Michael Irvin: Eagles the favorites because of DeMarco Murray


Michael Irvin wants to be a homer. But he also knows when he’s talking to a home audience.

During an appearance on Philadelphia’s WPEN, the Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver declared the Eagles the favorites in the NFC East, primarily because of the relative strengths of their respective running back positions.

Philly is the favorite in the NFC East,” Irvin said, via the Dallas Morning News. “You have to be able to, and it’s a difficult thing, to separate my head from my heart. You cannot tell me and you’ can’t convince me that you can just stick anybody back there.

“And if they [the Cowboys] had drafted a Melvin Gordon, or drafted a [Todd] Gurley, then, I’d go, ‘wait a minute, wait a minute, this might be something.’ But with Darren McFadden, and he may have some great things going, but right now I would take Philly, and then Dallas in the NFC East.”

Of course, the Cowboys are also stronger in other areas of the roster than the Eagles, Irvin is putting a lot of emphasis on how much the Cowboys will miss DeMarco Murray.

“What did I do to you, man? Why do you want to rub salt in that wound I have right there?” he asked the host. “Listen, I’m just, I’m telling y’all, now listen to me, I’m just getting over the depression of losing DeMarco Murray. I’m just coming out of the depression and I really thought, and felt like I was in a depress-ious state. I want to upchuck sometimes when I hear the thoughts of others as they speak on things around the league. ‘Oh you can put any running back behind that offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys.’ I say, ‘Oh really? Why they hand the ball to DeMarco Murray 392 times? Why did they stick anybody back there last year?’ Because they already knew that’s not the case.

“I’ve said this and I’ll say this now. Philadelphia upgraded immensely in that department.”

While his prediction might not play as well in his old home, the priority Irvin’s putting on the running game also doesn’t match up with Jerry Jones’ this offseason.

62 responses to “Michael Irvin: Eagles the favorites because of DeMarco Murray

  1. Less than 4 months people….. it will begin again, I promise.

    These stories are all we have to fill the void 🙁

  2. “You have to be able to, and it’s a difficult thing, to separate my head from my heart.”

    Use your scissors, Michael.

  3. Can’t really blame him. I’ve been around Philly fans. He’s just trying to get out of the city safe & sound.

  4. the cowboys line is dominant in the run game, but irvin is right – the idea that any back can be even close to as successful as murray was last year is a farce. they can put up some yards and score some points, sure, but they will not control games the way they did last year, which was the biggest reason they went 12-4.

  5. The Eagles are winning the NFC East over the Cowboys but the running backs have zippo to do with it. Both defenses sucked the Eagles did a lot to improve theirs, Cowboys not do much.

  6. mataug says:
    May 15, 2015 5:18 PM

    yeah let’s just invent a word, not the first time he’s done that lol
    He gets that from Emmitt!

  7. Both Dallas and Philly got too cute in the offseason and will take major steps back.

  8. The Eagles are winning the NFC East over the Cowboys but the running backs have zippo to do with it. Both defenses sucked the Eagles did a lot to improve theirs, Cowboys not do much.
    Byron Jones, Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy (at least 6 games), and getting Sean Lee back.

    No, no upgrade there…smh.

  9. Big Ced called out Dallas Oline last year saying that they’re “nothing special”.. just “ok”.. and Philly’s front seven did manhandle them. I guess Cedric was right, he definitely put his money where his mouth was. Only reason Dallas won that 2nd game was Bradley Fletcher got torched for 3 TD’s.. He cost us a few games last year for sure.

  10. justintuckrule says:
    May 15, 2015 5:26 PM

    Both Dallas and Philly got too cute in the offseason and will take major steps back.


    So did the Lions, losing their defensive anchor in Suh will be costly.

    I don’t think any of the 3 teams above will make the playoffs.

    Irvin is a m0r0n, btw.

  11. Is Irvin back on the “product”?! Not a fan of either team
    but Bradford staying healthy all year would worry me if I were an Iggles fan.

  12. @axesbluestar.. Byron Jones is a tremendous athlete but not a good football player. He can’t tackle and gets pushed around a lot.. the recievers averaged 5 yards after contact against him so he gets carried too. Randy Gregory needs to put on 30 lbs at minimum to be taken seriously in this league.. but given the fact he’s a complete headcase and all of his meds it’ll be hard for him to put on the weight. Greg Hardy lol.. there’s a reason no other team showed interest.

  13. I love Michael but this is the reason he is not nor ever will be… a coach.

  14. Seeing as how the other teams in the division (Giants & Washington) are terribad, the Cowboys or Eagles will probably win it at 8-8. And I think both teams are capable of that, regardless of who their RBs are.

