La’el Collins hasn’t been (and may never be) officially cleared

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When the Cowboys signed offensive lineman La’el Collins on Thursday, many assumed that the decision came only after police in Baton Rouge officially cleared him in connection with a double-murder investigation. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that hasn’t happened — and it may never happen.

It doesn’t mean Collins is or ever will be a suspect. It means that police aren’t inclined to paint themselves into a corner by committing to a conclusion that, in theory, further evidence could contradict.

That ultimately didn’t stop the Cowboys or, per a league source, upwards of 25 other teams. That’s roughly how many were interested in signing Collins based on independent investigations of the situation.

Collins ultimately signed with the Cowboys, getting a three-year, fully-guaranteed, $1.65-million contract. Per a source with knowledge of the deal, it has no offset language.

Collins can sign a new contract after only two seasons. Given the sympathy owner Jerry Jones expressed on Thursday for the events that caused Collins, a first-round prospect, to go undrafted, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Cowboys give him in two years the contract he would have gotten if none of this had happened.

55 responses to “La’el Collins hasn’t been (and may never be) officially cleared

  1. I just called them and the Baton Rouge police haven’t officially cleared Mike Florio from the case either.

    Apparently it isn’t something they do. They suggested an internet troll with a Napoleon complex likely is just hating on a team that constantly beats his team.

  2. it’ll be interesting to see whether the Cowboys give him in two years the contract he would have gotten if none of this had happened.

    I guess that depends on how good he is.

  3. From all the reports on this kid (and his answers about the situation) this dude is a great guy; team captain, articulate, smart; he’ll come out of this with 2 things:

    Less Money
    A lot of personal growth

    As a cowboys fan I’m okay with taking heat about Greg Hardy, but Randy Gregory is a dumb kid and La’el Collins is a model citizen, don’t do them the injustice of grouping them with Hardy.

  4. Until they find the killer no one can be ruled out, no one.

    Well, Aaron Hernandez has a lock tight alibi.

  5. It’s not the responsibility of Law Enforcement to “officially clear” anyone of anything. Anyone who thought that doesn’t understand how this works.

    It’s impossible for police, especially relatively early in the investigation, to know what evidence may be uncovered in the future.

    The Cowboys, like every other team that pursued him, are taking the calculated risk that the fact that the police declared that he was still not a suspect after they talked to him as a sign the he will not be charged.

    I am inclined to give this kid the benefit of the doubt. He said the baby wasn’t his and it wasn’t. He said he had an alibi and apparently it was strong enough that the detectives who interviewed him believed him.

    At some point, you’ve got let it go.

  6. jerry is feeling his and romo’s age and getting desperate…greg hardy, randy gregory, la’el collins.

    i predict romo suffers a major injury in sept-oct and it is all moot. he was pretty banged up last yr even with last yr’s so-called best off line in football.

    i further predict brandon graham or fletcher cox takes him out in wk 2

  7. This kid is 100% innocent. The exact same as every other NFL player, and everyone reading this post. Police might want to question me for a murder I have nothing to do with. Do I just stop feeding my family because of that? I don’t get it. I mean if the dude killed someone then he’s guilty, but until he’s proven guilty, he’s innocent.

  8. He more probably than not didn’t kill someone…..but in the eyes of the people on this site a football with a few pounds missing is a bigger crime than taking someone’s life….

  9. fordman84 says:
    May 7, 2015 6:20 PM

    I just called them and the Baton Rouge police haven’t officially cleared Mike Florio from the case either.

    Apparently it isn’t something they do. They suggested an internet troll with a Napoleon complex likely is just hating on a team that constantly beats his team.



  10. @chrisk61

    …judging by Jerry’s complexion, I’d say it’s been a LONG time since he ‘felt’ anything. Let’s be honest, the dude’s blood was replaced with sand twenty years ago.

  11. 1.65 million for 3 years? Did I read that correctly?…If so, every NFL owner would want every draftee to be in his position from now til the end of time…

  12. So no offset means he keeps the full contract in the event he is arrested and cut?
    So worse case is Jerry gave million plus to a murderer?

    Hope they find and convict the murder of the girl and her unborn child.

  13. well all in law enforcement know that over 75% of female homicides are committed by somebody they knew……bottom line….he is on that list

  14. I assume he is officially cleared if/when there is an arrest in the case and it is him.

  15. I heard they performed a thorough investigation of the charges by talking with Frank Clark.

  16. You know who else will never be cleared?

    The cheater Brady.

    Because he’s guilty.


  17. can he carry the rock?..can he throw the rock?..then this signing dont mean squat

  18. Stay classy dallas…that single playoff win in the past 20 years has really painted quite a desperate picture there.

  19. “Apparently it isn’t something they do. They suggested an internet troll with a Napoleon complex likely is just hating on a team that constantly beats his team.”

    Are you off your meds?

    Last I checked, his team was the Steelers. When have the Cowboys constantly beating on them?

    Seek help. Better yet, move out of your parent’s basement.

