NFL owner on Kraft-Goodell relationship: “Pretty much dead”


Robert Kraft has supported Roger Goodell in the past.

But with Goodell’s serious punishment of Kraft’s team, and Kraft’s staunch rebuttal last night, it seems they might not be as close as they once were.

In fact, they may not be close at all.

One unnamed owner (who has now forfeited the right to complain about leaks in his own building), told Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report the relationship between the Commissioner and the Patriots owner was “pretty much dead.”

“The main thing [NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent] said is true,” the owner said. “We need to make sure everyone is following the rules. All of us. I think Roger made the right decision and my guess is the rest of the owners agree.”

That doesn’t mean they’re not a little anxious about how this impacts business between Goodell and a man previously identified as one of his biggest supporters.

“Some of us [owners] are waiting a little nervously to see what Robert does next,” he said. “It’s positive that we sent a message that cheating will not be tolerated.

“I do think teams are looking around and saying, ‘What does this all mean?’ Teams are figuring it all out. But I think the bottom line is, don’t cheat, and you don’t have to worry about getting punished.”

That kind of moral certitude is probably popular (or at least easy to sell) in 31 other front offices at the moment, but belies a complicated truth, and a working relationship that might have just been strained beyond the point of repair.

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  1. Two morally bankrupt gazillionaires now can’t have a relationship/friendship because they can no longer leverage one another for greater personal and financial gain? Say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, such has become the state of the NFL and, dare I say it, much of the world these days.

  2. It’s a shame that all of this now has the potential to burn the whole house down

  3. Goodell was hated in all 32 cities. His botching of the Ray Rice / Adrian Peterson cases was fresh on everyone’s mind. Now that NFL office has protected their jobs by dividing the owners into two camps, all is well. Goodell, Troy Vincent and Kensil all have jobs for life.

    The sheepish media says, BAAAAA

  4. It’s not cheating when an under inflated ball doesn’t travel further, faster or with as tight a spiral as a properly inflated ball.

  5. I think that kraft has wanted goodell out for a while all the reports of they are in bed together, best friends whatever you want to call it is a lot of white noise from fans…Could see goodell using this whole deflatgate ordeal to protect his job from a very powerful enemy he has made of kraft

  6. The bottom line is, “don’t cheat and then lie/obfuscate during the subsequent investigation”.

    I think the Patriots passive/aggressive approach to the Wells investigation counted for more punishment than the actual act.

  7. Roger Gooddell banned the greatest player in the league for 4 games, called him an out-and-out liar, took a first and fourth draft pick, and fined the team a million dollars, when his own well-paid mercenaries – Exponent, the company who gives you the report you paid them to give – openly admits they can’t prove anyone deflated a single football below league specifications, or that Tom Brady had anything to do with any illegal deflations.

    Is all of that lost on you people????

    Roger Gooddell has always counted on Bob Kraft because he knows how influential and respected he is, and the other owners have to know that if Gooddell can do a witch hunt like this to Kraft, then NONE of them are safe.

    And in coming down on New England so hard, without a SHRED of proof, Gooddell has just sealed his own fate.

    Dead Commissioner walking!

    The other 31 owners woke up this morning knowing that Gooddell is a very loose cannon

  8. Goodell has to go! He really stinks. I hate how punishments change depending on what the public thinks. Also, players who hurt other players and nothing is done about it. Suh comes to mind. He gets away with a lot!

  9. There should never be more than an employer/employee relationship with any owners and the commissioner. For me the suspension is 1 game to long,but that’s being selfish because of the advantage it gives the Cowboys over the Eagles.

  10. Bellacheat should of been suspended too. If you ask me, Kraft and the Patriots got off easy. Tom Brady is the biggest fraud that has ever played in the NFL. Without a doubt, the Patriots have been cheating since 2001. Fact.

  11. Goodall should care less about Kraft he has a job to do Kraft thinks he runs the league go see your quarterback he is the one who Cheated

  12. You’ve reaped the benefits of cheating and got caught in the process. Now take your punishment like a man and move on.

  13. What a crybaby. Got caught cheating twice in the past 10 years and you want a slap on the wrists? Roger doesn’t get a lot right imo, but was spot on in this.

  14. I always thought Jerry Jones was the worst owner in the league for having his used car salesman code of ethics running a franchise.

    Kraft is right there with him now. Kraft has had every opportunity to clean house of his coaching staff and players that cheated and lied to him for 15 years. Kraft should’ve supported the ballboys, not anyone else for telling the truth if truth is in Kraft’s best interest.

    Scum of the earth franchises!!

  15. So what? Kraft expects to be allowed to cheat over and over again and get slaps on the wrist? LOL, absolute delusional owner and delusional franchise.


  16. First the defensive play call stealing with video taping and now combined with this is still less punishment than the Saints received for the bounty scandal, which while not very nice did not rise to the level of the Patriots repeated cheating. If I were the Saints owner I’d be screaming at Goodell right about now. If Goodell caves and gives anything at all to the Pats on appeal I think the other owners will can him.

  17. Amazing. He just let a serial cheater off with a wrist slap. His lap dog can’t do much more … well less … than that.

  18. I don’t like the Patriots, but even I think Goodell is being a little weasel-y in the way he treated the one guy who stood by him during the Ray Rice debacle.

  19. What a whiner! Cheated for years and remains arrogant and smug when caught.

    Classless franchise that deserves all that is coming to them. suck it Deflatriots!!

  20. Or if you and the Super Bowl and you get caught cheating make sure you can afford to loose two draft picks and a star player for a few games.

  21. So bellicheck is a sore looser as his walking off the field after the Super Bowl loss in the 18-1 and not shaking coughlin a hand shows. Tom Brady thumbs his nose at the nfl thinking his stature as him means he’s bigger than the shieldso he gets suspended lol. I wish I can see the temper tantrum that little baby is having. Now after all the bull crap punishments Rodger hands down and kraft is cool with it now he gets the hammer for his team being involved in a cheating scandal again and he wants to cry. The patriots are a bunch of sissies good for the nfl for slapping this bunch of spoiled children in the mouth

  22. Roger needs to worry only if Mara, Rooney, and Jones pull the plug on him. The Rooney and Mara families are the founders of the league. Kraft isn’t even the original owner of the franchise…just another privileged rich guy who thinks he and his team are “above the law.”

  23. Goodell, like him or hate him, was doing his job!
    I applaud Goodell for a strong non bias decision considering the immense pressure he was under. If Kraft cant understand the leadership he showed than he isn’t as smart as he wants us to think. Cheating cannot be tolerated, it ruins the game, period!

  24. Kraft comes off as a sleevey, selfish owner that doesn’t give a crap for the league as a whole. Guys like he and Jerah are bad for the game and will eventually be the cause of its demise.

  25. Good. Technically, there shouldn’t be any relationship between the two other than strictly in the name of business; not cigars, Scotch and boating adventures like I’m sure they were doing…

  26. Jim Irsay must be a big Goodell backer now.

    His team is the one that asked for and got the sting operation started.

    His team was also caught using under-inflated balls, yet no penalty for the Colts.

    The rest of the owners should be wondering why the Colts weren’t busted.

    No, I’m not a Patriot fan. Just a person who struggles with arbitrary decisions with no basis in fact.

  27. why on earth would the other owners be nervous, unless the Patriots have a can-of-worms with the NFL logo on the cover that they are willing to open.

  28. Hahahahahahahaha, wait, wait….. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahjajajahahahahahahaha.

  29. And that is as it should be, over, dead whatever you choose to call it. Kraft being the first one to come to the Commissioners aide when he so blundered the handling of Ray Rice.
    Then Kraft gets a knife stuck deep into his back by Goodell. Goodell, quality guy right? No heads up that the NFL was tipped by Grigson, if anything he had a sting operation aimed right at Krafts team. No, Goodell cannot leave fast enough. He is not to ever be compared favorably to Tags who was a real Commissioner. Beware Kraft. That is a snake you have been dealing with.

  30. It’s fine to say, “Don’t cheat, and you’ll be ok,” but there appears to be a larger pattern of the NFL investigating matters and then coming up with arbitrary — or even biased — rulings, when they really don’t have enough evidence to “prove” their allegations. Worse yet, this justice is meted out unevenly among the teams.

    If the NFL had a system in place to really make these allegations truly stick — for instance having consistent pressure gauges — then this would feel like just “whining” from Kraft. However, there is a LOT of grey area here and it really is starting to feel like the NFL has played the “PR game here.” Deflate gate was big in the media, there is a “perception” of cheating, and so the NFL had to deal with the “perception” of cheating.

