Suspension of Tom Brady seems unavoidable

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It’s difficult to predict the discipline will be imposed as a result of the Ted Wells report without knowing who will be imposing it. (More on that in a later blurb.) But it’s clear based on the conclusions and other observations in the Wells report that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady faces a likely suspension.

As to the incident at the heart of the case, Ted Wells has concluded that “it is more probable than not that Tom Brady . . . was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities . . . involving the release of air from Patriots game balls.” While the “more probable than not” standard already has been twisted by those inclined to downplay the situation (including Brady’s father, who warped “probable” into “possible”), the phrase is a reflection of the standard of proof necessary for determining that the rules regarding the integrity of the game were violated.

For Brady, there’s another problem; he refused to fully cooperate with the investigation. As the NFL’s Policy on Integrity of the Game & Enforcement of Competitive Rules states, “Failure to cooperate in an investigation shall be considered conduct detrimental to the League and will subject the offending club and responsible individual(s) to appropriate discipline.”

That shouldn’t be a surprise. In any workplace investigation, there’s one clear and unmistakable principle: Employees must cooperate with the process by providing truthful and accurate information relevant to the investigation.

In this case, Brady submitted to an interview, but he “declined to make available any documents or electronic information (including text messages and email) that [Wells] requested, even though those requests were limited to the subject matter of [the] investigation (such as messages concerning the preparation of game balls, air pressure of balls, inflation of balls or deflation of balls).”

One popular theory/rationalization that has emerged in the wake of this news is that Brady may have had private information that he didn’t want Wells and his team of investigators to see. But the Wells report explains that “we offered to allow Brady’s counsel to screen and control the production so that it would be limited strictly to responsive materials and would not involve our taking possession of Brady’s telephone or other electronic devices.”

The contents of the text messages provided by John Jastremski and Jim McNally demonstrate how valuable those communications can be in getting to the truth. If the Patriots had stonewalled Wells regarding the Jastremski and McNally texts, it would have been a lot harder for Wells to conclude that something fishy had been occurring. So it’s no surprise that Wells described Brady’s actions as “not helpful” to the investigation.

We’re all now left to wonder how helpful the information from Brady may have been. In a case that lacks a smoking gun, it’s not crazy to think that the smoking gun resides somewhere on Tom Brady’s cell phone. Indeed, Brady chose not cooperating with the investigation and certain punishment from the league over risking the discovery of evidence that could have moved the evidentiary needle from “more probable than not” to “crystal freaking clear.”

In a league that routinely suspends players for smoking marijuana and/or engaging in off-duty behavior that has no direct impact on the integrity of the playing of the game of football, how can the NFL not suspend Brady for his general awareness of the deflation scheme and for deliberately refusing to provide information that may have made his involvement even more obvious?

More than four years ago, the NFL fined Brett Favre $50,000 for failing to be candid in the investigation regarding his, ahem, interactions with a former Jets employee. But the conduct at issue for Favre had no connection to the integrity of the game of football. Here, Brady’s failure to cooperate prevented the NFL from getting the clearest possible picture regarding the question of whether and to what extent a quarterback was involved with tampering with footballs.

Again, what ultimately happens to Brady will depend largely on the person who makes the decision. The manner in which the decision is handled could in turn spark an appeal, an arbitration, and/or litigation. Regardless, it’s hard at this point to envision Brady not being suspended. And it’s hard to come up with a good reason why he shouldn’t be — especially since he deliberately refused to fully cooperate with one of the most significant investigations that the NFL has conducted regarding game-integrity violations in recent years.

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  1. The punishment will consist of Goodell wagging his finger at Brady and saying “just don’t do it again, OK?”

  2. The fact that Brady didn’t fully cooperate is what sends up the most flags. What are you trying to hide Brady? *Patriots

  3. I think the NFL needs to investigate whether the Patriots hacked into the Seahawks comm channel to call that pass at the 1 yard line.

  4. Hillary destroyed her email server because she did not want people to know what she was doing. Tom did not turn over his phone for the same reason. That seems obvious.

    I am a Pats fan, but it is clear that he like Hillary knew he was breaking the rules and lied and hid/destroyed evidence to make proving it more difficult.

    Four games seems like a minimum.

  5. I’m sorry, why should he be suspended? Because one guy has a 51% hunch that something may or may not have been done wrong, and that Brady was “generally aware” that something may or may not have been done wrong?

  6. Yeah, right… It’s Tom Brady. Whatever anyone wants to wager on the length of the suspension… I’ll bet the under.

  7. John Jastremski and Jim McNally had team phone that the patriots turned over to the Wells Report but apparently the Patriots did not Cooperate.


    “Never put anything on social media that you wouldn’t say out loud to every human on Earth. “

  9. Lets talk about the “integrity” of the game… The league allowed the game to be played with knowledge that the balls might be under inflated! How about that for the “integrity” of the game??? The NFL can not throw that out there if they let the game play out with this knowledge. If they set out to set up New England, then they allowed the integrity to be lost. They could have easily set a side 2-4 footballs and at the beginning of the game, said here Tom we are playing with these today, then checked the other balls. The fact that the NFL continues to F things up is ridiculous. If Brady gets any games the NFL will once again show how much of a poorly run business it is.

  10. I’ve heard so many people say that deflating a football a few lbs didn’t result in a “competitive advantage”. Um, yes it did. If Brady has an issue holding on to a properly inflated ball, especially in bad or cold weather than the difference of a few lbs can make the difference with regard to throwing a few Ints or having a few fumbles, or not. THAT certainly can change the course of a game.
    As to Belicheater – Sean Payton was suspended for an entire year (a $7 million dollar fine) because “ignorance is not an excuse”. That president has been clearly established. And unlike SP, NE has been caught cheating multiple times now. Seems to me that disregard to the rules is coming from the top.
    Time for GODdell to drop the hammer in a similar way on NE, Belicheater, and Lying Tom.
    If that doesn’t happen it shows abject favoritism towards Kraft and his organization.

  11. If Kraft can’t run his team by firing Bill, the coaching staff that creates the culture of cheating, and players then he should be forced to sell the team. Kraft is the worst owner with one coach and one QB that cheated for 15 years faking the Patriot Way as something good. Keep lying N.E.

    The Rooney’s and Mara’s need to step in and have vote to force Kraft out f he can’t have a fire sale from the top down tomorrow. An owner can’t be lied to by his coaches and players about the integrity of the game without the other 31 teams stepping in and voting Kraft out. Kraft had 15 years to fix and doesn’t care. It won’t last.

  12. It’s hard to come up with a good reason why he shouldn’t be? How about this – in a court of law you wouldn’t convict a man on a “possible”, “probable”, or a “maybe”. I can see fining Brady, but only based on a lack of cooperation, and you make it perfectly clear that it is why you’re punishing him. A suspension it too harsh for what Brady failed to do.

  13. Yes Yes, all fine and good, but if he impeded the investigation, even without being implicated, shouldn’t he still have received a fine or suspension?

  14. With Brady not fully cooperating & with Kraft saying that they needed definitive proof or apologize, It’s almost like they thought without the smoking gun and only DNA on the blunt & some shady text messages they’d get off on this. What’s next, Tom’s gonna say he was in the bathroom when the balls went missing for 2 minutes but he had nothing to do with it?

  15. If players get suspended for smoking weed and PEDs(cheating) so should Brady. At least 8 games for basically paying ppl to cheat. I hope he doesn’t tho!!! Phinsup

  16. Why should he have cooperated if it is true, as Mr. Florio wrote in a previous column, “that conclusion arose from a process that involved one or more people who weren’t as concerned about getting it right as they were about getting the Patriots, …”

    If someone was out to get the Patriots and Brady knew this he was probably pissed. It is easy to understand his desire to not cooperate.

    The league could have simply said to Brady before the game, there is concern about Patriots footballs being underinflated. Double-check them because we will be checking them.

  17. If let’s get our ducks in a row gets you a 1 year suspension, surely failure to cooperate is worthy of similar punishment.

