in the NFL. I want to see the report for every team so that we can all question the validity of wins and losses.

  76. If you read the report it’s pretty damming for Brady. Whether anything comes of it is another story. Especially with former pat Troy Vincent deciding discipline if any.

  77. I didn’t realize so many PFT commenters are subject matter experts on atmospheric pressures and barometric formulas!

    Anyways, shocking this all comes out AFTER the Draft when something punitive towards the Pats could’ve actually occurred.

  78. Somewhere Vince McMahon is laughing his ass off – and preparing to take over the commissionership.

    After all, this is the kind of “legitimate” sport he understands very well. Screw the “rules”.

    Where’s the money?

  79. News Flash – it’s been going on since 2007 when all of a sudden the patriots stopped fumbling. So don’t tell me it doesn’t matter because it was only in the colts game and they got crushed. Sickening.

  80. “They won the Superbowl, so it is more probably than not that they manipulated……..” blah blah blah. Keep on crying 🙂

  81. Everything they have done all of their wins Super Bowls all are tainted including this last one a BUNCH of long time cheaters

  82. Wasn’t necessary to cheat to beat the Colts as everyone on here knows
    I am still proud of my Patriots!
    Super Bowl Champions!!!!!!

  83. Haters? Please…it’s the facts, “you” (like you actually did something personally), lol…
    All the Lombardi’s are tainted and this is what next to them ****
    Cue the haters!!
    Btw, we still have our Lombardi’s😀

  84. I’m a Pats fan. Quickly browsed the report. My 2 take aways so far:

    1) Why did Exponent only test with temperatures at Pre-game conditions (67 degrees) vs. halftime conditions (in the 50’s)

    2) The text exchanges between the two Pats equipment guys are pretty damning that ball manipulation was most likely taking place, and that it was initiated by complaints by Brady, who most likely was aware. To me this is the smoking gun.

    I’m still going to enjoy that Super Bowl victory but won’t cry foul when the punishment is handed down. Rules are rules.

  85. The sad part of this is that these 2 schmos did this on orders from above. It’s not something they are going to do on their own.

    Belicheck (sp) needs to face responsibility someday. He cheats. Period.

  86. If the Falcons get fined and lose a draft pick for piped in crowd noise..and the Jets are fined for tappering (Revis)…the Patriots SHOULD be fined and lose a draft pick for deflategate. Deflated balls are a direct link to the integrity of the game. But Robert Kraft’s wife (Roger Goodell) will have the NFL turn and look the other way as if the Patriots haven’t been known to cheat in the past.

    NFL = WWF

  87. I didn’t really think much of this story before, couldn’t really have cared less – but since Brady had to go out of his way to prove he’s a disrespectful, despicable ahole by insulting the President, I’m glad he’s also been proven to be a lying scumbag. As well as a philanderer. He has zero moral high ground to pretend to.

  88. Does anyone seriously care, this is along the lines of using a spit ball in baseball or a little too much curve on your stick in hockey.

    As a Bears fan I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

  89. That’s a wow, isn’t it? Now the question is , what does the NFL do? They can’t replay the game or the Super Bowl, so that is out. Forfeiting the Super Bowl to the Seahawks seems wrong, for as the incident happened in the AFC Championship game and not the Super Bowl and as much as one may want to, you cannot presume the Seahawks automatically beats the Colts.( the old saying , on any given Sunday…) . So… what to do?

    Well, the two personal, the locker room attendant and Officials Locker room Assistant have to be the fall guys here and fired. ( if they aren’t already ) No way can they survive and keep any job within the organization, at least for a while anyway.

    The billion dollar question is Brady. The report says : “Based on the evidence, it also is our view that it is more probable than not that Tom Brady [the quarterback for the Patriots] was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls.”. So from the NFL’s point of view, Brady was aware of the situation and lied about it, to them, the media and the fans. This is obviously an integrity issue about the game itself, but how much of an integrity issue and how far did Brady go over the line? The NFL can’t do nothing, but what is too much? I’m thinking a hefty fine ( which for Brady would be pocket change) and a suspension of a couple games. I doubt Goodell could get more to stand through the inevitable arbitration hearing, though he might hit Brady hard, ( like 10 games for example ) go through arbitration and let the arbitrator decide the limit. The problem is with the Patriots getting caught for ” Spygate” while Brady was there, if Goodell doesn’t come out with a decisive and hard penalty, the NFL looks even worse , especially against teams that have been caught twice ” cheating”. I got to believe Brady is going to miss a few games, but this is going to get a hell of a lot worse and uglier before it is done

  90. So when does Wells begin his investigation of Aaron Rogers for over inflating his game footballs per his preference? I mean that should be a short and sweet investigation as Rogers is actually quoted as saying as much. But hey, only the Patriots cheat. #witchhunt

  91. All you Pats haters –

    “More probable than not” means that they can’t prove ANYTHING, but they realize that they have to say SOMETHING.

    The Pats won the 1st half 17-7, and the 2nd half 28-zip.

    Last week the team was welcomed at the White House and after that Belichik took the team to the local Vets’ Hospital, leading to these questions:

    When was the last time a championship team did that?
    When was the last time Obama did that?
    When was the last time your team did that, which is kind of a cruel question since you probably don’t have a favorite team in any case – you just get off railing on the Pats, which is, as always, amusing.

    Stick it

  92. I am seriously under whelmed with story so far. More probable than not means they might have not cheated. Or maybe they they did.
    Is it 90% probable? Or is it 51% probable.

    Total BS

  93. Sooooooo another patriots superbowl with an asterisk next to it? Still haven’t won a superbowl without some funny business….love it.

  94. The events surrounding Spygate are prophetic.


    Because the best way to predict future behavior is to look at past behavior.

  95. afty2001 says:
    May 6, 2015 1:22 PM
    For weeks, Colts fan have had to endure the backlash from other teams fans. Probably Browns or Raiders fans. And the almighty Patriot fans were convinced the Colts were behind it.

    Well from Colt nation, we kindly give every one of you a big fat middle finger with a caveat to shove it!

    Patriots are cheaters, always.

    How dumb do some of you feel that Grigson/Colts would take the fall?

    Go Colts Baby!


    How many points will the Colts lose by this time?

  96. Brady suspension, Belichick suspension, team fine. With the Saints as precedent, the GM should also be suspended, but of course, that is Belichick.

