Romo: Jerry is building for the long term, and I’ll be part of it

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At 35, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has reached the age where most players want to go into win-now mode. And at 72, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jnoes has reached the age when he needs to win now. But Romo says Jones and his staff are building a Cowboys team that will be competitive for years to come, and Romo expects to be a part of it.

Romo told the Dallas Morning News that by focusing on the offensive line — most recently signing La’el Collins as an undrafted free agent — the Cowboys have built a team that has a very bright future.

“I just think the way Jason and Stephen and Jerry have built this team over the last three or four years has been from the inside out and you’re seeing the benefits of that,” Romo said. “We’re still going. This wasn’t a one-year, two — we’re building this for the next five, six, seven years to sustain and any time you get an opportunity to get a guy like Collins you should take advantage of that.”

But is it realistic to think Romo could last for five, six, seven years? He suggested that he could.

“When you have a good offensive line like we do the thought definitely crosses your mind to ensure you do everything possible to play longer than maybe what you had envisioned,” Romo said. “We’ll reassess that in a few years. My wife will tell you, I’m talking a little more long term than I maybe had been. So we’ll see.”

Only a handful of quarterbacks have continued playing past the age of 40. Playing behind the best offensive line in football, Romo could join that group.

83 responses to “Romo: Jerry is building for the long term, and I’ll be part of it

  1. LOL Tony Romo! Last season was an anomally. Back to being the same old hapless Cowboys.

  2. You are 35 turning 36.. you are not in the long term plan.. If Brady, Manning and Brees are not in the long term plan. Why in earth would you be? #backproblems

  3. Romo will be a part of the team until one big hit says different.. could be 7 years .. could be 7 games. That’s the Law of the Gridiron.

  4. I give him 3 years max. QB’s that have played that long did not have the back problems that Romo has and has knocked a number of QB’s into retirement.

  5. Love this guy. I’ve never understood the hate for this man. I mean, I get it if you just don’t like the Cowboys for one of various reasons, but he’s a great guy on and off the field, no legal or criminal issues, tough, competitive, obviously not a quitter, and a overall terrific athlete. Keep doing you Tony. I hope there’s a SB or two in your future. Best of luck and health!

  6. Haw haw! Romo, the only plan you’ll be a part of is the plan to trade you for a bag of kettle chips when your skills inevitably flatline this year and you’re back to 8-8.

  7. Of’course , you will be part of it.

    You will on the books, until you are 90.

  8. Will the Tony Oh No show ever end? Lord I hope so!!! 5-7 more years of fumbles and poor decision making in critical situations…..ahhhhhh!!!

  9. JMHO, but he’s the 3rd best QB at extending the play in the pocket behind Big Ben and Rodgers.
    Romo plays like a pickup basketball player. He has some accuracy which serves him well.
    Personally, I don’t know Romo, but I can admit Carrie Underwood has really nice legs.

    And that’s all I have to say about that. -F. Gump

  10. You love that guy more than Tom Brady because you understand it’s so easy to hate ole Tom..because he actually wins Super Bowls, but Tony Romo does not? Maybe after they trade the City of Dallas for Peterson they will have a good chance. Then we can all hate the Dallas Cowboys again and Tony Romo…….. This just in…… Gary Myer of the New York Daily News reports that several sources say Goodell considers Brady’s role in Deflategate a serious problem but many believe more than not that the invetigation of Deflategate was not serious.

  11. actually, winning teams (see seahawks, packers, patriots, and colts) haven’t built by making offensive line a priority. lots of undrafted FAs on those teams, so not a proven method for success. sorry Tony!

  12. Sorry Romo, but Andy Reid has built a long term dynasty team that will dominate the next decade.

    The Kansas City Chiefs are the new Americas Team.
    The Chiefs have the classiest owner and fan base.
    The road to multiple titles over the next decade will go thru Arrowhead(loudest in the league) Stadium and must deal with Chiefs Nation.

