Chris Snee’s scouting report on Ereck Flowers a positive one


With former Giants guard Chris Snee trying to find a way to busy himself post-football, the team gave him some tape to grade of this year’s draftable linemen.

And he thinks the one they ended up with will be a good one.

Via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, Snee gave a positive report on first-round pick Ereck Flowers.

I think he’s a big, obviously a large man,” Snee said of the Miami tackle. “Just from watching the tape early on I was impressed.”

Of course,with a trained eye for what it takes to succeed in the NFL trenches, Snee also noted that Flowers has things to work on.

“Technically, he’s got work to do, which a lot of these college kids do,’’ Snee said. “With hand placement, his hands are often outside. I remember distinctly writing I was impressed with how he could anchor and hold his own with his hand placement being so poor. Physically, he’s strong up top because he was able to get away with the technical errors. I read an article where he said he knows he has work to do, too. That’s half the battle, he knows he’s got to clean that up because you’re not going to be able to get away with technique errors at this level, the defensive line will eat you apart.”

Snee went over film of a number of prospects at the request of Giants line coach Pat Flaherty, and wrote reports as if he was a scout. He’s not working for the team per se, but after retirement, he’s considering his options, saying “I am in the process of finding out what interests me.”

But even though the Giants took a guy he recommended, he laughed and said he had no influence over the pick.

“I was in Napa Valley tasting wine when they picked this guy,’’ Snee said. “That shows you how relevant I was to all this.”

Perhaps so, but he also thinks the Giants have a solid player for the future, and that wouldn’t be the worst parting gift.