    Stamping out perceptions to look good in public is not the same as having justice or being an organization with integrity.

    I’m not a Patriots fan by the way so I’m not interested in all the folks trashing the Pats because they don’t like them or defending them because they do like them. I’m really just trying to look at this as objectively as possible.

  31. I’m so grateful that my New England Patriots are so competitive and want to win so bad that they will do anything to accomplish that goal.

    I don’t care what you say about *’s or tarnished legacies. I really don’t. I find it funny that my team has some of you glued to the internet making comments about deflated footballs.

    The Patriots will get through this and continue to dominate on the field because the have the best coach and quarterback in NFL history…


  32. Isn’t it time that the commissioner of any sports league is not a puppet of the owners? Can you imagine the S.E.C. being controlled by corporate American owners?

  33. The message is go ahead and do what you want for teams not named Patriots.

    The other message is your league office is run by arrogant morons that are disgrace to the game and seem to be tempting fate on multiple levels..

  34. It’s funny to me how it’s become an absolute that they cheated despite the lack of real evidence, but rather simply because Troy Vincent said so.

    Slippery slope for ol’ Troy there by the way…by declaring them repeat offenders (although none of the players involved in the ball controversy were involved in the taping one). What happens if the 49ers, Cowboys, Redskins or Broncos (salary cap “cheaters”) or the Saints (bounties) do something wrong in the next 5 or 6 years? Are they repeat offenders?

  35. so basicly Kraft is mad that he got fined for cheating and now he’s not friends with Roger. boo hooo this is how you react when you think your better than everyone else and you find out your not!

  36. Ya, a million dollars out of pocket tends to do that to a relationship. Maybe now that the relationship is offically dead, Goodell could come down hard next time he catches the Patriots cheating. I have full confidence in the Patriots organization that there will be a next time, that’s just what they do, its in their DNA.

  37. I hope Rodger enjoys his last year as Commissioner, Kraft is on a war path. There will be blood.

    Mr. Goodell, you are a boy of summer and Winter is Coming


  38. I still think failure to cooperate with the investigation should have a stiffer penalty. Gost got off scott free on that account.

  39. Yes, letting the air out of a few footballs cannot be tolerated. It is a horrible crime. Far worse, say, then beating the snot out of your wife, abusing your child, bullying a teammate, and on and on and on . . .

  40. The punishment would have been fine had the report been conclusive. So many holes in the report yet the punishment tried to validate the report as accurate and rock solid. That is hardly the case and Wells has done the NFL an injustice and Goodell will pay once again for his ineptness.

  41. Considering that retired QB Brad Johnson admitted to tipping ball boys to rough up game balls to his liking before the Buccaneers won their Superbowl, I guess it’s only a matter of time before Goodell fines them $1m and loss of their 2016 1st round draft pick.

    I’m not a Patriots fan, but even I see this as a far too harsh punishment.

  42. No ‘dog in this fight’, but this is an absolutely ludicrous finding….the NFL has NEVER given a hoot about the Air Pressure of the game-day football, until they could catch the right person, hook, line and sinker.

    Goodell is done folks, it’s just a matter of time.

    He let the National Media create the need for discipline that wasn’t necessary.

  43. As long as hes still cool with Rick Ross, i don’t see him missing Goodell any time soon.

  44. If the friendship was based upon doing special favors for the Pats or ignoring their rule violations, there was no friendship, Kraft was using Goodell to further his business interests.

  45. Four games, $1 and the loss of two draft picks for taking air out of a football that league NFL referee, Walt Anderson was supposed to check before they were entered into the game.

    The Wells report never proved Tom Brady or the Patriots cheated. It never proved he ordered the balls 12.5 P.S.I.. It neve proved he suggested any Patriot personnel take balls from the possession of Anderson….WEEI- Boston Mike Petraglia.

    Just like the Warren Commission never proved that Lee Harvey OsWald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, another handsome Irish Catholic boy who did not deserve what happened to him. The NFL should be ashamed for what they have done to Tom Brady and his legacy. So much hate and vitriolic sentiments displayed on these pages about a man playing a sport as well as anyone else before him. These pages are filled with jealousy and resentment from a hostile and sorry group of so called sports fans. No logic or sense can be made out of the arbitrary revengeful dishing out of punishments that fit the crimes at or violations at this time in the NFL.

  46. So this unnamed NFL owner states that the Goodell’s actions show that the rules must be followed above all else. What about the slap on the wrist the Jets got for tampering with Revis? What about the warning the Vikings got for warming balls? In both cases there was hard and fast evidence of the wrongdoing.

    The one thing that Goodell has ensured with his punishment is that the Wells report is going to be pulled apart by lawyers and other experts and everything is going to be put under a microscope. This means that we are all going to see just how well it all stands up to close scrutiny.

  47. So Bob Kraft runs the league now. He’s friends and supporter of Roger until Roger decides to call his team on cheating. Like the next guy I hope goddel gets fired BUT if he’s fired by Kraft, the shadiest org in NFL ,what message does that send.

    He’s lucky his slippery head coach didn’t get suspended as well.

  48. I just cancelled the red zone and sundat ticket.
    No gonna pay 300 bucks to watch a horse crap league. The entire saga has been bush from the get go. The NFL’s priorities are too out of focus.
    The mini dramas get more ink and attention than the games. NFL = TMZ

  49. Roger curries favor to public opinion and there’s really no arguing that point. He will do whatever twitter tells him to. There is no other way to explain any ruling he makes.

  50. Mr Kraft you can’t have it both ways. You got caught for the second time..what did you expect?

  51. good, maybe Roger will stop giving the patriots slaps on the wrist now when they get caught trying to bend the rules. It’s not professional for those guys to be “close” anyways.

  52. Absolutely right. Don’t cheat and you won’t get caught.

    Here’s another one: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    It will be fun to see the NFL start shining spotlights on the 31 other clubs to see what happens in their locker rooms.

    Even if that happens, though, they were all just given a HUGE warning and a chance to get their acts together. The Pats didn’t have that benefit.

  53. Was this one of the guys charging to salute our troops? Or was he just one of the guys that held up taxpayers to finance his stadium.

    Kraft honors the troops for free and paid for his own stadium.

  54. Unless your team is not the Patriots. Read Falcons, Browns, Vikings, Panthers, Chargers…

  55. Football is a game based on pushing the limits in every aspect of the game. The offensive line holds, the defensive backs hold, wide receivers push off on every play. Players use stickum, Vaseline, and lord knows what else to get an edge since football began.

    Football’s golden rule is “if the ref didn’t see it, it didn’t happen”.

    Actin like the NFL is a bastion of morality that needs to be defended is ridiculous.

    Just throw the flag for a penalty and move on.

    Instead the NFL is throwing hissy fit from a high horse.

  56. Kraft thinks he is above the game. HE IS NOT.
    Goodell smacked him down again to remind him of that.

    Kraft has fostered a culture of cheating over the past decade and is an embarrassment to all the owners. It is well known throughout the league that all the other owners are sick of the negativity he brings to the game.
    He has tarnished the integrity of the game, devalued the significance of the Lombardi trophy, and has damaged the brands of each franchise.

    Goodell needs to embrace Clark Hunt, Chiefs owner and son of the Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt. The Chiefs reputation is impeccable.
    The Kansas City Chiefs are the new Americas Team and the class of the league. All teams should model themselves after this franchise. No owner will EVER be as respected as Lamar Hunt.
    Its time for the league to force the sale of the cheating Patriots franchise before Kraft devalues every other franchise even more.

  57. This is still all about the Ray Rice incident. You really think the NFL cares about the balls? If they did then they’ll fine and suspend Walt Anderson for letting them into the game.

  58. It’s like watching Hitler and Stalin in a knife fight. Couldn’t happen to two nicer guys.

  59. Kraft should voice accountability, not be defiant. Apparently this arrogant Patriots attitude starts at the top.

  60. I also usually supported Goodell. It is not easy to run the NFL. However I feel that the reliance on the wells report is totally out of line. The penalty is also totally out of line. How can they forfeit draft picks when the Jets were found guilty of tampering against the Patriots and receive a slap on the wrist? When game balls are seen being heated on the sidelines….and another high profile QB admits they try to smuggle over inflated balls past the refs?…no penalties for those transgressions. I truly hope Robert Kraft stands up to this overbearing tyrant. I also hope Tom Brady decides to sue the NFL, Rodger Goodell, Troy Vincent and Ted Wells. He has the coin to make life unpleasant for these conspirators.

  61. Roger Goodell was the worst NFL commissioner “before” deflategate.

    He will be gone in two years…and that will be a good thing for the NFL.

