Tom Brady suspended four games for his role in #DeflateGate

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The NFL didn’t wait long to digest the Ted Wells report, and issue its findings.

As punishment for the Patriots’ “more probable than not” tampering with footballs, the league has suspended quarterback Tom Brady four games, fined the team $1 million and taken away their first-round picks in 2016 and fourth-rounder in 2017.

The league was careful to note that the punishment was for the violation itself but also the “failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation,” and that Brady’s suspension was for “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL.”

Brady may participate in the offseason, training camp and preseason games, but pending appeal, will miss games against the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars and Cowboys.

“We reached these decisions after extensive discussion with Troy Vincent and many others,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in the league’s statement. “We relied on the critical importance of protecting the integrity of the game and the thoroughness and independence of the Wells report.”

That’s a huge penalty, and one which will certainly spark appeals, and much discussion in Boston and elsewhere.

483 responses to “Tom Brady suspended four games for his role in #DeflateGate

  1. Goodell has lost his mind.
    Tom Brady and his lawyers will be going to war against the NFL. Been a long time coming……

  2. Four games are not enough. This isn’t about only the AFC championship game. How long was this going on for??? Do they beat the Ravens the round prior or even make the playoffs if the balls were not deflated?

  3. Sounds to me like he/they got off light – and on top of that, they’ll probably knock it down to 2 anyway.

  4. Thats a pretty legit punishment. Should have been more on Brady, less on the Patriots I feel though.

  5. Here come the outraged Pats fans who will continue to make excuses for the issue and try to compare the punishment to Ray Rice’s and the like.

  6. Bye Bye Brady
    I’m gonna miss you so;
    Bye Bye Birdie,
    Why’d ya have to Cheat?
    No more Deflategate,
    It’s followed you away;
    I’ll cry Brady,
    Till you’re out for good.
    I’ll miss the way you whine,
    As tho’ it’s just for me;
    And each and ev’ry night,
    I’ll boo you faithfully!
    Bye Bye Brady,
    It’s awful hard to bear;
    Bye Bye Brady
    Guess you’ll always cheat,
    Guess you’ll always cheat,
    Guess you’ll always cheat!

  7. Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time suspended 4 games for CHEATING!!!
    If I’m not mistaken shouldn’t the penalty be more harsh for repeated offenders?

  8. Belichick should have been suspended also; this happened on his watch! Payton and Loomis got suspended for Bounty Gate, it happened on their watch!

  9. For those who think not having a first rounder isn’t so bad, look at where the Saints are now after Bountygate.

  10. he only gets 4 games for cheating but the redskins get 36 mill in salary cap room taken for violating a non existent rule. smdh

  11. Brady’s first game will be in Indianapolis. That should be interesting.

  12. Atfer Brady files a grievance with the NFLPA it will get knocked down to two games. Patriots historically trade out of the first round anyhow so not a big deal. After all that they still win the division.

  13. Well, when you’re not the New Orleans Saints you get off easy I suppose eh Rodger? What a joke…what about Belichek? Goodell’s quote regarding Sean Payton: ‘Sean Payton is the head coach, ignorance is no excuse’. Guess that doesn’t apply if you’re Bill Belichek.

  14. That’s it? For messing with competitive integrity of a championship game they only suspend him 4 games and nothing for the coach?
    It’s goodell to be friends with the owner.

  15. It looks like they went after the front office a lot harder than they did Brady himself. Which was exactly as expected.

  16. That puts a nail in the coffin when it comes to the Montana vs. Brady debate! GO NINERS!!!

  17. Wow, if this is what you get for not having any proof of wrong doing what’s Aaron Rodgers going to get for admitting to cheating?

  18. Wait! Richard Sherman said nothing would happen because it’s Tom Brady, and the Patriots?

    Are we sure he’s been suspended?

  19. Seems pretty much inline with what corporations face when hit with punitive damages, and seem plenty fair with a team history of questionable activities during the Brady/Belicheck era.

  20. At least he’ll back in time for the Colts game. Speaking of Tom Brady’s balls, the entire Colts defense will be in IR with a bruised chin after that game.

  21. Finally some justice for a cheating organization. Bet they (Belicheat and Brady) probably have a few other ways they have been working the system as well. Any angle to win without integrity is cheating.

  22. Wow. The report cleared Belichick and the Patriots of any wrongdoing. Soooooo, loss of picks and $1M fine. Seems like a reasonable conclusion. What?!

  23. Cheating when it wasn’t really necessary. The whole franchise is behind this- not just him.

    4 sounds right but probably goes to 2 after appeal.

  24. It’s a fair penalty. Brady cheated and refused to cooperate because he knew it would help prove that he cheated. He and the Pats deserve it.

  25. The NFL grabbed Brady’s hand, slapped him on the wrist, and said “BAD BRADY, BAD BRADY….DON’T DO THAT AGAIN”

    The $1 million fine? Whatever…..Kraft pulled that out of his pocket change.

    No parity in the NFL’s disciplinary policies….

  26. Hes going to appeal it as he should. Goodells a puppet and NFL has no actual by laws

  27. it’s the habitual cheating that cause the draft pick losses. and the cover ups

  28. The fact that they didnt lose any picks is the worst part of all.

    The Patriot Way is “the rules don’t apply to us.”

    This starts from the top down.

  29. this will be goodells last official act too much picking and choosing where and how he brings the hammer down he will pay the price.

    I have a feeling this is far from over

  30. Way too much for deflating a ball a little. But then again a SB championship makes it worth it.

  31. I find it more probable than not that Brady did NOT tamper with the footballs.

  32. “…failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation…”


    Can’t blame this on the Colts, can ya, Pat fans?


  33. Unbelievable! Outrageous and bizarrely disproportionate.

    The report is shoddy, the investigation didn’t find anything conclusive, no proof of anything, and the result is one of the strongest punishments ever received in the game?

    Meanwhile, we have documented evidence of teams heating balls, piping crowd noise into the game, and GMs texting coaches, all receiving little or no punishment in comparison.

    This whole fiasco is a joke and an embarrassment for the NFL.

  34. Considering he only misses 1 AFC East game and there is an NFC game in there, this has little impact on the outcome of their season. No way they lose to the Jags. even at 3-1, they have him for the next 12 games…….this is before he actually only gets 2 games once he files for appeal.

  35. Just as I said — suspended four games and will be reduced to two on appeal.

  36. Maybe those guys have got to study the rule book and figure it out.” — Tom Brady

    I guess he has some free time on his hands now to study up on the rules

  37. Wouldn’t ever want to call anyone a cheater, but that’s twice in the last decade this franchise has lost a first round draft pick for cheating. That has to tarnish some legacies just a little bit…

  38. Well deserved. He should also not be voted into the Hall of Fame like cheaters from other sports such as Barry Bonds, Alex Rodregez and Mark Mguire.

  39. Way more then I thought Goodell had the ballz to give… Not a Brady fan but sure looks like Belicheat/Kraft threw him under the bus here…. lol@Brady

  40. Belichick should get 1yr. He knew, or he should have known.

    Belichick knows everything that happens in that locker room. If Payton got 1yr, Belichick should have gotten the same.

  41. Outrageous. “The issue with punishing Brady is it is all based on conjecture. There’s not even really circumstantial evidence; there’s really no evidence at all of Brady’s direct participation in any scheme put forth in Wells’ report.”

  42. Your a world class athlete like Ray Rice and you can knock your girlfriend/wife out cold in an elevator, then drag her out like a dead tuna but that’s not too bad in the eyes of the NFL and Roger Goodell. Unfreaken believable about the integrity and honesty of this league. Way overboard on the basis of the most flawed 5 million dollar investigation in NFL history.