  18. Certainly he should be suspended and the Jets and their fans are praying that he is serving that suspension for at least one game against them so they have an opportunity to finally beat them.

  19. I don’t like the Pats, but am I the only one who couldn’t care any less about this story? If he cheated, cool…if he didn’t, cool. They beat the Seahawks and it was great!

  20. At LEAST six games. Players are being suspended for using drugs that don’t enhance their ability to play the game. It appears that Tom Brady, had the rules broken to give him an unfair advantage on the field.

  21. He’s the golden boy and QB of the league’s most favored team. It will never happen.

  22. A full season’s suspension (and Belichick too, since “ignorance is not an excuse”) ought to be a good start.

  23. Brady was under no obligation to speak to the NFL’s independent investigator. He is a unionized player with collectively bargain rights. If the Wells investigation is independent then it is not an extension of the NFL, it is a separate entity. Even if it was the NFL, he would still have his NFLPA rights. More so, I don’t think anyone blames Brady for not giving the up is private data. That is his private life and his employer has no right to violate his privacy. And with the volume of leaks for this investigation it is not beyond a reasonable doubt to assume his private info would have leaked.

  24. Deflating the football to your liking, by its very definition, is performance-enhancing. As much as Patriots fans will hate it, there’s really not much difference in what Tom Brady (probably) did and what Alex Rodriguez did.

  25. someone should probably let cheaters “fans” know whats going on since its baseball season and they only pretend to be big fans on sundays in the fall. they know nothing about football and are the most fair weather garbage fans out there. fitting story for a pathetic fan base and franchise.

  26. 0% shot the NFL opens the season in Foxborough on Thursday night with a “banner raising” party vs the Steelers…and Brady is not allowed to play.

    IF they played Sunday @1pm VS the Bills, then there may be a chance…ZERO shot they do this for primetime to open the season.

  27. And everybody thought the Seahawks had a target on their back last year. The Patriots are done.

  28. He needs to be suspended a minimum of 8 games, though it should be a year.

    Bellichick should be suspended 4-8 games based on the NO precedent.

    They should lose a draft pick each of the next 4 years including a first and a second.

    And the team should have their cap reduced by $10M for 4 years.

  29. I don’t care much either way if Brady is suspended; but again Mike you’re assuming that the integrity of the game is higher than entertainment and making money.

    The off-field stuff (domestic violence, philandering, etc) is arguably more damaging to the league overall b/c sponsors and fans care a lot about that stuff, i.e. image, role models.

    What sports league doesn’t have players trying to gain an advantage around the edges? The stories all came out after this story broke. (Brad Johnson paying to have balls scuffed); I think a lot of people view it as boys will be boys.

    I think whatever punishment is issued will be more like another chapter in a soap opera rather than “protecting the integrity of the game.”

  30. “I would do nothing to hurt the integrity of the league”… Sorry Tom, what a line of crap. I hope he is ashamed for all the lies. Michigan Man…….

  31. Why is everyone saying there will be a suspension? The penalty for tampering with the ball is in the rulebook. They can’t just decide to change the penalty because he’s famous and so many hate the Pats, can they?

    The rulebook says $25K penalty. end of discussion, right?

  32. I don’t think they can suspend Brady,….he has an “I’m bigger than the game…no suspension clause” in his contract.

  33. Pete Rose banned for life for harming the integrity of baseball.

    Brady has been proven by the preponderance of the evidence to have lied, covered up his involvement, attempted to coerce team employees to lie after issuing an order to them to cheat, and then failed to coopers with the investigation, and then went in national tv and lied to the entire world.

    Yes, I’d say a very BIG suspension is in order!

  34. Yet Aaron Rodgers admits he over inflates the balls and he is not only in good standing….. he is promoted as one of the faces of the NFL.

  35. Play hard ball with Mr. Softball — suspend him until he does turn over the material the NFL requested of him.

  36. 4 games is my guess.

    Whole thing could have been avoided if after the Colt game Brady had said “During the Jet game this year the balls felt like rocks. Our staff measured them after the game and found that the officials had put them in the game at 16 PSI. After that happened, I asked our equipment guys to always make sure the balls were not higher than the 12.5 I prefer since the officials obviously weren’t doing their job. I did not intend to violate an NFL rule, I merely to make sure the balls were not overinflated.”

  37. Now getting a little ridiculous. Refs job to check all game balls… Are they going to be suspended too for not doing their job? Why is this still a topic since last season? Evidence is speculative at best from what it seems. Looks like the work of division rivals to keep this one going… Doesn’t every QB and team check balls to either make sure they are hard or soft to their liking? Is the NFL going to really not look at this fact? Hopefully so and focus on abuse and other investigations that are in need. This one looks like new procedures improvements are in need of updating.

  38. Let’s take a moment to look back at the legends we lost to asterisks in 2015

    Tom Brady….
    Jerry Rice….
    Bruce Jenner….

  39. If they were going to suspend Brady, they’d have to do it for the first game(s) of the season. Is the NFL willing to sit Brady for their big Thursday night season opener?

    This, my friends, is the proverbial “sticky wicket” for the NFL. It’ll be interesting to see how Ol’ Roger handles this one.

  40. Any interest on reporting that the company the NFL hired to do the scientific research about the deflation of footballs is the same company that denied the link between second hand smoke and cancer and is regarded as a “gun for hire” in the research world?

    From a 2010 LA Times article: “But Exponent’s research has come under fire from critics, including engineers, attorneys and academics who say the company tends to deliver to clients the reports they need to mount a public defense.”

    Yesterday, after reading the text messages I was firmly in the camp of “Suspend Brady”. But the fact that Wells and the NFL opted to use Exponent for the scientific research is troubling and speaks to the NFL seeking an outcome that protected the league. Marry that CYA summaries of “more probable than not” and “generally aware” and it appears on the surface that the investigation itself may not be nearly as objective as Roger has claimed it would be.

    This could actually be Brady’s best defense…finding academics and experts to shoot holes through Exponents’ findings. And ensuring that those people have more credibility than Exponent (which is not difficult).

  41. Kraft, Belichick, and Brady snub their noses at the NFL constantly, with a “rules don’t apply to us” kind of nonchalance. They are about to find out how wrong they are.

  42. It would be very hard for the players’ union or Brady to take the League to court if he were suspended. If they were to do so, the League would easily convince a judge to use the Court’s subpoena power for the text messages, and at that point it would become crystal clear what actually happened. The best they will be able to do is complain out loud and go sit the 4 game suspension that is probably coming.

  43. And the fact the NE Patriots had a historically low fumble rate, the entire organization benefited from this cheating. And since there is no way of knowing how long this has been going on, how is anyone ever supposed to take this franchise and their dynasty serious anymore?

  44. I would take a long suspension before I would allow my employer access to my private email and text message records. Wouldn’t you?

    I mean, who does the league think they are? Even the FBI currently needs a warrant signed by a judge to access those records- I’m supposed to turn them over to anyone from the league who asks?

    I mean honestly, how many people, if their boss walked up to them at work and said “give me your cell phone and your password”, would do so without a fight? Not me.

    Why do we always seem so quick to deny pro athletes rights we would never give up ourselves?

  45. Kraft has Goodell in his pockets I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady has to pay a fine and misses zero time. Funny how long the league took to complete this investigation. They won a super bowl and completed their draft without penalty. Why am I not surprised! I bet Brady gets a slap on the wrist!

  46. Sean Payton got a year for not knowing about Bountygate. Both Brady and Belichick should sit just as long. At least The Saints didn’t lie and hide evidence.

  47. Anything less than a year will be a joke. I don’t mind that he let the air out of some balls because that probably didn’t change the course of the AFCCG. The way he openly lied and mocked the situation make matters worse.

  48. Its has to be a minimum of 4 games, but it needs to include a 100k fine and the loss of a 1st or 2nd round draft pick… I also believe the captain of the ship has to be supended at least one game, Payton was nailed for the whole year under that same argument… This might seem harsh to some, but the Patriots have a track record and a message needs to be sent.