    The man simply lacks any common sense.

  62. Don’t look for the relationship to improve as Kraft’s lawyers shred Roger ‘ s precious report.

    The Wells report is pre-school level trash.

    This should be a fun week of news.

    Punishment or not…..the Patriots will thrive.

    Thank you mother. May I have another?

  63. wow this is getting really good. atlanta pipes in noise, that isn’t ‘cheating’ and the penalty is a joke, all the ball tampering we’ve seen before was just ‘gamesmanship’ with a $25k fine (SD in ’12), now it’s the worst thing in the world.

    why? ‘cuz our teams can’t beat them! it’s like liberalism for sports…Pats get the lomardi’s and these stories are our trophies. kind of sad…and I just know TB12 is gonna open a can whoop on us when he comes back. ugh.

    -embarrassed colts fan

  64. Stop cheating and this wouldn’t have happened. It’s not the first time, and that’s obviously why the fine and punishment are so big.
    Tom Brady seems to have a smirk on his face everytime he talks. What is funny about all of this??? Nothing at all, it’s unfair to all the other teams out there, who are playing by the rules.

  65. I am happy I was alive to see the mos of the golden age of the NFL (70s through mid-2ooos)…all of the rule refinements have gotten in the way of what was once a beautifully simple game.

  66. Goodell should have read “The Prince” before he took this job or studied it harder.
    Machiavelli knew 400 years ago if you were in power, you had a ‘heavy’ under your power do the unpopular things that would cause backlash to your rule, thereby keeping opinion of you artificially high. This isn’t a new concept.
    Being the face of all these high profile cases is going to cause his removal.

  67. Cheating? Yes Wells did:
    1. Using the lower gauge’s results when the Ref says he thinks he used the higher gauge before the game falsely exaggerated the apparent loss of air at half time. And then Wells only applied this logic to the Pats balls to conveniently overlook that it would mean the Colts balls were just as bad.
    2. Taking texts out of their context (Brady had complained because balls had been overinflated), falsely manipulates their evidence.
    By not yielding his phone, Brady didn’t fully co-operate with this circus and the predetermined guilt, but would you? Ok, fine him $50k like Favre was if you must. But note that all the texts he sent to the equipment and ball guy were already provided. Cheating, tampering with the evidence (and lies and incompetence) by the NFL must stop.

  68. Giants fan, In no way do I think this affected any of the Patriots wins. With that being said Kraft, Brady and whomever else involved should have just taken responsibility when it happened and cooperated and this would have been over quickly. The Wells Report has many holes except one, the noncooperation. When you take a front and try to “lawyer up” you just look like your hiding something.

  69. If you cheat and get caught you have to deal with the consequences. This isn’t the first time either. Reign in you organization Kraft and you won’t have to deal with situations like this.

  70. during super bowl week kraft said he would demand an apology when these charges are proved to be untrue…will he now apologize to nfl and all it’s fans for fraud?

  71. So what this article is saying is that Kraft is a baby and will only support Goddell if he gets special treatment and his team is allowed to cheat.

  72. The only message the NFL has successfully conveyed in it’s administration of punishment for in-game infractions is: “Cheat but don’t win”.

  73. Well, I guess it can’t be the owner of the Jets, Bengals, Saints, Ravens, Cardinals, Eagles, or Bears. Because Jeff Blake played for all of those teams, and has readily admitted to letting air out of the ball with all of them.

    In other news, damn, Jeff Blake played for a lot of teams.

  74. Vikings and Panthers seen heating balls on national TV to effect pressure ability to grip.

    Aaron Rogers having balls overinflated.

    When is there punishment coming ?

  75. I remember when I was a little kid and my parents punished me; there are instances where I swore I’d never speak to them again, too. I got over it because, ultimately, I knew they were right.

  76. Kraft has shown his true colors. Not hard to see where Brady gets his attitude. But he’s got a young girlfriend.

  77. Yea this announcement did not go Kraft’s way so we all know Kraft will not be having the Comish in his box soon. I guess we all should feel sad for an owner who’s team has been involved in two cheating incidents, so we can assume more that was not caught. You got caught pay the price.

  78. As a close associate to NFL front offices I concur that this is the general consensus among NFL owners.

    With that, I find it difficult to comprehend why one of owners (we all know who) would say something.

  79. LOL so as long as he doesn’t do anything to the Patriots they have a good relationship but since this happened they don’t, what a clown! Nobody in there right mind thinks that getting blown out by 38 had anything to do with a few ounces here and there but the message is that NO type of cheating will be permitted bottom line! Nobody should even want a supporter like that around them anyway!

  80. Anyone who thinks this is the end of Goodell because he lost one of his biggest supporters is missing an obvious factor in this. If Kraft and the rest of the owners make a move to get rid of Goodell, it will be retaliation . . . which would put Roger in line for a quarter billion dollar employment settlement. If they wanted him gone they should have done it last year after the Ray Rice fiasco.

  81. It’s obscene that the other owners are cowering in fear of that disgusting purveyor of cheating filth Kraft. The slimy patron of cheating should be the one trembling in abject terror of the other owners, not the other way around.

  82. I figured the other owners might be thinking which one of them is next to get caught “cheating”
    If the NFL is willing to go this far over a little psi what else will they magically start caring about.

  83. The NFL and Goodell and Wells say there was no sting operation, yet they did nothing about Aron Rodgers or the Vikings and Panthers. The colts notified the NFL in advance and instead of warning the Patriots about ball tampering….like the did to the Vikings and Panthers, they do indeed conduct a sting. Now they messed that up so badly that they have to deny that they ran a sting. Enter Wells who completely disregards testimony he doesn’t like and inserts his own interpretation to make the Patriots (appear) guilty.
    Well this isn’t over.

  84. Maybe Kraft could buy up Frito-Lay. He could then use Chester Cheetah as the new logo and call the team the New England Cheetos.

  85. If this means that Goodell is no longer in uncle Bob’s pocket, then that’s a good thing. Probably something every other owner wish happened a lot sooner but won’t go on record to say.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is just a football game, but if there’s no integrity, then there’s no point watching (or betting). It’s pretty much why I lost interest in the NCAA a long time ago, with all kinds of violations that go uncaught.

  86. What does this mean?

    In 1-2 years we’ll have new Commissioner. Goodell is playing with fire, and will lose.

  87. The only means at my disposal to demonstrate my disdain for this decision is to Boycott the NFL. I will not buy NFL branded merchandise, I will not watch the games and I will disparage the league and encourage others to abandon it until such time as these draconian sanctions are lifted or Goodell & Vincent are ousted from their positions.

    Once Brady’s appeals have been expended, I will also cease using this website and any other site covering the NFL. The only language these people speak is profit and PR and that is the only avenue by which I am able to strike. I encourage anyone else of a similar mind to join me and to proselytize this message to others.

  88. Kraft: “Don’t suspend my quarterback. Understand?”.
    Goodell: “I have to, he’s guilty”.
    Kraft: “I know he is, but I thought we could have avoided all this. You didn’t do a good job. I felt like we were like brothers and that we could depend on each other. I guess not. I never want to see you again. Still, I’ll make you wish you hadn’t let me down”.
    Goodell: “I know you had me in your back pocket, but I had no choice”.
    Kraft: “Tough”.

  89. Whether it’s dead or not is irrelevant. What’s relevant is how the other owners think. Roger may have gained net allies that are helpful to him and the league. A successful commissioner only needs a handful of powerful owners on his side. Kraft may be a loss but he will have gained others.

    Kraft’s response is indicative of the arrogance of the Patriots. They think they are above the law. They think they are the NFL. They think they are the model franchise. Roger just gave them an emphatic NO to all of that. And it’s about time.

  90. “It’s positive that we sent a message that cheating will not be tolerated.”

    I also like how minutes after the punishments were doled out there was an article with the headline, “6 teams that benefit the most from the Brady suspension”, and then it had their “experts” break it down.

    Integrity can be a lot of things. Roger Goodell though will never be mistaken for a man of integrity.

    Do we now also believe everything the league was saying last fall when TMZ released the Ray Rice video.

  91. So in essence, Kraft expected a lighter punishment, if any for what is being alleged. I’m sure Goodell has told Kraft: “I have to do this because we are close.”

  92. I don’t believe the relationship is dead for one second. That is just a line for public consumption. They’re still boys.

    If Kraft is angry, he need only look at his organization, which generally reflects his leadership.

  93. I meant to say, Four games and 1 million dollars and the loss of two draft picks!

  94. Surprise, you pay an outside lawyer tons of money to get a certain result, and he delivers that result. He twists every piece of evidence, that could go either way, to the negative side (think the needles), so what do you expect?