    The workers themselves were following orders so make them suck some helium.

  97. Superbowl and draft are over. People assessed guilt when Brady went to the podium.

    If this report generates an apology from Kraft than it might have been worth the 100+ days it took to produce.

  98. Patriots should have to forfeit all super bowl “wins” under Brady and Belichick and give both a one year suspension. But, I bet Goodell destroys the evidence, finds a billionaire pocket change, and takes a 7th round pick.

  99. What’s the probability the Pats did this in more than one game last season? That’s really bad for the sport to have the league champion get caught cheating.

    I’d have said it was most likely probable Brady knew about the “manipulations” immediately after he said, “I don’t think I’m a cheater.” Only the most die-hard blind Pats fans couldn’t have seen that.

  100. Right so based on the Wells report and all the time it took we are greeted with the words “Probably” That is awesome nothing like establishing clarity and FACTS.

    Time to call the lawyers Robert you and your team are being accused of being guilty in the eyes of the public you should absolutely take legal action if for no other reason to prove your innocence, even more so after all the speeches that came out of Foxboro.

    It will be interesting to see if the league punish a team for a “Probable” violation, that will open up a huge can of worms for the future

  101. It should be mandatory that every time the Patriots take the field….”Darth Vader’s theme” should be cued up.

    How can anyone outside of New England cheer for such blatant cheaters?

  102. The only time that the Pats DIDNT cheat is when they lost to the Giants, twice…the other SB wins, they cheated simple as that.

  103. They cheated straight up. Wells is saying I don’t have a video of them cheating but 1 + 1 = 2 super bowl wins we know of that they cheated to win. Two equipment guys manipulated the balls and Brady knew it. The reason the report was held up was that Goodell didn’t want to remove the super bowl win and remove a couple top draft picks. This is twice now and it is time to drop the hammer. The other owners should ban Kraft from owning a team and Brady needs at least a year suspension with Bellicek getting a year also under the Sean Payton rules where anything that goes on under a coach is the coaches responsibility. This is an embarrassment to the NFL and I wish other owners had some balls to stand up to Kraft. The team is a bunch of cheaters from top to bottom and the NFL is a bunch of Krafts beeches, kissing his rear. Disgusting. Seems to me a lot of congressmen who have teams in their jurisdictions that will put the pressure on the NFL to stop the cheating once and for all. If the NFL does nothing, they are setting themselves up for a congressional ruling on the NFL and is that what the NFL wants?

  104. The Pats have won a lot of games over the past 15 years and its all tainted. Bill will sit Jonas gray for messing practice but will surely be involved in cheating, however that is ok. They always try a way to buck the system and all it does it take away from the success that they have enjoyed.

  105. Since the Pats picked last, they released the report after the draft so that the loss of their first round pick next year will hurt more.

  106. Wait, I thought it was Pete Carroll’s fault for giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch. Belichick “PROBABLY” told Carroll they were playing the run so they passed. What a crock!!!!

  107. How much are the Colts, Mike Kensell, the Jets fan in the NFL front office and John Harbaugh paying off Ted Wells to bogusly smear the Patriots??

  108. Is it “hating” to want and expect your champions to win the title without cheating, and to think less of them if they do cheat?

  109. What’s funny are the colts fans are ignoring how the investigation found some of the colts’ balls were under-inflated too….

    totally ignoring.

    guess the pats did that too, eh?

  110. so the word probably means guilty right?

    so i guess the seahawks win the superboawl because they probably would have scored if they would have ran it from the 1 yard line huh?

    also the colts balls were underinflated?

  111. Couldn’t find nothing, here’s some inneuendo to justify my bill with and make the league feel less foolish.

    The 3 out 4 colts balls below 12.5 at half time?
    shut up, I got a cheque to cash.

  112. READ THE REPORT. The first ten pages include repeated texts between two equipment guys (Jastremski and McNally) all about needles, ball PSI, Brady, and my favorite lines: “better be surrounded by cash and newkicks or it’s rugby Sunday.” Translation: you/Tom better pay me to deflate the balls or I’ll over-inflate them to look like a rugby ball. Okay even better is the text: “Jimmy needs some kicks… let’s make a deal… come on, help the deflator.”

    Holy cow. Pretty damning. Trading sneakers for deflation of footballs. Brady was 100% aware–as these texts indicate, and the management (because it’s their business) 100% on the hook as well. I want to know who coughed up the cash and who paid for the clothing and sneakers….

    Summary: 11 tested Pats balls went from 12.5 before game to an average of about 11 at halftime. 4 tested Colts balls went from an average of 13 pre-game to 12.5 at halftime. So the climate DID have an effect–one-half of a PSI. The remaining one full PSI lost from the pats balls? Magic.

    I’m thinking Brady gets docked a few games for this, as well as money fines for him, BB, and team. The two equipment guys are toast.


  113. Caption for the Brady picture: “we cheated and we know it, clap your hands(Clap,clap)

  114. Probably a 100k fine for TB12. He can dig that out of the seats in his home theater. He will use the shine of the Lombardi trophy to see while he is digging it out. They could have played with a bowling ball and still would have worked that team like a speed bag. Just like the she hawks d in the 4th quarter of the super bowl.

  115. Love that Pats fans are clinging to semantics now. Yep, more probable than not means THEY PROBABLY DID IT. I’m not calling for these guys to be thrown in jail. But when an investigation says they probably did it, I’m going to base my opinion on the stance that hey, they probably did it.

  116. More effort was put into this than the White House and justice department put into Benghazi, Fast & Furious and the IRS scandal combined.

  117. Brady will be forced to use nurf footballs for the first quarter of the season as punishment.

  118. As expected…they most likely should never have been in the Super Bowl. Seattle should probably have played against Baltimore or Indy.

  119. Well from Colt nation, we kindly give every one of you a big fat middle finger with a caveat to shove it!

    Patriots are cheaters, always.

    How dumb do some of you feel that Grigson/Colts would take the fall?

    Go Colts Baby!

    Care to explain why 4 Colts ball were under inflated?

  120. The New England Patriots penalty is that they must from now on be known as the opposite of the New Orleans Saints. The New England Taints.

  121. What did Sean Payton get when people on the staff in New Orleans cheated?

  122. Come on, Rog. Let’s see you protect “The Shield” now.

    Cheating should incur the highest penalty available.

