Brady appeal will focus in part on delegation of authority to Troy Vincent


When the NFL Players Association files later today an appeal of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, the next phase of the #DeflateGate drama officially will begin. The first question will be whether Commissioner Roger Goodell handles the appeal himself (unlikely), appoints a neutral arbitrator (unlikely), or hands the baton to Harold Henderson or someone else with existing ties to the league office (likely).

The identity of the arbitrator will influence the outcome in many ways; Goodell or Henderson may resolve key issues one way, while a truly independent arbitrator may look at the situation differently. Regardless, there are issues that will be critical to the resolution of Brady’s appeal.

One of the biggest issues relates to the Commissioner’s decision to delegate the initial decision to executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent.

The May 11 letter from Vincent to Brady explains in the first sentence that Commissioner Roger Goodell “has authorized me to inform you of the discipline that, pursuant to his authority under Article 46 of the CBA, has been imposed on you.” Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brady’s appeal will focus in part on the language of Article 46, which encompasses “[a]ll disputes involving . . . action taken against a player by the Commissioner for conduct detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of football.”

The language of Article 46 implies that the Commissioner will take the action against Brady, not Troy Vincent or anyone else. And it’s obvious that Vincent made the decision. Indeed, Goodell made it clear from the moment that Wells report was issued that “Troy Vincent and his team will consider what steps to take in light of the report.”

Some believe Goodell delegated the decision to Vincent to create a buffer aimed at insulating Goodell against the wrath of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Regardless, the union will argue that the plain language of Article 46 required Goodell to make the initial decision, and that he was prevented from delegating it to anyone else.

Article 46 also requires that, for any discipline imposed for conduct detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of football, the Commissioner “shall consult with the Executive Director of the NFLPA prior to issuing, for on-field conduct, any suspension or fine in excess of $50,000.” Assuming that Brady’s infraction involves on-field conduct because it relates to footballs used during games, Goodell was required to consult with DeMaurice Smith before issuing the discipline.

If that didn’t occur, it’s likely not fatal to the suspension. It nevertheless shows a failure by the NFL to dot all i’s and cross all t’s in a case where the evidence against Brady as it relates to the AFC title game relies on a hypertechnical scientific analysis of football air pressure. Thus, if technicalities can be used against Brady, why can’t technicalities be used against the NFL?

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  1. Whats gonna happen when Brady goes out and puts up monster numbers and is in the running for MVP? Or if the pats go back to the Superbowl? Brady superbowl MVP again?

    Will the NFL take steps to prevent this from happening?

  2. Lawyers make me sick. This will be over soon, reduced to 4 weeks not 4 games. No way it goes to court because then Brady and Kraft would have to take the stand.

  3. What will this argument accomplish? Goodell can just re-impose all of the punishments personally if a court finds that his delegation of authority to Vincent was precluded by the language of the contract(which is unlikely to begin with under contract law).

  4. Brady is guilty of cheating and lying. The homers are just trying to get him off on technicalities. Sorry Tommy Shady Brady. Your reputation and legacy is forever tarnished.

  5. Thus, if technicalities can be used against Brady, why can’t technicalities be used against the NFL?

    Because technically, the NFL makes it all up as they go along.

  6. This is only going to get uglier…

    Mostly because of Goodell’s incompetence…

  7. Brady cheated. Everyone knows the patriots cheat and if you are a patriot your expected to cheat. Take your punishment like a man. You cheated, you got caught, now own up to it.

  8. Brady just needs to man up and apologize for his wrong doing. He pushed the boundaries of the rules and got caught.

    I imagine though, that this is just part of a plan by Goodell to make it look like he toughened up on the Patriots* lack of integrity for the game, when he probably intends to cut the punishment in half during the appeal so he can appease both sides. Both sides meaning the fans who are tired of the preferential treatment the Patrits* have received over the years and the Patriots* organization along with their fickle bandwagon fan base.

