A.J. Feeley says he witnessed Patriots use doctored footballs


Former NFL quarterback A.J. Feeley says the Patriots were breaking the rules about properly preparing footballs long before Deflategate.

Feeley said on 97.5 The Fanatic that when he was playing for the Dolphins in 2004, he saw Patriots quarterback Tom Brady using old, broken-in balls at a time when NFL rules said that teams had to use new balls provided by the league.

“Prior to Tommy and Peyton Manning going to the league and saying, ‘Let us doctor our balls’ we used to all play with the same balls,” Feeley said. “Somehow this beat-up ball from the ball boy was getting thrown in on offense for New England, yet when we were on offense this orange brand new ball was getting thrown in.”

Feeley says Brady was getting an advantage, and Feeley had a problem with it.

“He’s getting his own balls thrown in on offense,” Feeley said. “That was an issue to me at the time. . . . We saw it then.”

If the Patriots were cheating to gain an advantage over the Dolphins in 2004, it’s odd that no one said anything about it until 2015. Maybe no one said anything because they didn’t think it was a big deal. This week the NFL showed that it thinks tampering with the footballs is a very big deal.

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  1. he had such a problem with it that he didn’t mention it to any ref or nfl official but waited until 2015, my only question is, who is AJ feeley? did he really play quarterback because I remember most great, good, decent and average quarterbacks and I don’t remember this guy

  2. First we heard from Shaun King.
    Now AJ Feeley.

    I eagerly anticipate the opinion of Akili Smith next.

  3. And when I get in my car, I like the seat, steering wheel and rear view mirrors adjusted to my personal preferences.

    People don’t seem to mind unless I change the radio station presets.

  4. Two questions—

    Who’s A.J. Feeley

    Why didn’t he do something or tell someone back then?

    Get ready for a lot more former players getting some press on this issue!

  5. Please wake me when this nonsense is over. I’m not a Pats fan at all but this stuff is ridiculous.

  6. Interesting. Brings me back to the ref’s. They handle these balls on every play of every game. If the Pats balls are so different, whether it was 2014, 2007 or 2004 why don’t the ref’s notice or say something? I don’t get it. And yes, AJ, Brady does have an advantage over you and it has nothing to do with the balls.

  7. Patriots cheating?…Shocker! unbelievable!
    Not the Patriots…They’re SO good and no one can beat them, EVER!
    Who would have believed it?

  8. No one gave a crap about this until it was the Pats. Quite a few QBs have openly said they had the balls scuffed or otherwise broken in the way they wanted them.

    It’s called a double standard and it invalidates the complaints.

  9. Sounds like a made up story from AJ Feeley because he’s trying to get 15 more seconds in the headlines and he’s still butt hurt that he wasn’t anything more then a glorified backup. Why wait 11 years why not run to the league and the media then.

  10. this isn’t worth typing a response of anything more than typing “this isn’t worth typing a response”

  11. Oh yeah, it gets better and better…..
    What kind of balls did he use in the “Tuck Game”? lol

  12. WRONG! Bill Belichick just had a press conference and he said when the sun shines at a 37.6 degree angle on the footballs then a new football can look like an old football so AJ was wrong. Robert Kraft is demanding an apology.

  13. Wow is that idiotic. This would have been some sort of scheme with the refs? The balls weren’t in team possession then, were they? And now he comes out and squeals, a decade later? Based on remembering how “worked in” a football looked (from where? 50 yards away on the sideline?)

    The more of this stuff comes out, the more this faux indignation exposes itself for what it is: jealously, desperation, and double standards.

    On the general question of whether the condition of the balls is a big deal, it wasn’t and isn’t. And if they want to tighten things up (rather than loosen them up, as they have been for six years), this is not a fair way to do it.

  14. I’m not defending Brady, but let me get this straight…

    An average, at best, quarterback, remembers back to 2004 that he saw Brady using a broken in ball from the sidelines? Being the opposing quarterback, he’d have no chance to use the opposing teams balls. So, he clearly has super vision. Where was that super vision when hitting wide open receivers moron?

  15. Tom … like everyone associated with that corrupt franchise … has been cheating for a very long time. Everything they’ve won has to be considered suspect. They’ve done a lot of harm.

  16. Ya ok and the ref that handled the ball every snap didn’t see it but you did from across the sideline , nice try.

  17. no current/active players will say anything because they’re likely worried about their keeping their jobs.

    former/retired players really have nothing to worry about

  18. Everybody plays with their balls the way they want them doctored. But I’m sure in New England there’s been different ways to alter their balls, even after it basically became de-facto legal.

  19. Everyone has to get their two cents in, the piling on is a joke. Where was A.J. Feeley back then, he had nothing to say? Lynch mob mentality, that’s what this has turned into.

  20. LOL at Robert Kraft. Your team has been bending the rules for years. And don’t start the whole “well other teams do it” garbage. Perhaps they do, but YOU were caught. So man up you creep. What a dirtbag owner.

  21. If the Patriots were cheating to gain an advantage over the Dolphins in 2004, it’s odd that no one said anything about it until 2015. Maybe no one said anything because they didn’t think it was a big deal. This week the NFL showed that it thinks tampering with the footballs is a very big deal.

    Thank you.!

    And how is it the refs didn’t notice this “old beat up ball” but he did from across the field?

  22. He must not have been aware of the rule exempting the Patriots from other rules.

  23. Simple solution to this claim…

    Compare and contrast high resolution images of the football “in play” for the New England Patriots and their opponents. If the resolution of the image is high enough, it should be fairly easy to compare the color/newness of the NFL football being used by each team.

  24. So eleven years later, he’s saying something about it????

    I call BS.

    Why didn’t anyone from the Dolphins ask the officials about it right there and then? Why didn’t anyone notify the league that next day?

    Feely is a has-been, looking for a little media attention

  25. Yup, we believe you. Keep trying to make yourself relevant. Of course you didn’t say anything back then did you? There’s a reason all the other QB’s in the league have super glued their lips on this one.

  26. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure he did.

    I guess we’re supposed to believe he noticed something that the refs or the TV cameras didn’t. And of course waited 11 years to talk about it. LOL

  27. Man, those grapes sure are sour. If the LEAGUE allowed this to happen in 2004, why is it such a big deal now?

    You know, AFTER the rule was passed that allowed it to happen?

    Witch hunt. Pure and simple. Anyone who is saying Brady is tarnished needs to look in the mirror. It is clear that this is only an issue because the Patriots do it. That, in and of itself, should be enough to prove collusion in a court of law.

  28. your aj feeley and He Is Tom Brady……
    old or new footballs have little do do with your shortcomings.

  29. Who cares. Teams have been finding ways to bend the rules since the NFL began. It’s not that big of a deal. The only reason the penalty was harsh is because the Patriots were caught before already.

  30. And another hater comes out of the woodwork…..

    11 years later? 4 months into Deflategate?

    Oh yeah, this just reeks of credibility. Didn’t AJ already have his 15 minutes?

    Let’s all be honest, at this point 98% of the commentary is completely driven by the commenter’s love or hate of the Pats.

    This is getting tiring………..

  31. OH YEAH, I just remembered – I am a loser because Tom Brady cheated.

    Here comes all the nobody’s trying to be a somebody by blaming others who succeeded where they failed.

  32. How about from 2000 to 2006, the Pats fumbled once every 42 touches – pretty much league average.

    Since then (when the rule changed and the home teams could provide their own balls for their offense), they’ve fumbled once every 74 touches, more than 20 touches better than the next best team.

    Such an outlier is not a coincidence. Looks like this deflation thing has been going on quite a while.