    Anyone, who really believes this is a slap on the wrist, doesn’t realize how valuable a first-round pick is. Belichick has hit on almost every first-rounder in the last 15 years, so you are permanently taking away a starter.

    Goodell has never been easy on Kraft or the Patriots, and this shows it yet again. Frankly, I don’t know why Kraft was ever friendly with Goodell, or supported him after 2007 in the first place. Hopefully, now that he has to take that second knife out of his back, he finally gets it. Goodell runs a sieve of an office, which leaks information out like the ocean tide going out. THAT damages the “integrity of the game” more than not turning over a cell phone.

    It seems that everyone here hates Goodell, and I hope that something good can come of this, and that Goodell is finally drummed out of his position.

  95. So basically Kraft relied on a friendship to protect him when his team did wrong, and Goodell had the nerve to treat Kraft the same as anyone else. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  96. Relationship was good as long as it was hands-off Patriots, now not so much with the sanctions. Welcome to reality, the NE franchise is no better than any other.

  97. Asked for an apology but got a million dollar fine.

    I’ve always liked Brady and Bill, but Kraft not so much. Seems disingenuous and out of touch with reality.

  98. I’d like to see the Pats burn all 4 of their banners at the 50 on opening night.

  99. In 2012 the Cowboys were fined 10 million dollars and the Redskins 36 million for not breaking the rules. I didn’t see Kraft come to their defense. I didn’t see Jerry Jones having a hissyfit. Crybaby, deal with it.

  100. Cry me a river. The GREAT team in the past. Steelers, Dolphins, 9ers and my Cowboys never had this type of crap surrounding their rings. Spygate, Tuck rule, now Deflategate!

    THEY GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED! Should’ve been more in my opinion!

  101. Prime example of why Goodell should not mete out punishments. Hand it off to someone with out ties to the league.

    This underscores the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision.

    And even if Goodell went against his boss this time, what about the next time something happens? Will he be gun shy about making the appropriate decision?

    Too many connections. Hand it off. It’s obvious. Imo.

  102. Over a decade of “bending/breaking” the rules, the Pats finally get what has been coming to them. When you are constantly looking for an unethical advantage, how can you be mad or surprised that the hammer finally came down.
    Kraft and all other Pats need to take this like men and own it.

  103. Krapft was always willing to look the other way and allow his employees to cheat while at the same time telling the public sweet lies, making false statements about the integrity of himself and the shield.

    Take your medicine Krapft, you all got caught once again, no evidence destroyed this time.

  104. Most significant part of this story – the other owners (apparently) largely agree that Roger did the right thing.

    Add that to the chorus of players on other teams & retired players (i.e., all non-Patriots) who think the Brady & the Patriots are being treated appropriately, and…

    What do you have? A pretty clear consensus outside Beantown that the Patriots are serial cheaters, deflating footballs does matter, and they deserve to be punished. In other words Boston – NOBODY respects you but yourselves!

  105. I bet Peter King was crying in his sleep last night. His beloved patriots. booo hooo, It should have been worse. They are a disgrace to the league and all they do is cheat over and over again. What do you expect

  106. it was dead long ago
    goodell is the commissioner — NOT some billionaire creep’s bff
    kraft tried to schmooze goodell and he failed
    he was just as dillusional about his relationship with goodell as he is about his team and brady
    — and now his team’s image is tarnished forever — he failed again
    if he sues or appeals — he will loose again
    he is a looser
    an appeal or lawsuit will require ball boys to testify under oath, gostkowski to testify under oath, brady to testify under oath — new england — you have a problem
    i hope they do appeal or sue — then the real punsihment will get doled out as the secret society of arrogant, smug, cheters will be truly exposed
    goodeel is 100% right and everyone in new england already knows it !!

  107. If Robert Kraft is so petty as to not be able to separate business and personal relationships in this case then they never truly were friends, but mere close associates.

    Goodell, of whom I am not a fan, stepped aside and let someone else handle the discipline, likely due to his relationship with Kraft. The Patriots cheated – actually twice because there was a recent rule change with the inelligible/elligible receiver that allowed the Patriots to beat the Ravens – and it wasn’t just that they cheated, but they conspired to cheat, and over a long period of time. If Brady tells the the equipment manager one time to “fix” the ball, that’s one thing, but this went on for an extended period with Brady paying in memoribilia. The Pats are being penalized for both conspiring to cheat and covering it up. This brand of conspiracy directly affected the game, and for that they were punished.

    Now Goodell, who is the commissioner, must mete out punishment because the Patriots conspired to give their team an unfair advantage that was against the rules. He had to do this, and there was no way around it. If my friend is the supervisor and I come in late often and conspire with the timekeeper to mark me “in” and I get caught I have to take the penalty and not hold it against my friend for punishing me. I broke the rules of attendance, and something must be done to keep someone else from doing it. If Kraft cannot see that then Goodell is much better off having one less friend.

  108. Get yourself a new haircut and you could pal around with Mark Davis in Oakland. We could call you Lloyd Christmas and you could tour the country in the shaggin wagon.

  109. Kraft’s “model franchise” caught a second time with its hands in the cookie jar!! Now it’s someone else’s fault??

    Goodell brought this on?? Come on… I am not his fan but give me a break.

    Patrioits have demonstrated their complete lack of integrity from the top – Kraft, to Belicheat and now pretty boy Shady Brady.

    I was a huge TBrady fan when he was battling Drew Henson at Michigan. Such a competitor – like Armstrong.

  110. While the punishment would seem harsh if given to some other team, it is fitting for the Pats given their propensity for cheating and always pushing the envelope as it relates to the rules. I hope the punishment isn’t reduced after the appeal process. I find it laughable how Kraft has 100% supported Goodell when it comes to punishing other teams and players but now that it is his team he is crying to high heaven. Just like individual players whose punishments increase with continued infractions, the Pats and their fans need to understand that this continued cheating was part of the current punishment. I am glad to see the other owners support Goodell on this issue and hopefully put an end to the cozy relationship that Kraft (and a few other owners, here’s looking at you Jerry) have with the Commissioner. The Pats were given a slap on the wrist over Spygate and yet that did not seem to get their attention as it relates to cheating. I do refuse to believe that Belichek was not aware of deflategate and even supported it, as there is nothing that happens with the Pats that he is not aware of……nothing! Pats players can’t even interview with the media without his blessing and instructions on what they can and cannot comment on. Pats fans should find solace in the fact that Belichek wasn’t suspended ala Sean Payton.

  111. Such a crock.

    Let’s face it, given the evidence including the fumbling stats it’s obvious bot Cheat and Shady should be out for a year and Kraft should have two strikes towards losing the team.

    This was a sweetheart deal orchestrated by Kraft and his BFF Goodell. It will now be reduced on appeal. This “outrage” is all part of the show.

    What procedures are going to be enacted to surveil the Pats, documented serial cheaters?

  112. What a spin off. I love how the media is playing this off like a severe punishment. It’s not! And it’s not because of these two elitist’s relationship. Brady should be gone for a year, 1st round pick gone and at least half a million fine. They have evidence of wrong doing for games if not years, quite the double standard from bounty gate .
    Message from the NFL to middle America
    “cheaters do prosper”

  113. They should never had been buddies to start with. Plus this proves Kraft expected his buddy to come down soft. True friends get it. Kraft is not a true person. He has supported these cheaters for over a decade. I think the punishment was okay, but Brady should have got a year, and Bellacheat at least a fine.

  114. Cheating will not be tolerated. Unless it’s by a team like the Chargers, Vikings, or Panthers. Then we don’t care.

  115. Aside from the fact that using Spygate as a past transgression makes no logical sense whatsoever, the punishment for Spygate itself was unusually harsh.

    How does filming a coach doing signals on an NFL sideline equate to a first round pick but pumping in crowd noise for 2 seasons doesn’t even come close?

    The answer is simple. People don’t like Bill and Tom and they don’t like losing.

    Imagine Belichick trying to claim he only pumped in crowd noise during the years his team sucked like the falcons did . Guarantee that explanation wouldn’t be so readily swallowed. No, instead there would be talk of asterisks and callbacks to tuck rules as if that were a cheating scandal and not just a penalty.

  116. Perhaps Kraft should start blaming the people he hires rather than blame people outside his organization for the downfall of his regime.

    Kraft sound like a damn 16 year old. He must be getting that attitude from his wife. “It’s everybody else’s fault, not my own” and definitely not the people he entrusts.

