Goodell to handle Brady appeal

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Commissioner Roger Goodell delegated the initial decision regarding Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension to someone else. Goodell apparently won’t do that a second time.

Per multiple reports (i.e., the league is affirmatively getting out the word), Goodell personally will handle the appeal of Brady’s four-game suspension.

The decision comes only two weeks after the Missouri Supreme Court found that Goodell can’t be truly independent in disputes involving the teams that employ him. In this case, however, Goodell has on one hand a desire to placate Patriots owner Robert Kraft and on the other hand a desire to further bolster the notion that Goodell will never again go too easy on someone accused of wrongdoing. Maybe those two competing desires will result in Goodell striking a fair balance.

Or maybe they’ll ensure that, no matter the outcome, Goodell will be relentlessly criticized.

Regardless, Goodell now will be asked to validate the work of the independent investigator he hired to investigate the case and the efforts of the senior executive to whom Goodell gave the authority to make the initial decision. If Goodell scuttles or adjusts in any way the decisions of Ted Wells and Troy Vincent, Goodell will look foolish for entrusting the situation to them in the first place.

As the NFL Players Association has argued, if the evidence against Brady is so strong, Goodell should welcome the opportunity to have a truly independent arbitrator examine it. But that would set a dangerous precedent at a time when more and more people are realizing that the Commissioner never can be truly independent in cases of his nature.

Maybe the reaction to Goodell’s decision to retain authority over the Brady appeal will create the kind of reaction that eventually will lead to the type of distraction that will get the NFL to change its course, like the league has done in response to persistent public pressure regarding the blackout policy and the league office’s tax-exempt status.

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  1. Or maybe Goodell wants to handle it so he can give his buddy Kraft a free pass.

  2. This is going to be a predetermined outcome, I guarantee Goddell will use the Wells report as a reason to upheld the suspension, even though that’s what is being argued against

  3. Haha…what a joke. I’m no Pats fan but they’re getting royally screwed on this one. Goodell is a tyrant.

  4. Ha. They suckered goodell into hearing it by requesting independent arbitrator. Now he’s in a catch 22. Reduce it and he looks like a fool for entrusting Vincent. Uphold it and watch Kessler beat him over the head with the Missouri ruling. I hate goodell more than I care about deflated balls so I hope Brady takes him to the woodshed.

  5. Did you guys see, the 2012 Olympic relay team were stripped of their medals… Sucks. Apparently Tyson Gay got caught brady’ing and they all were punished for it

  6. Any chance he can increase the suspension/fines/draft picks taken with all the foolhardy excuses and denials Brady and the Patriots have exposed?

  7. this is a total joke and now will end up in court and dragged out further.


  8. do you really think goodell will go against ted wells , the guy he paid to trump up charges againt the patriots , to satisfy crying fans of other teams that can’t beat the patriots on the field .

  9. He is going to drag this appeal process out, the longer the appeal, the longer this stays out of court, and why not anyone that is actually independent

  10. “Roger Goodell will scrutinize decisions made by executive he employs and investigator Goodell hired”

    Wasn’t he already supposed to do that?

  11. The Commish has to bow to the might Kraft and sees this as his opportunity to get back on his good side. The gutless leader will reduce TB’s suspension to a measly 1 game…

  12. I wonder how Goodell will handle the Chewbacca defense? Pats gonna pull out all the stops on this one.

  13. The players agreed to this. Obviously Goodell can’t be fully independent but the players agreed to this. Now they have to live with it.

  14. Ok – if there really was deliberate football tampering (which I don’t believe Brady did) then you must, for the integrity of the game as well as consistently, come down on everyone who’s guilty of it. Especially if they’ve admitted it or was some hard evidence (like video). That means Aaron Rogers, Vikings, etc.

    Where is the consistency? Why punish one team or one guy but not the others? What is really going on here? Why is the NFL biased in Aaron’s favor? Why is Jerry Rice still in HOF? These are guys that ADMITTED they cheated…for years even!

    I just don’t get it. It makes no sense! It’s as if the NFL has it out for the Patriots.

  15. That is just funny. Hard to believe he was ever picked as commissioner. Doesn’t he know that his only way to spin himself out of this is to get a completely independent arbitrator to hear it.

    By hearing it himself, either way he is toast. If an independent arbitrator vacated or upholds it, he can simply affirm that justice was served in a fair and unbiased manner. Now his impartiality will be questioned no matter what.

    The beginning of his end….

  16. God this is just comedy. This guy is a total idiot. Let a true independent voice make the decision. What are you afraid of Roger?????

  17. Isn’t it interesting that Troy Vincent, a former Eagle, who’s former teammates lost a super bowl to The Patriots…isn’t it interesting that he gets to lay the fine and penalty down. That’s like Marshall Faulk laying the penalty down for The Patriots.

  18. I don’t care any more. I miss when the offseason hot stove centered on football issues, like how Christian Ponder was the worst 1st round pick in recent memory

  19. Whom can believe that THE COMMISH can be fair in this case. Hell, he’s done. He’s lost it cause now no one can believe anything that goes on in the NFL.

  20. I’m surprised that the NFL office hasn’t realized what a great Reality TV show starring the Commish would make. It would sure get better ratings then most of the garbage on TV and, of course, bring in more $$$$ for the league during these dog days of summer.


  21. Sorry Br*dy but you’re going to be sitting 4 games. No way that Goodell loses face on such a high profile case by reducing the suspension. The other 31 owners won’t let him.

  22. Is it too late to increase the punishment due to the totally irrational over-the-top, unbelievable and laughable explanations that Shady and Krafty are trolling out there.

  23. Patriots fans don’t get it. Your team is a bunch of habitual line crossers. It doesn’t matter who handles the appeals or if Brady is suspended zero or four game. Your team has lost the trust of every NFL fans who is not a Patriots homer. Even Goodell knows as much as he loves his buddy Robert Kraft, no one trusts the Patriots anymore. And good luck on the appeal I hope it’s overturned. Really I do. I don’t think it’s fair to the other teams that 2 or 4 teams get the Pats without having to face their starting QB.

  24. What a joke Goodell and the league have become. “yeah, we have no evidentiary standing here… so we are not going to let a third party point out (for the third time) that we ******* up.

    “I’ll ‘hear’ this appeal, it was’nt me, but Vincent who dished out the punishment.. I may have literally told him what to do, but this is the beauty of this CBA, I am your last line of defense, hahaha”

    Coming from a combat vet, Goodell is basically Saddaam, Kim Jong… pick one, etc.

    A joke. I hope they take it to real court, even if means Brady missing MORE than 4 games. Don’t let this clown get away with this because only 1/32 fanbases see this for what it is.

  25. Let’s just go straight to federal court then. Brady and his legal team are not looking to get this suspension reduced like in many other appeals. This is about the fact that there is zero direct evidence that Brady is guilty of ANY wrongdoing and thus, anything short of a complete reversal of the suspension is unacceptable.

    Goodall won’t precisely because it would make Wells and Vincent look foolish, so let’s save the time and go straight to court.

  26. LOL of course. He would never want an independent arbiter. Brady should sue in a real court

  27. Wonder what Goodell’s approval rating will be after that decision, keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper…….and I am about over this story.

  28. Don’t know how to feel about this. Does Fuhrer Goodell A) Make it up to his old chum and reduce the suspension and get Mr Kraft on his side B) Stick to his ruling and bask in the RARE time people slightly like the stooge.

  29. …And now Brady goes to court. And the Patriots organization will join the lawsuit, both out for blood. THE ONLY way this ends is with Goodell resigning his position, because the 31 other owners are not going to want to pay for this battle.


  30. Totally convinced that the other owners have given their stamp of approval thus far. Do not believe for one minute any of the fines, suspensions, etc would have happened if the owners didn’t approve. Think it shows what they think of the way the patriots do business. The nfl has a new AL Davis.

  31. Despite the emotionally charged lambasting amongst all those outside league management, this is nothing more than basic contract law as applied to a private employer-employee relationship. No constitutional rights have been implicated. And if Brady should later seek redress from the judicial system his claims would all be contractually based.

    Rather mundane, actually.

  32. Tom Brady was wise to hide the evidence from me. Now his failure is complete. If he won’t turn over the evidence then perhaps she will. Never!!

  33. If you didn’t think the fix was in after the Wells hatchet job, there is no doubt now.

  34. I think the NFL has hired PR and marketing firm that also promotes professional wrestling. How else can you explain it?

  35. Can’t we just skip this step and directly go to the court case? What a waste of time to appeal to the same authority that just punished you.

  36. Great. The one thing haters hate more than the Pats is Goodell. So if he maintains the punishment he will be skewered for being too soft and if he lowers it the haters will choke on their own vomit that Goodell once again kissed Krafts as, errrrrr rings. Either way any thing “fair” is out the window now and the Pats have no chance of a fair hearing.

  37. Good ol’ Rog back to hearing appeals on punishment his office hands down. This basically guarantees it goes to federal court.

  38. Well it does offer a very well-controlled and arguably comfortably private opportunity for Tom Brady or his and the Patriots representatives to partake in a fresh-start attempt to reconcile the misalignment of cooperation expectations between both sides’ perspectives, as well as a final-attempt to further clarify precisely what all sides’ perspectives are that are possibly misunderstood.