  33. Feeley also recalls seeing Brady on the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza as JFK’s limo rolled past and saw Brady help fake the moon landing. He just kept it quiet until now…

  34. The game he’s likely referencing is December 20th 2004, Patriots @ Miami. Tom Brady threw FOUR INTERCEPTIONS that game and the Patriots still won.

    This was Feely’s one and only start against the Patriots as a member of the Dolphins. It sure sound like a critical competitive advantage considering Brady had one of the worst games of his career and it took Feely 15 years to tell the story with no proof. This is the best one yet.

  35. Former NFL quarterback Jeff Blake says he oversaw the deflation of footballs on the sideline right before games during his career. Speaking on “The Midday 180” out of Nashville, Blake said the practice was common.

    Jeff Blake played for seven NFL teams, including the Bears during his final season (2005).

    “I’m just going to let the cat of the bag, every team does it, every game, it has been since I played,” Blake said. “‘Cause when you take the balls out of the bag, they are rock hard. And you can’t feel the ball as well. It’s too hard. Everybody puts the pin in and lets just enough air out of the ball that you can feel it a little better. But it’s not the point to where it’s flat.

    “So I don’t know what the big deal is. It’s something that’s been done for 20 years.”

  36. Systematic cheating for at least 14 years.
    They went from 5-11 to 11-5 and Super Bowl Champs in one season. Somehow, wide receivers forced to play defensive back were always in perfect position to make a play. A nobody who could not beat out Brian Griese for the starting job in college somehow became the GOAT.
    Nothing fishy here.

    It goes from a feel good story to one that could indeed bring the NFL down if it were truly exposed.

  37. Brady’s press conference before the super bowl: “Hey tom!” “Tom!” “Are you a cheater?” “Ummmm” “I don’t think so”. Belecheat drops head in disgust. *******

  38. everything the patriots have accomplished since 2001 now has a big giant cloud of doubt attached..couldn’t have happened to a better fanbase..

  39. Well if AJ Feeley says it then it must be true. I’m impressed that he even had time to look up and take notice, given his strenuous clipboard-holding responsibilities.

  40. How didn’t anyone notice Brad Johnson’s doctored footballs in Tampa’s only SB win? Who cares…

  41. In 2004, I think balls were broken in but only by the home team and the away team had to use whatever the home team gave them.

    That’s why Brady and Manning pushed to change the rule, home teams were messing with away teams

  42. I appreciate Brady’s talent and all, there’s no denying it….but doesn’t this all put a big question mark next to his name whenever referenced as “One of the greats”?

    Since 2004, there have been questions about the football’s he has used.

  43. This story needs to end. the longer it’s out there the dumber it makes the NFL, players and fans look.

    I believe the patriots are cheating liars from the top down but let’s move on.

  44. Feeley then claimed that he also invented Post-Its and the question mark.

    And how could he have been an NFL QB if he was playing for the Dolphins?

  45. Are NFL fans being used in an employment dispute between Roger Goodell and NFL owners? Was the Wells report delayed to allow him to try to negotiate a severance package? Did the negotiations fail so Goodell needed to do something that did not violate his contract, but would make him so toxic that the owners must fire him and pay out his contract? Is that why Goodell gave such an outrageous punishment that alienated his supporters and now threatens television revenues? Has he had enough criticism and grabbed onto the ridiculous “Deflategate” as a way to force the owners to take action? It is not the first time such a possible scheme was used.

  46. So that one game is the reason for your ONE season with the Dolphins?

    Then according to these stats you had a new football every game:

    11 touchdowns against 15 interceptions, for a 61.7 quarterback rating.

  47. Yeah Remember when the Dolphins used a microphone to steal Brady’s signals in 2006 and they destroyed the Patriots allowing only 189 yards and 12 first downs in the entire game and NO ONE CARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. New Report out of New York

    Less than a week after Ted Wells released his 243-page DeflateGate report concluding that it was “more probable than not” that Patriots personnel tried to break the rules, and that Tom Brady was likely aware of the practice of deflating balls, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league have finally handed down punishments.

    The commissioner addressed the media during a press conference in New York Monday afternoon, where it was revealed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would not receive any fines or face any suspension despite his alleged involvement. No members of the Patriots personnel will face punishment either.


    Ex-Saints QB admits using deflated balls

    In a bizarre yet unsurprising twist of fate, however, it was announced Saints head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees will both be suspended for the first 4 games of the 2015 NFL season for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL.

    “Based on the findings of Ted Wells’ investigation and the fact that Sean Payton and Drew Brees were not cleared of any wrongdoing in the report, it is more than likely that they both probably knew about the Patriots deflating footballs just prior to the the AFC Championship game,” Goodell stated.

    Neither Payton or Brees were available for comment at the time of this publication.

    “Both parties have vehemently denied any knowledge or participation in the AFC Championship Game when questioned but ignorance is no excuse when it comes to protecting the shield,” Goodell continued.

    An appeal from Payton, Brees, and the Saints will likely be coming soon.

  49. An orange ball? Fairly certain that footballs are brown there, Feeley. Maybe it was you playing with a doctored football!

  50. so whoever this guy is noticed but the multiple refs that handle the balls between each play never did… interesting.

  51. When is the topic gonna shift from deflation to how Tom’s season suddenly turned around last year? Suddenly his accuracy was back, suddenly he was back hitting lasers and same-ol-Brady accurate.. Wonder what could possibly have occurred there?

  52. I can’t decide if Feeley is more of a has-been or a never-was. Either way, after this 24 hour news cycle we will all go back to not remembering he ever played in the NFL.

  53. On a side note, this isn’t really over until I hear from: Tim Rattay; Byron Leftwich; Damon Huard; Brock Huard; Billy Volek; Jay Fiedler; Chad Pennington; Brian Griese; and Gus Frerotte.


  54. Public Service Announcement:

    If the crux of your comment is “Who’s AJ Feeley” all you’re really saying is either “I am very young” or “I don’t follow football that closely”.

    Yes, he was a career backup, but he appeared in 28 games and started games for three different teams (Eagles, Dolphins, Rams).

    You should at least have heard of him.

  55. so he “saw” this horrible act from across the field, and never said anything to the refs….and the refs who handled the balls never noticed this. Yeah, okay….

  56. Yeah thats right the Patriots 15 year run of success 6 Super Bowl Appearances 4 Super bowls, 13 AFC East titles can all be attributed to Brady using a scuffed ball hear and there (even if you believe these things are true) and they were the only ones doing these things so they go this huge advantage from it and thats why they continue to win OR BRADY IS JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE THE GOAT

    God there are some morons on here. Cant wait to watch you all eat a huge plate of crow when the Wells Report is debunked and Brady is behind center on September 10.

  57. Those were practice balls that inadvertently got into the mix. The officials addressed this during the game and warned the team to not do it again. As far as we know, they never did. Yes, this is getting boring.

  58. It’s as if nobody at PFT read the Wells report. This 2004 inserting practice balls into games IS addressed in the report. The report is available on line. Look at page 43 of the report. The Patriots were caught doing it (same ball guy, McNally) and were WARNED in a letter at that time from NFL Director of Game Operations.

    Contrary to Smith and all of the commentors here, this didn’t “just come up 11 years later” it is a well documented FACT.

  59. Yeah, yeah, that’s right, I saw it, and it bugged me… for the last 11 years.

    Give me a break, time to pig pile on the best quarterback ever. Does AJ Feeley think that this somehow makes him a less mediocre quarterback no. Just fade back to obscurity, AJ, you have no relevance here.

