Text messages suggest Tom Brady had knowledge of deflating

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Of all the elements of the Ted Wells report which cast Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in a poor light, a series of text message exchanges between the pair of guys who got game balls where they needed to be and when are near the top of the list.

The messages, not all of which are able to be reprinted here on a family website, give a pretty strong suggestion that not only was Brady in on the deflation, but that he was signing autographs in exchange for special treatment.

The messages between Jim McNally [the officials locker room attendant] and John Jastremski [a Patriots equipment assistant] show a level of detail and planning that indicates this wasn’t a random, or one-time occurrence.

The first exchange was after an Oct. 17, 2014 game against the Jets when Brady complained about the pressure of the balls.

McNally “Tom sucks. im going make that next ball a f—in balloon.”

Jastremski replied: “Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done…”

McNally, apparently not a fan of Brady’s (or at least his level of attention of air pressure) made several references to pumping the balls up to “watermleon” or “rugby” size, since Brady preferred softer ones for better control.

Prior to the next game, McNally wrote: “The only thing deflating sun..is his passing rating.”

There was then a discussion of McNally receiving free shoes and gear, and prior to the Jan. 10 game against the Ravens, the two of them were in the equipment room with Brady when McNally “received two footballs autographed by Brady and also had Brady autograph a game-worn Patriots jersey that McNally previously had obtained.”

McNally later referred to himself as “the deflator,” and chided Jastremski by saying “im not going to espn……..yet.”

Those exchanges make it hard to imagine Brady had no knowledge of what’s going on, which he’ll need to answer for later.

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  1. Ok. I just read the report. There is a link to a PDF in the CNN story.

    No one . . . NO ONE . . . can read the text exchanges between the equipment managers and honestly say that they think the Pats are innocent.

    The texts start on page 75 of the report.

  2. No smoking gun, but Brady doesn’t look too good in these exchanges. He certainly doesn’t look to be the innocent bystander he makes himself out to be.

  3. Obviously these guys were coerced by the Colts to makes up several months worth of back story, forge Brady’s autograph and spread lies about a truly innocent man and franchise who are above reproach.

  4. Smoking gun…nice of the NFL to wait to release this until AFTER the draft etc. Clearly, this information would have been one of the first things they got their hands on. C’mon, Goodell, show some stones here.

  5. The problem I have with this is both Brady and Belichick got angry with people last year when they were asked about if they knew about deflating the balls. They used the Rafael Palmeiro and Lance Armstrong method of defense where you just don’t lie about what you are doing but you become rude and accusatory back to the people asking the questions in order to try to mask their lying.

    Bad people Brady and Belichick in the same category as Palmerio and Armstrong.

  6. Text messages indicating an exchange of autographed gear for services rendered > belief in the cause being due to “atmospheric conditions”

    I may have been born at night…but I wasn’t born last night. Busted.

  7. culture of cheating.

    raises an interesting philosophical question for fans, fans with kids, dads etc.

    would you rather have a team that doesn’t win but doesn’t cheat or brag about your team knowing full well they’ve cheated every time they’ve won?

    and we all know they would have beat the colts no matter the inflation of the balls. If you think thats the point there’s another word you need to learn : integrity

  8. The New England Asterisks.

    New England fans will be in total denial and never acknowledge these findings. If the league doesn’t give the Pats serious penalties because of this people will flip out and claim special favoritism. This taints all of New England’s wins and titles.


  10. When will the Colts be investigated for the 3-4 deflated balls they used?

  11. Wow. The text trail has spoken. I bet those two ball boys are frantically packing their suitcases at this moment, like DiCaprio at the end of “The Departed.”

  12. this makes it sound like my Bills will be facing Jimmy G come week 2 🙂

  13. If it’s a game of inches and Tom cheated to get an unfair competitive advantage, can we stop talking about him in the same breadth as Joe Montana?

  14. Rut-Ro…..Tommy and Staff have some splainin’ to do Lucy!

    Is that a whiff of “early retirement” I smell coming from Mr. Brady?

  15. In all reality, after analyzing this situation, the NFL nailed this by postponing the results until after the draft. The Falcons and Jets offenses were nothing that would tarnish the premier off-season activity of the NFL . This, on the other hand, would have been the only thing worth talking about. The draft is about the kids and the future of the sport, not the utter disregard the Patriots showed for the integrity of said sport.

  16. Suspend Brady and any other Pats employee proven to be involved.

    If Brady or other Pats players/coaches are proven on a per game basis then transfer low level picks (5-7) from Pats to those teams.

    Money means nothing in the long run. Hell, the Orioles just gave up three home games and don’t care as the TV money is the same. Draft picks and suspensions are the only thing that registers. Just ask the Saints.