  123. If this is all they were going to say they could have released this report 4 days after the game. Of course it’s after the draft, wonder what it will cost the pats.

  124. This is game time cheating, not player tampering, but had a direct impact on the outcome of a game. You don’t just do something like once during championship game, they most likely have a history of doing so.

    Bottom line is this is about as serious a cheating scandal as the NFL has ever seen. The punishment must fit the crime. Brady needs to be suspended, I’d suggest a year, and the team should be fined and maybe draft picks taken away.

  125. Wow, there must be a whole lot of speed readers reading that report that fastcrying cheaters. Its over 200 pages long! Oh, wait!! I’d be willing to bet not one commenter has read the darn thing. Predisposed opinions anyone!

  126. So, the colts had underinflated balls as well. Does that make them cheaters too? Shall they be penalized as well? This is still dumb.

  127. For anyone complaining that this took place after the draft which helps the Patriots, remember that Pats picked 32nd this year. Unless they win the Super Bowl again having a pick taken away next year will be worse, since it will be a higher pick.

  128. If corking a bat gets you roughly 10 games in baseball, deflating a football should get Tom Brady at least a 3 game suspension.

    And Tom Brady should have been suspended from the Super Bowl.

  129. I just completed a 3 month investigation and have determined that it is “more probable than not” that Roger Goodell is incompetent.

  130. Not a Pats fan – but while it is fun to bash them (and it is), the people saying that Indy should have been in the SB, if not for this.

    You’re losing all credibility.

  131. “Patriots’ officials locker room attendant Jim McNally referred to himself as the “deflator” in text messages to Patriots equipment assistant John Jastremski.”

    OUCH..That’s probably not going to help the Pats case…

    Butttt all the Patbots can try to defend it, NOW.

  132. We waited for … the Patriots may or may not have cheated. We just don’t know, so we’ll go with (coin in air… wait for it…wait for it…, what was tails) oh yea, the Patriots probably cheated.

  133. I hate me the Patriots as much as anyone, but seriously – deflated balls?!

    So what? Did deflated balls run up the score on Indy in the AFCCG and throw a INT from the 1 yard line in the SB?

    Let’s save the “cheater” tag for some real cheating. this is much ado about nothing. I would be shocked if any punishments of any meaning were brought down because of this.

  134. How convenient for the Patriots, the report came out a mere days after the draft ended. So no loss of picks…

  135. The term ” more probable than not” means Wells has zero evidence against the PATRIOTS and the NFL is covering up the Colts involvement.

    KRAFT – Stand up and “DO YOUR JOB”

    Sue the NFL and step on their throats.

    Never seen such rabid biased hate against AMERCIA’s TEAM.

  136. Well it took 4 months to get “They PROBABLY did it.” I probably will call out of work and go to Vegas tomorrow. I probably will win the lotto some day. They never had anything on the Pats. Non issue

  137. Soooo. I see where you left out the part where the majority of the Patriots Org had no idea what was going on..(coaches, owner, etc..)

    essentially the report says that the culprits are 2 equipment peons. It also mentions Brady may have known about it (with Wells confidence rating no less than 50.01%)

    sounds like Wells got paid by the NFL to release an ambiguous report.

  138. Former Jets employees protecting other former Jets employees.

    if you can’t beat the Pats just claim they’ve cheated even when there is no real evidence they did so.

  139. C’mon Patriots fans! Tell us how we are all just jealous again.

  140. To all pats fans, there was no video of Hernandez actually shoooting someone, but the evidence shows he more than likely did it, so he was convicted. The evidence here shows more than likely the Pats cheated, so we dont need video. You cheated, own up to it and stop being little babies.

  141. If all it takes to win a Super Bowl is let a little air out of some balls, you can bet everyone would be doing it. This doesn’t taint their great season.

    Oh, and I’m a Lions fan, by the way.

  142. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are real good that it’s a duck.

    The NE Cheaters caught with their hands in the cookie jar once again, with a handful of cookies. Then they wants us to believe they had nothing to do with it.
    Another tainted Superbowl theft, to go along with the “Snow Job” and the “Tuck Rule”.
    Hail the NE Cheaters.!!!!!!!!

  143. tajuara says:
    May 6, 2015 1:49 PM

    New England won the last SB because three key starters on Seattle’s D went out.

    That’s not why they won. That was the reason they could move the ball and score. They won because RW threw a pick to lose the SB. Worst play call ever, and worst INT EVER. They run the ball they win. Easy math.

  144. No mention of 3 of the 4 Colts balls being under inflated either? So let me see if I get this straight there’s no evidence of anything but Wells says it probably happened? Right…that’s totally legitimate wording for an investigation. Oh and Ravens fans talking about tainted titles that’s kind of funny considering the NFL rigged the 2012 season for Ray’s last ride.

  145. Conspicuously absent, is any mention of the Pats pattern for rules violation, which, you can presume, makes it more likely, the issue was widely known throughout the organization. When players have issues, they follow them to the end of their careers and are used for more severe punishment for subsequent acts.

    Here, the Pats are treated like they’ve never done anything before, giving them “cover and insulation” not usually afforded previous “bad actors”. When there is a question of cheating, the Pats should be regarded as a usual suspect.

  146. How convenient the report just so happens to come out right after the draft is completed so no chance of docking the Patsies any picks this year. Nice work Goodell, as usual……

  147. I say give the Patriots the maximum penalty allowed by the rulebook!!! $25,000

  148. Translated version of the report from absurdity into what actually happened:

    – We found deflated balls.
    – We could not release a report that took this long and not place blame on someone.
    – We have absolutely no definitive proof anyone did something to those balls and saying for sure someone did could open us up for potential law suits.
    – We’ll use the phrase “more than probable” as it will make us seem smarter, will get the public on our side, while not actually putting potential slanderous words in our mouths.

  149. Let’s flash forward 6-7 years to Brady’s HOF induction at Canton. I promise you that NOTHING will be officially said about the one year suspension he’ll be handed, except by us Colts fans, standing in the back with posters saying things like “don’t immortalize cheaters.”

    Pete Rose is denied the MLBHOF for gambling (but not, as I recall, betting on his own games), others for cheating to gain a competitive advantage through PEDs. How would this instance be different for Brady’s HOF consideration? He was good enough for HOF like Barry Bonds, but just like Bonds, he cheated to do better.

