Seahawks sign Julius Warmsley, Kona Schwenke following mini-camp tryouts

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The Seattle Seahawks signed defensive end Julius Warmsley and guard Kona Schwenke following their performances as tryout players in the team’s three-day rookie mini-camp this weekend.

Warmsley had been a part of Seattle’s practice squad last season and was signed to a futures contract following the Super Bowl. He was then released last week with an invitation back for the mini-camp as a tryout player. Now he’s back on the team’s 90-man roster.

Schwenke took part in the mini-camp as an offensive guard after playing as a defensive tackle in college at Notre Dame and during brief stops with the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders.

Tom Cable, Seattle’s offensive line coach, is making a habit of looking to convert former defensive linemen to the offensive side of the ball. J.R. Sweezy was a defensive tackle at North Carolina State before being converted to right guard. Sixth-round draft pick Kristjan Sokoli was a defensive tackle at Buffalo and is being converted to center and now Schwenke is getting a look on offense as well.

“I think just movement, he’s got a real cool brain,” Cable said Sunday of Schwenke. “He picked it up pretty quick and was able to change his whole mindset. He’s never done this before, so a lot like Kristjan, and just kind of progressed through the days, and today I thought was pretty cool watching him.”

7 responses to “Seahawks sign Julius Warmsley, Kona Schwenke following mini-camp tryouts

  1. You know, everyone (in Seattle at least) talks about how great Cable is, but the Seahawks line is always in the bottom half of the league as far as performance goes. Then I realize though, what Tom Cable is forced to work with, converted lineman drafted in the later rounds, back ups from other teams and then I gain sole respect for him.

  2. Flawed report, two pressure readings, extraordinary punishments, offended owners, requirement to waive attorney client privilege and right to privacy, unprecedented punishments … Wow, let the Grigson games begin with lawyers in every corner….

  3. Then again, those guys go on to get good contracts with other teams, which results in us getting Compensatory Picks. It has happened with Giacomini and will happen with Carpenter.

  4. Actually, Cable gets a lot of grief in Seattle. It’s a mixed bag… some think he’s great, some think he sucks, with very little in between.

    Something to consider with this o-line… Their pass blocking sucks, but their run blocking is above average.

    If you look at it, with seattle’s philosophy, makes sense, doesn’t it? Why do you RW got the job in the first place? A big part was that they needed a mobile quarterback behind that line.

    If you look at it that way, then Cable has done a good job finding the right type of players to fit what they want, and then coaching them up.

  5. The only player on the Seahawks O-line that is making more than a either a vet minimum or a rookie contract is their LT Okung. The Seahawks are paying very little overall for the entire O-line and still they are the best running team in the NFL.

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