  17. Tom Brady at an earlier press conference:
    QUESTION: Are you a cheater?
    ANSWER: I don’t believe so.

    A plausible deniabilty type answer that says it all.

  18. Yea it is pretty obvious. One thing about good ol Wells is that his reports are usually meaty. In this case, its 240 pages long and the evidence in this report show that Brady was working directly with the equipment team-manager etc and that they would deflate the balls to his comfort level. If it was so legal then why the heck would Tom have to give something up? Why cant Brady just put the amount of pressure he wants? Well its because the equipment group do, Tom knows the rules and he had to pay the guys to keep their mouths shut and to supply the balls that he needed. Not matter what, everyone including Pats fan will know that Brady is a cheat..

  19. McNally is the man. Better change the nick the golden boy to something more fitting.

  20. Look up an analysis done by Sharp Football Analysis, use this search:

    “sharp football analysis 2006 patriots rule change”

    Then read the report. It is clear that the Patriots have been cheating since 2007. They have consistently under-inflated footballs, as a result, they have had the lowest fumble rate in the NFL, BY FAR.

    This has been going on for many seasons, very hard to believe the coach did not know, impossible that the QB did not know and, in fact, it looks like he was in on it from the start.

    Sorry Pats fans if this looks like a witch hunt, but your team and QB cheated, not just one half of one game, not just one game, not just one season, but every single game in every single season since the rule change in 2006 covering the 2007 season until the present.

  21. Ray Rice was supposedly banned forever for LYING to Goddel. Everyone knew he hit his wife but he lied about how bad it was that caused his dismissal from team/league.

    BRADY BETTER GET THE SAME TREATMENT FOR LYING!! If not I guess equal justice in the NFL only applies to certain people

  22. Pats fans are crackin’ me up today. SEE NO EVIL! SEE NO EVIL!

    Meanwhile if you actually read the texts between “the deflator” and his buddy it’s quite clear that TOM BRADY is a cheater and a liar. Remember the press-conference? Remember Tom sitting there looking like a deer in the headlights? Remember how quick BB threw TOM BRADY under the bus?

    Now you know why.

    The kid called himself “the deflator”…how stupid. He asked for sneakers and autographs on “sweet pigskins” in return for his hard work. *rolls eyes* …and TOM BRADY gave him what he wanted in return.

    I actually totally believe that BB had no clue what was going on in this instance. I just watched that press-conference they had after it came out again and Bill was CLEARLY pissed off and not at the media this time. He talked to them for awhile and made sure they knew he was distancing himself. Usually he has little to say.

    Can the Patriots win without cheating? If you get caught for speeding, was that the only time you drove over the limit or do you usually do it and not get caught?

    Should we consider Tom Brady as the GOAT anymore? Should he even be in the conversation? Spygate, Deflategate…

    Are you proud of your team and it’s behavior Pats fans?

  23. Still not sure about Belichick’s role in all of this, but Brady????….He’s toast! Or at least should be.

  24. Brady is full of it… he’s a liar. Can’t wait til the next time he is giving a press conference and he is giving that phoney smile, and EVERY one sees right through it.

  25. Looks like Kraft gets lied to a lot by his employees. Brady, Hernandez…

  26. Wow, turns out Brady is a liar. What in his character could have given anyone a clue about that? Scumbag.

  27. 0.45 to 1.02 psi

    Were talking about 4-8% of air in a football vs

    Offense/Defense/Special Teams/Coaching

    Thye should be punished for not following the rule, but the cheater calls and absurd hate is just nuts.

  28. He learned from the Best…. The sooner that Belicheat is out of the NFL the better!
    Brady had better get more than just a slap on the wrist and fine! he had better get a game or two

  29. The only thing the Wells Report definitively shows with respect to Brady is that he was furious that the refs inflated the ballse to 16 psi during the Jets game (which is a legitimate gripe), and told the equipment guy to not let that happen.

  30. sfsaintsfan says:
    May 6, 2015 2:48 PM
    Look up an analysis done by Sharp Football Analysis, use this search:

    “sharp football analysis 2006 patriots rule change”

    Then read the report. It is clear that the Patriots have been cheating since 2007. They have consistently under-inflated footballs, as a result, they have had the lowest fumble rate in the NFL, BY FAR.

    This has been going on for many seasons, very hard to believe the coach did not know, impossible that the QB did not know and, in fact, it looks like he was in on it from the start.

    Sorry Pats fans if this looks like a witch hunt, but your team and QB cheated, not just one half of one game, not just one game, not just one season, but every single game in every single season since the rule change in 2006 covering the 2007 season until the present.


    Old news… Been totally disproven 100 times. Take a look.