    Keep him out of my HOF.

  150. History will not be kind to the Patriots. There is the right way and the cheater way. No respect for the pats. Cheaters never soar. *

  151. How much did they pay for this? And all we get is they probably did it?? Brilliant. I dislike the Patriots as much as the next guy. But if you can’t prove something, the proper response would be “we could not find any evidence proving this accusation”. That’s like a judge saying “not guilty, but I know you did it”.

  152. Spoken like such a cheater fan, way to turn your head away from the truth. Continue to think that your team is a ligit winner.
    Please go away Pats loser fans, you are cheaters deal with it!

    The term ” more probable than not” means Wells has zero evidence against the PATRIOTS and the NFL is covering up the Colts involvement.

    KRAFT – Stand up and “DO YOUR JOB”

    Sue the NFL and step on their throats.

    Never seen such rabid biased hate against AMERCIA’s TEAM.

  153. The pats should get the same treatment that the Saints got a few years back. With the GM, coach and now the an being suspended for the season. This is worst than the bountygate scandal as is it actually affected the outcome of a game. I also wonder if it was going on more of the season because Brady look horrible at the beginning of the season.

  154. What good is winning multiple Championships, when their is large question marks about how the team bent or flat out broke the rules during the season or leading up to the big game.

  155. So 3-4 Colt balls were deflated and one of the Pats was and we are talking about the Pats?

  156. This report proves absolutely nothing. The phrase “more probable than not” was used numerous times – how vague and non-committal can you get??

  157. And we all knew this a couple weeks before the Superbowl. Its “interesting” that it was released after the draft. Don’t worry Goodell.. Kraft will be sure to kick in your Christmas bonus.

  158. Right now Tom Brady is buying a new car for Troy Vincent with autographed Tom Brady merchandise inside.

  159. No Colt fan would ever think this is the reason the Patriots won that game. BUT, it is pretty obvious this wasn’t the first time. What taints this Super Bowl is the question of would they have even been in that game had they not been doing this all year. Would they have gotten home field advantage? Would they have beaten the Ravens the week before? Look at the Patriots fumble numbers, it’s not a stretch to say they could have been drastically different had they not been deflating balls. A turnover here and there could have made a difference in their regular season record and had them playing on the road in the playoffs instead of at home.

  160. There’s no way the Patriots CAN be penalized. No concrete proof of any wrong doing. More probable than not is not the same as beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Uneducated sports fans will still bitch and moan repeatedly though. Doesn’t have any bearing on the results of one of the best Super Bowl’s ever. But yeah, totally tainted.

  161. In football, if a player is probable for week 3, you can mark it down, dude is playing that week. So mark it down, Brady sucked the air out of those balls.

  162. “more probable than not” is going to stir up “more discussion than is necessary.”

    I hate the Pats but move on. This will be all we hear for the next several days.

    P.S. Makes Obama’s deflategate joke even funnier now that the report doesn’t exonerate the Pats.

  163. Excellent. After ‘spygate’, BB/TB12 went on an 18-0 run, thumping teams mercilessly in the process.

    Can’t wait for this season to start.

    Bring on the thumbs down, trolls!! Your hate makes the Patriots stronger!!! Bwahahahaha!!

  164. WOW

    14 weeks and the Report comes back with “PROBABLY”

    AND It IGNORES basic scientific facts and data?

    Missed Opportunity – the report doesn’t stand the sniff test of credibility – and Pats “PROBABLY” get away with something again….

    Goodell & Wells had a perfect chance to get something right and the totally blew it.

    The NFL front office lacks transparency and leadership.

    The Goodell era needs to come to an end – and quickly!

  165. So Greg Hardy gets 10 game suspension, Ray Rice is essentially out of the game, all these “substance abuse” players getting spanked, and none of them interfered with the integrity of the game the way that Belichick and Brady have done. Something is really wrong here. Pete Rose got worse for doing much less, IMHO. This is on par with New Orleans BountyGate, and its the second time Belicheck has been involved. Payton was out a year, so should Belicheck

  166. Why all the focus on the Colts game- clearly the patri*ts didn’t beat the Ravens without the aid of refs and bad calls- that should have been the end of their season. NE has not won one SB that did not come without a cheating aid starting with Tuck rule BS- then they never stopped. Belichaet and NE are manipulative slimballs.

  167. Not sure how much money the NFL paid for this report, but they should get a refund, based on this conclusion. This much time to say basically what was thought more than 3 months ago. What is more frustrating is that it is unlikely that they found new evidence since the draft, which means they likely believe this before the draft, but waited till it was completed to release the report. Looks like Goodell did his buddy Kraft a favor. First a non conclusive finding, so that he can lower the discipline, without public rage. Second so it did not cost the Patriots any 2015 draft picks, that will allow they to compete again this year.

  168. The commish will shock the world. Brady 8 game suspension, Belacheat 8 game suspension, 2 million dollar fine for the Pats. Forfeiture of 2016 1st round pick.

  169. Sadly, none of us have read the report, so we don’t know what else is said. This is taken out of context. “More probable than not” does not guarantee the guilt of anyone. In a court of law, a jury could not find the defendants guilty based on this.

    The way this is written states that there is no way they are not guilty.

    I am curious to see what the NFL does now.

  170. Indybear says:
    May 6, 2015 1:27 PM
    This still gets a big “so what”? The Pats RAN the ball wherever they wanted. They could have played with a brick and won.



    The Patriots have a statistically freakish rate of fumbling the ball far less than any other team in the league.

    Not only that, players that went from other teams to the Pats suddenly had their fumble rate drop drastically, while players who went from the Pats to other teams had their fumble rates go up.

    It’s a lot easier to hang onto the ball when it’s underinflated, and that applies to running as well as passing.

  171. Read the texts and the actual report.

    There is no question the balls were deflated and that Brady was up to his eyeballs.

    One text the equip manager called himself “the deflator” and this wasn’t before the Colts game.

    Another he jokes about going to ESPN and suddenly Brady is giving him gifts.

    Really bad.

    Banned at least a year. SB trophy vacated.

    Fines of $10M to Kraft and Bellicheck also banned for a year.