  15. Dont worry about the running game in BIG D. D.Murray had a great year last season. GREAT! But what did he do before that. NOTHING! Now he is a good back, I repeat a GOOD back. But one season with 1846 yards does not make you ereplaceable. Let see him run for that many yards behind Phillies OL. Which by the way was ranked 2nd last season. I don’t know what he’s gonna do against other teams, but when he gets to BIG D. He’s going to feel the pain. What if McFadden ran for more yards than Murray. You haters would never live that down. LOLOLOL!!

  16. The burden is on Jerry Jones who decided to let go of Murray. Time will tell if Michael Irvin’s prediction will be more accurate than the weatherman in my town making predictions of rain coming the next day.

  17. 88xfactor, “What if McFadden ran for more yards than Murray.”

    I’m no Cowboys hater, but you have got to be kidding. In what universe would McFadden ever run for more yards than Murray. You say he did “NOTHING!” before last year?? Um… check your definition of “nothing”. Murray ran for over 1,100 yards in the previous year. In Murray’s 4 years in the league he already has more career rushing yards than McFadden, and McFadden has been in the league 7 years! Seriously, if you are a Cowboys fan that thinks Murray did “nothing” before last year, then you’re not much of a fan.

    Murray has a combination of speed and power that Cowboys fans will surely be missing this season. McFadden won’t be your RB. Joseph Randle had 51 carries and had a YPC of 6.7 when Murray was being rested last year. Randle could easily have a 1,000 yard season, but McFadden will be lucky to see 51 carries in 2015.

  18. If I throw up a Hail Mary, chances are OBJ will snag it. Who you got? Riley cooper lol

  19. Dallas will sign Chris Johnson cheap and I don’t think Murray will be as effective behind Philly’s O-line. I will also add that there are questions at QB also…

  20. Do giants fans actually think they can win the division? You reached for on OL and your Oline is still bad! You better hope your offense can put up points because that secondary is worse than ours now!

  21. Murray is a good back but man he finally was healthy for the first time in his career he was not worth the contract the Eagles paid him..Michael just doesn’t understand something called the salary cap and thank God for that cause he was one of the ones big contracts for the likes of Marion Barber which got them in salary cap hell to begin with

  22. If I throw up a Hail Mary, chances are OBJ will snag it. Who you got? Riley cooper lol

    Teams who are throwing up hail mary’s are usually teams on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

  23. NFL is tougher on players now than it was when the Cowboys were good for a long stretch. They won’t be able to get away with nearly as much as they did with old Rog in charge. They were really the only team to load up on “problem children”. A lot of other teams are getting cleaner player’s that are less of a headache. No one wants the next Hernandez except the Cowboys. I’d say Jerry sold his soul to the devil but am not convinced he’s not the devil himself

  24. With a career sub 60% passer running a hurry up offense will mean the offense will be hurrying off the field and the defense will be on it the whole time. Cowboys are the favorite followed by the Giants. Cowboys took some chances with character this off season but added a ton of talent.

    Picking up a back who just had as many carries as Demarco did is usually a bad idea. It wasn’t like he was always staying healthy before.

  25. I took the 3-1 odds and bet the Giants. They are due.
    Reminds me of when Krusty the Klown bet on the Washington Generals to beat the Globetrotters. He figured they were due too.

  26. ML,

    I agree with most everything you said, except for the part about speed. That is NOT Murray’s game, take my word for it, or watch last year’s games again. He broke through to the second level every third run, but an LB, safety, or CB always caught him from behind before he got too far. That’s why in like 400 carries, his longest run was only 51 yards. Plus, Murray won’t have the luxury of Dez Bryant forcing the safety to play 25 yds. deep on virtually every play next year. Just watch.

  27. In the two years we stayed away from splashy moves and free agency we won super bowls. In the year that the Eagles won the offseason as always and became the Dream Team, well….I don’t have to tell Eagles fans the outcome of that abomination.

    By the way….is Nnamdi Asomugha off your books yet or what?

  28. I’ll put the over/under at about three games into the season before it becomes very clear that Dallas isn’t missing Murray and Irvin conveniently gets amnesia about these comments. “What? When did I say Dallas would miss Murray?”

  29. ^ Really buying that Kool Aid that the Cowboys O-Line is the best ever created in the history of human kind aren’t we.