  31. They took over 100 days to try to piece together something — anything and this is what they produce? Since January we knew that circumstances were server. We’ve been waiting for definition. For direct evidence. This is not definition, this is maybe he knew filled with a a bushel of circumstantial evidence. How can they suspend him if there is no there there?

    Brady needs to act now and abandon that Belichick cone of silence. He needs to come out swinging. He needs to get the best PR money can buy and he needs to attack this report, which finds no direct evidence. Media blitz time or… Well… I guess the Texans still need a QB…

  32. I don’t really have any skin in this game, hell I don’t even really care for football, but someone needs to explain to me how those texts are evidence that rules were definitely broken. Sure, you could certainly imply that from some of them…. but you could also imply many other things. Unless the guys behind the texts fully explain them, something I haven’t seen anywhere, they are very open to interpretation.

    A perfect example is when the guy calls himself “the deflator”. For all we know, that was nothing but a sarcastic comment poking fun at the whole situation. Without context, and explanation from the guy who actually wrote the text…. its impossible to know for sure what they really mean.

  33. NE should just be force to sell the Pats, new owners, new staff, new players. All coaches on NE should be fired and banned. Brady should be banned and have all records stricken.


    NE… forever an *. Never a win without a *.

  34. “Thye should be punished for not following the rule, but the cheater calls and absurd hate is just nuts.”

    The only people that don’t HATE cheaters is the guys cheating.

    What planet do you live on?

  35. I figure a four game suspension for Brady and a loss of a 3rd round pick next year for the team ought to be about right.

  36. Who cares if he deflated a ball? I’m an Eagles fan, we got beat by 3 in 04 Super Bowl.. I’m not crying.. They’ve changed 9 rules now to accommodate a passing league but keep these strict air pressure restrictions that were set in the 50’s? The football has changed since then so should the spec requirements.

  37. I’m sure the Pats aren’t the only team that does this, but I’d say most teams obey the rules for fear of getting caught like this. The Pats have always been known for living on the edge of the rule book, and they got burned. Again.

  38. Yep, about 80% of Pats fans yelling righteous indignation crap yesterday are crawling under their rocks today.

  39. Dirty Cheats! … 4 game suspension for Brady, followed by a 4 game suspension for Belichick. Multi-million dollar fine for the Patriots, and the loss of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd pick in 2016 draft.

  40. What a cheater brady is. Legacy and rings tarnished. He will just be known as Tom Asterisk now****. What we all knew already.

    I wonder where all the patriot fans are? Hiding I’m sure.

  41. I’m not a Pats fan, but every retired QB has come out and said all of them do it or did it while in the league. This is the dumbest story since George Brett used too much pine tar.

  42. Wow! He stood there and lied to the nation for 2 straight weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

    He should not only be punished for cheating but also for lying to cover it up (e.g., the Saints).

  43. The most interesting part is that Brady refused to turn over any text messages, phone logs, emails, or other evidence to cooperate in hte . Yet when a player gets accused of a crime they’re expected to turn over all evidence or all inferences are drawn against them. Why exactly did Brady get a pass?

  44. So when is the Wells Report coming out on Aaron Rodgers? He ADMITTED ON THE RECORD that he likes his footballs overinflated. So when will the NFL report on the Packers come out? This is such a joke because EVERY team in the NFL SCREWS around with football inflation/deflation and the NFL doesn’t care because they’ve NEVER enforced the fine on the books for it. Somehow it’s now an issue because it’s the Patriots? What a joke. The NFL is trying to cover up their own incompetence for never enforcing a rule on the books about football inflation that EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL takes advantage of. Fire Goddell.

  45. I’d like to see the PSI measurements before the game but of course they don’t have them. It seems clear that the pats hand the balls in under inflated which isn’t illegal and put it on the refs to pump them up? Like the text that says “the refs screwed us…some were inflated to 16,” no where do I get the impression that they let air out after the check in…but what do I know? Seems highly probable that they were under inflated the whole time and got through inspection but how can we blame the league- it’s so competent. Also, based on 1 of the officials PSI measurements of the 4 colts footballs that they checked at the half- 3 out of 4 were under inflated, suspend Luck!

  46. “Suggests he had knowledge”????? The text messages suggest he outright bribed the attendant to deflate the balls. The cheater is going down.

  47. I like how they mention a number of times but so far have not addressed that the practice started bc after Brady complained, balls were tested the day after a game and were over inflated by the officials to 16 psi. If the job was done right the probable practice of deflating the balls wouldn’t have started. As much as I’ve read they’ve mentioned it but never addressed the problem.

  48. “…the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, found that it was “more probable than not” that McNally and Jastremski doctored the balls and that the quarterback Tom Brady was “at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities.”