  39. I guess this will soon be heading to the us courts…there is absolutly no way that Goodell can be considered an independent party…. He has bungled this from day one & it looks like nothing has changed in that aspect….I for one look forward to the end of Goodells downfall…. Kraft is NOT happy & his lawsuit will follow Brady’s
    The only way the league could have saved any face whatso ever was to use a completely independent & nutral arbitrator…. I guess Roger knows that this ENTIRE penalty on both Brady & the Patriots organization would be overturned based on the inconsistency & incompantancy of all that has transpired on the leagues behalf…
    I can’t wait till it goes to court on ALL accounts!!!
    Buh-bye Roger!!

  40. LOL! Judge, Jury and Executioner. Note to Ginger Hammer: you may want to beef up security at your beachfront mansion on the coast of Maine if this goes where we all know it will go.

  41. He can make his ruling now. Confirming the ruling he had Ted Wells write up and delivered by toady Troy Vincent.

    Let’s face it, the NFL is bizarro world.

    The press goes along with it and so do the fans. All is well. (Didn’t mention the NFLPA since Roger kicks De Smith around like a yapping dog).

  42. Is this a challenge to the NFL owners to remove Goodell before the NFL commits another mistake? Is Goodell trying to get fired? Sure seems like it. The report seems so flawed that if upheld, a federal judge will invalidate. Vilma is right. Stay silent and let the NFL make a fool of itself.

  43. It’s actually in Goodell’s best interests to reassign Brady’s appeal to an independent arbitrator—”dangerous precedent” or not. If he insists on presiding himself, he’s toast no matter what he does. And Kessler will eat him for lunch on top of it.

  44. I don’t see this working out for Rodger. Any thing he does other than turning it over to a truly independent judge is a no win for the league.

  45. Well that’s the most corrupt situation in NFL history. If he’s so confident in the wells report then an independent arbitrator shouldn’t be a problem right?

  46. This whole “deflate-gate” situation seems to be getting way out of control with
    “THE COMMISH” in charge of Tom Brady’s appeal.
    What will “The Commish” decide? Is there any thought that “The Commish” will increase Brady’s suspension? Watch for a six ( 6 ) game suspension. WATCH FOR 6 GAMES.

  47. I really don’t care either way but I was bored so I read the report and if I had hired this firm, I would not pay the bill. There are very important facts that are buried on later pages and not brought forth in the executive summary. You can see the stant in the wording against the Pats instead of stating fact. A few key things…

    1. 3 of 4 of the colts balls were below 12.5 at halftime according to one gauge. The reports stated that there was no time to test the others. With 3 of 4 testing lower, they should have tested all.

    2. They make tilted statements saying the pats balls fell x% based on the lowest reading of the two gauges while the x% change was based on the higher number.

    3. If the Refs did not have time to quickly test balls during a 15 minute (or whatever) halftime, how the hell could th doofus ballboy take 1PSI out of 12 balls in a bag in a little over a minute. Getting them in and out of the bag would take a minute alone. It’s impressive if he actually pulled it off.

    4. The texts were rediculous as you don’t know the context, if they were in succession. I’d love to see the Pats sue the NFL so the truth can be told either way.

    5. In my opinion, if Brady did actually do this, the level of egregiousness is about a “2” on a scale of 1 to 10. The integrity of the game comment is BS. So what if a QB wants a ball is minute amount softer. It’s like a pitcher scuffing up a ball. You gotta be Cindy with your tools. If he did do this, it was certainly for comfort, not to cheat. The NFL should widen the limit each way by .5

    6. Oh and I love how they have no PSI readings before the game but just a general statement that the balls were between X and Y, yet they are stating this as fact and using non documented numbers as hard numbers. This theory needs to be tossed.

    I admit that the Pats response to “deflator” is comical. Even if it’s 100% true, I still would not have mentioned that.

  48. Brady got off way too light! I hope the suspension gets doubled! He is not above the rules, as he seems to think and act! I hope Goodell proves that to him. It should have been 8 games to start with, imho 🙁 Cheating ruins the integrity of the game and a pattern exists…..

  49. Isn’t that concerning to anyone? What’s wrong with an independent arbitrator? What to they have to worry about if they came to the correct conclusion? The same people complaining about Brady refusing to hand over text and email should be equally concerned that Goodell is unwilling to have a neutral arbitrator. Both didn’t do t because they didn’t have to.

  50. Hahahaha of course he is. Hearing the appeal of his puppet’s “decision”.

    You just couldn’t make this stuff up.


  51. To all the patriots haters and people who think us patriots fans are desperate and foolish with our defence of this report being an utter sham:

    Show your true colors and tell is all how fair you think this is and how you would be fine with the head of the nfl arbitrating one of his own cases. No conflict of interest there


    Thanks roger you are so stupid that you don’t even know that the pats and brady will have no choice but to take this into the legal system where you don’t have a 1% chance of winning

    I’m surprised goodell didn’t make woody Johnson the arbitrator

  52. Goodell will decide the punishment was far to stiff and give the Pats two extra first round picks over the next two years and decide Brady gets no games suspended. I can see it.

  53. I’m a huge packers fane and this story is laughable if anyone really believes that this is CHEATING then I guess our ab and every other ab should be suspended. Anyone who knows quarterback position knows that these guys break all the balls in the way they like it so it’s perfect so why would brady tell them to take more air out during the game it makes ZERO sense . Anyone who really thinks this is cheating is a lab rat. What we should all do is just appreciate greatness when you see it and look at this guys stats after this joke of a story came out in the AFC title game and Super Bowl so obviously the AIR PRESSURE doesn’t make you throw better, be more accurate or make you a better decision maker. There is pure hatred towards this guy and their organization because either your team sucks or you lost to them so just accept the fact if he were on your team your stance would be different. I have a idea for the laughable NFL lets get rid of murderers, wife beaters and drug dealers instead of tearing down someone who is actually classy

  54. Brady’s suspension will be upheld and we’ll have to listen to the patriots fans whine some more. Too bad, because even though my cowboys might lose to them with Brady in the game I would rather see him in there

  55. Well, let the railroading continue. Absolutely ridiculous. No due process. Just the crooked commissioner hearing the appeal! Seriously? That’s like the D.A. that put you away for a crime later on deciding on your appeal. How screwed up is that?

  56. Let them try to sue the NFL.

    Would love to get Brady and Belichick under oath and ask them in what other ways did they cheat besides spygate.

  57. Let me start by saying I don’t like Patriots and I don’t like Brady. Most because they always win. Sucks but it’s the honest truth, they are always on top of the AFC. You can lie and say you don’t like them cuz of other reasons but that’s the true reason.

    Maybe he is guilty, but maybe he isn’t and we are just all assuming because of what we read. But most the stuff we read and hear is wrong. To me an under deflated ball maybe cheating but I am sure all the big QBs do it and the pressure of a ball doesn’t change them always winning come on now. And to have the Wells report its “more probable than not” that is the same as saying “yeah I think he knew about it, but I am not positive”. Also why the F would it take 4 months for a deflated ball case??? Seems like a bunch of crap to me. The NFL should have had better system in place to begin with. So the NFL should be blamed because if they properly monitored the game something like this should even be able to ever happen.

    I think they need to worry more about the players with domestic violence & drug cases more and not let someone like Hardy get found guilty then appeal and pay the girl off and then walk away with a 10 game suspension. He should have had to walk away from the NFL for that.

    Seriously everyone crying over ball pressure and I am debating if I can even raise my child to be a fan of the NFL with all these players with Domestic Violence, child abuse, drugs, DUI’s & even murder. It’s seriously getting out of hand when there aren’t even that many professional football players and half of them have records. They seriously need to hold everyone to a higher standard with our Laws before they worry about deflated footballs. Seriously nice Role Models!!!!


  58. The NFL realized that with the radical lawyer Jeffery Kessler with Brady, no appeal verdict other than complete reversal, will placate them. Kessler wants to drag the NFL into Federal Court, and he will use Brady to get there. Goodell knows this and decided to go for it. The real loser in federal Court will probably be Brady. As the Plaintiff he will have to take the stand, plus the Equipment guys will have to answer under oath. No one in the Brady camp wants that except for Kessler. He just wants to attack the NFL, no matter who gets hurt. Brady made a huge mistake having Kessler.

  59. Oh and regarding Goddell… He should NOT be hearing the appeal. NOT. If you want to do this right, both sides should bring in an independent mediator and the mediators should choose on an independent party to hear the appeal.

    Having Goddell involved in this is rediculous. It’s like having Boss Hog hearing a case against The Duke Boys. The NFL, IMO looks really dumb by not putting this in the hands of a agreed-to neutral party. There’s too much drama here that can only be put to bed by someone with no ties to either side.

  60. Roger Goodell will be fair, balanced and just. After all, he’s the commissioner who has nothing to gain or lose either way. Those who say he can’t be fair obviously doesn’t know the man. This is his life and he knows what he’s doing. Have faith!!

  61. This whole deal is a nuclear bomb about to explode. It will not be pretty. It will affect every team. And you Pats/Brady fans better be ready too because your dirt will be exposed as well.

    And all this because Brady lied and is arrogant about it.

  62. Why is integrity or objectivity so hard for some people? The Patriots are a division rival of my team and they have been soundly beating up the division for over a decade–and there is no way, based on that report, that I could in good conscience deem them guilty and exact any punishment in this fiasco. The investigation and subsequent report seem based on supposition and the belief in a sinister conspiracy instead of a reasonable or objective search for the truth. There are way too many inconsistencies and one account is either wholely accepted or completely rejected at different times in the report depending on how it relates to supposed guilt. That fact demonstrates the conclusions were predetermined and the evidence was interpreted to support them. That is inexcusable. Regardless of any potential PR (and monetary impact) Goodell has to set aside the punishments and outline sound procedures and requirements that ensure the integrity of the game and the practices used to uphold it.

