Patriots fans stage sit-in at NFL headquarters

Patriots fans are taking a page from Cosmo Kramer’s battle against Big Bagel’s refusal to recognize Festivus and taking their grievances to the street.

Four Patriots fans associated with Barstool Sports have parked themselves in the lobby of the NFL’s Park Avenue headquarters in New York to express their displeasure with the penalties handed down to quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots on Tuesday. The four protestors, all of whom are wearing Brady jerseys, first paraded in front of the building with signs before moving inside the building to stage a sit-it while handcuffed together.

It remains to be seen if they also plan to move onto tampering with the steam pipes, but the New York Police Department may not give them the chance. Twitter user Lisa Kraus Edwards has been documenting the protest with pictures on Twitter, including the one on this page, and reports that  police are on the scene to put an end to the scene at the behest of NFL security.

It seems doubtful that this protest sparks further uprisings, but if we’re wrong “No Brady, No Peace” may become the catchphrase of the summer.

149 responses to “Patriots fans stage sit-in at NFL headquarters

  1. Relax patsie fans!!! Brady will appeal & the darlings of the NFL will only be given a 2 game suspension for the by GOD patsies because Goodell & Kraft need to buy another super bowl together!!!

  2. At least seated on the ground they’re safe from falling off the barstools referenced in their name. Something makes me suspect there’d be a very real danger of that happening.

  3. A sit-in for Tom Brady? R U serious. Here’s an idea stage a sit-in to end world hunger, homelessness, racism, or sex abuse!! Someone needs a new set of priorities! !!

  4. This entire issue really makes me wonder about Patriots fans. What a very strange bunch.

  5. Is it that I don’t remember fans of other teams doing this kind of stupid stuff when their star player got suspended? Or is it that people from Boston are just insane?

  6. How dare you compare what these losers are doing and kramer’s courageous battle with H&H for higher wages and the right to celebrate weird & new holidays. If Brady would have cooperated, this would be far less severe. The punishment is more about him being a baby and not being forthright with them than anything they can prove.

  7. The first game of the season. The NFL Flagship game leading the way. 60 minutes of a packed stadium yelling “Brady, Brady, Brady”. It will be the entire game. The TV will shut off the crowd microphones, close the windows, and hope that it doesn’t go out over the air.

  8. Its funny how patriots fans will be the first to condemn another team when one of their players do something wrong. They want that team to be fined, player suspended,and draft picks taken away. As soon as something like this happens to their team they become hypocritical about it. Patriots fans need to wake up to reality and understand that their team isn’t above ANY NFL team. If Brady was innocent of this he would’ve cooperated with the investigation. By not cooperating gives reason to believe that he was hiding something and knew what was taking place. So Patriots fans just keep doing and acting the way u are but its not going to change the fact that Brady is guilty.

  9. That’s fine. Better hope they overturn that suspension, though, because defrauding season ticket holders by reducing the value of their investment would be a crime. I’m sure there’s enough Pats fans in the Norfolk County DA’s office to get something done.

  10. How long until a Bears fan frames Jay Cutler in order to get him suspended for 4 games?

  11. I’d like to take this opportunity to hear every Patriots fan that condemned Dallas or Charlotte fans for defending Greg Hardy because he was never actually convicted of a crime, or that trashed Steelers fans upset about Roethlisberger getting suspended without there being enough evidence to go to trial, or that laughed at Saints fans upset about the lack of impartiality in the Bounty Gate case step up and apologize now that the shoe is on the other foot.

  12. To Summarize:

    If you are a Pats fan, you will nitpick any detail to save Brady and your beloved team, even though there is a mountain of evidence weighing against him.

    If you are the fan of 31 other teams, you can objectively conclude based on the Wells report that Brady conspired to cheat. You don’t have someone named “the deflator” if you aren’t cheating.

  13. They are crowd funding Kraft the 1 mil. But have no cares about the equipment guys that got axed.

  14. If the Bills, Dolphins, or Jets had done this Pats fans would be having a field day.

    Now that it’s their beloved Brady it’s not fair.

    I don’t get it he cheated Pats fans get over it he is a cheat and I don’t care how many more if any super bowls he wins is legacy is tainted.

    Once a cheat always a cheat.

  15. Yeah. I agree fanofPFT. They should be funding the 2 guys who had to take the blame for Brady’s cheating that lost their jobs, not a billionaire owner.

  16. I was reading a Pats forum. Hundreds of Pats fans are threatening to quit football and give up the NFL over this.

    Hell yes! Signed, 31 other fanbases.

  17. He is no longer Tom-Terrific, he is now just Tommy Boy.

    BTW I am guessing that all of this is really going to piss off the Hoodie. It will not surprise me to see him take it out on their opponents all year.

