Tom Brady’s agent blasts the Wells report

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The agent for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is coming out swinging in response to the Ted Wells Deflategate report, claiming that the league set up the Patriots and that a skewed investigation was designed to smear Brady.

“The Wells report, with all due respect, is a significant and terrible disappointment,” agent Don Yee said in a statement. “Its omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached a conclusion first, and then determined so-called facts later.”

Yee says that when the Colts raised questions about the Patriots’ footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game, the NFL should have warned the Patriots that their footballs would be tested.

“One item alone taints this entire report,” Yee says. “What does it say about the league office’s protocols and ethics when it allows one team to tip it off to an issue prior to a championship game, and no league officials or game officials notified the Patriots of the same issue prior to the game? This suggests it may be more probable than not that the league cooperated with the Colts in perpetrating a sting operation. The Wells report buries this issue in a footnote on page 46 without any further elaboration. The league is a significant client of the investigators’ law firm; it appears to be a rich source of billings and media exposure based on content in the law firm’s website. This was not an independent investigation and the contents of the report bear that out – all one has to do is read closely and critically, as opposed to simply reading headlines.”

Yee also says that contrary to suggestions that Brady did not cooperate with investigators, Brady patiently explained details of how footballs are prepared prior to games. According to Yee, the most important parts of Brady’s testimony in front of the Wells investigators were left out of the report.

“The investigators’ assumptions and inferences are easily debunked or subject to multiple interpretations,” Yee says. “Much of the report’s vulnerabilities are buried in the footnotes, which is a common legal writing tactic. It is a sad day for the league as it has abdicated the resolution of football-specific issues to people who don’t understand the context or culture of the sport. I was physically present for my client’s interview. I have verbatim notes of the interview. Tom made himself available for nearly an entire day and patiently answered every question. It was clear to me the investigators had limited understanding of professional football. For reasons unknown, the Wells report omitted nearly all of Tom’s testimony, most of which was critical because it would have provided this report with the context that it lacks. Mr. Wells promised back in January to share the results of this investigation publicly, so why not follow through and make public all of the information gathered and let the public draw its own conclusions? This report contains significant and tragic flaws, and it is common knowledge in the legal industry that reports like this generally are written for the benefit of the purchaser.”

Yee’s statement strongly suggests that Brady is ready for a fight. With the NFL considering a suspension, a fight between the league and one of its biggest stars appears unavoidable.

185 responses to “Tom Brady’s agent blasts the Wells report

  1. This might be the biggest laugh-out-loud line in the entire report:
    “Only 4 Colts balls were tested because the officials were running out of time before the start of the second half.” Seriously, the report actually says this (bottom of page 7).

  2. The Wells report notes that not a single measurement of any of the New England footballs reflected a PSI reading of 10.1. In fact, only one measurement of one football was as low as 10.5 PSI.

    The Wells report also points out that Gardi’s comments about the Colts’ game balls was not accurate. On one of the two gauges used to test the footballs, THREE of the four Colts balls tested were UNDER the limit of 12.5 PSI

  3. Wah wah wah!

    Your client cheated, got caught, lied about it to everyone and forever tarnished his reputation and what was previously known as a dynasty.

    Good riddance prick

  4. Suspend Brady for 8 and then lower it to 6 upon appeal. Sounds like a plan…

  5. HAHA

    “You did not give us fair warning to follow the rules and definitely didn’t tell us people would be watching to make sure we do…”

    Really, Yee? Really?

  6. Page 198-99 of the report (page 39 Table 10 of the Exponent report). Am I reading this right that they agree that the expected drop in pressure from 70 degrees to 48 is 1.13 for a ball filled to 12.5.

    and on page 7 of their report, Table 4, the average measured drops at halftime between the two testing officials was 1.39 and 1.01.

    So, basically, the numbers were what should have been expected?

  7. A fight between Tom Brady and the NFL/Ted Wells? That should be fun to watch.

  8. Never heard of Tom Brady’s agent before, but inclined to give him tons more credibility than Goodell. That should tell you all you need to know about the Goodell era: some random agent speaks out about an issue Goodell just conducted a 100+ day report on, and I believe the agent wholeheartedly.

    No, I’m not a Patriots fan, I’m a Vikings fan. I just recognize that with Goodell involved in the NFL, integrity goes out the window. Every team in the league should bend/break the rules to try to win and just bank on the fact that Goodell will botch some sting or investigation or suspension or some aspect of it. SPOILER ALERT: He will.