  172. I love the Patriots apologists. Look at it this way, there is a reason you can be detained for “probable cause”, ’cause you probably did it, or knew about it. This investigation stemmed from probable cause. The findings of this investigation paint a pretty clear picture that the Patriots were involved in some form of wrong doing. Therefore, a punishment needs to be handed down. This should be handles similar to how traffic fines are handled (at least here in NY) We acquire points on our licenses for each traffic violation (barring a plea deal to parking tickets, but let’s keep this a bit linear.) More than 11 points on your license and it is suspended. That is some combination of 11-20 over in speed, cell phone use, failure to obey a traffic device. Those are all 3+ point offenses and a combination of 3 will result in suspension of your driving privileges. Damaging the ingreity of the game, the highest offense in my book, would probably get 5 points. So in 2 offenses their is 10. The injury report manipulation, a 2-pointer. I’d say tampering charges are reduced to PT’s. Still at 12 points. I will not be a satisfied NFL fan if anything other than a suspension to Brady or Belicheck occurs. This isn’t the Bills fan in me, it’s the fan of the sport I love.

  173. The best and most fitting punishment would be forcing the Patriots to add an asterisk beside their name on all merchandise and team equipment for the next 10 years.

  174. Pat fans, you have your titles, no one is taking them away, but stop denying, your team cheats, plain and simple, of course in this instance he can’t say with absolute certainty, but if it looks like, smells like and feels like than it is, stop denying just enjoy your “titles”

  175. Read page 28 of the report and the footnote on the bottom of the page. Wells writes about the Pats lack of cooperation in arranging a follow up interview with one of the ball handlers. You don’t have to be a Pats fan or hater to realize this does not make them look good.

  176. Ok so let me see if I understand this.. They might have done something, but we still don’t really know for sure. Basically, nothing has changed.. The real question is how do I get the job of NFL investigator?

  177. Punishment should be:

    1. Fire the locker room guys who did it, ban them from the NFL.

    2. Suspend Brady and Belichick for the season.

    3. Dock the Patriots their 1st-round pick in next year’s draft

    4. Fine Kraft $1,000,000 along with a public admonishment for hindering the investigation and failing to direct all members of the Patriot organization from cooperating with the investigation

    5. Take away the AFC Championship and Lombardi trophy from the Patriots.

    Last, and not least, the NFL should have the game referees keep and monitor all the game balls used in every NFL game, with no access for team personnel. They should also check to make sure they have the correct pressure before the game and at halftime- and upon request from either team.

    Obviously this is not the Patriots first offense. And it was also widely known that Brady has been doing this for sometime.

  178. So more of the Colts balls were deflated than Pats balls and we arent investigating?

  179. Where was the concrete proof Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd? There was none. It was all circumstantial evidence. But he was convicted and sentenced based on jurors’ belief he most probably took part in the murder.

  180. Very telling that Tom Brady refused to cooperate with the investigation. Not exactly the actions of an innocent man.

    Pats fans are hilarious trying to hang on the word probably. Look, the bottom line is that unless you are a biased Patriots fan, you except the reality that the Patriots have cheated multiple times and will continue to do so because it has worked for them. I mean they got 4 rings from cheating! Why stop?

    I think Brady is a very good QB (not the greatest though by a long shot). But unfortunately for him, whenever someone tries to talk about how great he was, there will be 100 people there screaming that he’s a cheater.

    Just like Arod and Bonds and Armstrong and the rest of them, Tom Brady will ALWAYS be thought of as a cheater. It will forever go in the first paragraph of his bio!

  181. It’s more probable than not that I could have come to the same incomplete conclusion in half the time and at half the cost.

    If the best evidence leads you no further than “more probable than not” and “generally aware”, I can’t imagine that it was that compelling.

    While I believe some tinkering probably took place, I can’t agree with disciplining a team based on the level of evidence this report seems to be providing unless something is buried deeper in the report.

  182. ‘Patriots’ officials locker room attendant Jim McNally referred to himself as the “deflator” in text messages to Patriots equipment assistant John Jastremski’.

    — from the report.

    They cheated.

    They cheat.


  183. They should lose WAY more than the Falcons did. Of course this comes out after the draft. This team needs picks taken away!

  184. I’m not a Pats fan. But its funny how people believe what they WANT to believe. So the report says the Pats “probably” violated the rules. Must be true then. They’re cheaters. Of course, if the report indicated that there was clearly no violation, people would question the validity of the report.

  185. If not mistaken the footballs were swapped out at halftime.
    So lets take the 17 1st half points the Patriots scored off the board in the AFC Championship game.

    Still crushed my Colts!

  186. Lol…When is more than not probable become definitive. All that means is we have nothing and Goodell set it up as we don’t need to have conclusive evidence. The referees need to have conclusive evidence to overturn a call but not when it comes to an investigation…..what a joke this is. This is the NFL covering their ass in particular Goodel’ls Joke of a 2014 season. How come were not talking about the Colts 3 or 4 under inflated balls.

    Let’s not forget that Super Bowl played you can bet the NFL had the most accurate inflated balls in the history of the game and Brady showed why he’s the GOAT against an all time great defense and the biggest 4th qtr. deficit in super bowl history.

    Hell even the president was making jokes and how much of a joke this was and said this thing got just a little bit out of hand.

  187. As a Bucs fan I’d be OK with my team cheating its way to a 7-9 record. I’d help in the cover-up for a playoff spot and I’d let Winston have my phone to give to investigators for a SB win.

  188. Pats fans are spewing their usual crap about “haters” when the reality is that they are among the most vile, hateful fans in all of sports, as they abundantly demonstrated after the last Super Bowl.

    They were even trolling on pages talking about Russell Wilson going to the hospital to visit children dying of cancer.

    Saying vicious things about a player who has always displayed the highest level of character and sportsmanship on a page about kids with cancer is beyond sick, but that is how Pats fans are.

  189. In other news, the NFL announced they would not change policy and just use the same dang balls for each team. They prefer the system where teams are encouraged to take care of their own game balls thereby creating this mess in the first place.

  190. I would be embarrassed to be a Patriot fan there team cheats bad team can twin without cheating just saying all you Patriot fans shut your mouth Hahahahhahaha

  191. While I agree the Pats committed illegal activity and should be disciplined, there is no way this had any material impact on the game. It’s impossible to prove this discrepancy made for a 40-point difference in the game. The AFC and Super Bowl titles should remain as is. But Kraft, Belichick an Brady had better face some serious discipline – especially Kraft, who tried to ruin the investigation.


