Patriots sign third-round pick Geneo Grissom

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The first compensatory choice of the 2015 NFL Draft is under contract.

Oklahoma defensive lineman Geneo Grissom, whom the Patriots selected late in Round Three, has signed his deal with New England, the team said Saturday. Grissom was the No. 97 pick.

Grissom (6-3, 252) played defensive end, linebacker and tight end for the Sooners, notching 88 tackles (17 for loss) and eight sacks in four collegiate seasons. His 37-inch vertical leap was fourth-best among defensive linemen at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Grissom’s positional flexibility should serve him well with New England, which has used 3-4 and 4-3 schemes in head coach Bill Belichick’s 15-year tenure.

The Patriots have just two unsigned draft picks: Texas defensive tackle Malcom Brown (Round One) and Navy longsnapper Joe Cardona (Round Five).

33 responses to “Patriots sign third-round pick Geneo Grissom

  1. Better sign all the picks you can while you can. Roger’s about to put the hammer down on the Cheater’s picks!

  2. @squawh

    ” Roger is about to put the hammer down on the Patriots picks ”

    So, you want to penalize college students? Are you suggesting summer school?

  3. NFL the PATS are pissed off and coming for all of you!!!!! This is just what they needed for added motivation after another SB win. FREE TOM BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “So, you want to penalize college students? Are you suggesting summer school?”
    No, but since you’ve brought up “suggestions” how about the Pat’s stop cheating. Well, it’s only a thought.

  5. So they’re saying this guy is a major reach? Remember the reaction of analysts when the Pats took picked Jamie Collins? Funny, now their saying he’s arguably one of the best LB’s in the NFL.

    Grading and judging team’s draft should be for entertainment purposes only. Nobody knows how Grissom will turn out.

  6. How about they change some more rules in the off season so the rest of the league can keep up? Maybe the Patriots can play with one arm tied behind their backs.…you know, just to make it fair?

  7. everyone comments on our articles because when ur the best then they all want to critisize you every chnce they get its amazing Im just sitting back here laughing at all those h8ers keep them coming we got the rings you dont

  8. Pats fans keep saying, “When you’re the best, people want to come after you…blah blah blah.” Dude, when you’re the best, you don’t need to cheat. If you cheat, you’re not the best. Get over yourselves.

  9. What about all the steroid dudes? What about the steel curtain back in the 70’s? They all steroid dudes! I hated the steelers! Bradshaw had steroid dudes, making him look good! Does not compare to Brady! I’m an Eagles fan so deflate gate is stupid!

  10. I swear people are getting whiny these days. I notice most are pretty football ignorant and never played a snap in their life.

    Hey, guess what? It’s football! When your QB rips your butt for handing him slippery rocks to toss, you quickly learn what not to do – when he hands you a signed jersey because you’re doing a good job you keep doing a good job. It’s no different than any other work place. When you learn the Big Cheese likes two sugars in his coffee you never hand him another one without it. Nobody has to “tell” anyone anything, nobody needs a direct order, it doesn’t require a specific verbalization……it’s just known and understood.

    Someday Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Brady and Rivers are going to be out of this league and that will be it – the old guard and old school football will officially be dead

    When Coughlin, Reid, Belichick, Carroll and Fox are gone you’re gonna be living with the likes of Pagano, Tomsula, Bradley and Pettine bouncing around. Think about that for a minute and let it soak in.

    You want to know why players never say in post-game interviews “The other team cheated!”, because they know how stupid, weak, and hypocritical it sounds. Should start calling it “Shulalizing”. The NFL rules are “broken” to some degree, in some fashion minor or not, every……single… I dare anyone to say if their franchise QB was in Brady’s situation they wouldn’t be PO by the absurd circus surrounding it all.

    The only people who make a complaint or noise are coaches who can’t make it in the league, and GM’s who are not delivering trophy’s. It looks weak and pitiful – and so do the fans who follow into lockstep with it.

    Common tales of lore and mirth amongst football coaches is the stuff they did to have an edge….and to tweak their opponent.

