Patriots: Reason for ESPN text has got to be the shoes

In their effort to poke holes in the Ted Wells Report, the Patriots are taking some pretty big liberties with logic and reason.

As incredible as the suggestion that Jim McNally called himself the “Deflator” because he was trying to lose weight, now they’re saying a reference to calling ESPN was in relation to his receipt of free shoes from John Jastremski.

“Mr. Jastremski had made it clear to Mr. McNally over time that his [Jastremski’s] boss would not be happy with him were he to give away sneakers to Mr. McNally,” the rebuttal reads. “That fact is quite explicit in a number of their texts. (p. 82 — after texting about possibly getting Mr. McNally sneakers and apparel, Mr. Jastremski writes: “unless Dave [his boss, Dave Schoenfeld] leaves the room tomorrow then it’ll wait till next week”).

“Getting sneakers or apparel for his friend Mr. McNally, in short, meant Mr. Jastremski would have to do so behind his boss’s back. They teased each other about whether Mr. Jastremski would get in trouble for giving him sneakers. The May 2014 McNally text reference to “not going to espn” follows his request for “new kicks,” and was Mr. McNally’s way of saying, in substance: “Hey, don’t worry about whether giving me those sneakers will get you in trouble — I’ll never tell.” . . .

“Certainly there is no way one could reasonably base conclusions that a scheme existed and was implemented to improperly deflate footballs based on these texts, particularly where ball tampering at the AFC Championship Game is belied by science, would have been illogical in concept and improbable in practice, and where it would, if anything, had disserved the quarterback.”

What may be illogical in concept is that there are people who feel this warm, yellow liquid running down their leg and are convinced that it’s just rain.

75 responses to “Patriots: Reason for ESPN text has got to be the shoes

  1. Memo to the Pats: Quit while you’re behind, because all you’re doing is convincing even more people you’re a cheating, dishonest organization.

  2. To the extent the Patriots are going out of their way to embarrass themselves, they must have gotten signed non-disclosure agreements from JM and JJ

  3. Seriously – who on their PR staff thought this was a good idea?

    If they are innocent, then say you never cheated. PERIOD. Don’t try to plausible reasons for the things that make it look like you cheated.

    You know, without your QB coming out and saying unequivocally that he had no knowledge whatsoever of any tampering with the air pressure.

    And again – why did you suspend these guys if they did nothing wrong?

    And why did it take so long to come up with these “reasonable” explanations?

    And where are the Patriot fans – whose intelligence have been insulted on a high level?

  4. This is why Tom never screamed he was innocent. Pats should take a hint… You can’t ask reasonable people to believe this stuff. It makes you look even more arogant and its an insult to our intelligence.

  5. Okay, now I’m really ticked. I understood why the Pats cheated for its in their blood to win no matter the cost.

    But when insult my intelligence with this nonsense you take me for a complete and utter fool. New England, you’ve only confirmed why I personally felt why Brady should have received 1 full year to think about his actions. Thanks for the confirmation.

  6. No no, the shoes were those old school pump shoes and the two staffers were simply talking about deflating their shoes this whole time. Tom was a third friend who really liked watching them deflate shoes…

  7. The truly sad thing is that most Pats fans will believe this because it reinforces their belief in their star qb’s infallibility.

  8. This is what Suh did when he stepped on Rodgers he just started making stuff up… he figured his suspension wont get worse…so maybe they will buy any part of the 1p excuses he gives them and might get off lighter…

    The thing is when people do this sort of stuff… it makes them looks Really silly… especially after an owner Demanded an apology….

  9. Notice no Pats fans are saying much in here. Even they realize just how ridiculous that organization is getting.

  10. No need to bash the Patriots any longer, they are doing that themselves. So getting a free pair of shoes from your boss requires now national media (a.k.a. ESPN) attention? That’s reaching far far far away…

  11. Why is this far-fetched? They have actual text exchanges that specifically talk about it.

    In other words, there is more literal evidence for the shoe thing than for the deflation thing.

  12. Wells had no problem twisting the science to meet his needs.

    Calls into question every word in his report.

    My guess is the Patriots interpretation came after discussions with Jastremski and McNally and are factual.

    Remember – Whether its court or the press, these guys sooner or later will speak for themselves.
    If the Pats PR department is putting this stuff in writing – my guess is they have done their homework and this interpretation is not going to fall apart as easily even when McNally and Jastremski start to speak.

    Repeat – Wells didn’t expect a rebuttal – He has been caught twisting the only part of this issue that can be objectively validated.

    Patriots expect to go to court – they are smart enough to know not to spin.

  13. Again, this explanation may not seem plausible – but what makes the “going to ESPN” reference more plausible as a reference to deflating footballs?

    Personally, I think the “deflator” and this ESPN reference are being interpreted solely in the context of deflategate, in which case you can only assume that you know what they’re talking about.