    In other words, while Brady may (whatever) not have known this happened in that specific game where this all became public knowledge… he did know that it had happened before during the season… either way he knew and should be punished. Other players are punished on a daily basis for breaking the rules, whatever the rule is, doesn’t matter.

  49. Sfsaints fan please stop reposting false info. Pats did not lead the league in lowest number of fumbles. They lead the league in fumbles LOST. Big difference. With that said, no doubt brady knew. Also it obviously DOES matter as far as them being deflated otherwise why do it? Something is certainly amist.

  50. Brady is a cheater. Plain and simple.

    If Blount & Bell are suspended games for smoking a joint, then Brady needs to be suspended too. That would be being consistent.

    And for the Patriot fans who say, ” Oh..it didn’t make a difference”, then why’d he do it?????? You don’t cheat for nothing. You cheat to gain an advantage and it’s clear now he’s been doing it for many games.

    Clearly at least a 2 game suspension is warranted.

  51. LOL. Those texts don’t mean a thing. I know if you really really REALLY want them to say something, then you can infer whatever dastardly deed you want. But those of you acting like this is some smoking gun are cracking me up.

    Yesterday you trolls were all crying that Goodell would cover up for Kraft, yet today here you are latching onto this flimsy text-gate story like it’s a Zapruder film.

    Really, it was 100+ days for nothing we didn’t know back in January. Unless some of you really think that Brady is the only QB who gives signed footballs to the equipment guys.

  52. A one year suspension would be appropriate for long term cheating. This was an ongoing thing not just one game.

    If Goodell is serious about protecting the shield then anything less would a cop out…..

  53. It’s unfortunate that Brady couldn’t be a stand up guy when all of this was hitting the fan! They were all too worried about the consequences with the Super Bowl around the corner. IMO, it completely tarnishes the Lombardi trophy.

  54. Important missing context: Jastremski later says that one of the balls from that Oct. 17 game was inflated to 16 PSI (allegedly by the refs). If deflation was going on at this point, why would that ball have been at 16 PSI after the game? (hell, why was inflated that high during the game? What ref did that?)

    To me, that seems to suggest that deliberate deflating started sometime after that.

    Not surprised the quarterback is yelling at his equipment guys about the inflation of his footballs, particularly if they’re well outside of his stated preference. The question is did this incident lead to Brady setting up an arrangement with the equipment guys where they would get the balls to his liking after their normal inspection? The most incriminating information with respect to that question is the exchange of autographs, but who’s to say that’s out of the norm anyway? Wouldn’t be surprised if awarding autographs to team assistants was normal around the league.

  55. Would Mr. Kraft still like his apology?

    I’m afraid Pats’ fans are going to have a little harder time now trying to laugh it all off as “hater talk.”

  56. I honestly don’t care that they altered the footballs, it’s just a preference/slight edge thing. But they were quite arrogant and deceptive about their response. Didnt they learn the first time, it’s not the incident but the cover up that looks bad?

  57. Bull crap! Sean Payton didn’t know either and he was suspended for a year when there was absolutely not a shred of evidence. Here, there’s obviously evidence. Goodell set the precedent with Payton…B&B both deserve the same treatment.

  58. One would have to wonder how many balls might have been dropped over the season if properly inflated.
    Especially when talking about those few instances where lineman were eligible.

  59. A perfect example is when the guy calls himself “the deflator”. For all we know, that was nothing but a sarcastic comment poking fun at the whole situation.

    Nice try “Mr. Unbiased” but these were made BEFORE the Pats got busted.

    Strike three, you’re out.

  60. No worries, Tarn-X works wonders on tarnished silver. And guess who’s at the drug store looking for it? Good ol’ Rog, no doubt. If nothing happens, which I fear it won’t, will there be any more doubting that Goodell is Kraft’s Gimp?

  61. Listen to all you losers….strip the Lombardi, suspend for year….just make sure you all come back in early September when banner 4 goes up…..

  62. First:
    1.An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

    Second: Everyone yelling “cheater” should go look in the mirror with their whiny face and say, “they deflated footballs 2 p.s.i., that’s against the rules!” just so you know how stupid you look.



  64. Patriots fans are trying to make like this is an unfair thing, But rules are rules! I guess if your kid gets caught cheating at school you would stand up against the school too!
    Patriots have become the most despised franchise
    in the League.

  65. As one who defended the patriots on this issue (based on the inconsistencies in the reports) if the texts are legit (have not read them yet) then Tom Brady should be punished.

    That said, how did Wells obtain the texts? He does not have subpoena authority over private phone logs. We’re the phones owned by the league/team or were personal phone records handed over by the equipment managers? If he got them from the phone company then there is a huge problem here. In the Miami bullying scandal the texts were provided to him by those involved. Here, I can’t see that as being a logical submission from either of those guys.