    Give me a break.

  117. Seahawks win the game like they should have and you don’t about this as much.hope Brady’s hands grow or we might just see why he was a 6th rounder..

  118. Kraft thought he was above all the other owners. I still don’t understand why Lord Bill wasn’t suspended based on what happened with bounty gate. Be thankful

  119. Perhaps if they had been punished appropriately in the past they would not have continued their cheating ways.
    Much like children if you think about it.

  120. I didn’t realize the rule book said it was ok to deflate balls……

    ” Maybe those guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out. We obviously knew what we were doing and we made some pretty important plays. It was a real good weapon for us. Maybe we’ll have something in store next week.”

  121. Now the NFL is going with the spin that the other 31 franchises support Goodell. That may be true because no thinking human being with any knowledge of law or legal proceedings would see this investigation as anything short of a sham. Brady and the Patriot were deemed guilty and the league hired its own counsel to create a story that could say was supported by an independent investigator and evidence. In truth, the story is a house of cards. It is a house that will be dismantled.

    Brady made it hard on them by putting 28 unanswered points and beating the Seahawks with the NFL guarding the balls.

    So much for integrity.

  122. Once these guys went ” all in” on this, I figured either Goodell would be fired or the Patriots would, again, be exposed. I think we might get BOTH!!!

  123. The NFL suspended Brady for four games because they knew it would be reduced to two games.

  124. Kraft stood behind Roger after he made monumental mistakes in the BountyGate and Ray Rice decisions. Now that Roger’s reign of terror is affecting his team, he’s mad. Boo hoo.

  125. Just sitting here watching the Pats fans meltdown.

    First they spent all their time trying to rationalize their boy cheating – everything from becoming wannabe scientists with their PSI calculations, and then the tired old “but everybody does it” routine.

    Now they’re trying to rationalize that Brady will appeal and win, and Goodell will be fired as a result.

    Good luck with that.

    Enjoy your eternal reputation and legacy as low-down cheaters.
    You won’t be able to rationalize that away.
    ..and get used to hearing about it ..forever.

  126. Every single one of the haters couldn’t conceive of the possibility that two equipment guys would act on their own to deflate footballs after inspection.

    Yet how many of you commented on the Falcons cheating blog to say that it’s not possible some random audio guy would pump in crowd noise all on his own?

    I think Brady was complicit in this, but that’s not my point. My point is the mob has a taste for Patriots blood because they’re on top. Everyone else gets a pass.

  127. It should be.

    Other teams get caught red handed doing stuff and end up with small penalties.

    Anytime it’s the patriots with even a suspicion of something, they get absolutely hammered with the issue blown far out of proportion.

    It happened with “spygate” aka taping from the wrong location. Which also resulted in unbelievably high penalties given that the issue was the location and not the taping itself. Now this, which would normally be a very small penalty if proven. Instead NFL network is doing full day coverage and they once again get unheard of penalties. He always crushes the pats to make an example

    But the jets openly tamper and get a relatively small fine, despite it always resulting in at least switching draft picks in the past.

    Kraft and Goodell may have appeared close but he’s never done the pats any favors

  128. Good. He embarrassed Pats fans when he defended Goodel’s handling of the Ray Rice ordeal.

  129. AWSOME!!!!…I truly hope Kraft makes it his misson to get Goodell out of the NFL …..that would be just so AWSOME !!!!!!

    When Zombie Goodell did MasterKraft’s bidding, all was hunky-dory. When the other owner’s insist that MasterKraft’s team be treated equally, MasterKraft stamps his feet and takes his (deflated) ball home.

  130. Earth to Robert Kraft: The ’80s are calling… They want their blue shirts with white collars back.

  131. mountaingirl39 says:
    May 12, 2015 9:22 AM

    I didn’t realize the rule book said it was ok to deflate balls……

    Well, if that’s the case, maybe the refs should not have been overinflating balls in division games.

  132. What makes Bobby Kraft so terrifying to the other owners? He’s just one owner. Why would Jerry Jones, Paul Allen, the Rooney’s, the Mara’s, etc. be nervous about what he’s going to do? Tell him to shut up and get over it.

  133. Why is it New England is always in the news(tuck rule, spygate, now deflategate)? They are a cheating organization. Blame yourself and your team Kraft for your relationship with GOD-ell.

  134. So… the Pats gave a 1st and a 4th for a bag of deflated balls… literally.

    The actual trade was $1 million, a 4-game suspension, and a 1st and a 4th round pick for a bag of deflated balls and a Super Bowl trophy.

  135. Kraft is a child. He didn’t get his way and know he is breaking up with Goodell. If the Pats would of never broke the rules your team wouldn’t be going through this. The Pats did this to themselves, now man up and accept you punishment and stop crying like a little girl.

    Remember the Saints punishment was 10 times worst and they didn’t cheat, they were unethical. Also the Saints were first time offenders and the evidence did not point to all of those that were suspended. It was a lot of accusations with no facts.

    New England fans move forward and stop defending Deflate-Gate. You have had a good to great team for about 15 years now, just enjoy the good times and let this blow over. If you keep defending them the vultures will keep coming. Man up to the mistake and move on. I personally think the Patriots will be fine without Tom Brady, because it’s not about him it’s about the system that Bill implements. Any average NFL quarterback can succeed in that system, just ask Matt Cassel.

  136. Won’t matter, Pat’s will still run the table, win out in the playoffs and likely win their 5th Superbowl. This just makes them unified in purpose. Goodell just did the Patriots a favor.

    The rest of the league and fans of those other teams will have to cherish their memories of that one time the Patriots “lost” something. hahaha

  137. “I’d like to see the Pats burn all 4 of their banners at the 50 on opening night.”

    I’d like to see the other NFL owners burn all four of the Pats banners at the 50 on opening night.

  138. Once Kraft and Belichick are forced out, I wonder how many decades it’ll take for them to win a real Super Bowl…This franchise is bad that they’ve never done it.

  139. What did Kraft expect? They are repeat offenders and this one was so obvious the principle guy involved was calling himself “the deflator” while Brady’s fingerprints were all over everything. And the Pats have yet to say they are sorry for anything beyond their getting caught. No choice but to drop the hammer.

  140. Kraft shouldn’t get all bent out of shape. The Patriots weren’t penalized that bad. Consider this:

    1) They were penalized a 1st round and a fourth round. The Patriots will more than likely be drafting in the bottom 5-10 of the draft. That is like being penalized a high 2nd rounder. A high 5th rounder for the 4th round penalty.
    2) It was only a 4 game suspension. Brady, while he appeals it, will keep playing. If the suspension is lessened through arbitration, which it most likely will, you are really only looking at about 2 games. Now that is really not a penalty.
    3) $1,000,000 fine is not something Kraft would worry about. It is like if went down to the to get some of his Macaroni and Cheese. It’s pocket change to him.

    Why is he all bent out of shape??

    Simply, he lost. Rich guys don’t like that. They think they are above that. And of course, the loss of power and control. Goodell didn’t back him up. He is having a hissy fit.

  141. Bleep Kraft. Patriots got off lightly on this, and got off lightly for Spygate. Typical Patriots. Poor sports, poor losers. They repeatedly behave like 5-year-old children.

  142. Sounds like Kraft’s affection for Goodell is contingent on Goodell looking the other way when Kraft’s team keeps cheating its way to Super Bowls.

  143. Correction:
    3) $1,000,000 fine is not something Kraft would worry about. It is like if we went down to the grocery store to get some of his Macaroni and Cheese. It’s pocket change to him.

  144. “The NFL and Goodell and Wells say there was no sting operation, yet they did nothing about Aron Rodgers ”

    Remind me what Rodgers did that was wrong,I forget.

  145. All we need now is a few hundred Pats fans to go on U Tube and do their rendition of “WAAAAA LEAVE BRADY ALONE!”

  146. Correction:

    3) $1,000,000 fine is not something Kraft would worry about. It is like if went down to the to get some of his Macaroni and Cheese. It’s pocket change to him.

  147. Why does it matter that an owner who condones cheating by his coach and players is on the outs with his Commish.who really cares.

  148. Funny how the NFL can punish without ever establishing that a violation occurred. The Wells report itself contradicts the conclusion the NFL has come to.

  149. I predict that Mr. Kraft will exercise the nuclear option. Stay tuned, sports fans!

  150. Kraft felt he had Goodall in his pocket and when Goodall didn’t look the other way on this violation now he’s mad. Now we see what type of man Kraft really is.

    Kraft is an elitist. He feels because he’s rich, he doesn’t have to abide by the law.

