Poll finds most fans support NFL suspending Brady


Most fans think the NFL made the right call in suspending Tom Brady.

That’s the result of an ABC News/ESPN poll, which found that 63 percent of all fans and 76 percent of self-described “avid” fans supported the NFL’s decision to suspend Brady for four games and strip draft picks from the Patriots for Deflategate.

The poll also found that a majority of fans say that Brady and the Patriots cheated, although the vast majority of fans think other teams cheat, too. In fact, only 6 percent of fans think cheating is limited to the Patriots.

If there’s any good news in the poll for Brady, it’s that his reputation doesn’t appear to be irreparably damaged: A slim majority still view Brady as a good role model, and the vast majority still think Brady should be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame some day.

Perhaps when that day comes, we’ll think more about the Super Bowl rings than about Deflategate. Even if right now, Deflategate overshadows Brady’s other accomplishments.

166 responses to “Poll finds most fans support NFL suspending Brady

  1. Wow that’s surprising! It’s not like every man on the planet is beyond jealous of him or anything

  2. 32 teams, 3o of which have every reason to hate the Patriots for beating them like a drum. I’ve excluded the Giants here since they own NE.

    So something like 93+% of NFL fans have a rooting interest against NE and want to see them fail, stumble, humiliate themselves, or simply lose.

    Based on that, it sounds like support for Brady is much higher than you’d expect.

  3. You must also ask about cheating. The patriots have been caught twice, how many more times have they gotten away with cheating.

  4. When people realize that the deflated balls reduced the Patriots fumbling rates, that the it’s been going on for years, that his stats were likely enhanced by cheating, and that he paid out McNally and Jastremski to keep quiet, his reputation will suffer. It’s only going to get worse, Tom. Sorry.

  5. they would have been in favor of suspending him without deflategate

    its the only way their teams have a chance

  6. Brady needs to leave Kraft and Belichick to become a Hall of Fame QB. None of the teams count from player to organization. Nobody on that team is innocent.

  7. Gee, there is a real surprise. Anything that will help bring the champions down. If it can’t be done on the field, get the dumb as a stump commissioner involved.

  8. I find it odd that more people support the suspension than believe that Brady cheated in this poll…

    So if these people don’t believe Brady cheated, why are they in support of the suspension???

    As a result, I question the validity of the poll.

  9. I don’t support the NFL suspending Brady and I am not a Patriots fan (Raiders). I think $50,000 – $100,000 fine. NFL needs to fix its process if they are concerned about people letting air out of footballs before a game.

  10. Shocker considering how routinely Brady has dismantled most teams that those fans are fans of. Sorry about ending that sentence with a preposition…

  11. This is getting so old so fast. All I want to know is if I will be able to play with deflated balls in Madden 16?!

  12. A study will also find amazingly once sided media coverage that has a great deal to do with these poll results.

  13. Let’s revisit the poll after the public finds out how shoddy the “independent investigation ” was.

    Let’s see what people think of the lies, omissions, slanted angles, and coerced testimonies.

    If the poll still finds that a vast majority favors Brady being suspended, Southwest Airlines should consider some direct flights to the Middle East. People would love how “justice” is meted out over there.

  14. I’m less annoyed by the cheating than I am of the lack of an admission and the defensiveness of his supporters and the outcry over the punishment.

    Sure, he’s certainly not the only one. But you got caught. Man up. And stop complaining. This isn’t their first time breaking the rules.

  15. I can’t believe all the H8 for the model franchise and golden boy!!

    It’s just unfair!! All he did was cheat!

  16. I’d say it’s a bit light when you consider the real issue here is 15 years of institutionalized cheating from the top down within the patriots organization.

  17. Of course they do, Brady has been kicking their favorite teams butts for more than 12 years…

    Brady has deflated their egos…

  18. In related news, a poll also found that 63 percent of all fans and 76 percent of self-described “avid” fans dislike the Patriots.