  49. Patriot fans, stop trying to make excuses as each one gets shot down with each new article. Admit your team has a legacy of being cheaters and stop embarrassing yourselves. Instead of absorbing all this punishment trying to cover up for a rich brat cheating why not call for a QB/HC change and begin the repair process? Maybe get a QB in there that doesn’t have little bitty girly hands and a Head Coach with some integrity.

  50. To boot, not speaking to media is a fine, not suspension. Ask Beast Mode.. Refused to cooperatte?? Didn’t he say he did not deflate the footballs?? What else does not cooperating mean? Did the investigators rather hear him say that the fact is, every team sets up equipment to their preference??!!

  51. It will be like an Alabama suspension before the Auburn game: 1st possession of the first game of the season.

  52. Dude’s a liar and a cheater.

    Way to go, Pats fans. This is who you are defending.

  53. The lack of remorse and continuing hubris of Brady and the Pats deserves its own additional penalty. These people are arrogant beyond belief. Kraft encourages it with his smug denials about the report’s accuracy.

    You can bet that if the report vindicated the Pats, they would be trumpeting its conclusions all over the place.

    When the Falcons were accused of piping sound, Arthur Blank accepted the consequences. When Farmer was accused of improper texting, the Browns acknowledged the mistake and accepted the consequences. When the Rice video came out, Bisciotti stated the Ravens should have done more to investigate. All significant contrasts to Kraft’s attitude.

  54. One year suspension for Brady and his coach. See Sean Payton and bounty gate. They should also lose draft picks.

  55. I guess we all know now who wins the “who is better, Manning or Brady debate” I’m going with the guy who doesn’t cheat.

  56. Brady’s lack of cooperation makes him look GUILTY!! If he was so innocent like he proclaims why would he not give EVERYTHING over to the investigators to prove his innocence? You would have to be an IDIOT to think he was hiding something.

  57. This illegal cheating did affect the competitive balance and integrity of the game.

    Brady’s lack of integrity and failure to participate in the investigation adds up to at least a 10 game suspension. Some will demand a full season to a lifetime ban and a case can be made for that.

    He is not alone in this conspiracy so I could see the Patriots losing their draft picks in the first 4 rounds in next season’s draft to perhaps losing all of them. Additionally, Kraft should be kicked of every committee he is on.

    The NFL has to make the punishments fit the worst crime in sports. They violated the integrity of the game far more than any off the field incident.

  58. The integrity of the game will be forever damaged if Brady isnt suspended for at LEAST 8 games.
    Belicheat should be suspended for at LEAST 8 games as well. It happened under his watch, and he has past transgressions.
    Finally, because Kraft publicly went on a PR campaign and is still trying to shame the league, instead of accepting responsibility as owner, the team should be docked at LEAST its 1st, 3rd, and 4th round picks in 2016 along with a 3 million dollar fine

  59. The Browns and Falcons should not be the reference points for disciplining the Patriots. The appropriate comparison is the Saints. Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and the suspended Saints players are surely watching closely. The Patriots, especially Tom Brady, engaged in direct rule violations undermining the integrity of the game during a championship game. Also, it is not credible that this was a one-time event. If the NFL were actually serious about the integrity of the game, as opposed to protecting its revenues and marketing its stars, Brady and Belichick would face long suspensions, and the NFL would vacate their AFC and NFL championships. No such thing will happen. Goodell will just ask Robert Kraft what penalty Kraft will accept, and that will be that.

  60. Anything less than a 1yr suspension for Tom and Bill and the loss of a 1st and 2nd draft pick will be a travesty. This team just can’t win unless they cheat and need to be made an example of.
    Having said that the real issue for the NFL that seems to be overlooked is that we have once again a cheating team that won the Super Bowl.
    Understanding that the Pat’s were allowed to keep the other titles when it was clear they cheated we have to think this time will be no different.
    So the lesson here is cheat as much as you are able because if you win the big game you will still be embraced by the NFL as champions, and the penalty will not fit the crime.
    The protection of the NFL shield are nothing but empty words.

  61. If this cheating clown doesn’t get at least 8 games then Goodell and his minions should be fired.

  62. #banforlife dude’s a lying cheat and he compromised the integrity of the game for many years.

  63. Don’t blame JUST Tom Brady. The Patriots and Kraft TOLD Brady what to do.. This cheating goes all the way back to the Tuck Rule.
    Kraft first payment was to Referee Walter Coleman in the Tuck Rule, then of course Patriots cheated in that superbowl against Rams being video tapping and of course paying some key people off. Then there was spygate which is the reason why Patriots won any superbowls. Then theres the FACT that Tom Brady has someone in his helmet telling him where to throw the ball (Doug Flutie spoiled that one) Patriots defense then would get a paper before games giving them EVERY Audible signal and Patriots defense would know exactly what the other team was going to do (Ted Johnson spoiled that) Patriots have been paying off refs, commissioners, CBS and a TON of people ever since Kraft took over this team. We are just hearing about the little things. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
    Too many things are adding up here.. Hey where’s Matt Walsh anyways?

  64. Obstruction of the investigation has to be the key finding of the report….both the Pats organization and Tom Brady. Therefore, penalties must be severe including a high draft pick (organization) and suspension (Brady).

    How do the Saints feel? After the wiretapping investigation and they fully cooperated with all questions.

    And the Falcons and Browns both admitted guilt…but the Pats are denying everything…but don’t have an alternative explanation.

  65. This is like corking your bat while on some kind of PED. Ban him for the year. Done. Do it quickly. It shouldn’t take 4 months to hand down the punishment.

  66. I agree that Brady would have to be suspended:
    1. He lied at various points.
    2. He impeded the investigation by not providing requested information.
    3. He was clearly involved in the deflation of footballs through his knowledge and acquiescence.
    4. He was just as clearly involved in the cover-up.

    The only reasonable penalty is a suspension. A fine for a quarterback making millions and a wife who makes triple what her husband earns would probably elicit a small laugh on their part. And I think this is much worse than Bountygate because it more directly affects the integrity of the game.

    By the way, if you spend a season using deflated footballs, the running backs know the balls is deflated after handling the football on a running play. The center knows because he is handling the football on every play. The wide receivers and TEs know once they catch a pass. A lot of people on the offensive side of the ball had to know.

  67. Kraft will most likely tell his golf partner Goodell to suspend Brady for the 4th preseason game which is what he will do.

  68. Brady’s failure to cooperate may have been a calculated move to avoid giving the league access to evidence of cheating while allowing for the possibility of punishment for what might appear like a lesser sin. In most states, attorneys are required to cooperate with the state in investigations of misconduct. Failing to respond carries a mandatory suspension, even if the proofs of misconduct are sketchy. Either way, there are consequences and maybe in this instance Brady simply chose a sure sanction for obfuscating rather than assist in a process that would lead to the label of cheater. Regardless, the golden boy is now permanently tarnished.

  69. Him and the coach should be suspended. Ignorance is not an excuse. Member?

  70. He should be suspended. If the NFL can decide to punish the Redskins and the Cowboys for circumventing the NONEXISTENT cap, they certainly should punish somebody for affecting the integrity of the game!

  71. But the Wells report explains that “we offered to allow Brady’s counsel to screen and control the production so that it would be limited strictly to responsive materials and would not involve our taking possession of Brady’s telephone or other electronic devices.”

  72. this is worse than smoking a joint? he should get at least a six game suspension!!!

  73. Of course he was aware of deflated balls, he is the #1 person in line who benefits from it.

  74. one of the most important facts that is being overlooked is the cowardice on the part of ryan grigson and the colts organization. as a life long patriots fan, i’m willing to admit that brady looks like a jerk for the way he handled this. but i am not willing to let the grigson off the hook for his part in this. people can claim brady broke the rules based on a vague description of the rules for this scenario, but the biggest non debatable fact in the wells report is that the grigson, the colts and senior members of the league had an agenda, and boy did they ever carry it out. don’t know how a colts fan can continue to support such a cowardly organization. my sympathy goes out to them.