  13. You still need a whole new defense. And for you to take a pay cut. Seriously.

  14. Romo’s contract now really lasts through 2018, in which the dead money would be possible, assuming a young QB was playing on a rookie deal.

    And they do have good young talent on that team, the only two older players are he and Witten. other notables getting up there besides LS, Free, Scandrick, and Carr. 31,28,28 respectively.

  15. I love the detractors. They let their dislike for a team cloud their perception of reality. Dallas is a playoff team again, easily. They are far superior to any team in that division.

    They’ve added a ton of talent on defense, added to an amazing offensive line and they have a lot of talent back. This is an 11 win team and Super Bowl contender. Who beats them in that Division. Philly? They are the closest but the difference between Romo and anyone they put at QB is huge. NYG? Please…all I hear from Giants fans these days are excuses. 2012 is the last time they beat Dallas. The Boys will go 4-2 in the division again. Romo is the best QB in the NFC East by a mile.

  16. You’re 35 with the back health of an 80 year old. There’s nothing “long term” about you. If it wasn’t for the Eagles dumpster-fire rotation of QBs, I’d put you at the bottom of the NFC East.

  17. Every year starting in a few years all these first round O lineman rookie contracts will expire. It will be impossible to pay them all what they will want and pay skill position players too. Guaranteed they lose some to free agency when this situation arises. They have only a few years with this line intact.

  18. Love this guy. I’ve never understood the hate for this man. I mean, I get it if you just don’t like the Cowboys for one of various reasons, but he’s a great guy on and off the field, no legal or criminal issues, tough, competitive, obviously not a quitter, and a overall terrific athlete. Keep doing you Tony. I hope there’s a SB or two in your future. Best of luck and health!

    ……just like RG3. Hail to the REDSKINS.

  19. The hate for Tony Romo and the Cowboys… Jerry Jones is a genius!! His team is so popular they once were writing about “Jerry wipes” lol absolutely a genius… n people realize the Cowboys have more wins than anyone in their div the last 3 year s n that “mediocre” is better than the Eagles,Skins,Giants.. last few years… those 8-8 seasons they rebuilt w massive injuries at one point 44 dif defensive starters in 1 year all the while Tony keeping them competitive .. no losing seasons since Jason took over … Tony lead the league on YPA,comp%..qbr. the greatness here is a qb who like eli last yr throws dump offs n quick passes high percentage passes can have a better comp percentage but tony on avg threw the ball the furthest per attepmt n still led in comp % …. thats remarkable … I appreciate haters cant imagine an article about my football team and the comment section being empty or filled w only fans…. we heard “5-11″ they lost Hatcher n Ware how stupid can u be to think u will win more games” “demarco will be injured by week 5” “Tony will be out fot the season” “Jason garrett willbe fired” all to watch .. Jerry win Executive of the yr… Tony to lead the league in several categories cowboys to win div n a playoff game n demarco have a record setting yr n coach garrett up for coach of the yr…. so the haters come right back w dif names same predictions lol how did that work out last yr? Lmao

  20. If he plays another 7 years it will be at the cost of a pain free retirement. By the time he’s 50 he will live in continual pain caused by all the crippling hits on his surgically repaired back. I would bet against him playing that long.

  21. P.s. back was a simple procedure one was a cist w no lingering effects one was a shaving of a buldging disc no long term effects there n a process fracture which really minor .. I have had the disc surgery no im not a athlete but I understand what it is n pretty much guys by the 100s in the league n outside it have disc issues that may or may not bother them its not going to be anything to end his career early… he has the same chance to get injured as anyone else but his prior problems wont effect him its too long ago now it would of shown up immediately if it was unsuccessful … Mannings surgeries to his neck r 10 times worse n hes playing at damn near 40 lol I get it though just keep predicting crsp basef on “it could happen” lol yup he could fall out the sky while flying too

  22. Having the best offensive line in football wont change the FACT that in big games Romo chokes throws interceptions at the worst possible times. You just can’t coach that.