  63. Brady keeps the 4 games and when he returns has to now play with nerf footballs. That’s the price you pay for continously lying. The Hoodie gets a year for being an enabler, and Kraft gets a lifetime ban for signing off on the whole dam* thing! Last but not least pats fans get a lifetime supply of pampers. Put a nice bow on that, and let’s play football.

  64. Goodell has to stand strong without wavering. He simply cannot back down an inch to the shady Patriots. They’re repeat offenders who are smug enough to think they’re not going to be held accountable after they cheated, lied about it, covered it up, and didn’t cooperate to the fullest during the investigation. Their rebuttal just dug their hole even deeper. There’s not enough litigation in the world to get around the fact Brady wouldn’t allow the NFL to see his text messages and emails. Those damming text messages shown in the Wells Report are just the cherry on top. Stick that proverbial needle right in the heart of the Patriots and deflate their arrogance.

  65. Crazy. There is not a single good reason for him to handle this, it is just setting him and the NFL up to look incompetent again.

    This was a no-brainer, perfect time to bring in an independent arbitrator.

  66. Wow, are you serious? Can someone say “conflict of interest”? Surely he can’t be that stupid- to think that he didn’t oversee the punishment in the first place is not credible. This Ballgazi mess has just taken a turn toward inanity.

  67. 2 game suspension. Pats come out 2-0. 14-2 on the year.

    Tell me which AFC team you think will beat them this year in afcc and I will give you a special prize.

  68. Not a patriots fan but this is a complete desperation move by Goodell. I wonder what Goodell botched this time that he will now cover up by acting as judge, jury, and executioner. He’s really just making this stuff up as he goes along- leaking info and then gauging public opinion to dole out punishments that are largely without historical precedent. And it’s not just the patriots that have been affected either.

    Every team bends the rules to gain a competitive advantage to some degree (check out if you’re skeptical). Suspending Brady, ok sure, but taking a 1st round pick from a franchise for something most teams are likely doing (again seems excessive. With any luck, this will play out poorly for Goodell, and will be the impetus the ownership group needs to finally get rid of him.

  69. I would love to be a “fly on the wall” when the Kessler jumps on the table during arbitration and screams at Goodell. It would make great TV.

  70. The term fox guarding the hen house comes to mind on this one. The structure of the appeals process is broken. Goodell handed out the fine and punishment so how can he be the person hearing the appeal? This should go to a 3 person appeal board where it can be heard by independent people.

  71. And the countdown clock on Goodell’s job continues. This move sure doesn’t stop it. Tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…

  72. GH has no confidence in his Leauge’s investigation.

    “We’re on to federal court.”

  73. I would find it funny if he says in the appeal the suspension of 4 games was wrong that it should be the entire season, then Brady appeals that decision and it becomes a lifetime ban. Guess he should of cooperated with the investigation.

  74. If Goodell thought the punishment was too harsh he most certainly would have interceded. He did not.

    It’s being framed that we was totally unaware of what the sanctions would be. He wasn’t, of course.

    Brady is in essence appealing to the man who handed down the initial punishment.

    What incentive is there for Goodell to reverse course now? None.

  75. This whole thing is such a crock and you just know there’s a story behind the scenes with the owners and their mess delivered by Goodell’s inept organization.

  76. I’ve been as critical of Goodell as anyone, but it seems here he can’t get a break. He was criticized for “delegating” the punishment and “running” from his duty, now he’s getting criticized for getting involved. Can’t have it both ways.

  77. The Patriots are making things up as they go along. They are in complete denial of any wrong doing. First it was Kraft demanding an apology, then he said they would accept any punishment, then Bradys agent comes out with garbage, then they tell us the will not accept the punishment and we now have this insane rebuttal. They used to be the standard bearer for this league despite wrong doing in the past but they have made fools out of themselves. From a pretty minor infraction in my opinion, but still important enough to warrant punishment to becoming a laughing stock.

  78. Big mistake by Goodell. He cannot look good no matter how it comes out. He should have dropped back and punted to an arbitrator.

  79. Goodell really really sucks. If he had a spine he will allow someone completely independent to handle this. He is such a coward it is despicable. I hope he digs his own grave with this one.

  80. Grab some popcorn, a Coke, and a comfortable chair. This should be entertaining.

  81. Are the Deflatetriots really going with “I’m the Deflator” in reference to McNally’s attempt to lose weight? The “ESPN” comment about his new kicks? Now the Vikings/Panther thing has been cleared up. They fire guys they are defending. Colts attendees running around with needles? Really? This “organization” is intimidating and threatening the league and other teams with contrived and unsubstantiated dirty laundry as some sort of moral equivalent for the stuff they try to pull off. SPAZ.

  82. Good don’t let them get away with cheating. Double his suspension and take another first round pick. The pats are treating this like a joke and are hopefully digging themselves a deeper hole. I would write more but I need to go deflate my belly by dropping some tom bradys and Krafts off at the pool.

  83. This is seriously like something out of a comic book, matter of fact – what a great satirical write up that would be to the entire thing? Wish we still had people like that with a way to make a living.

  84. Good luck deflatriots****

    4 games, 1 mill, and draft picks for being caught CHEATING YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  85. Where are the pats fans? What did you expect? The rules read that the Roger can hear any appeal, All teams and the Union agree on this, so no crying, you just can’t always have your way. Bill

  86. Increase the suspension to six games, just because Brady’s a liar and a jerk.

    How many times, Mr. Commissioner, are you going to let these simpering whiners push you around? Show some sack already!

  87. Im a Niners fan so I dont have a horse in this race, but Goodell “handeling” this is scary. It’s becoming more and more clear that he is a tyrannical ego manic. Any and every football fan should be disgusted and worried that their team at some point can’t get an actual indepentent hearing. It is quite clear that over the past few years that Goodell has lost copmlete control of this league. A sh*t chucking ape couldn’t do much worse and wouldn’t need to be paid $35+ million. Time to go dubmass.

  88. Literally, UNBELIEVABLE.

    He gets in the middle of this so he now has to placate both the other 31 teams, to keep his job and not be seen in Kraft’s pocket — AND — at the same time, needs to cut the Patriots enough slack so they don’t sue the NFL.

  89. Man up Rodger don’t let this clown of an organization walk they must be stopped they are the biggest cheaters in he NFL
    look at there past once a cheater always a cheater stick the fork in small hand Tommy girl

  90. Sheriff Goodell will finally bring the mighty Patsy’s and their poster boy Tom Shady to justice. For once the iron fist of the commish will be justified.

  91. Goodell…really. You have got to be freakin kidding me. This is the same guy that suspends Ray Rice 2 games for punching his fiancee in the face but decides to give 4 games to Brady for “more probable than not”. And as we’ve seen from the Wells report and heard from the Miami offensive line coach on radio today Wells is anything but impartial. Kangaroo court. All this ensures is that this is moving outside the NFL for real impartiality.

  92. I’m nit a big fan of the idea of Goddell hearing the appeal. I think the intense attention given to this case, much due at the inept handling of it on the part of Goddell, merits and independent arbitrator.

  93. “We’re just getting waarmed up”
    I would say this is getting strange but it’s Godell,NFL, and Pats. Nothing has or will surprise/d me……

  94. “If Goodell scuttles or adjusts in any way the decisions of Ted Wells and Troy Vincent, Goodell will look foolish for entrusting the situation to them in the first place.”

    Thats because Goodell IS a fool. Goodell read this report long before anyone else. Goodell could have released it any time he pleased. Why did he decide to release the report separate from the punishment? He could have released them at the same time but noooooo he wanted to stick his finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing before he ruled anything. He is an incompetent coward and he needs to be relieved of his duties ASAP!

  95. Wow! Has the NFL become North Korea-Goodell has become a megalomaniac! See you in Federal court after your impartial ruling.

  96. What an idiot! He just can’t get out of his own way. He makes Gary Bettman look like an amazing commissioner….and that’s saying something !!!

  97. Judge, Jury and Executioner! And you all think this was not a set up from the get go!

  98. I normally have a problem with Goodell being judge, jury and executioner. But Brady has some major balls – inflated balls – to try to escape punishment for this stuff.

  99. This is it Goodell. Keep the suspension and stick to your guns. You may never win over the public but this is a good way to start if it is going to happen. They are cheaters, we are not haters, we just want the game to be fair.

  100. Sounds like the NFL is ready to go toe to toe as well. Goodell might also cave and reduce/wipe the suspension out.

    Either way, he’s trying to save his job. I don’t think he would have lasted another year if he delegated it to someone else.

  101. With Goodell’s record, he’d have a better chance of getting these charges to stick if he delegated … anyone else.

  102. This commish is a joke! The owners should pay him off and send him packing. I’d rather see Kraft pay his salary through 2019 to get him to leave, than a penny of that 1million he got fined.

  103. Uphold the suspension Roger. Do not waiver and if those morons try to question your intelligence, feel free to tack on more!! It’s truly tiring to hear the arrogance and stupidity that comes from the states east of NY. They live in their own reality like true narcissists.

  104. I think the Patriots are guilty, but this is ridiculous. Get a neutral arbitrator.

    I guess now we know why Goodell hasn’t commented publicly on this.

  105. Sorry Brady, the NFLPA collectively bargained that Goodell will handle the appeal.
    The only group you can blame is DeMaurice Smith and your NFLPA.

