Pettine gets hands-on with Browns’ offense, which is bad for Manziel


Browns coach Mike Pettine is taking a more hands-on approach to the offense this year. And that’s not a good sign for Johnny Manziel.

Pettine, who has a defensive background, said he’s eager to get more involved offensively this season.

“That side of my brain’s been sort of asleep for a while,” Pettine said, via “It’s been great. I feel very rejuvenated as a coach to be a part of it.”

When Pettine described the kind of quarterback he wants, he sounded like he was describing the steady presence of a veteran like Josh McCown, rather than the boom-or-bust style of Manziel.

“We just don’t want to put our quarterback in situations where the percentages aren’t there,” Pettine said. “We don’t want to be in third-and-long and second-and-long, where the quarterback is getting hit a lot. When a quarterback is upright and can get through his reads quick and get the ball out of his hands he’s a lot better.”

Combine those comments with a Yahoo Sports report that Pettine was ready to move on from Manziel when he entered rehab this offseason, and it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Manziel will spend his second year in the same place where he spent most of his rookie year: On the bench.

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  1. … it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Manziel will spend his second year in the same place where he spent most of his rookie year: In the clubs.

  2. If Manziel doesn’t have the skill set and the Browns are done with him what was the point in wasting the first round pick on him? /boggle. What did they see in him in the first place?

  3. Actually a good thing , he is not ready , but history suggests that when , Mccown, a backup in his own right, fails miserably , JF will get his chance again. Starting the season on the bench is a good thing for the kid . The pressure in itself could push Johnny back to his “sinner” ways prematurely….. I’m pulling for the kid!

  4. I remember that clown Mike Francesca in NYC screaming to the high heavens Manziel was gonna be a stud. Compared him to Farve. Lol

  5. I have major doubts Johnny Football will be a successful NFL quarterback. But, your argument is staying out of obvious pass rushing downs will be bad for him? Ok.

  6. Pettine is describing the QB he had; Hoyer.
    With a good running game, Brian would (and did) win some games. I doubt that McCown will do the same.
    Either way, Manziel will eventually work his way to being a third string QB.

  7. It sounds like a developmental year for manziel. Step 1; stay sober long enough to learn playbook. Next mistake should send him from the bench to the street.

  8. Maybe the Browns should hire Costner for real as GM. Couldn’t be worse..8 first round picks in 3 yrs…wow.
    Something wrong in the “talent” evaluation crew. Maybe they spend too much time listeneing to the quote experts like Kiper and Mayock. They seem to call all the Brownies picks great moves.
    yup until they get to Cleveland.

    Sad part is they had a good QB. His name was Hoyer.

  9. “That side of my brain’s been sort of asleep for a while,” Pettine said, via “It’s been great. I feel very rejuvenated as a coach to be a part of it.”

    Now that will motivate and bring confidence to the locker room.

    Browns 6-10.

  10. If the media stays out of it and mgmt realizes the talent he has, Manziel will be good if given a chance. Yes, he has personal problems but when u throw millions after graduation, sometimes this happens and a little time and reality tend to fix things….. Most of the time.

  11. Jerry Jones will get his guy… when the Browns eventually cut ties. The irony is that the Cowboys will most likely cut Weeden to sign Manziel.

  12. @cadlow,……I count 7 picks in 4 years covering 3 different front offices. Bad enough,granted, not sure where your numbers come from.

  13. Simple if he’s a week 1 starter then he might surprise some people, but if they give him the Tebow treatment= second half appearances, couple weeks here-n-there, not allowing him to find his rhythm then forget it… VERY FEW QB’s are successful, much less when given the on/off hot/cold play patterns. 💯💯💯

  14. The steady presence of Josh McCown? The Journeyman quarterback who was the worst quarterback in the NFL last year by a mile. Hilarious

  15. mudmandenny says:May 16, 2015 7:49 AM

    @cadlow,……I count 7 picks in 4 years covering 3 different front offices. Bad enough,granted, not sure where your numbers come from.
    Your right Sorry about that I typed 3 yrs I meant “5” yrs.
    2015 pick # 12, 19
    2014 pick # 8, 22
    2013 pick # 6
    2012 pick # 3, 22
    2011 pick # 21

    Eitherway its a putrid draft record. I’m am not a Browns fan. My hope is they can get good enough to beat the Ravens and Seelers. Because they are whiny franchises.