  193. Ted Wells investigations are worthless.

    For all the time and money they spent on it, you would think he could come up with something definitive.

    Uh…. they probably did it. Thanks, here is your millions.

  194. I could have told you the same thing 100 days ago. Play by rules, and you won’t get burned.

  195. well, we always thought that their championships were tainted now we know they are. First spygate and now this. And for the fanboys saying it makes no difference, I’ll say, this is no different than a batter using cork in his bat. It is a distinct advantage for that individual player. This would be like Lebron James getting to play with a woman’s basketball. But only him. It would make every shot easier to make. Just like a corked bat would make every hit ball potentially a home run. I was ready to give Pats their due after this SB win but now everything they’ve done under Brady is in question

  196. Looks like the Colts cheated too. Do all teams cheat? We know about cowboys and other fellows aren’t saints but who is lion if there is no proof.

  197. For all you questioning the “more probably than not” language. If you have ever been involved in any kind of law proceedings as a prosecutor or have ever written a legal factual report, this is standard language for stating the belief that cheating DID occur. In my reports I would have to write ” I smelled what “seemed” to be an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person” — I didn’t “seem” to in my mind, but I had to write that in legal jargon to make it unbiased. If i put it in a report, then it’s factual no matter how it’s stated.. Sorry Pats fans, your team cheated plain and simple… *

  198. Lets be really honest now! It’s very simple.The Seahawks really won that Super Bowl, if they simply run the ball! They outplayed the Pat’s all day! Pat’s couldn’t stop “Beast Mode” all day! It’s a joke the Pat’s won the Super Bowl. (They really didn’t) but because of a bad call by Seattle, they did. 2, They are cheaters, it is that simple. Anyone that is “Sane” and unbiased? Simply knows, this simple fact. But, they did win the Super Bowl far and square! So forfeiting the Lombardi Trophy doesn’t fit the crime! One could make the argument that they should and or wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl had they been not cheating. But, we’ll never know? We’ll never know just how long and how many times they didn’t cheat? Many Ex-Rams that played on the field that day. Especially when a man of Marshall Faulks stature. Says the there’s no way that they were most defiantly cheating. Just find the organization 1 or 2 Million and a 1st Round Draft pick in 2016 Draft, end of story, no biggie.

  199. So a 51% chance that he knew, still leaves a 49% chance that he did not. What a waste of time.

  200. If the Patriots had been 100% exonerated everyone that hates ’em would’ve called ’em cheaters anyway.
    Either way, no one cares anymore.

  201. More Probable than Not !

    You would think that after 100+ days of investigations, that Wells would come up with definitive proof one way or another.

    I for one would’ve expected a statement saying “with the absence of definitive proof of football tampering” … But I guess after 100+ days that Mr.Wells wouldn’t want to burn bridges and be able to collect his check.

    Goodell and his flunkies have made the NFL a farce this past year (with scandel after scandel)… I would expect the owners (led by Mr.Kraft) to clean house at the league office shortly.

  202. If I were an owner, I’d be pissed at Kraft. Not a good look on the NFL. Organizations are run top-down. Mega $ fine for Kraft, like a million-plus so it actually make him think about his role and hiring people of character. Lose a 1st round draft pick and fine Belichick. Suspend and fine Brady. And fine the ball handlers.

  203. More probable than not means they have evidence that there was an attempt to commit a violation. They have no visual knowledge of the balls being deflated but have evidence that shows individuals involved conspired to have the footballs tampered with. In this case they have text messages between Tom Brady and the equipment managers discussing the size of the footballs. That is enough to determine there was some sort of wrong doing on behalf of these individuals. Look, you can rob a bank and not get caught doing it at the time but if you tweet your friends that you just got some money because you robbed a bank you may get a knock on the door from the police.

  204. The only thing we learned from this is there is a 51% chance the Pats cheated, and a 100% the Colts cheated since 75% of their balls tested were deflated.

  205. 1historian says:
    May 6, 2015 1:41 PM
    All you Pats haters –

    “More probable than not” means that they can’t prove ANYTHING, but they realize that they have to say SOMETHING.

    The Pats won the 1st half 17-7, and the 2nd half 28-zip.

    Last week the team was welcomed at the White House and after that Belichik took the team to the local Vets’ Hospital, leading to these questions:

    When was the last time a championship team did that?
    When was the last time Obama did that?
    When was the last time your team did that, which is kind of a cruel question since you probably don’t have a favorite team in any case – you just get off railing on the Pats, which is, as always, amusing.

    Stick it
    All of that would be the typical grandstanding trying to turn public opinion in their favor as they most likely knew what was coming.
    Not impressed by the Patriot actions after the fact.
    Based on the report the balls were intentionally deflated and Brady was aware of it.
    Let the chips fall where they may at this point.

  206. Refs OVER- INFALTING the footballs to almost 16 PSI is cheating by the NFL.

    I expect a serious counter lawsuit by Brady & Kraft on this one.

    This is FRAME -GATE part 2 now.

  207. Sorry Patriot nation…bottom line, once a cheater, always a cheater… Even if it didn’t make much difference in that particular game… Belicheat is always trying to ‘stretch’ the rules to give his team an edge…

  208. Did anyone commenting actually read the report? Suspending a quarterback for “probably” being “generally or peripherally aware” that something _might_ be going on seems a little harsh.

  209. So we now have Refs over-inflating the footballs outside of the 13.5 psi and the Pats ball boys letting out the ILLEGAL air pressure to within the NFL acceptable 12.5 psi.

    Goodel + Kinsel+Grigson+Wells = FRAME -GATE

    The term “Probale” by Well$ means = ZERO EVIDENCE

    GO PATS = Slander Lawsuit against Wells & NFL

  210. So when is the Wells Report coming out on Aaron Rodgers? He ADMITTED ON THE RECORD that he likes his footballs overinflated. So when will the NFL report on the Packers come out? This is such a joke because EVERY team in the NFL SCREWS around with football inflation/deflation and the NFL doesn’t care because they’ve NEVER enforced the fine on the books for it. Somehow it’s now an issue because it’s the Patriots? What a joke. The NFL is trying to cover up their own incompetence for never enforcing a rule on the books about football inflation that EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL takes advantage of. Fire Goddell.