    If Knoll or Landry or Walsh or Lombardi saw this stuff they would groan. They were men who understood the game and behaved like men in regards to it. And in today’s league they would have been fined a dozen times over by now.

    Stop whining. Get real. Grow up. Stop Shulalizing.

    Let football be football while it still has a couple breaths left.

  11. Finally a man speaks who knows the score. Nice to hear someone tell it like it really is. Well said nfella. Do you believe these girls are supposed to be football guys?

  12. If they raise the championship banner with Brady suspended I say they raise a flag with Brady’s number and announce no one else will ever wear it.

  13. Pats should absolutly NOT raise the SUPER BOWL banner till 3 time SB MVP is there to Celebrate with the rest of the TEAM!!

  14. Patriots record with NFL guarding the balls like Fort Knox, 2 – 0.

    Patriots 28 Colts 0
    Patriots 28 Seahawks 24

  15. How about everyone on the team comes out of the tunnel with a number 12 jersey.

  16. IF the NFL is truly stupid enough to suspend BRADY it will only give all the haters more heart brake as they’ll just get an premature glimps of The Patriots NEXT face of the franchise in MR. Garopallo who’ll be replacing Brady in another 4-5 years….it will be fun to see the tears keep rolling when they see what’s waiting in the wings!!!

  17. Imagine if after the Pats come out of the tunnel in the first game as TEAM (less Brady if he’s suspended)& the captains of the team all go out to the coin toss wearing # 12 jerseys with BRADYS name on the back,& no matter if they win or lose the toss they take the field then when the whistle blows for kickoff to start they all collectively walk off the field & forfet the game & Kraft gives everyone a refund for their tickets as a show of solidarity & a middle finger to Godell…. Wouldn’t that be epic!!?
    Then when Brady gets back they raise the 4th banner at home & go on to steam roll their way to ring # 5!!!
    I’d kill to see something like that!!!

  18. I don’t think you Pat fans know how much deluded you guys are.

    Your QB deliberately and knowingly did something against the rules to give your team and advantage.

    Your coach has been caught in the past doing things to give your team an advantage.

    No matter what you say regarding degree – this is called cheating.

    You can cry victim, you can cry jealousy, you can talk science, degree of the offense or any other argument you want but to the rest of the league – your team will FOREVER be remembered as THE CHEATING TEAM.

    Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

  19. How to beat the Patriots:
    Grigson to Goodell- How do we beat these guys?
    Goodell- With a stick while their sleeping. But on the field between the lines not a chance.
    Grigson- so what do we do?
    Goodell- Keep them of the field.

  20. Better sign all the picks you can while you can. Roger’s about to put the hammer down on the Cheater’s picks!


    Your talking about the future positive PEDs from the Seahawks right.

    Last year you were all saying 43-8….played the GOAT and now you got to hear 28-24 all year. That’s what happens when you play the greatest of all time.

  21. Tigerlilac,

    That is ABSOLUTELY the Greatest suggestion I have ever heard! Come on, my fellow Patriots fans, let’s get on board with tigerlilac. We need to send Mr. Kraft a letter and demand (ask) this!

  22. You haters have no idea what Spygate is – calling Spygate “cheating” proves it

    Brady MIGHT be guilty, but the Wells report certainly doesn’t prove it

    So what exactly is the culture of cheating – when in their history did they cheat?

    So Garapolo will get a few starts and BB will now know what he has – no other coach has ever had a chance to really test the backup to a legend, so in some ways any suspension is a gift – if Garapolo succeeds, we will keep him; if he fails, we know we need to keep looking –

    PS – you hate the Pats but every owner, GM, coach is trying to copy their entire organizational blueprint – you realize that, right ?

  23. It disgusts me to think that a Naval Academy Player was drafted by such an unethical organization full of CHEATERS from the top down. No wonder, he is is no rush to Sign and jeopardize his outstanding Honor with these tainted Bums.

  24. Yes, everyone should wear 12 jerseys because the poor guy got caught cheating.

    Don’t forget to tear the sleeves off for your cheating coach who is also suspended.

    Serial cheaters won’t garner a lot of sympathy.

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