  43. The Patriots are like an attractive woman with chronic bad breath. It all looks great, but every time you get up close something smells.

  44. Patriots 28, Seahawks 24. (and that was with NFL inspected footballs, LOL)

  45. There was nothing conclusive, yet the hammer is being dropped hard. I can’t say I agree, though a four game suspension during the downtime of the season is good for the NFL. Four game suspension to comeback in time for the Colts? How convenient… ratings galore, perhaps even broken. Not a Patriots fan by any mean but an objective look at it and you can see this isnt justified at all.

  46. Well, Brady won’t have any lasting pain from the light slap-on-the-hand punishment.

  47. As a Steelers fan, I’m sick that Brady won’t be playing in our opener. I wanted to see our new defensive players go up against the best–win or lose. Those celebrating this suspension would be outraged if this had happened to their teams. We all know other QBs do this. Aaron Rodgers said so before this game was played. Brady is the best because he worked at it. People who can’t handle that need to grow up.

    Roger Goodell concerned about the integrity of the shield? He’s done nothing but nitpick the game to death. I hope this will mark the beginning of his end.

  48. Bills get a free shot at the Patriots in Week Two!

    With their luck, they’re going to lose anyway…

  49. The Lombardi’s are safe.

    Goodell is a clown.

    Goodell’s pay will go down at an alarming rate.

    10 million pay cut coming right up.

  50. So the Pats get fined $1 million, but they won’t have to pay Brady’s $4-$5 million in salary. So how much of a punishment is that $1 mil?

  51. Avid pats hater…but thats too much for the violation. Must have taken past transgressions into account

  52. the Patriots are cheaters, once a cheat, always a cheat, they’re always looking for an edge, that’s just reality.

  53. “That’s a huge penalty…”

    Huge would have been a full season.

    After all, over 43% of people who voted here at PFT felt he should get more than 4 games.

    Pats fans should be relieved.

  54. Jimmy Garropolo won’t win four (4) games. Matt Cassel could, but Bill O’Brien (former Pats OC) is with the Texans now. With Brady, the Pats average 12 wins, so chalk that up to an 8-game win ceiling in 2015 — so that should tremendously help the Jets and Dolphins. AFC East (2015): 1. Jets (11-5, a more consistent Geno Smith, along with a stellar defense thanks to Todd Bowles); 2. Dolphins (9-7); Pats (8-8); Bills (6-10).

  55. Tarnished legacy.
    He’ll always be known as a cheater.

    Now, the big question will be does he make it into the hall of fame?

    My guess is, no.

  56. Sure, why not. Goodell fined teams for violating a cap during a year there was no cap, so it makes sense he’d suspend the SB MVP for something he can’t prove or even convince most people of. Second look at baseball?

  57. Way to lenient….Belichick should have been suspended for 1 year just like Payton got for Bountygate. Actually as a repeat offender he should have got more than a year. Goodell really took care of Kraft with this ridiculously lenient discipline….

  58. Where’s the appeal? What a dumb ass league. Going overboard to make up for previous lame penalties for under penalized decisions, the make-it-up-as-we-go-along league penalty system is laughable.
    Here come the outraged Pats fans who will continue to make excuses for the issue and try to compare the punishment to Ray Rice’s and the like.

    Is a STUPID statement. What else do you have to go on but other penalties wielded out on a whim by his honor? Not a Patriot lover but this is a laughable offense the League promulgated themselves due to their own stupidity in allowing QB’s to “feel their balls.” Hope an appeal cuts this WAY down, just a dumb ass decision.

  59. Roger the Clown’s funniest words….

    “the thoroughness and independence of the Wells report”

    The Kangaroo Court has had its turn. Stay tuned.

  60. The League office didn’t drop the hammer on the Patriots, they dropped a hydrogen bomb.

  61. Should’ve been a year. BB should’ve been suspended too because the head coach should know what’s going on with his team just ask Sean Payton. This just shows how inconsistent the nfl is.

  62. But, but they didn’t do anything, but cheat again, that is. They got off light. Brady should have gotten 8 games at least.

    I guess the first half of one game, like Manziel got, was not on the table.

  63. So, let’s see — absolutely no evidence that Brady did anything AND they can’t even be sure it’s not the NFL’s fault the balls were under-inflated because they used two different, un-calibrated gauges to measure the air.

    This’ll be struck down by the appeals process when it gets in front of the Federal arbitrator.

    Time to fire Goodell and the conclusion first, investigation second Wells law firm. And, FWIW, I’m definitely not a Patriots fan. But this kangaroo court is no kind of justice.

  64. The taint is real ****

    Should have been a year for both Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat.

  65. This gives the Patriot organization a nice black eye. Every time championship is mentioned the word cheating is bound to pop up. Shameful too because they don’t need to do this crap.

  66. It should have been 8 games to a whole season, but this is exactly what I expected.

  67. Awesome. Brett Favre impedes an NFL investigation and doesn’t turn over his texts and gets fined $50,000.

    Wells puts in his report that they can’t prove scientifically that the balls were tampered with (pg238 I believe)

    They proved NOTHING in the Wells report.

  68. FREE TOM BRADY! EX JET and obviously still JET EMPLOYEE MUST GO!!!!

  69. Stay classy as ever Pats. Should have been more harsh, but it is the Pats who have Goodell in their back pocket so you can’t expect much more.

  70. Still think he’s the best Ever! What a joke. He can spend his Sunday’s sniffing Montana’s Jock. What a Piece of Garbage. Should have been longer. THE MOST TAINTED CHAMPIONSHIPS IN SPORTS HISTORY. ALL 4 OF THEM. CHEATED FOR EVERY ONE. THE WORST FRANCHISE IN SPORTS. PERIOD.

  71. I just became a Goodell fan!
    Tom “Cheat to Win” Brady.. I know it is only a couple pounds pressure, but it is still cheating, and on purpose. Brady should have been suspended the whole season…

  72. Ah, I remember when ampats was joining the herd of Internet sheep who convicted Big Ben even though he was never even charged with anything. Oh the fun he had pontificating!

    Now they’re doing it to HIS guy. Guilty just because he was accused. Ampats sure doesn’t like it.

    Yeah, bud, Commish BETTER not go near the Cape again, right?

  73. Bozo Goodell strikes again. How do you suspend someone when the referee that measured the balls testified the he used a gauge that MADE THE PRESSURE OF THE BALLS IN COMPLIANCE.? Wells assumed the OPPOSITE from what the referee testified, in other words, Wells assumed the referee used a gauge that made the balls not in compliance. This is absurd. This whole debacle is about Commissioner incompetence. When Goodell got the complaint from the Colts, he should have gotten Belichick and Kraft on the phone and told them no funny business or there would be huge consequences. That would have taken care of the matter PRIVATELY. Instead, Goodell allows the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl champion to be tarnished forever. Goodell has got to go. Barney Fife is running, and ruining, the NFL.

  74. The tainted smell of that organization is finally coming out. About time they stuck it to them!! Get out the asterisk

  75. Not fair at allwhen you consider how Roger has pointed out how angry being lied to makes him.

    Is he going to let his BFF Kraft pick which games Brady sits out?

    The fine and losing the draft picks was pretty spot on tho.

    They should just wipe those cheaters from the record books like every sensible NFL fan already has.