  19. And lots of people believed the accusers in the Duke lacrosse and UVa Rolling Stone cases. The truth is not a popularity contest.

  20. No wonder.

    Every fan that believes “this isn’t their fathers NFL” knows that it’s because of Belichick.

    Patriots by far lead the league in proposed and adopted rule changes due to their antics. Think about it… tuck rule, Brady rule, ball custody, ball custody repeal, extended goal posts, ineligible receiver change, etc.

    They think it’s cute, the rest of the league finds it annoying as hell.

  21. Who cares what the majority of people think. If brady cared what others thought he wouldn’t be as great as he is. When the suspension gets taken away and brady and Pats use this anger throughout the season, we ll see ya at Levi stadium in February.


  22. They wouldn’t have suspended one of the faces of the nfl if they weren’t sure he was guilty. The nfl should say, listen we know you did it, bring this to court and we will double all penalties when you are found guilty and you will be found guilty, trust us.

  23. Then take same poll when this goes to federal court after appeal in goodell a office?
    Bet the numbers will even out. And it’s no secret that the patriots are the leagues most hated team. So this poll is somewhat subjective.
    Also, like it or not the penalties and wells report is the most political report ever. Pelican brief squared.
    We couldn’t prove anything but patriots covered it up so the electric chair for you.
    So…, this will ALL come out in court, this ain’t over.

  24. Funny to me that so many would support the suspension. However if this was them or was their “team” they would be screaming and calling any attorney they could find.

    Imagine if this same burden of proof was applied to us at work. So Johnny sent some emails to Timmy and they refered to he and him a lot in reference to taking office supplies. We think you are the he or him. Can I please have your cell so I can pick through it and see if you are the he or him being refered to? No???? Ok, then you must be guilty and the he or hims must be you.

    There is not even proof that the balls were actually deflated. The difference in pressure can be explained by gauge discrepancy and science.

    So we think some office supplies are missing because we counted them last week using my computers inventory, but I didn’t physically count them. This week I physically counted and we are missing some. Most mean you stole some.

    This is sad in my opinion that without any actual evidence the league and apparently most fans have applied the guilty label. He may be guilty but I want to see proof not a bunch of random dots connected by an attorney who’s largest client asked him to perform this act.

  25. Fans are petty. We only care about our team winning and the other team losing. So of course the majority of fans are going to want the second best QB in the league out of the picture for a few weeks.

  26. He is a cheater, it’s probably the same results you would get if you polled fans on the suspension of A-Rod.

  27. Comparing the handling of punishments, based on the interpretation of a single set of rules, will illustrate how indiscretions are valued by the authority. In the handling of Brady’s punishment, and I know it’s been mentioned now but it can’t be overstated, this comes to mind:

    If the NFL suspends Brady for anything more than 1 game for it being “more probable than not that Brady was generally aware” the NFL is saying that this indiscretion is as detrimental (or moreso) to the NFL as knocking out your wife. Does anyone want to really get behind that?!?

    Even “not fully cooperating with the investigation” doesn’t seem to be in the same ballpark as Ray Rice’s 2 game suspension. And for those of you who believe this should be the rationale for a hefty suspension, realize, by comparison, what you’re saying and what you’re valuing. You can’t divorce these kinds of comparisons, which is why Goodell’s “rules” and “punishments” have no credibility or legitimacy.

  28. What a ridiculous waste of binary code…EVERY fan outside being a Patriots fan would love to see Tom Brady suspended, retire etc….Anything that makes it easier to win a Superbowl for your team…I would love to see Peyton Manning suspended for the over use of Omaha or for the Five head he has,,could care less what it is for as long as the Patriots didn’t need to play him every year

  29. Brady’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation tells you all you need to know, honestly. If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t hide. It is that simple!

  30. All of the people that I keep seeing on these boards saying, “They cheated….. They cheated!!” are the ones when they were kids that would walk down the hall to the principal’s office and rat you out for throwing a spitball at the chalkboard when the teacher wasn’t looking. Grow up!

