Well-traveled rookie QB among Chargers’ 15 tryouts


A quarterback who started for three different major colleges in his amateur career is trying out for the Chargers this weekend.

Pete Thomas, who played at Colorado State, North Carolina State and Louisiana-Monroe, is one of the 15 tryout players at San Diego’s rookie minicamp, the club said Friday.

Thomas (6-5, 235) began his career at Colorado State, serving as the starter in 2010 and most of 2011 before suffering a season-ending injury. His replacement — now-Saints quarterback Garrett Grayson — would go on to win the starting job in 2012.

Thomas then transferred to North Carolina State, where he started 6-of-9 games in 2013. However, with the Wolfpack committing to other quarterbacks for 2014, Thomas transferred again, this time to Louisiana-Monroe, where he was a 12-game starter last season, completing 301-of-501 passes for 3,181 yards with 14 touchdowns and six interceptions.

Also trying out for the Chargers is Old Dominion’s Richard Ross, a forward on the school’s basketball team who is trying to make it as a football tight end. Ross tried out for the Vikings last week.

7 responses to “Well-traveled rookie QB among Chargers’ 15 tryouts

  1. Kelly, you or I or any one else do not know what may or may not have happened behind the scenes. So just because he did transfer to more than one college does not mean any thing to me (only if he had problems off the field or problems with the coaches ) and I do not remember of hearing or reading of any type of compliant s from any of the different colleges. Just because the guy did not fit in the team, ( in my opinion)there is nothing wrong with going to another college to try and make the team there. You hear about it all of the time in college, some players feel that they need the playing time and the recognition if they are going to make it in the NFL. That a lone, is one of the big reasons that most football, basketball and in other sports the players choose big Division 1 schools over some small Division 11 schools. If I am the coach,and if the player (who ever he may be) can perform his duties, help the team and does not have a lot of off or on field problems, I could care less what school, college or Division 1 or 11,that he came from or even how many different times that he may or may not have transferred college. I believe it all comes down to what can the player do or contribute to the team to help make the team a better team.

  2. To the tools who never took a snap, they are major college’s. Did you weak wannabes ever go to college? I need an oil change soon , I’ll call you.

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