Odell Beckham’s not worried about any video game curse

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After turning in a magical rookie season, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham’s not worried about a curse.

The bad ju-ju that has sometimes come with being on the Madden video game cover doesn’t worry Beckham, who won the fan voting over Rob Gronkowski for the prestigious honor.

I don’t really believe in curses much,” Beckham said, on ESPN, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “A curse is something somebody wishes upon you.”

It’s one that’s visited players such as Eddie George and Marshall Faulk and Peyton Hillis (how exactly did he end up there anyway?), and while last year’s cover boy Richard Sherman made it to the Super Bowl, he lost.

But after becoming an instant celebrity last year with his one-handed catches, Beckham’s the first Giant to make the cover, and he’s hoping it’s not a bad sign.

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  1. That nine-game stretch following the bye week was astounding for anyone, let alone a rookie. He amassed 1,200 yards in that span! Well earned. Also, NFL players get hurt a lot. It’s a rough sport. By the end of the season everyone has some sort of affliction. The likelihood of Beckham, or any NFL Player, getting hurt at some point down the line is something I wouldn’t bet against. Don’t attribute that to a curse, though.

  2. Them not putting God’s player, Colin Kaepernick, on the front cover is proof that the NFL hate us

    But they’re really jealous of us

    The hate us cause the ain’t us!

    Embrace our continuing dynasty

    Minimum 5 rings in the next 8-10 years

    At least 13-3 this year and a home SB Championship

    Right at our home field, the great Levi’s Stadium!

    We build boats to ride on river of tears from the haters!

    God’s Team shall prevail!


  3. Can’t wait to see this guy make more incredible catches in games the Giants lose.

  4. I suspect EA “helped” the vote come out that way to avoid any taint-by-association.

  5. ODB was awesome as a rookie, but he was just that, an unknown variable with no NFL game film on him. It’ll be interesting to see how his game adjusts when defenses will make it their focus to shut him down specifically. He kind of reminds me of Victor Cruz, hit the good running, but we’ll see if his numbers start to dwindle when defenses know your strengths.

  6. I am not sure Beckham deserves this? Why can’t JJ Watt be on the cover? Odell had a great year and even more so when you consider that was not in a full season, but honestly that “catch” was not nearly as impressive as Brent Grimes’ interception. Grimes is a smaller guy who jumped even higher and is not even a WR! His over the head, one handed catch was voted more impressive in fan votes, but with Odell in the NY Market… he got more coverage and plays on TV highlight reels. Anyway, the guy is a Stud and with a healthy Cruz back inthe mix the NFC East better not under estimate them.

  7. Giants fans are synical……if he didnt get on the cover they would hope Gronk got hurt and continue this foolish curse …now that hes on it …….” he wont get hurt” ..you are like crazy blonds on a Friday night make up your mind all ready……

  8. Almost forgot, yeah sure, the Pats don’t do none of that video game cover bs, they just WIN championships, unless, of course, its the NYG on the other side of the field.

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