    Everyone can keep crying that Goodell shouldn’t handle the appeal but it was collective bargained.

  106. Lose/lose situation for Goodell, or really anyone in this situation. There is no decision here that will be seen as unanimously good and fair, or even a reasonable compromise by all parties. In the end one group is going to be pretty happy and the other is going to be extremely angry.

  107. Up the suspesion and sit Billichick Roger! Ignorance is no excuse and you don’t like being lied to, remember! Put them on noticer,,three Strikes and you are sent to lA!

  108. Goodell might actually be mentally disabled. He is about to make a fool of himself while arming Brady’s legal team with a mountain of ammo. Goodell must think this kangaroo court appeal to the league is the end game, but the real end game is the legal system. Kessler is going to run wild with this in court. Goodell is playing checkers against Gary Kasparov. The owners need to step in before Joffrey Goodell causes irreparable damage to the league.

  109. I am amazed, literally, at the no holds barred reporting you have been doing during this entire debacle; just didn’t see that coming from you and I applaud you for it.
    I really can’t see this ending up anywhere but in federal court and Brady starting week 1 with injunction in hand.

  110. i cant wait for Beady Eyed Brady to hand over cellphone records. Has anyone thought that MAYBE he didn’t comply with that because it would implicate the REST OF THE TEAM in this scandal??? just think if Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, Blount, LaFell, etc???? We will HOPEFULLY find out soon enough

  111. 1 team, owner, and set of fans will be pissed if he upholds the decision.

    31 owners and sets of fans will be if he doesn’t.

    He will knock off 1 or 2 weeks for his ex crush Bob and hope they can still go out on a date one day.

    The real losers are 2 guys that have been fired/suspended and the intelligence of the average fan, which has been insulted beyond measure by this whole sordid affair. And for that, most of the blame lies squarely with the Patriots organization and their disastrous and often laughable spin on this.

    It’s been like a schoolyard tantrumfest where everybody has been left looking foolish and no one has learnt anything. Another embarrassing loss of integrity for the game.

  112. Yes! No escape. Stop squirming and take responsibility for lying about cheating. Pull yourself up by your Uggstraps and take your walk of shame.

  113. The NFL needs to Constanza themselves and realize every decision that they make should actually be the opposite.

  114. Goodell has had multiple opportunities to defuse this situation, and to step back from the brink of outright nuclear war with Bob Kraft, and every time he has marched right into it, and here he goes again. Even if you don’t like the Patriots, you can’t possibly have any confidence that Goodell will handle the appeal competently. He has a bad track record, and Kraft and Brady are locked and loaded. Don’t bet against the Patriots.

  115. Goodell only appointed himself out of anger because he was pissed off that the Patriots opened up that Wells in context website and embarrassed him and the league.
    This commissioner just keeps making wrong decision after wrong decision after wrong decision.
    I think his time may be running on fumes.

  116. This doesn’t seem to make sense. How can the person who made the original punishment also handle the appeal? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of an appeal?

  117. This is not about being independent, this commissioner is saying, “I’ve had enough.” Between Tom Brady being so smug and a 20,000 word essay from the Patriot’s organization trying to blame anyone and everyone. Goodell has had it. I hear that 70% of NFL fans agree with the punishment that has been laid down. The Patriots give the idea that they are above everyone else and frankly it looks like Goodell is goin to do something about it. This is no longer about the psi of a football, this is about taking responsibility for your actions. I am not calling Brady a cheater but it’s time to come clean and take responsibility.

  118. If Brady is not suspended – Kraft is his buddy
    If Brady is suspended – Goodell is overpowered and power hungry

    Either way – People will hate Goodell despite the league being more successful than ever and fans having more access to watch games than ever.

  119. Dream on, Mike. ‘Public pressure’ alone is not going to do squat in terms of causing the League to capitulate to those that would like to see Goodell not be able to wield this power. This authority is his via a collectively bargained agreement that the NFLPA is increasingly trying to circumvent. If the union really wants the Commissioner to have to give that up, it is going to have to make a MAJOR concession(s) on something like free agency, share of overall revenues or franchise tags.

  120. Where can I get a job where I play God on earth for $30m plus a year?…oh yeah, that job is taken.

  121. You can’t make this stuff up! The NFL is looking stupider by the minute. It’s obvious now that Goodell is an incompetent moron and must go.

    The Patriots had the best comeback today when it released information that two other teams also were caught deflating balls on prior occasions and NFL just “warned them”.

  122. Please explain the significance of the Missouri case as it would apply to any federal action that the Patriots would undertake. It would appear that it’s a metaphysical certainty that the case will end up there.

    Goodell has played all his cards. He’s out of ammo. The Patriots have the ball and have multiple legal avenues that they can pursue.

  123. He’s taking this one on himself just so that the suspension isn’t overturned entirely.

    You put this in the hands of an independent party and Brady is on the field week 1.

  124. The final nail in the coffin of the unfairness of the situation. This is going to end up in a higher court than the kangaroo one Roger Goodell and the NFL have created. The league are determined NOT to let the Patriots have a fair say and the ability to cross examine.

    The NFL not allowing the Patriots attorneys to be present whilst league officials were being interviewed and having the ability to cross question was for me the final proof I needed that this whole thing is a complete White elephant.

    The good news it this is quite probably the beginning of the end for this joke of a commissioner.

    I used to think Pete Rozelle was bland and Paul Tagliabue even worse, boy was I wrong about that!

  125. That just shows that the NFL is targeting the Patriots and Brady on purpose. They hired an “independent” investigator to make sure the “facts” fit the narrative, and now Goodell will make sure a truly independent arbitrator can’t overturn it. If they believed Wells had built a solid case, then they’d trust it. I’d expect a “compromise” at 2 games, because he’ll want to claim he was firm while pretending that he was fair.

    I’m not saying Brady or the Pats were innocent, but this investigation hasn’t shown anything concrete, only circumstantial and opinion-based evidence.

  126. He reduces it to two games and gives back one of the draft picks. After all, he’s gotta take care of the guy who sets his salary.

    My theory all along has been that he told Troy Vincent to go strong so he could then come in and be the good guy by reducing it. That way, he can say to Kraft, see buddy, I got your back.

  127. The reason that Goodell delegated the initial sentencing was so that he could handle the appeal.

    With the huffing and puffing of Kraft and the ludicrous explanations in the Patriot’s refutation of the Wells report, the commissioner should increase the punishment to the franchise for continued conduct detrimental to the league and also punish the head coach in keeping with the punishments doled out in the bounty case involving the Saints. This would be the Goodell that the owners hired and should be the Goodell that Tom Benson (and the other owners) demand.

    The ongoing Patriots PR campaign, which includes Brady’s agent, has questioned the integrity of league officials, made claims of the league conspiring with teams, and made disingenuous attempts to spin the condemning text message evidence. Could this be a smokescreen to keep the league focused on the single AFC Championship game instead of pulling the curtain back on the ‘Patriots Way’ of gaining unfair competitive advantages that league players have confirmed go back over 10 years?

    L.A. needs a team. Is it too early to call for the contraction of the New England franchise to make room for the L.A. team and keep the number of teams at 32?

  128. By not appointing an impartial arbitrator, Goodell is attempting to pathetically protect his own mistake. What a coward! The truth will come out in federal court. The civil defamation law suits will bankrupt Goodell, Wells, and the NFL. Giselle wants $1 billion for the damage this Monumental Witch Hunt has done to her brand , which Tom is part of. Legal hell hath no fury like the litigation coming. Patriot Revenge will take the form of Hundred Million Dollar Summary Judgements for defamation and pain and suffering. Good time to be a lawyer in NE!
    The NFL never should have put this boat in the water. It will capsize.

  129. Ok and if im Brady and the Patriots im suing the NFL and taking this issue to court.

    So lets see the clown who hired another clown to find the Patriots and Brady guilty is now presiding over the appeal of said sham frame job of Brady.

    Makes perfect sense to no one outside of corrupt clown show Goodell and the Mob.

    What a joke. If this happens, count me in as never watching the NFL until Goodell is gone.

    Kraft and Brady need to sneak Hernandez out of prison to go Hernandez on Goodell

  130. No matter if they win the appeal. They will always be known as cheaters and all their records and championships are questionable in the football fans book.

  131. I really hope Kraft and Goodells aren’t bffs anymore. It’s going to be awesome to watch patriot fans to see how it feels to be on the other side where their teams schedule isn’t set up to win the afc east EVERY year, not to get every call, and to actualy play A game without cheating in the Belichick era.

  132. Cmon Goodell. Stick to your cajones. Do not reduce it. Let go of your BFF Kraft and his tainted franchise. Brady’s superbowl victories come with suspicion , controversy and bearly squeak by winning while cheating. Not America’s Team. Jerry’s boys aka Forbes top 3 franchises on the planet aka NFL ‘s most valuable franchise aka The Dallas Cowboys Amercia’s team. We blow out our opponents fair and sqaure. Actually suspend him 3 games so he can face the real MVP Tony Romo. He said it best. “We are the Dallas Cowboys, We have real balls!”

  133. Let’s see now. Goodell hired Wells.. Wells produces a report that says that the Patriots are liars, cheats, and obstructionists. The Goodell hands down the penalties. Now Goodell will decide if the punishment should be overturned.
    Seems fair to me.

  134. I remember when Goodell took office. He wanted to clean up the image of the NFL by providing consequences for missteps.