    I have no respect for Mr. Kraft whatsoever. He’s a turd.

  151. Please spare me the sanctimonious, self righteous, holier than thou crap that has been spewed by every talking head and moron with a keyboard.

    (I am not a NE fan, just a rational one). This penalty is a farce. The commissioner is a spineless coward who waited days to gauge what an angry mob of morons (that’s all you people who speak of stripping titles and year long bans, etc. – yes, you.) think the punishment should be.

    The fact is they broke a rule that NO ONE CARED ABOUT until another team cried about it to the league. Teams would present footballs to officials who clearly didn’t measure them but either inflated or deflated based on feel. So teams submit a legal 12.5 ball that felt underweight to an official who bumps up to 14 or even more. The QB bitches about it so some clown lets air out. Yes, against the rules, and that’s why there’s an assigned 25k fine per ball.

    The rest of the punishment is to make it clear that Goodell is in charge and to be taken seriously. This is a nothing infraction. For all you clowns looking for blood, may the next nothing penalty be on your team (again, NE is not my team – so spare me the homer BS) and may it result in suspensions, fines and loss of multiple picks.

    You really want Goodell to have more power, I hope you enjoy it.

  152. First, Brady’s penalty is like taking PED or smoking a joint. The cheating, in itself, required a harsher penalty. Besides he will still be playing pending the result of the appeal.

    Second, Goodell and Kraft should not be buddies in the first place. That creates a conflict of interest.

    Third, was the penalty you and the team got all that bad? Sorry, Bob it wasn’t.

    Get off it Bob, I don’t feel for you.

  153. lsomers2013 says: May 12, 2015 9:36 AM

    “The rest of the league and fans of those other teams will have to cherish their memories of that one time the Patriots “lost” something. hahaha”

    You mean besides those two Super Bowl losses to the Giants? They lost to Eli Manning…..twice. hahaha

  154. Oh you must punish teams for breaking rules then I eagerly await a 1st rounder and 4th rounder taken from Minn and Car for their clear rules violations this year with heating the footballs changing the PSI on the field and also I’m guessing SD’s fine for $20k for adding stickum to balls in 2012 is just a place holder for a $1mil fine and two draft picks too. I mean they all broke rules involving balls an unlike the Pats they actually have evidence that they did it! Heck SD even tried to hide it. So, if it’s about punishing breaking rules they deserve the same punishment right?

  155. shortmandan says:
    May 12, 2015 9:31 AM
    What makes Bobby Kraft so terrifying to the other owners? He’s just one owner. Why would Jerry Jones, Paul Allen, the Rooney’s, the Mara’s, etc. be nervous about what he’s going to do? Tell him to shut up and get over it.

    Wow. You understand nothing about the politics of the NFL. Kraft wields far more power than the average NFL owner. Everyone knows it was Kraft’s involvement that ended the last lockout. And it was Kraft’s involvement that got Goodell his latest extension and raise. Not much happens in the NFL without Bob Kraft’s stamp of approval. And I am NOT a Patriots fan.

    And what makes you think the other powerful owners would not be on Kraft’s side? Do you think the owners you list are happy about Goodell’s job performance over the last 12 months? And don’t talk to me about how much money he’s making them, as if a trained monkey couldn’t keep the NFL profitable.

    Make no mistake, Goodell is finished. Not just because of this, but alienating Kraft will be the last straw. He may make it to the end of his contract in 2019, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  156. The Patriots are too good? Guess what, that will not change!!!! So call it cheating, skirting the rules, whatever.
    They’re coming to a stadium near you, and then all the crybabies will have something to cry about!

  157. It’s about bloody time! Yes the commisioner represents the owners, but the owners must abide to the rules of the game! Kraft needs to look very closely behind his own mirror and see what has happened within his own organization!

    Goodell finally got this one right, only thing I still think, it took to long to determine the suspension!

  158. muslimponder says: May 12, 2015 8:37 AM

    It’s obscene that the other owners are cowering in fear of that disgusting purveyor of cheating filth Kraft. The slimy patron of cheating should be the one trembling in abject terror of the other owners, not the other way around.


    Ladies and gentlemen, your National Football League!

  159. The problem here is that nobody can say for sure that the Patriots cheated. So the message isn’t “don’t cheat,” the message is “don’t let someone else accuse you of cheating, because the league will bring the hammer down even without direct evidence of guilt on your part.” I’m sure that’s going to make the other owners nervous. They are basically telling the teams that they are presumed guilty and will be convicted of cheating even on the flimsiest of evidence.

  160. Not nitpicking but its 3 incidents. Kraft allows a cheating culture and he should be suspended from team operations the same way the Steinbrenner was.

  161. MR. Kraft PLEASE go after this like a Michael Vick PITT BULL !!!!
    Love to see this blow up in Godell & the NFL ‘s face!!!!

  162. Remember when Kraft was crying about his poor dead wife on national TV, then showing up courtside at a Celtics game with some 20something blonde a couple of weeks later.
    Real man of character………
    Cheater. Just like his team.

  163. Here’s my little quirk on all this. Let me frame it. Your going to fill the air in your car and have two gauges, one of which is wrong. Which one is it? How, in the parking lot of the gas station do you absolutely know which of the two gauges is the right one.

    Pick wrong and you may be over inflating the balls to begin with. Or underinflating the balls to begin with since you have zero idea which way the gauge reads.

    In essence if I drop the pressure, I may be inflating them to the proper amount not lessening them since the ref using a faulty gauge to begin with?

    Bottom line, the league never once investigated themselves for having a ref use two different gauges and ask why two different brands and why two? Why not log in which one you used on paper and sign your name verifying what you did. Without that how do they have a case at all?

  164. Many people are not grasping the main and most important point in this whole exercise, which is the fact that The Commissioner has either “Under reacted” or ” Overreacted”
    to most every issue that has presented itself, while he has held the title of NFL Commissioner.He has now made an enemy of at least one NFL Owner and that may be just the crack in the armor that results in his downfall !

  165. All this speculation and amateur scientific/legal commentary is hilarious. This is really simple. Patriots cheated! Got caught! Got punished!

  166. Kraft really showed little class by coming out and saying this about Goodell, just because he did not get the out come he wanted. I can see why this is a classless franchise. It starts at the top.

  167. Since every team has cheated at one point or another, all owner’s should be nervous. This is now more about equitable punishment than whether cheating (still unproven) occurred) Various suits or appeals could blow the lid off other cheating that has happened and the inequitable way it has been handled by the NFL.

    Additionally, the other owners are probably hearing from their own quarterbacks who now will no longer have control over how their game balls are prepared.

    Finally, I am ceraain Roger Goodell needs Kraft’s support much more that Robert Kraft needs his.
    In any case , Patriot Nation will continue its strong unwavering support of the best owner, coach and quarterback in the league regardless of what that sniveling coward and incompetent manager at NFL headquarters does.

  168. I think Goodell did the right thing, and handled it well.

    I think the suspension is too weak for the infractions Brady* did with regard to damage to the league and not performing his contract requirements and providing the information agreed to, and for Brady’s* cheating which involved the whole team.

    Of course is is a ploy for all Owners to snuggle up and support the Commissioner, and Goodell handled it well – in light of this. Friends or not, Goodell had to bring in a qualified investigator, and have assistance in determining the penalty.

    Does Kraft* accept cheating? I doubt it, and I doubt he will fight the ruling, even though it involved his team. Everyone that follows football knows they have cheated (numerous times), playing on the edge with fire will cause you to fall down and get burned.

    If they fight it and lose – then the penalties should be increased. The NFL has the right to the emails and text messages surrounding this issue – they should fight for them, it was contractually agreed by both parties. And, then the penalties should be adjusted – I’m sure they won’t be relaxed!!

  169. viper (goodell):
    you videotaped the signals, you deflated the balls.

    viper (goodell):
    you videotaped the signals, you deflated the balls.

    viper (goodell):
    you videotaped the signals, you deflated the balls.

    mountain (kraft):
    i videtaped the signals, i deflated the balls.

    kraft pops goodells head.

    tyrion (irsay) trembles in fear.

  170. You know it’ll get reduced to 2 games so Brady can play Dallas…. Guaranteed!!!

  171. So… Kraft is pissed? He thought he had an agreement with Roger Goodell whereby he owned him and was imperious to being treated like a common billionaire owner.

    As my dad used to say “better to be pissed off than to be pissed on”. Kraft probably feels like he has been dumped upon. How many other owners, players and fans have felt that way about him/ the Patriots every time something questionable has happened through the years?