  16. I don’t know what it means for Manziel, but Pettine meddling with the offense means bad things for the Browns. It usually doesn’t end well when the head coach starts believing he can do it all.

  17. lmao. A defensive coach that blew the 1st round draft pick of Justin Gilbert getting more involved with the offense. This guy is as dumb as he looks.

    This makes as much sense as Goodell presiding over the appeal.

    Defensive coaches know 2 things, 1. defense
    2. have no clue about offense

  18. So are we saying then that Manziel should’ve been drafted by a coach that LIKES to be in 3rd and long situations and have his qb hit a lot?

  19. Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam, made a huge mistake in forcing this draft pick down the Brown’s front office throats. Time to move on from this Ryan Leaf part two disaster and dump Manziel for whatever draft pick you can get.

  20. Actually a defensive minded coach getting involved in the offense (most likely the meeting room) is not a bad thing. A defensive minded coach can provide insight to what the defense is going to do, or what it sees in the offense.

  21. yep half a brain sounds about right. the three stooges are alive and well in Cleveland. haslam, farmer, pettine. what a joke . the fans in Cleveland do not deserve these three idiots

  22. Please… Everyone in the world thought Manziel would be a great QB in the NFL. The guy was one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the history of college football, put up incredible numbers, can make any throw.

    These losers that bash him are the same idiots who think Tim Tebow is blacklisted because of his religious beliefs.

  23. If Pettine is getting more involved so that he can understand the play calling rationale, I don’t think that’s so bad. He probably knows the weaknesses of defenses and can have some input. But the reason I liked him last year is that he’s a delegator. On game day, I hope he remembers that.

    As for Manziel, if he doesn’t start it’s another wasted year. I’m hoping Manziel is serious now and is at least ready to step on the field so that he can be properly evaluated.

  24. If Haslam gives him long enough, and can let him do his job, I think Pettine will be a good coach.

  25. Manziel aside.

    When a defensive coach(who isnt Bill Belichick) gets “hand on” involved in offense, it rarely works well.

  26. Bad draft pick by Haslam, period. The funny thing is to hear people saying how good he could be, if given a chance. What d o they call rookie camp, OTAs, training camp, study room, games, etc.?

    He squandered his chances by trying to be a celebrity. His undisciplined, improvisational style of play, does not work in a league based on rigid structure. Your teammates must have a reasonable idea what to expect, play to play.

    You can’t just run around and chuck the ball downfield, hoping for a jumpball win. Offensive plays are drawn up and called for a reason. Sandlot ball is for the holidays in the backyard. Remember when Johnny got his chance against the Panthers? I bet he does. Luke Kuechly ended is day early and that’s what you get.

  27. What’s bad for Manziel, is the NFL, he’ll never be a NFL quality QB, case closed.

  28. carloswlassiter says:
    May 16, 2015 9:13 AM
    I like Pettine and think he’s a smart guy, but I don’t know if anyone can be successful in Cleveland.


    Do you hear that ticking? I bet Pettine does.

  29. Dallas should offer a 7th round pick and have him learn from Romo. I think he could be good, but with a different approach. The Browns are a wasteland for QBs. Brian Sipe, Bernie Kozar were good and Derek Andersen for a year

  30. Pettine’s new nick name SCARECROW ” If I only had a brain, I mean my other half a brain”

  31. pixelito says:
    May 16, 2015 8:54 AM

    Please… Everyone in the world thought Manziel would be a great QB in the NFL.
    That’s a lie.