  9. Tom Brady is a liar and a cheater. Let him and his agent ruin his legacy some more.

  10. Shoulda warned them. Yeah, right. Tell the drug dealers about tomorrows raid ahead of time. I could easily forget all this if the constant insults to my intelligence weren’t interspersed.

  11. The fact that he wasn’t forthcoming and cooperative during the investigation, plus the fact that he lied, plus the fact that the texts released directly implicate him…

    Oh yeah…he’s toast!

  12. It is good to see Tom come out swinging. Framegate has been a joke from the start.

  13. Yes, you should have warned them the balls would be tested. That way they could have not done it this time and not been caught cheating. Seriously, that’s their argument?

  14. The 4 Colts tested were all above 12.50 on the first test and some slightly dipped after being tested again (putting the needle in and out can explain that).

    All the deflated Pats balls were deflated on 1st and 2nd tests.

    Also, he’s mad that they didn’t tell them in advance not to cheat today??

    Thats like if a neighbor complains of a guy thats always speeding through the neighborhood… and instead of a cop setting up a speed trap to see if it’s true, he’s suggesting that the cop should knock on the guys door and say “hey, we’ve been getting complaints that your speeding through here… so I’m going to set up a speed trap around that corner so make sure you don’t speed today… Okay?”

    Ridiculous… How did the Colts even know ahead of time that the balls were going to be deflated?? Did they get a hold of all the balls and deflate them? Or is it something they’ve really been known to do and got caught red handed.

    Stop blaming people your client got caught.

  15. So he’s saying it was unfair that the NFL didn’t warn the Patriots that they were going to see if they were cheating? Seriously?

    Here’s a thought…Stop Cheating.

  16. I was set up too! When the cops caught wind of me selling drugs, they should have warned me to stop, instead of letting me continue until I got arrested. I think I might have a legitimate lawsuit!

  17. The NFL better be ready to embarrass itself even more after Brady is through with them. This will finally be the end of the Goddell era and we can get someone in there that hopefully runs the NFL like it should be run, not by the seat of it’s pants and by sticking your finger up in the to check which way the wind is blowing.

    We all know if this had been Tampa Bay it would have never been a story. If this was The Vikings heating up their balls it wouldn’t have been a story (oh wait it wasn’t a story). If this had been a play by play guy quoting Aaron Rogers saying that he likes to over inflate balls it wouldn’t have been a story. Brady will bury the NFL for this witch hunt by exposing all of it’s secrets… wait for it.

  18. I love Brady, but this response from his agent is pathetic. When is Brady going to deny these allegations and give his side of the story!

  19. I guess he’s going with “the best defense is a good offense” tactic…

    Man up and accept responsability for your actions, Tom. Damn…

  20. Brady will get 4 games, Belichek will get 2 games, Kraft will be fined 500,000 and they will lose 1 draft pick.

  21. Mr Don Yee please inform us why your client wouldn’t cooperate with the NFL regarding e-mails, phone texts and conversations. What is he hiding?

  22. I hate to tell the haters but there truly are significant problems with how this situation has been handled from top to bottom.

    If you vilify Brady and the Pats you’re creating a scapegoat to a problem that nobody knew of until the Colts snitched.

    I don’t like the Pats. I don’t like Tom Brady. And I really don’t like Robert Kraft.

    But really, get some perspective and look at the big picture here. This is merely the most-recent fumble by Goodell & Co.

    If Mark Sanchez is ButtFumble, what does that make Roger Goodell?


    He has got to go so our league returns to what we like and appreciate.

  23. Question. If the PSI of the football is so important, then please explain:
    A) Why were officials inflating balls over the maximum PSI versus division rivals (Wells Report). I would think that this is enough for anyone who suspects that games can be rigged by the officials. That was only a three point win.

    B) Why does the rule book state this as a minimum 25k fine? Basically a parking ticket. I would also think that the NFL badly wants the salary cap/parity to work, so the Pats need to be taken down in their (and all the haters) minds. Even if they have to change the rules as they g o along.

    C) Why does everyone ignore other teams and QB’s who are on the record of tampering just this year alone? This just points to the double standards that exist within this entire story. And no one will touch it for fear of having to be consistent.

  24. The only thing the NFL omitted from its report were Brady’s texts, emails, and other incriminating evidence THAT HE REFUSED TO PROVIDE.

    And the dispute over whether it was a “sting” operation is a complete red herring — the bottom line is the Patriots and Brady were cheating however it was discovered. When the league tests for steroids, there’s a reason they don’t give you a warning or notice that it’s coming. That would defeat the whole purpose of catching cheaters.