    I am still waiting for a clear and transparent system to be put into place. We have a seemingly arbitrary, at this point completely reactionary, system of discipline. As far as I can tell, deflating footballs is now as bad or worse than hitting a woman in the face and knocking her unconscious.

    The problem is that the discipline system follows the money. When that backfires, they come in with corporate speak(which fools no one) and start bringing down the hammer.

    I think Goodell was happy that it was Brady in the middle of this, so he could prove that he would come down hard on a star.



    BRING BACK TAGLIABUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. The fix is in. The commissioner should be Hulk Hogan as the NFL is now WWF

  137. Actually that’s a great idea.If Goodell rejects their appeal they cannot claim bias,or they would have a very hard time doing so.

  138. This is such a stupid Move. Brady has no chance for a legitimate appeal. It will make the case for a lawsuit much easier however.

  139. The despicable cheating NE patriots are going down in flames. No way goodell undermines troy vincent and ted wells. Unless kraft makes goodell an offer (bribe) that he cannot refuse. Cheaters gon cheat.

  140. What a disaster!

    The NFL is a billion dollar cooperation and it functions like a 2 bit clown show. Literally every chance it gets to make the right decision and gain some public trust the league just comes off looking incompetent.

    NO ONE is buying the fact that the Wells investigation is independent or that Troy Vincent handed down the punishment on his own. Therefor Roger trying to pass himself off as an impartial arbitrator is just an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

    Bottom line if the league’s case is as strong as they think it is let someone truly independent hear the appeal. Otherwise your just delaying the inevitable…….

    Which is no one truly independent of the league is going to uphold a 4 game suspension on “more than probable”.

    The NFL is a complete and utter joke.

  141. Any truth to the rumor that the Patriots**** are changing their logo and mascot from the flying Elvis and Pat Patriot**** to the Cheetah !

  142. He better not screw this one up. He has nobody backing him here unless you count Jerry Jones and he’s not much of a backup to count on.

  143. Brady has only the players to blame for goodell hearing the appeal. This is what the CBA says. 100 percent legal.

  144. Whether it affected the outcome of the game or not, he knew it was going on, and it favored his preference. It is cheating.

    His legacy is tarnished. This is why you never step into the grey.

  145. So let’s see, a poll here on PFT states that basically, most of the nation hates Brady and the Pats. That’s fine, us fans are entitled to that opinion.

    But whether you are a Pats fan, or any other real football fan for that matter, you hate Goodell.

    Anyone think Goodell is using this opportunity to wipe off some of that tarnish?

    We also cannot forget that the owners support Goodell, and with the supposed rumors circulating that the owners like this suspension, it is to no surprise that Goodell is making these calls.

    Neutral ground: Brady suspension is lowered

    Goodell: Suspension will stand

  146. Any specific case aside, Goodell is a disastrously bad manager. He is living proof that very rich people can make really dumb decisions about who to put in charge of socially important institutions.

  147. I think the appeal deadline has passed and the Patriots did not appeal their draft pick forfeit and fine. Basically leave Tom out there appealing this stuff alone.

    I have seen posts on this site saying the team has a longer window to decide to appeal. First I’ve heard of this. Does anyone know?

    It sure would suck to be Brady if the team left him hanging. I guess the union would be his only friend. I remember the news conference when Belichek threw Brady under the bus.

  148. This makes ZERO sense. Which is actually an accurate representation of Goodell’s disciplinary policies, so no one should be shocked.

  149. Maybe, maybe Goodell can be fair?

    That is the root of the problem with Goodell hearing appeals for the NFL.

    This is why the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that Goodell can’t be independent.

    If I were the Patriots, Goodell hearing the appeal would be a non-starter.

  150. Obviously the league knows there is at least a chance someone not on their payroll will rule in Brady’s favor. After the last three appeals, that were all overturned, he is simply saying enough is enough and not allowing his ruling to be overturned. My guess it is gets reduced but not eliminated.

  151. Shouldn’t be any suspension based on the absurd Wells report that twisted, omitted, contradicted and then highlighted 1 text, repeating that 15 times to make it look like it was more than what it was.

    Goodell will probably still make it 2 games because Brady didn’t reveal his own phone data.

    Goodell will have to remove the punishment to Kraft and the team with draft picks, though.
    There’s zero basis for that ridiculous punishment.
    And he better address the lies & misinformation that came from the league office sent to Kraft and the media which convicted the team leading into the Super Bowl.

    If he wants accountability from Kraft then he better takes responsibility for the shameful lies that his office put out there which did irreparable harm to 1 of the franchises.

  152. This is what the negotiated CBA states Goodell can do, I’m not sure why the NFLPA is complaining.

    I certainly found the Pats explanation of “The Deflator” compelling. Is he allowed to increase the suspension during the appeals process?

  153. People keep saying he got two games for not handing over his cellphone and two games for the rule breaking. There is already a precedent for a player not handing over their cellphone during an investigation. Brett Farve didn’t hand over his cell phone and only got a fine of $50k. That is a big jump to two games. Fyi, Goodell handed over his NFL phone during the Ray Rice investigation last year but not his personal phone. Hypocrite!!!

  154. This guy is an idiot. He can’t win this situation putting himself in charge of it. Blind with power.
    Goodell needs to go.

  155. No egomaniac here, right? I think his new nickname should be “Kingpin”. There is not even the facade of wanting objective justice. He is going to use the “Becasue I said so” defense of the punishment.

  156. After yesterday’s garbage Pats**’ explanations about how they called him “the Deflator” because he was trying to lose weight (how stupid do the Pats** think people are?), is it possible for Goodell to increase the penalty in the appeals process? This team is showing more and more that it spins and lies with no regard for the truth (or the audience’s intelligence).

  157. So Goodell hears the appeal, does not change a thing, and Tom ends up suing the NFL. This should be funny. The guy wins at everything. He will win this! No Brady No Banner. See ya week at the razahhhhh.

    Have fun with this one trolls. Thumbs down if you love Tom Brady and the patriots

  158. What a great plan, have your minion dish out the sentence so later on you can handle the appeal and teach the infidel a lesson in which hunt.

  159. There once was a team called the Pats,
    With a stupid face stamped on their hats,
    Their coach and their leader,
    Were both dirty cheaters,
    And all of their fans, dirty rats!

  160. There once was a cheater named Tom,
    Who could lie through his teeth with aplomb,
    He pretended to focus,
    So no one would notice,
    The needle concealed in his palm.

  161. This is not a win or lose proposition for the league. An event occurred. An investigation was launched and punishment was meted without the accused offering a rebuttal.

    Now the process of the rebuttal begins and all the facts and arguments will be heard and the initial findings and conclusions will be re-examined.

    So I’m not sure why Goodell wouldn’t want an independent opinion on this. The important thing is to get it right. This can’t be about ego or perception. It’s simple. The league thought one thing. The Patriots thought another and an independent investigator would tie it all together.

    Disappointed in Baltimore.

  162. Too bad he can’t extend the suspension on appeal. 4 games is a joke if you consider the danger Brady has put professional football in.
    Fair competition? Integrity? Competitive balance? How about staged, rigged, theatrical performance.

  163. Mike, this has the potential to get much worse.

    The Pats have now come out and accused the Colts of illegal play during a game with Jacksonville I believe. Players are calling out instances where the Pats may have done something illegal. If both sides are not careful this could resemble an argument with a spouse; someone is going to say something extremely hurtful that is difficult or impossible to forgive and then the gloves will really come off. If that occurs, watch the accusations fly. Other instances of accused impropriety will be rampant. Individuals that keep good records may be more than willing to share that information and the value of that information will be so great that some will deem it worthwhile to make it public. Who knows haw far this may go?
    If one is honest to oneself about this behavior you have to believe all of the teams do something. Some more than others, some more extensive than others but they all do it. I see accusations from years ago coming out older veterans and coaches may feel they need to vindicate themselves and if that does happen this will open a Pandora’s box they will be unable to close. The NFL could be changed after this and the only ones that will benefit will be the media.

  164. Pats fan, and not enjoying this circus at all. Both sides should be ashamed. However, Goodell, being his usual pig-headed self, may have helped the Pats if they do want to sue, by refusing to introduce any real independence into the proceedings.

  165. hmmm, looks like Tom Terrific is going up against a hangin’ judge.

    This is of course, ridiculous. How can anyone think Brady will get a fair hearing with Commissioner McCarthy presiding over the hearing.

  166. I can’t see Roger overturning the guy he hired. Brady still sits at least two games. IF Brady continues to push and takes this to court he will have to present all evidence including his phone. I would say this is checkmate by Roger.

  167. ok boys, on the count of 3 unzip and measure.

    this is now nothing more than a personal ego battle, a steel cage match for the private jet set.

    kraft is doubling down on a 6 against dealer’s ace.

    problem for kraft is both are true — patriots cheated and the league railroaded them. Those are not mutually exclusive; the witch hunt caught a witch.

    everyone looks bad — brady looks like a liar, the league looks like keystone kops, kraft looks like a crybaby, wells looks like a waterboy, grigson looks like a sore loser, and goodell looks like a clueless imperialist with no sense of fairness punishing this more harshly than abusing women and kids.

    the longer it goes, the more egg on all faces.

  168. Maybe this was never about suspending Brady. Robert Kraft can’t appeal the million dollar fine or the docked draft picks. They (The League) suspends Brady 4 games knowing full well it will never hold up on appeal but also being able to say that they were assessed the biggest fine ever levied and docked 2 meaningful draft picks.