    But you don’t. Wells doesn’t. Only they do. It’s laughable to consider that everyone just assumes they can interpret the meaning behind these texts with any certainty. You feel certain because you are making many assumptions for which there is no proof or evidence. Only assumptions.

    “Oh, he referred to himself as ‘the deflator’, it’s called ‘deflategate’! That’s proof!”

    It’s ridiculous, and it’s worth repeating. Everyone who’s so certain what they’re talking about and laughing it up about these explanations from the Patriots is reaching their own conclusions about the meaning of these texts based solely on their own assumptions about what they mean. Nothing more.

    I’m not saying that the explanations offered by the Patriots are perfect, I’m just saying that they’re no less plausible than the conclusions of the Wells report.

  14. “Certainly there is no way one could reasonably base conclusions that a scheme existed and was implemented to improperly deflate footballs based on these texts”

    LOL, are they serious? Yet they want us to believe that McNally was just talking about being a fat guy?

  15. To the extent the Patriots are going out of their way to embarrass themselves, they must have gotten signed non-disclosure agreements from JM and JJ
    NDA’s don’t help you if you’re called to testify in civil court.

  16. RegisHawk says:
    May 14, 2015 12:38 PM

    This is what happens when you test-case your defense in a bar in New England…


    I love it, I am laughing so hard. BEST comment.

  17. Everything you people see is through the lens of deflategate.
    They have hundreds of odd exchanges on various topics and you don’t know the context. You think you do. I doubt you understand the context.

  18. At this point, if you’re a pats fan, you gotta be offended by the level of dishonesty coming from the organization. This is a fight they need to let go.

  19. Everyone is on here wondering where all the Pats fans are and assuming we’re staying quite because we have no more arguments. No, we’re here laughing at how much you people care about this. You believe what you believe, we believe what we believe. And as a huge New England fan, I think I speak for the majority of us by saying, just like you and your teams, nothing anyone says ever will change our mindset on the Pats.

  20. Everyone commenting about the context of three texts while viewing them through an NFL bedazzled telescope lens… You need to stop.

    There is no way to truly know what any of these people are talking about. Inferring meaning aside from the EXACT words that exist in the text are impossible without cooperation from the texters. And even they can only speak for their texts they sent, not received.

    The facts are simple: the Patriots were damaged financially by a report based on bogus science and impossible inference. The scope of that damage is severe.

    Why did Rob Gronkowski lose the Madden cover? If you don’t think his ties to the Patriots and this situation weren’t a factor, you’re out of your mind.

    The Patriots brand has been assassinated and the NFL will be forced to atone for this in court.

  21. I recall reading that huge ESPN expose on equipment guys in MLB getting free baseballs–ESPN turned their information over to the IRS and found the guys were not reporting their free $75 worth of baseballs as income so they got audited. And owed an additional $20 in income tax!

    That MUST have been what McNally was referring to. Nobody likes getting a call from the IRS, and we all now how close ESPN is with the federal government.

    Uh… don’t we? I’m just trying to tie together the Pats’ logic puzzle here in the most rational manner possible.

  22. Frankly, I think Pats fans deserve better than this.

    If I was a Pats fan, and I just watched my team cheat and then lie about it, I’d be pissed off. Moreover, if this was how they planned to conduct business, I’d be a bit hesitant about handing over hundereds of dollars to my team every year.

    Guess you cant fire the owner, so I suppose your stuck with these sorts of result from you ‘management’ for a while. A shame, really.

  23. Deflategate has now become bigger than Spygate, due to Tom Brady’s unwillingness to own it – as well as the Patriots continuing to stand by him despite the evidence that has come out to prove he knew. Kraft allowed something small to become huge. I’ve lost respect for that franchise.

  24. Just reading the exchange between these ball boys make it probable than not that they are really into razzing each other in hyperbolic way. Take into account their character. They are irreverent and funny. Their bantering is all over the place. … and that is just from the cherry -picked snatches of Ted Wells. So now the Patriots are being illogical and taking liberties? Take note that they seem not to like Brady which seem illogical since they work for the Pats. The investigation should look at the whole picture deeply and not just skim the surface. So should the media and writers.

  25. “And as a huge New England fan, I think I speak for the majority of us by saying, just like you and your teams, nothing anyone says ever will change our mindset on the Pats.”

    No one has ever doubted this.

  26. bucrightoff
    May 14, 2015, 12:23 PM EDT
    Memo to the Pats: Quit while you’re behind, because all you’re doing is convincing even more people you’re a cheating, dishonest organization.

    Not true I’m starting to believe in the Patriots now .

  27. after everything I’ve read today, the whole patriots organization should be suspended for the season for excuses detrimental to anyone taking them seriously, front office and all. come on, now thats ridiculous. not going to espn means not telling the boss? in a sports world, there’s only one espn…

  28. As a Pats fan I would like to state that I think this whole controversy could have been avoided if Brady had just come out and said something like “Hey, just like all QB’s I prefer my footballs to be a certain way. Aaron Rodgers likes them more inflated, I prefer mine to be on the lighter side and the equipment guys know that. In past games this season the balls were over inflated and I instructed the equipment guys to make sure the balls are as close to 12.5 psi as possible. It appears that too much air was taken out today and I apologize for that. Now, Who’s ready to watch me win another Super Bowl?” Probably would have avoided the investigation, suspension, and fines. People would still call him a cheater but the same people have been saying that about the Pats since “Spygate”. Also, Whoever is handling the Pats PR should be fired and never be allowed to work in that field again.