  75. I am still unclear for exactly what actions you think deserve a suspension. I have not read the entire report, but I wish someone would explain why I am wrong on the following:
    1. Brady was upset with the pressure of the balls following the Jets game, as the officials filled the balls to the high end of the legal limit.
    2. Brady suggested printing out the league rules in the future as a reminder to the refs that balls inflated to the low limit are legal, and to not adjust the pressure.
    3. Any other actions or pressure from Brady to employees or officials can be perceived as an attempt to play with legally inflated balls, albeit on the low limits of what is allowed.

    Am I missing some piece of evidence? Is there a smoking gun proving Brady wanted the balls deflated below the legal limit?

  76. If Brady gets suspended for opener I wouldn’t do any raising of banner #4 till Brady’s return on field . Merry Christmas

  77. Brady needs to be suspended for 1 year. Belicheat has presided over a longstanding culture of cheating and needs to be banned permanently from the NFL. Lastly, Kraft needs to be forced to sell the franchise. End the mafia type of organization the Patriots have proven to be!!!!!

  78. It was really, really stupid of him to not just cooperate immediately. Especially since a slightly deflated football has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of a football game.

  79. The Wells report notes that not a single measurement of any of the New England footballs reflected a PSI reading of 10.1. In fact, only one measurement of one football was as low as 10.5 PSI.

    The Wells report also points out that Gardi’s comments about the Colts’ game balls was not accurate. On one of the two gauges used to test the footballs, THREE of the four Colts balls tested were UNDER the limit of 12.5 PSI

  80. You missed a trick. You should have gone with a picture of Agent Smith from The Matrix.

    It is *inevitable*.

  81. Suspension?? Hardly. The NFL will go light on him, like no cherry on his fudge sundae. Then again, put him on the exempt list. That would get EVERYONE in New England a fit. Would love to see that. LOL.

  82. As a Pats fan, I say suspend him to shut you trolls up! We won 11 games with Matt Cassell as a starter! We can win without him and when he comes back, he’ll torch the league on his way to a fifth ring!

  83. Unless they had absolutely no idea who Brady was texting, couldn’t they have gotten the texts he sent from whomever he sent them to? I feel like the number of people Brady could have contacted about the footballs is very limited, so they could’ve retrieved those texts from someone else.

    And no, this does not make Brady withholding information any less detrimental to him or the case, but if all they needed from the text messages was enough to make the case “crystal freaking clear,” it seems like those texts Brady sent could’ve came from anyone he sent them to.

  84. In regards to Brady not handing over his electronic communications, I wouldn’t either given all the leaks that occurred between the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl.

  85. Nothing worse than a cheater. Tampering with approved balls is worse than just getting caught deflating. 12 games seems about right.

    Krafts statement represents willful blindness. 1st round draft pick, 1M fine should open up his eyes.

    Belicheck is likely innocent in all of this except for the fact that this was his player, his team. As a coach he should get 16 game suspension a-la Sean Payton and 4 games as a GM similar to Farmer.

    I forgive all these penalties if the NFL simply stripped NE of their SB win. Cheaters don’t win need to be the message.

  86. He should be suspend the full season, just like A-rod was. They both lied and they both got caught. Cheating is cheating and now it’s time he and the patriots pay the consequences.

  87. Brady should get a 1 Game Suspension at the very least. It would be good for everyone including their fans; as the they can get a precursor look at life after Brady. Garapolo might even be OK, but he is no Brady and therefore the AFC East will be a battle for the Dolphins and Bills, like it was for decades. Sorry, the Truth hurts. By the way… The Patriots are CHEATERS!

  88. 1st game it will be under appeal so he can play that national tv game.he will be suspended after that.that 1st game has to much $$$$ involved.

  89. Pats fan here. This has all been extremely disappointing. Why does the best QB and coach ever have to continuously look for petty competitive advantages? Why can’t you just look your opponent in the eye and play the same rules? I will never wear my Brady jersey with the same pride.

  90. The privacy defense is a red herring, as this is not a legal proceeding. Brady is under no obligation to cooperate, but at the same time the NFL is under no obligation to permit him to play. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, and if he doesn’t want to cooperate in an investigation he shouldn’t expect any favors.

  91. Are you going to suspend the entire Vikings and Panthers organizations for any games for doctoring balls in plain sight of everyone one the sidelines? No? Didn’t think so.

  92. Let’s face reality.

    If the Pats weren’t serial cheaters…

    Patriots = Bills
    Brady = Kelly

    Very good but not great and likely not as many SB appearances as the Bills.

  93. it’s very strange why this report was delayed until after the draft.

    What is the penalty when someone lies about PED’s? Nothing.

    You get penalties for the PED’S but not for saying I took nothing.

    $25,000 fine.

  94. Tom Brady did cooperate with the investigation. He submitted himself to their questioning and was interviewed. He was under no legal authority to turn over his personal electronic data. Less than 1 year ago, the Supreme Court ruled in Riley v. California that cell phones and private data are “such a pervasive and insistent part of daily life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude they were an important feature of human anatomy,” wrote Chief Justice John G. Roberts in the majority ruling. “The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought.”

  95. We won 11 games with Matt Cassell as a starter!

    Yeah, but now you have Janeane Garofolo.

  96. Brady should get a kickback from the league for doing something that keeps the NFL in the headlines during the offseason.

  97. I remember during the Michael Vick investigation Goodell stated that Vick lying had much to do with his long suspension.

    Brady has lied repeatedly since this scandal began. But again I think he would retire if Goodell threatened to give him a lengthy suspension

  98. Maybe they should simply fine Brady $5M, which is what the investigation cost.

  99. The punishment should be the same as the punishment that was handed down to the Panthers and Vikings for tampering with balls on natl tv. Or whatever the Colts get for having 75% of their balls deflated.

  100. lifetime ban? you are kidding right? couple games good enough.

  101. Also it is improper to cite the fact that New England played better in the second half of the AFC championship after the balls were changed back to regulation weight. They got the lead in the first half playing with the deflated balls, and the Colts were forced to play catch-up in the second half.

  102. I only come here to read the Patriot fan’s defense of their moral bankruptcy. Its safe to say what they lack in intelligence and common sense they more than make up for it in creative thinking and meaningless comparisons. Their capacity to justify illegal behavior knows no bounds.

    Worse is Kraft’s defense of his team’s actions. That alone should serve as the NFL best reason to suspend Brady for the entire season. I realize that is only a remote possibility but if it were to happen, I would drive to Boston just to listen to the sports talk stations for two days straight, my version of heaven on earth.

  103. You would have to be a real Patriots Homer to think he is completely innocent in this fiasco. He is a cheater plain and simple.

  104. He is probably the Tiger Woods of Football. Didn’t want them to see the text’s to his collection of women.

  105. If “Integrity” means anything.. to anybody.. the higher profile people should actually be held to a higher standard.

    If some bench warmer does something anti-Integrity, he’s gone. So should the stars.

    The stars should be setting the example.

  106. “More probable than not”. That doesn’t mean with out a doubt. United States your innocent unless proven guilty beyond all out doubt. Not more probable than not. Brady will take a 2 game suspension and win another Super Bowl lol. Not a Pats fan but it’s what they do. Win!

  107. “OK, cue the haters. Have at it, boys, your hatred runs deep.”

    Your guy cheated, and you look like an idiot.

  108. Turns out the pickup truck he gave to Butler had low air pressure on the tires. hmmm.

  109. So what? How is this any different than pine tar or stickum? It’s not. Don’t suspend the guy. He’s an all-time great. Fine him. Fine the team. And take away 1 or 2 draft picks and that’s it.

  110. By not having Brady for the 2008 season and going 11-5, Pats will still win the AFC East if he is suspended a minimum of 4 games. Still making the playoffs.

  111. Minimum 8 games. After the Saints precedent, how would there be any justification for anything less?

    Stop with the Aaron Rodgers stuff. He just said he likes them overinflated. He doesn’t have them inflated AFTER they have been checked by the refs.