  23. Good young line with a good old QB with the back of a 55 year old. Nothing long term about that.

  24. hawkwind8 says:
    May 9, 2015 12:24 PM

    “If he plays another 7 years it will be at the cost of a pain free retirement. By the time he’s 50 he will live in continual pain caused by all the crippling hits on his surgically repaired back. I would bet against him playing that long.”

    using words like “surgically repaired” doesnt make the procedure he had any more serious he had a pretty routine and simple shaving of a bulging disc … not gonna be any long term effects of that i had the procedure in 2003 it boils down to he has the same chance as anyone else … you know immediately if the surgery was able to get the disc off the nerve and relieve pain if it does it doesnt all the sudden not work lol people use these words with tonys back like hes got a bad back … no he doesnt i was fixed ,,,,, just because it was fixed doesnt mean hes got more of a chance to injure it again ,,,,he did not have a fusion where foreign parts hold his back together he had a disc shaved down by choice tons of people choose not to have it done but its very common for a disc to bulge it bothers people enough to have it shaved down others deal with it !

  25. He’s obviously had some concussions. His salary cap situation will force him out of Dallas. In the next two or three years, the Cowboys face some serious cap problems.

  26. I hate the Cowboys. I think Jerry Jones is an arrogant Richard head. I also think that Romo is a good, sometimes elite quarterback and their offensive line is absolutely amazing. To think the Cowboys aren’t a good football team is just being ignorant. To want the Cowboys to be a bad football team, well that’s just a given for us sane, non goat roping football fans.

  27. crappygovernment says:

    Playoff wins: Tebow 1, Romo 2

    The Super Bowl is all that matters. You must be a Eagles fan who can’t comprehend that.

  28. This is the nicest way I have ever seen to say that JJ is wrecking this team.

  29. Last year no one picked Dallas to win more than 8 games and a couple picked them to win 3 games. They snuck up on everybody. They better be good cause they ain’t sneakin up on anyone this season.

  30. I would call most of you people making comments total morons but I won’t disrespect morons that way.
    The Cowboys are coming. Get used to it.

  31. Hey he didn’t start until he was 25 he didn’t take the pounding early like some did. Brady and manning cry if there touched. All you hatters out there kiss my Lombardi trophies.

  32. You go Tony!!!! Finally, after all these years, you do not have to carry the whole team, without any help in the trenches 🙂 🙂 Just maybe, you might be named MVP this year, even though your QBR was higher than AR’s was last year 🙁 On a positive note, you did get a few votes!!!!

  33. @ jason1980

    “LOL Tony Romo! Last season was an anomally. Back to being the same old hapless Cowboys”.

    Firstly, it is spelled “anomaly”.

    Secondly, really? Romo has had better stats in TD passes and yards relative to last year. He had an excellent year, but it was no accident. When you have great O-line play and a great running game, the passing game springboards off of that. On top of that, the Cowboys had a very solid defensive draft AND landed arguably the top O-lineman as an UDFA for pennies on the dollar.

    This team has been BUILT for Romo to succeed. You can hate all you want, but results speak for themselves with how the Cowboys have built the O-line and drafted well defensively the past few years.

    So, who is your team and QB, for purposes of determining if you are the pot calling the kettle calling the kettle black? Child, please!

  34. It’s all fun and games until you realize the Dallas Cowboys are back to being great, sad part is those 8-8 years and any other time we’d have a bad season , the trolls wouldn’t let off, their heads will explode once they see how good we are

  35. Haters be like ….. Tony Romo Sucks so bad that the Cowboys wont be good for long because his back is bad and he wont be able to play for them long…… ughhhhh special kinda stupid eh??? lol

  36. How a 35 year old QB is part of the long term build, outside of becoming a coaching assistant within 2 years is beyond me. Not to mention he has serious back issues, he’s one sack away from being in a wheelchair.

    The whole Cowboy’s organization makes the LEAST amount of sense with the crap they say. Nothing is logical, it’s all cheap random talk. Embarrassing.