  32. Obviously whoever wrote this article isn’t a Browns fan. During the off season the Browns hired an offensive coordinator who works well with young quarterbacks. They hired a quarterback coach who helped Johnny prepare for the draft. And they didn’t bother to draft a single quarterback to compete with Johnny. The Browns are going to give Johnny every opportunity to succeed.

  33. Umm, that usually requires a really good quarterback. You know, a guy who is extremely confident, dedicated, and disciplined, who understands protections, the complexity of each play’s schematic and route tree, can execute a pre-snap read and change to a favorable play, has great ball faking skills, can throw accurately into tight windows, has great chemistry with his receivers, is able to feel pressure and step up, and sometimes “throw the receiver open”. When all else breaks down can check down to an underneath target or scramble for positive yards.

    A 36-year old Josh McCown. Or Johnny Football? Really? Good luck with that, Coach Pettine.

    Year 52 since Cleveland’s last major championship

  34. I think all these things are being said to MOTIVATE Manziel into really working hard to be fundamentally sound. If he shines in pre-season, he’ll be the starter.

  35. Geeze…tell me which coach wants to be in 2nd and long or 3rd in long.

    What he said is, we want 4 or 5 yrds on 1st down so a strong rb and high percentage passes.

  36. Manziel will get another chance this year. He just has to keep his head down and keep working so he doesn’t blow it because it could be his last chance in Cleveland. I’ve piled on Manziel as much or more than anyone here, but if he truly changed and is winning the battle with addiction, you can’t have anything but respect for him as a person. If he becomes a good/great QB it’d be icing on the cake. So good luck.

    But there should be at least 5-6 games this year after the Browns realize McCown sucks that Manziel should see the field.

  37. Manziel isn’t ready and will be a 3rd stringer this year. Mccown will bring a vet presence to the offense and should do similar to his play two years ago. Manziel can sit and learn being very young, and be ready when the bell rings in another year or so.

  38. I really like what the Browns are doing on defense. Also, I think people forget how good the O line was last year before it was ravaged with injuries. I know McCown isn’t a Hall of Famer but I think with a good ground game and solid D, he could be a serviceable QB, and if not, throw in JF, not much to loose there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the browns around .500 if the D and run game stays solid.

  39. @cadlow has it exactly right: the Browns had a good QB. His name was Hoyer. It was a BIG mistake to let him go.

    @troylok is correct also quote “Pettine meddling with the offense means bad things for the Browns. It usually doesn’t end well when the head coach starts believing he can do it all.”

    Now we’re back to the same place with Johnny Football: can Mr Party Guy get his life under control and concentrate on football and become an NFL quarterback? The jury is still out.

  40. The solution is to let the training camp competition be the determaining factor. This coach talks too much.

  41. “We just don’t want to put our quarterback in situations where the percentages aren’t there,” Pettine said.

    Really?!!!! What an astute observation. Most teams try to put their quarterbacks in bad situations?

    Here’s an idea. If that were really true, you could have thought about drafting one WR in the draft. The names of the guys you have passed on in two years only to add players at positions of strength already are staggering.

    Oh ya…and if he truly is going with McCown, he really doesn’t have any offensive mind at all. Manziel may be raw and young but McCown is completely garbage.

  42. So Pettine states he wants to get involved in the offense, says he wants his QB to make quick decisions, easier reads, know how to avoid getting hit, and make the case for high % completions and THAT says McCown? If that doesn’t scream for Johnny Manziel – nothing will.

    What Pettine is saying is that he wants to adopt a NE/Philly type passing game – that is exactly what they do – and Manziel with a focused head is the guy you want running this! The plan is in place, how about building up this confidence now? You know what confidence does to an average starter? See Nick Foles 2013. You know what it does to a QB without confidence? See Nick Foles 2014.