  25. So according to Brady’s lawyer the NFL should have tipped off the criminal that they’re on to him?

  26. Tom Brady and Kraft were hanging their hats on the idea that there would be no video evidence and no confession (I’m sure the 6 phone calls Brady made to the equipment after the story broke was to make sure they were “cool” and no one would squeal).

    They thought that with no video and no confession, they could assume that a circumstantial case would mean they would be off the hook.

    In reality, ALL SIGNS point to them doing this… but only lack a video or confession. In the court of law (civil cases), “More likely than not” is all that is needed to be found guilty or liable. Thats what they didn’t consider… no video proof or confession is necessary. You can’t just pay people not to squeal and expect to get away with it.

    ALL the facts will be taken into account, and therefore… YOUR GUILTY!

  27. Tom Brady got to ignore the rules, even the seemingly insignificant ones, that made the game more comfortable for him, which was a tiny advantage, but an advantage nonetheless. If this was the QB of the Raiders or the Jets or another team that’s accustomed to being the media’s anit-darling the idea of being punished would be a given. But it’s Tom Brady so the chances he gets by unscathed are huge.

  28. I wonder if this guy will catch a lawsuit from Ted Wells for saying his firm is compromising their objectivity. I wouldn’t want someone else trashing my business without any factual support by saying things like “it is common knowledge in the legal industry that reports like this generally are written for the benefit of the purchaser.”

  29. I love all these haters
    I will always be a Patriots fan, Tom Brady is one of the greatest QB’s of all time
    New England Patriots Super Bowl 49 Champions!!!!

  30. If you can tell me you know I’m cheating, yeaaah, that’d be great.

  31. It’s the ball’s fault that the Colts got dominated on both sides of the line.

  32. Yes it was a sting. And Brady got stung. Is that a real defense?

    And instead of telling how cooperative Brady was by giving an interview, explain why he wouldn’t turn over his cell phone…..

  33. Looks like Brady’s agent and the team’s owner have gone into full damage control for their Golden boy.

    Where there’s smoke, there is fire.

  34. Wells hid the fact that 1 gauge had the Colts footballs below 12.5 PSI.
    He Put ALL of the PSI readings EXCEPT the low ones on the Colts side when writing the conclusion to the front of the report.
    A footnote mentioned, oh yeah, about the other readings…3 of the 4 Colts footballs were below regulation at halftime.
    I know that Kraft said he won’t sue, but sure would love to see it.

  35. Everyone is trying to stir up a cloud of dust distractions because the golden boy got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Brady intentionally cheated, just admit it and take your lumps. This deflation tactic has probably been going on for years, since his henchman calls himself the “deflator”. If the NFL and Goodell screw this up and dont give Brady some suspension for being involved with this, they might as well throw all the rules out the window. The backlash will be huge.

    Is Brady the first player to cheat? No. Will he be the last? No. But he got caught. You do the crime, you do the time. The NFL cannot overlook the evidence in that report. Go read it for yourself.

  36. so we now have to inform cheaters that we suspect them of cheating.

    I hope Tom Brady comes out saying the same thing. Don’t hide behind your agent Tom. Tell us how you should of been given advanced notice. I dare you!

  37. This is a negotiating tactic. He’s threatening to fight the suspension.

    My understanding is Brady refused to turn over his cell phone with all the emails and text messages on it.

  38. I wouldn’t have been arrested for smoking pot if the cops had just told me they were on their way before they got there! Dang, I thought that’s how breaking rules worked…

  39. Legitamate issues raised so far:

    a) The wording of the report is biased. Take the simple line regarding the Colts footballs. It’s written along the lines of ‘All 4 of the Colts footballs tested were withing the 12.5 – 13.5 range on at least one of the pressure gauges used.’ That wording clearly shows an agenda. Another completely accurate line would have been ‘3 of the 4 Colts balls tested were below the 12.5 – 13.5 range on at least one of the pressure gauges.’

    b) The company used to test the footballs is also the same company used by tobacco companies to provide a study that second hand smoke is not harmful. Seriously, what creditibility do they have?

    c) After a second reading of the report the texts could all fall under the instructions of Tom Brady to make sure the balls were at the lowest legal limit, and he got on their case when balls were over (in one text example at 16psi). The locker room attendant got tired of Tom gripping when it was the officials who increased the psi, so the attendant had someone make sure it didn’t happen again by modifying the PSI after the fact.

    d) Everyone is making a big deal of Tom signing balls and jersey’s for the guy. I think anyone involved in pro sports will tell you everyone from the groundskeeper on up to other players will lay out things to get signed for people all the time.