  66. “So how long will Brady’s suspension be?”

    One play on New England’s first offensive series in their first pre-season game.

  67. On the Colts Balls VS. Pats Balls:

    “When compared to the reported pre-game
    pressures of 12.5 psi and 13.0 psi, respectively, the average pressure drop of the Patriots game
    balls exceeded the average pressure drop of the Colts balls by 0.45 to 1.02 psi, depending on
    various assumptions regarding the gauges used.

    According to both Exponent and Dr. Marlow,
    the difference in the average pressure drops between the Patriots and Colts footballs is
    statistically significant. This conclusion was consistent regardless of the assumptions made as to which of the two gauges was used to measure the game balls prior to the game and at halftime.

    In all scenarios considered, Exponent determined that the additional reduction in air pressure exhibited by the Patriots game balls was unlikely to have occurred by chance…

    According to our scientific consultants, however, the reduction in pressure of the Patriots game balls cannot be explained completely by basic scientific principles, such as the Ideal Gas Law, based on the circumstances and conditions likely to have been present on the day of the AFC Championship Game. In addition, the Patriots game balls exhibited a greater drop in average pressure than the Colts balls.”

    eat it pats fans!

  68. If the Saints coach got suspended a year, Brllicheat should be also.

  69. The league punished Dallas and Washington for “violating the spirit of the salary cap” in an uncapped year. Those two teams didn’t even break any actual rules and still got punished. Washington had their salary cap reduced by $32M over two years.

    This better result in something at least as severe.

  70. Did I miss something? We know each team likes to doctor the balls before the game, and they are allowed to, thats why each team brings their own game balls. Now you have to prove that they were deflating them BELOW the regulated pressure and doing so KNOWINGLY. I don’t see either in this case. Every QB worth his weight asks for the game balls to be doctored.

    If anything, the team will be fined or lose a draft pick, but brady wont get anything.

  71. lets see pete rose was removed from baseball for barely cheating and it wasn’t even in baseball. so brady obviously cheated. so he should be banned as well. no playing no hof. he messed w/ the integrity of the game…bye bye

  72. Tom Brady will receive a suspension.

    Probably will be suspended for one series of the coache’s choosing. May or may not be a defensive series.

    I think they should force him to play, no matter how injured he is – God knows he’s been injured since 2003 – and he can only have three down linemen/blockers over 225 lbs. All season.

  73. putthatkoolaiddown says:
    May 6, 2015 3:09 PM

    I’m not a Pats fan, but every retired QB has come out and said all of them do it or did it while in the league. This is the dumbest story since George Brett used too much pine tar.
    ——————————————————You noticed they waited till they retired to mention it, was it against the rules then (YES) is it against the rules today (YES).
    More or less maks your post mute.

  74. it does no good to take away draft picks from this team as they trade non stop and would end up with multiple 1st round picks anyways, this teams need to be hit and hit hard, this is the 2nd time they’ve been caught cheating and anything less than suspensions is not good enough! ohhh and out a few astrexi’s on the super bowl’s!!

  75. stakex says:
    May 6, 2015 3:01 PM

    A perfect example is when the guy calls himself “the deflator”. For all we know, that was nothing but a sarcastic comment poking fun at the whole situation. Without context, and explanation from the guy who actually wrote the text…. its impossible to know for sure what they really mean.

    Nice try, but he referred to himself as the deflator on May 9, 2014… Well before this “whole situation” was a publicly known “situation.”

    You have to be severely mentally impaired (aka, a Pats fan) to read these text exchanges and try to say “its impossible to know for sure what they really mean.” You can’t really be that dense, can you?

  76. I’m not a Pats hater by any means but I have to agree with the sentiment that its pretty much assured at this point that there will forever be a stain on all of the Pats Superbowl wins.

    If you take each issue by themselves (spygate and deflategate) they don’t seem so outrageous in the grand scheme of things. But now that you have multiple issues of cheating it just points to a mindset that this franchisewill go to any lengths, ethical or not, to win.

    This then leads to the obvious question. What have they done to win that they HAVEN”T been caught with yet?

    “It was like they knew what plays we were going to call before the snap”- Several Eagles players after the Superbowl loss and before Spygate was brought to light.

  77. Let the ‘Payton Precedent’ guide you Mr. Goodell. Afterall…you did set the precedent and now you’re married to it forever. Quote…’Sean Payton is the head coach. Ignorance is no excuse.’ Oh boy…gonna get nasty. If it doesn’t, I suggest Goodell never set foot in NOLA ever again..

  78. The stupid part about all of this is that the Pats have been so good that they likely didn’t need to cheat to have great success. It’s like Barry Bonds not being happy already being one of the greatest of all time playing clean. He flushed his legacy down the toilet to pad his stats when he was already the best anyway. Now nobody respects his career. The same thing is happening to the Pats legacy.