  60. Im sorry but AJ who lol. He was a horrible qb when he played and now he is only trying to be the center of attention in this out of control situation. If he saw Brady cheating in 2004 why did he wait 11 years to say it. The reason because when he tried to be a qb during his career he was below average and was nowhere close to the talent of Brady and his Dolphins were constantly losing to the Patriots. Im not a Patriots fan but this is out of control. Every team in the NFL has or does continue to cheat in their own way. Some are just better at bending the rules than others. The only question I have for this entire saga which is getting old btw, is how much did it really give the Patriots an advantage. Im sorry but this maybe breaking news but the Patriots are a good team no matter the situation.

  61. A.J. Feeley suffered a concussion in that game and was removed. Whatever he wants to say he can say, but his recollection on that day has clearly been impaired.

  62. Can we get an independent investigation on the Dolphin’s use of Nerf footballs in 2004?

  63. This ia twice the “greatest” coach and qb have been caught cheating. Anyone who thinks this doesn’t effect their legacy must believe steroids didn’t change Barry bonds legacy either.

  64. Hold your head up Tom, it’s just haters just piling on. Don’t worry about your legacy either. In all honesty they’re overrated. -Bill Cosby

  65. Even allowing for a second that we believe AJ Feeley, nobody else sees all of this stuff more as semi-humorous but ultimately inconsequential chicanery than as “Cheating”? I can’t be the only one.

  66. There’s not enough tissues in the world for the Patriots fans this week! sniffle, sniffle.

  67. Exactly, why is this only coming up now? Bc the people digging up this decade old dirt have an ax to grind and want to pile on. Just a sign of someone with an agenda or who hates the pats bc they whipped their team

  68. As mentioned by previous posters, this was already acknowldeged in the Wells report all the back to 2004.

    Anybody who thinks the only time the Patriots deflated the balls was in the Championship game, I have a sweet deal on a NYC bridge.

    I am willing to bet there were other infractions that have yet to see the light of day. Its the culture of cheating that is not only widely accepted in New England but encouraged from the top down.

  69. I’m a Browns fan, and we have enough problems of our own. The point is that I don’t have feelings for, nor against, Tom Brady or the Patriots.

    I don’t understand why this whole deal is laid on the shoulders of one individual, Tom Brady.

    Shouldn’t this whole problem fall on the braintrust of the NFL? Why aren’t the officials held accountable for this? Shouldn’t they secure the balls once they are unboxed and prepared for game use? How long would it take to do a quick check on the balls before tossing them into the game, like maybe during the commercials?

    Secondly, if the team’s staff is involved in any way, then punish the team and the personnel.

    Finally, Brady wasn’t the only player on the field handling the ball. What about the other players? What about the opponent’s players handling those balls? Apparently, Feeley knew about it since 2004. How many others? Aren’t they complicit in this?

    I don’t know Brady’s level of involvement on this but, it seems like the Gods of the NFL are laying their ineptness at the feet of one individual.

  70. This week the NFL showed that it thinks tampering with the footballs is a very big deal.


    No…the press, pats haters (i’m a steelers fan), and other jealous teams made it a big deal and pressured the NFL to investigate something silly in order to gain their own advantage.

    When really, it isn’t a big deal. I’m mean really. This is just SO stupid.

    And if the NFL (pounding on its chest like a monkey) is really that SERIOUS about tampering with footballs then why isn’t Aaron Rogers (Packers), Vikings, and others who have tampered with balls with IRREFUTABLE evidence, not taken to the wood shed?

    Only the Brady and the Pats are singled out when there is only CONJECTURE and no hard evidence?

    I smell a stanky fish here. THAT is what should really be investigated (the bias and inconsistency), not some silly football preference.

  71. The question is, what else have the Pats done that they weren’t caught doing? Spygate and Deflategate are the are the only things they’ve been busted for. They’ve more probably than not cheated in other ways we don’t know about yet.

  72. The haters think it bothers us when they say asterisks and question our super bowls.

    I just laugh because (a) no reasonable person would do that based on the things that have happened so if you say something like that your a moron or biased and (b) It was AWESOME watching 6 amazing playoff runs , 4 Super bowls and 13 AFC East Titles.

    I have been to 6 AFC Championship games, a Superbowl, a few dozen playoff games, all kinds of awesome big games at Gillette, and watched week in week out home or away the Greatest Football Dynasty of the Modern Error for 15 years operate like selfless, team oriented, intelligent, well prepared, competitive MACHINE win or lose every week for 15 years. AND NOTHING, ESPECIALLY SOME SMALL MINDED TWERP WRITING * AND “CHEATERS” ON A MESSAGE BOARD CAN CHANGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those banners aren’t going anywhere, but please if it makes you feel better continue to whine about the Cheaters*!

    Its been a great run I have enjoyed every second AND THOSE BANNERS ARENT GOING ANYWHERE HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. A.J. Feely missing the spot light so makes up story from 11 years prior to get some coverage.
    PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!! FREE TOM BRADY!!!!

  74. So because A J Feeley wasn’t a HOF QB he can’t witness practice balls being put into games? If you say so. Good thing page 43 of the Wells report mentions that NFL Director of Game Operations Peter Hadhazy sent a letter dated Nov 2 2004 RE a game the previous week in which they had been caught ding just that. The letter to the Patriots telling them that they (Patriots) had not provided a “reasonable” explanation for it happening and if it or something similar happened again they would be subject to league discipline.

    But let’s not forget A J Feely wasn’t very good. That’s what really matters here.

  75. We know about the two cheating scandals that are part of the most recent public record. What isn’t remembered is this isn’t the second time but the third time they have been caught cheating. In 1986 they were penalized for cheating by using the IR list to hide players they didn’t want to release and were punished by eliminating draft picks. Now we hear about Feeley, seems the Patriots cant compete on a level playing field or the Patriots feel they cant compete so they find it necessary to cheat always.

  76. Waaa Waaa Waaa A.J. Feeley. You couldn’t beat him on the field so let’s blame it on him using a different ball!? That may be the king of all excuses! Face it Feeley. You suck and you could never beat Brady. Don’t feel bad, there are plenty of QB’s that can say the same thing. Just admit it.

  77. I don’t respect a guy that says “we” when he should say “I”. Who are these other people that he refers to in the “we”? That would get you punched in the face where I grew up. Don’t speak for anyone but yourself dirtball, no talent, moron.

  78. So when he was on the sideline instead of looking at pictures and talking to his offensive coordinator he was watching the Patriots and could see from the sideline a beat up football. Also when has there ever been an orange football?

  79. Let’s see, before 2007, the Pats could not deflate the ball because both sides were using the same set of balls, so pray tell how did the Refs miss this one? Were you teaching Mark Sanchez how to do the Butt Fumble?

  80. I’ve wondered all along…didn’t any other players notice the “odd-balls”? A lot of other players and refs handled them but nobody ever noticed…ever? Certainly someone like Wes Welker would have noticed and known something about this. Why wouldn’t he have said something about this once he got to Denver (or any other player that ever played with Brady’s deflated balls) unless everybody in the league does it? Don’t get me wrong, cheating is cheating whether anyone benefits from it or not and I’m not by any means taking a stand for Brady (I’m glad he got caught).

  81. You’d think that with 90% of the other 31 teams fan bases hating the very ground that Brady walks on, that the thumbs-up/thumbs-down ration would be much, much worse on even the most non-sensical comments would be at least 20 to 1. Just shows me that there is a lot more support for that pats than I previously thought and that this is just the media taking every smidgen of advantage they can of one of the very biggest stars of his time so that they can squeeze every single penny they can out of this. If I were Brady, and interested in say buying a small 1st world country I’d ask for a cut since he’s the reason for it all.

