Chargers, Raiders retain Carmen Policy to lead stadium effort

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A former 49ers executive could have a key role in the return of the Raiders to Los Angeles.

Carmen Policy, who served as V.P. and general counsel of the 49ers before becoming the team’s president in 1991, will spearhead the push to persuade the NFL to embrace the proposed stadium in Carson, California that the Raiders and Chargers would share.

In a Monday afternoon phone interview with PFT, Policy described his role in the project as “unfinished business,” pointing to his efforts to keep the Rams in Los Angeles more than 20 years ago. Along with Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, Policy nearly brokered a deal to build a new stadium for the Rams at Hollywood Park. Negotiations collapsed at the last minute.

So why is Policy, who last worked in the league as president of the Browns in 2004, getting back into the game now?

“I kind of miss the NFL,” Policy said. “I miss show business.”

Policy also believes that bringing the NFL back to L.A. would become an important part of his football legacy. But it would be a limited part of his legacy; Policy will not have an ongoing role with the operation of the stadium or either of the teams. He’s strictly on board to help bring the project to fruition.

“I hope I’m invited to the ribbon cutting,” Policy deadpanned. “And maybe they’ll even give me tickets.”

There may not be many tickets to give away, if the stadium fulfills Policy’s vision of providing what he calls the best game-day experience in any sport.  “It will be a football project,” Policy said. “Not a real-estate development project. That should carry a lot of weight with the other owners.”

Ultimately, what the other owners think of the project will go a long way toward determining whether Carson becomes the new home for the NFL in Los Angeles. Policy said he won’t criticize other projects, including the venue in Inglewood proposed by Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Instead, Policy will focus on the benefits of Carson, from highway access to the facility to the proximity of Orange County.

While Policy believes the financial aspects of the project could work with only one team playing there, the goal remains to move two teams to Carson — in large part because the NFL wants two teams to share a Los Angeles stadium. And Policy firmly believes that it makes the most sense to take a pair of California teams from two of the worst facilities in the league, with fan bases ranging from Mexico to the tip of Northern California.

Policy also explained that the Raiders have no reluctance to share a stadium with the Chargers because the Raiders won’t be a tenant, which they would have been if they’d shared a stadium with the 49ers.

“Technology will make these teams feel at home on game day,” Policy said. “The experience with the Jets and Giants verifies that. They’ll be equal owners, equal occupants.”

Plenty of hurdles remain before “might” becomes “will.” With Policy on board, the project has taken another important step toward winning the race to return to L.A.

And the fact that the news of Policy’s involvement comes on the same day details emerged regarding the proposed financing plan for a stadium that would keep the Chargers in San Diego probably tells San Diego all it needs to know about the team’s reaction to the proposal.

66 responses to “Chargers, Raiders retain Carmen Policy to lead stadium effort

  1. And there you have it folks. For two weeks it was daily coverage of deflating footballs, but now that that has taken a back seat, its the Chargers moving to Los Angeles.

    Or is it Carson? Or are the Rams going to Carson? Or are the Raiders and Chargers going to Los Angeles? or is the Rams and Raiders going to Texas? Or is the Jags moving to San Diego?

    Got an opinion in the matter? Just add it here. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. Let’s keep this story going.

  2. I wonder what the Patriots PR team is doing for this brief break in #Deflategate news?! Probably thumbing down some comments.

  3. I’m fairly new to posting. Has this site ever gone a day without any patriots talk? 4 teams in California? I believed they tried that before and the rams left.

  4. LA will not a get a NFL team until every other current NFL stadium issue is addressed.

  5. Put the Chargers in OC where they belong, OC needs its own team distinct from LA, the Ducks/Kings NHL rivalry is absolutely fantastic, I would love to see something like it in the NFL and if anyone can pull off a great inner city rivalry its the LA Metro.

  6. Let’s see….the Carson mayor is currently accused of sexual assault and harassment and the Carson site is a toxic dump.

    ….Carmen Policy’s first order of business……..punt and call London.

  7. Love Oakland.

    LOVE it.

    But its gonna be Los Angeles Raiders once again.

    St. Louis really gets screwed here, Rams actually won their SuperBowl there and now they’re bouncing.

    Raiders have two homes.

    They’ll always be Oakland.

    But Los Angeles Raiders has a nasty pedigree about it.

    And ready to dominate the NFL again.


  8. It’s strange that Policy is involved because he told 95.7 the Game FM in The bay area that better will be a strong push to keep the Rams in St. Louis and that it would be better for the two California teams to share a L.A. Stadium. . I am not sure if that was him being biased towards the Chargers and the Raiders as an accomplice or if they coincidentally hired him right after his appearance On 95.7 the game.

  9. The Chargers need to stay in San Diego. They will lose their fan base here in San Diego and be second fiddle in LA. This is all about corporate greed.