  79. Tom Brady is a cheater and liar and has been for years! He has benefited from the tuck rule, spygate and now deflate gate. His entire career deserves an asterisk!

  80. If Brady had come clean from the get go, he gets a slap on the wrist. Instead he was practically screaming at reporters, Belichick used his Ted Cruz “scientists” for his lies, and Kraft demanded all sorts of apologies and was completely red in the face with fake anger. I hope the Pats get raked over the coals for their lies and refusal to cooperate.

    We didn’t really care much about the deflated balls to get a better grip. We care because of your lies and feeble attempts to insult our intelligence.

  81. The Seattle Seahawks and Frank Clark wish to send a thank you to Mr. Wells for waiting until after the draft to put this out there.

  82. The balls in the super bowl didn’t seem to bother the GREATEST ever!!!! People need to chill. Bigger problems in the NFL then this!!

  83. 75% of colts balls tested were deflated.. aaron rodgers and andrew luck already admitted doctoring balls.. let the lifetime bans fly all around!

  84. sbrink1414 says:
    May 6, 2015 3:28 PM
    This is the equivalent of rolling through a stop sign. Calm down.

    Which, when caught by authorities, results in a ticket and punishments up to and including suspension of driving privileges. Want to rethink your comment now, smart guy?

  85. I wonder if Brady has enough money to sustain his Super Model dating, Ferrari driving, multi-million dollar paradise, livelihood into perpetuity given his career is OVER!!!

  86. So “more probable than not” now means 100% guilty? Unfounded witch hunt against the Patriots.

    Oh wait, sorry, I thought I was a Pats fan commenting on a different story for a second.

  87. As a Ravens fan I am absolutely a Pats hater but I was still surprised by this. I did not expect him to get caught straight up lying…

    Palmeiro is not nearly the level of superstar that Brady is but this reminds me of when he wagged his finger at congress and said he did nothing wrong. He obviously lied and so did Tom. Tom just wagged his finger at the entire country…

    What a mug.

  88. I don’t know about you but thereafter three Patriot experts that need to be heard from to solve this.ToughGuy TedMurph, CarosWLassiter, and Lol@PatsHaters…..these three Trolls have some explaining to do Lucy…..sso come out of hiding and face the music.

  89. @tb12bestqbevah, this is how much of your post that I read… ” says:
    May 6, 2015 3:24 PM

    LOL. Those texts don’t mean a thing”

    You must be a Pats fan because there is no way you can say with a straight face this “…don’t mean a thing”.

    Maybe that’s why Brady has been thanking the organization and everyone else lately, he sees the writing on the wall.

  90. You guys are high if you think only Tom Brady has football preferences ..Rodgers admitted it!

  91. Tom Brady is a liar and a cheater!! Also, he did not turn over information requested, that he said he would fully cooperate with.

    Now, if the Patriots, just condone this, they will do NOTHING, and let the league hand out the penalty.

    Also, the league is obviously mitigating the exposure – holding the Patriots harmless so they don’t get penalized – – – –

    They should NEVER have been allowed to play in the Superbowl!! Got away with it!! Lost draft picks – got away with that!! And, there is NO WAY Belichek was unaware of this, especially after they all got caught!! They planned the mitigation scheme as soon as it came out, and they had to know, so they could develop this plan to keep the team free of significant damage.

  92. color me shocked, a previously known cheater, caught lying and cheating again. funny part is how he still denies it after the facts are coming out. disgusting behavior

  93. .
    done after the draft…
    how many picks the pats get? out of 7 rounds?
    oh 11…
    oh ok…

  94. and STILL reigning, defending, undisputed best QB in the history of football……. Joe “Cool” Montana…. Montana.

  95. GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!!!!!!

  96. Why didn’t Bob Kraft demand his apology in his statement today?

    Answer: He knows his football operation is a sewer of deceit, half-truths and preening, pretty boy liars.

  97. It all started from a Lie, the TuckRule game.. Now everyones surprised that Tom Brady is being called out as a liar and a cheater???

    It was a fumble dammit, Now Karma’s coming back around for you

  98. Bob Kraft wants an apology. How much tarnish is on those trophies now?

  99. His whole golden boy image he tries so hard to project is so phony. Guy is as shameless as they get. This is like finding out the best hitter in baseball corked his bat most of his career. He’s a cheater, plain and simple.

  100. Patriots lie and cheat yet again. What a great pair Brady and Belichick keeping it classy . ******* here they come for any and all Suber bowls and records they won together .

  101. If they both used iMessage all of their messages would have been encrypted. Good thing for us they weren’t using iMessage and we have a record.