    The N E Asterrisks
    Tom Brady future *hofer
    Bill Billichick *hof

    Robert Kraft low life cheater. No asterisk there

  76. As great as this is, there isn’t enough evidence to justify these punishments. Ted Wells was too careful in his wording of “more probable than not.” Hate to say it, but the Pats may win the appeal

  77. Garoppolo has his shot … not to replace Brady but to become a prospect on the trade circuit and/or when his Free Agent day comes.

    Once in a lifetime for this lad.

    Good luck

  78. Brady can still participate in all team activities just not the first 4 sundays (or Thursdays, Mondays, whatever). Sean Payton was banned from even attending an NFL event immediately…Goodell has just lost whatever remaining credibility he had…complete joke.

  79. Hey Pats fans can you help me out here? I’ve got a trivia question and I think you know the answer;

    “Who was the only quarterback in the history of the game to be suspended by the NFL for cheating?”

    Any ideas? I’m stumped.

  80. I’m sure this will have the same impact on the Patriot’s 2015 regular season as Spygate had on the 2007 regular season.

    In the immortal words of Bill Bixby “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

  81. Beginning of the end of the Goodell era in the NFL. Way too harsh.

    When Brady takes his next snap, there will be a new commissioner in charge.

  82. I love how ravens fans are so quick to call the pats cheaters. Its the one fanbase in the NFL (besides dallas) where a player beats his girlfriend (Suggs and Rice), a player is at the scene of a murder and refuses to implicate his “buddies”, but his clothes go missing (magically) but the whole fan base cheers these players on like the second coming of Unitas and they all point the finger elsewhere. Stay classy b-more.

  83. Not enough games for Brady. He should have gotten somewhere between Hardy’s 10 and Peyton’s 16. The draft picks from the team were more than I would have guessed. The $1m is a joke only hurts the lower runs employees who will have their pay raises and bonuses restricted as a result. Players and upper management are gonna get their money first. Now I demand an apology from Brady or he can kiss the hall of fame good bye ….

  84. It’s about time the punishment fit the crime. I don’t care that others have gotten less for bad things in the past – this was deserved. This was an attempt to affect the integrity of the game – and the others should have received a harsher punishment as well.

  85. NFL rules

    1 lb of air pressure = 2 unconscious wives

    I wonder if/when they will have a press conference where the balls apologize for being deflated?

  86. Brady ‘ s and the Pats’ legacy is forever tarnished. You cheat and get caught, you pay the price. This crap from NE has been going on for years! They can’t win legitimately.

  87. Twice the Patriots have cheated to give themselves an unfair advantage and yet both punishments combined weren’t as hard as the punishments the Saints were handed out for giving Helmet stickers for good play.

  88. After all, over 43% of people who voted here at PFT felt he should get more than 4 games.

    Pats fans should be relieved.
    Most of those fans are voting the anti-Pat biases rather than voting on the reality of the situation or what’s best for the game. None of us should be relieved that Goodell is still empowered to make idiotic decisions about our teams.

  89. To the Bills fan with the Woody Johnson thinking they are gonna win the division…news flash the Jets and Dolphins are both better teams on paper and Rex is your HC.

  90. Next year at the Superbowl halftime show, Tom Brady will be the only one wearing a helmet.

    See you in Santa Ana.

  91. I honestly thought he would get a one game suspension and the team docked a 1st rounder. I bet no one saw this coming, the whole punishment that is…….. I feel like they have been involved in enough scandal (proven or not) that there needed to be a harsh punishment to let them know they are not above the law. The NFL and their punishments are so inconsistent its laughable, but we all (even Pats fans in denial) can agree that something needed to be done……. Tom may be the GOAT but he now has the stinging word of cheater attached to his name.

  92. Tom Brady thanks the NFL……he gets to take a month off in September. Big whoop! New Orleans Saints fans are saying “what the ****” Belichick gets off scott free? Some teams are definitely given preferential treatment than others. There’s no parity in the NFL, Roger Goodell is tainted for life. — Newsflash NFL owners–, if you’re not buddies with Roger Goodell, your team better watch their p’s and q’s.

  93. Pats fans should immediately demand that Kraft erect a statue of Goodell outside the stadium in appreciation this slap on the wrist. Where is the punishment for Belicheat? As Sean Payton can attest, ignorance is no excuse according to almighty Rog. It’s freakin criminal how, yet again, the Patriots skate. Pathetic.

  94. Justice is served despite another flawed investigation by the league. Now they need to make both teams play with the same balls & eliminate the K ball to stop this from happening and make it more challenging for the kickers.

  95. When questionable rulings go in his favor, he gives the press a mushy defense and assures us that the league must know what it is doing. Well, Tom, this is no time to suddenly grow a spine and a brain. Accept your punishment like a man.

  96. Patriots* fans still embarrassing themselves defending this guy and the team. Team now punished AGAIN for cheating. Brady has cemented his legacy as the first QB ever busted for cheating. Live with it, every time you say champs, the world says cheaters. Enjoy that tainted dynasty.

  97. I tend to think it was not enough, and plenty think it was too much. So, in the end it’s probably just right.

    I’d equate tampering with equipment to be on par (or worse) than taking PEDs. That carries a standard 4 game suspension for first time offenders. Thus four games is about right.

    Probably could have gone more games with the “conduct detrimental to the league” penalty, but my guess is Roger was sick of having suspensions overturned on appeal, so he played it safe this time.

    No doubt there will be appeals. I find it highly improbably (less likely than so, perhaps?) that it will be reduced.

  98. I love the comments on here. It’s like watching a child having a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way. Tom gets this reduced to one game (shouldn’t be any) pats get their picks back and it’s just business as usual in title town. The league should have apologized for the witch hunt. Let the circus continue.

  99. I think that the penalties are justified based in Brady not cooperating with the investigation.
    The fines and loss of draft picks seems fair; the only issue I have is that Belichick got off without any punishment ……. Sticking to past history (ie Sean Payton), he should have received some type of penalty.

  100. Well done Roger. Well done. You didn’t bow to Kraft ‘ s pressure and Brady ‘ s obstinence.

  101. Funny how his first game back is against the Colts. NFL is a joke, I hope he goes to court. He should have beat Giselle with the football and would be back for opening night

  102. Brady should have gotten 6 games and next year’s pick should have been a 2nd rounder. Although I would think the fact that the current leadership structure for the Pats has tainted the game previously with the illegal filming of opposing teams practices . . . so maybe that is why it was a 1st rounder.

    Either way the only people on here who think this is unjust are Pats fans.

  103. Pats fan. Punishment is probably about right. Failure to cooperate is a pretty clear signal that phone would contain damning info, and messing with the integrity of the game should be hit hard.

    At the same time: (1) Wells report would never hold up in court, and lots of reason to distrust it (2) no investigation of whether Brady and the Patriots are the only person/team involved in this, or whether it is common among other teams.

  104. I find this mildly entertaining. I just hope when it comes out that every other qb that manipulated their balls to fit what they like everyone else is punished the same.

  105. Well those Turkeys threw darts at a suspension board and said “close enough” for 4 games, as to the rest, it’s “probably” enough. Well the Jets strike again. All I can say is, step aside Washington, if you think we ran up the score on you, think again. You will feel your lopsided loss was a very close game. Time for the Hapless Colts to lobby for a rule to prevent teams running up the score!

  106. Tom Brady gets a four game suspension for his role in a football scandal? Wow. If he was a New Orleans Saints player he would gotten at least six games to one season. I am impressed.

  107. Brady standing around teammates “4 games isn’t that bad, right?” *puts hand up for a high five*

    *everyone walks away till week 6 when the NFL rigs games so they can paint Brady as a comeback king.*

    Can’t wait until week 16/17 next year when all the Patriots homers are talking about how resilient Brady is completely forgetting that the guy knowingly cheated. What a joke.