  112. Stuff like this from Brady and New England is starting to make pro wrestling look legit. Again, if they do this all the time, maybe Brady isn’t that great a QB and New England isn’t a “dynasty” after all. Then again I could be lying.

  113. His lawyer and agent advised him not to hand over personal records. As a former lawyer, you should appreciate that more than anyone. Take from that what you will but it’s just common sense from a legal perspective.

    Also, this integrity of the crap is ridiculous. With all of the cheap shots, crowd noise pumping, turning up the temp (Colts), fudging the cap (Broncos) and all the other shenanigans it just speaks to the culture of the league. If the Patriots weren’t winning so much, they would be a target. As soon as Seattle starting winning, it was PEDs. Cowboys were always being accused of things in the 90’s.

    As a Pats fan, I’m not excusing the behavior as much as I’m not going to condemn it because as we have seen, with other successful teams, they get more attention and with today’s over saturated media there is nothing better than controversy to get more clicks. All of this over .5-1 PSI which most QBs could identify holding both at the same time. SMDH.

  114. Brady DID FULLY cooperate until Wells wanted to see his phone records.
    Do you want some stranger listening to your private phone messages.

  115. I honestly hope he doesn’t because I want to see him get destroyed by the Bills in week two.

  116. Thank you Mike for actually giving us some real information. I watched 4 hours of talking head coverage yesterday and it’s pretty clear now that none of them read or even glanced at the Wells Report. This is why I only get my football news from this site.

  117. I believe there is a fine already established for doctoring footballs, and that is 25K.

    As for those who are upset Tom didn’t hand over his cell, I don’t care what kind of assurances the Wells team gave him, from the start of this all Tom had witnessed is leak after leak from the league office. Why would he trust they would keep any of his private information out of the public’s eye. I can’t blame him for not turning it over.

  118. The “integrity of the game” is laughable.

    I also agree with the above post; Florio gave me more info. here than all the hyperventilating TV morons I saw all last night combined.

  119. Can someone please point to the evidence in this report ( yes I read it ) that implicates Brady in this.

  120. I’m absolutely astonished he was so dumb as to be directly involved. How many employees do the Pats have that could have served as the middleman so it couldn’t be positively tied to Brady? It really does seem they have a culture of cheating where they were so brazen they didn’t think they could get caught.

  121. They need to vacate that superbowl win… They all profited from the deflated football… From top top in turnovers lost to top ten in turnovers earn? That just doesnt happen over night… You want real Justice take away the Superbowl… The End…Indeed…

  122. Its too bad this great QB’s legacy will now always be in question.
    We will always now be able to say “Yeah But..” in response to “Tom Brady was one of the greatest QB’s of all time.”
    It didn’t have to be that way.

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  124. Set an example, teach the Patriots a lesson, and sit Brady for the season. These guys are habitual cheaters that need to be taught a lesson.

    BTW, I expect the following conversation to take place in the league office this morning: “Roger, it’s NBC on the line. They want to switch the season opener to Seattle vs. Green Bay.”

  125. “More probable than not”. That doesn’t mean with out a doubt. United States your innocent unless proven guilty beyond all out doubt. Not more probable than not. Brady will take a 2 game suspension and win another Super Bowl lol. Not a Pats fan but it’s what they do. Win!

    In a civil proceeding it is preponderance of the evidence.

    I am a Seahawks fan and no big lover of the Patriots. But this is a smart and edgy team.

    Smart edgy teams piss the fans of other teams off. Because they are just waht they are, smart and edgy.

    Brady is guilty of the equivalent of throwing a spitball in baseball, or digging his nail into a ball to change its spin or velocity. If it were hockey his stick would have had too much of a curve on it or his goalie pads would be a hair too wide.

    If he gets suspended it does not mar his legacy. He is a great QB. He played on great teams. He liked to get an edge.

    If this were the Jags people would just laugh it off. But with the super successful Pats, lets vacate all their Superbowl wins and then fine them a gazillion dollars and make sure that no team member of any Pats team can play again or any of their descendants to the 1oth generation. Burn Boston to the ground and sow salt in the soil, sell the Pats fans into bondage. Sounds fair.

  126. Short time ago, the Browns were fined and the GM suspended 4 games for sending text messages to the sidelines during games on multiple occasions.
    With its 2nd offense no way NE gets off that easy but some of this outrage is flat-out unhinged.
    If this were Cleve. or Jacksonville, no one would care.
    That can’t even be remotely denied.

  127. Breaking news: Recognizing that the Wells report reveals egregious rule violations which threaten the integrity of the game and require a strong response by the league, Baby John Mara announced the imposition of $10 million salary cap penalties for the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Mara said, “With these strong penalties, the NFL will force the Patriots to face the harm they have caused to other member clubs and, most importantly, the game itself.”

  128. Steelers are the luckiest team on the planet. Chances of Steelers winning their opener just increased tremendously.
    Any chance we can find something Manning did wrong so Ravens can get a break in their opener also?
    Oh well, guess we’ll just have to sweep the Steelers – no worries

  129. For those say he can’t be convicted because its only “probable” that he was involved.

    He’s not in a court room next to Hernandez. He’s not changed with a felony. No one reasonable is calling for him to be kicked out of the game.
    Think of it as a civil suit. Where a reasonable doubt doesn’t equate to a not guilty verdict. A reasonable conclusion based on the evidence is all you need for a conviction.
    Most would find it reasonable that the QB who did not cooperate was involved.

    If his text messages show he was involved, I’d expect he’s suspended the year. Then what happens when he comes back at his age? Without them, I expect 6 games, maybe 8. He knows this.

  130. Why aren’t the officials – you know, the people that handled the game balls during the game – all not suspended immediately?

    They should have been able to recognise this problem, and made sure it was sorted out.

    In the future, rather than have both teams provide their own balls for each game, the League should provide ALL of the game balls. These balls should be marked as checked by the officials before each game, and rechecked at the end of the game. Periodically during the game, a ball can be temporarily removed for checking and returned. Any ball deemed uninflated, should be secured for later investigation and replaced.

    There are surely enough wannabe officials out there looking for work with the League to find teams to provide this service. This could be a great way to introduce younger people to officiating, giving them additional training along the way.

  131. First, I don’t even hate the Pats.

    However, Brady failed to cooperate, what more evidence do you need?

    What happens if you get pulled over by a cop and he asks you to use the breathalyzer? If you fail to cooperate, you’re deemed to be driving while intoxicated, that’s it.

    Brady had a clear chance to free himself from all criticism here, yet he failed to cooperate. Anybody who is defending Brady and the Pats right now have their head buried 5 feet in the sand and refuse to believe anything else.

  132. The only thing that has been proven in this is that most NFL fans are morons.

  133. I am a Colts fan, so I surely wouldn’t mind seeing Brady punished for something he did wrong. But give me a break. This one remains ludicrous to me.

    1st. No way this impacted the game in question.
    2nd. I think it is a dumb rule. I think a team should be able to inflate to whatever the want since they are they are the only ones using the balls. However, if the kickers had to use the same ball as the passers, then you would not see this type of thing coming up.

  134. 1. Brady cheated, and probably for years. His henchman called himself the “deflator”. Brady was obsessed with the feel of the ball, and had angry outbursts. He gave his henchman autographed items. He had repeated phone calls and meetings with one of the henchmen after the claims came out. Brady is INDEED IMPLICATED.

    2. Brady lied. He denied everything at the earlier press conference, even abput knowing one of the henchmen. He apparently lied to BB.

    3. Brady refused to fully cooperate. Per league rules. And with his attorney being able to screen everything first.

    4. People are being suspended for texting, and for using a substance that is legal in two states.

    If the NFL does not suspend Brady for at least one game, the backlash and possible ramifications will be enormous. The league would admit that they have different rules for Brady d the Pats. Then if I was an NFL player I would try to ch every chance I got.