  9. This is what lawyers and A-10 pilots call a target rich environment. Goodell and his minions planned and executed this vendetta against with all the foresight and coordination of an ObamaCare website rollout. How many times do we need to have suspensions overturned and NFL officials revealed as incompetent or worse before Goodell is fired?

  10. Brady should cut his losses. He cheated and got caught, simple as that. He didn’t hand over his cell phone to the NFL for a reason.

  11. I’m just looking forward to seeing Goodell at the season opener in Foxboro. I’m guessing ‘flu like symptoms’ postpones the trip.

  12. Incredibly this goes right back to the beginning, a sting that never took into account air pressure because the NFL have NEVER considered air pressure a big deal. Kensil screwed up badly, Wells botched the report and Brady has been irreparably tarnished by Jealousy and Buffoonery

  13. ‘I may be guilty but so are you ‘

    Incompetent Goodell vs Cheating Brady

    Will two wrongs make a right or just continue to annoy the fans? Your NFL ladies and gentleman.

  14. The punishment over deflategate is based more on the ARROGANCE and lack of cooperation on the Patriots part, than the actual act of deflating the footballs. I’m glad they finally got a dose of tough love from the league.

  15. Go get em CHAMP.


  16. Ineptitude on the part of the NFL AGAIN !

    Goodell is a clown…

    Can’t wait until Brady’s team really revs up the machine and all the screw ups are out in the open…

    Brady is going to play day one… and Kraft will win his suit if he chooses to bring it… Hope he does… I’m sure he can expose a whole lot more than Brady’s team could.

  17. I find the Patriot Organization to be an open wound to the NFL. From the Coach to the players, what a disgrace. Just think how many other bad things the Patriots DIDN’T get caught doing?? One can only wonder….

  18. You would cheat if you knew you’d win! You’d do anything to be a WINNER like BRADY!

  19. I hope Brady shows the NFL for what it is

    If Brady had taken a football in an elevator and beaten it so badly it deflated Goodell wouldn’t seek out that video, let alone insist on reviewing Brady’s emails and texts and the penalty would be 2 games and no fines or lost draft picks

    Meanwhile Aaron Rogers admits seeking to circumvent psi regs, and the officials themselves over-inflate 3x the amount that Physics deflated the Patriots footballs showing how little they regard their own rules

    Add to that the NFL turning a blind eye to REAL issues that impact the League like the Colts purposefully losing games to Suck for Luck and the piping in of noise to give the Colts and Falcons the Seattle 12th Man advantage and a witch hunt over a minor issue is clear

    Wells Goodell and Kensil should release all of THEIR personal emails and texts to prove this was not a set up

    If they are innocent they have nothing to hide – so why won’t THEY?

  20. I just do not see any reason why or how they would reduce his suspension. Brady refused give up the data, texts, emails on the phone. Brady also refused to allow his lawyers to get the data to Wells. HE REFUSED. That alone equals guilt. Just take the punishment and move on.

  21. Years from now future generations are going to look back on Goodell’s administration and wonder, “What were they thinking?”‘

  22. I really hope they get someone neutral to decide.

    I don’t think Goodell used Vincent as a buffer, i think he wants to hear the appeal without arguments that he issued the suspension so there’s a conflict.

    The next CBA needs to fight for neutral arbitration. Preferably by a three person panel.

  23. I would like one Patriots fan to finally answer my questions.
    Nobody has been bold enough to try.

    1)Why do you have a guy named the deflator, who also says he hasn’t gone to ESPN (yet)? This is verified via direct evidence and can’t be argued.

    2) Do you think that it is purely coincidental that what you have in my first question also aligns at a time when the balls were tampered with and found to be deflated.

    Just one big coincidental conspiracy?

  24. Or he can just man up and admit he did it, and has been doing it for years, and that he didn’t think it was a big deal. CHEAT ON PATRIOTS…

  25. Brady won’t play very much if at all this season. Jimmy is going to come out and play lights out forcing Belicheat to keep Brady on the bench.