  29. Kraft not only looks like a Caddy Shack outtake, he is comedy.

    Yeah..that’s the ticket. He is just saying he is fat. Yeah that’s it. That’s the ticket.

  30. I want it to go to court so we can get some people “under oath”. That way Brady gets a perjury charge and gets banned for life.

  31. Johnny Styles says:
    May 14, 2015 12:47 PM
    Remind me again if these lawyers are supposed to help the Patriots’ case?

    This bunch sounds allot like the group that represented Hernandez ” He witnessed a murder of his friend…”

  32. Still waiting for the “watermelon” explanation. Who needs Comedy Central when you have the Patriots.

  33. Six degrees of separation…

    McNally is the “deflator” because he’s fat.

    His boss is a guy named Schoenfeld

    Jim Schoenfeld years ago told a referee to “eat another donut you fat pig”

  34. Hate on!
    We laugh at your pathetic attempts to tear us down. Bottom line is you will not find an asterisk after any title the Patriots have won….except in your narrow minds.

  35. Is the implication that these guys were texting about Deflategate 7 months before it existed? Maybe the argument that the ESPN comment is in reference to free shoes is a stretch, but so is the implication that they were freaking out about a potential ball deflation scandal during the offseason, when there was no reason to believe anyone cared at all about the air pressure of a football.

  36. When do we start talking about taking the Patriots first round pick in 2017 for “conduct detrimental to the league” based on this nonsense.

  37. RegisHawk says:
    May 14, 2015 12:38 PM

    This is what happens when you test-case your defense in a bar in New England…

    Cannot stop laughing at this comment. Bravo Regis, Bravo!

  38. So ESPN is going to run a story (in October before any of this started) that John Jestremski is giving shoes to Jim McNally behind Dave Schoenfeld’s back?

  39. when no one can reach you at the top, they try to tear you down.
    somehow the bias of darrin grant is enough to discredit providing actual context of things that were entered as counter “evidence”. sad how some people cant separate their passion for their team to read and understand facts. must be a bunch of seahawks fans in the comments

  40. The pats are just trolling all of the sheep. Seems to be working. And you’re all forgetting. It’s a game. Just a game. Not life or death. We are talking about partially deflated balls. That the other team was playing with as well. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of a controversy and yet it just won’t go away.

  41. I don’t understand the “sneakers” thing. Football players wear cleats. Now, if it was a basketball team…

  42. As a long time pats hater I have to say keep coming with all this nonsense I find it very entertaining.

    All these texts are out of context aside of the ones you get to cherry pick as being right. ( the refs did it) (the bathroom trip is now down to .5 seconds from 2 1/2 minutes)

  43. So now it’s the shoes. All of this drivel to keep attention off of the fact , we haven’t heard from Brady except that he’s ‘ digesting ‘ things. LOL!! What a joke

  44. I say let the pats join the CFL and cheat in Canada all they want. Then lets add an LA expansion team to keep it at 32 even with 4 in each division. problem solved.

    We have seen pats covering for their cheats before with spygate. history repeat, go figure

  45. What makes it a game is that all these teams come together and agree to compete under a given set of rules. This is why the penalty should probably have been even more severe…they betrayed one of the defining foundations of the game. Without that, you may as well call it WWE, a scripted show that only the gullible believe is real.

  46. All in going to say is do deep research on the owners. They are the worst type of people in this world. Firt of all they been harboring criminals since who knows. Second this concussion outburst was a business move thats why they implemented it so hard recently but the league been knew about concussions a long time ago. Think abouy how much money off of fines and continued offenders for concussions. It was a way to make more money. Then this whole brady thing….ok…it is a actual business term for creating a distraction to cover up or keep your hands clean. Deflating balls…really…sure thats the reason the colts got drug through the mud. Think about how much the nfl trying to make u forget about the messed up things they do like the domestic violence, they probably know they had killers and beaters in they locker rooms. Then how they handled ray rice and goodell gets off scott free. Then goodell gets a judge or lawyer whos tied with the nfl. Lol. BS.

  47. All this nonsense could have been avoided and these texts could have been clarified if the Patriots would have granted Wells further interviews with Mr. McNally and Mr. Jastremski.

    Even better, Brady should have apologized back in January and this matter would have been closed.

  48. Two guys have an exchange of texts.
    It begins about sneakers.
    It ends about sneakers.
    In the middle, an obviously snide remark about going to ESPN.

    What is this text exchange about?

    Pats: Its about the sneakers.


    Good grief.

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