  108. If they decided that 51% probability was required as part of the rule then it’s pretty hard to appeal anything other than maybe 2 games decrease.

    the report is really pretty one sided, but it is what it is. Suspension of 2 games on appeal would probably be right.

    The fines and lost picks seem excessive, but to the haters it probably isn’t enough.

  109. Two #1 picks taken away in the last 10 years for the franchise. Who knows what else went on that was never exposed. They didn’t even need to cheat. Winning by any means necessary was so important to them. From the top down.

  110. Losing a first and fourth round pick for deflating balls a little is nuts. Godell is off his rocker. Why did the nfl schedule the pats in the first game anyway? So we could watch them without brady? Nice.

  111. So what we are saying is that it being “more than probable” that tom brady was generally aware of the deflated balls is between beating a woman in an elevator and raping a woman. You know what’s “more than probable?” Roger goodell is the worst commissioner I’ve ever seen. At a game last November two teams were heating balls on the sidelines and they get a warning. This has truly gone off the rails, and for what? For “tarnishing the integrity of the game?” Give me a break. Drug users, rapists, and players guilty of domestic violence are tarnishing the game, and they go after this with a ridiculous poorly done investigation that has major holes in it. They need to get a clue. Stay classy Roger!

  112. Yet the Vikings get a mere letter from the NFL to stop messing with the balls while they drop the hammer on the Pats. Such a joke

  113. Should have been more. they’ve been cheating since 07. Belecheat should have been suspended too. Ignorance is not an excuse, right Goodell?

    I’m still laughing though……..

  114. 2014 Patriots 2009 Saints, a year’s worth of punishment vs. Super Bowl ring? No-brainer, none of them would trade that for anything as once again cheating pays off in the NFL!

  115. What a mess the NFL is making for itself. They botch nearly EVERY issue the past several seasons. Goodell will pay by forfeiting his job – one he is poorly suited for. He acts like a Nazi half the time. In this case, using very flimsy evidence and hearsay, HE is willing to risk so much, for reasons I can only guess at. If there was much more hard evidence in this case, my opinion would be different. But I personally do not think it is fair or just to single out the best QB of his generation over a trivial matter that other QBs admittedly have done for years. There is no consistency here, nor are there irrefutable facts of a damnable nature. I’m amazed the League lawyers allowed this to go the way it has, and in the end these things will likely happen:
    1. Brady appeals and suspension lowered to 2 games.
    2. Brady may sue the League and Goodell. And he has a decent case, so things will get hairy.
    3. The Pats will still win because Garopollo is damn good already and probably will be a huge star when Brady retires.
    4. Belichick will acquire another 1st Round Pick somehow – or a couple of Round 2 Picks, so that is a mild nuisance to the franchise.
    5. Pats (no, I am not particularly a big fan of the team) will still in their Division.

    SMH at Goodell. He is the one people should label a “tool” or a “phoney”, rather than Brady. Most of the vitriol toward Belichick and Brady is out of jealousy or some other insecurity. Goodell is the creep in all of this. He needs to go. The fans will demand it louder and louder until it happens – and the owners must be tiring of his ‘tude.

  116. I’m kind of tired from those nine championship parades in Boston during the last 10 years therefore, I don’t mind taking a year off.

  117. I hope Brady sues the NFL for defamation and Kraft becomes a vocal opponent and “no” vote for retaining Goodell. This should be the final nail in Goodells coffin. The Wells investigation was anything but independent. Anyone who thinks the Pats won the Super Bowl based on the Indy game has the IQ of a toilet brush. Which is about where Goodell is at.

  118. If the 4 games sticks, Bradys first game back is week 6 @ Colts.
    Prime time TV?

  119. Brady, will always be known as a cheater.

    But he got off light with only a 4 game suspension. A year would have been more appropriate.

    The draft pick losses were about right, but the fine could’ve been higher.

  120. Too light as the games will likely be cut in half. But anyway welcome to the hall of fraud Brady.

  121. This ruling is a joke. The Patriots still have one of the most successful dynasties, the best coach, and the best QB. Shula can gloat all he wants – he did nothing with an amazing QB for years. Jerry Rice can kick dirt on the Pats – he used stick em’ on his hands so his records don’t count. Joe Montana can say what he wants – he only good because his team didn’t have to follow a salary cap (Steve Young was MUCH better).

  122. This is a complete joke. He knowingly cheated; a 4 games suspension and he’s going to appeal and get that reduced to two games, where is the justice in that? The NFL should be ashamed of themselves! I hate when marque players get treated with a sense of entitlement whereas those lesser talented players get the shaft. Sorry this was a complete sham. The Patriots get off cheating time and time again, way to teach those young players how to be role models NFL.

  123. “mrshawnconnor says:
    May 11, 2015 5:43 PM

    we still won the superbowl, and we will have our revenge.”

    Wow, that is the clueless post of the day hands down. “Revenge”? For cheating? Speaks volumes about your lac of basic morals, sport. Plus Brady is getting older (duh) and his days as Pats QB are ending in the not too distant future. He won’t have time to get “revenge”, junior.

  124. Tom is damaged goods. Sad day in sports history, but it’s reality. In fairness, the Colts should get an extra pick because they were the team that got cheated.

  125. Tommy will be back for the Cowgirls in week 5. Only one game gets knocked off. Pittsburgh and Buffalo catch a big break. I don’t think Jacksonville can beat them in NE with me playing QB for the Patriots*

  126. Outrageous. “The issue with punishing Brady is it is all based on conjecture. There’s not even really circumstantial evidence; there’s really no evidence at all of Brady’s direct participation in any scheme put forth in Wells’ report.”
    That’s because Brady hid the evidence. He should have been suspended a year. Or fired.

  127. Frauds. That’s why I now call them the Patsterisks. As others have said, “what other cheating hasn’t been uncovered yet?” Brady now in the Barry Bonds club. Lot of questions.


    This doesn’t make sense to me.

    Did having the balls deflated put player’s safety at risk? It’s not like Brady was leading with his head, hitting a defenseless players, or put a bounty on players.

    Did having balls deflated put society at risk? This wasn’t drug use, DWI/DUI, or domestic violence.

    Did this put the integrity of the game at risk? Yea, I buy that. So do offensive line coaches who teach players to hold without a penalty. DB coaches who teach players how to use their hands to impede the path of a receiver also mess with integrity of the game.

    This just seems so overblown. If it was easier for him to throw and his receivers to catch, it was also easier for defensive backs to catch. Was he wrong? Yep. Four games? Dang.

    They want him to turn over his cellphone? They want access to his emails? Should he have done that? Maybe, but if it was property of the NFL they could have demanded it. Otherwise, they can’t.

    I dunno, I just think it’s crazy that you were going to give Ray Rice 2 games for beating the crap out of his girlfriend and now you are giving 4 games for 1pd of air pressure.

  129. Hey Pats fans can you help me out here? I’ve got a trivia question and I think you know the answer;

    “Who was the only quarterback in the history of the game to be suspended by the NFL for cheating?”

    Any ideas? I’m stumped.

    Hey Pats fans can you help me out here? What team has a statue of a criminal outside of their stadium?

    A Raven fan piling on the Pats after whining last year about his team’s treatment last year….can you say pathetic hypocrite?

    By the way , not a Pats fan. Glad they got what their arrogance deserves. I love the tears of all the little Percies cry about their poor little Tammy Brady getting punished.

  130. The Patriots franchise is a black eye to the NFL.

    Recording and stealing another teams signals, caught red handed with he tapes… and who do you think got the top off in the huddle? Tom Brady.