  31. Vote of no confidence for Goodell. He puts the mice in charge of the cheese, then whines like a little baby and complains that the mice ate the cheese. Tom Brady is 10x’s the man Badell could ever hope to be.

  32. If you were innocent, would you cooperate with an investigation to clear your name? The answer (obviously) is “YES,” to everyone but Patriots fans (LOL).

  33. Who doesn’t like seeing a smug, arrogant person who thinks the rules dont apply to him get knocked back down to earth? C’mon…..

    Brady is an all time great QB, and he got what he deserved in this case, but its his arrogance, not his ability as a QB, that makes people dislike him.

  34. It’s amazing that a lil air out of a football and the world stops spinning, I honestly don’t care which qb does it, I think things like stickum and pumping crowd noise are way more of an advantage

  35. Why did the Patriots fire the two equipment guys ?

    If those guys lose their job, is it really unreasonable for Brady to lose four game checks?

    Honestly, Kraft and Belichek and Brady firing those two guys is really the only despicable act in this farce.

  36. It’s sad how people hate on greatness. Americans are too stupid to look for the truth. Probably 95% of these people just read the headlines.
    Sad but most people are sheep being lead to water

  37. Brady is at a form in the road. He can be defiant and go the way of Braun, Palmero and Armstrong or he can just let it go, accept his punishment and move on. If he is truly guilty and he continues to fught, it will eventually destroy his image…..He better make sure that those 2 ball “boys” are t
    aken care of financially.

  38. The Pats have had more success than any other NFL team over the past 15 years. During that time, they’ve been caught cheating twice. The keyword there is CAUGHT cheating. How many times have they cheated and NOT been caught? The rest of the league isn’t jealous of the Patriots success, they feel cheated by them and the punishments handed down by the NFL are a joke. This won’t deter the Patriots or any other team for that matter, from cheating in the future. I’d gladly sacrifice a 1st round pick and a few games in another season for a Super Bowl championship.

  39. Most fans huh? Let’s look at the math:
    31 other teams, most hate the Patriots.
    Carry the 1….= so effing obvious!! This is like saying most people like breathing.

  40. I read this morning that the Well’s Report made reference to the Patriots handing “practice balls” (as opposed to approved balls) to referees as far back as 2004. And that Jim McNally was supposedly the guy involved and the Patriots received a minor sanction at the time.

    If that’s true, this may have been going on for a lot longer than has been suggested.

  41. Why do u think they leaked the report prior to announcing the punishment! The public basically decided the penalty, which as the Pit fan thinks, was an absolute disgrace!

  42. That’s because Brady cheated.
    Have you heard some of these long drawn out explanations of how these footballs were treated to justify what happened?
    If Robert Kardashian and Johnny Cochran were alive they would be impressed. I am surprised Brady’s camp didn’t come up with an OJ type slogan based on ‘if it doesn’t fit you can’t convict.’

    Sting operations don’t work if the target does nothing wrong.

  43. Does this mean a number of NFL teams AREN’T going to secede from the NFL in protest as Pat fans suggested?

    You mean all fans don’t think it only fair the Pats should be allowed to cheat unabated?

    Other teams may cheat on the fringe, but it’s the core of how the Pats operate.

    Check the fumbling records of the Pats before the rule changed vs after and explain, other than deflating balls, how the Pats halved their fumbles in a single off season – the off season when they were allowed to begin “handling” their own balls.



  44. I’m not a pats fan, suspending Brady will just water the game down for a couple weeks. Taking arguably the biggest star in the league off the field is stupid. Probably half the league uses steroids, and probably half the quarterbacks in the league do similar things on a weekly basis, and probably everyone is over reacting because they are jeleous of the golden boy and the patriots winning every year.