  26. This has gone beyond pathetic. It truly has. Man up. Brady will forever be known as the biggest baby to ever put on a uniform. Come clean, be a man. Who raised him?!?!? Waaahhh. I got caught shaving rules, waaahhh, I got caught lying about it. But legal maneuvering and semantics may get me out of it. Seriously how does he look himself in the mirror. To me, this diminishes everything he has done on the field. I would never say cheating won him any games, but his attitude, and denials and insistence that he plays by his own set of rules, makes him less of a man and a player.

  27. Goodell , Vincent and the NFL screwed up AGAIN!!! They botched even the basics. It’s like they never did this before and never looked at the contract!

    Kessler and the NFLPA are going tk have them for lunch…

  28. Tom Brady meet Larry Legend. A man with a legacy which has never been questioned. He is a sports Icon and a true American hero. Larry Legend a man who has always had the respect of his fans and peers alike. Tom you can learn a lot from a legend.

  29. Its not the appeal that matters. It’s the lawsuit coming after the appeal that will result in a striking down of the league’s preposterous decision.

    It’s unfortunate that this will be the final nail in the Commissioner’s coffin, given that what happened in the Ray Rice case should have been the end of Goodell’s tenure. But I’ll take his removal any way I can get it.

    He picked the wrong player to try and turn into a villain.

  30. Royal Raven would you take the rap for something they can’t prove and be a man you bloody Raven troll we beat you we destroyed you and we won the Super Bowl eat it

  31. If this lawsuit will get those phone records turned over and combed through, I’m all for it.

    All this whining and crying, this is why we don’t respect you or your organization. Top to bottom.

  32. I’m sure your phone records will clear this up. Let’s see them. Or enjoy your 4 weeks off and continue cheating on your wife.

  33. If Blandino and Goodell had just told the Pats “we have valid reports you guys may be playing with under inflated balls and we’ll be checking” prior to the AFCCG, we could actually be talking about football now. But no, they had to get clever and try to run a sting because Bellichick spurned the Jets 15 years ago.

    Instead, we get multiple daily doses of the Roger Goodell clown show, with guest star Tom Brady.


  34. Fascinating that Brady has never once argued he didn’t cheat. Looks like he won’t during this appeal either. That tells you all you need to know.

  35. Love how Weasel Fans (pats) attack anyone has found that Bady CHEATED, Colts, Comis, other NFL players, anyone but the cheater! He plays for the right fans, not big enough to bare their own guilt! The rest of the fans know.

  36. Why would he consult De Smith? Goodell knows the answer, Yes. Then De can go back to his afternoon naps after golf.

    De is a doormat busy bankrupting the NFLPA.

  37. Watch more incriminating information come out against Brady during his appeals process…he’ll wish he just took his 4 game suspension like a man.

  38. They all do the same things nobody snitched on anybody else because they’re not a dynasty 15 years of total dominance greatness breeds hatred eat it boys eat it

  39. Guy was talking about jimmy and going to ESPN three hours before patriots selected jimmy g in the 2014 NFL draft. Context of texts matters.

  40. To the commentator that said “Montana never had to cheat”..
    Sorry, but he was throwing his passes to an admitted cheater in Mr. Rice who used stickum ( Which was banned several years before he admitted using it) to help him catch all those touchdown passes from Montana..So the 49’ers Super Bowls are now tainted….

  41. Going after the Troy Vincent angle is a clear admission of guilt. If you didn’t do anything wrong, how about you tell us about that? Because you can’t. Regardless of where the chips eventually fall, there is ample evidence that Brady is guilty of detrimental conduct.

    Tom, the definition of character is doing the right thing even when nobody’s watching. Thinking you’ve seriously failed that test.

  42. Still don’t know how they “know” it was Brady. As far as I know they don’t have any direct evidence that he asked or demanded that footballs be deflated to or inflated to a certain PSI.