  40. You guys saying they shouldn’t have told them ahead of time… are wrong. All this hurts not only the Patriots, but the LEAGUE as well. What did the LEAGUE gain by handling this publicly? Nothing. If anything, peoples attitudes towards the game and the league have changed for the worse because of this. It would have been better handled internally.

    The fact they went in this direction, and that it was handled by Kensil, to me, shows that they were intentionally trying to harm the Patriots publically.

    Also, was Goodell in the know prior? If not, why not? I don’t see a anything that says he was.

  41. The simplest explanation is the most likely

    Elaborate conspiracies and misdeeds are one explanation,
    but every good scientist knows MEASUREMENT ERROR is a part of every investigation.

    I can say with 100% certainty (not more probably than not) that error is a factor here.

  42. I don’t even care about suspensions. Just add an official asterisk next to Tom Brady records and NE titles. That seems fair to me.

  43. Tom Brady should have produced his phone records. The other two guys texts buried him. I have a feeling his texts would do the same.

    What other logical season would two equipment guys have for talking about deflating footballs, receiving free stuff for deflating the footballs, Tom Brady’s unhappiness with there being too much air in the footballs, and how bad Tom Brady sucks?

  44. Brady is the greatest athlete of all time. The is character assassination article proves nothing “generally aware” proves nothing.

    Bow down, kiss the rings, and shut up.

  45. So Brady’s dad, Brady’s owner and Brady’s agent all think the report is bogus. Must be bogus then. I see no reason for these three people to not be objective.

  46. I think this is simply the NFL yielding to political correctness that really had no impact on the outcome of the game. But you know, as a Steelers fan it sure gives me hope for week 1 where such hope cannot exist if Brady is back there firing at our secondary.

  47. Harris it is common knowledge, when a firm hires an investigator you ever notice how their conclusion benefits the hiree?
    ideally it’s in a court environment where the other side can present a report also.
    usually though these are just weapons for a mediation table though.

  48. How do they know that footballs naturally lose pressure during the half? The league has no history of randomly testing balls during halftime. Before punishing someone, I think that is required.

  49. Sure, sue the league, let it go to trial. Let’s see how believable Brady is on the witness stand.

    And if you really think that this isn’t that big of a deal, go to your favorite search engine, put in “Patriot fumbles since 2006”, and look for a series of articles from Walter Sharp.

  50. Looks like the real investigation should be on Wells and Goddell. That league is a joke.

  51. The organization Ted Wells hired to do the “science”?


    Know what other science they have done?

    Proof that second-hand smoke doesn’t harm you…

    Proof that asbestos doesn’t cause mesothelioma…

    Yup, these guys are 100% above the board, lol.

  52. I can’t believe that ANYONE would question the integrity could leave his 8 month pregnant fiancée…
    He’s such a class act…LOL!!!!

  53. The Patriots should never been caught up in such mess, for the last 15 years it has been one thing after another. I will give them their 4 Championships but no way in hell they are a class organization that does things the right way.

  54. Oh yeah, the colts should have told him they were watching to see if he was gonna follow the rules that he should have been following all along… That is such a sting! Yeah Brady’s interview isn’t represented in the report, neither is the contents of Brady’s phone….

  55. “Cheaters:

    Pete Rose
    Lance Armstrong
    Barry Bonds
    Alex Rodriguez
    Tom Brady
    Bill Bilicheat”

    Uh…Pete Rose cheated? That’s news to me…

  56. I can’t believe that ANYONE would question the integrity of anyone who could leave his 8 month pregnant fiancée…
    He’s such a class act…LOL!!!!

  57. I don’t see what the point would be for Brady to fight. A civil suit maybe for character defamation but even then that is more negative press that neither needs and he’d have to prove it false.

    I don’t really care about this anymore. Its not like the Colts were competitive in that game anyway. The NFL has really been bumbling a lot of things lately.

  58. Read This:

    Texts in the report regarding the PSI after the Jets game: the following morning, after the thurs night game against the Jets, John Jastremski, says he checks the PSI and says “the refs f’ed us, the balls are almost 16.” This clearly shows how this rule was followed throughout the season – very casually. If the refs inflate a ball, and do not check to make sure the ball is numerically in compliance of the 12.5-13.5 rule, how can we think that balls throughout the season, and other playoff games are always in compliance? Whether intentional or not, it is clear that this rule was not strictly followed by anyone – the refs, the patriots, and probably other teams. No way is this isolated to the Patriots.

