Ravens agree to three-year deal with Kyle Arrington

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Ex-Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington didn’t take long to find employment.

Two days after being released by New England, Arrington agreed in principle on a three-year contract with the Ravens, the club announced Wednesday evening.

The 28-year-old Arrington strengthens the Ravens’ depth at cornerback, which was stretched to its limits a season ago because of injuries. With Arrington joining Jimmy Smith, Lardarius Webb and Asa Jackson, Baltimore will have a solid quartet at a vital position.

A seventh-year pro from Hofstra, Arrington (5-10, 190) has recorded 352 tackles, 48 passes defended and nine interceptions. He has made 56 career starts, all with New England.

Throughout G.M. Ozzie Newsome’s tenure, the Ravens have had a good eye for recently released veteran talent, with Steve Smith, Elvis Dumervil, Jacoby Jones, Samari Rolle and Derrick Mason among the cuts who have found success in Baltimore.

99 responses to “Ravens agree to three-year deal with Kyle Arrington

  1. Not a bad signing.

    As we saw last season, you can never have too many corners, and this will give depth and allow us not to rush Jimmy and Webby back too soon in training camp.

  2. This is what makes Ozzie great…

    He frees some cap space prior to the draft…

    Doesn’t reach in the first couple rounds for a young corner which can be very hit or miss…

    And then he sits back and waits for a veteran CB to fall into his lap.

    Never been one to give off season grades.. But the Ravens are doing a great job since the end of last season.

  3. I freaking LOVE this organization – playing chess while most are playing checkers. Year in & year out, Ozzie gets it done… & still they don’t learn!

  4. Ravens get better with this signing, giving us a proven slot CB and more overall depth at the position which cost us a Super Bowl chance last year.

  5. He should bring a copy of the rule book with him. Harbaugh needs to study up, or he could just whine about it and get the rules changed.

  6. No one else wanted him. Why did the CB starved Patriots cut him? That should tell you something isn’t right……

  7. I’m sure we’ll read tomorrow that Colbert left 100 unanswered messages. Way to go Oz! You smoked em again!

  8. Wouldn’t call Asa Jackson solid yet myself so this is a very good signing for the Ravens. They have been hurting at corner since Corey Graham wenr to Buffalo, despite the good start by the secondary lastbyear before Jimmy Smith’s injury derailed the entire group last year. Knowing Ozzie too, it’s likely the numbers are pretty friendly to the team’s salary cap as well.

  9. richheddleson says:
    May 13, 2015 7:10 PM

    No one else wanted him. Why did the CB starved Patriots cut him? That should tell you something isn’t right……

    Maybe it’s that he counted $4.6 million on the Patriot’s cap this year.

  10. Will he get his deer antler spray when he shows up to practice or was that in the gift bag when he signed his contract

  11. Things just keep getting better. Solid draft. Good F/A acquisitions. Now if only Webb and Smith can stay healthy, the Ravens should be set for the playoffs once again.

  12. Benched in the super Bowl, cut after the draft. Yeah, what a genius. This rivals the Ihedibo signing. Stay near the transaction wire for the next Pats castoff Oz.

  13. Did NO ONE from the Ravens watch the Super Bowl????

    Arrington almost single-handedly cost New England that game, getting torched over and over, until Belichick pulled him in favor of Butler.

    Good luck, Baltmore.

  14. The Patriots REALLY looked stupid for signing our castoff Adalius Thomas.

  15. loved how competitive and passionate a player he is. Made a lot of big plays for us. Only thing is he gave up even more and just is awful defending passes more than twenty yards

  16. Arrington’s stock dropped the last 2 years. He was not worth the cap charge for the Pats. If Ozzie got him on the cheap, however, its a good signing.

  17. congrats Baltimore. You got a great guy, A good special teams player, and a not so good defensive back (Unless you like your DB’s 2 steps behind the receiver).

    I was surprised by the contract the Pats gave him after having not been too impressed with his db work. I think the Pats gave him that contract and those salaries thinking he’d be playing like a 4.6 million dollar db this year. I dont think he’s played well enough to earn that much. Wish him luck!

  18. was surprised when I saw them release Arrington. Yea, he got torched in the SB, but he’s not an outside CB.

    In the slot, he’s pretty darn good. I’m guessing BB must see stuff in the younger guys that he feels is better than Arrington.

    Anyway, Ravens fans, you picked up a definitely better than average slot corner. So if that was a need for you, it isn’t anymore.

  19. He had some good games at corner when he was a Patriot. Did have a few where tall, fast receivers were killing him. Overall a decent player, just didn’t meet the value to salary this year for the Pats.

  20. AThomas in 2007? I didn’t know you wanted to revisit history. How about Kyle Boller for 5x Pro Bowler VWilfork and EWilson? Who looked stupid there? Probably helped the Pats 9-3 record vs the ravens.

  21. Surprising that they cut him, given their lack of depth in the 2ndary but this thread gives 4.6 million reasons why. Good observation that he did not play himself up to a 4.6 mill level so he had to go.