  82. The NFL is rigged.

    After 9/11 the “Patriots” won the Super Bowl thanks to the “tuck rule”. Apparently the NFL was also letting them doctor balls.


    What other ways are NFL games rigged?

    It would only take 1 or 2 refs to make a key call or two to sway games.

  83. “How about from 2000 to 2006, the Pats fumbled once every 42 touches – pretty much league average.

    Since then (when the rule changed and the home teams could provide their own balls for their offense), they’ve fumbled once every 74 touches, more than 20 touches better than the next best team.”

    You’re ignoring the fact that this represents fumbles lost. The Pats continued to fumble at pretty much league average after 2006, but they have a much better recovery rate. Whether that’s luck, concentrating on recoveries during practice or a magical ball attraction magnet they put in the players gloves I can’t tell you.

  84. First of all, if softening the ball a little is what makes you a good QB, then the AJ Feeleys of the world would be as good as Brady. Feeley threw as many pick 6s as TDs in the one season he got significant playing time in Miami, so he needed all the help he could get.

    And second, who was throwing the balls in? Was the ball boy just throwing it to the center as he walked up to the line? The ref held the ball and threw it to another ref to spot it, then another ref picked it up after the play was over. None of them noticed a problem.

  85. I know 11 years is quite a while.. And it truly is ‘piling on’… after the punishment has been handed down.

    But I submit 2 things.

    1. Feeley could’ve, should’ve made this statement while the investigation was going on.. (maybe he did and nobody reported it, I don’t know)

    2. I’m betting there’s a video recording of the game, it wouldn’t be a big deal to go back and watch it. See if there’s a possibility it’s true.

    No horse in this race… but it is interesting.

  86. Ravens told the Colts and if they were not CHEATING nothing would have happened! The Weasel Nation has logic that only they see, it is called denial, over looking facts! Surprised No Pat fans feel mad that their team cheats a lot. They must love shining tainted trophies, shine shine, but the luster will not come back. They are Cheats!

  87. I respect the Patriots for exploring every avenue to win up to the point of outright cheating. I loved the game they played at the end of this past season with the ineligible receiver. I thought that was genius, it probably would diminish the game if allowed to continue but it was fun while it lasted. Intentionally altering the footballs after the referees had signed off on them is cheating though and they got caught. It doesn’t matter if if was of little to no advantage or if other teams have done it. Their collective history as an organization over the last decade plus invites extra scrutiny and they have only themselves to blame for that.

  88. “AJ Feeley was a bad NFL QB, so his opinion doesn’t matter” says hundreds of fans who have never stepped foot on an NFL field, or probably even an NCAA football field.

  89. I’m not going to get into how long it’s been that AJ Feely witnessed this because he should have came out with it then if it bothered him. However, let’s not discount the fact that every other single QB (former and current) that has commented on this situation has said that the QBs ALWAYS know what’s happening with their footballs. I have not heard any of them come and say differently.

    So, don’t go using the AJ Feely, it’s been 11 years excuse when every other one has stated the same thing that QBs ALWAYS know what’s going on with the footballs they will be using.

  90. Pay special attention to the line mentioning the referee having sole judge. Rule 2 The Ball
    Section 1
    “The Ball must be a “Wilson,” hand selected, bearing the signature of the Commissioner of the League, Roger Goodell.
    The ball shall be made up of an inflated (12 1/2 to 13 1/2 pounds) urethane bladder enclosed in a pebble grained, leather case
    (natural tan color) without corrugations of any kind. It shall have the form of a prolate spheroid and the size and weight
    shall be: long axis, 11 to 11 1/4 inches; long circumference, 28 to 28 1/2 inches; short circumference, 21 to 21 1/4 inches;
    weight, 14 to 15 ounces.
    The Referee shall be the sole judge as to whether all balls offered for play comply with these specifications. A pump is to be
    furnished by the home club, and the balls shall remain under the supervision of the Referee until they are delivered to the
    ball attendant just prior to the start of the game. “

  91. Really???
    Is Tom Brady is really the love child of Kirk Douglas & Doris Day ?
    Enquiring minds want to know!!!
    Man you just can’t make this stuff up…. Jay Feeley….Bwaaaa Haaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa….
    Don Shula says Brady is really a cyborg….
    Good God…. Now it all make sense!!!

  92. everybody also talks about the Patriots fans in the Patriots whining about the punishment, and how I guess unmanly it seems. how manly is it for guys who come out of nowhere to just pile on and throw their two cents in. Where was all this indignation when it was supposedly all going on?

  93. I can’t wait for the outrage from all the LOSERS when Brady wins his appeal/trial… slam dunk.

    Hoping Kraft does the same… another easy win in court.

    Wells chumps couldn’t even get the science right…

  94. Shocker…you are saying Brady and the Patriots have been playing under different rules? And Bellichek didn’t know about that either?


  95. well in the first game (at Patriots) Miami picked off one pass, and in the second game, picked off 4 passes. so you had Pats balls on your sideline, and nobody said anything.

    this sounds like BS to me

  96. “The Referee shall be the sole judge as to whether all balls offered for play comply with these specifications.” Well for those claiming the Pats cheated by rule every ball they ever used was judged legal by the referee on the field who, again, by rule is the only person who can determine if the balls are up to specs. So as far as AJ what’s his name is concerned, blah, blah, blah. Just like King Aaron Rogers says I pump em up beyond the limit and it’s up to the ref to catch me. If not then so be it. Kinda sounds like the old “if you ain’t cheatin. you ain’t tryin” thing Aaron goes by.

  97. Feeley expected Gostowski to get the same punishment as Brady for refusing to turn over his phone as well. He was hoping the Patriots would give him a call so he’d be a part of the team than wins Super Bowl 50 and he’d get a ring for being on the roster for 4 games.

    Now that dream is shattered and he’s becoming a real life Ray Finkle.

  98. Funny how the refs always choose to ignore Pats doctoring the balls seriously the ref handles the football on EVERY single play more than the QB and he does not notice the difference.
    The ref should be punished … not Brady.

  99. Of course the pats cheated, that’s who they are, what they do. With that said, they still earned the super bowl win. Brady is still a great QB. Belichick is another story for me. He’s been caught multiple times at the helm of a cheating team… He’s not getting in my hall of fame. If Tom Brady gets busted again for cheating in some way, he doesn’t either.

  100. I have 27 video’s of the SAINT “HOLY DAN MARINO” lick his hand before each pass to “alter his grip” oooopppss….

  101. I was listening to the interview on my way to work this morning. He said this almost in passing at the end of the interview. It didn’t sound like he was saying it for the attention. I believe him.

  102. All Patriots* fans need to think about this: if it didn’t matter,why do it? It’s obvious he was involved, so again, if it doesn’t help, why do it? I understand you not liking all non-Patriots* fans calling them cheaters but they are what they are….cheaters.

  103. The ball would have stayed in play unless a ball boy spoke up and asked that they get their ball back.and that wouldn’t be at all suspicious to the refs?
    Spare me, Feeley.
    Oh, and “Tommy”? Mmkay.
    It’s easy to say whatever you want about the Patriots because it’s a fun game at this point. Did he even once voice his concern to anybody, anywhere, at any time before now? Didn’t think so.

  104. what about all the games brady and company LOST while he was throwing those deflated footballs..why no mention of them

  105. Was this before or after the Dolphins purchased Bradys audibles from a third party and shut them out that Sunday when Zakk Thomas laughed and said “We knew everything he was going to do…”

    Was it before or after that?

