Broncos hope Shane Ray can practice this week

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The Broncos took outside linebacker Shane Ray in the first round despite concerns about a toe injury and a marijuana possession citation and now they’d like to start working with him on the field.

Ray didn’t take part in the team’s rookie minicamp because of the injury, which has been described as a variation on turf toe, but Jeff Legwold of reports that Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said this week that he expects the rookie “be able to participate at least some” when the team resumes work on Monday.

Even if Ray is on the field, it’s a good guess that the Broncos will make sure to avoid doing too much too soon. After losing third-round tight end Jeff Heuerman to a torn ACL at minicamp, the team would surely like to do anything they can avoid any other big losses.

Ray seems to be on board with that, saying recently that as much as he wants to be on the field learning a new system and getting to know his teammates, he knows “this is something I have to be smart with and take the proper direction under the medical staff.” We’ll see what their latest directives are when the Broncos get back on the field this week.

9 responses to “Broncos hope Shane Ray can practice this week

  1. The Broncos got the steal of the draft with Shane Ray. After Leonard Williams, Ray was the best defensive player in this draft. This is a reminder of when and why (pot) Dan Marino slipped to Miami years ago. He was the second best QB to John Elway, and his career proved that out. I see John Elway is one who didn’t forget. This is a perfect example of scouting with your eyes and not your ears. Who cares what other people are saying. When you look at the tape, this kid is a monster. When in doubt, trust your eyes.

  2. I love all these Mel Kipers talking about the steal of the draft this, the steal of the draft that, they got great value, etc.

    Why don’t we wait until these guys have actually played ONE snap in the NFL before declaring how great or how bad they are?

  3. Let’s wait until we find out if he’s a steal and if he’s good. Many people last year thought clowny was good and he couldn’t stay healthy, and also couldn’t get off his blocks. He was a non factor against Taylor Lewan when I watched them play

  4. Broncos lost to the PED hawks in Super Bowl.

    Patriots defeat the Hawks in greatest Super Bowl ever.

    Broncos still haven’t won a Super Bowl since they cheated on cap twice and got busted for illegally tapping other teams practices.

  5. The Broncos were not busted for taping other teams practices, that was the Patriots.

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