    Good signing by Baltimore if it was on the cheap and likely, as one said above, on essentially a 1 year deal not 3.

  22. Good pickup for the Crows. He’ll help immensely.

    Just too expensive for New England.

    Good luck, Kyle. Go Patriots.

  23. A bit overpaid by The Pats. But not sure how they can use the cap space now. Very controversial in NE as far as quality but many thought he did a good job in the slot. Seattle and others exposed him, especially with height or longer routes.

    A decent signing as long as he’s your number three or four guy.

    Do the Pats have better . We shall see.

  24. They still need safeties. And probably a couple more corners. Is Danny gorrer still injured? He filled in nicely last year when healthy.

  25. He is a good slot corner, although he did get benched in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately going to the team that whines and cries more than any other franchise in pro sports. Also the most classless fan base that cheers for a woman abuser, and an owner and coach who stood up for him.baltimore was also listed as #7 as the team that cheats the most in the NFL. Pats are #13

  26. Wow.. Seems like a lot of veteran guys are slumming it for a bigger payday this year.

  27. futures44 says:
    May 13, 2015 8:32 PM
    He is a good slot corner, although he did get benched in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately going to the team that whines and cries more than any other franchise in pro sports. Also the most classless fan base that cheers for a woman abuser, and an owner and coach who stood up for him.baltimore was also listed as #7 as the team that cheats the most in the NFL. Pats are #13

    That cheating list is bogus and you know it. They list Flacco joking about tackling the kick returner in the Super Bowl as cheating.

  28. As a Pats fan, I don’t want to burst the bubble of the Ravens fans who are celebrating, and I’ll say Arrington had some great games in the slot, but anytime he was on the outside he would just get burned again and again. I don’t think you’re getting a steal here, although I was surprised Belichick let him go. He’s an excellent special teamer too, but you’re not getting elite talent here, you know.

  29. Each anti Raven statement that has nothing to do with this signing just shows how envious some fans of other teams are a out the Ravens. As a fan of the Ravens it’s great to see because only the top 5 best teams in the NFL get attacked like this. Embrace the hate and keep on winning.

  30. Arrington is just what the Ravens need at just the right price. They could not afford another high priced corner. Remember that they have $15 mil in dead money this year. And, already have two expensive corners. It is kind of like the Kendrick Lewis signing. Not the greatest, but very serviceable. Ozzie is the best.

  31. Good signing Ozzie. Arrington is a solid slot corner. Patriots have now lost their 3 starting CB’s.

  32. he is a solid slot cornerback and is not bad against the smaller quicker guys cuz he can get physical with them but if the guy is over 6 feet tall and has any kind of elusiveness or ability to High Point a pass you are screwed.

  33. So glad he’s gone been hoping for this last couple of years . Always getting burned
    He got pulled in second half of super bowl because he cost 14 points before half ended . Good thing for Malcolm Butler otherwise Arrington as usual would’ve watch Seattle score the winning TD

    Good Ridings u bum !!!

  34. So lemmie get this straight: all the other NFL teams and fans hate the Patriots because they’re such big cheaters and love to see them punished, yet as soon as the Pats’ leftovers become available another rival scoops them up and those fans are happy about the pick up. Yeah, I’m sure all this Patriots fan hate has absolutely NOTHING to do with jealousy./sarcasm

  35. To the Pats fans that are ragging on the Ravens for picking up Arrington, I completely understand where you guys are coming from. As a Ravens fan it was extremely hard to get over losing both starting safeties after winning the super bowl. So after losing your 3 starting CBs, its only natural for you guys to keep saying how much any of those players suck and cant cover ect. Just like after #20 and Pollard left the Ravens a lot of us only mentioned how Pollard couldn’t cover and only good for breaking Patriot players or how #20 was only living on reputation (boy how much I would have loved to have #20’s reputation in 2013). So again its ok, I understand your grief.

  36. The Ravens got a good CB, and a good guy here.
    Kyle can be beaten by bigger receivers, but he was one of my favorite Pats.
    Hard Worker. Great attitude.
    Good Luck Kyle! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  37. I don’t think I ragged the guy too hard…he’s got the max out of his ability but he’s got some rather substantial limitations that always reared themselves at the worst possible time.

  38. Baltimore, did you watch the Super Bowl? Arrington got his tits lit by a pretty weak Seattle receiving crew so badly the Pats had to bench him. Thank God they had #23 waiting in the wings to bail him out.

  39. Every Pats fan: “Haha Ravens you got a scrub who sucks as a DB!”

    Me: oh you mean Arrington who was ranked as the 36th best DB last year by PFF, making him a top tier #2 essentially? And we got on the cheap because the Pats didn’t want to pay him? And will be strictly covering that slot because Jimmy and Webby have the 1/2 locked down on the outside? Yea no I’m pretty good with that, especially considering how cheap he’ll be.

