Titus Young sentenced to five years probation, inpatient treatment

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Former Lions wide receiver Titus Young pleaded no contest to a felony battery charge last month, which opened up the possibility of three years in jail for someone who has spent the last few years in and out of custody.

Young was sentenced on Tuesday and avoided that time behind bars. Young was sentenced to five years probation and a year of inpatient treatment and therapy. Young has been at the Crosby Center in California receiving that treatment for the last three months and the center’s director and one of his psychologists testified on his behalf at the sentencing hearing.

They testified that Young had been misdiagnosed and mistreated as schizophrenic and bipolar and that they’ve seen better results since he’s come to be under their care.

“We’re not seeing the irritability, the anger, the acting out, the violence,” Dr. Robert Knol said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We have seen cooperation. We have seen a genuine investment in all forms of his treatment, both in individual sessions and group sessions. We’re very optimistic. I predict we’ll all celebrate the restructure of a fine young man.”

Young’s restructure would come too late to salvage an NFL career, but not too late to stop him from doing harm to himself or others. We hope that his continued treatment leads to that result.

13 responses to “Titus Young sentenced to five years probation, inpatient treatment

  1. Hopefully he gets his mind right. Mental illness must be a tough thing to go through.

  2. Another fine example of what happens when you ignore red flags. Are you listening Denver and Dallas?

  3. “Young’s restructure would come to late to salvage an NFL career”

    Too late you mean?

  4. Slaps on the wrist like this are not helping him, they’re hurting him.

    This guy needs some tough love.

  5. I dont want him anywhere near my family or neighborhood. I dont care what that “doctor” says.
    This kid is another Lawerence Phillips

  6. Good for Titus. He may have been misdiagnosed, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a danger to himself and others. Mandatory mental health treatment was exactly what he needed.

  7. Mental health is still a stigma some don’t understand or feel it is ok to discuss. Glad Titus is getting the help he needs.

  8. This punk doesn’t need treatment for ‘mental illness ‘ or ‘depression.’ He needs to be shackled and locked up for a long time.

  9. This is a good step for him. Something other then being a bad apple is coursing his body. Figure out what’s happening in his head before jail time is always the best course of action.

  10. Young obviously has real mental issues. And, it’s good to see that a prosecutor asked for, and the court granted, a sentence that may actually help Young deal with his mental issues. In too many jurisdictions (I’m looking at you, Texas, in particular), Young’s mental issues would have been entirely ignored, and he would merely have been convicted of a crime and thrown in jail where (almost surely) his issues would flair-up again to the detriment of all concerned.

  11. He should fit right in with Dallas and their collection of crazies: Dez Bryant, Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, Rolando McClain…

  12. I am still shocked at the amount of people who say he just needs to be punished and locked away. I’m a long time Lions fan and at first when he started fighting teammates and doing stuff like that I thought he was a prima donna type WR. But after being canned and losing money and locked up and him still doing stuff it became apparent he needed help that just jail time wouldn’t give him. I hope all the best for him and hope the treatment lasts forever so he can have a semblance of a life. I don’t hold a grudge because his issues hurt “my team” like a lot of fans. After all, it is just a game. A person’s well being is more important.

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