  106. Just because the guy isn’t a star QB, doesn’t diminish his credibility. As we all know, being a star QB, doesn’t confirm one’s credibility.

    The likely reason nothing was done, would probably be the league ignoring it as long as there was no big stink made, like the last time.

  107. What idiot reporter thought it was a good idea to ask AJ Feeley about this? Anybody beat down Bobby Hebert’s door to ask him too? What about Akili Smith? Surely he has some historical revelation to discuss.
    /Sarcasm over

    If Feely never said anything and the Dolphins never lodged a complaint then this may as well never have happened. Please just shut up about it. This entire PSI: New England episode is overblown and too many people have shovels out looking for irrelevant dirt to make this fiasco seem justified. Nothing in that report makes sense when viewed objectively. It is a ridiculous witch hunt to appease the frothing masses looking for their own myopic view of justice. The real issue is with the referee’s actions, not the skeptical conspiracy theories about patriots cheating.

  108. Here’s what is so stupid about the whole situation. The refs handle the ball on EVERY single play …. Brady handles the ball less than half the plays in the game.
    If anyone should be punished … it’s the ref not Brady.
    If a OL or DB holds on every play which is cheating … he will keep on holding until the refs call it.
    BLAME the refs … not the Pats. Investigate the refs and fired the ones Kraft pays off.

  109. Lotta whining from Pats fans but if the Jets had cheated, I wonder what the reaction from Pats fans would be?

  110. “Of course the pats cheated, that’s who they are, what they do. With that said, they still earned the super bowl win.”
    Actually, they cheated there too. Malcolm Butler went thru the back of the receiver to make the interception. He blew up Ricardo Lockette. There was no other way to do it given his angle to the ball. This is against the rules but, of course, the officials are not going to call it with less than 1 minute to play on the goal line.

  111. Pats fans who say the tuck rule, spygate and deflate dont bother them. They do. Dont lie to yourselves now. Earned Trophies and Banners are what its about not questionable/Tainted trophies/Banners. Unfortunately all of their championships have been questioned. Only in NE will it not matter. Stand up and face the truth pats fans.

  112. And you measured the PSI of the ball? Oh wait you didn’t so you have no idea..please go away

  113. Yeah, sure you did. That’s why you waited 11 years to come out and say something about it. Now disappear back into obscurity Feeley.

  114. Well, there are two things here.

    First, anyone can say anything. THis is 11 years ago. So why didn’t the Dolphins complain if this was so obvious?

    Second, he’s also implicating the officiating crew in this. If Brady using an old, beat up ball was so obivous to Feeley, why were the refs allowing it?

    So it’s not just saying that the Patriots were somehow skirting the rules, it’s also saying that the refs were obviously letting them get away with it.

    That’s a pretty big deal, and moreso for the NFL than the Patriots.

  115. The funny thing about this is that Patriots fans and anybody with common sense are going to look at this and call BS because he waited 11 years to bring it up. Meanwhile every anti-Patriots fan is going to look at this and scream “cheater”.

  116. This surprises nobody at all. They’ve been cheating all along. I just wish we all knew the extent of their cheating. We know they recorded other teams practices and signals, we know they doctored footballs. There’s no way they’ve limited their cheating to just those 2 things. There’s gotta be more, it’s who they are.

  117. I actually was PO’d this week with all the piling from the fanboys that are blind with envy…

    But now with former 4th tier QBs joining the fray it is getting comical – good stuff.

    It is also helps that I can just sit back cue up my DVR and watch the Pats 4th SB win over and over again – never gets old.

    Embrace the hate.

  118. Helping out the Pats fans struggling to remember the terrible QB AJ Feeley, who started 11 games for the Dolphins in their miserable 2004 season:


    Patriots 28 Dolphins 29

    “””MIAMI (AP) — Their running back quit, their coach resigned and their season is in a shambles. But for some reason the Miam Dolphins kept trying against the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, even when they trailed by 11 points with three minutes left.

    And so the Dolphins staged a stunning comeback Monday night. With Tom Brady’s ugly interception providing an opening, Miami scored two touchdowns in the final 2:07 to beat the Patriots 29-28 Monday night.

    Much-maligned A.J. Feeley threw for the game-winning score, a 21-yard pass to Derrius Thompson on fourth-and-10 with 1:23 left.”””

  119. Sounds like Feeley has been checking out Toms Balls rather closely….wonder if he wanted to play with them too?

  120. With the Patriots, is always about winning. As opposed to the Colts. For example when the Patriots hall of fame QB
    goes down, the Patriots go 11-5. The Colts ? they get the
    top pick in the draft.

  121. “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that’s amazing”. ha ha ha ha ha

    Longtime Patriot fan here and I’m laughing hysterically.
    Keep ’em coming boys. ha ha ha ha

  122. It’s so cute how Pats fans are trying to diminish other QBs when they know Brady is the same as them plus cheating and plus Belichick having Adams to make Brady look as good as they could.

    How good would Brady be if spent his career on the Dolphins as a 6th round pick?

  123. Okay, let me clear this up.

    Any former player who comes forward and says things like deflating balls was no big deal and everyone did it – Those are reputable sources who are not trying to get their five seconds of fame.

    Any former player who comes forward and says things that imply the Patriots were cheating – he’s trying to get his five seconds of fame and is not a reputable source at all.

    Okay got it!

  124. They did say something.

    The NFL has protected the cheaters forever.

    If the NFL weren’t biased, Tom, Bill and Bob may be banished from the league.

  125. Lets save everyone time here, anyone who says the pats did anything wrong the fans will say “nope, they are liars and just haters”. Tom brady’s mom could come out and say ‘he told me he’s been doing this for years’ and patriot fans would say she is just lying. They will never believe the patriots or brady did anything wrong- no matter how many text messages prove they did, how many ppl come forward and say they saw it, or especially how many stats prove it (fumble stats). So let the pats fans keep their head in the sand and feel like true winners. I let my 5 yr old nephew win in races and seeing his pride is like seeing the patriots fans’ pride lol.

  126. It just kills me how many people are so determined to bury Brady and the Pats over what??? The possibility that maybe somebody might have let a tiny amount of air out the game day footballs so Brady could allegedly get a slightly better grip when holding the ball…we think. The NFL lets every team do all sorts of things to the footballs, and it’s all legal. They rough them up, soak them in water, run them through the dryer, rub dirt into them, stick them in microwaves, and who knows what else, but the pressure of the balls has to be between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI while they are in play, or else… Then there are the people who insist that Tom Brady was getting an advantage, every game, because of deflated footballs. How is that even possible, since Walt Anderson specifically stated that losing track of the balls before the AFC Championship game was something that had never happened before in all the years he’s been a ref? When did this sneaky subterfuge take place? And if what A.J. says is true, why did the refs allow it? Were they showing favor to the Patriots back then? Were they getting paid off by Tom Brady? I’m so sick of hearing people talk about this “culture of cheating” in New England, and how Belichick is allowing and encouraging his players to bend the rules. But the only examples that anyone can come up with are Spygate and Deflategate, which are two very overly inflated scandals, and not at all proof of a culture of cheating.