  37. 700levelvet says:

    The…”Most mediocre franchise in sports”…

    With the team going 12-4 and Romo having a pro bowl year, I will take mediocrity any day.

    You are the perfect example of a pathetic Cowboy hater. You say the same spineless quote every time because you have nothing of substance.

  38. As for the choking thing. Im pretty tired of it. When you are down by 14 points with 3:30 left in the game. Everybody in the world knows you have to pass. Romo is running for his life trying to extend the play to save time and get yards as quick as possible. Yeah in a situation like that most qbs end up with int sometimes.
    Its not choking … its simply the law of averages catching up to him from all the bad plays the def made.

  39. Nobody is happier than the rest of the NFC east that Tony is the QB is the Dallas Cowboys.

  40. I keep seeing the words Tony Romo and SuperBowl mentioned near each other. He has two playoff wins in 10 years. He is one of the biggest choke artists in his era. He has two years left tops. Please stop.

  41. @richiethegreek,

    In those 2 playoff wins, was it Romo that choked?
    No, it wasn’t. But you keep drinking the kool-aid served up sweet by the press. How about thinking for yourself for once

    You win and lose as a team, and that is why a football TEAM wins or loses.

    Let’s revisit this topic after the season ends instead of still continuing to believe the world is flat. SMH

  42. I guess the idea is how hard can it be to turn around and hand the ball off behind that line? But my concerns with Romo really don’t have much to do with his age or health.

    It’s his decision making in the big games that are of greater concern.

  43. Seahawks fan here.

    Romo is probably the most underrated qb in the NFL. His stats last year probably deserved MVP. he had a passer rating of 110.

    Romo has spent 10 years with crap on the line, garbage in the backfield, a solid TE and a great receiver (once Dez was drafted). He was never helped by a solid defense.

    Dallas has finished in the top 12 in defense TWICE in the Romo era. Never top 5.

    Romo is finally getting some help on the OLine, in the backfield (although McFadden is not Murray) and some help on defense. Dallas’ defense was still not good last year, but it’s improving and they added more this year.

    Say what you will about Greg Hardy off the field. Hardy on the field is a top 10 defensive player in the NFL. Randy Gregory, by many accounts was a top 3 defensive talent in the draft. Jones (1st round pick) is a solid upgrade at corner.

    Dallas is finally handling free agency correctly (not overpayng for stars), drafting well (OLine and value) and building with young talent. Hate them all you want, but they are continuing to improve and aren’t far from contender status already.

    Go Hawks.

  44. Romo: “And because I’ll be a part of it we’ll never win the Super Bowl.”

  45. Dallas, besides GB, is THE team I respect more than any other team in the NFC.

    And why they chose not to pay DeMarco is beyond me, but I’m happy they let him go.

    -Seattle fan

  46. Ow! My neck!!!

    Ouch, my back!!

    Ow!!! My neck and my back!!!!

    Doctor says I need a backiotomy. Jerruh says I’ll be back after half-time.

  47. More people are relying on if you believe it then it’s it than the reality world.

    Liars everywhere, everywhere these days.

  48. I’m an Eagles fan, I hate the Cowboys but I have respect for Romo as a player. Still, don’t think it’s realistic that he can play very many more years, and if he does, he’ll be in bad shape when he retires.

  49. Romo has one of those special in perpetuity contracts, so of course he’ll be a part of the Cowboys five, six, seven years from now!

  50. I really don’t get all the haters? An unbiased Football fan. Nows that the Cowboys did have the best O line in the league last year. There’s not even debut worth a salt about that! Now with Collins? He’s right! They will be the best O line next year and if everyone satays healthy? For many, many years to come! PS I’m a Cowboy hater, but I’m a football fan first guy! Their O line is scary good!! Good for them!

  51. Cheese curds. This Wisconsin kid has eaten too many cheese curds and it’s changed his brain into mush.

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