  45. Deflategate doesn’t overshadow 4 Super Bowl wins, 6 AFC championships, 9 AFC Championship games in 14 years.

  46. I’m no Brady or Patriot fan not even close, but this hole thing is ridiculous, If you want to blame anyone blame the NFL for not securing them!

  47. Boston fans always think it’s about hate. I don’t have feelings one way or another about the man but I think he should be suspended. In fact I live in MN and I thought AP deserved what he got. I’m guessing those same NE fans would think differently I Rex Ryan did the same thing as Brady, they would call for his head.

  48. Polls don’t determine whether one cheated. A one-sided indictment doesn’t determine it either.
    Brady is going to appeal and give his side of the story.

    From what I’ve seen so far from the texts, Brady was telling the guys to make sure the balls were in spec at 12.5 and not to be OVERINFLATED as the refs were pumping them to 16!. He texted them to bring the rule book page to the refs if necessary.

    So any deflating was to bring them back to 12.5 at the minimum spec. If that was after the refs inspected them that is a minor technical violation but the balls are still within the rules. 25k fine if you want to be a hard ass. Any less pressure was explained by the cold and wet temps.

    The false leaks by the league to the media blew this story up way beyond what it is. There was an agenda by ex Jet officials and other defeated wanna-be’s working at the head office.

  49. Of course they do. It’s the only way their team can hang with the big dogs of the NFL. It’s the only way their team has a chance to compete with the World Champions 🙂

  50. Pretty sure that more than anything, people are tired of NEw England cheating, getting caught, cheating again, and continuing to win. Have to do something serious to break the pattern of behavior.

  51. Wow, what a surprising result based on the relative success of the Patriots versus the rest of the NFL since year 2001 with Brady at the helm.

  52. I think it’s because many people don’t like him. You respect his game, preparation, study and skill but he pouts, whines, cries to refs, yells, and just comes across as a jerk. And when the team bends the rules, sometimes to the point of breaking, it just doesn’t sit right.

  53. You would cheat if you knew you’d win! You’d do anything to be a WINNER like BRADY!

  54. So, since halftime of the AFC Championship the balls were inflated properly. Correct?

    Since then Tom Brady threw for 421 yards, 5 tds and 2 picks.

    Tell me more about how much the deflating affected the game….

  55. If the guy in Atlanta can get suspended 3 months for pumping in crowd noise and the guy in Cleveland can get suspended 4 games for sending text messages…..Brady can get suspended for altering game equipment….if your equipment guy is nicknamed “The Deflator” he knew

  56. Of course we do. This is long overdue. Perhaps he’ll cry again or wipe that smug smirk off his mug.

    Couldn’t happen to a better person…. Bruce Jenner 2.0

  57. In the past 12 seasons, only two teams have not lost a fumble at home for an entire season — the 2012 Browns and the 2014 Patriots. That means of the 384 (12 x 32) seasons played, only 2x has a team not lost a home fumble and one of them was the 2014 Pats.

    The scope of Deflategate is larger than one-half the 41-7 Colts AFC Championship Game.

  58. I think the other 31 teams should just fold. The Patriots have been beating them for so long that it’s getting boring. This is bad for a competitive NFL. Enough is enough. They had their shot.

    It’s time commissioner. Contract them all and give 31 new teams a shot.

  59. I will personally always wonder what Brady’s career would have looked like if he didn’t have opposing teams’ defensive signals the first half of his career and altered footballs the second half.

  60. Brady*

    * GOAT QB, reigning Super Bowl MVP, 3 time Super Bowl MVP, 4 rings, winningest QB in playoff history, most TDs in playoff history, most wins as a starting QB this century, holder of multiple NFL passing records and paragon of excellence in the modern day NFL.

    I think that about covers it. 🙂

  61. I love how all the patriot fans are acting like this is no big deal. I wonder how they would be acting if Luck got caught doing the same thing and they beat the pats?