    A convicted murderer and a double homicide suspect, your star TE, doing life in prison.

    Now deflated balls, lowest fumbles over the past two years by a wide enough margin to raise red flags at the NFL office… which is why the draft picks are going bye-bye.

    Every year they win, they have cheated. What they have gained is nothing. They are as a team without honor or respect for the game and the fact they are hiding something more is the more damning.

    Lies are like mice… there is never just one mouse.

  131. feelingswillbehurt says:
    May 11, 2015 5:49 PM
    The Patriots are like an attractive woman with chronic bad breath. It all looks great, but every time you get up close something smells.


    yuck! That’s not it at all

  132. May have fought with girlfriend (25 games – 15 paid, 10 unpaid)
    Cheated every game since 2006 (4 games)

    One is a PR issue, the other is integrity of the game.

  133. Cheating has the same consequences as a weed offense. Good to know.

  134. Suspended 4 games for 15 years of cheating. Cheating seems to be worth the risk. Meanwhile Belichick gets off Scott free. Sean Payton demands an explanation.

  135. Pats fan here.

    The crime deserves a fine. History says so.

    While Brett Farve only got a $50,000 fine for not turning over his cell phone during a sexual harassment investigation in 2010, I’m fine with Brady getting a game or two for not co-operating here.

    Four games is ridiculous. Based on the evidence in the Wells Report, no one in the NFL gave a crap about PSI prior to the AFC Championship game. No question, Brady & crew broke the rules, but don’t go preaching about the importance of 12.5-13.5 PSI in the “integrity” of the game. Otherwise, NFL officials wouldn’t be jacking up game balls to 16 PSI and the league would’ve had something to say about Aaron Rodgers’ comments.

    But in the wake of Roger Goodell’s complete incompetence in handling the initial Ray Rice decision, he will continue to over-react and be happy to lose appeals…because at least no one can accuse him of ever going easy on anyone ever again.

  136. As a Pats fan I wouldn’t blame Brady for retiring. Like Bird and Magic, Brady and Manning have been major reasons for the leagues rise. The Well’s report is so full of holes its ridiculous.

    On a happier note I can’t wait to see Garopollo get some game action. Pats will go 3-1 while Brady is out and make the play-offs. This will give them a good opportunity to see if he has a future.

    The 1st round pick hurts.

    I can’t believe the league is going to destroy one of their own over this.

  137. As a Pats fan I can say this means nothing to me for multiple reasons.

    1. Most of it will get reduced or completely overturned on appeal.

    2. This gives a chance to see Jimmy G for a few games and show the haters that we have the 2 best QB’s in the division.

    3. This is the end of RG. Kraft saved his ass after the Rice fiasco. That’s over and done with. Kraft will go hard at getting Goodell fired as commish.

  138. Does this mean Tommy’s wife will have to come out of retirement and hit the runways? Oh dear, I hope she has been watching her diet.

  139. So let me get this straight…

    Greg Hardy back just in time for the Carolina game.

    Tom Brady back just in time for the Colts game.

    Semms* legit, NFL. seems *legit.

  140. justwinbaby29 says:
    May 11, 2015 6:06 PM
    Tommy will be back for the Cowgirls in week 5. Only one game gets knocked off. Pittsburgh and Buffalo catch a big break. I don’t think Jacksonville can beat them in NE with me playing QB for the Patriots*

    NE has a bye in Week 4. The first game he can come back is in Week 6. That game is SNF game against……the Colts.

  141. Tom Brady suspended four games for his role in #DeflateGate
    LOL whats with using the hashtag!?

  142. tonebones says:
    May 11, 2015 6:06 PM
    Tom is damaged goods. Sad day in sports history, but it’s reality. In fairness, the Colts should get an extra pick because they were the team that got cheated.

    The colts won’t get anything for getting trashed on the scoreboard. Notice the result of the game is not in question by anyone. The only people cheated have been the Colts fans for their team having no defense.

  143. Well, now I’m a lot more optimistic about the Steelers chances opening in Foxboro

  144. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a mmminute…
    tawm is gawd. How could da ginga does this to him? This is some wicked bs


    * Tuck Rule
    * Spygate
    * Deflategate

    Cheaters…. The whole lot of them.

  145. This is so stupid. .6 psi and you really think that made a difference. People bitch and moan about the NFL and then bitch and moan about . 6 psi. You people are pansies.

  146. Four game suspension, a number one and a number four, and one million dollars? This is unprecedented !!

    Wells said Brady did not cooperate with the investigation because he did not give Wells his email and cell phone. Why should Brady give his emails up. Would any of you want your emails/texts made public? This is such a joke!!

    Falcons pump phony noise into PA system and get nothing!! Where is the outrage? Jerry Rice admits to using illegal substance (sticum) for his entire career. Where is the outrage? Steelers and Broncos violate the salary cap and lose a 3rd round draft pick. Where is the outrage?

    I know it’s because the Patriots continue to kick everyones butt so they must be punished way more than any other team! Hope they appeal this injustice!!

  147. Four game suspension, a number one and a number four, and one million dollars? This is unprecedented !!

    Wells said Brady did not cooperate with the investigation because he did not give Wells his email and cell phone. Why should Brady give his emails up. Would any of you want your emails/texts made public? This is such a joke!!

    Falcons pump phony noise into PA system and get nothing!! Where is the outrage? Jerry Rice admits to using illegal substance (sticum) for his entire career. Where is the outrage? Steelers and Broncos violate the salary cap and lose a 3rd round draft pick. Where is the outrage?

    I know it’s because the Patriots continue to kick everyones butt so they must be punished way more than any other team! Hope they appeal this injustice!!

  148. Too little.
    So much for Brady being in the All-time Greatest QB discussion.

  149. I thought Brady would get 8 games, so 4 is actually better than I thought.

    Probably 2 on appeal if he appeals. Losing a first rounder sucks but I knew that was coming too.

    Goodell had a lot of Patriot haters to appease. He made them happy tonight.

  150. Pats fans… You guys are adorable.

    You’re like black people with O.J., already.

  151. Why are all patriots fans acting like brady is innocent? Clearly those text messages had brady having knowledge on whats going on with the balls.

  152. Other QBs have done this forever.
    The two gauges fiasco.
    Other screw ups trying to prove it.
    A slap to the Falcons for pumping in crowd noise when their team’s on defense.
    A lynching, and from the way the majority here feel, a mob.

  153. Would have gotten less time if he smacked Giselle while smoking a doob. Also, all you Monday morning defense attorneys, give me a break with all your “circumstantial evidence” and “credible this and that”. You know he’s guilty and you know the franchise and coach are guilty. You’ve gotten away with this nonsense for over a decade. The favorable scheduling, the gift game calling, Goodell’s leniency, etc. You got off easy and still have 4 tainted SBs nobody can take away. ENJOY!

  154. 13chap13 says:
    May 11, 2015 5:52 PM

    Still think he’s the best Ever! What a joke. He can spend his Sunday’s sniffing Montana’s Jock. What a Piece of Garbage. Should have been longer. THE MOST TAINTED CHAMPIONSHIPS IN SPORTS HISTORY. ALL 4 OF THEM. CHEATED FOR EVERY ONE. THE WORST FRANCHISE IN SPORTS. PERIOD.

    Yeah, you don’t at all sound bitter, man. Ok, maybe a little.

  155. Should have been six games, at least. But I like they took the 1st rounder…that may have been Brady’s ultimate replacement, or his new WR as he heads into the twilight. One million bucks…drop in the bucket Kraft, but all can look at Brady and know he has hurt his team.