  59. Mr. Yes please do not act indignant as if it was the league’s fault for finding out the patriots were cheating. If the NFL was tipped off that they were deflating balls, but when the balls were checked they wee fine, it blows up in the colts’ face not Brady and the patriots.

  60. 3 of 4 colts footballs were below 12.5PSI at half time. Why is that completely shrugged off in this report?

    Why isn’t Aaron Rodgers on this report for over inflating footballs?

  61. As to the turning over of Brady’s cell phone: any celebrity would be nuts to let anyone have access to their phone. All the contents would make their way onto the Internet, guaranteed. Apparently a whole day of Brady’s testimony is left out of the report. The whole investigation is biased. Patriots probably let a little air out of the balls and the weather did the rest. Mountain/molehill.

  62. Hopefully Brady sues the NFL. So that we can find out what we already know. The sting was in Griggson Kensil and Goodell.

  63. Why would Brady nickname the equipment guy “Deflator” for any other reason then he deflated footballs?!? Pretty funny stuff, Brady is guilty as sin.

  64. So you have to be told when to follow the rules and when someone will be watching? C’mon lol..
    Brady is a big time player and face of the league the NFL needs to punish him and the patriots and make an example that the NFL will not stand for cheaters. This is ridiculous.

  65. Lawyers on here will get this…
    Yee did nothing more than call Wells a street walker.

  66. All the huffing and puffing and crying over how much the Patriots have ruined your life for 15 years doesn’t make your teams victorious.

    Try playing better football and maybe you’ll have a chance to beat us. HAHA!

  67. Yeah, all those players who have failed drug and PED tests got ripped off. The league should have told them ahead of time when they were going to be tested. Random drug tests are so unfair. Wah wah wah.

  68. While it certainly looks like TB cheated, is there anywhere in the report that says Tommy asked for the balls to be lower than the lowest PSI standard? All QBs in the league are allowed to pick out their footballs ahead of time. All of the commentary about Tom in the texts could be explained that Tom just wanted to have the lowest balls possible but never actually asked the equipment guys to go lower than the standard. The gifts could be explained as a thanks for getting the right balls (without Tom knowing that they were illegal). In a court I think this is beyond reasonable doubt.

  69. Did the Colts actually complain to league officials during halftime of that game that the Patriots were using deflated footballs only to find out that many of their own footballs were also deflated?

    I think the Colts’ conference loss to the Patriots should be asterisked, in fact their whole season should voided. If they used deflated footballs in that game against the Pats, chances are they used deflated footballs in other games, too. The only question is, who on the Colts benefits from deflated footballs? Looks like we’re going to have to see Luck’s texts. You know, just to be fair.

    Sorry, Colts fans. Looks like you guys can’t get a break here.

  70. Every time you check the air pressure in a ball, you release some air. They tested the Patriots’ ones at least 4 times per the report, (maybe more)…No wonder every time they checked it, it came in lower than the time before…..

  71. Guilty! And the cover up is always worse than the crime. In Brady’s case, he lied and refused to fully cooperate with the investigation.

  72. Still trying to figure out why it took the NFL over 3 months to finally conclude why I think everyone even in China already knew…….the Pats cheated again.

  73. Shouldn’t Aaron Rodgers be talking too. What did Aaron Rodgers mean when he said he likes his footballs OVER-INFLATED? Why did Aaron Rodgers think Deflategate was a joke? Could it be that EVERY team in the NFL fudges football inflation and the NFL doesn’t give a damn?

    This whole thing is an absolute joke. I want to see Ted Wells investigate the Packers and Aaron Rodgers if the NFL is so concerned about fair play. Teams have been tinkering with football inflation for YEARS because the NFL has no set guidelines for inflation and they’ve NEVER enforced the fine on the books for it. This is just a witch hunt against a team everyone hates.

  74. Probably. Maybe. Likely. The new standard for guilty. Fine legal work, Wells.

  75. i still want to know how many games andrew luck is getting for 3 of the 4 colt balls tested being illegal . why is no one in the media asking why the colts weren’t investigated ?

  76. First, the ball tampering isn’t just for this game, report implies a history in prior games. So argument that they would have beat the Colts anyway are void. Pats may have had an advantage in game that got them home field advantage in the first place.