  127. Let’s be real here, Brady didn’t just decide to break the rule this yr, this has been going on his entire career, it was legal until the NFL changed the rules….Brady just changed how he went about breaking the rules……

  128. Firstly…..If it was a big deal, why didn’t Feely make a big deal of it then?? GUESS it wasn’t much of anything….. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY…..
    This I believe is a pile of garbage!!! If I remember how it was then…the home teams supplied the balls OR if the visiting team had issues with them they could use a kicking ball. Remember at that time it was kicking balls that had all kinds of things being done at the time.
    THAT I believe is what happened OR something similar!!
    NO CHEATING…NO NOTHING!! Just an nobody at QB wishing to have his 5 minutes of fame…and scrutiny..

  129. Harrisonhits2: interesting point. Please give me the site that backs up your claim that the patriots fumbled at the league average. Their one lost fumble in 74 touches being 20 touches better than the next best team is a huge advantage. It would surprise me that their fumble rate was at league average as you claim.

  130. bruvern says:
    May 13, 2015 12:57 PM

    scuffing balls doesnt impact the game as much as deflating. Look at fumble ratios across all teams from ’06-’07 (when u could legally scuff balls, etc…). All numbers are pretty much the same, except the Patriots who went from 22nd in the league in fumbling to the best in the league. Turnover ratio is a HUGE factor in who wins (79% of teams who win turnover ratio win the game). So deflating makes a much bigger difference then scuffing up a ball- its a fact. There is a reason its illegal- b/c it makes so much of a difference. Should NFL teams be able to add wings on their footballs so they travel farther? i mean they can scuff them, so why not be able to add nerf wings to them??? Same thing right? When fumble ratio skyrockets this yr will you still say the deflating had zero effect? And pats are the ONLY team in history to have draft picks taken away 3 separate times. So yes- culture of cheating.

  131. Ok so if this has supposively been going on since 2004 how has the NFL just now learned about it? Are the Patriots really that good at cheating? Are the league and officials oblivious to what is going on or did they blatantly ignore the issue? If the integrity of the game is so important why have players like AJ Feely kept quiet for so long if they feel Brady has had an unfair advantage?

    My opinion is that this is something that players felt wasnt a major issue, probably because the Patriots and Tom Brady weren’t the only ones messing with the balls or bending the rules. Logic tells me that if a team or player is possibly cheating I want either the officials or league to be aware. I wouldn’t want to feel like I lost games or lost a chance at competing for a championship because another team had an unfair advantage. The only reason I could see for other players or teams not coming out for this is out of fear that the league would look into if this was a league wide problem.

  132. Look at the smirk on Brady in that pic.
    Thought bubble ( You have no idea how sleazy I really am )

  133. bruvern – perhaps Br*dy should “study the rule book” concerning cooperation with League investigations …

  134. phootballphorever says:
    May 13, 2015 11:03 AM
    LOL at Robert Kraft. Your team has been bending the rules for years. And don’t start the whole “well other teams do it” garbage. Perhaps they do, but YOU were caught. So man up you creep. What a dirtbag owner.

    Translation: Mr Kraft, your team has been beating my team like a drum since 2001 and I’m really angry about it. I can’t really admit that my team stinks so I need to claim you and your team cheated. I even claim you cheated to win games in 2001, 2003 & 2004 by breaking a rule that was not in existence until 2007! But what really ticks me off is that after all is said and done BB, Brady and the Pats will be once again competing for a SB and my team will still stink.

    Sincerely, random NFL fan.

  135. MORE whining from a former AFC East rival.

    Every high-level athlete is very particular about the details of their performance. Heck, every high-level everything – do you think Yo Yo Ma wants to play a cheap, brand-new instrument? But he would if he had to, just like Brady destroyed the Colts in the 2nd half of the championship game and then won the Super Bowl with those “orange brand new balls”.

    The point of all of this is that the league office turned what should have been a case of, “hey, okay, we really let this rule go and never really enforced it or bothered to take it seriously, so memo to all teams: from now on here is our new formal procedure…” turn into something that has embarrassed the league, the sport, its most successful team, its current champion, and arguably its greatest player ever.

    How is that anything but complete incompetence on the part of the league office?

  136. oh man. i used to think the patriots were a team destined to be elite and great…

  137. Tee hee. So much BITTERNESS in here from Patriot Hater! 🙂

    Bitterness is not good for you. Cheer up and toast the World Champion Patriots instead! 🙂


  139. “Latest accuser says Brady used underinflated, old beat up football in 2006 game against the Lions!”

    Somewhere, Bill Cosby is breathing a little easier.

  140. Guaranteed…just about every kicker and QB in the NFL messes with the footballs. anybody that thinks they don’t are just fooling themselves. Why do you think the league started providing “K” balls for kickers. the kickers were messing with air pressure, scuffing the balls, putting them in microwaves lol you name it. Rest assured there are many QB’s guilty of altering footballs in the last 30 years..

    can we talk about something else now? This is no big deal.

  141. Warning to all! This is going to be necessarily long for those who want to consider another very possible theory/possibility/probability about what happened here.

    Right up front I admit I am a huge Patriot fan who has lived in Boston area for over 20 years.

    With that said, I must admit that something underhanded happened here. But I also don’t believe that Tom Brady had anymore to do with it than any other QB on any other team Meaning; letting his EQ people know how he wants the ball to “Feel”. I don’t think for 1 second he ordered or even suggested that footballs be deflated to a specific PSI (below the rules). So what do I believe actually happened, from watching how the Patriots operate in the Belichick era?

    I believe Josh McDaniel is the real culprit here. And is the one everybody has built a firewall around. He is the OC. He is into the science of offensive football. He is the one who knows the PSI rules and how to manipulate them to reduce fumbling in his offense. And increase passing efficiency. He is the one who sets up the adverse ball conditions that Belichick mentioned to stress test his offense. He is the one who actually would take the risk and order EQ people to deflate balls to a specific PSI. He is the one Belichick, Kraft, Goodell, et al have endeavored to insulate. To keep this scandal from getting even bigger. And taking down the Coach/GM and legacy.

    IMO McDaniel is the one that had full motive, power and opportunity to do this exactly lie it happened. And it has been interesting to me, that no one has uttered his obvious name since any of this occurred. In a way, Tom Brady has been a massive distraction away from the real culprits. That EQ guy, McNally, knew it. And that was the reason he threatened to go to ESPN with “The Story”. McDaniel was fired in Denver for cheating. And let go in St Louis under questionable circumstances. He is most assuredly at the epicenter of this storm IMO. Brady protected him. And Belichick shielded him from suspicion and possible culpability.

    Ted Wells botched his fatally flawed investigation by focusing on Brady IMO. He should have focused on Josh McDaniel, Bill O’Brien, and Charlie Weiss. To definitively determine whether strategic ball deflation has always been an integral part of Patriot game planning. Especially since Bill Belichick himself kicked that door wide open in his presser. While steering culpability away from himself. IMO, all Tom Brady ever did in this entre affair was to fondle balls. And approve or disapprove tem based on whether they felt right to him. Just like every QB in the NFL does. And the Wells report did not even come close to proving its case against him. Or establish what actually happened. His investigation seemed to have focused early on a lazy theory. SO as not to implicate Bob Kraft’s entire operation. I think Brady’s lawyer is spot on. And his defense is going to make a lot of people look very bad. Especially the NFL itself.

    The unprecedented institutional punishment rendered to the Patriots b the NFL suggests that it thinks Belichick or someone very close to him was culpable too. They just blasted Brady for being uncooperative.

    Unless Goodell or arbitration end runs the looming embarrassment which could expand to other teams, OCs and QBs past and present. By reducing Brady’s punishment to zero games suspended in Appeal. This is just the tip of a massive iceberg to my eyes. Just my opinion.

  142. If the Cowboys/Romo cheated like this, I imagine the Internet would’ve melted down by last week.

    But because it’s Brady and Bawwwwwston. The crybaby defense force is out in full force.

