Report: La’El Collins in Dallas to visit Cowboys

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Having fallen out of the draft altogether last weekend, La’El Collins can now take his time deciding where he wants to begin his NFL career.

After a visit with Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan on Monday, Collins is now in Dallas for a meeting the Cowboys, per Clarence Hill of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram.

There is a caveat, however. Teams are prohibited from meeting with players who were eligible for the 2015 draft at their own residence or on campus until finals are completed. It’s why the Cowboys could not meet with Collins in Baton Rouge with finals currently taking place at LSU this week.

Collins – a possible, if not expected, first-round pick – fell out of the draft altogether after police sought to question him following the murder of Brittany Mills and her unborn child. Now he’ll be forced to sign an undrafted free agent contact for minimum salaries and limited signing bonus available instead of a first-round contract with millions in guaranteed money due to horrible timing.

The Cowboys, Bills, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers and New York Giants are among the many teams to show interest in Collins.

30 responses to “Report: La’El Collins in Dallas to visit Cowboys

  1. Extra Credit Question

    Pick one.

    Team who regret not taking a 7th round flyer on La’El Collins.

    a) 32
    b) 32
    c) 32
    d) 32

  2. Do it, La’El! Become the Left Guard in what could be one of the (if not THE) Greatest O Lines in the history of the NFL. How could that be a bad decision?

    No need to even take any other visits.

  3. Logical choice when you consider that Dallas is the closet city to Baton Rouge among the teams you listed. Odd that they’d be interested when you consider that the Cowboys have one of the best left tackles in football. Carolina is likely his best fit with Miami being a close second.

  4. This doesn’t make sense. The latest reports are he wasn’t the father, passed the lie detector test and isn’t a person of interest. I thought the Cowboys were only interested because he was a criminal.

  5. Let him be a supplemental draft pick! Why should he lose out on the rich, guaranteed contract when he didn’t do anything wrong?

  6. …..1st, glad he wasnt involved in that horrible crime. 2nd, he needs to fire that agent of his becsuse he totally gave him bad advice….3rd….I hope he signs just a 1 year deal with the stipulation he gets paid on the 2nd contract. Some smart team will sure he gets finacialy compensated like a 1st rounder PLUS additional money for get skreud over.

  7. could be a nice replacement for doug free or for ronald leary and if he can play guard and tackle you can’t beat that kind of depth if there is an injury.

  8. Don’t do it man. The Cowboys already have the best line in the league. Come to Carolina where you will start day one!

  9. Cowboys win at all cost might backfire… I though Coach Garette had better influence in picking up character players. Guess Coach Jerry is still running the show down in “Big D”.

  10. That rule seems kind of silly. What is it about meeting a player in his home or on campus that is so different than meeting him at the team facility or anywhere else?

    Is he also prohibited from signing a contract?

  11. I know no one wants to hear this but if he’s involved in the murder and the police are unable prove it. Consider his drop from 1st round to undrafted and current lost of millions as, at least, some type of punishment. Also, the crime of murder never goes away. If there’s an accomplice, he can always turn at some point. Think about this guy being in 30’s or 40’s dealing with the murder of his child and having a possible murder charge hanging over his head for the rest of his life. Not fun.

  12. The interesting thing about this now is that Collins stands to maybe make more in a bidding situation than he did in the draft, doesn’t he?

    At least, I’m happy to see no team drafted a great player who no one was sure was involved in such a crime at the time.

  13. Come to Dallas La’el! No state taxes AND you’d be the final piece of the best O line in the NFL…the Great Wall of Dallas!!!! The best should play for the best!

  14. KIR, the baby isn’t his. He should go to the Cowboys. Line of Smith, Collins, Fredrick, Martin, and Free would be very good, plus they would have depth as well.

  15. If any team had wasted a 7th round pick on Collins he would have simply sat out the year and re-entered the draft next year as allowed by league rules.He would have waited a year and been a top 15 pick and made an extra 10-12 million over his first 4 -5 years. Because he was not selected he can not enter next years draft so he is stuck but at least he can choose his team.

  16. 6 man line coming to Dallas.. Haha…. The RB situation will be ok when that Oline is just smashing everyone.

  17. Couple of thoughts:

    * Why wouldn’t he want to join the best line in the game? I don’t get this idea of joining a crappy line where he is more needed. Play with the best and become better. With better players around him he will in turn get better and look better. Assuring him a bigger contract in the future.
    * He’s from Louisiana and has been there all his life. My guess if you can pretty much count out any cold weather team as serious options.
    * He can’t enter the supplemental draft. He’s a free agent and can’t be a part of any future drafts. League rules.
    * Someone mentioned sign a 1-year deal, and someone else mentioned he can make more money by not being drafted. There are rules/limits to signing UDFAs. There is a max these players can get paid. I think I read it was around $1.57M or something, which is around the deal a mid-late 2nd rounder gets. So, it’s better to go undrafted than be a late pick, but a first rounder (where he should be) would have made millions more. And I think there is a standard contract length too. Believe it’s 3 years vs the standard 4 years for a drafted player. So, he hits the market sooner, but can’t sign a 1-yr deal.
    * Lastly, it’s not fair based on what we know now to continue calling him a bad character guy. I had my doubts initially, but now it just seems like really bad luck and that he had nothing to do with it. If it weren’t for this, he didn’t have any character issues.

  18. I don’t see Tampa in that list of teams. Should be at the top considering they need serious help at O-line.

  19. I can understand why teams would pass on drafting him but If he ultimately didn’t do anything wrong (which appears to be the case) why shouldn’t an exception be made for him to either enter the supplemental draft or next years draft? (and Collins should have the choice) Why should he in effect be punished for something that he didn’t do? Yes I know that the league has rules but in this case an exception SHOULD be made. Call it “Doing the right thing”.

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