  156. So now it’s officially on the record that the Patriots are serial cheaters.

    And considering Kraft and Goodell are shower mates, probably the best any fair person could hope for.

  157. NE might be the first team ever in the history of the modern era of football to crack the triple-digit barrier when they face the Colts in game 5.

  158. It’s strange that so many football fans misunderstand “more probable than not” is strange.

    “More probable than not” means more than 50% likely.

    It is the standard used for most all civil trials in the US. If someone gets fired from a job, if someone’s car is in an accident, if someone has a dispute with the company painting his house, then those disputes would go to civil courts, not criminal courts. Those disputes would also follow the same “preponderance of the evidence” or more than 50% likely standard that the Wells Report was based on.

    People can disagree with the Wells Report’s evaluation of the evidence, but the standard was the same standard that would have been used in a civil court. Employee terminations and other business disputes are civil matters, not criminal matters. “Proved beyond a reasonable doubt” is not the standard used in civil disputes. I think a lot of people on this website don’t understand this point.

    NFL suspensions of players and fines administered to teams are civil law and civil court matters, not criminal law and criminal court matters.

  159. Should have given Brady 8 for cheating and then lying about it, and then after that 8 for Belichick for being a cheating dog from the first day he took over the Pats.

  160. $25k for the alleged violation, $25k for the alleged lack of cooperation. $950k, 1st, 4th and four game suspension for the winning.


  162. It didn’t mention whether the $1MM fine included the demanded apology to Kraft . . .

  163. I’m just happy to know that the pats are this popular. If this was Blake bortles the story would have died right after it happened, but all you crybabies love the pats so much that you’ve commented on stories about deflated balls for four months!!!! I just hope the next team that gets caught has to deal with this same nonsense. Keep crying guys, your team will win someday!

  164. Just what I thought would happen. They handed out a punishment that is no more than if Brady took some PED or smoked a joint. That is why they waited till today to hand down the punishment. They said they needed to talk to a number of people to determine the number of games. I bet Kraft was one of those people. Collusion.

    Conclusion is that there is favoritism in the NFL. The integrity of the game just got lowered some more. The penalty was a token one. What a surprise. NOT

  165. And yet they will still get to keep the trophy and their rings. Pathetic.
    When will the NFL get it right and give out harsher punishments to cheaters to send a message to all the rest of the teams to never do it again?

  166. Here’s why 4 games is a joke: Brady didn’t just start deflating footballs last year–he’s clearly been doing it for YEARS. His punishment should have reflected that.

  167. Shouldn’t have gotten four games.He’s Tom Brady he can do as he pleases.

  168. Goodell appeases the masses with an over the top punishment. He knows it has ZERO chance to hold up on appeal. So when suspensions, fines, picks are restored he will be able to say it was not on him.

  169. Does this mean that Brady will start training with fully inflated footballs since that is the only way he can win from now on?
    He better get used to it if he ever wants to win a game again.
    I hope they lose every game he plays in and the NFL makes sure those balls are inflated. Then that will prove the Cheater fans wrong about him.

  170. Goodell: You know Tom, even though we imposed a 4-game suspension on you, we are obligated by the PA to let you know that you are entitled to an appeal. Will you be filing for one?

    Brady: No thanks Mr. Goodell, I’m good……..We’re on to Indy….

  171. As a Pats Fan……I can’t wait for Jimmy G to step in there and lead this team to a 3-1, or 2-2 record. Will be good to see what the heir apparent has. When THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME comes back they will be where they were last year, and also a much more pissed off version of BRADY. (Aka) WERE ON TO CINNCINNATI. WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT WENT DOWN. this year when he comes back, WERE ON TO THE DOLTS…..u following me…..lmfao

  172. Pats fans are a joke. Just like their the team they cheer for they think the Pats are above the law. You got what you deserved. Suck it up. Man up. And move on.

  173. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    If Brady challenges the suspension in court, he’ll be subject to discovery. He’ll be forced to cough up the phone records. He’ll be forced to testify, under oath.

    Based on his behavior so far, I cannot see him doing that.

  174. He will appeal, and then it will get knocked down to 2 games, a slap on the wrist. Those of you saying he will sue–I doubt it, but I HOPE SO. Then his cell phone records become evidence. We all know he’s hiding something. Take it to court. I’d love that.

  175. bawston1 says:
    May 11, 2015 5:44 PM

    Atfer Brady files a grievance with the NFLPA it will get knocked down to two games. Patriots historically trade out of the first round anyhow so not a big deal. After all that they still win the division.

    They can’t trade out if they haven’t got one. The get nothing for their first round pick.

    On anther note, it should have been…
    8 Games (Playing each team in their division once on the road without Brady at the helm)
    $5 million for the team
    1st and 2nd round pick in 2016

    The New England *** Patriots got a slap on the wrist when you see what their plunder was…. the Lombardi trophy.

  176. So now everyone knows that if you fail to cooperate with an NFL investigation you will get 4 games. If you cheat and get a super bowl ring out of it, then four games is a small price to pay, isn’t it? It should have been a full season.

  177. I wonder if Aaron Rodgers will get 4 games as well for over inflating the balls? Or are there different rules depending on it being over or under inflated?

  178. 4 games, such crap. The cheater and liar got off easy. Doesn’t matter pats aren’t going anywhere next year. I guess GODell and company didn’t have the heart to go easy on his buddy kraft. Just another reason you need a new commissioner in the NFL.

  179. And Pete Rose gets ban for life for fixing games , Tom Brady is no different

  180. I don’t understand. It’s the equipment staff’s job to worry about the air pressure of the balls. Brady’s job is to play quarterback. If he wanted the balls to be under-inflated, the staff should’ve just said no.

    Perhaps somebody can enlighten me as to why Brady was even brought into this investigation?

  181. The best part of this whole thing is the delusional Patriots fanbase. Do you people have any clue who Roger Goodell works for? He’s making the owners sooooo much money, it should be illegal. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

  182. Talk about a slap on the wrist. Roethlisberger got suspended six games (appealed to four) for being accused of a crime…. Hmmmm….

  183. The super bowl ring is now tainted so cheating was not worth it. In addition all cold weather records for Brady are now in question. What’s so maddening is we didn’t need to cheat.

    -Patriots fan

  184. Even with him out for the four games we still will win the AFC and like always contend for Super Bowl. Just will take longer to lock up division this year. Bills fans, don’t get excited it’s never gonna happen for you..

  185. The NFL wimped out. The last Super Bowl trophy should have been stripped, and Brady + Bellichik hit with indefinire suspensions.

  186. Im no Patriots fan but how is “more probable than not” considered proof?

    Arent they innocent until PROVEN guilty?

    As for Brady, I can understand a suspension from the POV of not cooperating but penalizing the team for ‘possibly’ deflating the balls is a witch hunt.

    I doubt they appeal (although I imagine Brady will appeal his suspension) but as a fan of the NFL, this is disheartening.

    Anyone, fan of NE or not, that does not see how this is another step closer to Godell creating rules and penalties as he goes…….basically dictatorship is completely naive.

    This is ruining the product. Let a panel disect the findings and come up with a proper penalty, not a lone person.

  187. Tarnished legacy. Doubt he’ll make HOF. What a tool, he ruined his career.

  188. Ridiculous that there is any punishment at all. This is like getting a ticket, and a lecture, from the cop for going 66 in a 65 mph zone…on a deserted freeway…during the day…in perfect driving conditions…in a Ferrari.

    No, haters, I am not a Patriots fan, just a fan of logic, proportionality, and rules that make sense.

