Mark Sanchez thinks he “absolutely” has chance at starting job


When the draft ended without the Eagles trading Sam Bradford to the Browns, Titans, Alouettes or anyone else, it seemed like a pretty good sign that he’ll be the starting quarterback come September.

After all, the Eagles traded Nick Foles and a second-round pick in 2016 for the right to acquire Bradford and pay him just under $13 million for the 2015 season. One person who didn’t read things that way is Mark Sanchez, who re-signed with the Eagles this offseason and “absolutely” thinks that he’s going to have a real chance to compete for the starting job this offseason.

“Really just talking with Coach Kelly and knowing I’m coming with the opportunity to compete for the starting job,” Sanchez said, via CSN Philly. “That was important to me. There were some other opportunities out there, but I didn’t want to switch systems again. On a one-year deal, it’s different for maybe a defensive player then for an offensive player, especially a quarterback. You’ve got to learn a whole new language again. I started to feel real comfortable and I felt like to be honest, personally, there’s some unfinished business we left out there. I know I can play a little bit better than that. I know we can get this team in the playoffs. I think we have the talent to do that.”

There are echoes of Sanchez’s Jets days to the setup and not just because Tim Tebow is on the Philly roster. Sanchez may well have a chance at the starting job this summer, but not all competitions are created equal. Sanchez should have learned as much through competitions with Tebow, Geno Smith and even Kellen Clemens that were never about giving everyone an equal shot.

Paying what the Eagles did to get Bradford doesn’t make too much sense if you weren’t under the impression he was a better quarterback than Sanchez, who had already re-signed with the team when the trade went down. It may not wind up working out that way, but it seems a good bet that Bradford will get plenty of chances to prove he’s the wrong guy.

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  1. As an Eagles fan I would love to laugh at how ridiculous this is but sadly based on our talent at the position it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

    I would still say it’s Bradford’s job to lose until he under performs or his Swiss cheese knees give out once again.

  2. Why does it always seem like this guy needs to be babied? From a color-coded playbook in New York, to needing Chip Kelly to justify why they brought in Tebow, to even now, that Chip needs to tell him he has a chance to start?

  3. Sanchez has been a joke for a long time. When, if ever, is this guy going to get a clue? He just isn’t that good, and never has been. He’s marginal at the very best. Figure it out, Sanchez, and stop spouting off on a regular basis. Most of the time you’re wrong anyway.

  4. Even if Bradford starts off as the Eagles QB, Sanchez will become the starter no later than week 5 when Bradford either gets hurt, or stinks the joint up so bad he’s pulled. So hang in there, Mark – slow and steady wins the race.

  5. Give credit where credit is due. Sanchez is a very capable backup. I’m glad the he stuck around given Bradford’s injury concerns.

  6. Bradford is the guy. End of discussion. Now is there a chance Sanchez starts a few games? Based on injury history its a good bet but there’s virtually no way he comes out of camp as the guy.

    On another point, I know people love to laugh at Sanchez but he proved last season that he’s a good spot starter. 65% completion and 14 tds in 8 games. His problem has, and always will be, turnovers. But for 1-3 starts in a row he’s better than almost every other backup in the league.

  7. Sanchez played pretty well last year in Chip Kelly’s system. Bradford is more talented and will win the starting job, but with his injury history I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanchez plays and plays well.

  8. If Bradford is broken and Sanchez sucks, Tebow is gonna play which is why Sanchez is trying to establish the narrative of Tebow as a camp arm. You’d think Matt Barkley could step in but he’s not lighting the world on fire exactly with the chances he’s got and Tebow, even if pedestrian, can still pancake NFL linebackers. I’m talking to you Urlacher.

  9. Well, Seattle and Oakland paid lots of money for QBs only to have them beaten out. So just because Bradford is paid more doesn’t automatically make him the starter.