  135. Didn’t Aaron Rodgers admit to over inflating his balls? So shouldn’t he also get a suspension? This is so stupid. I am not a Pat fan but I think it is a really weak thing to complain about. So he has smaller hands and wants the ball 1lb under. Big deal. This is the reason the NFL is going downhill.

  136. Suspend Tommy Boy for one year. Fine Belichik a half million for continuing to harbor an unethical work environment. Suspend Bob Kraft 8 games for being a pompous doucche through all this stuff.

  137. With NFL leaking like a sieve and everything confidential being released to the press, would you give them unfettered access to your cell phone and expect everything to remain confidential?? Neither would I…..

  138. Let’s be realistic. He is only going to get between 2 and 4 games. Belichek will get the same. The team will get a huge fine and possibly lose a draft choice. There is a difference between competitive advantage and cheating, and this was cheating. Brady should just own up to it and move on.

  139. I’m pretty sure he will be and deserves to suspended.

    However, those who are going crazy about the whole “integrity of the game” thing. Let’s be clear the reason that this whole thing got found out was because the under-inflated ball floated like a duck and the ball was intercepted allowing the ball’s under-inflated state to be discovered. Then in the second half when the balls were inflated to the proper pressure the Patriots offense was a whole lot more effective.

    I know that there are those who claim that under-inflated balls give the team an unfair advantage especially in avoiding fumbling. However, in this game it was pretty clear that being under-inflated seemed to be more of a disadvantage to the Patriots.

    In terms of baseball history this whole thing seems a lot more like the pine-tar on George Brett’s bat than the cork that was found in Sammy Sosa’s bat to me.

  140. Here’s what you numnuts Pats fans still in denial don’t get.

    Tommy stood up there last year before the Super Bowl and totally denied knowing anything about any of these little deflating games. Now the evidence suggests otherwise.

    Now, many of us don’t give a rat’s about that deflating scheme itself — but lying is a different story.

    Once again it’s not the crime — it’s the cover-up. Go look up Watergate if you don’t believe it.

  141. One would think… but this commish partied with Kraft before the Supper Bowl, has hugged Ray Lewis and his love for the Patriots runs deep. The Dennard release may have been part of “the deal”. I bet Brady gets a fine and suspended for pre-season games. Goodell is a horrible leader and creeps like Kraft are his puppeteers.

  142. Question. If the PSI of the football is so important, then please explain:
    A) Why were officials inflating balls over the maximum PSI versus division rivals (Wells Report). I would think that this is enough for anyone who suspects that games can be rigged by the officials. That was only a three point win.

    B) Why does the rule book state this as a minimum 25k fine? Basically a parking ticket. If this is such a big deal, why doesn’t the rule book reflect that? I would also think that the NFL badly wants the salary cap/parity to work, so the Pats need to be taken down in their (and all the haters) minds. Even if they have to change the rules as they g o along.

    C) Why does everyone ignore other teams and QB’s who are on the record of tampering just this year alone? This just points to the double standards that exist within this entire story. And no one will touch it for fear of having to be consistent.

  143. The bigger question is why does everyone want players to be suspended for everything. I can guarantee that suspensions from games has gone up so much over the years. Is this a reflection of our society. Where everyone want to blame and punish people for every indiscretion. Sad truth sports fans.

  144. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 games it doesn’t matter , pats win those games and win another SB , all your hate does is make them stronger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Goodell knows that if the punishment is too harsh he will be banned from sitting in Kraft’s sky box and may have to attend Jets games instead.

  146. They will fine him. It would be bad for business to take him off the field. The problem is that it would take 8 figures to make him feel it and that’s against the rules. Same problem they had with Irsay.

  147. If there’s a problem with what Brady did, then shouldn’t Aaron Rodgers be talking too. What did Aaron Rodgers mean when he said he likes his footballs OVER-INFLATED? Why did Aaron Rodgers think Deflategate was a joke? Could it be that EVERY team in the NFL fudges football inflation and the NFL doesn’t give a damn?

    This whole thing is an absolute joke. I want to see Ted Wells investigate the Packers and Aaron Rodgers if the NFL is so concerned about fair play. Teams have been tinkering with football inflation for YEARS because the NFL has no set guidelines for inflation and they’ve NEVER enforced the fine on the books for it. This is just a witch hunt against a team everyone hates.

  148. enfocusauctions, what Brady did was instruct his guys to alter the balls AFTER the officials inspected and approved them. That is cheating.

  149. Anybody who thinks the NFL will suspend Brady for the opening game after winning a Super Bowl is crazy. The NFL doesn’t have the balls (pun intended). RG is worst commissioner of any sport in the history of sports. Worse than Bud Selig, there, I said it.

  150. He’s been cheating for so long with impunity that he blasts anyone who dares to question his status as reigning Queen Of The NFL.

    Of course Kraft runs Goodell so in the end Brady will be made to sit out the first half of a preseason game.

  151. First half of AFC championship game with under-inflated balls: Patriots 17 Colts 7.

    Second half of AFC championship game with properly inflated balls: Patriots 28 Colts 0.

    For the integrity of the game, the Patriots should be stripped of the 17 points they scored with illegal footballs. Making the final score Patriots 28 Colts 7.

    Well, will you look at that? Still a blowout for the Patriots.

    Good thing Brady didn’t have properly inflated balls for both halves or the final score might have been 56-0.

  152. Do a version of Scared Straight with Brady by throwing him in a cell with Aaron Hernandez for a week….

  153. No way! When the Bills completely thrash the Pats in week 2, I want to see Brady as the starting QB. I don’t want to hear the obligatory excuses from Pats fans.

  154. Well the league will do something but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think Brady will get suspended for at the least 2 games but if this was another QB it would be more like 8 games.

  155. Kraft better apologize to Goodell. It’s time for bradycheat & belicheat to be fired. These cheaters have made a mockery of the NFL. Can’t wait to see brady playing QB in the CFL.

  156. This isn’t a court of law, there is no standard of beyond reasonable doubt or innocent until proven guilty in the NFL. That said we are talking about the Patriots, Belichick, and Brady here.

    Based on what the league did to Sean Payton using the ignorance is no excuse standard Belichick should be suspended for an entire season, but I guarantee he doesn’t get any suspension or fine.

    With Brady its hard to apply a standard to because the NFL is so wildly inconsistent with player discipline. My guess for Brady is that he won’t get suspended, if anything he will spend a few weeks on double secret probation (the commissioner’s exempt list).

    As for the team, if anything, they will probably only get a small fine and maybe lose one really late round pick as a slap on the wrist.

  157. Suspend him for the 2015 season and strip the Patriots of the Super Bowl title.

  158. He does probably deserve a game for not just coming clean about what happened in January. This was ultimately a minor equipment violation and would have probably been met with a 50k-ish fine and everyone could have moved on.

    Instead, the league had to expend time and resources conducting this serious-seeming investigation about what amounts to a silly and inconsequential act of impropriety.

    So, for that he definitely deserves a game. But people losing their minds about the “integrity of the game” are grossly overstating or overestimating the actual significance of what took place.

  159. Should Brady be suspended for 2 games? Yes
    Will Brady be suspended at all? No

    Roger will not sit him for the season opener — too many $$$ at stake. NBC, NFL Channel, ESPN, so on.

  160. Maybe these guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out.

  161. How about Rogers saying his balls are over inflated any penalty for that ??

  162. It’s not too late for a Super Bowl do-over!

    Notify the sponsors, start printing too many tickets. Roll the field into the stadium in AZ, its not being used now anyway. Colts vs Hawks, Weird Al plays halftime. Money is made –

    Works for me !

  163. i would not be surprised if tom brady is taking one for the team, his coach & owner. maybe they figure he will get a few games suspension if any & they would escape discipline.

    at this point i would not believe anything as the truth.

    too bad someone did not step up and take responsibility for this rather than letting two minor employees be the primary culprits

  164. minimum of 6 games, $250,000 fine and banned from the HOF!!! Guy is a cheater and it’s now proven. is an insult to include his name in the debate of the all time great QB’s!!