  20. This isn’t a big deal, just a team rolling the dice on a potentially great pickup at a bargain basement price. Unless it was the Patriots. Then it would be a HUGE deal, and everyone would be up in arms about what a filthy, rotten organization they are, with zero regard for character and human decency.

  21. 25 other teams were interested. How many of those teams would have allowed him to start right away? Have fun buried on the Cowboys’ depth chart.

  22. The real losers are the bottom feeders for which they have the draft in the first place. The league purposefully gives them the first shot at the premier athletes and they pass because he might not be an altar boy, so he gets to choose and surprise, he chooses to play for a contender. I guess that’s why they remain bottom feeders.

  23. so last yr it was Demarco will get injured this year they r back with ROMO will get injured ,,, maybe but u wont be right because u predicted it that will simply be luck but what these hating fols dont realize is the cowboys r building a team all around tony where its not dependent on Tony … therefore when Tony does retire ,,,, the new QB can step up and be successful because hes just a small piece the team around him will execute which in turn will help the new qb improve and be successful. 2nd if cowboys dont sign Hardy some1 else does.. of owboys dont take Gregory some1 else does ,,,, if Cowboys dont sign Collins someone else does ….. get over it it erks u to no end the cowboys are better than last years team on th field in GB right now… reality hurts sometimes as much as truth lol HATE ON HATERS !!! #cowboysallday

  24. Mind-boggling that this guy went undrafted. I mean why would a team not take a chance on him in the 7th round? Makes no sense if he’s really that good.

  25. “Last I checked, his team was the Steelers. When have the Cowboys constantly beating on them? ”

    His team is the Skins, don’t let his lies fool you.

    moms basement, funny. Were you glad when your boss told you that you didn’t have to ask everyone if they want to “supersize that”?

  26. How can $1.65M be fully guaranteed when Collins’ availability isn’t guaranteed?

    I assumed Jerry was at least a bright businessman, no?

  27. I said on draft day the police would never issue a verdict that he never committed a crime. That is not what they do. The NFL cost this man millions. The right thing to do is to refuse to approve the Dallas contract and put him in the supplemental draft. Anything less is unfair.

  28. $1.65-million is NOT a risk for The Cowboys.

    $1.65 – million is about the amount of coins sitting under, and between, the cushions in their corporate office sofa’s

    I despise the STAR.. But admire this signing.

    Go Raiders.

  29. “Is there any other industry where FBI style investigation of employees is consistently the norm?”

    Not many, but I suppose any industry that hands 22 year olds, many with maturity issues or gang ties or the inability to read, $500k and up a year. Furthermore, that industry is limited in how many it can hire and employ–if they could sign 200 guys, ten of them totally screwing up is not a big deal. But all they can sign is 53, and suit up each week 45 (IIRC). And the media scrutiny of each and every aspect of these poor guys’ lives is intense, so intense that bored AFC fans like I am are commenting on La’el Collins having never seen him play!

    Unfortunately for them, living the dream means putting up with a lot of crap. The benefits are pretty good, though.

  30. dryzzt23 says:
    May 7, 2015 6:55 PM

    Does it even matter anymore? Collins is protected by a UNION now! That means he can get away with WHATEVER he wants.

    Congratulations. That post makes you stupid enough to be a Vikings fan.

  31. Dallas will ALWAYS suck because Jerry Jones ALWAYS meddles with the team. And you just know that Collins found the lost briefcase…

  32. Really the patriots get hated on half as much as the Cowboys these dudes can’t keep big D out there mouth. But don’t cry about patriots getting hated on cause they are relevant and have a history now of winning you now will have passionate enemy’s for life who will degrade everything out of bitter disdain for there own teams ineptness

  33. With the Cowboys essentially getting 3 1st round players this draft they might as well give the Vikings a call and see if AP is available for next years 1st.

  34. First off.. I will admit that I’m jealous the Cowboys signed this guy.. The eagles and many other teams needed line help much more.. The cowboys already have the best line in football.. That being said….

    I don’t think cowboys fans understand you can only have 5 offensive linemen on the field at once …

    I keep reading… Jurrah is loading up… No one can stop us… How bout them cowboys…


    He is unproven untested was the 3rd ranked tackle in a weak draft class…

    While it is great value and makes me jealous…

    Stop acting like you just signed Jason peters or Eric Williams in their prime… He isn’t even cleared of the murder yet…

  35. Oh btw cowboys fans… cam newton has won more playoff games than all cowboys qbs have in the last 30 years combined.. You are not perennial contenders.. You are guaranteed pretenders.. November comes and you guys fold…

    Stop living in the early 90s

  36. The very best reason of all for never “officially” clearing a suspect is what a sharp defense lawyer could do with such a declaration. It would be tantamount to saying that they didn’t consider “all possibilities”. Dumb jurors can and do fall prey to such flim-flammery.

  37. Haha haters. Umm Lael signed with the team because Jerry brought him to his house had dinner with him etc. so if that “meddling” gets players like this signed I’ll take it.

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