    Somewhere, Billy Martin is screaming that this is just like the Pine Tar game, only he (Billy) got jobbed.

    I hope Goodell is handing the Lombardi Trophy to Brady again next season, and the season after that.

  189. bonniebengal says:
    May 11, 2015 6:47 PM
    So now everyone knows that if you fail to cooperate with an NFL investigation you will get 4 games. If you cheat and get a super bowl ring out of it, then four games is a small price to pay, isn’t it? It should have been a full season.


    I agree. He should’ve gotten 4 for the failure to cooperate alone. With the pats being repeat offenders it should’ve been worse.

    Can’t believe Belichek didn’t get suspended as the Pats have been in 2 separate cheating scandals while he has been coach.

    Pats got off very very light and get to keep their Lombardi trophy. If cheating to win the Lombardi only costs you 4 games and picks, I’m surprised more teams don’t do it.

    I think outside of new england there’s a huge asterisk beside it.

  190. So far, I’ve heard:

    Lifetime suspension
    Vacate all SB wins
    4 playoff game suspension

    LOL. Pats are keeping their rightfully-won 4 Super Bowl titles. Nothing is going to change that.

  191. I’ve never really liked or disliked the Pats. Maybe that’s my fault idk. That said, after reading post after post by Pats fans, I’m truely in shock at how bad of people 99% of them seem to be. I would expect such nonsense from Raiders fan, but this was a shocker. Losers at best. Well at least I have another team to cheer against on Sundays now. Thank Pats fans!

  192. No surprise Tom likes soft balls since he schleps Uggs.

    Isn’t being a spokesman for Uggs punishment enough?

  193. “first-round picks in 2016” Plural?

    How many first-round picks do you reckon they’ll have in 2016?

  194. Ummm. Brady throws the ball better when the ball is bigger. Just saying.

  195. As reported on ESPN They can appeal within the next three days. It will either be ruled by Goodell or to an arbitrator. One of the two will make the decision. There will be no lawyers involved. Sorry to burst your bubble, Patsies.

  196. That is a very harsh punishment for the offence. But combining the offence and the response of his “agent” I think its about right.
    But why take the 1st round picks? The Patriots are most dangerous with the 6th round.

  197. For all you severely butthurt Patriots fans suggesting court and lawsuits, there is only one claim Brady or the Patriots could make to a Judge and that would be the NFL violated or misapplied their own rules. This is not a government issue and the Patriots and all their players are bound by the CBA and the disciplinary procedures owners and all employees have contractually agreed to. Every court case that has affected any punishments have been based on breaking their own rules. Brady can appeal to an arbitrator if he wants and he will. Maybe it gets knocked down to two or three games, but the million bucks and the draft choices are gone and there isn’t anything they can do to get them back. Goodall could end up with his contract not renewed, but he will not be terminated over this. Lost to all you Patriots fans is what this is really about – character and integrity, which is something the Patriots have demonstrated time after time they have very little of if any. It’s a shame because Brady is one of the best QBs to ever play the game. He didn’t need to do this. Just like the Wall Street crooks, arrogance will get them every time. Brady also failed to cooperate with the investigation. When A-Rod did that you guys wanted him banned for life. Brady is getting off easy.

  198. It’s official. Forever known and documented in the halls of history as a cheater.

    Who is laughing now. Legacy now forever tainted to match the tainted games he’s played in.

    Still, he got off very light for the biggest sports sin….caught cheating the game.

  199. Two kids suspended by Kraft after the pressure from Brady to cheat yet Brady stays. Great ownership. I hope these kids get a big some lawyer and sues the crap out of the Pats.

  200. It’s not the suspension the draft picks, the Patriots are still to good for the AFCE and I am a Dolphin fan. It’s their legacy, their history forever will be brought up by everybody not a New England fan. They will spend eternity defending their team to no avail. I think this is important, probably the biggest punishment of all.

  201. keepyerstickontheice says:
    May 11, 2015 7:57 PM
    Joe Montana moves back into the #1 spot

    Yea right with Jerry “stickem” Rice catching all those passes and TDs…CHEATER . 49s titles are tainted.

    See us pats fans can play that game too

  202. To all the losers from the other teams. You will still be looking up at the Patriots as they hoist SB trophy # 5 at the end of the year. FREE TOM BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Your reigning Super Bowl MVP whose league said he cheated to get there and yet they let the title stand… SAD

  204. Rush to judgment.

    Ray Rice Video = Interview of Ball Boys

    Once that happens, the Brady suspension should be changed to INDEFINITELY.

  205. The people using the Bountygate punishment as a guideline for this are deluded. The NFL got it wrong with Bountygate – can’t we agree on that? Two wrongs still won’t make a right.

    This whole mess doesn’t say one positive thing about us as a people – it’s enormously depressing, given that lapses of integrity are incredibly common in most of our lives.

    Would any one of us want to face this level of scrutiny about any of our shortcomings? Would we want to be tried in this court of public opinion?

    Methinks we care too much about football . . .

  206. A liar, a murderer and a cheater walk into a bar…….(see Belichick,Hernandez and Brady)

    Patriots, what a joke of a franchise. Kick them out of the NFL…..

  207. bushwoodcc says:
    May 11, 2015 7:19 PM

    Cue the lawyers. I sense this isn’t done yet based on the problems with the report.
    I hope they are foolish enough to take it to a real court.
    You do realize then that all evidence will be brought out including Tom’s cell phone, please take it to court.

  208. Kiss HOF good bye. TB will always have a footnote to his career. Probably a bad idea not to cooperate with the league’s lead investigator.

  209. The only sure thing is that everyone crowing about “cheaters” and saying he should be punished more has never coached at any level. This entire thing is a massive joke. Anyone who is involved with football knows what a crock this is and it is fueled by fans who don’t understand the game and media members that never played or coached.

  210. it will be an easy appeal. he will start week 1. It will be too easy to prove the pressure gauges are not reliable, therefore, all the results are not reliable. case closed.

  211. Acquitted of actions = 25 games suspension.

    More probable than not = 4 games.

    Brady got off EASY.

  212. Rojobird:”Kiss HOF good bye. TB will always have a footnote to his career. Probably a bad idea not to cooperate with the league’s lead investigator.”

    Are you truly this stupid?? He’s a first ballot HOF and so is Belichick.

    And the “League’s Lead Investigator” is from a firm hired by companies to back their positions despite the evidence.

  213. my grandpa use to always say “winners never cheat and cheaters never win.” for me the 4 superbowls they have won will always be tainted.

  214. Cant beat us on the field so this is the only way.

    Makes me laugh.

    You hate us cuz you aint us!

    Jealousy is not a good look

  215. airraid29

    You are a the clown prince. Many former football players and executives said they deserved it.
    Keep defending your slugs. And we will keep pointing at you and laughing.

  216. New England Patriots, World Champions****

    ****May your jealousy drive you mad. Oops, too late, it already has. LMAO pansies.

    “I fart in your general direction.” – Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  217. I got the cleaning lady to bug Goodell’s phone Here’s an exerpt;

    Kraft; Hey Roger. You wanted to talk to me about this football thing.

    Goodell; Hi Mr Kraft. Yeah this Wells kid took his job seriously, he even publicized his report. We’re gonna have to do something.

    Kraft; You shoulda let Meuller do it. So whaddaya think? Two games should shut ’em up.

    Goodell; Can i say 4 and reduce it to two later. Dan said it worked okay with Roesthlisberger.

    Kraft; Sure

    Goodall; And I put all kind of restrictions on the ballboy I’ll leave it to you to fire him.