    Second, Tom didn’t fully cooperate as Kraft promised by not handing over his communications with the other two guys. A conclusion has to be drawn from the evidence that is available, and Tom prevented the investigators from gaining more information. Can’t have it both ways.

    Third, the communications, nicknames (deflator), and breaking of protocol by the other guys, proves that they did it. He’s just upset that him being tied to it puts him in a bad light.

    You’re caught.

  77. I guess most star football players give free autographed memorabilia to low level staff for no good reason, and do many texts with them, as well as have phone calls and meetings with them, right? Right??!!

  78. Just charge the Pats under the RICO act and get it over with, it’s an ongoing criminal enterprise….

  79. I’m not looking forward to the suspension only because he’ll probably get two games or so and everyone will say the NFL thinks domestic violence and deflating balls are equally bad.

  80. Now Brady and the Pats know how Incognito and the Dolphins felt. Or the Duke Lacrosse team. Justice by angry mob just isn’t a good idea. And eventually it will come for you.

  81. I saw one other person noticed something VERY disturbing. In one of the texts, the equipment manager guy said he checked the balls after the Jets game and they were 16psi and that refs “screwed us”. Apparently Brady was flipping out at how awful the balls were and felt like bricks. That’s 2.5 psi OVER the limit and done by the refs, and enough to anger an NFL quarterback and allow a slim 27-25 win by the Pats. Does anyone else here feel like in the big picture that this particular point shows a HUGE vulnerability if refs want to “fix” games?

  82. League tests 4 of 12 Colts balls at halftime.

    3 of 4 Colts balls found to be under-inflated.

    Does not think this information warrants testing the other 8 balls.

    That’s all I need to know about the “integrity” of this investigation.

  83. I like Brady, but the hammer needs to come down on him. 8 Games, plus a $500,000.00 fine.

  84. I love it!! Feed me your tears Patriots haters!!! Remember last time they got accused of an overblown cheating scandal? 16-0! Your teams are weak and are going to be massacred this season and they won’t have any excuses. 19-0. 100 TD’s for Tom and you can’t do anything to stop it!!

  85. Whoa now, do NOT Blame Brady, he had nothing to do with it, he didn’t learn about this until the media reported it on TV.

    If Obama can avoid blame for, well, pretty much everything he screws up, then regular citizens can do the same thing.

  86. If you don’t want to get caught cheating, don’t cheat. But don’t blame the league or the team that you were cheating against. How are you supposed to catch a cheater if you warn them? If this were Al Davis and the Raiders, they would have taken away the super bowl trophy, future draft picks, and suspended Al, the coach, and the QB for one year. I say let Indianapolis and Seattle replay the super bowl during week 3 of the pre-season. Don’t let cheaters prosper.

  87. All of you whining about breaking a rule and adhere to the rule book -OK fine them 25000 dollars and move on, that is the fine outlined in the rule book…

  88. It was, Tom Brady….with the arrogance… in the Commish’s office !

    Not ; McNally…with the needle…inthe bathroom.

  89. As well he should , tom brady is being tainted by conclusion in a report that says 3 of 4 indy balls were illegal as well , and yet there was no investigation of indy . Tom should sue the League and Ted Wells personally for deformation of character , slander and libel .

  90. There is a big difference between the examples people are using here of speeding, drug busts, etc. The difference is that the Patriots are part of the LEAGUE and that bad publicity hurts both the Patriots and the LEAGUE. Does bringing the Patriots and Brady down help the league somehow?

    Someone needs to tell me how exposing this helps the league in any way. Anybody?

    Handled internally, they could have stopped the issue and wouldn’t have had any negative press. It points to one of two things from the league: 1. complete bungling of the situation 2. someone had an agenda

  91. This isn’t about Brady to me anymore this about the fact that Patriots have broken the rules before and were caught and did their time. Only to be released on parole and violate the rules again. They need to be taught a lesson that no matter what their organization does for the league they are not above the rules.

  92. Wells relies on the data of two officials who tested the footballs at halftime and claims the Patriots balls were below the minimum. But he ignores the fact that by one of the officials’ measurements, eight of the 11 Pats balls were within the range of normal atmospheric deflation (between 11.32 and 11.52) cited by his own scientific consulting firm. He states “œMost … were lower than the range predicted by the Ideal Gas Law”€ while leaving out the fact that by one official, the vast majority were right in the range. And fails to mention that by one official’s count, three of the four Colts balls were below the magic 12.5 psi number. That’s exactly the kind of selective evidence gathering that props up the “Patriots were up to something”€ narrative, but undermines the whole report. Oh and lets just talk about the firm that did the research… the firm that claims smoking doesn’t cause cancer, that asbestos never harmed anyone and so many more BS reports that it’s laughable.