  172. “What about the slap on the wrist the Jets got for tampering with Revis? What about the warning the Vikings got for warming balls? In both cases there was hard and fast evidence of the wrongdoin”


    I honestly don’t think Patriots fans realize how delusional and desperate they appear to the rest of the world when they make statements like this. Have some integrity as a man. I’m honestly shocked that people could be this inconceivably blinded by homerism that they staunchly and frantically toss out hilarious lines like this.

    You got cheating. AGAIN. You tried to cover it up, and lied to everyone with your well known sense of undeserved arrogance and pride.

    You are now receiving an appropriate punishment. Accept it like a man and stop tainting out league with your asterisk-toting football team.

  173. Brady’s not paying for the crime, he’s paying for the coverup. If he’d cooperated with the investigation, I guarantee he wouldn’t be getting 4 games.

    There’s a reason suspects who want as light a penalty as possible bend over backwards to cooperate with authorities- usually, it works!

  174. Didnt Kraft stand up for the red hammer during the Ray Rice fiasco? I think he was the most vocal owner, at least, in Goodells defense. That’s the way you repay a friend, Roger? Haha.

  175. @vetdanasays:

    Many people are not grasping the main and most important point in this whole exercise, which is the fact that The Commissioner has either “Under reacted” or ” Overreacted”
    to most every issue that has presented itself, while he has held the title of NFL Commissioner.He has now made an enemy of at least one NFL Owner and that may be just the crack in the armor that results in his downfall !

    In this case, in my opinion he under-reacted. I know the thumbs down are coming. So what?

    1) Goodell needs to grow a pair, so guys like Kraft don’t think that they have Goodell in their pocket. Still, I can’t stand Goodell.

    2) Goodell simply is just unable to gauge the severity of various offences and is as such unable to determine the correct punishment. Or is there more to this?

    3) He is also too much swayed by public opinion. You can’t make everyone happy. Maybe that is why he is all over the board with the suspensions. Note: Ray Rice. It shouldn’t have been that hard to dole out the punishment. 2 games then it is changed substantially. Crazy.

    4) Then comes the exempt list with AD. What AD was horrible, but Goodell was going back and forth in time changing the punishments.

  176. This is all on Brady…whatever relationships are severed…Patriot fans consternation…Florios conspiracy theories, etc. It’s all on this empty vessel of a man who hasn’t got the courage to take responsibility for his own actions. If Kraft okayed the indefinite suspensions of the two locker room guys, he must be suggesting that Brady was an unwilling victim of these two men. Brady is directly responsible for these two guys situation and he will be back after four games and they will still be suspended. What a guy .

  177. Funny how all the Patriots fans think Kraft rules the NFL.

    “The main thing [NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent] said is true,” the owner said. “We need to make sure everyone is following the rules. All of us. I think Roger made the right decision and my guess is the rest of the owners agree.”

    There are 31 other owners out there that didn’t get to be NFL franchise owners by getting pushed around.

    Kraft better start taking his punishment and liking it- or there will be more to come.

  178. greymares says:
    May 12, 2015 7:41 AM

    There should never be more than an employer/employee relationship with any owners and the commissioner. For me the suspension is 1 game to long,but that’s being selfish because of the advantage it gives the Cowboys over the Eagles.

    Personally, I would rather see the Patriots have Brady when they face the Cowboys, it would make it a much more compelling game. Don’t worry though, John Mara has made sure Hardy won’t be available for a matchup with your Eagles, and selfishly, neither of his team’s matchups with the Cowboys. Cowboys fans know Eagles fan is hoping for a split with the Cowboys, and Dallas losses to Sea, NE, and GB hoping against hope Wash or NYG can pull off an upset.

  179. i wonder if this is all something out of the jerry jones’ “no such thing as bad publicity” playbook. there is nothing that fuels a good story as a great villain against a hero. in the nfl’s case they may have wanted 1 villain against 31 heroes. Or in the new england case, 1 patriot against 31 oppressive kings. maybe we all have been played (several puns intended)

  180. “kickinpuppies says:
    May 12, 2015 8:03 AM

    $10 says it was irsay”

    Double or nothing it’s Putin!!!

  181. wte1 says:
    May 12, 2015 7:39 AM
    It’s not cheating when an under inflated ball doesn’t travel further, faster or with as tight a spiral as a properly inflated ball.

    Bahahahahahah, I guess this is akin to everyone tapes the opposing teams signals not just the Patriots….gotta love the Pat fan who is still trying to justify cheating….nope its not cheating when the rules state the ball should be a certain weight and you take the balls in the restroom to remove weight from the balls after the officials certified the weight was correct, nope thats not cheating…..

  182. I think the last sentence from the anonymous owner says it all. Play it straight and you’ve nothing to worry about.

  183. I know most of you don`t really believe the garbage you put on here.If you were in the same situation your lawyer would tell you don`t dare turn over your cell phone and unless your an idiot you would listen.
    That is in no way an admission of guilt or failing to cooperate.The NFL leaks EVERYTHING!There could be sensitive comments unrelated to the case that could be twisted many different ways if leaked.
    When it comes to right and wrong it shouldn`t matter what team you root for.The conclusion of the report is flawed and the NFL procedures were a joke.Bountygate was a joke and so is this.Saints fans already know but every fan should be see this and worry about whether your team is next.This is like going to jail for jaywalking.

  184. Good. There is this thing called collusion. And that would explain the favoritism at every step.

  185. I am reminded of the classic movie “Twelve Angry Men,” where all but one of the jurors was ready to convict the defendant. It wasn’t until they examined the FACTS of the case that they decided to render a “not guilty” verdict. When you examine the facts, such as they were presented in the Wells report, there are far too many inconsistencies, innuendos, and I’ll drawn conclusions, leading to the subsequent verdict and sentencing. Instead of looking at this with raw emotion, as polarizing at it is, we should be looking at things from a factual standpoint, as best as is humanly possible.

  186. Maybe the Pats got too much penalty with the loss of draft picks, but Brady deserves every bit of punishment from this — he’s essentially telling the league through his actions that their demands for all the facts, in efforts to maintain any integrity of the game, can go take a hike. No one who respects the game should stand by him on this.
    If we truly want the NFL to be high-integrity, this attitude should be one that deserves full repercussions.

  187. I hope kraft sues the nfl then maybe the refs will start calling penalties on the patriots for every little thing they do. kind of like what happen when Al Davis sued and won, ever since then the raiders get the yellow flag for every single little thing.

  188. nenlain says:
    May 12, 2015 7:42 AM
    Goodell got paid 44M last year. I’m sure he’ll live.

    9 3
    Report comment

    Yes he did… but looking at a few more years is helpful too.

    2007 $6 million
    2008 $11 million
    2009 $5 million
    2010 $5 million
    2011 $11.6 million
    2012 $29.5 million
    2013 $44 million
    2014 will be released soon what they’ll pay him for last year

    So he’s a bit over $112 million and I’m sure we’ll find out that he made like $25 to $30 million or so for last year (while a lot, a big drop from $44 million too).

    So, even if it’s “only” $25 million, he’d be up to $137 million the past 8 years or so…

  189. Patriot Nation? You mean Patriot Deflation? I think you had a typo. As a Pats fan, you are calling Goodell a coward? lmao, Your golden boy QB and coach are the cowards. Caught multiple times for cheating and trying to cover it up. However it goes, nobody will ever take the Patriots championship wins as serious now, they burned their own bridges. Well other than you delusional Pats fans, you guys will believe anything lol

  190. I don’t get why Patriots fans are so upset, your team got caught cheating more than once. This kind of behaviour has to be punished and stopped. I keep hearing the word “sting” thrown around, well if your team wasn’t breaking the rules then a sting wouldn’t have happened. Time for the pats to man up and take ownership of their actions.

  191. Glad to see the Patri*ts finally get punished for repeated cheating. Even so, the punishment was still not harsh enough.

    If Goodell was the enforcer he makes himself out to be he would have put a stop to the ineligible receiver ploy the Patri*ts used against the Baltimore Ravens once he and the rest of the nation realized that they were violating the intent of the rule which was meant to allow the defense enough time to reset their defensive scheme. Goodell could have made one phone call and put a stop to it by reminding the officials of the rule as it was written.

    Belichick and the Patri*ts knew what they were doing was unethical at best but did it anyway.

    While we are kicking the Patri*ts when they’re down, let’s get that investigation of the LeGarrette Blount signing underway shall we?

