Patriots add Fred Davis


The Patriots enjoy collecting tight ends, and now they’ve added another.

Fred Davis, who was reinstated last week after a yearlong substance-abuse suspension, has signed with New England.

The 29-year-old Davis has spent his entire NFL career in Washington and has shown promise at times, particularly in 2011, when he caught 59 passes for 796 yards in 12 games. But his production declined markedly in 2012 and 2013, and he may be rusty after missing all of last season.

Davis joins a tight end depth chart in New England that also features Rob Gronkowski, Michael Hoomanawanui, Tim Wright, Scott Chandler and rookie sixth-round draft pick A.J. Derby.

44 responses to “Patriots add Fred Davis

  1. Let me guess. Belichick is a genius. At least the druggie will be able to get a better grip on the ball.

  2. Word is, this guy is basically uncoachable. So that makes him a great project for the Hoodie.

  3. It’s a puzzling decision on the surface, but it will make training camp competition extremely fierce so Hoo-man and Wright should be nervous.

    If it works, it’s a great signing – if it doesn’t, it’s not a massive financial outlay.

  4. This guy passed out in his car broad daylight at a red light and got belligerent when cops came. Not a very smart fellow. But belitrix can get away w anything right

  5. With the lack of receiving talent I like this talent. Stock up on tight ends who can catch and keep everyone honest with competition. I can see Gronk, Chandler, Wright and Davis making the roster. Hoom is going to have a rough time making the roster since they signed Chandler anyway.

  6. only the redskins could you bust on 3 2nd round picks

    Devin Thomas – 2nd round, 34th pick (who?)
    Malcolm Kelly – 2nd round, 51st pick (who?)
    Fred Davis – 2nd round, 48th pick

    at least fred got himself suspended from the league, the other two had no reason being there…

    im sure he will add value as long as he stays clean…

  7. The P*triots want to be like the Redskins so bad. Always picking up what we leave behind in the recycle bin. Too bad you can’t be as classy with all the CHEATING you teach in New Engl*nd. #HTTR

  8. Yes, Repeat. Explain the 2nd half of the afc championship.
    What was it 28-0? How did the superbowl go with properly inflated football? I believe 14 fourth quarter points were scored on the “best defense ever”.

    How much do you think Brady will sue the NFL for for defamation? 100 million?

  9. The former Redskin hopefully still has something left in the tank and more important hopefully learned some life lessons while away from the game. The New England team may have added some depth to a position they seem to covet.

  10. So NE signs a TE that has been suspended for a year for drugs, got a DUI, arrested for domestic abuse, all within the last year. That’s how you changed the narrative of your former murdering TE.

  11. Most illogical thing I’ve heard all day

    The P*triots want to be like the Redskins so bad:

    Why would the Pats want to have no SBs in 30 years, no QB to play, a completely derogatory team name and an owner who is a shady moron?

    Answer: They wouldn’t

  12. Stop making excuses for Brady. He is being exposed more and more as a fraud. He sat and pouted on the sidelines last year after getting pulled instead of supporting the team on the field. He is constantly yelling at his teammates for not making caches that were in fact his fault they were not caught. He berates lineman for lack of protection when in fact it is his lack of mobility that hurt the team. He acted like a petulant child who, as SB MVB, skipped a trip to the white house because somebody hurt his feelings in a similar manner he does others. And now we find he needs to cheat for competitive advantage because of his lack of confidence in playing by the rules.
    Brady’s arrogance and ego are coming to full light now and it isn’t pretty. Biggest fraud that has ever graced the NFL.

  13. Let’s think of the NFL dynasty’s over the years and what comes to mind when you hear about them;

    Packers-Power Run
    Steelers-The Steel Curtain
    49ers-The west coast offense
    Cowboys- The Triplets and Hershel Walker trade

    Now you can down vote this all you like but the fact is that much like Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Pete Rose, or any cheaters that’ve come before them this is the legacy of the patriots.

    So what’s that worth? And spare us the “everyone cheats line” because they don’t, or your team has players who aren’t upstanding individuals, because while that may be the case 1 or 2 out of 53 isn’t a culture.

  14. Do people think the “CHEATING” in all caps adds something to their argument? End of the day, the Patriots of the WORLD CHAMPS once again and YOUR TEAM is NOT! All you can do is come up with little excuses as to why your team can’t beat the big bad Patriots.

    In the words of Floyd Money Mayweather. Excuses are for LOSERS!

  15. “REPEAT. LMAO,not unless Brady is having the balls deflated.”

    Ummm, score in first half vs Colts with supposedly deflated balls – 17-7, score in second half will balls inflated to the max pressure 24-0.

    Torched the league’s best defense in the SB with fully inflated balls.

    All evidence is that Brady actually plays better with balls at full 13.5 psi pressure. Lets not let actual facts get in the way of your emotional hatred of the Pats though, shall we ?

  16. Ladies and gentlemen, your Super Bowl XLIX Champions, The New England Patriots. That is all.

  17. nyj1979 says:
    May 11, 2015 9:49 AM

    What is it with the Pats and criminal tight ends? Jeez.
    Chris Johnson, Joe McKnight, Mike Goodson, Cliff Harris, Claude Davis ring a bell? All Jet players arrested since 2013. Put the stones down.

  18. hakunamangata says:
    May 11, 2015 10:30 AM

    In the words of Floyd Money Mayweather. Excuses are for LOSERS

    And in the words of Bill and Tommy; Cheating is for them.
    In the words of Floyd Mayweather, NO REMATCH! I ain’t fighting that guy when he has two good arms.

  19. Probably will make the team and save the Patriots seven letters on the back of a jersey vs. Hoomawananui…

  20. He’s a wasted talent as he really flashed during spurts with the Redskins. He needs his head straightened out and I’m not too sure the Patriots* are the franchise for that right now with everything tainting their legacy. We’ll see.

    Hail to the Redskins.

  21. This can be an excellent move! Gronk is Gronk. Hooman is the blocker. Chandler will be the red zone TE with Gronk. While Davis and Wright will fight for last spot. If Wright goes ghost like at times last season and Davis stays healthy, I think Wright will be cut

  22. I expect nonsense from Logical voices but his comment above really takes the cake. Washington has been one of the worst & most dysfunctional teams over the last 20 years. They have managed 5 winning seasons during that time & have 2 playoff wins.

    During that time, the Patriots have 17 winning seasons. They have won 24 playoff games, played in 7 Super Bowls & won 4 of them.

    No logical person or team would want to emulate the Redskins.

    I really don’t know if Davis will stick. If he does turn into a decent player, it would be another example of how the Patriots have been the team to emulate, while the Redskins are not.

  23. boss81hogg says:
    May 11, 2015 11:58 AM
    Patriots must be high on Davis.


    They’re sure he’ll be smoking the competition in no time.

  24. ——————-
    Chris Johnson, Joe McKnight, Mike Goodson, Cliff Harris, Claude Davis ring a bell? All Jet players arrested since 2013. Put the stones down.

    Johnson : legal gun that was in a bag instead of a box. Wow.

    McKnight: Failure to appear for traffic tickets. ooh, a terror.

    Harris and Davis: Got caught with the demon weed.

    Mike Goodson: 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

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