    Not giving up a personal cell phone isn’t proof. And neither is the organization refusing to have somebody else meet with investigators proof of Brady’s guilt.

    Not a Patriots fan; just a football fan with common sense.

  43. How can he appeal when he wasn’t fully cooperative during the investigation? Does this mean that he has to turn over all evidence now? What a joke…

  44. You can undermine the whole PSI thing and say the whole thing is stupid (because it is) but you can’t say Brady didn’t know about it. Every former QB that has spoken out about QB knowledge of ball feel agrees that no one touches the balls without the QB knowing, especially someone as meticulous as Brady.

  45. Brady, Kraft and Patriot fans are pathetic, they have embarrassed themselves as well as all of the
    member teams and the NFL, their resume will reflect their behavior. They should use Wellington Maras behavior and how he carried himself and represented the NFL as an example.
    It is funny the Patriots record vs the Giants in Super Bowls says t all.

    0-2 against the NY Giants in super bowl.

    Good Luck trying to clear your name- not really.

  46. Brady should cut his losses. He cheated and got caught, simple as that. He didn’t hand over his cell phone to the NFL for a reason.

    15 30 i Rate This

    I wouldnt hand over my cell phone either regardless…They can sign 10k non disclosure forms…that information would be on TMZ by dinner…..#GoodellisnotGOD

  47. Not sure I agree with this. The line you quoted says: (Goodell) has authorized me to inform you of the discipline that…has been imposed on you.”

    The literal interpretation is: “this discipline has been imposed and I have been authorized to inform you of it.” Of course this begs the follow up question “who imposed the discipline?” but it doesn’t mean necessarily that Vincent did it.

    No matter what though, however this gets spun, Goodell remains firmly the main villain in the story IMO. He imposes an historic punishment to probably show among others that he doesn’t play favorites with Kraft but then he doesn’t have the guts to say it in his face but delegates someone else to do the dirty job?

    To some extent you might even say that Goodell doesn’t agree with the punishment at all that’s why he “washed his hands” and let the crowd decide. (BTW definitely not saying that Brady is Jesus, not since he cut his hair anyway).

  48. I’ve written it here before…

    It should have been a suspension for obstruction.. because that’s “prove-able.”

    And the “more probable than not” tampering would have been dismissed.

    It would have made everyone happy.

    Then, they could change the procedures to prevent ball tampering in the future…

    viola.. case closed… move on.

  49. the only way Goodell can make this any worse for himself is to appoint Mike Kensil to hear the appeal.

  50. If the starting pressure was not recorded you must acquit. Let alone the use of 2 non calibrated pressure gauges and one with a bent needle. Another slam dunk case against the NFL.

  51. “Montana never had to cheat”

    actually he may have not cheated but the bulk of his numbers were balls thrown to jerry rice who openly admits having cheated through out most of his career using stickum. and in fact jerry’s first few years in the league weren’t successful and he had a high number of drops.

  52. What a smart argument from the team of lawyers, I never considered that. I now believe Brady did nothing wrong and is the greatest of all time — let me update his Wikipedia page

  53. Yes!!!
    Take it to that incompitant league office….
    I hope Kraft sues the league. & Brady goes even further & sues the league for defamation of character like Donald Trump said!!!

  54. I think there are 2 things the front office is failing at:

    1. Insure the NFL has good standards and practices and review compliance

    2. Insure there is a good relationship between the assets (players) and teams to the fans can focus on the product (games)

    As a fan, if this office cannot get these points under control they need to be changed this summer.

  55. Seems that not ONE Patriot fan cares to address my earlier questions.

    Not surprised. They know there is plenty of evidence proving guilt….but now they are on damage control because of their self serving interests for next season.