  62. The best thing for Brady to do is a so the hardest thing for him to do, and that is to apologize.

  63. Brady is seen by all NFL fans except Patriots fans as both a foe and highly competent. If he is not directly helping your team win, it makes him a huge threat… and people have evolved a need to see their threats taken out. So it makes sense.

    People will spin it as “not liking cheaters” but the reality is whatever team you root for cheats too, so it can’t be that. You’re fine with cheating if you benefit. You just want to see a threat removed since your team usually has a hard time doing it on the field.

  64. Poor, poor Patriot Hater.

    To think they actually believe their team was ever at OUR level.


  65. The Patriots are just gonna make is worse with the appeal…more information on their cheating will come out, and so will others with more information. Feeley already opened his mouth and NFL says McNally investigated in 2004 for different balls being used (as I heard on radio this morning) and they got away with it under the excuse of a “honest mistake”. Patriots are probably best to just shut up at this point, sit on their blisters and accept their punishment.

  66. I am glad Tom Brady is arrogant.

    He should be. That is how you treat puny inferior competition. With arrogance and contempt, just like they deserve.

  67. I have no issues with Brady. Its the Pat fans that are so delusional and can not accept the fact that their beloved franchise has been caught cheating far more than any other team in sports. Is Brady a HOFER? Yes. Did he need to cheat? No. Looking back at all the things the Pats done, they did not need to cheat to win. I think they were able to win games without, but they chose to buck the system and the system finally bit them back hard.

  68. lol of course most of the fans of 31 other teams support the suspending. The suspension was fan/anti Pats driven.

  69. And most polled don’t know the details, only what they have heard on tv and read. Not exactly critical thinkers.

  70. This poll simply reflects how people want to see a “Golden Boy” taken behind the woodshed, regardless of what he did. If it happened to a QB on their team, they would be crying foul.

    A four game suspension for this is ridiculous.

  71. Most of these “avid” fans don’t read beyond the headlines.

    Why bother – their mind is made up.

    Losing to NE sucks.

    I am looking forward to the arbitration hearings to jam this whole mess down their throats.

  72. Most people want to slap him around, too.

    Including the Pats equipment mangers, apparently.

  73. I don’t. The whole thing is a huge ruse to distract from the real darkness of the league. Domestic violence, PEDs, con-men billionaires siphoning tax dollars into their bloated bank accounts, and a sport that is fully dependent on young men throwing away their future health for entertainment.
    Brady is the best QB of his era. Hands down. This is all just the latest spin to keep the NFL in the news without discussing the real ugliness of the league.

  74. If Tom Brady didn’t request the tampering, he surely had to have knowledge of it. You can’t handle footballs all day every day for 30+ years and not have intimate knowledge of how they’re supposed to feel. It was implausible in the extreme to think or say he knew nothing.

    On the surface, this seems like a minor violation. Is it? Players have been suspended and careers ended because they took anabolic steroids to heal a little faster, to hit a ball a little farther, or to hold a block a little longer. Under-inflating footballs in order to throw them a little farther or a little straighter is in the same category. It’s cheating. One of the more ridiculous things to come out is MMQB’s contention that Tom Brady SHOULD be allowed to under-inflate the balls to his liking. He likes his footballs inflated to 12.5 PSI or some such. Really? The opposing defense doesn’t get a say? They want him to use the most slippery 20-pounder they can find.

    The NFL has some silly rules but this isn’t one of them. They fine players for the wrong shoes and unapproved headbands. They suspend and fine players for things they do off the field. Those things have nothing whatever to do with competition or fairness on the field. This does. The field has to be a certain length and width, the goalposts have to be a certain height, and all of the footballs have to be regulation. Those rules have to be absolute. I agree with the decision to discipline Brady. There’s no joy in it for me, though. I like Brady. Always have.

    Should have hit the coach, too, though. I believe the term the league once used was “institutional failure“. Of course, that standard didn’t apply to the league or its commissioner in the Ray Rice case. It didn’t here, either, but it should have.