  93. My Oh My you Pats fans are funny… the whole worlds attacking what you hold dear? It might be time to admit to yourself that not everyone is attacking the organization out of jealousy (as you have always incorrectly assumed), it is because now there is blinding proof of what everyone has known since Kraft purchased that sorry franchise… the Patriots are cheaters. CHEATERS. Goodell can’t cover it up for the team this time, but don’t worry, it will pass. Maybe people will forget, kinda like how people forget how bad the Pats were before they started cheating. Remember?

  94. Man he really is smoking the gonja if he thinks the NFL purposefully went after it’s golden boy.

  95. Sorry, Pats apologists, but it isn’t selective evidence gathering in comparing the Colts and Pats balls. (Heh.)

    All 4 from the Colts were over 12 psi on both gauges. None of them were more than 0.35 psi under the requirement at halftime. Only one of the Pats balls reached 12 psi on one gauge, all the rest of them were more than 0.55 psi under the requirement.

    Put another way, on both gauges ALL FOUR Colts balls had a higher psi than the all but one of Pats balls. So somehow we are to believe that the impact of temperature and pressure was greater on the Pats then on the Colts? Statistical variation happens, but that would be one heckuva coincidence.

    And that’s a huge coincidence to swallow without the film of the attendant taking the balls from the officials office to the bathroom then to the field after testifying he went straight to the field, the text messages suggesting Brady was pressing for manipulation of the game balls, and the lack of full cooperation of the Patriots generally and Brady specifically in setting up additional interviews and handing over all relevant evidence.

  96. To You Patriot HATERS…See Gronks Video on Deflategate or the real name Framegate.. Mostly the last part goes twice for me regarding all of you bitter Jealous haters…WOW is it showing..


    NFL to move office to SALEM, MASS

    TOM WELLS GETS JOB AT FOX NEWS (where you can slander and lie and leave out important information to prove yourself right)



  97. Wonder how many Superbowls the Bills would have won if they lacked integrity on the level the Pats do.

  98. Whole thing could have been avoided if after the Colt game Brady had said “During the Jet game this year the balls felt like rocks. Our staff measured them after the game and found that the officials had put them in the game at 16 PSI. After that happened, I asked our equipment guys to always make sure the balls were not higher than the 12.5 I prefer since the officials obviously weren’t doing their job. I did not intend to violate an NFL rule, on the contrary, I wanted to make sure the balls were within the specified rule limits and that we were not placed at a competitive disadvantage due to the referees’ failure to do their job.”

    Nowhere has anyone provided any concrete evidence that Brady or anyone on the equipment staff wanted the balls to be inflated below 12.5.

  99. The other point about this that makes no sense is that the league has changed myriad rules through the years specifically to favor the offense (specifically the passing game) and increase scoring.

    Why would they not want the football to be at the optimum inflation pressure specified by Brady, rogers or any other QB? What difference does it make?

  100. This is very entertaining to me. Joey Grecko should be assigned to New England games as sideline reporter.

  101. All 4 from the Colts were over 12 psi on both gauges. None of them were more than 0.35 psi under the requirement at halftime. Only one of the Pats balls reached 12 psi on one gauge, all the rest of them were more than 0.55 psi under the requirement.

    Put another way, on both gauges ALL FOUR Colts balls had a higher psi than the all but one of Pats balls.

    That’s nice, but useless. Final conditions depend on initial conditions. The technical report believes (because no one recorded it) that the IND balls started at 13.0 PSI and that the NWE balls started at 12.5 PSI. Natural pressure loss from cold and rebound after bringing the balls inside would give those results.

    Why would you expect any of the Patriots balls to have a higher pressure than any of the IND balls given that:
    1) NWE’s balls started lower,
    2) NWE’s balls were measured first and were colder than IND’s balls when measured.

  102. higheriqthanyou says:
    May 7, 2015 1:04 PM

    Wonder how many Superbowls the Bills would have won if they lacked integrity on the level the Pats do

    None, because they are the Bills. They would have screwed it up

  103. So this is why they waited until after the draft…so there would still be something “NFL” to talk about? Because there apparently isn’t anything else regarding the NFL to talk about now.