  10. …and the West Coast Mafia, Gambling and Cheating the Salary Cap efforts too!

    Past S.B. Champions in San Francisco

  11. California can have 4 teams, but 3 in one market, not sure if that would pan out. California basically covers Philly to squeezing in Jacksonville for a generous measure size wise on East Coast, just a few teams in between.

  12. Poor chargers, we all know if they share a stadium it will still be owned and operated by the Silver and Black, might as well call it Raiders Stadium!!

  13. Is a conference switch also in the offing, or will these division rivals get a de facto extra “home” game each year playing one another twice?

    What’s the swap?

    I say move the Chargers to the NFC and preserve the old Raiders-Chiefs and Raiders-Broncos rivalries (as pathetic and one-sided as they’ve been as of late). Bring the Rams into the AFC and give them a shot at the Raiders every year for stealing L.A./Carson.

  14. I’ve been a huge Chargers fan my whole life, which is basically having the worst girlfriend ever. The Spanos family has owned the Chargers since 1984 and have gotten us to the Super Bowl once in over 30 years. It was pure luck and we got our ass kicked.

    And they have given us plenty of reason to be weary of their trust. We don’t have a winner and we have the crappiest stadium in the league. Yet they still have some of the highest average ticket prices in league (Non luxury box). Those obstructed view seats behind the team benches we always see on TV are always filled with opposing fans for a reason. You can’t see half the field and no one in SD is stupid enough to buy them for the outrageous price they are. But we still usually sell out that disgusting 70,000 plus seat stadium with awful food and not enough bathrooms. We still love this team even though it feels like we will never ever win a Super Bowl.

    The Spanos family could easily be heroes in this town. 30 years of distrust and mostly losing will go away, and this team can start a new relationship with this city. In a new stadium. After 15 years of this hanging over us, it would change everything.

    Or they can move to LA and be completely insignificant. Be second fiddle to the Rams or Raiders who already have fan bases there.

    I know a fans POV doesn’t mean anything right now, but I’m so tired of D slaps to the face we keep getting the second there is hope.

  15. Go ahead and take the Chargers. As a San Diego resident I don’t want a dime of taxes going to support the crooked Spanos family.

    And in going to the same location as the Raiders they’ll just become the Los Angeles Clippers of football. And by that I mean a team that continuously embarrasses itself, always loses the big games and will always be looked down upon by their big brother the Raiders.

    I equally do not want the Jags to come here. They are even more poorly run than the Chargers.

    I wouldn’t pay the crooked prices to attend one game as is, I have no problem watching all games on TV like I currently do, bye Chargers you were never worth the cost of admission and you never will be under the Spanos family.

  16. California has too many people and too little water, they don’t anymore teams than they already have. If two teams have to relocate to Los Angeles for a new stadium, the Chargers and Raiders make the most sense.

    *eh ahem*

    NFC West – LA Chargers, 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks
    AFC West – CALIFORNIA Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Texans
    AFC South – St. Louis Rams, Colts, Titans, Jaguars

    The Chargers pick up the LA-SF rivalry, The Raiders represent all of California in the AFC West. The NFL gets a huge California Texas rivalry by the Texans moving to the AFC West. St. Louis gets better geographical rivals in Nashville and Indianapolis.

    Outside of everyone staying where they are in new stadiums, this makes the most sense.

  17. ..”This is all about corporate greed.”…

    So, tell us something all footballs fans didn’t already know.

  18. The Pats’ spin-control team was on a plane to SF. They’ll get cranked back up to speed once they’ve checked in and gotten some rest, don’t you worry.

  19. Is that the same Carmen Policy who was fined $400,000 and caused the loss of 3rd and 5th round draft picks for cheating the salary cap during his Niners days?

    (and really, if you’re going to cheat the salary cap, don’t do it for Jim Druckenmiller!)

  20. Goodell already employs his brother, Itsmy Policy, so it seems appropriate.

  21. I’m a bit surprised that Son-of-Al is retaining Policy considering that Al and Carmen were enemies – Davis tried to get Policy suspended for salary cap violations when Policy was president of the 49ers. As I recall, they had nothing but harsh words for each other.

    At any rate, the Raiders would be crazy to move to Los Angeles again. It would fit Einstein’s definition of insanity – repeating the same mistake over again and expecting a different result.

  22. This is little more than moving the chess pieces to different places on the board to maximize blackmail potential.

    Right now it’s “use taxpayer money to build me a stadium or I’ll move the team to LA.”

    If the Raiders and Chargers move, it’s “use taxpayer money to build me a stadium or I’ll move the team to San Diego or Oakland.”

    If the Raiders and Rams move, it’s “use taxpayer money to build me a stadium or I’ll move the team to Oakland or St. Louis.”

    If the Rams and Chargers move, it’s “use taxpayer money to build me a stadium or I’ll move the team to St. Louis or San Diego.”