  169. We all know Tommy boy did something or he would have gave up his phone and the Pats would have let the investigator interview the ballboy a second time. Not cooperrating just looks bad because innocent people have nothing to hide.
    Roger will cut the suspension in half making his buddy Kraft happy that Tommy boy only has to sit out 2 games and probably cut the fine down to 500k. End of story.

  170. De Smith: So you want to hand out punishment AND hear the appeals of said punishment?

    Rog Goodell: Yes

    De Smith: oh, okay.

    How De Smith has a job is mind blowing.

  171. Maybe he could sit on a panel with representatives from the Colts, Ravens, and Jets, just to make it even more neutral.

  172. I loved Kraft’s comment: “It was based completely on circumstantial rather than hard or conclusive evidence.”

    I think Aaron’s Hernandez’s lawyers said the same thing…

  173. For the life of me, I cannot understand how the same guy who handed down the punishment can be impartial for the appeal?

  174. Ok, usually I can get behind Goodell. Except for Ray Rice…that was idiotic.

    But what the heck are you thinking on this one Rog? You’re inviting a lawsuit. Yes has the paperwork ready to go and file immediately. This is the one case you should have appointed a completely independent party to preside over.

    The fact that you failed to do that, shows how impartial you already were from the go. Stupidity Rog.

  175. Cool….I’m sure he believes the deflator was trying to lose weight…

  176. Fix is in, time to sue. There are many things about the Patriots rebuttal that are persuasive, but one of the biggest is the fact of how the ball guy took them to the field. Wells made it sound like he used a Mission Impossible harness to snatch the bags when all the refs were distracted. In actuality he had the refs permission, and casually walked off with them in front of an entire room full of officials that didn’t say a word. It also would have been impossible for him to sneak into the bathroom, lay all the balls out on the angled – not flat – floor and only deflate each one a tiny bit and have no repeats or miss one, all in a minute and a half. Instead, the ideal gas law perfectly explains the pressure levels of you control for the same gauge. This eliminates tampering as a matter of fact. After urinating, he head straight to the field, unlike Wells’ suggestion he vanished for 20 months minutes. This is all in security footage.

  177. Could have seen this coming when Troy Vincent was designated to hand out the punishment. Now it can go either way…

    a) Goodell reduces the penalties and he and Kraft are all buddy-buddy again.

    b) Goodell upholds the penalties and they can’t claim that he was judge, jury & executioner.

  178. This entire business is just sad. As a football fan each and every one of us should be ashamed that something like this is even a thing at all, let alone that it’s become the story of the offseason the way it has. I’m just disgusted with the whole story at this point.

  179. How laughable is that! It’s like asking a monkey to guard your banana!

    By Goodell handling appeal himself, he just took ANY objectivity out of the equation .

  180. Give him all the line he needs to entangle himself. With the MO case having just been ruled against the commissioner I think big changes are coming before to long. When this joker gets fired good riddance and a positive for the league to begin again in my opinion.

  181. This decision to handle the appeal himself is a direct consequence of all the complaining and PR BS coming out of the Patriot’s organization.

    In essence, Rodger is telling Bob Kraft and Tom Brady that he has seen enough and he is going to put an end to all of this pronto.

    For all the whining and crying from the Patriots, I have a suggestion, stop cheating and watch how fast all these issues disappear.

  182. Goodell doesn’t have the credibility to handle anything anymore much less this appeal.
    How the hell does he think he could be objective?!
    Time for the NFL to move on from this guy.

  183. Oh yeah… THAT will be a fair hearing! Ridiculous that this clown commissioner, THE GUY WHO HANDED OUT THE RULING, will be the person to hear the appeal. Goodell is a typical politician who sways in the wind depending on how he thinks the public feels he should rule. He’s pathetic. I hope the Pats sue his useless ass! And I’m a REDskins fan!

  184. Goodell will never learn….this will not go well….

    I’ve heard people saying how this is part of is job….it absolutely not….his job is to make money for the league….nothing more and nothing less….

    Let one of his many minions do this….

    Then again at this point the league can be put on auto pilot and it’ll make money…

  185. Judge Roy Bean Goodell — the only law west of the Pecos.

    Also known as the hanging judge.

  186. Wait, so now Roger Goodell is a independent arbitrator?

    This “investigation” has become a laughingstock of a witch hunt! SMH

  187. It’s always seemed strange to me that he presides over ANY appeal. Hopefully this can get the ball rolling to change that.

  188. First rule of getting out of a hole: Stop digging! Neither the NFL nor the Patriots seem to have learned this. Brady has.

    Next we’ll see if the NFL owners have any idea of the negativity that this has spawned.

    The solution is to put together a committee to define standards (proof, plea consequences for different acts, etc.) and penalties with the NFLPA and suspend all punishments until it is completed. By the time the committee reports and the standards are adopted, the hype will be gone and the culprits will probably have left the NFL.

    As for Goodell – every act seems designed to further inflame the situation and make him more toxic. Is he trying to get fired in a manner that guarantees payment of his contract? Sure seems like it.

    Second common sense saying: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome – a fact Goodell seems to have forgotten.

  189. With all the money the league takes in, you would think they could hire a competent adviser for Goodell…or maybe a better PR firm.

  190. I hope he doubles all the punishments for the childish way the entire Patriots organization has handled being caught being serial cheaters.

  191. Basically the pats are a teenage kid who has gotten bigger than his father. When the father goes to ground him, the kid just slaps his dad. Regardless of whether or not the initial ruling was fair- the pats went about it the wrong way. Time for the NFL to lay down the hammer- if you are found to be cheating, then you pay! No slap on the wrist. You pay and make sure it never happens again.

  192. This guy had a predetermined outcome and paid millions to wells to come to that conclusion. He cant remove the suspension without looking like an idiot, Brady isnt going to accept a reduced sentence for something with zero actual proof. It’s going to court and so might Kraft too. Goodell is digging his own grave.

  193. Goodell lacks Integrity so he hires Well$ to do a “Impartial” (Laugh) Investigation on 0.05 psi air pressure.

    Well$ has no Integrity as he rejects UNBIASED Scientific Law the GOVERNS air pressure worldwide 24/7, as well as rejecting all the evidence that exonerates the Patriots.

    So we now go back to Goodell ………..

    Take this to court and sue the hell out of Goodell, the NFL, Well$ and ESPN.

  194. The more I read about this the more I’m beginning to think Goodell just needs to get all parties in a room together and just get this crazy train back on the rails. It’s spiralling in a way where no one involved is going to come out of it looking good. For all the talk of legacy this could be a big leagcy moment for Roger.

  195. The CBA gives the Commissioner the right to hear these appeals.

    If the players want someone else to hear the appeals, all they have to do is negotiate it in the next CBA. But they are so focused on the revenue split that they get outmaneuvered every time.

    Doesn’t seem like the media’s opinion on this matters at all. Both parties (NFL and NFLPA) have power and can negotiate.

  196. The NFL League office is corrupt and morally bankrupt !

    If Goodell handles the appeal it just confirms that the fix was in from the beginning. Is he afraid that an independent party handling the appeal might find evidence of a conspiracy hatched in the league office ?

    Goodell and his flunkies need to be thrown out of the office !

    Just Saying

  197. So either he is going to uphold it so he doesn’t look foolish and weak or overturn it to look like the good guy and throw Troy Vincent under the bus.

  198. America thinks all teams cheat. It seems only the Patriots get caught over……and over…..and over.

  199. Since Goodell has a new BFF, Jerry Jones, hopefully he wont go too easy on Kraft’s QB Brady for an obvious transgression that brings the integrity of the game into question…

  200. That was his plan all along. Now he’ll cut the suspension to a game, two at most and hope it ende there.

  201. Whether you like the Patriots/Brady or not, an intelligent person really needs to ask:
    How can Goodell personally handle the appeal of Brady’s four-game suspension, and be truly independent?
    No doubt this is heading to court.

  202. Maybe it just might be ole Rog has 31 other vocal backings to hear this appeal and render all the rebuttals coming from 1 Espionage Place as “conduct detrimental”. Yes they are telling every person with a brain, “that pee running down your leg is rain”

  203. Oh yeah, this ought to be fair and balanced. “I appoint myself.”

    You can’t make this stuff up as to how incompetent this guy is.

  204. Given the hysterical response by the Patriots to the Wells report it doesn’t matter much. They and their fans will throw a tantrum about this as well.
    It’s such a bad look that so many grown men act like spoiled children.

  205. Well, the CBA strikes again. If you didn’t want him to do this NFLPA, you should have never agreed to it. He’s within his rights to do this, which doesn’t bode well for Pats fans and Brady. Are you REALLY going to think to say his decision making process was wrong?

    I’m really thinking he’ll sit out all 4 games now.

  206. Good, that will make it easier for Brady to sue the league when Goodell inevitably upholds his own decision.

  207. Sorry, I meant to say, is will Goodell say that his decision was wrong?

  208. Oh, there shouldn’t be any problems with Goodell leading the Brady appeal. cough. cough.

  209. whoah. i’m pretty strongly in the “pats are guilty” camp, but Goodell has no business running the appeal. It’s unfair and casts further doubt on the process.

  210. AFCCG second half score PATRIOTS 28 – Colts 0

    SUPERBOWL XLIX PATRIOTS 28 – Seahawks 24

    That is all the Integrity, Analysis, UNBIASED SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION and Impartial Investigation we need.

    But wait the outcome did not please Goodell, Grigson, Kinsel, the Colts, the Seahawks and all other jealous fans.