    Daryl Smith, Justin Forsett, Jacoby Jones, Vontae Leach, James Ihedigbo, Elvis Dumervil… Shall I continue to name players who were dumped and picked up by the Ravens, only to become starters and great players once again?

  40. To those bashing Arrington for not being able to out jump a 6’5 receiver: Watch the two Indianapolis games. He shuts down T.Y. Hilton both games. How many corners can say they have done that. It was Arrington, not Revis on Hilton.

    It was the Pats fault for leaving a slot corner on a giant receiver for so long in the super bowl. What did they expect.

  41. How many NE cast offs end up doing well at their next stop? Hopefully, the competition the Ravens already have will push him up or out.

  42. Big adjustment for Kyle, just went from the best organization in football to the worst.

  43. The wizardry of Oz, again. Avoidance of splashy FAs and staying true to the draft board, Oz and Decosta have done a great job in solidifying the depth of the Ravens roster. Arrington will help restore the Ravens secondary.

  44. Without Revis back there to overplay and hide this guy’s many deficiencies, he’ll be a real asset to the Ravens secondary. I’m looking for Ben and Andy to rack up 300 yard games this year.

    Ozzie goes dumpster diving again. What a genius.
    I’m thinking 6-10 this year, Ravens fans.

  45. As a Pats fan, I do agree with cutting Arrington because he simply was not worth the cap hit. Having said that, the Ravens are pretty much the last team that I would have wanted him to join. Congrats Baltimore, you picked up a very good slot corner.

  46. Brown, Coates, Bryant, Bell, Heath and Wheaton. You better get somebody. Prepare for a whipping.

  47. When Arrington signed his 4 year deal with NE I thought in reality he would be cut this off-season, given the constructs, however Bill really seemed to have a chubby for Arrington really played well this past season. Just goes to show he’s a value guy thru and thru. Arrington helped us out, he was up and down but all in all he was a good player for us.

    With that being said, the Pats have a problem with depth, contrary to popular opinion they have a logjam. Something had to give. Ryan, McClain, Butler, and Fletcher all have starting experience and are suitable players. Ideally Malcolm is #1, Fletcher #2, and McClain and Ryan split 3/4 depending on matchups. Arrington doesn’t really give you anything those other guys can’t – at less money, They have a STer in Chimdi w/ intriguing size/speed and Roberts is a guy who’s workout numbers are off the charts and has the tape to match (3rd ranked CB in FBS by PFF).

  48. Arrington is a very good slot corner, just don’t ask him to cover man to man on the outside. If he’s put in the right position he’ll do just fine.

  49. Cant wait to see this guy pick off Big Ben. He thought the WC game was bad. Just wait until he sees Arrington whiz by with a pair of pick sixes.

  50. 3 years should be plenty of time for him to commit at least one felony and sign an extension with the ravens…


  51. Arrington will get torched outside or by oversized WRS, but if he is healthy he is a good slot corner and a consumatte pro.

    That the pats cut him raises red flags to me, but assuming he is healthy this is a good signing

  52. What’s going on? The Ravens beat out a half dozen other teams for a Free Agent?

    I thought the Ravens were crippled financially from Flacco’s contract?!

  53. Never thought I’d say this but I feel bad for Ravens fans. Get used to Arrington watching guys catch passes then maybe making the tackle. I practically danced a jig when I saw he had been cut. He has almost cost me my HDTV so many times that I had to keep throwable objects far away during Pats games. Good luck.

  54. When players go from one team to another, they are always learning new from the next teams coaches and players. Don’t ever think that a player is going to be the same on one team to the other. You never know….

  55. corvetteman6 says:
    May 14, 2015 12:11 PM

    I’ll be interested to see how Arrington adjusts to the smells of Baltimore, and the look of their ugly fans.
    Why am I picturing a combover and a 46″ waist tooling down 376 in his midlife-crisismobile?

  56. Interesting. Not following the Pats as I do AFC North teams, I was not sure what to expect I’d hear about him. But I don’t read tons of “he’s terrible” messages.

    I suspect he is a decent/middle of the pack CB who plays better in the slot. Good pick up. This was about adding depth, not front line talent.

  57. I don’t why Steelers fans are talking. With practically no secondary, Ravens made Ben ‘ s life a living hell. Multiple picks, one sad little TD. Total red zone impotence.

  58. Look at all the Steelers fans, obsessed with every move the Ravens make. 30-17. I know I hurts, but you have to live with it. Glad I didn’t have to hang my head in shame that night. How humiliating.

  59. Obsessed is the above poster breaking posting records on the Steelers threads, the poster who’s been in a complete panic since the Steelers drafted Dupree, with the thought of Flacco getting leveled in the backfield.

  60. There’s no garantee that Arrington beats out the many corners we have now, Gorrer, Jacobs, Levine, Melvin, Jackson, etc., etc.
    At least he has some experience so he might do alright at the slot corner. But that’s about all he will contribute probably.

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