    Thumbs up if your team doesn’t cheat.

  143. Google “In the grasp: Quarterbacks caress new Pigskins”. NY Times article about how every QB in the league prepares footballs in different ways. Highlight: David Carr admitting to deflating footballs before games in Denver because of atmospheric effects.

  144. The refs handle the ball on every play, I can buy that they can’t tell the difference between 12.5 and 11.5 PSI by feel but I’m pretty sure they can figure out if a ball is old or brand new.

    Feeley is full of it.

  145. This is too funny. Doctoring footballs has been going on in the NFL for decades and suddenly on Jan. 22, 2015, the NFL gets religion that inflating/deflating footballs is suddenly a criminal offense.

    Everyone is so willing to dump on our football heroes now when it’s convenient for them to do it, behind the guise of the NFL’s bogus ruling against the Patriots. Why was no one dumping on the Panthers and Vikings when they were heating up balls on the sidelines? Why was no one dumping on Aaron Rodgers when he freely admitted playing with over-inflated footballs? Why was no one dumping on the Chargers when they applied a sticky substance to their footballs?

    This has NOTHING to do with cheating and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that everyone is looking to tear down a team they’re jealous of, that wins too much, a team that everyone hates. It’s so sad when we can’t even celebrate our great football dynasties. So sickened and ashamed and embarrassed to be an American today.

  146. steelcurtainn says:
    May 13, 2015 12:21 PM
    Pats fans who say the tuck rule, spygate and deflate dont bother them. They do. Dont lie to yourselves now. Earned Trophies and Banners are what its about not questionable/Tainted trophies/Banners. Unfortunately all of their championships have been questioned. Only in NE will it not matter. Stand up and face the truth pats fans.


    Wait, so the “tuck rule” is now somehow bunched into the NE cheating mythos? That rule existed long before that game, you know.

  147. should be easy to determine by looking at game footage. What a clown. Obviously made up. If a QB was using a practice ball the officials would immediately know it.

  148. Now it will start to come out.
    Laugh it up Pats* fans as I see you doing here.
    You are the ones who made a pampered sports hero into a God. Now he will make you all look like fools.
    The bandwagon Pats* fans have the sensibilities of children, so not surprised by their childish reactions.

  149. kurdishpats1 says:May 13, 2015 10:56 AM

    T-minus 14 minutes 30 seconds before Feeley goes back to being a nobody …


    If he’s a nobody, what does that make you?

  150. Pat’s fans are laughin’ it up alright… LOSERS.

    Take a look at the Scoreboard children:

    Pats 28

    Seahawks 24

    Superbowl Champs…


  151. Let’s all be honest, at this point 98% of the commentary is completely driven by the commenter’s love or hate of the Pats


    True. No one is going to change anybody’s mind at this point. I am just going to look for funny posts from here out. Most of these are way to serious considering the subject matter

  152. And what else did he see other teams do? How come that’s not mentioned by every other player, retired or not? All you hear about is Patriots but you’re full of BS if you don’t think other teams were not doing things also. Lets hear those NOW because they’re out there doing it, you just don’t hear anyone talking about it. What a BS report, and what a BS league.

  153. As long as the wins are not taken away pats fans could care less. Unless of course a team cheated against them then they would want blood. Fans are pathetic.

  154. Dear Roger,
    Do you want me to investigate this? I estimate it will take only 180 days (due to the need to enhance witnesses memories after 11 years) and cost approximately $7.5 million (including the “frequent litigator” discount).

  155. How can you not love the meltdown of the Pats fans. The excuses, the tin foil hats, the incessant whinning. It’s delicious.

  156. The biggest problem with all these people coming out and saying this isn’t the first time Brady has doctor the balls. New England and Brady Fans see no problem with this. Its cheating once 1 team is playing with a different ball than the other team. Its an un fair playing field. Its against the rules and is called Cheating. Brady’s Center from his 1st two SBs has said this isn’t the 1st time Brady has had the balls deflated. So instead of being in denial and enabling Brady by sayings its OK. The NFL came down hard on a Cheater liar and A man who cover it up and throw the Equipment Manager under the bus. New England should just shut up and not make too many waves about it. This investigation was only for that 1 game against the Colts. Lucky the NFL didn’t do a full investigation going all the way back to his 1st SB’s all the way to the present day. Brady career will always be suspect and now Brady wont go in on the 1st vote to the HOF. Who wants a Cheater and a liar that tried to cover up his cheating by making the equipment manager the fall guy in the HOF?

  157. I believe that prior to 2006’s rule change, QBs got something like 45 minutes with the balls prior to the game to rough them up…I remember this being mentioned during one of the Super Bowls (maybe 38 against the Panthers, as the announcers were discussing Jake Delhomme’s dislike of using the slick logo side of the ball). If the teams each got time with the game balls to rough up, then maybe Feely just never knew that and never did it. I honestly didn’t know about the rule change, so always assumed it was still that way, and was shocked when I first heard about the in-depth process that Eli Manning goes through to prepare his game balls, as I didn’t think that it was allowed beyond the 45 minutes pre-game time.

  158. If you want to cheat and very possibly affect the results of a game, holding is your best bet. The risk reward is very minimal. If you are caught, a 10 yard penalty. That is it.
    Much more effective than letting a little air out of a ball, and a LOT less risky.

  159. It wouldn’t be surprising if Brady nearly always doctored the football.

  160. And the refs didn’t notice? I can see maybe they didn’t notice and 11 psi ball when it should have been 12.5; but, not noticing an old ball vs a new ball? And why didn’t you say anything then?

  161. Poor little “Touchy” Feely. Another piece of roadkill on TB’s drive to the HOF (GOAT wing).

  162. Well please tell us something we didn’t know…
    The Patriots and especially Tom Brady think they own the NFL, and can get away with anything…we all know Mr. Kraft owns Goodell, he’s just a puppet there….altering the balls air pressure has been going on for a long time, or hasn’t anybody notice their fumble stats….yeah deflated balls are easier to hold….believe it or not….If Brady wants to come clean he should admit he screwed up… and should turn in his phone messages and texts.. other wise he will be labeled a Cheater until he retires and probably after that….how personal is his phone, when it can clear his name from wrong doing? I would..beside they promise him nothing would leak out that was personal… by refusing he showed his guilt… I hope if he appeals it, they will demand his phone this time….anyway, he shouldn’t complain, he only got a slap on the wrist… the 1 million bucks is chicken feed for Kraft about the only thing that might hurt them is the round picks…but they’ll get over it…

  163. I can’t believe how many times this needs to be posted. Obviously Pats fans only want to listen to themselves. so one more time…

    It isn’t just AJ Feeley. This was recognized by the league in 2004. The Patriots were CAUGHT using a practice ball in a game (at that time they used basically new balls prior to Brady and Manning whining for a rule change). The League sent the Patriots a letter telling them it was cheating and if they were caught doing it again they would get league discipline. So in other words, this didn’t “just come up” 11 years later, the league knew about it and addressed it at the time.

    Look at page 43 of the Wells report for more info.

  164. ok, i think we can all safely say what we already knew. The patriots organization is filled with lying cheats and their fans are delusional. Pats fans need to get use to words like “asterisk” and “tainted” and all such synonyms from here on out. even if they win everyone will be suspicious.

  165. Mundo…..you moron. Do you believe Ted Wells? Let me say this. Do you know how you can tell a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving. My opinion is that every lawyer in the country is a liar. I believe Tom Brady will win his appeal and have the entire suspension wiped clean.