    So the NFL resorts to Slander & FRAME – GATE

  211. He should have handled it originally.

    And he shouldn’t be handling the appeal.

  212. This team has been cheating since before Belichick got here, amirite?? Let’s recount the ways:

    1996 – Belichick and Kraft leak information to the media about Parcells not being happy with the team during the Super Bowl. He then sabotages the defensive plan of the Patriots, with Robert Kraft’s blessing to ensure a loss to set future events in motion.

    1999 – Belichick forges memo that claims Parcells selected him as Head Coach for the Jets and then uses that false information to “resign” and join the Patriots as Head Coach where he would be reunited with his partner in crime, Bob Kraft.

    2000 – In his first Draft as head coach/GM of the Patriots he has two low level team employees (one that goes by the name, “The Interceptor” in AOL chat rooms) intercept draft picks, any that have the name Tom Brady on them get changed to another players name.

    2001 – Belichick attempts to work with Bledsoe on watching films of other teams practicing as well as reviewing stolen playbooks but Bledsoe didn’t want any part of it, in steps Mo Lewis.

    2001 – 2006 – Brady, not a very good QB, benefited from Belichick’s cheating ways. Belichick would arrange for entire defenses to be kidnapped before games and inserted his own players that knew the other teams plays and schemes but were just a bit slower or missed hits, interceptions, and tackles in a way that no one ever knew what was going on. He was the forerunner in drone technology, using MIT students to fly drones over practice fields of his rivals to learn their plays. He developed mind reading technology to know what other teams were thinking.

    2007 – 2015 – After he provided information on Spygate to the NFL (that’s right, you think Mangini was a disgruntled former employee, no he was working for the Patriots since he left) he used his contacts at MIT to build a robot “Tom Brady” that would play in games. The robot was programmed to have poor performances every so often to throw off the scent of investigators on how Brady can continue to play at a high level.

    Other ways they cheated over the years:
    – Kraft hired MIT grads to hack into the NFL computers and change the rule books in the Pats favor, the Tuck Rule was added AFTER the play so when media and others looked at the rules it was magically there
    – These same MIT grads hacked the instant replay system ensuring more challenges go the Pats way over the year. They insert doctored video showing different plays that officials watch instead of the actual play
    – They take over the headsets of opponent players to feed them plays from their own playbook (filming practices still occur but are now done by hacked satellites)
    – The have infiltrated Wilson to insert auto deflate valves into footballs right at the factory. This allows them to auto inflate/deflate footballs whenever they want to. They allowed this practice to be identified during the AFCC game because it allows them to move onto their next scheme.

  213. marzxyz05/15/15 08:22 AM
    The most damning part of the Wells Report (and perhaps the ONLY information in the report that isn’t circumstantial and easily refutable) concerns the use of the words “the deflator” by Mr. McNally to describe himself in a text message to his associate. In weighing the significance of these words, a fair-minded arbitrator, unlike an angry mob, needs to consider that McNally has spent countless hours of his life handling footballs, including both inflating and deflating footballs WITHIN SPECIFIED PARAMETERS on a routine basis. A fair-minded arbitrator, therefore, MUST consider the possibility that the self-styled moniker “the deflator” is a metaphor that would come rather EASILY to such a person if HE were trying to lose weight, even if the arbitrator has not heard of EVEN ONE other person of his acquaintance who has tried to lose weight use the term.

  214. This only makes Brady’s case that much stronger.

    Goodell will bring the suspension down to 2 games- Then Brady will take it to court.

  215. As much as this whole deflategate amuses me, I actually hope this leads to the downfall of Goodell, the worst commissioner ever!

  216. “Wait a minute.. I didn’t get a hurumph from that guy.”

    But seriously, I won’t be surprised if the draft picks are re-instated “because the organization wasn’t found culpable”

    And Brady’s suspension will be upheld.. “for failing to cooperate in the investigation.”

  217. Now we know why Troy issue the initial Suspension, Its part of a Slam (Troy) Dunk (Roger). Long live FRAMEGATE!

  218. Sure. Why not? Goodell has proven he can be fair, unbiased and impartial. (EYE ROLL…)

    And millions of dollars are being spent because footballs were not inflated to the proper psi.

  219. Regardless of whether or not the Patriots are guilty, Goodell should not be involved in the appeals process.

    If the NFL wants to ‘protect the shield’, they will agree to an independent arbitrator in order to maintain some sort of credibility for future matters.

  220. If you think Goodell did this without other owners supportin him. You are more than likely mistaken. Kraft is probably not the most well liked member of the club right now.

  221. This is a bad idea. Most of the arguments are on the bias nature of the “sting” and the subsequent analysis.

    It is clear that the Patriots got caught, but it is also clear that much of the evidence can be dismissed as circumstantial — and keeping the Comish in charge (the man who executed the one-sided “gotcha”) is only going to make the situation look more one-sided.

    Any neutral arbitrator will be able to clearly identify:
    1. There were no text messages between the two Patriot employees and Tom Brady. If there were, those text messages would already be in possession of Wells. Thus there is no need for Brady to “turn over” texts that do not exist

    2. There is no proof that the Patriots deflated the balls below the legal standard or at all. The “sting” was poorly constructed and the “statistical significance” only works if (1) the non-crooked needle was used before the game, and the cooked needle was used at half time or (2) the crooked needle was used before the game and the non-crooked needle was used at half time. Even thus, the findings are not statistically outside the expected limits of STP loss (given scenario (1)). ** Any other combination of gauge use renders the results invalid.

    3. The league was unable or unwilling to check the Colts balls in a comparable fashion — this renders all results invalid.

    4. The league, knowingly and willingly, allowed the AFC Championship game to be played with balls that were under-inflated for the purpose of smearing one franchise and/or one player of that franchise. If the league, knowingly and willingly, allowed the first half to play out — then the expected advantage of the deflated ball is below the standard necessary for fair play. Thus the rendered result is moot and the punishment is invalid.

    There is no way for the league to come out looking good right now. The league should accept the findings as inconclusive and create a new process for next year to ensure this never happens again.

  222. Brady should walk into the room and tell Goodell “what’s up dorito dink”

  223. When one is as guilty as Brady is it dont matter who the arbitrator is because he will still lose the appeal.all Brady can hope for is to get paid while suspended,then he can have peace of mind knowing his cheating didnt cost him a dime.

  224. I am a Steelers fan (duh) and I remember Dan and Art Rooney going to New York, cap in hand, asking Goodell to lighten up on the severe penalties to the Steelers defence under the new safety provisions. Amongst others, they fined two DPOY; they even suspended one. The Steelers game was predicated on a fierce and violent defence, designed before that was deemed unAmerican by the league.

    I know Snyder and Jones tried desperately to convince Goodell that their massive Cap hits penalizing for salary cap moves that while consistent with the letter of the law, stood in contrast to some sort of “gentlemen’s agreement” related to the strike.

    Tom Benson (and the whole city of New Orleans) begged for leniancy when the league came down on them for BountyGate.

    Goodell has not shown much sympathy to the owners of some of the most powerful and high profile franchises in football. Let’s see if the Patriots can do better.

  225. Pat fans,
    You’ve been whining and crying for a week now. You think anyone has changed their minds-or- have you just wasted your time.


  226. What a waste of time.

    Can we just fast forward to the part where Brady takes this to court, Goodell gets his ass handed to him again by a real judge and Brady’s suspension is completely overturned?

  227. How much arrogance do you have to have to know you cheated once, got caught. Then got caught cheating again and instead of accepting your punishment, make a fool of yourself by whining and crying and making the lamest excuses known to man as to why you are not guilty.

  228. This conflict resolution is simple.

    The NFL and Brady both pick an arbitrator and those two arbitrators agree on a third independent arbitrator to hear the appeal.

    Anything short of that route is a sham.

  229. Guessing Goodell cuts the suspension to two games in an effort to convince Tom its not worth suing.

    I mean, putting himself in charge of the appeal is just BEGGING for legal action

  230. btw. I have answered my question on the Patriot’s appeal of their $1 million fine and two draft picks. The right of appeal is part of the CBA for players, so Tom can appeal his suspension.

    There is no equivalent right within the NFL franchise agreement for a team to appeal a penalty against them from the league. They can talk informally and request a change, or like Kraft, try and shame the league into changing its mind.

  231. Roger you should just change your name to Captain Kangaroo. It befits your childish antics and the buffoon that you are. Do evryone a favor and quit!

  232. This might possibly end up in court again like with AP and Ray Rice last year. Eve4y time Goodell trys to handle something it always ends up getting worst. He is possibly real closed to pissing of (if he hasn’t already) the owners, fans and pretty much everybody with the way he handles things. The sooner this ends, the better

  233. nevyn49: I mean, putting himself in charge of the appeal is just BEGGING for legal action

    The problem with your concept there is that the CBA negotiated in 2011 has explicit agreement by the players that Goodell would do the appeals himself. The NFLPA complained about that, but in the end through the negotiations, they accepted it.

    What would they say to a judge today … ‘we agreed to let Goodell hear the appeal, but, now that he is going to, we no longer agree”

  234. I hope this does go to court. It will be a civil case which will use the same standard “more probable than not” that the NFL uses. The Patriots will further embarrass themselves and the penalties will be upheld. Maybe then Kraft, Brady, Belichek, the Patriots and their whining fans will shut the hell up… Naw, probably not!