  56. To all the Patriot fans and others who don’t think the punishment is fair and that Goodell is after Tom Brady, get a clue. If there’s any owner Goodell wouldn’t want to punish, it would be Robert Kraft because they are friends. Brady is a high profile player who has gotten preferential treatment most of his career by the NFL. The problem is, there are other rich owners in the league too who won’t put up with what the Patriots have done. I’m not a Patriot hater and actually admire Tom Brady as a player because he’s intelligent and has done more with less his entire career. Fact is, he did the crime, so he should do the time. That’s not up for debate. And I get tired of the argument that other teams have doctored footballs over the years so everyone’s just picking on the pats. Don’t be naive. This isn’t 1980. Rules are rules, and if other teams were doing what Brady did, they’d get caught and be punished. Between spygate, Aaron Hernandez, and now deflategate… The Patriots image is not looking so good over the last decade. And yeah, it’s inconsistent to say the least the imposition of suspensions and fines by the league, but Ive seen the culture change over the last 2 years. Teams and players aren’t getting away with what they used too, and since the ray rice issue and the Hernandez thing, the league is coming down hard as they are stating to look like an organization lacking integrity, consisting of criminals and wealthy players and owners who have no bounds.

  57. Goodell put out a press release stating how he got feedback from many people, including Troy Vincent, before he decided on a punishment.

    Goodell stepped in it AGAIN!!!!

    Hard to believe such an incompetent is still the head of that league.

  58. Do everything you can to avoid the embarrassment of making an apology, Golden Boy!

  59. From the NFL’s own statement….” “We reached these decisions after extensive discussion with Troy Vincent and many others,” Commissioner Goodell said. “We relied on the critical importance of protecting the integrity of the game and the thoroughness and independence of the Wells report.”

  60. So let me get this straight…they are going to focus Brady’s “defense” on the fact that the proper person didn’t hand out the discipline? How about showing some information that shows that he wasn’t involved? The missing text messages perhaps? In my mind this legal tactic only further proves to me that he is guilty. Take your punishment like a man. Be humble admit your wrong doing. People will respect you more in the end if you do so.

  61. No one has explained to me how Brady not producing something (his private cell phone) the NFL has no right to compel him to produce undermines the game. The NFL asked and he said no.

    Nor can I understand how Brady’s unwillingness to do so can lead to a conclusion that the phone has evidence that would infer guilt on his part.

    Isn’t that a fishing expedition that turned into a typical fishing made-up story?

    Law deals with facts.

  62. An appeal based on Troy Vincent making the decision seems ludicrous. Vincent would not have made and communicated the decision on this matter without getting the approval of Goodell first. And of course Goodell has the right, like any boss, to delegate actions to subordinates on his staff. We need to be clear here about the distinction between responsibility for the decision (Vincent) vs. accountability (Goodell). Article 46 says that Goodell is accountable but doesn’t necessarily imply he is responsible for making every decision by himself.

  63. It is amazing how the populace is SO EASILY persuaded against a management authority, in this case the NFL.

    Yet the same fools who buy into this are the same people who are persuaded by the same media, to wholly ignore what Obama is doing to this country.

  64. This appeal posturing by the Patriots is all well and good but as far as suing in an actual court of law I honestly think they do not want Jim “The Deflator” McNally or John Jastremski to be put on the witness stand or especially for Tom Brady to leave himself open to perjury charges.

  65. Brady and the Patriots have the ball now, filled with gas by the NFL and Wells at the level of their choosing. This is going to be a multi point, dual defendant, offense.

    This is going to an expensive proposition for Goodell and it will cost hime every cent of the political capital he has left, and then some. If Brady and the Patriots show that Goodell, Vincent, and Wells put on a collective Three Stooges, rush to judgement report and penalty effort, the backlash will be enormous.

    The general public, which for the most part loathe Goodell, at least right now, will call for his removal. Vincent will be painted into a corner and perceived rightly, or wrongly, as a lackey and an empty hat at the table. Wells will be justifying and defending his multimillion dollar report, which will be the last one he writes.

