Group of idiots on internet donate money to much richer person

Listen, we get it, people like football. And the liking of football is good for business, and pays a lot of mortgages.

But some of you people really need to take a peek in a mirror.

Some fan, aggrieved by the league’s fining the Patriots $1 million for their “more probable than not” role in deflating footballs, has decided to pass the hat.

A site has been set up, soliciting donations to help offset the league-imposed fine.

“We obviously know we won’t reach One Million Dollars, however we do believe the fine is bulls**t and want to help anyway we can,” the site reads. “So whatever is donated will be donated to the New England Patriots in help with the fine!”

Yeah, poor Robert Kraft, worth $4.3 billion (with a B) can use all the help he can get.

At the moment, 365 fans/suckers/trolls have made donations worth $5,430, ranging from $500 to $5. And to be honest, as a capitalist, part of me says “fine, have at it, whizz away your own money however you please.”

At the same time, there has to be a homeless dog somewhere in the cities where these people live, or something more worthy than making a quixotic — and very, very stupid — statement on behalf of a billionaire who believes he’s been wronged.

128 responses to “Group of idiots on internet donate money to much richer person

  1. Bwahahahahahahahaha, the chowds in NE are dumber than expected.

    Wiiiiiicked smaaaaart , bwhahaahahahahahahah

  2. Fox News watchers, no doubt. No one with an IQ above their shoe size would donate to this cause.

  3. Saw a post on one of these articles from a Pats fan suggesting everyone boycott games to show their displeasure over the punishment. Because a Pats fan staying away from Pats games would send a great message of support? Some of these people just aren’t thinking very clearly.

  4. What a bunch of morons. I love football as much as the next guy, but you can bet I wouldn’t be caught dead donating to pay a fine assigned by billionaires, to be paid by billionaires. People wonder why this country is in the shape its in.

  5. They’re not idjuts if they succeed here. 1 million dollars in funds raised for a billion dollar franchise speaks volumes about the cause even more than 10 million dollars for UNICEF.

    And you know that. Hence the pre-emptive strike.

  6. What a bunch of idiots! Not only is it stupid to donate to a billionaire, their donations will not do one bit to change the fact that from now on Tom Brady* will have an asterisk after his name just like Barry Bonds* and the rest of the cheaters.

  7. I believe we have just witnessed the jump the shark moment for crowdsourcing……

  8. Something tells me that these donations are going directly into the backpocket of the guy who started the fund.

  9. Pro sports have been milking taxpayers for stadiums, so sure, might as well do more to inflate their profits.

  10. The Seahawks and Frank Clark are sure happy about all of this news taking over the media outlets.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, these people are making decisions about as financially sound as buying an anniversary card for a Kardashian sister’s recent marriage, but it’s still cheaper and less of a waste than the Mayweather “fight” last month. So, there’s that.

  12. As a Patriots fan I am less than pleased at losing a 1st round draft pick and the suspension of our starting QB for the first 4 games of next season.

    However this fund raising to offset the $1m fine is beyond dumb; I recently went thru the Gillette Stadium tour and they mention how that on a Sunday afternoon the parking lot fees are over a million in CASH each game.

    Don’t think the fund raising is needed – give that $$$ to cancer research.

  13. According to spotrac, Brady was to make $8 million in salary, or 500K per game.

    Simple math says the million-dollar fine is paid after the first two games, and Kraft SAVES a million over the following two games of Brady’s suspension.

    So yeah kids, go fund him. Have at it. We’ll just sit here and watch.

  14. $1 million is .000232% of Kraft’s net worth ($4.3B). (1/4300)

    The average household income is $41,212.

    This fine is equivalent to fining a single household $9.58. It’s a million dollars and yet it literally accounts for less than the average parking ticket, looking at ratios.

    This is why it’s not substantial enough. At that price I give Jimmy Haslam permission to buy two trips to the Superbowl for my BROWNS. I’ll support him. ANY owner would be crazy not to cheat to a similar degree.

  15. Come on. This isn’t about the money. It’s a statement. They’ll give money to the Pats. The Pats give it to charity. Everybody wins.

  16. This my favorite, and most accurate, article on deflategate that I have read. Great job! You nailed. Donating money to help a billionaire? I should have realized that patriot fans would do something like this based on their comments of other articles.