  211. Ahhhh, the Patsies are coming out in drove. It’s a conspiracy with them when things don’t go their way. The level of smug is suffocating.

    Truth = Hate. Ask any Pats fans.

  212. Sounds pretty “iffy”, more likely the NFL needs to rekindle some controversy now that the draft is over and there’s nothing really making headlines. Would be so refreshing to have sports “reporters” reporting actual news for a change! I don’t think the majority of sports fans cares one way or the other about “deflategate” as it was of no consequence even when it allegedly happened!

  213. Weasel Nation caught Cheating Again! What a Legacy! The fans get what they deserve—defend the Cheats! Give trophy back to the league—you do not deserve it! You earned your reputation!

  214. Tom Brady and Bill Belicheat have tainted their reputations BEYOND repair. I’m no Patriots hater by far but enough is enough. How many ‘near’ scandals can one franchise take? … and before you start talking about Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, etc., THERE IS NO COMPARISON! The Raven’s ‘issues’ all had to do with bad behavior OFF the field. The Pats’ bad behavior all happens ON THE FIELD and in the locker rooms. Every team has trouble makers but most of those teams’ integrity of the game do not come into question like the Patriots do. PS… it doesn’t matter whether Bill knew or not. HE IS THE LEADER and he has set a tone that says ‘cheating is okay… as long as you don’t get caught’. He is just as guilty as any of those equipment handlers!

  215. Just read the executive summary of the report……its pretty bad……like more probable than not is an understatement….. this could potentially be the nail in the coffin for tom brady and tarnish his legacy more than it really should
    -Still going to be loyal after all this Pats Fan

  216. Some of you need to read what others have posted before you.

    1) Colts balls were deflated within margin of error accounting for atmospheric pressure. The patriots balls were deflated well BEYOND what can be accounted for by atmospheric pressure.

    2) Text messaging between Tom and Equip manager and locker room attendant is very clear! They conspired to deflate, even joked about it.

    3) This isn’t about pats vs colts, pats vs hawks or any other team. This is about the Pats cheating for YEARS…they didnt’ conspire for just one game. Thus every game they’ve played they’ve had an unfair advantage.

    Maybe other teams did it too, but surely some individual from one of the other 32 teams (past or present) would want his moment in the sun with a nice payday from exclusive interviews.

    Brady and Belicheck should be out for the season or at least 8 games and the Pats should lose their next two First round picks.

  217. The funny thing is the Patroits didn’t even have to cheat to beat the Colts.

    That Colts-D is atrocious and the Patroits would’ve won even without the deflated balls.

    Well, hope the deflated balls were worth it , because the Patroits reputation is tarnished.

  218. Now that the obvious guilt has been established, time to bring the hammer down on the cheaters.
    Fines, suspensions, and banishments all around, starting with Brady, Belichick and Kraft.

  219. Tom Brady is a cheater and liar and has been for years! He has benefited from the tuck rule, spygate and now deflate gate. His entire career deserves an asterisk!

  220. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! Cheaters got caught cheating! So that would now make Tom Brady 0-4 in Superbowl’s AND the Patriots 0-6. Too fun. Hysterical.

  221. The Patriots are Cheaters and convicted murderers. Isn’t that special! When I was in Boot Camp we had a guy from Boston in our Company and nobody liked him. No wonder the guy was a sociopath!

  222. Let’s see, it’s more probable that the Patriots cheated than they didn’t cheat but the Colts DID cheat with their balls? Is that how this report is written? YES, is that more or less probable than not probable?

  223. To Pats patsy RaptorJesus: did that wambulance finally come and take you to the funny farm? You were calling for one over and over and I hope you get the treatment you deserve, I mean need!

  224. This report is full of jargon and a lot of doublespeak that infers that it is more probable that the Patriots cheated than it is less probable that the Patriots didn’t cheat, at least they really did by 50.1% to 49.9%.

    OH, I GET IT. Whoops, I DONT GET IT.

  225. Gee…..thanks….


    “Ted Wells: ‘More probable than not’ Patriots manipulated balls”

  226. Another hysterical oversight by Wells is claiming there wasnt enough time to measure all the Colts balls during halftime. They measured 4 and 3 were deflated and stopped there, yet they think someone can go into a bathroom and deflate 12 of them in 90 seconds. I cant make this stuff up!

  227. A question to NE fans (who are all now rallying to attack the Wells report):

    If your team does not need to cheat to win games then why does it continue to do so?

  228. For the reasons described in this Report, and after a comprehensive investigation”

    Comprehensive?!?!? Then why only check the 12 balls NE used but only 4 of Indy’s? That’s sounds like a half hearted investigation.
    So, More likely than not equates to 51% vs 49%

  229. Even though I expected the results of the Wells investigation, I am still deeply disappointed. I am selling all of my Brady memorabilia to set a good example for my boys that play various sports that cheating should not be tolerated no matter how much you like the athlete. Young people need to learn that winning at all costs is costly. Integrity matters. I repeat as a huge Patriots fan and the biggest Brady fan I am disappointed.

  230. I have one post about the Wells report… I.

    Here is what I concluded from the report…

    “the Ideal Gas
    Law predicts that the Patriots balls should have measured between 11.52 and 11.32 psi at the end
    of the first half, just before they were brought back into the Officials Locker Room.”

    Here are the measurements of the Patriots Ball …there were 2 separate measurements…

    Blakeman Prioleau
    1 11.50 11.80
    2 10.85 11.20 Not explained by science -.15lb
    3 11.15 11.50
    4 10.70 11.00 Not explained by science -.35lbs
    5 11.10 11.45
    6 11.60 11.95
    7 11.85 12.30
    8 11.10 11.55
    9 10.95 11.35
    10 10.50 10.90 Not explained by science -.45lbs
    11 10.90 11.35

    So only 3 of the 11 balls could not be explained by science…but as you can see there are up to 10% variances in the 2 measurements…to me a this is easily explained that Weather is BY FAR the most “PROBABLE” explanation…. there were only 4 Colts ball measured and the argument was their loss was not consistent with the colts balls…there balls were measured last due to time so plenty of time to warm up (this was not tested)..Also I can pick 4 of the 11 balls that that are consistent with the the difference in the colts balls…the only ones that are not are the 3 anomalies and we are talking about .15lbs to .35lbs (not being accounted for)…these anomalies could have existed in the colts balls if all of their were all tested.