  166. The only thing that bothers me about all of this…is that the Patriots were the second least fumbling team in the entire NFL last year. Brady may have placed the order, but all of his RB’s enjoyed carrying around his softer balls…

  167. Hmmmm…. Just crossed my mind about a meme I saw earlier today…. “If your girl/guy is fighting you if you try to see their phone…. Just give it back, they cheatin.” Applies to THIS situation to! Baaahaaa!!! Giselle better watch out…. No telling what other cheating he’s been doing. Wonder if he would fight her as bad if SHE asked to see his phone????

  168. Since, when did playing with used footballs constitute “doctoring” the balls? The title is misleading and AJ Feeley does not need to make excuses 11 years later on why did he not play that great in the NFL.

  169. I wonder if AJ knows how long Aaron Rodgers has been doctoring footballs…Aaron and the Packers overinflate as he admitted to Phil Simms. Does he know why there was no investigation or penalty against the Packers? Could it be because they aren’t the Patriots? Does he know why none of the Packers opponents called for investigation after Rodgers admitted that he tells the equipment guys to go over the legal limit? Could it be because ball pressure is really no big deal…???

  170. wizard239051 get over it Tom Brady is a CHEATER AND ALWAYS WILL BE !!!! You pats fans are idiots to think he didn’t and secondly he got SUSPENDED FOR NOT COOPERATING !!! if he wasn’t GUILTY he would have shown the text messages he was sending the ball boy only a Guilty person would do that even if he wins his appeal he still just as GUILTY AS SIN!!! to everyone except you pats fans
    go teach your kids its OK to CHEAT !!!!!!!

  171. jason8er says: May 13, 2015 3:13 PM

    How can you not love the meltdown of the Pats fans. The excuses, the tin foil hats, the incessant whinning. It’s delicious.
    Just whine baby.

    I heard that the text about one of the ball boys treating to go to ESPN was before the season had even started.

    If this is the case I see no reason why the investigation should not have gone back more than this one game. Outside of collusion of course.

  172. What Feeley’s talking outws actually very common. Even Eli mentioned it in A NYT piece. Every QB did what they could to either get balls broken in or get broken in balls.

  173. No way to respond to all the idiot comments from cheat fans, they are not only clueless about any of the actual details, but literally don’t care one bit if their team cheats. As far as they are concerned there are no rules as long as you don’t get caught. Then they tell themselves that everyone does it. You can point fingers to all kinds of people as excuses to why this may have happened in 2004 and why nothing was ever done , it still doesn’t take away from the fact that these people have no morals and will try anything. If it was 2004 that means these teams weren’t allowed to use anythjng but NFL provided balls. How did they get around it? Who knows, maybe they paid someone to look the other way, maybe the refs are just that bad, maybe no one said anythjng because they didn’t want to look like a whiner, but it all goes right back to you are still a cheater.

  174. since doctoring balls no longer means anything to new england fans and certain members of the media I say MLB pitchers be allowed to do anything they want to the baseballs while on the mound

  175. no different from the PED users, the Gaylord Perrys’, guys wearing stickum on their hands.

    ALL OF THESE GUYS ARE CHEATERS! what a disgrace, New England just takes cheating to a level unseen before. But most of these guys are dishonest cheaters, will do anything, rules be damned, to get an edge

  176. According to the Wells Report, a letter from then-NFL director of game operations Peter Hadhazy dated Nov. 2, 2004 said the incident involved New England ball boys relaying “non-approved practice balls to a game official” during an Oct. 24, 2004 regular-season game. 

    For the people bashing Feeley all you need to do is read. This sounds similar to what he describe. Brady cheated point blank. Does it tarnish his legacy? Not for me but I can understand if it does for others.

  177. So here’s a few things. AJ Feeley actually beat the Patriots the one time he ever played against them, the only time he was a full season starter. Even more funny about his statement is that A. Tom Brady Entered the league in 2000, Feeley entered in 2001. So when he says “prior to Peyton and tommy ( not sure why he calls him Tommy)” I don’t know what the F’ he is talking about because he wasn’t in the league “prior” to either of them. B. Who cares about AJ Feeley, I’m an Eagles fan and I loved the guy but even I think this is a little much, considering you won the game, and you were a journeyman for just about your whole career. You are irrelevant. When Brees, Manning, Rodgers or Luck say a word condemning Brady that’s when I’ll start paying attention but since they likely do close to the same thing their mouths are shut.

  178. If the league really thought it was a big deal why did the give the Vikings and Panthers a slap on the wrist? Why weren’t the asking for cellphones, interrogating witnesses, checking temperatures/psi at half time? Why didn’t they take up the procedural shortcomings during the March meeting? Yes it’s such a big deal when it suites the league but not enough of a big deal that they would do even a little thing like making sure all the pressures were logged and the same gauge was used. BFD

  179. My personal opinion on this is, any advantage gained was so infinitesimal, I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would go to the trouble of doing it, much less lying about it. That’s probably why the majority of football fans are enjoying watching this organization and Patriots fans with the whole gymnastics routine. The Patriots had their time, it was longer than most, and now it’s like some weird combination of deja vu and a mirage all in one. Because who would know more about a witch hunt then the good people of The Common Wealth of Massachusetts.

  180. Freeny erroneously lays this at the feet of Tom Brady and the Patriots and even in this article there is not even a mention that the referees touch every ball that comes onto the field.

    These footballs were allowed into the game by the referees who evidently had no problems with the conditions of the balls. So if it’s okay with the NFL’s own on-field officials, how is that considered cheating?

  181. Wait- this conspiracy runs DEEP. If AJ Feeley could visually identify the scuffed balls from a distance, then WHY didn’t the refs- who handled the obviously scuffed, and not new balls- register a complaint?

    Either the entire league was conspiring to help the Pats there- or AJ Feeley just printed up 1,500 glossies at Kinko’s and wants to drum up some business for a sign and sell he’s running at a used car lot this weekend.

  182. Every Patriots fan making fun of AJ Feeley right now, that listens to Scott Zolak on their radio and quotes his every word – priceless.

  183. Reminds me of Nixon and Watergate. They were on the way to a landslide victory but were so unsure they just had to see what the Democrats were up to. Stupid.

  184. “Brad Johnson admitted scuffing balls up in the 2002 season”

    Indeed he did. In fact, he admitted to paying a ball boy $7500 to do it.

    This is a far worse violation than anything Brady did, because back in 2002, teams weren’t even supposed to touch the balls before the game.

    So, when is Goodell going to going to punish Tampa Bay?

  185. ya I am sure feely is lying folks, Tom Brady in 2004 = GOD! They had just won 3 of 4 SB’s folks and you think the refs or the league is going to listen to a kicker? You are all delusional. I am sure this won’t be the last player to come forward and confirm what we we all know to be true, Tom Shady is a cheat!

  186. The verdict of the NFL was that Jay Feeley lacked “the right stuff”. Guess they got that right!

  187. A lot of comments from people who have apparently never thrown a football competitively. Yes, it makes a difference when you throw a broken in ball vs a new ball but, in all fairness the Pats were not the only team to do this.

    Why do you think Brady and Manning petitioned the league to change the rules?

  188. The validity of a person’s testimony is not based on their popularity or athletic skills.

    Discrediting AJ Feeley because he didn’t fit your ideal of a QB is shallow.

  189. Just because he wasn’t a star doesn’t mean he isn’t a credible person regarding this. To dismiss a person who was there and has nothing to lose is unwise. Brady doesn’t have a Luck type arm. Maybe with out deflated balls he is Andy Dalton

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