  17. And somehow in my heart I’m guessing these same idiots never heard of things such as HUNGER OR HOMELESSNESS or they’re just simply that heartless to realize there are far more serious things to throw money at

  18. League fines are donated to charity anyway, no? So these idiots’ funds would likely be donated as well.

    Un-wad the panties.

  19. Lmao, do u people really think that the league will let them take this money and let the fans pay the fine. The headlines have it right this time Group of Idiots wig a capital I lol.

  20. I like that, and when I saw it reported on other outlets I couldn’t believe how stupid whoever did it was. I don’t care if they thought they were making a statement, if they wanted to make a statement they could have donated to the Red Cross or United Way. Not a 2.9 billionaire.

  21. Robert Kraft isn’t stupid and will certainly donate this money to some worthy charity if/when it is received.

    But, yeah, idiots. Jesus.

  22. Patriots fans should be thrilled with what Goodell was able to weasel for them.

    Try losing your coach for a year.

    Sorry excuse for a punishment.

  23. “Something tells me that these donations are going directly into the backpocket of the guy who started the fund.”

    Dude. Shut. Up. We can laugh about them after I pay my mortgage this year.

  24. If it’s supposed to be a “statement”, then what are they saying? That they blindly support a franchise that has been caught cheating twice so much that they will just hand them their hard-earned money for literally nothing?

  25. Kraft should donate the money to charity.
    And match it 10-for-1.

  26. This isn’t idiotic. It’s about being a REAL FAN! Pats fans, show your love for the cause! Let’s change NFL history together!

  27. Kudos Darin. Best post on PFT all year.

    SMH. Congrats Pats fans. You are donating to a MULTI BILLIONAIRE.

    One lady, about an hour ago, said:

    Elizabeth F
    1 min ago
    Donating, because somehow balls are more important than abuse. Agree with the comment deflating a ball is somehow worse than abusing another person, animal or property. Great priorities..”

    And yet, instead of donating to a domestic violence shelter…. you’re donating to a multi billionaire sports team owner?

    I don’t even think they catch the stupidity!

  28. No one with an IQ above their shoe size would donate to this cause.


    ———————————————————-Yep, and there’s 81 people out there with really small feet.

  29. Quite frankly, this is the kind of idiocy I thought was going to happen regarding Aaron Hernandez. Nevertheless, I had a feeling that these people were capable of this kind of stupidity.

  30. How many people on this site use the term “us” and “we” when referring to “their” team? How many of them actually mean it? Unless they are Packers stockholders or Jerry Jones secretly trolling on internet message boards…. none of them.

    Crowd-sourcing a fine unfairly leveled on “our” team is the ultimate show of unity. If the NFL and it’s co-conspirators want to gin up a controversy every time the Patriots win a Super Bowl, I am fine chipping in $5 every few years to offset the cost of their BS investigations.


  31. Kind of like that team that sells the fake stock……..if it somehow makes you feel better to be taken advantage of, then have at it !! I can think of a million other causes that are truly deserving of donations but it’s obvious fans in at least 2 NFL cities can’t grasp that idea as they would rather give their money to a multi-billionaire conglomerate that no longer provides sport but only entertainment. The WWE is wondering where their share of the money is, LOL

  32. I knew as soon as I saw the title of the article that it had to be about the Pats fans. I noticed to my surprise that when I read the article it was actually about them.

    No, I wasn’t surprised.

  33. If Kraft or the Patriots don’t respectfully decline this donation they are truly garbage.

    It IS idiotic. The team doesn’t need the money AT ALL. It is literally a drop in the bucket for them. They don’t even care about the money, they care about those picks. Those are worth 10’s of thousands of dollars.

    Gantt is right. These people are shamefully wasting their money when they could be donating it to someone in need.

  34. Funny you don’t mention the millions of dollars the NFL
    geniuses are paying lawyers to investigate a claimed
    infraction that has a league mandated $25,000 fine attached to it.

    But of course that wouldn’t help with your agenda now would it…

  35. A return of 10% on 4.3 billion would earn Mr Kraft 400 million year. He’s making over a million a day. Does he have any single daughters?