  192. New England got off easy. If I were in Goodell’s shoes I would have taken away all of their Super Bowl trophies, all of their wins since 2001, and taken control of the franchise over Kraft. I would have given them the NFL version of the Death Penalty

  193. To have a relationship in the first place is odd…
    Goodell works for 32 NFL team owners, not 1.
    Roger Goodell did the right thing. One of his 32 teams was messing with the integrity of the game and there was no way he could let this slip. Letting Kraft get away with anything that is damaging to the rules of the game would have surely cost him his job. If Robert Kraft feels different about him after this, then they were never truly friends… nothing but 2 guys looking to fill each others pocket books up as big and as quick as possible. End of story.

  194. @lemmetalkwouldya
    Goodell doesn’t work for Bob Kraft. He works for Bob Kraft and 31 other guys. Do you really think he would hand down the punishment he did to one of the Gang of 32 without the approval of the vast majority, if not all, of the other 31? You’ll notice the Other 31 haven’t exactly leaped to Kraft’s defense in the matter.

    That’s exactly what the penalty was for. It was acually pretty light. The message that the league’s owners are sending to each other via the commissioner’s office is that when we tell you we’re doing an investigation, you ask how you can help. Until we ask you to lie, you don’t say, “No.” There will be consequences.

  195. Kraft and the Patriots, did nothing to stand up for the Redskins and Cowboys when they were punished for exceeding the salary cap in an Un-capped year. Only Al Davis and the Raiders stood up to Goodell. That was the first test and the owners failed. I hope Snyder and Jones smile and wave as Kraft gets the horns.

  196. It seems that the “Patriot Way” is a consistent pattern of cheating. With ownership allowing this culture to exist, one has to question their right to remain owners. If anyone should be pissed it should be the 31 other owners. Expel the Patriots and give a new franchise to LA or wherever. Will never happen, but it should.

  197. Sorry, but I would by this except for the absolute joke the Falcons got for straight up trying to affect other teams in the huddle and the line of scrimmage by piping in noise which is a major deal yet they got the ultimate wrist slap.

  198. wte1 says:
    May 12, 2015 7:39 AM
    It’s not cheating when an under inflated ball doesn’t travel further, faster or with as tight a spiral as a properly inflated ball.

    28 155
    Report comment

    But it is cheating when you can dig your athletically strong hands deeper into the football, causing them to not fumble at HISTORIC levels.

  199. No, I meant and continue to mean Patriots Nation. Not one thing has happened that will sway us from our support including all the hysterical rantings of people on here and other mediums that support other teams that can’t accomplish what they want on the field so hope to do it this way. All those teams have cheated and may do it again. You know you wouldn’t be saying the things you are if it was your team.
    And Roger Goodell is a sniveling coward who hides behind the masses and changes his opinion like the wind when he thinks the outcry is getting too large.
    Roger Goodell=Pontious Pilot

  200. Look for the Patriots to return to their rightful status of mediocrity now that they have to play by the same rules. The Dynasty of Fraud is over.

  201. its great to see kraft called out for cheating, if he had any class he’d get rid of the entire coaching staff and start over, by not cheating !!! but he’ll cry like a little bitch and fight this mess with every dollar he has ! patroits super bowl wins all tainted , they cheated for years, finally get called out on one !!! brady the little freaking liar lost all trust in everybody who knows right from wrong !!!

  202. Sounds like VP of Officiating, Dean Blandino will be a target or fall on the sword.

    In the Wells report, is establishes he had knowledge of the Colt’s concerns prior to the AFC Championship Game. However, in the press conferences leading up to the Super Bowl he stated he had no prior knowledge until the issue was raised during the first half.

    If the NFL is looking for integrity and honesty, no need to look in their offices!

  203. you don’t go nuclear and railroad a friend twice , first for something half the league was doing , 2nd you manufactured a report to make sure you get him .

  204. nclrbrt says:
    May 12, 2015 11:40 AM

    I think the last sentence from the anonymous owner says it all. Play it straight and you’ve nothing to worry about.

    What if the anonymous owner was Jerry Jones? That comment still hold the same weight?

  205. boo hoo, boo hoo, go buy some kleenex and dry your eyes, and “tuck” them away when you are done snibbling…

    Tom is a “pumpkin eater”, and his “pants are on fire” . The Patriots will “never prosper” . Funny thing the same people defending Brady, are the same hypocrites who want to put an asterisk behind Barry Bonds name.

  206. They cheated. It doesn’t matter that “they would have won the game anyway.” They cheated and they were punished. It’s not any different that PEDs.

    If anything, the penalty was too light. If smoking weed gets you suspended for 8 games (and then a year), Brady’s punishment should have been the same.

  207. My point is the mob has a taste for Patriots blood because they’re on top.

    You’re half right.

    It’s actually because it’s now proven what we always suspected.

    The Pats CHEATED to be on top.

  208. Perhaps this punishment will lead to Robert Kraft leading a coalition to oust Roger Goodell.
    If so, i’m all for the punishment of the Patriots! A small price to pay for the bigger good of the league.

  209. I saw a great comment on here about the punishment to the Cowboys and Redskins when they spent money without a cap in place and being punished for it. I had totally forgot that but remember being incredulous at how the NFL could punish teams for doing nothing wrong. The history of Goodell is filled with bad, arbitrary decisions. He may as well lick his finger to test where the wind is blowing and head in that direction. This punishment is just the latest in a long list.

  210. Robert Kraft doesn’t own the league. If he becomes a big problem then just force him to sell the team. Or move New England to Los Angeles. Boston shouldn’t have sports teams anyways.

  211. I just want to know how much longer before the shadiest franchise in the history of sports gets kicked out of the league for good. Lying ,cheating exploiting and proud of it. When is this going to get old for the rest of the world?

  212. I think all you idiots better do some reading up on the life of Robert Kraft. You morons don’t have a clue what this man and his family have done over the years and the charities this man has taken care of. It was only a few years ago that this man left his home before burying his wife who died only hours before to come to New York and settle the lockout. If it wasn’t for Robert Kraft, we still might not be pkaying football. As of yesterday, the NFL as we knew it no longer exists, there are two sets of rules, one for the Patriots and one for the other 31 teams. The precedent has been set, Aaron Rodgers stop blowing the balls up. According to Shannon Sharpe cheaters should not be in the hall of fame, I guess it’s time to take the bust of Jerry Rice out. Wake up people, the NFL is very different today than it was yesterday. Thanks for everything you have done for this league Mr. Kraft and the money you have made for your so called 31 other partners. Yesterday they became you’d ex-partners!

  213. Why wouls there have been a relationship, outside of a business relationship anyway?

    Patriot fans are as delusional and entitled as their owner. damanding an apology before the investigation was barely under way,

    Did anyone see Robert Kraft rushing to the aid of the Redskins and Cowboys when they were fine ridiculous cap space for ” violating” a rule that did not even exist?

    Did he run to the aid of the Saints and speak up?

    Robert Kraft and his arrogant cheating team got off light and he had better realize it I wish he would try to pull something like boycott games. I hope he gets stripped of his lying, cheating ownership ans his sorry cheating team gets stripped of their “super bowls if he tries that stuff.

    He nor his team are bigger than the league and the sooner he realizes that the sooner he will come to his semses. And that goes for his delusional fans, too.

  214. pleasefiregoodell says:
    May 12, 2015 4:30 PM
    I hope Kraft gathers the owners together to fire Goodell.


    Good luck with that. I also hear there’s a fund you can donate money to to show support to the Patriots.

  215. Let’s see – wasn’t it Mr. Kraft who persuaded his fellow owners to give Mr. Goodell a huge raise because of all the money Mr. Goodell had helped the owners make? Wasn’t that “for the good of the league?” And didn’t Mr. Kraft support Mr. Goodell’s previous decisions supporting the integrity of the shield? (Ask New Orleans fans about circumstantial evidence – I don’t remember hearing any complaint from Mr. Kraft). And now Mr. Kraft doesn’t support Mr. Goodell because another decision has been made to protect “the integrity of the shield”? Oh, I get it – pound on everyone else but leave me alone! I hope Mr. Kraft gets over his anger and remembers the good of the sport – if owners start bickering amongst themselves and undercut Mr. Goodell, the owners will not like their weakened bargaining position via a vis the NFLPA come next CBA negotiation time.

  216. Ok, I would give these patriots their appeal and another chance to cooperate and if they don’t double the penalty and put an end to this crap!

  217. AAron Hernandez to Tom Brady:
    “I know how you feel Tom, I’m innocent too.”

  218. Their relationship is contingent on favorable league rulings? If so, it was never a good relationship to begin with anyway. Goodell works for 32 owners – not one. Get over it.

  219. Kraft has enabled/empowered cheating for at least a decade…guess he’s mad because now everyone sees who he really is

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