    Also one other key text that shows there was not intent to intentional deflate below the rules…

    John Jastremski
    (508) 958-xxxx
    (508) 265-xxxx
    I just measured some of the balls. They supposed to
    be 13 lbs… They were like 16. Felt like bricks.

    At the end of the day…to say this report clearly shows that it was more probable than not it was deliberate is an irresponsible statement…as they are basing this on interpretation of joking text between two co workers and weighing a personal opinion over science

    Also we are talking about fractions of 1psi that can not be explained by science…certainly not a competitive advantage.

  231. I do like the patriots but this could be considered a ‘corking the bat’ type of rule violation. Very doubtful Brady or patriots face any significant punishment aside from fines and a short suspension. I guarantee you lots and lots of quarterbacks do this. It was already known around the league that Brady did this…nobody complained. So, basically, Brady and the patriots will take a similar hit as spy gate but nothing more.

  232. Pats haters – some of you are really over the top.

    I pity you – you must have miserable lives.

    We won the 1st half 17-7.

    At halftime the shi+ hit the fan.

    We won the 2nd half 28-0.

    At the beginning of the 4th quarter in the Superbowl the Hawks led 24-14.

    At the end of the game the Pats led 28-24, IOW, WE WON THE GAME.

    Live with it.

  233. If the Patriots make it to another Super Bowl, the Halftime Show will feature Neil Young…

    ♪ “I’ve seen the needle and the damage done…” ♪

  234. Lol,

    Only thing comes out of the Colt’s and Jet’s front offices are rat ‘s and whiners.

    and that is “more probable than not”:)~

  235. Average pressure of patriots footballs measured at halftime: 11.3 psi.

    Expected pressure for a ball inflated to 12.5 psi at 71 degrees and moved to 48 degrees: 11.3 psi.

    This is a frame-up job.

  236. The Pats have proven they are not worthy of being in the NFL. The Pats have shown they will cheat at every opportunity they find along the way. Just when you start to believe in them again they are caught red handed AGAIN. If I were a Pats fan I would be so mad and embarrassed. Is it to much to ask for just one Superbowl where they don’t cheat?

  237. They can’t win without cheating :(((( wait…. They beat the defending SB champs, but they must have cheated. 45-7 was the score of that game??? O…. Cheating is the only reason they won.

    There’s nothing substantial in the whole report, it’s pathetic. I’m fine with people questioning the integrity of Brady or the Pats, but grow the hell up with the crap about not being able to win without cheating. They have the highest winning percentage in the NFL since 2001, you guys really think that’s all from cheating???

  238. I may be misinterpreting or misunderstanding the article, but as long as both balls were measured with the same air pressure gauge prior to the start of the game, there is no issue.

    Page 111 of the report (third bullet) states:

    ” Based on the starting pressures reported by representatives of each team and by referee Walt Anderson, the Patriots game balls exhibited a greater average pressure drop than did the Colts game balls. This difference was determined to be statistically significant, regardless of which air pressure gauge was used to test the footballs prior to the game and at halftime. “

  239. (just an example to try to explain my thought process)

    Let’s say a boy (named Pat) has 3 bouncy balls and a boy (named Colt) has 3 bouncy balls.

    A person (named Walt) measures the air pressure (PSI) in each bouncy ball prior to taking all six balls out doors into the cold weather. Walt has two air pressure gauges (gauge #1 and gauge #2), but Walt forgets whether he used gauge #1 or gauge #2 when measuring the air pressure of the balls before taking the balls outside.

    Each of Pat’s balls measures 2.5 PSI. Each of Colt’s balls measures 3 PSI.

    The neutral person who measures the PSI in each ball forgets whether he used gauge #1 or gauge #2….

    After two hours, the balls are brought back inside. Walt measures Pat’s balls with gauge #1. Each of Pat’s balls measures 1.35 PSI. Walt then measures Pat’s balls with gauge #2. Each of Pat’s balls measures 1.7 PSI.

    Walt measures Colt’s balls with gauge #1. Each of Colt’s balls measures 2 PSI. Walt then measures Colt’s balls with gauge #2. Each of Colt’s balls measures 2.35 PSI.

    Colt’s balls lost 1 PSI (according to gauge #1) and 0.65 PSI (according to gauge #2).

    Pat’s balls should lose approximately the same amount in air pressure (PSI) since all six balls were taken outside for 2 hours.

    Pat’s balls lost 1.65 PSI (according to gauge #1) and 1.3 PSI (according to gauge #2).

    Regardless of which air pressure gauge was used to make the initial measurements, the question that needs to be addressed and answered now is…

    “Why did each of Pat’s balls lose more air than each of Colt’s balls?”

    (did Colt add air into his balls? Did Pat take away air from his balls? Did Colt place his balls in front of a heater? Etc. etc. etc.)

    Sorry for any confusion… trying to explain the best way possible via a keyboard. I, like everyone else, am having difficulties wrapping my head around the entire report.

  240. Footnote 69 on page 114 describes that there is a 0.4% probability of this happening by chance

  241. The conclusions (based on Exponent’s statistical analysis and experiments) on page 114-115 of the report state,

    There was an apparent difference in the reduction of average air pressure between the Patriots and Colts game balls when measured at halftime. When compared to the reported pre-game pressures of 12.5 psi and 13.0 psi, the average pressure drop of the Patriots game balls exceeded the average pressure drop of the Colts balls by 0.45 to 1.02 psi. The difference in the average pressure drops between the Patriots and Colts footballs is statistically significant REGARDLESS OF WHICH OF THE TWO GAUGES WAS USED TO MEASURE THE GAME BALLS PRIOR TO THE GAME AND AT HALFTIME.

    The additional reduction in air pressure exhibited by the Patriots game balls was unlikely to have occurred by chance.

    *** There is only a 0.4% likelihood-a fraction of one percent-that the difference in average pressure drops between the teams occurred by chance. ***

    The most plausible explanation for the variability of the Patriots halftime measurements is that the eleven footballs measured by the officials at halftime did not all start the game at or near the same pressure, even though they all measured at or near 12.5 psi when inspected by the referee prior to the game.

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