  36. You guys do realize the starter of the campaign is just going to keep the money. Probably started as a joke, and now he’ll be cashing in. He’s under no obligation from GoFundMe or any other entity to actually “donate” the money to the Patriots.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”

  37. I would like to personally apologize to Viking fans everywhere for previously posting they are the dumbest in all of pro football. The Patriot fans have overtaken Viking fans in the stupidity department. Granted they also have a Superbowl while being incredibly stupid so there is a minor upside to being that dumb.

  38. Everyone is donating $12 for #12. I’m thinking of donating $13 for 13 psi, the legal pressure to which a football should be inflated.

  39. When I heard of the suspension and how light it was, I thought of how lucky the Pats were. But now, finding out that they will playing in front of thousands of people with questionable IQs who donated this money, I figured that had to be punishment enough.

  40. Newsflash: Kraft actually has 1 million dollars more because Brady’s suspension means Kraft doesn’t have to pay Brady $2M in salary.


  41. Same people who could see a staving veteran sleeping on a grate in the bitter New England cold and wouldn’t raise a finger, let alone give money.

    Pathetic expression of fandom.

  42. I wonder if this guy is actually a Seahawks fan… He’s from Spokane, Washington…

    OMG if this is a Seahawks fan trolling the Patriots fans, this will go down as the greatest troll ever in history.

  43. So it’s OK to donate money to a pizza place that came out and say they hate gays. But it’s not Ok for this? Yes, Kraft has the money to pay the fine. Folks this is America and people have the right to donate money.

  44. those 365 people just proved that they are the dumbest fans in the world.

    Now, I hope that the Patriots come out and donate that money to victims of recent earth quakes or for whatever other good cause. Honestly, just wow.

  45. Hammertoe11 – Both are equally disturbing, and yes..everyone has the right to donate to whatever stupid cause floats their boat.

    I’m just really surprised no one is suspicious that the account originated in Washington state (had to clarify so no one thinks I’m talking about the Redskins here lol).

  46. The Patriots are the NFL champs, but it looks like their fans are total losers.

    Going back and forth about the Wells report, the suspension, etc. is one thing, but acting like this after the suspension has been handed out is totally embarrassing.

  47. Someone on the Pats needs to inform Kraft that if he wants the (non-Pats fan) public on his side, he has to distance himself from this fast.

    Suggesting that the money go to a domestic violence center would help their image somewhat.

  48. A large group of idiots also just spent $100 and $150 million total on a bag job fight orchestrated by corrupt boxing officials.

    I’ll give away $5 to give Goodell the middle finger over that any day

  49. Donate that money to the people in West Baltimore, apparently they’re in need of a CVS. I mean what could go wrong with investing in a business in West Baltimore?

  50. Good grief.

    There is precedent for a well-funded team to intentionally break the law and to win championships.

    Look no further than NASCAR – during the time the Jimmy Johnson championships, his team was CAUGHT and PENALIZED no less than FOURTEEN times!

    The Patriots are no different – they exploit and abuse the system to win. Apparently this team, just like Jimmy Johnson’s, cannot win without cheating – either because that is the only way they play, or they are too unwilling to race or win ethically.

    Those who donate to this fund are complete blivetheads. But then again to be a Patriot’s fan in the last decade and a half, you have to be one of the least intelligent life forms on earth.

    Just remember the Patriots are the same team which cleared a path in the snow for their kicker and their kicker only; they benefited from the tuck rule to get to the Super Bowl; they have been caught cheating several other times; and they intentionally obstructed this investigation – and the air pressure is no longer the issue – when your staff takes footballs to the bathroom, you cannot expect that something wholesome is going on in there.

  51. I don’t care which team you are a fan of, but the bottom line is this: There is absolutely no one in the Patriots organization that would dare to doctor the footballs without Brady’s knowledge!! I don’t need absolute proof, I won’t listen to technical excuses, common sense alone (if you have even a 50% functional brain) tells you that no one within the Pats organization would have the courage to mess with the air pressure in the balls without Brady’s knowledge and approval………and then call yourself “the deflator”. Grow up people (Pat’s fans) while the punishment might be harsh, it would’ve resulted in a slap on the wrist if Brady and the Pats would’ve just cooperated and including Kraft demanding an apology at the SB.