    That’s really all it is – just inserting different city names into the threats to move the team if the current city won’t steal money from housekeepers, garbage collectors and entry level office workers to give the billionaire a new stadium.

  23. Raiders to San Antonio.
    Chargers to Los Angeles.
    Rams to London.

    Let’s try one team in LA before flooding a market that in the past has shown no real interest in keeping a franchise there.

  24. I just can’t (or don’t want too) believe there will be no football in the eastbay! I will never support the 9ers even though I’m a 7minute car drive from Levi’s stadium, I couldn’t. They can’t take the raiders out of Oakland , they just can’t! We finally have something good going, wait it out I guarantee once they start winning the stadium will be rockin like the Gannon days. I don’t think I could root for a so cal team. So cal sucks.

  25. He’s betting on the wrong horse. The combined Chargers/Raiders effort is doomed to fail.

    Yes, there are two teams coming to LA. But one of them is St. Louis. You can bet on that. So one of those other two is NOT coming, and every dollar they spend trying to make themselves a package deal is a dollar that could be better spent by each team making their own individual push.

  26. steelerben says:

    Let’s try one team in LA before flooding a market that in the past has shown no real interest in keeping a franchise there.

    Myth. The “market” has always had interest in keeping franchises, and both franchises that were there were well supported.

    They left because of terrible stadium deals in terrible stadiums. It was the government, along with promises of greener pastures elsewhere, that pushed these teams out, not the fans.

  27. Anyone who thinks McNair and Jones are going to allow another team in Texas is delusional. Whether it’s radio affiliates, pre-season TV, merchandise sales (for the Cowboys) or ticket sales, there’s too many San Antonio $$$ for the current Texas teams already there to allow another team to take those $$$.

  28. It’s looking more likely that the Raiders are leaving Oaktown again. Very sad but seems to be inevitable. The real shame is that the die hard fans in Oakland had such a crappy team forced on them for most of the second visit and the team will become competitive again just in time to move.

  29. Some teams just belong where they’re at. Can you imagine the Portland Cowboys? Los Angeles Packers? Oklahoma City Steelers?
    The Raiders belong in Oakland. Chargers belong in San Diego.

  30. travishenrykid,

    Actually, Jones said in 2005 that he didn’t mind the Saints moving to San Antonio (something that obviously didn’t happen.) after Katrina. He recently said that he wouldn’t oppose a team in San Antonio but that San Antonio has more Cowboys fans than suburbs of Dallas, which obviously is an inflated observation.

    Bob McNair said he wouldn’t veto San Antonio just because it’s San Antonio, he said it’d have to make financial sense for a team to be in that market (and it will.)


    The Texans will not be moved to the AFC West, they’ve already developed rivalries with the Titans and Colts.

    If anything..

    The AFC West would be as follows:

    Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Rams

    The NFC West would be as follows:

    Cardinals, 49ers, Raiders, Seahawks

    Mark Davis has made the claim that HE would agree to a move to the NFC to make a stadium deal in Los Angeles happen. That never came from Dean Spanos’ mouth.

    That’s assuming the Rams stay in St. Louis, they’d have a rivalry with KC and Denver.

  31. Two teams one Stadium works it works in NJ where you have a pro team and you have the jets

    No matter who’s name is on the wall it is and always will be Giant Stadium

    The jets will always be the redheaded stepchild I am sure the chargers would be the West Coast version of the jets

  32. @alonestartexanfan

    California Raiders vs Houston Texans is Cowboys-Giants. It’s a ratings juggernaut for when the NFL goes to re-up for more TV money. It’s California vs Texas.

    Davis and Spanos don’t want the Rams in LA period, if they can keep the Rams out of LA on a yearly basis, even better.

    The Texans have been in the league since 2002, their rivalry with the Colts and Titans isn’t exactly storied.

    We took the Titans Super Bowl, their coach and half their roster and we’re 4.5 hours away. We’re perfect for that division.

  33. and California Raiders has more drawing power than the SoCal Chargers – Chargers need “Los Angeles” more than the Raiders do. The Raiders can lay claim to all of California, the Chargers can’t. Its about maximizing brand potential and if you’re the NFL you want/need the setup I laid out. California Raiders vs Houston Texans, LA Chargers.

  34. I am a long time Raiders fan. The Raiders will always be associated with Oakland, but at this point in time, I am under no illusions, they have to move to Carson after next year. I expect them to be there forever or until Oakland wants to bring them back enough to build them a new stadium and pay for it completely. Still, they are gone. Likewise, I don’t think the Chargers are going to leave San Diego. They might play some games in Carson until they build their new stadium in Mission Valley, but I fully expect them to return there as soon as it is finished. I doubt that the Rams can get permission to leave St. Louis because it appears St. Louis is going to build them a new stadium. So, play ball!!!This mess is OVER!!!!

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