  102. The NFL needs to show that it has a zero tolerance for cheaters.
    Take back the trophy and don’t give them any rings and suspend them for a whole season.
    That will teach them and other teams that they shouldn’t cheat.

  103. Good Morning Roger, today we are having a test,

    A) Do we defend the shield every time

    B) Do we defend the shield sometimes

    C)Does it depend on who tarnished the shield

    D) None of the above, just hold a press conference to talk about who to shield

  104. One of our golden heroes is cheating? No way. Just like there was no way Andy Pettitte took steroids more than that 1 time he tried it in between praying. I actually like Brady even more now though because he’ll do anything to win. Give me that guy on my team. That being said, a suspension better be coming if you’re suspending people for nonsense off the field like smoking weed. This actually affects games. It’s Jimmy Garapolo time, and Brady isn’t going to like that if it gives management any bright ideas if he comes in and plays well.

  105. McNally: Tom sucks…im going make that next ball a f***in balloon

    Jastremski: Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done…

    Jastremski: I told him it was. He was right though…

    Jastremski: I checked some of the balls this morn… The refs f**ked us…a few of then were at almost 16


    Gantt, you left out the last text about how the refs pumped the balls up to 16 PSI. I think that would be a problem for anyone. It basically says the league thought so little of the air pressure issue that basically blew the things up until the “thought” it was right, and negatively affected the games. No wonder Aaron Rodgers is also adjusting the air pressure in his footballs.

  106. A couple of deadend ball boys acting like big shots for TB acting upset at them because ball was inflated well ABOVE the legal psi maximum? Brady has made it very clear that he liked balls at the lower end of range, like many other NFL QBs, nothing more. Did anyone notice that this piecemeal ‘evidence’ had nothing at all to do with the game in question. A-duh, look at the report’s title.

  107. SO Brady didn’t touch them balls, but he sure was talking about them balls and he wanted them balls deflated. The question is, who’s balls??

  108. wrap2tyt says:
    May 6, 2015 4:09 PM

    You must be a Pats fan because there is no way you can say with a straight face this “…don’t mean a thing”.


    Which text? The one where they talk about how the ball was 16? (SIXTEEN!!).

    Are you telling me after that Jets game Brady came to them and told them all balls had to be 10.5?

  109. New England Patriots
    2001 Superbowl Champions (1)
    2003 Superbowl Champions (1)
    2004 Superbowl Champions (1)
    2014 Superbowl Champions (2)

    (1) – with helps from spygate
    (2) – with helps from deflategate

  110. Noticed during the Ravens game , huh? shocking, you mean the game where they didn’t run the ball once in the entire second half?

    Maybe Tom should “read the rule book”.

  111. This kind of calculated cheating does more harm to game than PEDS, roids, pot, spousal and child abuse, etc.

    Suspend Brady for a season. Minimum.

  112. ALL THESE TEXTS SHOW is that Tom wasn’t happy with the inflations that were above his preferred level (which he has stated is 12.5″) and that he wanted his support personnel to get the balls to the pressure he likes it.
    There is NO proof or even the suggestion that Tom wanted the balls deflated below the legal mark!

  113. Not a pats or Brady fan but last I checked he tore up the #1 defense in the NFL in SB WITHOUT his own equipment men handling the balls.

  114. Brady should be suspended for a year, without pay, of course.

    He not only knew about the plan to improperly deflate footballs prior to a game, in violation of NFL rules, he actually orchestrated the plan, he took an active part in “paying off” the participants in the plan with memorabilia, he lied about his involvement in the conspiracy and he refused to cooperate with the investigation.

    Bill Belichick should also be suspended for a year without pay and fined one million dollars for a total and complete lack of institutional control over the organization.

    The Patriots should be fined one million dollars as an organization and the should lose one first round draft choice for every year in which the organization allowed under inflated footballs to be used in games. I assume they investigated past instances of cheating and have some evidence of this.

    If Brady would come out and admit how long the cheating has taken place, I would reduce his suspension to 8 games.

    If the equipment managers agree to confess fully, I would allow them back in the league after a one year suspension, absent that, they get lifetime bans from the NFL.

  115. Do you think Brady really cares? Would you care if you had his money and were married to Giselle?

  116. Brady pretty much asked Mcnally to stop bringing him overinflated footballs (balloons as McNally liked to do to mess up with Brady), and gave him some autographed stuff. That’s all I see in the texts.
    But I imagine TMZ will be offering big bucks to get the whole story.
    We’ll probably get a better understanding soon enough that this hit job biased report didn’t deliver.
    The Pats were never going to get a fair investigation with so much pressure from the 31 teams and entire NFL fandom to find them guilty.