  165. One year suspension, subject to reduction to eight games if Brady confesses and if Brady turns over his cell phone and other communications.

  166. Tell me again how many games any Viking player was suspended for illegally heating footballs on the sidelines, ON NETWORK TV!!!!

  167. I read the full report.

    Tom Brady is a cheater and lier. His refusal to provide access to his cell phone or email records, when the investigators were only looking at records pertaining to exchanges regarding “deflation,” further proves his guilt.

    The autographed jerseys and sneakers also lay credence to the evidence provided (e.g. text messages from equipment personnel).

    Failure to cooperate fully in the investigation and willfully and knowingly violating the leagues’ rules to provide a potential boost in performance should result in the hammer coming down from the Commissioner.

    I personally believe suspending Tom Brady for the full season is the best possible outcome.

  168. between spygate and deflategate two of the NE super bowls are directly related to cheating.

    Brady shouldn’t be punished if there is no evidence, however, Brady should be suspended until he provides the information requested by Wells to complete the investigation. Under a court of law this would be considered a contempt of court ruling in which witnesses will sit in jail until they cooperate with an investigation. The precedence for this action exists within the legal system. Do not suspend Brady for cheating till you have the evidence but you can suspend him under the existing rules for failing to cooperate with the investigation and to continue that suspension until he complies. This is a no-brainer.

  169. 1.Wouldn’t turn over his phone – who would?

    2. Wells states Brady told the guys he wanted his balls at 12.5

    3. Gave away signed items – happens all the time in sports to the low income employees.

    4. Not one text that says the Brady told them to do _____ or asked them to do ______ or paid them to do ______.

    There would not be enough evidence to lay a charge against Brady let alone convict him of anything in any court. Its not what you think its what you can prove and it ain’t even close.

  170. I absolutely hate the Patriots, but I could care less if Brady messed around with the footballs a little bit..get real people, you think throughout the history of the league everything under the sun hasn’t been done to a football prior to a game? If you’re not cheating you’re not trying hard enough..

    This is no big deal, Patriots would have still beaten the breaks off of all the teams they played regardless if there was 4 lbs of air in the balls or 104 lbs of air in the balls. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill…jesus.

  171. There’s enough evidence to convince the League. This isn’t the US Legal System; and the fact that Brady didn’t turn over his phone can’t be used as an argument for having no evidence from Brady.

  172. Don’t let the legal language fool you. “More probable than not’ is the threshold in the NFL for guilt, just like the ‘preponderance of evidence’ in a civil trial means guilty.
    2 games for doing it, 6 games for not cooperating. Because he is rich and famous he gets a pass while those two shrubs have to turn in their phones? That is a clear double standard.

  173. Everybody has talked about how badly Peyton Manning plays in cold weather games and the effect it has on his passer rating. Now we learn that Brady deflated footballs to attain a better grip and complained about them not being deflated enough in a horrible game he had against the Jets.

    How can anyone argue that does not give him a competitive advantage? Maybe if Peyton had used under inflated footballs the Broncos would have 1-2 more games a year, who knows, but is that not a competitive advantage? What about the by product of the under inflation resulting in less fumbles for the Pats than another other outdoor team by a longshot? Clearly Brady and the Pats benefited from this advantage.

  174. Let’s face it…

    If we get rid of the Patriots cheating they are a poor man’s Buffalo Bills.

    If we get rid of the Patriots cheating, Brady is a poor man’s Jim Kelly.


  175. Cheaters gonna cheat. There’s a pattern with that whole organization. Too bad because now everyone outside of the 617 area code knows all their wins are tainted.

  176. As I have said before, this whole thing is idiotic:

    1. Why is there a rule about the PSI of the football?
    2. How is there an advantage gained? There is only one ball on the field at a time?
    3. Why not eliminate the rule and let each quarterback set up the footballs anyway he wants? Who would be harmed?
    4. My understanding is that a lower air pressure means the ball will not cut through the air as well as a ball with higher air pressure, and, as a result, moves slower. Hence, there is a tradeoff, easier to grip, but also easier to intercept. Why not let individual quarterbacks weight that for themselves?

    This is just a tempest in a teapot. There, I said it.

  177. The Pats have a history of cheating–of bending and breaking rules, of dirty tricks. Fact. And let’s stop this nonsense about the report not presenting conclusive evidence. Please. The text messages are CONCLUSIVE. Brady told equipment personnel to deflate the footballs, and they did so. He then lied publicly about the practice, tried to cover his tracks, said he didn’t know one of the equipment men who in fact he knows quite well, etc.

    The NFL levies a big punishment on Cleveland because the GM texted coaches during a game. (And why exactly is that a problem?) Significant penalty to Atlanta for crowd noise. Huge (excessive) punishment to N.O. Saints for bounty-gate. This is very punishable–and make it heavy because the Pats are serial cheaters.

  178. Goodell should call Brady into his office and tell him I am going to suspend you for the entire year unless you can produce texts and e-mails that were requested by Wells. If there is nothing implicating you further I will reduce the suspension to 2 games. If you refuse to cooperate your suspended the entire year.

  179. Brady should be suspended, but there’s no way any one other than the ball boys get suspended. If you think otherwise, you’re naive.

  180. suspend Tom Brady? lol. for how long? 1/4 of 1 game? NFL will, maybe, fine him.

  181. Since according to the wells report the Colts also used illegal footballs I assume they will be punished with the Patriots?

    Plus don’t forget, Kensil was instrumental in allowing the Patriots to cheat. Without him helping by keeping the NFL in the dark the Patriots never would have been able to use illegal footballs in the first half. (Or even worse we might have found out they were actually legal! The horror!)

  182. Brady may be one of the best QBs pro football has ever seen, but guess what? Brady and the organization he is a part of lack any sense of character and integrity and that is the most important aspect of their entire resume covering the last decade or more. It outweighs titles and wins.

  183. Where is the evidence that he wanted the balls tampered with AFTER they were inspected by the officials? To me, that would be the damning evidence. Turning in under inflated balls to the referees pregame is no worse than what Aaron Rodgers has admitted to doing but for OVER inflating the balls.

  184. These fans whining that Aaron Rodgers likes his footballs overinflated or citing the Eli Manning nytimes article about how his are cured are completely clueless. Those guys aren’t hiding anything! They are curing their balls WITHIN NFL RULES.

    They didn’t get them approved and stamped by the refs AND THEN get their ball boys to COVERTLY re-alter the balls. Why this is so hard for some to understand is beyond belief.

    Tom Brady cheated. Simple as that. The whole thing is stupid which makes why Brady would ever try this in the first place all the more baffling. And a bit tragic because he is now a LIAR as well. His legacy as one of the best ever goes right out the window.

  185. For 10 years we have been waiting for Brady to have real competition in the AFC East with the other teams moving up. No surprise, the competition will begin with the Patriots moving down.

  186. Brady is a bigger distraction than Tim Tebow.
    The rumor is that they get rid of Tim Tebow because he was going to blow the whistle on deflate gate.

  187. Giselle will say “my husband can’t throw and catch the balls at the same time. he can throw, catch, and deflate the balls at the same time.”

  188. These fans whining that Aaron Rodgers likes his footballs overinflated or citing the Eli Manning nytimes article about how his are cured are completely clueless. Those guys aren’t hiding anything! They are curing their balls WITHIN NFL RULES.

    They didn’t get them approved and stamped by the refs AND THEN get their ball boys to COVERTLY re-alter the balls. Why this is so hard for some to understand is beyond belief.

    Tom Brady cheated. Simple as that. The whole thing is stupid which makes why Brady would ever try this in the first place all the more baffling. And a bit tragic because he is now a LIAR as well. His legacy as one of the best ever goes right out the window.

    Where is the evidence he did it after being checked pre-game?? Or that he was complicit in that? What, because a ball boy took a pee?? Come on. In a court of law he would most certainly be INNOCENT

  189. Who, in the United
    States of America, would tolerate — themselves or a family member — being convicted of a transgression with the words “likely” or “probable?” After four months and 243 pages these are the strongest words Wells could assemble?
    Is it any wonder Bob Kraft, and Brady’s family and friends are outraged?
    We should all be…

  190. Goodell should let Tom decide his own punishment.

    1 full season suspension now, or a lifetime ban after you retire.