    The owners, well Irsay doesnt carry that much sway anymore following his arrest for bulk possession of Class A narcotic pills without prescription, and being severely under the influence arrest.

    Advertisers will continue to advertise and fans will continue to watch and attend games, but this entire boondoggle will get slimier and slimier as it drags on. Profits will pour in regardless of anything Goodell does, or can take credit for.

    In the end? The entire mess will be disposed of by a league wide warning. No suspension for Brady, no loss of draft picks or fines for the Patriots.

    Goodell? Survives, but has no room for screw ups in the future…

  66. Just coincidentally, Vincent was one of Kensil’s sting team which, having found nothing, began to fabricate fake evidence (kicking ball handed to Pats ballboy, uneven ‘testing’ of balls of Colts and Pats, ignoring the highly material two needle problem, disregarding the killer flaw in the analysis: NO PSI RECORDED AT BEGINNING OF GAME), a clear conflict of interest.

  67. I think the complaint about Vincent is designed to try to force Goddell to appoint an independent arbiter. The clear suggestion is that Goddell let Vincent dole out the punishment not so he could placate Kraft (as if that would work), but so that he could then act as arbitrator as a supposed third party. But this is a really transparent effort by the league to control the whole process, and is clearly unfair.

    Given how big this has gotten, and how damaging this would be to Goddell if his punishments were vacated, the league simply has to appoint a really independent person. There is glaring conflict of interest. If an arbitrator destroyed the Wells report and vacated the punishments, Goddell might well lose his job. I suspect the Labor Relations Board might see it this way and force the NFL to do this.

  68. No, you’re right, Montana never had to cheat… His receivers cheated for him and Rice ADMITTED IT! 49ers were dirty for years so please stop with the Montana talk

  69. Regardless of how this turns out, the NFL should change their ball handling policy. The refs should be responsible for all game balls and should provide them and maintain them. No more specially selected balls for each team. Everyone uses the same balls.

    The refs should bring the balls out to the field and, in front of everyone, let each quarterback inspect them and allow each QB to reject up to 5 that they feel are unacceptable. The game would then be played with the remaining balls randomly by both teams.

    Oh, and last but not least, the pressure gauges that the refs use should be ISO certified with traceability back to an ISO approved source as is required in the manufacturing industry.

  70. Simply put the refs can’t maintain ball pressures during the game. Test before the game and let the NFL supplied ball attendant watch them at halftime. Any changes in pressure due to field conditions (cold heat wetness etc) will affect both teams balls. Assuring that they start at league mandated pressures is all that matters. Goodell can’t change the weather. Can’t even investigate and punish properly.

    Hey wait!!

    Fire Goodell and make him commissioner of footballs.

  71. It amazes me that no one from the Patriots has admitted the tampering. They fired the 2 guys and continue to deny tampering. Are these grown men really going to continue to say nothing happened here. Then why all the he said she said now after punishment is levied. This organization really believes they are above the rest of the league, could be something to do with why their athletes stay in the news (not all good as well). I would believe after having to testify at a murder trial about one of my athletes, I would try to have some kind of standards in my organization. Instead Kraft continues to deny (as he has before) to be made look like an idiot by his coach and or players. He just simply needs to acknowledge that something illegal occurred and move on. Hopefully he can restore a semblance of professionalism back to a once great organization.

  72. OJ got off on technicalities. Why not TB? Tommy will end up in the cheaters hall of fame with Lance, Pete, Barry, etc.

  73. So the league completely fails to provide any support or standardization for one of its rules, then we find that multiple QBs play fast and loose with the rule – for decades – and then the league arbitrarily nails one of said QBs, but does so in a way that violates its own procedural rules.

    My scorecard says the league is more in the wrong here.