  43. First off, I like Coach Pet and what I have seen from his rookie year as a head coach.
    Second there were back issues with respect to Shanahan (last years O/C). I believe Shanahan pretty much left out getting Manzeil ready for the field. Manzeil it seemed went right along with him with his head in a fog from reading his own press clippings.
    Third, Brian Hoyer was solidly behind Shanahan and part of the mutiny caused with Shanahan. Hoyer is a backup and I seriously doubt will elevate his status to a Starting NFL QB.
    Fourth An excellent Defensive contributing to an offence does not have to be a bad thing.
    Fifth, Manzeil continues to have a chance to be what he was thought by many (though not me) to achieve stardom in the NFL. His head is in the best shape since before he left collage. I feel Manzeil does have confidence, and a large amount of pride. It is his pride that has him striving to prove he belongs in the League. The staff hired to work with him and to develop an offence using his strengths should pay dividends if Manzeil gets it this season. The O line in front of him will most probably be the first to second best rated line in the league. The WR brought in can and will be catching passes. Though a number one reciever is not active on the Browns roster at this time, the corp will be serviceable.
    Sixth, The Defense should be top ten this year if the Offence can score some points rather than a steady stream of three and out. Coach Pet last year had this team with all the problems cited relevent into December before Hoyer demonstrated he did not have what it took. Hell the Browns for a week were in first place of their div last year.

    All who are posting would be better served to wait until heaping all the crap at a team that is on the rise.

  44. Is there a head coach in the NFL that has done so little that talks way too much?

    And when he does open his mouth 100 percent of the time something stupid comes out of it

  45. Wow, the song never changes here on PFT comments. I have come to expect after every post a flurry of hate and disrespect towards all things Cleveland. Pettine is a pretty smart guy and witty, completely opposite of the uninformed comments on here. If you followed his pressers and the team in general you would know his tongue in cheek, matter of fact demeanor. Tom Cable, greg Schiano and mike Tice are meatheads, Pettine is more Jon Gruden.

    Browns are serious contenders for the AFC North. The QB situation is not as dire as the mob commenters would have you believe. This team is much improved on all fronts. I will take the upside of Manziel over 1/3 of the starters in the league. Steelers lost their defense and best weapon on offense for 4 games. Cincy split with the Hoyer/Manziel Browns, they are nothing special. The Ravens are struggling to keep pace with the team that was led by Reed and Lewis. Their drafts have not been so fruitful. The only position the Steelers or Ravens have on Browns is QB. Dalton is terrible, I will say Manziel will be better than him as a pro.

    Browns defense, Running game and ST will propel them to division title. Very much built like the Rex Grossman, Chicago Bears team. Need some seasoning and stable QB play and they will surprise.

    Manziel played 6 Quarters of football as a pro. That is not enough time for any real evaluation of his future, especially from idiots on here.

  46. This article seems to be way off base and has more giant leaps of logic and gossip than facts. The facts is the coach is going with a very mediocre veteran quarterback who’s task is not to lose games by too much with the hope their number one pick maybe ready to play at some point. If they were going to dump Manziel they would drafted or traded for a young promising player but they did not. Instead of cutting Manziel they brought him to camp and are trying to coach him up to play professional football not Johnny Ball like all the other young QBs in the league. The experiment will continue for one more year and then they make just cut their losses with both Manziel and McNown by drafting a new QB and picking up yet another mediocre veteran till he is ready in 2016.

  47. Next year is supposed to be a good QB year.
    The past year not so much.
    He is stuck with Johnny F on the team for 1 more year.
    Johnny F has to prove himself at least a # 2 QB to be kept next year and I guess he does not do that.

  48. We know that the press often get it wrong with Coach Pettine. Remember the article that said Pettine was 98% done with Manziel? What was his response? 98% ridiculous or something like that.

    It looks like the Browns are going to see what they have in Manziel. Camp will start and Manziel will get to show how much he’s grown during and since rehab. Everyone knows McCown is not the QB of the future.

    Hoyer was not a team player. He had zero interest in mentoring a new QB. That’s the main reason he’s in Houston. BTW. Don’t expect him to start anytime soon. It isn’t going to happen. He should be thankful he’s still playing.

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