    Think about it….This is a guy who managed 11-5 with Matt…Freakin’…Cassel under center!

    Hell hath no fury as a Hoodie scorned.

  18. This is just the start. We are setting up some big marches on 18th and 19th. BRADY IS INNOCENT! YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN BEAT HIM! PATRIOTS R BETTER!

  19. Grow up accept it like men and move on.

    I swear patriots fans are the biggest whiners in sports and the most spoiled.

  20. We will not stop until there is justice! Brady needs to be reinstated and rewarded a later negotiated sum for his suffering caused by these ridiculous accusations. The Patriots, Champions, must have their draft picks returned. All of this out of jealousy. All of you are jealous.

  21. According to the Wells Report “to the best of his recollection” the lead official stated that he used the gauge that showed THERE WAS NO TAMPERING

    So how then could the NFL even find Brady guilty, let alone impose a penalty?

    Simple. They simply assumed that the official’s “best recollection”…. was WRONG!!!

    This hatchet job will be overturned in 5 minutes by an independent arbitrator.

    Even you Patriots-haters have to admit that if you had an eyewittness saying you were NOT involved in a crime and the DA simply assumed the opposite and convicted you, you’d be slightly upset and your family might not think justice was served.

  22. I like the all of you are JEALUOS comment.

    Your right I wish my team could cheat win a couple of super bowls then get penalized after the fact.

    Can’t take it away from you once you won it right.

  23. Good thing Brady didn’t play for the Ravens otherwise there might be rioting instead of this crap.

  24. Oh there was no tampering well then Brady should have just coughed up the texts and e-mails then he would have had nothing to worry about.

  25. What’s that about being such a “classy” franchise and fan base?

    They look hungry….someone should bring them pizza!

  26. Kraft…. Get these guys tickets to next home game & all accommodations!!!
    Wish I was with them !!!!

  27. The struggle is real for deflatriot fans.

    If the stain didn’t bother them so much they wouldn’t be losing their minds. Bwwhahahahahahahaha

    What a bunch of tools.

  28. Want to really be heard? Why not organize a boycott of the commercial partners of the NFL like TD Ameritrade, Anheuser Busch, Procter & Gamble, Nike … if they don’t let a neutral arbitrator review the “report” and punishment. For the technologically competent, it would be easy and it would involve the people who have the most to lose. They will put pressure on the networks who will put pressure on the owners. A boycott of the games Brady misses might also work to illustrate to the owners how far fan disaffection for Mr. Goodell has progressed.

  29. They’re confusing idiotic, knee-jerk reaction with passion.

    (Interestingly enough, that’s also how Massachusetts chooses its government.)

  30. They made it onto PFT, mission accomplished. I rank these tools right up there with the people who constantly wave from the stands at a baseball game and the people who suddenly need to stop and make a cell phone call in the background of a reporter doing a live shot.

  31. This, is without a doubt, the stupidest thing ever.

    Except for the fundraising campaign.

  32. The leader of the Barstool gang is the same guy who posted a picture of Brady’s son’s exposed genetalia on the internet. If I was Brady I would’ve sued him for everything he has (not much) just on principle.

  33. Pats fans are the biggest babies in all of sports. They couldn’t admit a thing when the writing was on the wall their team had cheated. Now they are punished they are up in arms. This starts from ownership and trickles down, the rest of the world calls you cheats.

  34. Awesome!
    Sounds like a blast!
    Any of you losers have a sense of humor?

    If it wasn’t for us, you morons would all be speaking with British accents.

    Lighten up Francis.

  35. If you read the hilarious website, this is one of the funniest publicity stunts of all time. Absolute genius.

    Lighten up people, this is nothing but satire. Have a sense of humor

  36. This is just another grand scheme cooked up by Kraft & Goodell to protect Tommy Boy from three of the toughest defenses he will face all season. Prediction…the Pats will still finish 12-4 or 11-5 with a 1st rd bye. Book it.

  37. An interesting story in Forbes magazine a couple of years ago headlined, “Success will come and go but Integrity is Forever!” I suppose Tom Brady didn’t get the memo, and obviously is not interested in Forbes.

    Tom Brady now knows denial doesn’t refer to the river running through Egypt, although I bet he wishes it did.

    “Building a reputation of integrity takes years but only a second to lose” I’m sure he was willing to let those two locker room nincompoops take the fall. The only flaw in that logic is their propensity to text their intentions. If these two dopes didn’t text about their shenanigans Brady probably would’ve gotten away with it.

    The question is how long was this going on? You can best be believe it wasn’t just for one season, you best believe that it led to wins on more than one occasion, especially in less than ideal conditions. What makes this different than performance enhancing drugs PED’s? If it leads to an advantage, then the same punishment should be meted out, after all it’s still cheating, giving one team a competitive advantage over another outside of the rules.