  235. It is time to see this for what it is: an elaborate shell game. It is ridiculous to think the NFL, with all of it’s lawyers, did not see the technical flaw in Goodell allowing Vincent to decide punishment. It is nothing more than a backdoor way to allow Brady and Co., to effectively defeat the NFL in arbitration and allow Goodell to save face publicly. A wink wink arrangement between Goodell and Kraft. Something publicly had to be done. Kraft knows it. There is no requirement that it succeeds after all procedures are exhausted.

  236. I hope there is legal action, Brady cant hide behind the fact that the league cant legallly subpoena his phone. If it goes legal- then they absolutely can. Now we get texts from brady to bill, then check bills phone that goes up to Kraft. They never wanted brady’s phone checked- they wont make this a legal matter. They are hiding behind league rules which dont allow the league to make him show them his phone.

  237. The NFL did not insist in strong enough terms that Tom Brady turn over his cell phone and text messages, and did not follow up on gaining Complete copies of all those text messages (that should include all Brady**** people, coaches, staff, employees and OWNER of the Patriots****) and discussions held in the messages!! And, since communications took place on this subject, the Owner, coaches and other staff, should provide all text messages, emails and other communications on this subject as well.

    Failure to provide additional cooperation will and should result in additional penalties, fines, and suspensions.

    As part of the review they should insist on this!!
    If the Patriots**** want to fight the ruling, then the issue should be opened up to further the review.

  238. idpfantasyfootball says:
    May 15, 2015 3:32 AM
    The reason that Goodell delegated the initial sentencing was so that he could handle the appeal.

    With the huffing and puffing of Kraft and the ludicrous explanations in the Patriot’s refutation of the Wells report, the commissioner should increase the punishment to the franchise for continued conduct detrimental to the league and also punish the head coach in keeping with the punishments doled out in the bounty case involving the Saints. This would be the Goodell that the owners hired and should be the Goodell that Tom Benson (and the other owners) demand.

    The ongoing Patriots PR campaign, which includes Brady’s agent, has questioned the integrity of league officials, made claims of the league conspiring with teams, and made disingenuous attempts to spin the condemning text message evidence. Could this be a smokescreen to keep the league focused on the single AFC Championship game instead of pulling the curtain back on the ‘Patriots Way’ of gaining unfair competitive advantages that league players have confirmed go back over 10 years?

    L.A. needs a team. Is it too early to call for the contraction of the New England franchise to make room for the L.A. team and keep the number of teams at 32?

    They could do all that and yet, your team would still stink. Then who would you blame?

  239. Regardless of what McNally called himself, if no deflation of the balls can be proven, it is irrelevant. If he called himself and Killer but you couldn’t prove he killed anyone, it would be equally irrelevant.

  240. One team who voted against the NFL Goodell as an arbitrator ware the Steelers all the other teams voted for including the Pat.

  241. I’m starting to seriously question if Goodell is trying to get himself fired…..

    Without a doubt, this won’t end with his decision on the appeal. Goodell is once again setting the NFL up for a lawsuit where his judge/jury/executioner “authority” will be bi*chslapped by a federal judge. For a long time, I thought Goodell got a bad rap, but over the last three years it’s become apparent that the man is simply a train wreck. Time for a new commish before he runs the NFL into the grave.

  242. I’m glad Goodell is on the case… now we know Brady will lose and a court challenge will be a certainty.

    Hoping for a neutral hearing to put a real knife through the NFL/Goodell’s heart.

  243. Goodell said a few days ago that he could reduce the suspension to 2 games if Brady turned over the phone and the electronic media. What if he doesn’t turn it over? What if the Brady suspension is upheld regardless of the number of games he will be suspended? Now what? If Brady goes to court, he will have to cooperate and turn over the phone and all the electronic messages. If there is anything incriminating there, it will be like Brady just realized his fly was unzipped and he just exposed himself. Then we all will know for sure, that he was uncooperative and stonewalling for a reason. He won’t go to court. Things may be to drafty for him to take.

    This is probably why Goodell wants to handle the appeal himself. Either way Brady is cooked. It all depends whether it will be medium rare or well done.

  244. Plain and simple- you cannot refuse to cooperate and share tom brady’s phone or let the ball boy speak to the investigator for a second interview and expect no consequences. Goodell cannot lower the penalty without the Patriots full cooperation. If they are unhappy and make this a legal matter then fine- Brady’s phone will legally be subpoena’d and we can see whats on there and make a new ruling (either lower the current punishment or raise it depending on whats on that phone). Seems fair- but dont cry about the punishment while u refuse to hand over evidence.

  245. Or, just as likely, Brady is a smart guy with smart attorneys that know his phone may have to be looked at in a trial and they know there is nothing incriminating on it. How about that?

  246. It is going to be so funny when Brady’s team comes and whines about a four game suspension and then Roger gives him 10 games instead!

  247. wk1234 says:
    May 15, 2015 10:22 AM

    Then why not end this months ago and just show Wells his phone???? If you are innocent and want to clear your name- then you cooperate. Its that simple. And even the pats fan with his head stuck 6′ into the sand can see that innocent ppl cooperate.

  248. Time for Brady and the boys involved to accept the punishment and move on. Appeal is fine if your innocent but Brady has done everything possible to try and look innocent and it didn’t work.

    I was a Pats fan and even I’m tired of it. If the NFL didn’t have the goods they would have fined the team and slapped some hands but to do what they did, its obvious they have the evidence and know what happened.

  249. Roger just wants to find out if Tom will look him in the eyes and lie. We are starting to see Tom isn’t half the man everyone thought he was.

    Cheater and a liar. Still a very hot wife with Super Bowl rings but a cheater and a liar also.

  250. What in the world is Goodell thinking? IS he that tone deaf in failing to understand the can of worms he’s opening up through appointing himself as the arbitrator?


  251. You people are truly amazing. Your defense of Goodell hearing the arbitration is that it is part of the CBA. Funny how that same reasoning is why Brady didn’t hand over his phone — because its part of the CBA.


  252. The Patriots have already said they are guilty when you look at that website they just created and with all those lame and ridiculous things they have said and done in the last couple days.

    Still, I have to wonder if the Deflator uses Jenny Craig.
    How many pounds has he lost in the past 2 weeks?

  253. “Plain and simple- you cannot refuse to cooperate and share tom brady’s phone or let the ball boy speak to the investigator for a second interview and expect no consequences.”

    What’s plain and simple is that Goodell can’t possibly appoint himself as arbitrator per the CBA while also condemning Brady for not handing of his phone per the very same CBA. That is completely and utterly ridiculous.

    Secondly, Wells had ALL OF THE TEXTS long, long before requesting the second interview. Wells also blatantly LIES in the report that text he wanted to go over was from the 2014 football season — it WAS NOT. It was from May 2014, and he had access to those texts for months!

    You have got to be a real hating d-bag to not see all the ridiculousness of the Wells report. There is not one single piece of evidence that Tom Brady did ANYTHING. NOTHING. This suspension is a complete sham.

  254. I can think of two reasons he appoints himself; he is 100% sure the patriots are lying and he wants it to be shown he stood his ground, beat kraft and won’t be bullied or…..he’s certain Old Paul Tags is going to embarrass him again, pretty much solidifying his exit as commish sooner rather than later. At least he keeps his job the length of the appeal, and court battle to follow, under that premise.

  255. Tom: “I’m innocent.”
    Roger: “No, you’re a liar and have destroyed your legacy. For what, you idiot? Your appeal is denied.

    Patriots = Lance Armostrong = Barry Bonds

    We all know the truth. It’s over.

  256. He’s the BOSS man. Many men can’t handle MONEY and POWER, many over use it.

    It’s really the people’s fault for continuing to elect for the Corporations that do away with Unions, taxes and more CEO power. You just get more and more of these fat cats.

  257. The owners need to redefine Goodell’s job. He can not continue being punisher and arbiter of punishment given at the same time. They need to construct a commission as opposed to a single commissioner.

  258. Let’s all support the “Deflator”. Deflate that weight, deflate that weight, DEFLATE THAT WEIGHT!!!!! I know why Brady called 6 times after deflate gate he took it upon himself to be the Deflators physical trainer!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  259. I am of full belief that the Pats were in the wrong doing here however, I think it’s an abuse of power and a horrible policy to allow Goodell to oversee this.

    In my opinion I think he’s doing this because he knows there is some fault on the NFL side. Yes, I think the Pats are guilty but I also believe the NFL doesn’t do what they need to in order to alleviate this type of issue as well as many others. He’s a joke!

  260. The are scientific evidences in the Ted Wells context websites by real scientist that let us know that if the ball deflate within the NFL limit, but in cold weather they’ll still be deflate below the limit due to weather condition.

    The Colts football is below the limit, too. Even if they are not below the limit, it just mean that they set ball at a higher weight and the Pats did.

  261. If he hears the appeal he should be removed from office immediately. that is a joke.

  262. There have been many troubling things with players and owners behaviour and attitudes in the NFL.

    But none are more troubling the Goodell’s presence. Above all I continue to wait on his dismissal.

    Not even a Patriots fan, (have hated them when they beat my team), and not denying their wrongs and the punishment for them.

    Just can’t stand Goodell the liar and want him to be fired.

  263. When Brady’s punishment gets cut to two games, I’m done with football. Could be tough timing because the jets seem to be on an upswing.

    Haven’t felt any great joy over him getting caught or punished surprisingly. I acknowledge being a Patriot/Brady hater. But he cheated and got caught. I don’t need any asterisks. But I do need justice and trust. If I can’t trust the game on the field to be legit, then it’s lost everything for me.

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