  52. skawh says:
    May 12, 2015 4:22 PM

    Newsflash: Kraft actually has 1 million dollars more because Brady’s suspension means Kraft doesn’t have to pay Brady $2M in salary.


    All money collected by the NFL for “Fines”, or Loss of pay for suspension is collected by the NFL, and donated to charity. Kraft still pays that money … Brady just doesn’t get it.

  53. tremoluxman says:

    Fox News watchers, no doubt. No one with an IQ above their shoe size would donate to this cause.

    Learn the demo of NE / Boston…one of the most liberal parts of the country. 61.8% voted D in 2008.

  54. Love the Packer stock jokes, problem with that is the Packers dont have a billion dollar owner and are in fact a non profit organization. If the Packers are ever sold all the money from the sale goes to charity.

    So basically stock purchasers are just giving to charity, not a billion dollar owner, big difference but whatever.

  55. tremoluxman says:
    May 12, 2015 3:13 PM
    Fox News watchers, no doubt. No one with an IQ above their shoe size would donate to this cause.

    It’s interesting that this was downvoted so much. So many stupid repubs reading this site. Fox News is a joke across the world.

  56. Just heard the money will most likely be turned down. The guy who started it could keep it.

  57. PT Barnum was right when he said “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

    This is a perfect example of the wisdom of his words.

  58. I didn’t read all the posts here. Has anyone pointed out that the Patriots will make money on this deal – they pay a $1M fine, but don’t have to pay Brady for 4 games. That’s a big savings.

  59. You clowns do realize the money is going to go to charity, yes? That’s one thing we are known for up here in Titletown. We are very charitable…and we are also very generous tippers. It’s something that doesn’t really translate to the rest of this country.

    You hate us cuz you aint us and it drives you crazy.

  60. My post name shows I’m an EAGLES fan…but I’m not mad about spygate. Its obvious enemy team loyalists are just looking for any reason to bring Brady down. Face it. He didn’t cheat. He did what EVERY player in the league does. Lineman spray starch on their jerseys to avoid grappling. They wet their jerseys with anything to gain an edge. You ever see a kicker squeezing the ball before a kick? QBs bouncing balls off the ground. Players moving snow away for a kick? Coaches stealing signs? ALL against the rules. It wad a comfort thing for him..we all have thrown s football. You saying 11.5 psi balls threw better then 13.0 psi balls? He scored more point vs Indy AFTER the balls were so called legal. Stupid story. He EARNED his Bust in the Hall. Period. If you say he didn’t then go tell every other HOF player they didn’t either. Unless you forgot Jerry Rice saying he used Stickum. Every Raider player admitted the same etc…move on. Let it go. EVERY TEAM days balls in wet weather..or scuffs balls ..all against the rules

  61. And yet people rag on us Packer fans for buying stock from our team…

  62. The better story is the one about the idiots who tried to handcuff themselves to the League Offices in NYC. LOL

  63. OK lets be clear I’m a PATS fan OK? That said the lunacy of this entire subject is beyond all reason.

    1) THE NFL not being aware that ALLLLLL footballs lose pressure based on temp. (LAW OF CONFINED GAS)
    2) The three stooges routine of which gauge was right.
    3) The fact that the NFL never in it’s history has ever checked footballs at half time, for any event sine the inception of the league.
    4) That there is not even circumstantial evidence that BRADY did anything, at all. The term “probably more than not” is not “HE DID IT”

    All that said, If I were Robert Kraft, I would have BB come out prior to each game (4) and inform the Head linesman, at pregame that the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Forfeit, and decline to play, and watch the NFL have a meltdown of epic proportions…about revenues, AD TIME, TV revenues etc etc…the leadership would go beserk..WHAT,,WHO,,,you can’t do that! Uh yes we can…so yup the other team wins (book says score is 2-0), but the NFL has a gallon of eggs all over their faces…that the other team standing there with no team to play,,,,perfectly legal NFL.

  64. We always knew Patriots fans were stupid, but this confirms that they’ve now been downgraded to utterly brain-dead. Horrible people without a moral compass. You know, I don’t think Patriots fans actually read the Wells Report, because very few of them have the ability to read.

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