  38. What an embarrassment to the franchise and the Patriot fan base. Very spoiled fan base. What are you going to do when Brady retires someday and the Patriots become a lesser team?

  39. Their parents must be so proud.

    Coming from a Raven fan that’s funny. I am sure Mom and Dad are real proud of the Ray Lewis statue and the applause for Ray Rice….hint….you need to get off the Patsies back you have a lot to be ashamed of if you had a moral code.

  40. Arrogant, entitled team and arrogant, entitled fans. I’m glad the NFL had the balls to put the Pats cheating to an end and bring them back to the reality of fair play.

  41. Barstool sports is more successful than 95% of the commenters on this site. It’s part of his shtick being an over the top Pats fan. Be less informed you can’t ,Defend the wall prez! VIVA!

  42. Ted Wells needs to release his personal cell phone so we can see what he, Goodell and Kensil discussed

    If he doesn’t it’s proof he’s hiding something (just like he asserts is the case for Brady)

  43. If these guys are jokesters, this is brilliant.

    If they’re serious, well… good God, how can they be? They’re NOT really serious… right?

  44. “cooperspur says:
    May 12, 2015 3:17 PM

    Arrest them.”



    Almost fell out of my chair laughing. Still laughing. Good stuff.

  45. Wells says he had definitive proof, but did not include it in the report. The only reason to leave it out is that it was obtained illegally or in a manner that would have led to liability for his client or his people. That will ring the bell of the National Labor Relations Board, the NFLPA as well as the Bar association to which Mr. Wells belongs.

    This is going from bad to worse.

    Another Goodell masterpiece!

  46. Good for them. Goodell should know he’s skating on very thin ice. Pats fans are on to him and we know the fix was in. We know he has an ax to grind against the Patriots. How can Goodell look past Aaron Rodgers admitting he plays with OVER-INFLATED FOOTBALLS. How can he give the Panthers and Vikings a slap on the wrist for heating up footballs on the sidelines yet treat Brady’s infraction like it’s footballs 9/11. If I were any of these fans, I would have thrown Goodell out a window. He must resign now.

  47. LOL

    Let me guess, they have Fatheads of Brady on their bed room ceilings so they can drift off to sleep gazing at their fantasy.

  48. The Patriots are worth $1.4 billion dollars. Kraft is worth more than that.
    Never have the words “get a life” been more appropriate than with these clowns.

  49. metitometin says:
    May 12, 2015 6:55 PM

    Good for them. Goodell should know he’s skating on very thin ice. Pats fans are on to him and we know the fix was in.


    Pats’ fans complaining about “the fix was in.”

    Ironic, no?

  50. They look so cute, sitting all together and holding hands!

    But seriously, I agree with corvetteman6; these people need to get a life.

  51. “Be less informed you can’t ,Defend the wall prez! VIVA!”

    I don’t have a clue what this (sort of) sentence means. Any help? It sounds like Yoda, on acid.

  52. “Defend the Wall” has become the rallying cry of Patriots fans (it is a take off the Night’s watch from Game of Thrones). El Presidente is the founder of and was one of the dudes arrested.
    Good times, the Pats will prevail.

  53. rjpats says:
    May 12, 2015 3:31 PM
    That’s fine. Better hope they overturn that suspension, though, because defrauding season ticket holders by reducing the value of their investment would be a crime. I’m sure there’s enough Pats fans in the Norfolk County DA’s office to get something done.
    Really. A court injunction. The only “defrauding” was done by the “deflater”.

  54. thomasreilly says:
    May 12, 2015 9:07 PM
    “Defend the Wall” has become the rallying cry of Patriots fans (it is a take off the Night’s watch from Game of Thrones). El Presidente is the founder of and was one of the dudes arrested.
    Good times, the Pats will prevail.
    Well, it’s nice to hear that pats fans are living in the real world rather than just totally delusional.

  55. Well, I think we are living in the real world. Would you tell me what EXACTLY Brady has done wrong? Did he request balls be underinflated? Was he caught in possession of a needle? Heck, Goodel didn’t turn his cell phone over to investigators in the Ray Rice investigation, so that cannot be it….Did he ask the ball boys to under-inflate the balls? Just let me know what my team is being punished for, because I really do not understand.

  56. Packer fans had a full funeral procession for Brett Favre when he played for the Vikings. Just saying.

  57. I wouldn’t exactly call Dave Portnoy an “unemployed numbskull”. He runs probably the most successful website on the internet. Just another Boston guy beating the world at their own game.

  58. Reminds me of when Packers fans protested the Fail Mary on the overpasses in Green Bay.

    Get a life.

  59. They are in such denial of their team cheating.
    You see it here in the comments all the time.
    Did they all meet online and decide that?

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