    Kraft; I’ll take care of that Wednesday. Our head trainer has a meeting with the poor sap. He thinks he getting a promotion. Also you gotta take a draft pick

    Goodell; Huh? wont that hurt the team?

    Kraft; What do i care? I get the same money win or lose. This is gotta look good or people will say mean things about me.

    Goodell; OK, a draft pick too, then.

    Kraft; Just make sure you keep scheduling west coast teams to play us early in Foxboro.

    Goodell; No problem. Oh I almost forgot. How much do you donate to NFL charities for a tax break?

    Kraft; One mil. Careful you don’t double bill me.

    Goodell; Yes sir Anything else?

    Kraft; Oh yeah . Who’s gonna win the SB this year?

    Goodell; Well Haslim drew the short straw, but the SEC found out about it and they’re going to auction it off during preseason.

    Kraft; Damn. You’d think they never heard of capitalism.

    I sent a copy of the tape to league headquarters. I called later and an office girl said they received it.

  218. jahhluv2001-

    The ones who said it were doing it for effect on the air. Nobody could possibly have coached and still think air pressure is some type of huge advantage. Every QB raises or lowers pressure to their liking. Many Pro QB’s came out and said that.

    It’s all a big farce.

  219. airraid29

    “he ones who said it were doing it for effect on the air. Nobody could possibly have coached and still think air pressure is some type of huge advantage.”

    No, they didnt. But you keep telling yourself that, kiddo. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  220. airraid29

    Furthermore, genius. None of them do it AFTER the refs inspect the balls. Run along now, kiddo. Grown folks are talking.

  221. Once CHEATERS ALWAYS CHEATERS…..ITS Bill Billecheat and his CHEATING PATRIOTS…There should be an Astrix next to ANY AND ALL Patriot wins while coach BILLECHEAT is head coach…and ban them from any play off games……

  222. 4 games is a joke. If Brady had balls deflated after the refs checked them he should be out for 8 games at the very least.

  223. Doesn’t it always seem as if the Patriots are involved? Constantly pushing the envelope.

  224. Vikings and Panthers caught heating balls on the sideline (altering air pressure after ref inspection)…. warning.

    Patriots effectively do same thing? “Oh woe! The INTEGRITY of the league!! Everthing I have ever known is a lie!!”

    Media turned you into a bunch of drama queens.

  225. I’m a Raiders fan, so I’ve got as much reason to hate Brady and the Pats as anyone. But this punishment is so over the top it isn’t funny.

    The deflated balls had no impact on the game or Brady’s performacne, and everyone knows that. His numbers were better in the 2nd half with regulation balls, and Pats blew them out, and the Superbowl was played with NFL sanctioned balls. Anyone calling for the titles to be vacated is a deadest moron.

    What they are guilty of is trying to get an advantage, without actually getting one. I see this more like corked bats. More of a ‘mental edge’ that has proven to be ineffective. You would get an 8 game suspension in baseball for that (8 games in baseball 5% of the season, so roughly 1 NFL game) and no one would ever take draft picks.

    A one game suspension and a $50K fine for Brady would be fair and reasonable. A 7th round pick if you wanted to be harsh. All Goodell has done is made himself look tough, knowing full well this will get appealed and reduced to less than half (I’ll say 2 games, and the Pats will lose the 7th round pick only).

    If the NFL wants to do something about REAL cheating, how about Olympic style random drug testing, 12 months of the year, and minimum 12 month bans for a 1st positive.

  226. What a collection of jealous whiny fans of loser teams. Save up your money and buy some self respect.

  227. Question for PFT to research: How much do the people like Brady and the Pats organization make from winning the super bowl?

    I assume players get a cut of the merchandising, I also assume the teams in the playoffs get a little more from the league and also get something for the merchandising.

    At the end of the day does the 1 million dollar fine really mean anything to the pats? I get the 1st and 4th round pick can hurt, but in today’s NFL isn’t it better to play free agency over the draft (I thought the statistics on first rounders making it 5 years or more is quite low).

    I wonder if a more appropriate punishment would have been something like a reduced salary cap for the next four years causing enough pain for any team to say I won’t do that again. Instead it would seem to me that if each team made even a small percentage of the revenue generated by the super bowl you are better off cheating to win the money and play free agency for the missed picks?

  228. Not sure why Pats fans are so upset. Just 4 games. He’ll be back cheating before you know it.

    Be thankful it wasn’t issued before the 2015 Superbowl and draft like it should have been.

  229. Pathetic cheater brady should have been banned for life, but the NFL is just a criminal hugger so he only got a pitiful 4 game suspension. The whole team should get the death penalty and be banned forever from the NFL but the NFL can’t punch it’s cheating criminals or they wouldn’t have a league. Giving up on the cheating criminals of the NFL, better ways to spend time than watching criminal scum being overpaid.

  230. “braven4evr says:
    May 11, 2015 5:44 PM
    Belichick should have been suspended also; this happened on his watch! Payton and Loomis got suspended for Bounty Gate, it happened on their watch!”
    Um, the Saints coaching staff created bountygate.

    Big difference.

  231. But there was no evidence Sean Payton or Mickey Loomis has knowledge of it’s existence and in the words of the NFL, ignorance is not an excuse and they should have known. And did Payton or Loomis appeal? No. They took it and moved on because they aren’t naive enough to accept there was wrongdoing regardless of the lack of evidence in bounty gate as well. I am sure Brady and the Patriots organization will have the “balls” to do the same….unlikely as they are whiny crybabies.

    Unfortunately for the Patriots they lost the benefit of the doubt last time they got caught cheating and Goodell made that evidence disappear for them to not be a bigger scandal. He had no choice this time. Message had to be sent.

    Is the issue a big deal? No. They should have just admitted it and gotten 10% of the penalty. But they are too egotistical to man up.

  232. The Pats won the 1st half 17-7. They won the 2nd half (in a squeaker) 28-0. In the Super-Duper Bowl they were behind 24-14 against one of the best defenses in NFL History and they won the SuperDuper Bowl. They are the reigning NFL champs for the 4th time in the last 14 years. That ain’t going away.

    Many people hate the Pats, and that’s cool. It’s easy to hate a successful franchise – the most successful franchise in all of pro sports over the last 20 years. The most successful franchise in pro sports history is the Yankees, and I hate them. I also believe that another reason so many people hate the Pats is that a lot of their fans (comme moi) are arrogant and obnoxious. You bring the whine we’ll bring the cheese.

    (Did the deflated balls have ANY thing to do with the final score of the Indy game? No.)

    Priorities & Perspectives

    You old timers out there – remember the My Lai incident in the Vietnam War? The NFL report on the deflated balls is longer than that.

    As usual Goodell and his flunkies talk about the ‘Integrity of the game.”


    This is about MONEY – LOTS of money, most of it yours.

    In the long scheme of things, what is more important – a few deflated balls or players’ long term health? One of the other issues lately has been the long term effects of playing the game on players’ health – concussions and the like. The NFL recently issued a report on that subject. The ‘Deflated Balls’ report is more than 200 pages longer than that.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    But for now, you haters, this is your time – rejoice!

    Kill the fatted calf!

    Kick the dog!

    Choke the chicken!

  233. “lumm0x says:
    May 12, 2015 11:07 AM
    But there was no evidence Sean Payton or Mickey Loomis has knowledge of it’s existence and in the words of the NFL, ignorance is not an excuse and they should have known. And did Payton or Loomis appeal?”
    Doesn’t matter. You missed the point. A key member of the Saints staff – a dept head – created bountygate so it was reasonable to punish the immediate bosses.

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