  75. They should do a poll of NFL fans that support the ball boys. They were told what to do from Brady and Bellichek. They were going to get fired either way.

  76. ‘Ignorance is no excuse’ eh Rog? So why isn’t Bill Belichick being suspended? Oh yeah, its the Patriots that’s why lol…. If it was the Saints, OUT FOR THE YEAR!

  77. It’s funny. Pats fans are horrified by the supposed lack of “direct evidence” against Brady (apparently in their minds, meaning no written admission by Tom or video of him doing the deed), yet they have no problem with Hernandez having been convicted without any such “direct evidence,” and even with a higher evidentiary standard required in a criminal case.

    Studies may claim religious fervor is shrinking, but there’s obviously a strong cult in New England.

  78. The epic Patriots trolling-train continues to chug its way down the tracks… It’s just too funny. The ivory tower is crumbling at an ever-increasing rate and its massive shards are raining down upon Patriots Nation, with nary an end in sight.

  79. I can’t wait till this case gets to federal court. The league will be destroyed and it will never be the same again.

    Light it up Tom and Bob and watch it BURN. BURN IT DOWN fellas.

  80. Patriot Hater seems to be SO ANGRY these days… ever since February 1st. I wonder why? 🙂

  81. Most fans outside of Boston are in favor of the suspension and it has nothing to do with being Patriot haters. Fans are fed up with New Englands culture of cheating. It’s true that every team looks for an edge, but I believe that most do it within the rules, unlike the Patriots.

    I think Tom should think twice about appealing. If the league decides to investigate further, they will probably find out this has been going on for a very long time. His suspension may get longer.

  82. I love it when the Pats continue to get their hands caught in da cookie jar! First off, Billicheat videoed the Rams prior to that super bowl (even the Rams were mystified at how their defense knew everything to do). Then in 2007, another tampering video and he caught the Jets doing their practice, was fined, lost some draft picks and now Deflateagate, and his pretty boy cheating QB got caught. These two scoundrels deserve nothing bur scorn, for they both are great talents but do not trust in the process of just being that talent.
    Glad Brady is out for four, should have been for the entire season.

  83. Same percentage who would answer in the affirmative if they were asked in December “Do you dislike Tom Brady?”

    Virtually nobody has read the report, and those who have all see the real issues here are Wells and the NFL consipiring to take the Pats down a few notches

  84. I’m obviously a Giants fan. My team doesn’t benefit from who we beat in the playoffs or Super Bowls. We beat the Niners with Montana to Kapernick, Packers with Farve and Aaron, Pats with Brady. I don’t expect my team to win every year, but when they do I want them to win with class. I don’t hate winners. Winners don’t cheat so the Pats aren’t winners. I respect real franchises that win honest. 31 do. 1 doesn’t. The others do it once in a blue not week in week out. The Pats only have 15 years of cheating not vanished is because they can’t. They’re not a relevant franchise like the Packers, Bears, Giants, Steelers, Niners, or Cowboys.

    Even the Jets won one in the crappy AFC East without cheating

  85. Poll would also find most fans’ teams have been beaten by the patriots. Perfectly logical that they want a four game head start.

  86. Considering the fact that others in the NFL have admitted to adding/subtracting air from the ball,the punishment is pretty harsh. Yes,I’m a diehard Brady/Pats fan,but the league is rife with abusers,drunks and druggies, even murderers. Brady’s punishment does not fit and I hope he wins on appeal to get it knocked down.

  87. If there was a pole out there that asked if they wished their team never had to face Brady again it would probably be closer to 100%….
    He’s the best & a winner… Why would you want to!!
    By the way…Brady will be destroying your teams another 4-5 years
    & probably whoever he’ll face in Super Bowl 50

  88. When this case comes to court and the NFL has to admit there was a sting or there was a concerted effort within the league to bring down one team…

    … good bye Goodell and more importantly good bye anti trust exemption and goodbye league the way we know it! I CAN’T WAIT!