    Feel free to confer with Pete Rose if you like….

  191. And why did the refs inflate the balls for the Jets game? Because they did check them and foud them to be below the limit. So they reinflated them. The refs would NOT have had to inflate them had they been within the rule tolerances. So your logic shows that the balls were purposely underinflated for that game too.

  192. Where is the evidence he did it after being checked pre-game?? Or that he was complicit in that? What, because a ball boy took a pee?? Come on. In a court of law he would most certainly be INNOCENT


    Each team’s equipment guys take the balls right to the refs before the game. The refs check the pressure and put a stamp of approval on it. For most QBs, that’s the end of it.

    Aaron Rodgers has said he will have them overinflated and if the refs bring them down, so be it. Not a big deal. The Giants are VERY protective of Eli Manning’s footballs. They deliver them to the refs, get them approved, and that’s the end of it.

    TOM BRADY, according to the investigation, had his ball boys alter the ref approved balls. THAT IS THE ISSUE. Not whether QBs have a particular preference. THEY ALL HAVE A PREFERENCE.

    Tom Brady cheated to gain a competitive advantage and never thought he would be caught. And then he lied about it. It really is that simple. And unfortunate.

  193. Anything less than a year is crazy. Just from the text messages that they have you can see it was happening all season. Plus the nfl had a sting on to catch them. They should face the same penalty as the saints if not more.

  194. They can’t just punish Brady he’s not the only one touching the ball. Unless they have clear evidence he asked someone to let air out of the balls there is nothing to be done here.

  195. It’s amazing the hatred for Brady and Pats. Jealousy is rampant in all these posts about Pats winning and cheating. The only excuse people have is they cheated to beat there teams, when in reality they are just better. Get over it and move on.

  196. You break the rules you pay. If they are better than my team then why cheat?? Dumb statement by a Pats fan. No one is jealous. People outside of NE don’t care for Brady or Bellichick and not because they win. They are arrogant and unfriendly people. Brady doesn’t care about the fans. He didn’t show up at Disney after the a Super Bowl. I was there his fans with their jerseys on were not very happy. But he is too busy and makes up some lame excuse. My big toe has a better personality the Bellichick.

  197. Again…straight jealousy statement. They win and you are jealous and upset at them. Never said I was a Pats fan either…its just funny seeing people try to make excuses for losing when Pats are just better.

    And people don’t care for Brady or Belichick because they win. Personalities aren’t involved in sports…it is winning or losing. You are now attacking him not showing up to Disney? Guy has a life, get over it and stop being so jealous.

  198. “OK, cue the haters. Have at it, boys, your hatred runs deep.”

    Truth ain’t hate.
    But I understand why you want to pretend it is.

  199. broncobrewer says:
    May 7, 2015 2:24 PM

    Anything less than a year is crazy. Just from the text messages that they have you can see it was happening all season. Plus the nfl had a sting on to catch them. They should face the same penalty as the saints if not more.
    It won’t help your Broncos any if the Pats/Brady are out of the way. Peyton’s body will surely start failing him by game 10. You lost to the freakin Colts for pete’s sakes. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

  200. Ok let’s get a few things straight if you are going to take 4 months to complete a report you should probably come up with something better than probable….Let’s call it like it is the Pats could of used golf balls that night and beat the joke of a team called the Colts, And why was only 4 of the Colts balls checked…They ran out of time…It seems like the NFL was ready for such a thing, But time simply ran out…Seems pretty lackadaisical to me, And if you do the math the 4 Colts balls lost air as well which if broken down was equal to the Pats balls, And for the idiot that mentioned Rex Ryan, And as much as I do respect him…What has he won…So he can put his feet up all he wants…So in closing when the Pats beat and surgically dissected the best D since the 85 Bears what was the reason then…Was the ball overinflated?..The NFL is all about parody and over the last 15 years the Pats have not allowed that to happen..So be a Jets,Dolphins,And Bills fan, And you’ll be fighting for 2nd place…See you in the AFC Championship game next season.

  201. None of us know the facts, even Well’s doesn’t know all the facts. The truth is, Well’s didn’t even bother investigating the Colts. Everyone is focused on Brady and the Patriots because they have been the most consistent team in the NFL for the last 15 seasons. People love to hate, and people say the Patriots cheated in 2007. Truth is every team in the NFL does it, truth is Aaron Rodgers even stated he likes his balls a certain way. Yet the Colts and the Ravens are just sore losers. Brady kicked the Colt’s ass in the second half, and he won the Superbowl. So quit being haters. THE NFL does not have all the facts, neither does Well’s so until ALL the facts come out, what’s the point of all these speculations.

  202. One of the only Wells report “facts” it tries to introduce is the trust of Walt Anderson because he has a great memory and he thinks that all the footballs were inflated to 12.5 before the game. But he didn’t write any of it down. No way to really know other than his memory. Yet the report absolves the K Ball controversy by claiming that Walt Anderson does not recall if he marked the K Ball. He can’t recall if he did or did not.

    That contradiction cannot coexist within the report. Either he is thorough with a great recollection , or sometimes mistakes occur and he can’t really recall.

    The only other “facts” are the lacking context text messages and the “fact” that Brady cooperated but is now getting smeared because he didn’t turn over his constitutionally protected right to private electronic data; Riley v. California wherein writes Chief Justice Roberts, ““The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the founders fought.”

    This is private cellular device. The NFL showed that it wasn’t trust worthy with secret information and Brady had every right to suspect that his privacy would be leaked. The NFL already had 2 leaks today regarding #deflategate.

    And that is just the start of the junk that is the wells report. Does smoking cause cancer? Because the same people who tried to use science to argue otherwise are the people who say that while atmospheric effects do play a factor and that weather plays a role, that they do not feel it was a factor here. Exponent didn’t run experiments to find an outcome, they started with an outcome and took months to try to work it backwards.

    Further, the biggest hole in this investigation is that only 4 Colts balls were tested as compared to 11 Patriots balls. And 3 of the 4 Colts balls were also deemed to have been under inflated. If you were to pick 4 of the Patriots balls at random it is possible that all of them could have been more inflated than the Colts 3.

    And more and more holes are in this behemoth of empty premature conclusions stuffed in a short legal novel that truly never gets proved. No facts. No determination. No ending. Just most probably maybe and generally aware of perhaps something.

  203. Wells wasn’t brought in to investigate the Colts. If you really think you have a case (other than trying to distract from Brady’s guilt), then by all means, contact the NFL offices and register your request for an investigation.

    Wells *was* brought in to investigate the Pats’ manipulation of ball pressure outside the lines allowed by the NFL Rules. He found a preponderance of evidence, which (if you really need to act like this is a legal case) is enough in civil litigation to move forward as guilty.

    Good luck with your next dodge, just remember nobody outside of Pats’ fan-boys believes it.

  204. OK so the Patriots ball handler let air out of the footballs before the game. So why did they play a half of football if it is so important that TB has to be suspended for a season.

    Shouldn’t they have checked the footballs before took them out after recording the psi or added air. That takes all the guesswork out of the psi drop due to temp and handling and does not taint the game. Something about that is just really fishy. That is like a cop letting somebody commit he actual crime instead of stopping them with the evidence. WOW the NFL has their head up their ass to do it this way. It would not change the end result if the balls were under it would be even better evidence.

  205. What a witch hunt. Would you allow someone to go through your text messages? Is the NFL bigger then a man’s right to privacy? Tom Brady has more integrity than Roger Goodel’s NFL.

  206. Let’s face it…

    If we get rid of the Patriots cheating they are a poor man’s Buffalo Bills.

    If we get rid of the Patriots cheating, Brady is a poor man’s Jim Kelly.


    Utterly moronic. Don’t even know where to begin.

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