  117. heh, major pats fan here…just as expected, a little funny business with the needle. the text threads are somewhat hilarious; the equipment guys resenting the ‘golden boy’…too much. i thought i was reading voltaire for a moment.

  118. all hatred aside, do you think he could’ve shredded the seahawk D in the 4th quarter of the SB if he sucked? do all you guys that wish he was on your team believe it made that much of a difference? I don’t. 4 TIME SB CHAMP! I wish I could make that bigger, but don’t know how.

  119. so let me get this right.. so every time the Patriots win a SB they get caught cheating?? Oh yeah, Brady best QB ever.. at cheating!

  120. Maybe these guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out.

  121. So I’m to believe that the Colts knew about the deflation before the AFCCG & its been known around the NFL that balls were being Deflated but BB & Kraft didn’t know abt it though.. Yea right..

  122. Pete rose was ban from baseball for betting on his team to WIN, lied about it and he got a lifetime ban and never will be in the HOF like he should.

    Cheaters don’t belong in the HOF but the NFL won’t do the right thing and sweep this under the rug.

    Tom Brady is a cheater, tainted records (look at his number pre 07 when the new rule came into affect for thw footballs).

    He hasnt even won a superbowl where you say ” wow he was great!”. First three were won by defense and a the goat kicker, superbowl 4 was won by the worse play call in history.

    Sorry, tom is tainted, a cheater and far from great.

  123. McNalley not a fan of Brady and talks about filling the balls to “watermelon” size, or “rugby” size. Jastremski calls himself the “deflater”.

    Did the Jastremski’s deflation happen after McNalley over-inflated the balls?

    Maybe Brady’s griping about the “feel” of the football is due to them being over-inflated.

    And did these two Pats’ employees risk their jobs and future on an autographed used shirt and a pair of stinky shoes?

  124. We know the NFL has different rules for the Patriots. Therefore the fans have to take action. Just turn your back when he enters the Stadium. It won’t keep him from cheating again, but we can at least take back our game.

  125. andymannfl says:
    May 6, 2015 2:38 PM

    Smoking gun…nice of the NFL to wait to release this until AFTER the draft etc. Clearly, this information would have been one of the first things they got their hands on. C’mon, Goodell, show some stones here.

    Report comment
    Goodell couldn’t do a lot as he was BOOED Whistled and Yelled at at all times he was visable!

  126. Funniest part was the guy who doesn’t like TB and jokes about giving him “Rugby” and “Watermelon” balls and watching his passer rating go down.

    I think Tom might need a little time out to think about what he did wrong.

  127. Tim Hasselbeck as much as admitted that every QB is aware of what their equipment people are doing with regard to the balls and pressure. So it’s a good bet that Brady knew it was going on and is lying when he said he didn’t.

    Tedi Bruschi apparently was sick yesterday…didn’t see him on any of the programs.

  128. Since the Jags play the Pats in game 3 next year, I strongly suggest that Tom Brady needs at least a 3 game suspension.

  129. You can interpret the text messages any way you want. Brady was aware that these guys were setting up the balls how he wanted.

    But where does it say that they’re deflating them below regulation? That’s the part that I don’t like. The lack of evidence. If you read the messages while assuming these guys were doing wrong, then they seem to back up your assumptions.

    If you don’t automatically assume these guys were trying to cheat, well, you see that Brady is very particular about how the balls are set up and these guys don’t seem to like him very much.

    But where is the evidence that they were deflating the balls after the officials had inspected them? I don’t see it?

    Just trying to be objective. THis report is exactly what we all expected – it allows you to believe whatever you want, based on how you interpret the information.

  130. Just read the Wells Report specifically from pages 75 to 95 and it doesn’t look good for Brady….. GUILTY!!

    Brady should be suspended for at least 4 games and should publicly apologize to all NGL fans for lying.

    Patriots organization should be fined for trying to covering up and lost of 1st round pick

  131. just win and the rest will take care of itself. the NFL and its fans are 1 mini drama after the next. I watched half a dozen saints games last year and never thought of bountygate once.

    ten days from now we will be onto something else.

    Like a flu it will run its course.
    whats up next? refs fixing games maybe?

    Stay tuned for next weeks blockbuster episode

  132. Dear Patriots Fans:
    You of all people should be more upset about this than anyone. Year after year the Patriots get caught cheating (You’d think by now they’d learn how to get it right & not get caught!). After all, without all of the cheating, what have they actually accomplished? The NFL should be tired of this & add an asterisk to the Patriots Logo; on the Helmet, Flags, Center of the Field, etc… Sorry Patriots fans but the TRUTH HURTS & History doesn’t lie. Before you try to give a rebuttal, you may want to reflect on your teams history of so called success.

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