    It’s just what they deserve for messing with the best.

    Light it up Tom and Bob and watch it burn! Get yer marshmallows ready 🙂

  89. These blind Patriot fans still don’t get how lucky they are.

    Do they realize Sean Payton had nearly zero involvement with “BountyGate” and also got suspended? Along with their GM? On the basis of culpable negligence?

    Bill Belichick could have and should have been dealt with in the same fashion, but of course the Patriots always seem to slip pass the hammer of justice, much like those SpyGate videos that have somehow disappeared…

    They don’t appreciate how ENABLED they’ve been for the greater part of the last decade.

    Hall of Fame players and current coaches alike (Marshall Faulk, John Fox) have always been very outspoken about how they felt the Patriots had an edge on them in Super Bowl games but could never figure it out, so the idea that DeflateGate is sparking up random people to start voicing false assumptions toward the Patriots is asinine because people have been talking about it for nearly 15 years.

  90. For the Pat’s, it would appear the buck stops at the ball boy’s desk.

    The billionaires and multimillionaires will appeal their penalty … and fire the two working stiffs for all the aggravation they caused them.

    Top shelf douche bags.

  91. Patriots have repeatedly shown they don’t give a rat’s butt about the integrity of the game. They will do anything to obtain an edge. Legal? Illegal? Sportsmanlike? Doesn’t matter, all that is immaterial. What’s next? Bribing officials? They’ve probably done that as well.

    Brady needs to be suspended for a year and Belichick banned for life. Better yet, give Adrian Peterson a tree branch and a green light.

  92. There sure is a lot of jealousy and envy among NFL fans when it comes to New England.

  93. I guarantee you if it was some average QB no one would give a second thought of what happened. Imagine if it was Jay Cutler. Who cares right? He hasn’t won anything and still sucks. It would’ve been just a slap on the wrist and only thing going on with fans is making fun of him. No one would demand him to be suspended.

  94. I’ve not changed my opinion of Brady the role model over the Wells report. When I want to wear my wife’s Ugg’s and sweater I still will look to him for fashion guidance

  95. Most pats fans on here find that incredulous. Most the rest of us find it incredulous that they do so.

  96. Steroids are still far and away a bigger infraction both to the competetive balance of the game and the player involved. I get the feeling it’ll end up being a more in line with the crime 1-2 games by the time we are done. I don’t condone the shenanigans but this isn’t close to as bad as steroids or PED’s. The whole situation and reaction to it went off the rails weeks ago…..

    As I have said, the George Brett of the NFL.

  97. I’m a life long Bears fan, so I’m not a Brady or Patriot hater. But I am a supporter of fair play and cooperation to keep the integrity of the game above reproach.
    The deflation of the balls is not the reason for the stiff penalties. The reason is not cooperating fully with the investigation, and refusing requested materials, which were needed to reach a final conclusion.
    Based upon that alone, I support the NFL penalties and fine imposed. You cannot obstruct a sanctioned . I would still support Brady as a 1st ballot, Hall of Famer though.

  98. I believe that my opinion reflects the opinion of most rational non-Patriot fans. I believe Brady broke the rules, lied about it and should be punished. I dont think he is a cheater, in the true sense of the word. I think he is one of the greatest ever and is deserves a hall of fame first vote without any discussion.

    I think that Kraft has created a culture where he thinks the rules don’t really apply to him and his people because ” we are above it all”. He is the Leona Helsmsley of football and whoever is giving him crisis PR advice needs to be fired. He is looking like a huge Bully.

  99. I smell an NFL rat here. You watch and see. Brady will win his appeal and allowed to play on Thursday night. It’s all part of the NFL’s grand plan to look like they are enforcing the rules yet be overruled.

  100. Of course they do. Actually as a Pats fan, I like these numbers. 31/32 (or well over 90%) of fans are fans of teams other than the Patriots. I would not have blinked if 95% of those surveyed agreed with the suspension. Sports is half entertainment and half religion (with a strong fantasy component) and everyone worships at a different altar.