  30. Eagles back to healthy o line from 2013 but without Todd is fine by me 3 pro bowlers and one soon to be pro bowler in lane johnson we had 13 diffrent starting o lineman due to injury last season and still went 10-6 dallas would never do that without the o line it would just be more 8-8 seasons. But besides that out o line is much more than good enough for our to bruising running backSSS to pound any defense. Our offense will boil down to Sam bradford and health on offense that’s it that happens it will be top 5 offense again. While leading the league in rushing as we did in 2013. Second the Eagles are not worried about your offensive line as a matter of fact last year your offensive line had the least to do with it in both games because murray didn’t top 100 rush yards once on us only 1 team and that’s San Fran second in the league in sacks our front 7 is RAWWWW. We lost because of an extremely poor excuse for a corner back in Bradley fletcher who let Dez Bryant get 3 touchdown on him when the world knew it was going to Dez and he did nothing about it. Hopefully this year Byron maxwell does a better job on Dez and hopefully the rest of our new additions to the secondary work out better than last year cus if so. The cowboys are Def not winning the division.

    (And sanchez averaged 2 turnovers a game)

  31. Justintuckrule…. maybe not “the best created in human kind,” but sure looked like it the last time that O-Line in Dallas gave the pimp hand to that Giants D-Line!!!

  32. Demarco was a beast last year. no doubt and always had the potential but couldnt stay healthy ( just like McFadden) BUUUUUT….
    We will now see how much it was that offensive line. He knows thats tthe question and we will soon know the answer. On the surface he doesn’t seem very smart or care about winning, only the money. He did not seem to remember the money the Cowboys paid him for sitting on the bench much of his time there. If he questioned Dallas’ loyalty, he certainly did not do a background check on Chip Kelly.

    Also theres the big picture. Philly was and is Dallas biggest rival to win the NFCE.( even tho I admit no one ever knows what NY or Washington will do ) They had just dumped Lesean McCoy, Maclin was gone, they are unsure at QB. Had he just stayed put I doubt Philly would even be in the conversation. And now Dallas has made the Oline even stronger with more depth?

    I also don’t think anyone should forget DeMarcos fumble against Green Bay. Had that been Romo it would still be front page news. But Dermarco fumbles deep in Green Bay territory after having problems all year? Not another RB in the league who would not want to come back and make up for that. But that takes Pride and he seems to have more greed than pride.

  33. @ axisbluestar, while your shaking your head do you hear anything rattle. Jones and Gregory are unproven rookies. ( Gregory is suspension risk ) Hardy hasn’t played in 1 1/2 years and Lee coming off 2nd Acl. Philly brought in 2 starting free agent corners and a starting linebacker ( also coming off injury) but he was a defensive player of the year. Then the rookies come into play with no character risks.

  34. Gammynomnom, Murray will not match his Dallas #s in Philly because he will have 1/2 the touches. The only reason he’s in Philly is because Dallas wanted him to stay on the cheap. Philly was ok with Mathews but since Dallas would rather pay that mother beating receiver than pay Murray Philly now has a stable of backs. You accuse him of not being loyal but that’s a 2 way street.

  35. It’s not just DeMarco, don’t sleep on Ryan Mathews. That’s some serious talent at RB, and I’m sure that both will get plenty of carries.

    Truth is both teams have strengths (Dallas OL, Romo, Philly offensive system & massive upgrades on Defense) and question marks as well. Will be interesting for sure. As for NYG….meh, they have 1 good player in Odell Beckham Jr. otherwise not a very good roster. Washington, well, as long as Dan Snyder owns the team….they say “a fish rots from the head”.

  36. @greymares At this point … hardy hasnt been out of the game for a year and a half. Even if he serves 10 game suspension it wont be a year and a half.
    There is enough stupid things the cowboys do … you do not need to make stuff up.

  37. How is it possible that everyone except Cowboy fans realized last season that Dallas had success because of their ability to run the ball?

  38. Im sorry but Cowboy fans are mostly bandwagon jumping frauds who don’t know football. I’m seeing tons of comments talking about Murray spending a lot of time on the bench due to injuries when the guy has only missed 8 games his entire career and last I checked he wasn’t a rookie but you girls make no mention of youre aging QB and his bad back and how it’s a risk to put pressure on him to win games for you once again or how the last several times you’re offense did that you finished 8-8 until showcasing the run game last year but nah Michael is totally off base for thinking it was a mistake letting g the rushing leader and offensive player of the year go lol. The logic of Cowboys fans make my head hurt.

  39. Why do people so easily forget the Eagle’s Offensive Line was better than Dallas when it came to running last year?

    Look up the stats. They are EVERYWHERE.

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