  74. “In Part”

    Meaning: This will be one of many things that Brady will throw into the appeal. That doesn’t mean that he’s conceding that the balls were deflated, or that he knew about it, or that he believes it is reasonable to turn over personal phone records. It’s just a new element to his overall case. He’ll now do the following:
    1) Challenge the evidence contained in the WR,
    2) Challenge the reasonable-ness of turning over phone records,
    3) Challenge the NFL’s procedure in determining and handing down punishment,
    4) Possibly challenge the proportionality of the punishment as capricious.

    Attacking every phase of the process works because if any individual attack is able to prevail, the entire case falls apart. Even if no single attack is strong enough, the combined effort can raise enough uncertainty to cause a reduction in sentence.

  75. Lori M says:
    May 14, 2015 11:28 AM

    Regardless of how this turns out, the NFL should change their ball handling policy. The refs should be responsible for all game balls and should provide them and maintain them. No more specially selected balls for each team. Everyone uses the same balls.

    The refs should bring the balls out to the field and, in front of everyone, let each quarterback inspect them and allow each QB to reject up to 5 that they feel are unacceptable. The game would then be played with the remaining balls randomly by both teams.

    Oh, and last but not least, the pressure gauges that the refs use should be ISO certified with traceability back to an ISO approved source as is required in the manufacturing industry.


    I had to quote this whole message to say how BRILLIANT it is.

    Everything the NFL needs to know is right here. Do this, and everything will be fine.

    Now, how hard would it have been to simply do this without this clown-show investigation, which has just made the league and sport look ridiculous in the eyes of the public?

  76. They need to proceed with this technicality because it will force Goodell to issue initial punishment and will preclude him from hearing the appeal. During the appeal they will attack the wells report for the witch hunt it really was


  78. OJ got off on technicalities. Why not TB? Tommy will end up in the cheaters hall of fame with Lance, Pete, Barry, etc.
    While many may not agree with the verdict OJ was acquitted by a jury of his peers. That’s not a technicality. That’s the way the system works. A technicality would have been if OJ had been convicted, but the conviction was thrown out because Marcia Clark had failed to disclose exculpatory evidence the the defense.


  80. Funny how the players don’t want Goodell to be the sole authority on behavior/suspensions. But now Tom Brady wants Goodell to be the one making the decision and suspension.

    I remember what Troy Aikman said at the time. No way Brady didn’t know everything about the pressure & feel of the footballs. Every QB checks the game balls before every game.

  81. THE PATRIOTS = ******************************


  83. wannabeqb says:
    May 14, 2015 11:05 AM
    The Chargers were given a $20,000 fine for tampering with the footballs.

    THIS ^^^ and the fact that Brett Farve was fined $25k for not handing over his cell phone.
    You can totally forget the tampering with the footballs charge as the NFL has, read the wording on the punishments and its for conduct detrimental. Not handing over his phone and emails is considered by the NFL to be conduct detrimental.

  84. Some of you guys just do not like this team or brady, go back and read what evidence they have it make no sence at all you guys knows it. The truth is until you prove or have a good evidence you have no case. Go patnations

  85. Fans of 31 other teams want the greatest QB of all time, smeared and suspended to improve their team’s chances. If there is truly a God, let the truth and justice surface to clear the name of Tom Brady. Patriot Nation stand tall. Mr Kraft and Tom Brady have the money to get the lawyers to defend.
    Even if Tom is forced out for the 4 games, Bill Belichick will find ways to develop young Jimmy ahead of schedule and then when Brady returns just watch him fired up to show what he can do. It will be harder but with BB and TB there will always be a way to win.

  86. If your illustrious QB didn’t have to cheat nothing like this would’ve happened, why doesn’t he cooperate? isn’t your name being cleared and your reputation more important then whatever you have in your phone? why don’t go and interview that other worker called the deflator?

  87. Delegated it to Troy Vincent who did not read the 96 page Mueller report on Rice domestic violence because the crime is already done. Did he read the 240+ Wells report before he penalized Brady and the Pats or just towed the line that the Patriots are guilty from the start?

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