  104. Alot of balls were deflate, maybe even more teams than we realize. Hell jerry jones and robert kraft run the league and they deflate ole roger’s balls all the time.

  105. A STING? Because the Colts narced on them? So, if somebody calls the cops, says hey, there’s a dude doing a hundred and ten on the interstate, and the cops come and arrest the dude, it’s a sting? That’s incredibly weak… c’mon Tom, you can afford better representation than that.

    Bottom line: 4 rings, every one tainted by cheating. They might have won them anyway, but still, that’s the fact, and the only one they have to blame is the one looking back from the mirror.

  106. There are 3 lines of text messages in this report that I needed to see, within the context of other text messages, they make it very clear.

    May 9, 2014 McNally: Nice dude….jimmy needs some kicks….lets make a deal…..come on help the deflator

    October 23, 2014 Jastremski: Can‟t wait to give you your needle this week 🙂

    October 24, 2014 Jastremski: I have a big needle for u this week

    It doesn’t matter what additional context Brady can provide, his statements made after the fact directly contradict the text. There is no reason for these guys to lie at this point via text, they indicate that this is what Brady wants and he will give things to McNally for doing it. They also have witnesses of McNally receiving stuff from Brady. It’s clear they knew the rules and broke them, it’s clear they knew they would be in trouble if caught.

  107. Is Tom Brady going to speak for himself — or continue to hide behind “his Agent”?

  108. To some degree, I thought this whole thing was making a mountain out of a molehill. The reaction of the Patriots and of Brady’s agent has completely changed my view.

    I think the NFL should come down hard on Brady and, if deemed necessary, the Patriots as an organization!

  109. 3/4 of the Colts balls were below the psi levels.

    I believe the League is in for a fight. Wells will never side against the league and Goodell was already taken apart by Tagliabue.

  110. So the defensive strategy is go for a technicality? The texts are all that’s needed. If Brady was an innocent man he’d turn over his communications and prove it, but we all know he’s not.

    Sorry Pats fans, you’re clinging to a lie, 95% of you know it, the other 5% is delusional.

  111. Someone needs to tell me how exposing this helps the league in any way. Anybody?

    Yeah, it shows the fans and other teams that the games aren’t fixed.

    Even after Spygate the Pats weren’t dissuaded from continued cheating. How much of an impact do you think a quiet heads up would have been?

    Tell me how letting the Pats keep cheating helps the league in any way. Anybody?

  112. OF COURSE Brady didn’t suddenly blossom from obscure 7th round material into the greatest QB of all time. He started cheating.
    OF COURSE Belichick didn’t suddenly blossom from five years of lousy Cleveland coach into the greatest coach of all time. He started cheating.
    The cheaters are the bullies and cowards who don’t have what it takes otherwise. Who observing Belichick doesn’t think he’s a bully? Who observing Brady, in a game that he’s getting hit, doesn’t think he’s a coward?
    Robert Kraft’s team only wins titles when it cheats.
    So who-all have they cheated out of how much? Cities, teams, players. It’s big bucks, bro, that they’ve stolen from legitimate pockets.

  113. Get classier New England. You’re really displaying a classless side by failing to acknowledge your Golden Boy cheated. The permanent asterisk in the mind of the public can never be removed. Tom Brady saw to that by choosing to be arrogant and NOT cooperate with the investigation. There’s nothing more condemning than not cooperating with an investigation. Give Brady the entire year off to think about what HE did.

  114. Hear Yee, Hear Yee.

    Yee – I hate to tell you but the fact this investigation supposedly took 3 months tells me conclusions weren’t “jumped to”. The report gives specific texts that are pretty evident there were things done that weren’t supposed to be.

    The two equipment personnel did not concoct a scheme to destroy Brady. The Wells report didn’t seem like it was trying to destroy Brady. It stated the facts as they saw it. There was not 100% complete evidence and it was pretty clear about that. However the evidence they did get was pretty incriminating and maybe if Brady would have given up his phone they could have cleared him if he is innocent.

  115. When the facts aren’t on your side, what do you do? You argue the investigation is tainted, unfair, anything to distract from the fact you were caught.

    I never thought that both Tom Brady and Lance Armstrong would be spoken in the same sentence. Proof that you never know what you don’t know.

  116. Page 228 of the Wells report – “In sum, the data did not provide a basis for us to determine with absolute certainty whether there was or was not tampering as the analysis of such data ultimately is dependent upon assumptions and information that is not certain.”

    You’re going to tar and feather Brady on this? I swear you haters are on drugs.

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