    But after the release of the Patriots rebuttal, I fully expect that 63% to come down even further. Not much — because a fan of another team will not be swayed by any facts regardless of how evidence-based.

  101. the poll “supports it” because he cheated. this game is practically a religion for most of us. It’s sacred. Brady and this team under BB have insulted our intelligence and defiled the sanctity of our game on numerous occasions.

    this punishment is fine. and when they get caught again or they do something worse in the future, it will be a more severe punishment.

    winning three times by a field goal and once by the most idiotic play call in the history of sports his ok. doing it with the specter of cheating and foul play everytime? meh

  102. An earlier comment stated “if it was some average QB”
    concluding of with the usual delusional Pats fan ‘everybody’s jealous” blah-blah-blah refrain.

    I thought that was the schtick he was 6th round pick who graded out as ‘some average QB’ whose unprecendented success was what him made special.

    I guess Brady special means:

    using 2nd radio signals in QB helmet during plays to feed Brady info from press box – open WRs, etc. (early accusation buried by Kraft’s BFF Goodell)

    knowing the other team’s signals (convicted)

    illegally deflating balls (convicted)

    plus other advantages gained by his defense including giving defenders opposing QBs audibles.

    This crap will not end or be rectified until Kraft’s proteje Goodell resigns, a forced sale of the Patriots occurs. and Bob Kraft banned is for life, but it will be an uphill battle for the fans of the other 31 teams as NFL commissioner Goodell carries a VERY big stick to use on the media to get them to dance to the NFL’s music, which Goodell solely composes.

    If Donald Sterling was deserving of a forced sale of the Clippers to restore the NBA, surely Kraft deserves the same.

    Kraft and Goodell) have created an environment where 31 NFL fanbases are rightfully suspcious of fairplay which threatens future the very league itself.

    These two have to go.

  103. “Yes/No do you dislike your enemy? Yes? GUILTY!”
    Wells should have used this scientific evidence in his report. At least the poll isn’t claiming unbias.

  104. He is the greatest QB of all time, EXCEPT he will be remembered as Tom Shady. He did not need to pressure the equipment guys to take the balls AFTER the refs inspected them to get the balls even to the min PSI of 12.5, or even less. He has been with his coach too long. Bad habits rubbing off.

  105. wannabeqb says:
    May 14, 2015 10:15 AM

    Can we stop with the fumble nonsense? It’s been debunked multiple times

    No, because it hasn’t been debunked several times. One Patriot fan wrote a rebuttal that was biased to say the least. Brian Burke did his own study and came to a similar conclusion as Warren Sharp.



  106. Hi haters;

    PATSFAN here.

    Just a few reminders;

    We won the AFC game. I know it was a squeaker, but we managed to pull it out

    We won the Super Bowl.

    We’re the reigning NFL champs.

    After meeting with da prez in da white house Belichik took the team (minus TB) to visit the Veterans’ Hospital.

    When’s the last time that happened? (Honest question)

    Mr. Kraft wore sneakers to da white house to meet da prez because his feet hurt.

    We know you hate our team, we don’t really care

    Get a life

    The report on the strange case of the deflated balls was more than 200 pages longer than the report on players’ health and safety, and it was longer than the report on the My Lai incident from the Vietnam War

    ‘The Integrity of the Game’?


    MONEY – yours

    Have a good day

    GO PATS!!

  107. In a follow up survey they asked 40 fat people I’d they liked cookies. 100 percent said yes.

    Of course most people want Brady suspended that’s the only way their crappy team has a chance. It’s sad that there are so many haters with an axe to grind.

  108. Tom Brady must be loving all of this free publicity that he is the most hated person in sports today. I guess the way he reacted to being questioned about the investigation by smiling it off makes him guilty in the court of public opinion.

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