  10. Cue the Eagle fans telling us that with Chip as coach, Jamarcus Russell could be the Eagle QB & it would be alright. Eagle fans fool themselves into believing that every other NFL team is scared to death at the 20-12 regular season record with zero playoff wins. The most delusional fans in sports…

  11. After he learns not to lose games. During game wining drives, I say to myself, “we just can’t turn the ball over here”, then MS throws a pic. SMH

  12. Sanchez is not starting qb material as he is inaccurate and a turnover machine. It is going to get interesting in Philly and I am pulling for Tebow , Bradford, and Coach Kelly. They need to send Sanchez over to coach roly poly in Buffalo and let him work on his turnovers there. smh

  13. Sanchez could’ve gotten the team to the playoffs. The 4 reasons they did not make it are:

    Cary Williams
    Nate Allen
    Bradley Fletcher

    and Bill Davis for not moving another man over to double some of the #1 wr’s

  14. Wouldn’t we all like to know for sure what Kelly was thinking? Was he really sold on Bradford when he made the trade or was that entirely a move thinking he’d be a key piece in trading up for Mariota?

    Bradford doesn’t look like the ideal candidate for that scheme, Sanchez didn’t play well enough last year to suspect he’ll be the guy, who knows what is up with Tebow, and for some reason they drafted Barkley last year even though he clearly didn’t fit the scheme, either.

  15. Still dont get why trade Foles and a 2nd for a broke up QB with a $13 mil tag. Your asking an injury prone QB to run that O, so of course Sanchez thinks he can start. Then you go an sign Tebow off the tv set, who’s next Pryor, come on Kelly get it together!

  16. Remember when steve young and Trent dilfer where talking him up after one game last year. Sanchez proceeded to get worse and worse as the season went on. He sucks, career backup.

  17. The Sanchez led Eagles folded in December.



    The defense folded. Sanchez was far from great, but good enough.


  18. I’m a Rams fan so I will tell you about Bradford. Yes, he has torn his ACL twice-one was a borderline cheap shot against Carolina and the other was because Jake Long couldn’t block a 3rd string Browns lineman in a pre-season game. He has spent his whole career behind a very substandard O-line and virtually no talent at the WR position. Once the pieces started to fall into place he was on pace for close to 4,000 yards and 30 tds before his first ACL tear. And one other little note..when he won OROY guess who his OC was? PAT SHURMUR.

  19. Kelly will surely be coaching in the collegiate ranks again, if Bradford and “The Sanchize” are his only go-to QBs through 2017.

  20. The defense folded. Sanchez was far from great, but good enough.


    Depends on your definition of “good enough.” He ended the year with two games rated near 100 but those came on the heels of two stinker losses where he was rated 76 and 60.

  21. Why did Kelly trade Nick Foles AND a second round pick for Bradford?
    He shoulda kept Foles. Bradford is just too much of an injury waiting for a place to happen.
    Que pasa, Sanchez. He may have a good season cause he knows the system.
    Sanchez is every bit as good as Romo but Romo has that O line AND Dez Bryant

  22. Of course Mark has a chance! Sam’s not expecting the job to be handed to him, he’s going to compete for it! Oh I can’t wait till football season!

  23. Foles peaked in the Raider game with 7 TD passes.

    He became a different QB after that – convinced himself that he was the man. Post-Raider Foles kept the ball too long, and took too many sacks trying to be the hero. That created too many 3-and-outs, putting too much pressure on a thin defensive roster.

    In Kelly’s mind “extending the play” means that the offense failed to EXECUTE the play.

    The thread that connects the departures of Vick, Desean Jackson, McCoy, and Foles is their belief that thier individual talents > a coordinated offensive system.

    When Sanchez ran the offense as prescribed, he was effective. When he tried to “win the game” he was a turnover machine. The conversation with Kelly will be “run the play, or throw it away”.

    With Bradford, the conversation will be “son, I can keep you alive if you run the system decisively. But if you hold the ball for a big play, the only extension will be your time on IR.”

    With Tebow: “Kid, I’m your last chance. Run the offense and protect the ball. Visualize 4 of the fastest edge rushers in the game. If you freeze and hold the ball, you’ll be cut before you’re hit”.

    This is a quick hit offense designed to strike at a momentary mismatch. If the QB is “checking down” then he’s screwing up.

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